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July 4, 2011

How Soon We Have Forgotten Promises Past

We are less than a century past World War I, the War to End All Wars; how’s that working out for you. Also, we are around two generations after World War II with some of the most barbaric actions ever perpetrated by mankind with things like the Bataan Death March; the rape of Nanking; the brutal fighting on the Russian front with horrendous casualties on both sides; the fire bombings of Tokyo, Dresden, London, and others; and the Holocaust which systematically killed over 12 million people, among them six million Jews and countless aged, disabled, mentally challenged innocents, Roma, and political prisoners in camps set up to produce death in factory conditions. Now we are fast approaching yet another cataclysmic eruption which is promising to be the greatest cataclysm of all time.

When one thinks back over the period of men living in some semblance of legal framework, be it even as humble as the most basic of units, the city state, all told human civilization is no more than fifteen thousand years old. During that entire history peace has been the exception rather than the rule. Despite the stated intention of mankind to live in peace, security and some semblance of serenity, we have instead practiced war since we were wandering clans; then again as tribes, cities, city states, countries, empires, monarchies, all the way to modern societies. Until the use of nuclear weapons brought a conclusion to World War II, each series of conflicts seemed to bring higher levels of death in each century when compared to the previous century. During the history of man, there has not been one invented weapon which we did not avail ourselves in its usage, including the nuclear bomb. The only consolation is that this century either mankind will find a path to peace or mankind will find a final peace with none left to bury the dead. Those, it appears are our choices and the prognostication does not bode well.

Once again this past week Saudi Arabia declared their intention to continue their civilian nuclear program and added with brazen honesty that should Iran become nuclear weapon capable, then that would spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East in which Saudi Arabia does not plan to be left out without their own arsenal. I remember a dream I had after watching my first Nostradamus show with the Quatrain mentioning the last World War which started “Out of the country of Greater Arabia Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed, He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban. He will be the terror of mankind. Never more horror.” The narrator interpreted this with a reference to this person coming from Iraq. As usual, my dream and subsequent thoughts on this particular Quatrain has always substituted Iran as the land that produced this blue turbaned terror, and I do realize that the Iranians are actually Persian and not Arab in their ancestry. With the Saudi proclamation of intent not to be left behind should Iran go nuclear, I am starting to think I may have been wrong and the truth may end up with the most obvious choice, Saudi Arabia. Wherever this person originates, if such should ever exist (I have little faith but a curious interest in Nostradamus and all supposed seers and their supposed predictions), the recent arousal of the Muslim world and their reemergence onto the world stage with another expansionary fit, we would be wise to be ever watchful as it appears that the Muslims do not consider nuclear weapons as something the usage of should be avoided but rather as the final equalizer making even the most backward and insignificant military force as formidable as the greatest powers on Earth. This view portends their intention of using nuclear weapons as a first strike attempt to level the playing field, if not tilting it in their favor, against longstanding enemies which they have never been able to best in conventional wars. These forces are obviously Israel, the European countries and the United States.

Where this whole situation becomes interesting is when we start to figure out where and against whom the resurgent Muslim forces, should they unify and actually start a conflict of aggressively expanding their influence and possessions, would use their first strike nuclear weapons. Contrary to the going thought, I do not believe their first target would be Israel, nor do I think their attack would use missiles as the delivery system. My thoughts are that they would indeed use a massive missile launch as a diversionary tactic to draw attentions away from their actual nuclear delivery systems. Their first strikes would most likely be against either the United States or Great Briton. Let’s look at each in greater detail.

First, we will look at the United States as that scenario is far more straight forward. Despite the appearance thus far of the success made with the use of stealth jihad by the numerous Islamic front groups, many of which have one of three initial sources; the Wahhabis with their Saudi oil money who finance Fatah, the al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade; the Muslim Brotherhood which also is behind Hamas, al-Qaeda and other terror groups; and Iran who are the financiers of Hezballah as well as Hamas and al-Qaeda. It is my contention that these groups are approaching the end of their influence as more and more Americans are getting wise to their tactics and goals and will reject and resist them with ever growing solidarity. Yes, we will always have those ever so unamusing useful idiots such as those who are attempting, as I write, to get out of a Greek port and confront, peaceably of course, the IDF Navy in the name of relieving the nonexistent humanitarian crises in Hamas run Gaza on the ever so aptly named ship, the Audacity of Hope. But these people are an extremely small minority whose major ability is to be excessively loud in their protest that they are being denied the right to be heard. Even the dead can hear these imbeciles. Once these Islamist superiority “civil rights” groups are revealed for the fifth columnists they truly are, their effectiveness will end as will their being welcome on American shores. This would force the Islamists to resort to a more violent approach. It is towards this end that Iran is currently placing their longest range missiles in Venezuela and is probably attempting to arrange a similar deal to stage launch stations in Nicaragua with the ever sympathetic anti-American Daniel Ortega. These bases will not be used to launch nuclear tipped missiles as having nuclear weapons in these locations would be detected and cause a confrontation before Iran was ready. The worst these weapons might carry would be biologic or chemical weapons but most likely would have explosive and incendiary warheads or even possibly dummy warheads as they would be used as a diversion from their actual attack, which would probably be of a nuclear nature. Their main attack would be launched from ships, or subs if they can procure any missile capable varieties, which would arrive at their launch locations times within minutes of the scheduled launch to minimize or eliminate any suspicious loitering time at station. This would be a version of their swarm tactic of attack, the same style of attack as the Iranians have practiced in many of their war gaming. Most of the initial targets would be within three to four hundred miles from the coasts thus allowing the minimal amount of time to react and intercept moderate range missiles. A secondary attack would probably come subsequent in an attempt to hit targets further inland. After such an attack, the United States would have to resort to massive casualty attacks upon whoever is suspected of initiating the war.

England, and Western Europe as a whole, is a different scenario all together. The Islamic infiltration and stealth jihad is far more developed in Europe and the Muslims have succeeded with their immigration jihad by a combination of newer arrivals being from among radicalized Muslims while also radicalizing second and third generation Muslim youth using their lack of assimilation into European society. Where many have expressed the feelings that Europe is a lost cause and the Islamists will simply win through the ballot box and intimidation, I must disagree. Looking back at history, the Moorish Muslims had near complete control of the Iberian Peninsula, yet the Spanish and later the Portuguese threw off the Islamic yoke starting around 1492 as well as expelling their Jewish populations. In time, the Muslim influences throughout most of Europe was forced to retreat and well before World War I the Ottoman Empire had lost its hold and was teetering at the precipice. It was solely due to outside support from Russia, among others, that the Ottoman Empire did not collapse until after World War I when it no longer was feasible to continue the façade. There is one thing that Europe has been extremely proficient at throughout its checkered history, and that is spilling large amounts of blood in viscous wars, pogroms, purifications, and just plain old simple wars. Eventually, the Europeans will react against the aggression of their Muslim minority and after a great amount of bloodletting, they will return to their semi stupor until the next catastrophe is upon them. I seriously doubt anybody reading this will believe me, so let’s just leave it at that and wait and see, OK? Thank you.

It is finally time to address why Israel, despite all the protestations, will not be the first target of the next Muslim Islamist wars of expansion. There are a number of reasons; the most prevalent one is the Islamist and Muslim leaders know that they must have that one unifying hatred to keep the people unified, especially if things start to go horribly wrong and their forces start facing defeat. There is no replacement for Israel and the Jews controlling the world to explain away even the worst of all possible scenarios in the Muslim world. They have been using the battle cry of it is the Jews since the first days when Mohammed first began his conquests in the Arabian Peninsula. The first people he destroyed and/or exiled were the Jews. The other problem is the Muslim leaders all know full well what the Samson Option is which the Israelis will employ as they go down if they should realize all is lost. They are aware that Israel, like the biblical Sampson, will bring the entire house down should they fall. On that day, may G-d forbid such a day, the world will know exactly how many nuclear weapons were in the Israeli arsenal by counting the number of Muslim cities throughout the world that no longer exist and multiply that number by three. The Islamists realize that even should they defeat Israel, by doing so they will no longer have the ability to carry the fight any further, thus they are forced to leave Israel for last so that Israel would be unable to take away the Muslim victory and final realization of World conquest. So, Israel represents two essential parts of the Muslim plans to conquer the Earth. Should things not go well, Israel is their scapegoat upon which all blame can be placed. Secondly, Israel will be the final conquest as doing so earlier would bring an overwhelming force to bear should they succeed and a simple humiliation if they should lose once again to little Israel. So, those who believe that they can rest assured that the Islamic conquest will begin with Israel, do not sleep too comfortably, you very well might be terribly wrong in that assumption.

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June 4, 2011

Equal Opportunity or Equal Outcome

Equal Opportunity or Equal Outcome

Much of the political debate in the United States is actually centered on equal opportunity versus equal outcome; it is simply not so boldly stated and instead hidden behind the minutia of the particular subject. In education you have vouchers and charter schools on the equal opportunity side while no child left behind and teaching to the test on the equal outcome side. In all of the taxation and social spending the lines between the two sides are easily discerned. The split tends to be along political line between liberal and conservative and also between libertarian and statist. But what are the basics behind the founding of the Judeo-Christian society which I define as the Bible together with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution including only the amendments of the Bill of Rights.

Most people will argue that the Constitution guarantees equal opportunity but does not guarantee equal outcome. Truth be told, the Constitution has two sets of guarantees. One is that everyone gets the same opportunity to succeed which comes with only the probability of varied outcomes dependent on ability, intelligence, savvy, and the ever desired luck. The other guarantee from government does guarantee equal outcome for anything the government is required to do for citizens, then it will be done in a manner that will provide all with equal treatment. Unfortunately, with ever increasing measure our government has decided that it is their job to guarantee equal outcomes and not simply equal opportunity. Even more to our detriment, the government has been working furiously to replace both church and family in the role of providing for those in need. The reasoning behind this usurpation goes something like Churches and Families are not able to provide equal treatment for everybody who is in need and thus if two people are in need, one in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and the other in Fort Collins, Colorado then it is entirely possible that the churches in these areas would have different financial abilities and thus one would receive a higher and more generous amount of relief and assistance than the other would receive, and we just simply cannot abide by that now, can we. Thus, the government takes over the it upon itself to assure everyone in need gets exactly the one size fits all care the government guarantees them no matter what their true need may be. The other aim for equal outcome is done through taxation. Using a graduated tax rate and even going so far as to give tax refunds to people from who no taxes are collected; I believe they call this the “earned income tax credit”, and I honestly have no idea exactly how that works, just I never get one.

The problem with structuring a society based on equal outcome rather than equal opportunity is that if what you will receive is not in any way related to how hard you work or how much you work or how valuable your work is to others, then why bother trying at all? People are always told that greed is bad, evil, a sin, and all sorts of things except the truth; greed is the engine that drives Capitalism and produces untold amounts of wealth making more available to more people. Greed is what makes different outcomes out of different opportunities, especially if it is tied to willingness to work hard, produce useful and desirable items, and having the innate ability to do so. Equal outcome removes greed as no matter what you do or how hard you work, you will receive no more and no less than the next guy. This leads to blunting the desire to exceed and kills off initiative making for less goods and poorer service and eventually universal poverty. Have you noticed that when you go into a store how the service is usually nonexistent? I have heard people ask what happened to customer service like there used to be in department stores back in the day. What happened is that the stores no longer pay commission on sales; they pay straight salaries totally removed from your sales. This removes the desire to sell more items thus removing the desire to assist customers. Why should a salesperson go out and look for a customer to serve if they get paid the same to stand and talk to their friends making the customer come find them? The only thing that does that is motivation, also known as commissions. If helping customers will likely put extra money in your pocket, you better believe you will look for customers to help. No commissions and straight pay, why bother, you get the same amount helpful or not, just as long as you are not rude and lose your job you just do the minimum to get by. Equal outcome results in nonperformance and a lack of excellence. Equal opportunity leads to competition for every dollar and more dollars for which to compete as now everyone is more motivated.

What is wrong in America today? We have taken the reigns of a horse that lives with us in an equal outcome world. There is no incentive for excellence, no motivation to go that extra step, no sparks to light the fires of production. Instead, everyone stands around, hands in their pockets, just biding their time to collect the same paycheck whether they have earned it or not. Why bust yourself into a sweat if the pay is the same for not sweating one drop. We need to return to a society driven by the mightiest engine of all, the engine of satisfying your wildest greed provided you go out and do what is necessary to earn it. Unequal outcomes from equal opportunities are what built America and made her great. Equal outcome is what will break America and bring her down just as it has most of Europe. Take a long hard look at the European Union who are in the process of destroying their hardest working and most productive society, Germany, simply so the rest of Europe, such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, and others, can play taking the summer off and retire at age 50 with thirty or more paid holidays a year above their generous vacations. Do we really want America to go down that same road? I know that I, for one, do not want that to be America’s end.

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