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November 24, 2012

The Actual True Reason Behind the Palestinian Israeli Conflict

The going misdirection of the reasons for the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis revolves on the Jewish Zionists swarmed from Europe with the assistance of Britain and the World and stole the land which made up the Palestinian State of Palestine and are trying to build this murderous and genocidal concept and country of Israel, the Jewish State. The entire situation and violence could be resolved if only those Jews in Israel would allow the Palestinians to reconstruct their beloved Palestine within the borders that existed before the 1967 Six Day War. This article is not about whether or not there ever existed a Palestinian State by any name or notation, nor is it about the actual acts of terrorism, the rocket attacks, the suicide bombings, the strikes by a vastly more powerful IDF in presumable retaliatory manner; this is intended to explain exactly what the actual crux of the belligerence and hostilities on each side is all about.

Let us look first at the Palestinian perspectives of what the conflict is all about. The claims made by the Palestinians can often be traced back to be found to be imitations of Jewish ideals and ideas which can be traced back to long before there was even a hint of a conflict with some dating back to before any of the Arabs of those periods had even begun to reside in what is today the regions around Israel. The Palestinians actions over the years going back even before 1948, or even before 1900, belie the argument that all they wish is to have a State of their own. In November of 1947 the United Nations passed a non-binding resolution in the General Assembly proposing a fifty-fifty split in the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea to be shared by a Jewish and an Arab State with much of the Jewish State consisting of the Negev Desert while the fertile Galilee to be part of the Arab State. At this point the term Palestinian was used to denote the Jewish settlers while the Arabs were referred to as either Palestinian Arabs or simply Arabs with both terms referring to those living in what remained of the British Mandate Lands after the British tore off 78% of the Mandate Lands to form an Arab Palestinian State of Transjordan, today called simply Jordan. This offer was refused by the Arab League and also by virtually every Muslim State as they claimed they would never recognize the legitimacy of a Jewish State. It was not the size of the Palestinian State or whether such a State would be attached to Jordan or be independent or anything concerning or referring to the proposed Arab State, the entire rejection was that there be any piece of lands reserved for non-Muslims that were not to be ruled by Muslims, and especially not a Jewish State as that was the most grievous insult one could force upon the Arab Muslims.

This led to what the Israelis refer to as their war for independence but was actually a war brought against the nascent State of Israel with the expressed intent to slaughter every single Jew residing on Muslim claimed lands. When the violence was finally brought to an end through United Nations actions, Israel had actually not only survived, but had actually managed to hold far more land than was originally set aside for them by the General Assembly resolution. The minute the Arab States and representatives rejected the General Assembly Resolution and declared a war of annihilation on the State of Israel, the resolution was thus invalidated and no longer held any weight as it takes full voluntary compliance by both sides for any General Assembly resolution to become validated and thereby become enforceable. Once the ceasefire lines had been established the situation left Israel as defined today as within the Green Line or the 67 Borders and left the Golan Heights under Syrian control, Judea and Samaria (West Bank) under Jordanian control, and Gaza under Egyptian control. With these lands left under Arab Muslim control, the Arab nations holding them could have turned them over to form the presumably so desperately desired Palestinian State but such an idea was never even proposed or mentioned for as long as the lands were under Muslim control, everything was as Allah would wish it to be. What was against the will of Allah was that the Jews still had possession of lands that should have belonged to Muslims as they had once been occupied by Muslims and no land where Muslims have ever had ruling authority can be allowed to be under anyone’s control other than Muslim, this is Allah’s will.

This situation with the Syrian occupying the Golan Heights, Egypt occupying Gaza, and Jordan occupying Judea and Samaria (West Bank) continued until the 1967 Six Day War where Israel was initially attacked by Egypt through the actions of massing an invasion force on the Israeli southern border and their closing of the Straights of Tiran to all Israeli shipping, an act which had been declared as a sufficient Casus Belli for war between Israel and Egypt. Egypt was allied with Syria which had also massed an invasion force on the Golan Height threatening the Israeli northern border. Subsequently, after hearing the Egyptian and Syrian flowing glorious victories they were experiencing and how they were routing the Israeli Defense Forces, Jordan stated their intentions to join in on the perceived route and decimation of the Jewish State. Israeli leaders attempted to persuade the King of Jordan not to enter the war and that the reports he was relying on out of Syria and Egypt were falsification and in reality the Israelis were prevailing on all fronts. Needless to point out, Jordan refused to believe what they were sure were Israeli lies and propaganda and they too declared war on Israel. As history tells, the Israelis retook the Golan Heights and were well on their way to Damascus, taken all of Judea and Samaria stopping at the Jordan River, and not only retaken Gaza but also the entire Sinai Peninsula right up to the Suez Canal. It was at this point that the thought and proposed Palestinian State was born as the lands in question had fallen from Muslim control. This is where many believe that Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) came into being; not so.

Feel free to research this yourself, but Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas together with the aid of the Russian KGB established the PLO presenting their Charter on May 28, 1964. The PLO was founded on the proposition that Jihad was the way to remove the Jews from all of Palestine. Yasser Arafat was explicitly referring to all of Israel as he often explicitly indicating while speaking in Arabic including such cities as Tel Aviv, Acco (Acre), Tiberius, Beersheba, and other within the pre-1967 Green Line Borders. It was after the 1967 Six Day War, over three full years after the founding of the PLO, that Yasser Arafat began his new avenue where in English he spoke of peace and the return of the Palestinian people to their sacred and historic homeland and talked of their “Right of Return” and copied virtually every single discussion point that had been used by the Jewish Zionists since the mid nineteenth century while speaking to the Arab audiences in Arabic claiming their right to take all of Israel, the genocidal annihilation of all the Jews of Israel, the riches that would become theirs once they were reclaimed from the accursed Jews, and other calls of war, violence, and terror. The PLO Charter still retains the call for the elimination of the Jewish State, of Israel which was supposedly had been removed to comply with the Oslo Accords but was never actually implemented though discussed at a few occasions when Western observers were present.

As the fight to destroy the Zionist State did not exactly proceed with any great signs of success, other terrorist entities with a different reason d’etre came into being with all pointing to the elimination of Israel as their driving impetus. Where the PLO was mostly a secular nationalist in their origins, many of these new terror groups applied the word Jihad very literally as they were religious in their basis. One of the better recognized of these entities was the spawn of the Muslim Brotherhood, largely out of Egypt, is Hamas with other similar religiously oriented terror outfits being Islamic Jihad, PRC (Popular Resistance Committees), PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), al-Qaeda in Gaza, and even some smaller Salafists. Despite of these groups rhetoric about their desire and longing for the establishment of a Palestinian State, their actions belie that claim. The simple fact is that every offer for statehood presented has not been sufficiently generous as they refuse to accept anything other than the complete surrender, capitulation and end of Israel. Even when Yasser Arafat was granted a generous offer that met virtually every one of the demands he had presented in Paris, instead of offering a counter offer he simply stormed from the negotiations denouncing the entire procedure never to return to negotiations. Numerous times when refusal of Israeli offers would have cost the Palestinians their standing and legitimacy in the eyes of Europe and the United States thus threatening their monetary lifeline, whoever was negotiating demanded the one item which Israel cannot permit, the Right of Return for over five million Palestinians. The entire reason behind the Palestinian refugee situation is the nurturing of a poison pill which if ever forced upon the Israelis will spell the end of Israel as the Jewish State. The resultant influx of the many millions of Palestinian Arabs would give the Arab population of Israel a majority allowing them to turn Israel into just one more Muslim State and once they took control of the government via the ballot box, the elimination of the now Jewish minority could proceed. The one last item that proves the lack of desire for their own State is the often stated intention by Palestinian leaders that should they ever actually liberate all of Palestine, including replacing all of Israel by said State, they would immediately petition Jordan to unify the two States into the real and true Palestinian State.

So, what are the Israeli desires which most definitely are a part of the conflict, but not for the reasons many believe. Israel is often accused of wishing to build a super state often referred to as Greater Israel. This supposed ideal state would reach from the Euphrates River in Iraq to the Nile River in Egypt. The origins of this claim are taken from some verses in the Bible but never has any Israeli claimed the desire to establish this Greater Israeli State. The Israelis holding the most expansive dimensions for the Israeli borders actually derive from a promise given to the Jewish Zionists by none other than Winston Churchill in the 1920s. Upon the dividing the British Mandate Lands into the Arab State of Transjordan (now Jordan) which consumed 78% of the Mandate Lands taking all of the lands east of the Jordan River, the British promised the Zionist Jewish society that the remaining 22% of the lands, all of the area west of the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea would remain forever undivided and the Jewish Home State of Israel would be built on every inch of these remaining areas of the Mandate. Obviously, the world has conveniently reneged on this promise. Israel has even granted that they would settle for less than every inch of the lands west of the Jordan, something the Arabs refuse to allow in their claims, and proven such by completely removing every single Jewish settler, soldier, policeman, and all down to the last Jewish person and gave these lands to the Palestinian Authority.

The whole of Gaza was then under Palestinian Authority control while in Judea and Samaria (West Bank), the area was divided into three sectors, Area A which was under complete Palestinian control and where over three quarters of the Palestinian peoples live, Area B which is under Palestinian governmental control with joint military and security shared between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and Area C which is under complete Israeli control and where over 90% of the Jewish Settlers reside. This was the situation for close to two years until there was an election which was partially arranged and forced on both the Israelis and Palestinian Authority. At the insistence of United States President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Hamas was to be allowed to front candidates for office in the elections for the new Parliament. Israel loudly decried this as being very poor judgment and a guaranteed venue to disaster while the Palestinian Authority also expressed severe misgivings in allowing Hamas to be included in the election of January 2006. In the usual arrogance of the United States and its leadership’s over-confident reliance on democracy as the panacea to all political problems, they pressed and forced the inclusion of Hamas to post candidates assuring all that given a choice there was absolutely no possibility for Hamas as a terrorist group to win in fair and open elections. Well, that was not quite the result as the elections resulted in a sizeable Hamas electoral victory as the Palestinians were completely done with the known corrupt governance of the current Palestinian Authority as well as being unsatisfied with what they perceived as an insufficient dedication of the previous Palestinian Authority in eradicating the Jewish State and establishing the free State of Palestine and voted demanding that Hamas live up to their promises to be more vigorous in restoring Palestine and inflicting terror on the Israeli population. Mahmoud Abbas soon dissolved the Parliament which was followed by a coup by Hamas leading to their taking control in Gaza in June 2007. When it became obvious after the Hamas takeover that they were smuggling in weapons and had begun to fire rockets over the border from Gaza into Israel, Israel imposed an embargo over all seaborne traffic into Gaza in order to inspect their cargoes for weapons or items of dual use. The Gaza embargo did not go into effect the moment Israel had surrendered all of Gaza in the disengagement of Gaza in august of 2005 but rather it was imposed after the Hamas takeover almost two years later.

Israel does have some red lines beyond which they are unwilling to compromise. One such is the Old City of Jerusalem, especially the Temple Mount, the Kotel (Western Wall and Plaza) and the largest of the Jerusalem suburbs which hold the largest of the Israeli settlements. Israel cannot retreat from the Golan Heights as to allow Syria to station sharpshooters on the Golan Heights and have them shoot at Israeli farmers working their fields, shooting the livestock and generally making life for Israelis impossible in much of the Galilee Valley, and that includes both the Jewish, Arab, and others as at the distance these snipers engage their targets, there is no concern or ability to discern any difference between targets. Israel would not likely give up control of the Sea of Galilee as would wish to retain bases of the IDF along the Jordan Valley in order to allow for an early warning systems be in place to detect any threats coming from the east, especially aircraft or rockets. All of these items meet the United Nations recommendations which allow for Israel to not necessarily pull all the way out of areas beyond the Green Line but rather retain those geographical locations which would prove necessary for secure borders. Israel is tasked only with not interfering with any non-Jews practice of their religions, not necessarily allowing them automatic citizenship, another erroneous expectation the world has attempted to make a vital and necessary part of any agreements. Allowing such is no more feasible than would be the Right of Return and for exactly the same reason. Israelis mostly desire peace and if a total, complete and permanent peace with their neighbors could magically be produced, Israel would likely be generous in what they would sacrifice in order to attain such. But as long as the only peace offered to Israel by her neighbors is the peace of Dhimmitude, then that is a peace they cannot accept. The proof of this could easily be verified provided it could be arranged for the rockets and mortars to stop, the bombs to never again be planted along IDF patrolling routes, the end to suicide, car or any other form of bombings from Israeli centers or gatherings, and end to bullets and anti-tank missiles targeting vehicles and individuals from out of Gaza, then we would just need to wait and see if Israel also ceased all violence. My bet is that not only would Israel end all strikes but that as time passed and peace remained the rule, the embargo would be lifted over time one stage at a time. If somebody could get all the factions in Gaza to agree I am sure there are many Israelis who would push for Israeli compliance with this new norm and such would come with great glee and even anticipation of even better relations.

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November 30, 2011

Does Israel Deserve to be Permitted to Continue to Exist?

Does Israel deserve to be permitted by the rest of the civilized world to continue to exist or was the idea to permit the formation of a Jewish homeland a mistaken idea whose time has run out and needs to be corrected? If you even consider this a valid question, then you have some serious problems and anti-Semitic leanings. Imagine the same question and replace Israel with the name of another country. Even attempting to do so seems ridiculous, yet the existence of Israel is questioned in discussions, print, or other media virtually every single day. It has become so common that such considerations towards Israel are not even met with any lack of credulity. And questioning the existence of Israel is not where this insanity ends, there is so much more.

As bad as it is to question the legitimacy of Israel, there is another evil which has been reappearing from out of the dark shadows where it had been hiding since the end of World War II. This evil is pure, unadulterated anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism has been growing and becoming more acceptable in Europe for decades and has reared up from some who took part in the Occupy Movement. Virulent anti-Semitism never even waned in most of the Arab and Muslim Worlds and only became more violent and encompassing since the formation of Israel. These same peoples have also been at the forefront of the dissolve Israel movement even to the point of numerous wars and terrorist attacks against Israel and Jewish targets world-wide. The most terrifying anti-Semitism has recently become overtly evident on todays’ university campuses to the point of Jewish students being physically attacked and the administrations have quite often responded with weak, ineffective actions, if any action, and have often treated such incidents as being understandable. This is the reality in the world today and as such makes for a dangerous situation which has all the appearances of repeating once again the attempted annihilation of the Jewish people.

It is for the expressed genocidal emotions of those such as Iranian President Ahmadinejad who has called to, “wipe Israel from the map of history,” or the leader of Hezballah Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, who stated, “they [Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide.” These are just some of the most recent statements of intent to destroy Israel or to commit a genocidal campaign against all Jews. Even the former prime minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad had his quote in October 2003. Mahathir was the chairman of the Tenth Islamic Summit Conference where he gave these opening remarks, “The Europeans killed six million Jews out of 12 million (Jews). But today the Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.” It was reported that these words received a standing ovation from the attending Muslim leaders. In January of 2010 Mahathir Mohamad was quoted saying that Jews “had always been a problem in European countries. They had to be confined to ghettos and periodically massacred. But still they remained, they thrived and they held whole governments to ransom. Even after their massacre by the Nazis of Germany, they survived to continue to be a source of even greater problems for the world.” And I would be remiss if I left out the recent comments shared by the Presidents of France and the United States, Sarkozy and Obama respectively, which were caught speaking among themselves forgetting they had live microphones attached to them. Sarkozy stated referring to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, “I can’t look at him anymore, he’s a liar.” Obama, not to be outdone, replied, “You’ve had enough of him, but I have to deal with him every day.” Let’s face it; I could keep giving such examples almost endlessly as should I even approach repeating all of them, there would be additional new quotes to report.

Despite their little faux pas, Presidents Sarkozy and Obama have and will continue to state publically of their unshakable support for Israel with the full intention of convincing people of their sincerity. But their hypocrisy is miniscule when compared to the duplicity of much of the world’s organizations and governments in their dealings with Israel. One evidence of the duplicity of the world when dealing with Israel is evidenced by the millions upon millions, probably adding up to many billions, of Euros, Dollars, Shekels, or whatever currency sent to support the Palestinian Authority where there is no transparency, reckless financial dealings, excessive corruption, and blatant support for terrorist activities. Further examples exist in the support in the millions from European governments, the European Union, the United Nations, and the United States for NGOs and Rights Organizations who work solely in opposition of the government in Israel under the false ideal of fairness. We see the same with the preoccupation with Israeli supposed misdeeds, war crimes, and acts against humanities being investigated by so many NGOs and United Nations commissions even to the point of ignoring virtually every other transgression no matter the scale. The Rwandan Genocide went on for years before finally becoming a concern for the world, the Sudan Darfur murderous oppressions had been being committed for almost a decade before being addressed, yet Israel has been investigated for every presumed wrong and many continue to be used as casus belli for sanctions, embargos, condemnations, and even the revocation of the United Nations declaration which gave birth to the state of Israel. Often one will hear the charges about the Jenin Massacre which was investigated by the United Nations who found absolutely no evidence of such an event and instead found that the total Palestinian deaths at fifty-two with most being combatants and the Israeli lost twenty-three soldiers. This was a far cry from the hysterical ramping of reported Palestinian dead from the ambush and ensuing battle in Jenin where Palestinian fighters were lying in wait at the center of the refugee camp in fortified positions surrounded by a battlefield full of traps and placed explosive devices supporting their defensive position. The original estimated report released by the Palestinian Authority was two hundred which by the end of the day had inflated to over a thousand and had reached the completely unbelievable estimate of five to fifteen thousand, depending on the source. All of these reports of senseless murders of innocent Palestinians by IDF soldiers were headlines in newspapers and media reports for many weeks afterwards. When the United Nations report was released, it received scant coverage and even then, some questioned whether the United Nations had been co-opted by Israeli or Jewish interests and pressures in order to whitewash and cover-up the Israeli crimes in Jenin. This is simply one of the most egregious examples of the world’s bias against Israel, a bias which is beyond belief and virtually immeasurable. Israel has become the focal point of the world’s strongest condemnations and hatreds that are completely senseless. The only conceivable excuse for this treatment of Israel where it is cast as a pariah among nations and deserving of all condemnations and repudiations is that it is the state of the Jews and all the hatred of all things Jewish, all the world’s anti-Semitism is focused upon Israel.

The hatreds against Israel, the 154th largest country in size and the 97th largest in population out of approximately two-hundred-fifty countries in the world according to the CIA World Factbook, are completely out of balance with the size and influence of such a tiny country. Imagine if Haiti or Azerbaijan or the Dominican Republic were in the news as often and for as long as Israel has commanded front pages of so many of the world’s major news services. All of those countries are larger in size and have more population than does Israel, so would it not be logical to think they would have more of an impact in the world? Let us look and see how often Israel appears in the news for the rest of this year compared to a significantly larger country. Where Israel’s size is 20,770 sq km, slightly larger than New Jersey, while the other country I have in mind covers 2,724,900 sq km, over 125 times the size of Israel; and Israel’s population is 7,473,052 as of 2010 while this other country has a population of 15,522,373, approximately twice that of Israel, guess which one will get the larger portion of news coverage. Where I doubt a week will go by where Israel will not make the news while this other country probably will escape notice, I just have yet to name it here. So you can track it, why not let the name out; it is called Kazakhstan.

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November 1, 2011

Celebratory Rocket Fire Rains on Southern Israel

Gilad Shalit has come home while Israel will end up releasing over a thousand terrorists including those with Israeli blood on their hands and a visceral hatred in their hearts. Even those who were in complete agreement supporting the deal conceded that there would be ramifications and Israel would pay a dear price of the numbers and types of terrorists who were to be freed. What were ignored were the immediate actions that would be initiated by Hamas and their fellow terror entities in Gaza to celebrate their great victory over Israel, over the Zionist Entity as they refer to Israel. The true nature of the immediate price has been made unavoidable with the massive increase in numbers and size of the rocket barrages into southern Israeli civilian population centers and upsurge of rock-throwing and other methods of attacking vehicles with Israeli license plates in and near to Samaria and Judea including attacks on an Egged bus and the new light rail trams in Jerusalem. There were many injuries and even more numerous numbers of those suffering from psychological difficulties from the attacks in addition to the death of fifty-six year old Ami Moshe in Ashkelon. This time the resultant celebratory violence was equal to the increased record levels of the number of terrorists released in this exchange. This has become the trend with ever increasing demands being made and reluctantly succumbed to by Israeli leadership when either the remains or the rare live kidnapped victim has been ransomed. One would hope that soon Israelis would wake to the warnings which are recorded in Jewish Torah, Oral Law and the Mishnah which forbids the paying of ransom that is unbalanced and demands that any ransom paid must be of equal measure, one person for one person or the related price to be of an equal measure. The only argument in these discussions was in the case where the victim will certainly be murdered if not ransomed, then some say a higher price is allowed while a near equal number claim this should not change the acceptable payment. The one area of complete and total agreement is that once a disproportionate payment has been agreed to, then you will have guaranteed ever more efforts will be made to take hostages and each will require an ever higher ransom to be paid. I fear we are too far down that road now to allow for retreat to equality in future trades. Yet, that day will eventually arrive and I fear for those who may be held ransom when the price becomes too exorbitant to be met.

Meanwhile, Israelis are currently paying the unspoken payment for this disproportionate trade, the hugely increased attacks upon the innocent. We also have a situation where a Saudi cleric offered a $100,000 reward for the capture of the next hostage and this reward was bumped up to an even $1,000,000 by one of the Saudi Princes. This is just a further escalation and the onslaughts that will very likely result due to the release of numerous planners and leaders of the terror efforts which make up the largest part of the Palestinian efforts to remove the Jews and all of Israel from amongst their lands. The rockets and the rocks that are lobbed with the intent to murder Israelis tells those willing to see with open eyes and open minds the true intent of the Palestinian leadership and seemingly the majority of the Palestinian people. The current level of attacks from both ends of the Palestinian society, the rockets from Gaza and the rocks, boulders and other projectiles including fire-bombs from Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem metropolitan areas, and areas within the Green Line that border these areas not only cannot be allowed to continue but must not be allowed to continue. Between the release of the terrorists and the Palestinian strides through the international organization to gain recognition of statehood and determination to remove Israel from the map of the world, Israel and her people are facing forces that do not simply oppose them on some points or borders but who are intent and committed to a war of genocide, especially against the Jewish population, and will not settle for anything less unless they are defeated.

Israel is going to have to make some difficult decisions and begin to implement the steps to establish a defined and permanent end to the conflict with the Palestinians, and soon thereafter, with the rest of Israel’s neighbors by whatever means prove necessary. No country can allow situations such as are being imposed on the Israelis by these terror acts and the concerted efforts of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) NGOs and other groups and expect to continue as an independent nation. With this renewed high level of attacks with even more powerful explosive warheads on the rockets and larger, longer range rockets with ever increasing accuracy as part of the cache available to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other groups, Israeli leaders are going to have to respond with a definitive and substantial response that will be sufficient to end the attacks. The entire society of southern Israel which has come within the range of these more powerful attacks has been shut down. Schools are closed, parents are remaining home with their children, recreational and organized events have been forced to be cancelled, and shoppers are afraid to venture outside. This is not a functioning society and the government must stand up and protect its citizens as that is the first, most important and basic function which they are obliged to provide. Whether Israelis and their leaders wish it or not, war has been declared and their choices are fight or simply give up and run and hide elsewhere. That would beg the question of where and I doubt the approximately seven million Jewish Israelis would be accepted by any other country, definitely none in the Middle East or Africa; nor Europe or Asia; and doubtful that they could relocate en masse to South America, Greenland, Australia, or Central America. In the entire world, the sole places other than Israel where the Jews might be welcomed would be Canada and possibly the United States. Next time the world once again demands that Israel not defend themselves and show restraint, let them first offer the Jews of Israel an alternative where they may settle with a guarantee of peace, security, and be allowed to practice their religion for the remainder of time. I seriously doubt any of those who always seem to have an idea that things would be so much better if only the Jews would leave Israel would have any suggestion on where they should go and where they belong. Since the world has no offer or solution, obviously, then it is incumbent upon Israel to do that which is necessary, and the necessity is becoming clearer every day for those who will simply open their eyes and see without malice or prejudice.

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