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August 7, 2015

Obama May Have His Deal but Who Will Inherit His War

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Thanks to the economic and other sanctions which have hobbled the Iranian economy to the point, about eighteen months ago, it resembled a dying man crawling on his belly in tattered pants and the shreds of his shirt, shoes scuffed to the point that their original color was indistinguishable and two vultures already discussing which would get which of the choicest remains, had Iran at the brink of civil revolt. That was when President Obama held back door negotiations where he released some of the most effective of the sanctions which brought the distant oasis to the parched lips of the Iranian economy saving them to make the better deal. It is that deal President Obama, the hero of the Iranians government, is claiming is the best deal and the only option outside of war. But is this claim of peace in our time really just peace for a while in our time? The comparisons between the Munich Accords of 1938 and now President Obama is desperately seeking the same adulation for this close relative to another situation of a nation spreading its tentacles and preparing for war and barely even concealing their arming and their aspirations which have been laid out in writing. The desires for world conquest and the elimination of the Jewish People was laid out step for step by Adolph Hitler in Mein Kampf and the Iranian Shiites (and also the Sunnis just to be fair and even; after all we would not want to take sides now, would we?) in the Quran and the Hadiths where the world is divided between ‘Dar al-Islam’ (Arabic: دار الإسلام‎) which translates to House of Islam and ‘Dar al-Harb’ (Arabic: دار الحرب) which translates to House of War. The followers of Islam are instructed to continue their struggle to spread their religion until it becomes the only religion practiced anywhere in the world. There are many Muslims residing in Western nations who refute any charges that Islam is to be spread ‘by the sword’ should more passive means prove unproductive and there remain some who adamantly refuse to accept Islam which is simply intolerable.


Then there is the Islamic State which has denuded entire cities and swaths of lands in which they have taken control of those who practiced any religion other than not only Islam but their very narrowly defined version of Sunni Islam. The marauders of the Islamic State may have been the Junior Varsity in the eyes of United States President Obama but are anything but the Junior Varsity when it comes to torture and coming up with ever more imaginative ways to ever more slowly murder their victims making sure that they suffered the most mental anguish, even if not the maximum pain, as they progressed from beheadings to burning alive to slowly being lowered in a steel cage into water to drown victims and other horrors and then posted their murderous ways using them as some form of sick recruiting tool. What is even more disturbing are the numbers of those who have rushed from across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the rest of the Western World to join the Islamic State. The only productive news concerning Iran is they oppose the Islamic State and desire to eliminate this horror from the world. But then one must ask themselves, is replacing the Islamic State horrors with Iranian, Syrian and Hezballah horrors really a step in the right direction or simply replacing one murderous and fearsome army turned government with another murderous government using its army.


These are the leaders of a nation of approximately seventy-eight-million-five-hundred-thousand largely Shia Muslims of which the vast majority are what are referred to as “Twelvers” with the remainder of the population being also largely Muslims following Sunni Islam. The remaining under one-percent of Iranians follows the following religions in order from largest to least; Bahá’í, Gnostic, Christian, Yarsanism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, and least but with a very nice Synagogue, the Yusef Abad synagogue in Tehran pictured below, Judaism. Interestingly, there are more Jews of Iranian heritage residing in the United States than remain in Iran which according to the 2011 Iranian census stated this threatened populations of Jews at eight-thousand-seven-hundred-fifty-six souls the majority spread between merely ten families, six of them related by marriage. There are those who inflate the numbers of Jews remaining in Iran to over one-hundred-thousand largely in an attempt to portray Iran as an accepting nation granting equal rights to non-Muslims despite the fact that the minorities walk quietly and taking care to be aware of their surroundings at all times and making sure to keep their heads bowed and their gaze fixates on the ground before them and to never under any circumstance stare any Shiite Muslim in the eyes and to always speak in hushed tones speaking in slow and respectful manners and subservient language never to sound challenging or to ever, ever appear as an equal lest one be reported to the police for such an affront and pay the price for challenging their superiors. There is a very good and solid description of life in Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution for Jews and other minorities given by Karmel Melamed, an award-winning, internationally published journalist and attorney based in Southern California who writes the Iranian American Jews blog. This article titled ”The Iranian-Jewish Tragedy in Iran” which gives the chilling view which the Western World needs to understand before they permit the fascist, supremacist dictatorial leadership to once again, in the brief history from 1900 to the present, to allow a cancer which believes they have a right to destroy the world in order to save the world. The history of Iran in that same time period just might give people some pause to realize the direction Iran has taken since 1900 and the path is chilling.



Yusef Abad Synagogue (Persian: Kenise e Yusef Ábád کنیسه یوسف آباد‎, Hebrew: בית הכנסת יוסף-אבד‎) in Tehran as originally appeared during the 1950s before its restoration. The person who had just completed returning a Torah to the ark will stand as a reference to the size of the main hall. The main hall of the Synagogue was built and completed in the early 1950s. She was a very ornate and majestic house of worship which will soon fall silent after enjoying hearing prayers recited for almost seventy years.

Yusef Abad Synagogue (Persian: Kenise e Yusef Ábád کنیسه یوسف آباد‎, Hebrew: בית הכנסת יוסף-אבד‎) in Tehran as originally appeared during the 1950s before its restoration. The person who had just completed returning a Torah to the ark will stand as a reference to the size of the main hall. The main hall of the Synagogue was built and completed in the early 1950s. She was a very ornate and majestic house of worship which will soon fall silent after enjoying hearing prayers recited for almost seventy years.



Yusef Abad Synagogue (Persian: Kenise e Yusef Ábád کنیسه یوسف آباد‎, Hebrew: בית הכנסת יוסף-אבד‎) in Tehran as it appeared after its restoration work. It was with the help of local community leaders headed by Avraham Yusian, the construction of the new facade was completed in October 1965. She was a very ornate and majestic house of worship which will soon fall silent after enjoying hearing prayers recited for almost seventy years. The brightened tiles and golden hue will unfortunately turn a pale shadow of itself as there will be no prayers to give her the joys she had exalted in over her years.

Yusef Abad Synagogue (Persian: Kenise e Yusef Ábád کنیسه یوسف آباد‎, Hebrew: בית הכנסת יוסף-אבד‎) in Tehran as it appeared after its restoration work. It was with the help of local community leaders headed by Avraham Yusian, the construction of the new facade was completed in October 1965. She was a very ornate and majestic house of worship which will soon fall silent after enjoying hearing prayers recited for almost seventy years. The brightened tiles and golden hue will unfortunately turn a pale shadow of itself as there will be no prayers to give her the joys she had exalted in over her years.



Iran did not exist in the year 1900 as all the way back then it had a name that most will recognize and for the Jews had a varied history where it went from savior to creeping to the edge of committing genocide against the Jewish People except for the bravery of one Jewess, Queen Esther. All the way back as recently as March 20, 1935 the nation was known as Persia. This name of Persia could be traced back to Cyrus the Great, the leader of Persia who conquered Babylonia and granted the Jews the right to return to their homelands and rebuild their holy Temple which many Jews chose to do while some of their brethren remained in Persia. Years later when Persia was ruled by King Ahasuerus (Xerxes I) the Grand Vizier, Haman the Agagite persuaded King Ahasuerus that the Jews were plotting against his rule and needed to be dealt with. This seems to be a repeating theme and almost always leads to someone coming up with the idea that murdering the Jews will make their nation greater, and the order was issued. The problem was that after the King created a vacancy after executing his wife for refusing his orders and generally insulting his authority for which he held a beauty contest, hopefully a contest which took into consideration more than beauty as that had worked so well with Vashti. Well, he chose Esther who the night before the order was to be carried out bravely entered the King’s court without having been invited, punishable by death, begged the King’s attention and broke the news that if his Grand Vizier Haman’s order was to be carried out they could start with her as she was also a Jew. Haman and his sons were executed on the very gallows they would have murdered the Jews of Persia. Haman, Hamas, I wonder, could there be a connection?


On March 21, 1935 Reza Shah Pahlavi officially renamed Persia changing the name to Iran. There are two very different theories for the change. One refers to numerous ancient references varying from the Sassanid, the Zoroastrianism, the Romans and other historical references mostly to deal with language. A more modern take takes the date and the rise of the Nazis to power in Germany and the theory of a master race, the Aryans, or the Persian word for the racial designation, Iran. The actual reason is likely was only honestly known to Reza Shah Pahlavi and he will not be giving us any hints. Another item while we are comparing modern day Iran and the Aryans from World War II as a potential enemy; the only war which Iran had fought directly was, to their credit, something which will seldom be found in these editorials in any source, was as a result of Iraqi initiated assaults as Saddam Hussein attempted to grab the Iranian oil fields. That war lasted near to a decade where some of the most horrific and destructive tactics were utilized by both sides. Despite the Iraqi military’s reputation as one of the largest and best trained and equipped in the Middle East outside Israel, Iran held them at bay and often made gains but eventually the war resembled a World War I trench warfare than world war highly mobile and technical war. The most remarked attack in this horrific war came when the Iranians needed to clear minefields and needed to do so with some degree of speed so a fairly brutish and head-on system was necessitated. The Iranians initially attempted to stampede mules and donkeys across the minefields but once the first animal struck a mine the others would scatter and run back the direction they had come from. This led to one of the most disturbing tactics where children were volunteered and upon their death their parents were financially compensated for their patriotic donation to the war efforts. The children were given plastic keys which they were told would unlock the door to heaven for them. In response to the condition of the returned remains led to the wrapping of the children in wet blankets so as to retain their parts when they hit a mine. Such fanaticism and willingness to sacrifice for the religious leadership was horrific and also showed a commitment almost beyond rational belief and which shows the length the Iranians might resort to against an enemy.


The question remains as to whether President Obama is saving the world from a war with Iran with his deal or allowing Iran to build up their military and potentially arm themselves with an arsenal of nuclear weapons, potentially thermonuclear warheads and the ICBMs with which to deliver them anywhere on the globe. They may even develop ICBM missiles capable of irregular flight characteristics making anti-missile systems near useless in preventing their striking their targets. Additionally, the Iranians could readily develop cruise missiles and master the ability to launch them from freighter container ships as they have done with some of their fifteen-hundred to two-thousand mile largely unguided rockets, or possibly a poorly guided missile. Of course, if the rocket has a nuclear warhead, exactly how accurate does one need to be? I mean, as long as you strike within a few miles from the intended region and, just as with hand grenades and horseshoes, close counts. What is most worrying is how the situation came to this juncture with the sanctions being weakened by President Obama allowing Iran to continue to limp along while the President and the State Department Team, which included a number of the same people who were responsible for the agreement with North Korea which led directly to their becoming nuclear armed nation, and Secretary of State Kerry appeared to trip over each other seeing who could surrender point after point and succumb to Iranian demands the fastest. The sign that Iran is about to use a fair amount of funds which will represent but a drop in the bucket of the one-hundred-fifty-billion-dollars being unfrozen and gifted to the Mullahs and the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei as they have already made arrangement to purchase Russian S-300 anti-aircraft-and-missile systems, one-hundred-fifty Chinese Chengdu J-10 sophisticated jet fighters with Israeli avionics and finally, two-hundred-fifty highly-advanced Russian Sukhoi-Su-30MK1 heavy-fighter-bombers as well as one-hundred IL78 MKI tanker aircraft; or simply put, Iran is purchasing an entire air force and air defense systems taking them from almost no air power worth mentioning to air superiority by comparison and potentially air superiority over the Kurds, Islamic State, and almost every nation in Northern Africa and many European nations as well. As the nations which Iran is most likely to face if they decide to expand their borders and acquire the airfields and staging areas of southern Iraq, as it appears that President Obama is fully supporting the IRGC forces and eventually other Iranian military forces to operate from within Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State with the United States providing air strikes and air support operations one has to wonder how President Obama might react should Iran decide to turn their forces southward and strike across the Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian oil fields in response to what they could claim was mistreatment of Shiite Muslims by the two nations after incidents were instigated.


The other front we can expect to come from Iran is for their expanding the influence of Shia Islam across formerly Sunni strongholds spreading their control over Madrassas potentially replacing Wahhabi Madrassas after they have swarmed across the oil fields, complete their control through the Houthis of Yemen and then using a pincher attack from the north and the south in order to capture Mecca and Medina and thus controlling the heart of Islam. This would also complete Iranian control of the Red Sea and the Bab El-Mandab Strait. From that jumping off point it would not be difficult for Iran to then establish a beachhead from which to operate starting in Somalia and spreading from there through Eretria and Djibouti in order to spread through the Sudan and from Iraq and Saudi Arabia into the Sinai thus being on Egypt’s southern and eastern borders. Should Iran also desire to place a substantial force injected into Syria to assist Bashir al-Assad retaking the lands he has lost and using Hezballah to cement their control over Lebanon then Iran could have a northern and southern fronts on Israel and even more troubling should they also gain access to Gaza supplanting Hamas and Islamic Jihad in controlling the area. We can also expect that Iran will fortify their ground forces with purchases of armor most likely light armor to facilitate fast swarm style attacks overwhelming any defense an opponent would be likely to have at any front relying on lighter resistance and by overwhelming the initial positions and driving deeper into any nation they intended to strike thus appearing unstoppable and gaining a perceived position of strength which would also give the Islamic State considerable challenge especially when one considers that Iran will have a very well-armed air force, something completely missing in the Islamic State’s arsenal of abilities. The likelihood that President Obama would take any position opposing any Iranian moves in the entirety of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) as such would be viewed as Iran simply doing exactly what President Obama desired, Iran stabilizing the entirety of the Islamic world, and what better way of being the hegemonic power than to also control all of the valuable lands and suppressing every potential adversary.


It would not be a complete surprise if should Iran manage to take control in Egypt that the Muslim Brotherhood might ‘see the writing on the wall,’ so to speak, and decide they had been in error about the lineage and correct successors of Muhammad and turn to back a Shia Islam. The truth is that there will either be a war with Iran or Iran will bring the war to each and every corner of the world one site at a time. The only question is at what point will their expansions be one bite too many and at what disadvantage will the world be in when facing the Iranian threat. History will point to the past decade and a half as the period when Iran could have been collared with minor losses and as being an opportunity squandered placing the world at risk. Once again, it appears the greatest threat building in the world is being left to Israel to stop. Let’s hope that Israel gets the necessary support of those others facing the same dangers or be willing to take on the task themselves. This is one time we can know that the United States has nobody’s back or if they do, then it is the worst of all possible scenarios placing Washington solidly behind Iran as President Obama had tilted his entire time in office, even with his efforts to place the Muslim Brotherhood ruling Egypt or turning a blind eye to Erdogan suppressing Turkey turning it into a Sharia state and potentially joining with Iran. At the very least, a combining of the regions and its people into an alliance of Israel, the Kurds, the Druze and the various Christian strongholds be brought together and aided to eliminate the Islamic State, thus putting Iran on notice that they should carefully consider their next moves as they will make all the difference in the world. As a result of removing the Islamic State, regions of Syria and northern Iraq will now be known as a state for the Kurds in the area originally promised the Kurds for Kurdistan at the end of World War I but not fulfilled due to the Mosul oil fields and politics as usual. The Druze will likely be granted some degree of autonomy within those areas in Syria where they reside and the refugees should attempt to put their lives and country back together and learn to live with a multi-ethnic nation. Further, as Hezballah has shown so much concern for Syria perhaps they can live there and maybe the Bekaa Valley but the rest of Lebanon is to be a Christian refuge free and resolute to act with favor on the Christians of the entire area and make a nation from the ruins left by Hezballah. Such a solution would be so nice and clean which is why it is unlikely to come into fruition. As Winston Churchill told the British Parliament “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.” and additionally from his writings from “The Gathering Storm,” “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds are against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves.” May some heed the warnings that many in the leadership positions in Israel be joined by those in Europe, in France, in Germany, in Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and even Greece raise their voices and call for those who cherish the G0d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob not succumb to the forces of those of Abraham, Ishmael and Mohammad, Amen.


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March 5, 2015

Now Come Out the Long Knives

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The knives have cleared their scabbards and their target this time is the Jewish nations, its people its leadership and those who support either. They were scraping and griping and causing as much displeasure and discomfort for Prime Minister Netanyahu and any who desired for him to speak and particularly those who supported his message as the President and his supporters were able. Prime Minister Netanyahu stood against the pressures and the insults to deliver the needful message and immediately afterwards the knives were slicing into the content and being even less honest and more vindictive than they had been before the speech. The tunes were familiar, Netanyahu offered no alternative except war, Netanyahu is a war monger, Netanyahu is ignorant of the delicacies of the situation, and finally Netanyahu has no appreciation of all that the deal we are reaching will mean for Israel and its people. The reasoning was that Netanyahu and those who believe as he does were ignorant and demanding the world be sacrificed and fight their battles for them while being ungrateful for all the support given them. We heard President Obama disregarding what the Israeli Prime Minister had stated about the opposite of this inadequate deal being war but instead had called for a return to the sanctions which had worked so well and force Iran to agree to a better deal; and instead, demeaned loudly and viciously that Netanyahu demanded the world go to war with Iran immediately and force their compliance to his impossible demands made by the Israelis by brutish force. The leftist media will be echoing these claims that Netanyahu is a war monger who refuses to compromise and is irascible and impolite boor who is condescending and whose simply presented argument which was as full of lies with claims of mishandling the negotiations by President Obama. That was simply Tuesday afternoon and evening, what a surprise erupted the next morning.


President Obama woke that fine morning to hear that the Iranians have completely refused his polite request that they withhold their drive to nuclear weapons for ten years. The interesting thing behind all of this was why President Obama might have made his terms only apply for a decade and not open ended into the future. President Obama was showing more ethnic and religious sensitivity of the Iranians than he ever has Prime Minister Netanyahu and the other Israeli Zionists. The President was making an offer of a Hudna, an Islamic term for a ten year ceasefire which the non-Islamic forces are obliged to observe to the very end while the fighters of Islam are permitted to break the deal as soon as they have sufficient powers to defeat their adversaries. This was an offer made with all the sensitivity and respect, or at least that is probably what President Obama thought, the Iranians likely had to find a way to stop laughing before refusing his offer. The Iranians are going to get their desired nothing at all and let us get back to producing nuclear weapons as we have been doing for two years already. Oh, you didn’t know we had a number of what might be called clandestine or alternative nuclear enrichment and production facilities? So sorry you didn’t ask, we might have told you, followed by laughing in the face of Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama. That is far more likely a scenario than anything President Obama is dreaming he will accomplish. The Iranians are not going to agree to inspections, limiting their centrifuges, surrendering all their enriched uranium or to stop construction on the Arak plutonium reactor. The only question is will Iran bother to announce when they have sufficient numbers of nuclear warheads and the intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) to destroy the United States, Britain, France, Germany and whomever else they desire to remove from their discomfort or will they simply allow their mass launching at all these targets be their announcement. Prime Minister Netanyahu is not simply afraid for Israel; he is also concerned with the entirety of Western civilization as all of the Western nations are equally vulnerable to a nuclear armed Iran.


I do not worry or even concern myself with what will happen the day that Iran decides to use their weapons and close the positions which are choke points which can be used to stop almost all of the oil flowing from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf nations as well as blocking the Red Sea southern exit to Asia making the Suez Canal inoperative, and uses a fast boat to detonate a nuclear device amidst the United States fleet off their coast sinking most of the ships and making most of the others simply ships with walking dead for their crews. I worry about the day after when the nuclear weapons and ICBMs are flying across the globe from every nuclear power sending the Earth back ten-thousand years. The problem with Iran gaining nuclear weapons capability is not restricted to Iran as there will be a consequence, every nations capable of producing nuclear weapons will begin to do so as quickly as they are capable. A world filled with nuclear armed nations is a disaster waiting to happen. The Earth’s inhabitants are not wholly responsible and restrained in their actions to all have nuclear weapons, and with some willing to use them to arm terrorist entities to do their delivery for them and others whose tribal grudges demand that they utterly destroy their enemies as soon as they are able. Such a world would be crippled and many would look back and try to find at what point everything went awry and who was to blame. Unfortunately, many will conclude that it was Israel simply because Israel was the most newsworthy nation at the beginning of whatever they call the final war, and as Einstein answered when queried what the weapons would be used to fight World War III and he replied, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Is it too early to start collecting sticks and stones?


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January 28, 2014

What to Expect After if the Peace Talks Fail

One of the unfortunate conclusions which can be attained after Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu suggested that he would not remove the Israelis from beyond the armistice lines which existed in 1967 if they chose to remain and desired to live under Palestinian rule. There were the expected responses from a number of Ministers of the Knesset who had concluded that the Prime Minister may have lost his mind. They were unanimous in pointing out their fears that any Jews remaining within the boundaries of the Palestinian state should one be established would certainly be murdered possibly within hours of said establishment. What was more telling was the reaction from the Palestinian spokespeople who within the briefest of time after Netanyahu’s statement expressed the Palestinian official position that they would not permit a single Israeli Jew to remain in the lands in which the Palestinian state would control. They claimed that this was definitely the most important red line at this time that there not be Jews permitted at any time to enter or trespass on Palestinian lands. Prime Minister Netanyahu succeeded in posing what was an absurd intention purely to display the complete and total rejectionism which defines the Palestinian position. He proved that the Palestinians mostly form their opinions in such a manner as to oppose anything the Israelis desire or insist as part of the future agreements. Obviously, having one side of the negotiations take any position which denies everything the other side purports makes any deal simply impossible. I am almost wondering if Prime Minister Netanyahu had made a bet on the side of the conference in Davos with United States Secretary of State Kerry that he could evoke a response from the Palestinians within twenty-four hours and the two agreed on the message Netanyahu presented claiming that Israelis could remain and be ruled by the Palestinians once their state was formed.


With so many indications that the sides are simply not moving closer despite the best and insistent efforts by Secretary of State Kerry, it might be a good time to look at what is likely to occur once the talks end and no agreement has been worked out. Predicting Hamas and Islamic Jihad along with any other forces within Gaza is rather easy and the signs are already present for all to see. There has been a definite and steady increase in violence being perpetrated out of Gaza. The launchings of rockets has been on the rise as the Islamic Jihad leadership has already announced that they will no longer abide by the cease fire which ended the last offensive launched by Israel in order to force a halt in the rocket and mortar assaults on southern Israeli communities. Even the Fatah members in Gaza, who are presumably under the command of Mahmoud Abbas and the hierarchy of the Palestinian Authority, have stated that they have reached the limit of their patience and plan on resuming violence joining in with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others in Gaza. Then there was the threats from Secretary of State Kerry which claimed that there very probably would be a third intifada should the Israelis fail to satisfy the Palestinians and give in to them sufficiently that they would accept to sign the agreement resulting from Israel surrendering on every issue and meeting every Palestinian demand, precondition and wildest dreams. Of course Secretary of State Kerry also claimed that Israel would be facing an embargo from all of Europe as well if there was not a peace agreement coming from the present talks. Interesting that there has been no threat forthcoming from Secretary Kerry to the Palestinians should they refuse to sign any agreement and make even the slightest concession to the Israelis. It is so comforting to fully understand that Secretary Kerry, and likely his boss, President Obama have already concluded that any failure in attaining a treaty between the Palestinians and the Israelis would, by all considerations of evidence, be completely the fault of the Israelis and the Palestinians have been released from any possible blame for any lack of an agreement.


This has probably further emboldened the Palestinians to be as resolute as possible in refusing to compromise on even a single point and to then join the chorus in blaming the failure of attaining an agreement on Israel. This will also serve well in providing the Palestinians with all the impetus they need to launch the third intifada as soon as the negotiation period of nine months has passed. This was made even more evident when many on the Israeli side offered to extend the negotiations beyond the agreed upon nine months but the Palestinians swore they would not continue the negotiations one second beyond the required time. This was another of their established red lines which was introduced immediately after the Israelis offered to extend the talks for as long as needed to reach an agreement. Those Israelis will do anything to avoid reaching an end to the negotiations. The Palestinians have promised a two pronged response once the time of negotiations have terminated, first to go to every international body possible seeking statehood recognition such that they can have as many nations and others backing them in their struggle to eradicate Israel and secondly to resume the resistance which is code for a renewed series of violence and terrorist strikes.


What would be nice to know is are there any plans to hold the Palestinians accountable for their rejectionist policies or is any failure really going to be interpreted as a complete and total fault of Israel. Should Israel receive all of the blame for the Palestinian refusal to compromise on a single item is ridiculous, absurd and/or insane. The Palestinians have never taken the needed steps to prepare their people for peace and instead raise their children with a steady diet of hatred for Israel and the Jewish people. They honor terrorists and execute as a deserter of the cause any Palestinian who cooperates with Israel. Cooperation includes being seen talking to an IDF soldier. The entire dysfunctional peace process of land for peace has failed as the Palestinians want neither land nor peace, they want to destroy Israel and after accomplishing such a result they would then turn their efforts to Jordan intending to make everything from Iraq to the Mediterranean a single Palestinian state totally free of any Jewish presence or other than Palestinian presence. Then there is Hamas’s dream of after Israel has been destroyed and the Jews removed they then desire removing all Jews worldwide and conquering the world for Allah. Basically put, should the world allow the destruction of Israel in the service of the Palestinians, they can fully expect that that will only whet their appetite and Europe will be the next objective of the Palestinians. The Palestinian society only knows violence and hatred and is incapable of coexistence with any neighbor. Ask Jordan, Kuwait or Lebanon, all of which have shared the experience of being targeted by the Palestinians at one time or another. Who will be next if the world sacrifices Israel on the altar of appeasement and anti-Semitism?


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