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February 26, 2015

Campus Attitudes Indicator of Future Societal Hatreds

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David Horowitz Freedom Center has launched the “Jew Hatred on Campus” campaign which produced a list of the “Top Ten” offenders guilty of allowing harassment against Jewish students. The top ten universities played host to numerous incidents of anti-Jewish actions, such as Israeli Apartheid Weeks, interrupting university activities by staging mock “checkpoints” on campus, campus speakers that call for the destruction of the Jewish state, as well as verbal and/or physical harassment and violence against Jewish and pro-Israel students.


Jew Hatred on Campus founder David Horowitz stated, “These anti-Semitic incidents occur on university property, often with the support of university funds, despite the fact that such behavior is explicitly forbidden under campus codes of conduct. We made the decision to form ‘Jew Hatred on Campus’ to expose anti-Semitic student groups who support or are associated with known terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and which call for the destruction of the Jewish State. These activities against Jewish and pro-Israel students would not be tolerated by university administrators if they were committed against students from any other ethnic group. But because Jews are the target, they have been largely ignored. It is an obligation of university administrators to recognize and condemn acts of anti-Semitism by campus hate groups and to withdraw campus privileges and university support from them.”


Now, without further delay, here are the top ten listings of those colleges and universities found to have the highest antagonism and biases anti-Israel, anti-Zionism and ordinary anti-Semitism which led to a threat based attitude towards Jewish and pro-Israel students endangering the safety of such students. “Jew Hatred on Campus” top ten list reveals some very noticeable names as well as some surprises and also some well-respected educational institutions which permitted and even enabled and abated such animosities leaving a very poisonous atmosphere which stifled and had serious negative impacts according to extensive surveys and various data collection techniques revealed:

1) Columbia University
2) Cornell University
3) George Mason University
4) Loyola University Chicago
5) Portland State University
6) San Diego State University
7) San Francisco State University
8) Temple University
9) University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
10) Vassar College


These increases over the last few years have caused some Jewish students to drop from their first choice college or university due to the negative and even hostile environment which made them feel threatened and uncomfortable on campus. As David Horowitz stated, these actions of hatred often occurred “with the support of university funds, despite the fact that such behavior is explicitly forbidden under campus codes of conduct.” Somewhat deeper in his short fact-filled statement he was quoted stating, “These activities against Jewish and pro-Israel students would not be tolerated by university administrators if they were committed against students from any other ethnic group. But because Jews are the target, they have been largely ignored.” Where many have claimed that the reemergence of anti-Semitism in both its traditional form and its closely related new anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism or anti-Israel as denying only the Jewish Peoples not to have the same rights to self-government is definitely another face of the same monster simply hiding behind righteousness when calm discourse breaks down and the full extent of rage becomes revealed and easily identifiable as the pure hatred of the Jewish Peoples. This is an unfortunate hatred for one to face, especially when so young and often unlikely to have sufficient knowledge to defend themselves from the prepared sheet of memorized items with which to launch their diatribe of accusations. Despite reports which make it appear that this is a modern problem which had lain dormant for half a century or longer in much of the world after the extent and the horrors of the Holocaust had been revealed, I had the misfortune being a blonde haired blue eyed Jew which looks gentile to the point that nearly anybody else compared to me would win the look Jewish contest which allowed for many to confide their dislike and even raw hatreds towards Jews. Had anti-Semitism lie dormant for decades, mostly but far from completely as there has been that constant tinge that refused to die which was exemplified in the Chicago suburb of Skokie when the National Socialist Party of America (derived from the American Nazi Party) won its court battle to parade through the heavily Jewish section of town and immediately in front of a Holocaust survivor’s home. Despite winning their court battle, in the end they marched in Chicago instead. Still this was a victory for hate speech, a victory for free speech, and horrifying for one Holocaust survivor. The entire series of events was made into a feature length movie titled “Skokie” and starring Danny Kaye, John Rubinstein, Carl Reiner, Kim Hunter, Eli Wallach and Brian Dennehy.


The rapid increase in anti-Semitic hatreds once again and the fact that it appears to be growing fastest on the college and university campuses is distressing in so many ways. Anti-Semitism has begun to spread onto the campus of Brandeis University and City University of New York (CUNY), which are two schools which have a Jewish history spread back to their founding with Brandeis, which was named for the late Louis D. Brandeis, the first Jewish Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, even having Zionism written into its founding mission statement. It was once held that simply looking at our university campuses, you get a glimpse into the future as the students there are the leaders of tomorrow. If that statement is true, then our future as a tolerant, multicultural and intelligent people is doomed. The political correctness found on many college and university campuses is anything but acceptive and often is exclusively dogmatic and selectively defined as to what is politically correct by binding to far leftist ideals and slogans such as group-think to define their efforts. The acceptable ideas on most campuses appears to be a message in a bottle where holding any other view is defined as an abomination. Whether your ideas will be accepted at your university depends on numerous functions and ideas, all of which are just featured prominently on your application.


On no subjects is this more evident than the Middle East with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement and Muslim Brotherhood sponsored groups. Be it because the Muslim world, and particularly the Arab Muslim world, donates billions of dollars to build entire buildings and buy other necessities for universities in exchange for control over, or even the establishing of, Departments of Middle East Studies and the chair that goes along with that honor; by literally bribing to gain these positions these departments become centers which spread the ideology of Islam while concurrently defaming Israel positing that Israel is a stolen and illegal entity and that the Jews have no actual claim to anything in the Middle East and that the ancient Hebrews became today’s Arab Muslims or all died out and that the Jews are all interlopers who actually trace their lineage back to a King of the Khazars in the area of Turkey today who had his people adopt Judaism in the eighth century, about the same time as Mohammad established Islam, a very convenient coincidence. Genetic testing has proven that both Ashkenazi and Sephardim Jews have Middle East ancestry. This theory also does not explain why the Sephardim Jews who make up approximately half of the Israeli Jewish population are not entitled to their ancient homelands even if the Ashkenazi might have a questionable claim. Almost all the claims against European Jews do nothing to discount the claim of the Jews, many who were forced from their homes and forced to sacrifice almost all their belongings when their Muslim national leaders forced them out by threat of pogrom or even laws passed forcing them out have no claims to the lands of Israel. Still, this is the subject line taught across the United States and Europe in many universities.


Concurrently to these teachings you have the establishing of Muslim and Palestinian groups which have in turn established a series of activities with the singular aim of disestablishing the legality of Israel or at least causing students to question and eventually reject the claims of the Jewish People to their homelands. This is established with a combination of very well practiced and advanced campaigns combined on playing on historically established anti-Semitic tropes, slogans and defamations. They play on themes that the Jews have been chased from every nation as they destroy any nation from within that harbors them. Somehow they are unable to explain why the United States has succeeded despite having the second largest population by size in the world only recently exceeded by the numbers of Jews living in Israel. This last leg of the demonization of the Israel primarily and the Jewish People secondarily completes the efforts to conspire against Israel and the Jews leading to the problems documented by David Horowitz’s “Jew Hatred on Campus” research group and their top ten colleges and universities offenders guilty of allowing harassment against Jewish students. It would be a great hope that this listing might shame some college and university leadership to take steps to remedy this problem but the continuous flow of mostly Saudi Arabian and the other Gulf oil states monies into these universities and colleges that they will remain forever bought as long as oil remains as lucrative as it has proven in our world. The sole path to ending this horrific conspiracy would be for the students themselves to reject this propaganda, but that is something probably beyond hope as they too face the moneyed campaign demonizing Israel and the Jews and for some reason anti-Semitism seems to have its own allure and has throughout the last four-thousand years of human history. It really is a sad but true tale that tells us a lot about the human situation that mankind has never been capable of shaking off this stain on humanity. It is not for lack of knowledge as they know of this evil’s existence, so it must be due to a level of warmth and satisfaction derived by this hatred which assists in fueling its red hot slavery to the concept of the daemon Jew while ignoring the Biblical promises granting the Jewish People the Promised Lands into perpetuity .


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October 19, 2012

Both of Our Fears Confirmed; One in United States and One in Israel

For those who still had faith in the media or in politics and have been paying attention this week has now been forced into the majority camp of the skeptics. The more obvious one, once it has been revealed to the public, was actually in Israel and had nothing to do with any debates anywhere in the United States. Last year much of the coverage attempted to sell the story line that the tent protests and related events were a popular uprising and had absolutely nothing to do with Israeli politics. They were sold as protests supported by the every-man and had nothing to do with protesting the Netanyahu government coalition. These were real people with real problems that the government needed to address seriously and immediately because the entire of Israel was represented by these protests which strangled downtown Tel Aviv for weeks. Well, something very unfortunate for this theory and the people who were selling it in Israel, they lied through their teeth. The list of candidates for the Knesset by the Labor Party was released today and surprise, surprise, former student leader Itzik Shmuli, well known protester Stav Shafir and  journalist Mickey Rosenthal who had covered the protest giving them glowing approval in every article. Short note to the Labor Party, we understand that you need to do what you need to do to unseat the Likud Party and Netanyahu along with his coalition from control of the Knesset. We even understand that you might choose to go to great lengths in order to accomplish your goal. Next time you basically sponsor, granted, not officially, but veritably sponsor protests to make the sitting party in power look unpopular and merciless and unfeeling towards the people of the nation of Israel, try and refrain from placing the leaders and key people or their in the bag journalist onto your candidate list for the Knesset in the elections a little over a year later. The reason should be obvious, even to the most blinded ideologue.

The other confirmed suspicion was not really all that surprising. We were treated to exactly how closely aligned with the Democrat Party some, nay, most of the mainstream press is and how far one member of the elite in this club was willing to go in front of the likely largest audience they had ever had watch them. This was the confirmation that second Presidential Debate moderator Candy Crowley produced in spades with her performance this week. Her performance stood in stark comparison to the impressive performance and ability to be almost invisible by PBS anchor Jim Lehrer turned in at the first Presidential Debate. The lowlight of Ms. Crowley came when she scolded Mitt Romney, sounding like an out of control old fashion schoolmarm scolding a petulant child, over his stating that the President had misspoke about the Benghazi, Libya Embassy attack claiming he had called it a terror operation the next day. As it turns out, fact checkers have since reported that Mitt Romney was correct, Ms. Crowley was incorrect in her damning accusatorial correction and President Obama had indeed misrepresented his next day reaction of the horrendous terror attack that killed Ambassador Stevens and three other American embassy personnel. If that had been the sole act of bias committed by Candy Crowley she could easily be forgiven for making a bad call and even doing so a little over the top emotionally, but that was just the icing on the cake of a night replete with one slight after another with virtually all were slanted in favor of the President. Ms. Crowley also allowed President Obama to speak for ten minutes more than was challenger Mitt Romney. It has been reported that at CNN there was a memo that revealed that this apparent favoritism was actually done to allow the slower speaking President Obama and Mitt Romney to use the same number of total words during the debate. I have yet to hear of anybody who has gone back and counted the word count for each candidate thus cannot comment about this claim other than to ask; really, equal word count and you expect anybody to say, “Yes, sure, that was the reason.” Then there was the count of interruptions which Ms. Crowley was very generous in handing out, not what many, myself included, desire from a moderator. The problem here was of the over fifty total interruptions were not exactly evenly handed out. The interruption count showed that Ms. Crowley generously gave Mitt Romney three, some even say four, interruptions per interruption she showered on President Obama. What was the worst was that for those who tuned in to watch and listen to the two candidates were treated to a debate which had three participants, two for President Obama and Mitt Romney for himself. Let us hope that we get a performance that is more like the professional performance turned in by Jim Lehrer and Ms. Crowley will be the exception and not the rule.

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June 25, 2012

A Truth Revealed on Tel Aviv Streets

Over this past weekend the leftist organizers, students, unionists, anarchists and their supporters held a demonstration protesting the Tel Aviv government refusal to issue them a license to establish a repeat of last year’s tent city anti-capitalism, pro-socialism protests. Adding fuel to their fiery disposition was the arrest of their outspoken leader Daphne Leef and the small group who attempted to erect tents in central Tel Aviv Friday afternoon. The protesters emotion escalated until fights broke out between the separate factions while anarchists and others set to throwing rocks and bricks through bank and store windows and attacking the police when they attempted to restore order using minimal force. Eventually everything escalated completely out of control and the result was the arrest of over eighty-five demonstrators Saturday night. None of this was the truth revealed on the streets of Tel Aviv. For that we need to look in a completely different direction.

The first item to be gleaned from the violent demonstrations Saturday night was the attitude of law enforcement personnel towards those who were destroying private property, resisting the police instructions which soon escalated to violent response to the police which is what eventually left the police little choice other than to arrest the most violent instigators. What was most revealing about the police and their initial attempts not to arrest or even overly restrict these demonstrators until well after their actions turned to violence and destruction was the stark difference between the attitude and civility shown these demonstrators, almost as if they were privileged people, with the outright contempt and disrespect shown by the violence used against both Haredi demonstrators at their similarly unsanctioned demonstrations and settlers during evictions and destructions of West Bank communities or illegal outposts. Such restraint and respect has not been the rule of law enforcement when dealing with Haredi demonstrators, nationalist and Zionist demonstrators, and settler families who have been treated with extreme prejudice and very rough treatment being awakened in the wee hours of the morning to be thrown into the cold darkness, children and all, and herded like animals while their homes are destroyed right before their eyes, often by hired Arabs from neighboring villages who take to their tasks with exuberance and glee and without any respect for property or the victims. In Amona the police utilized rubber bullets against the Jewish residents during their eviction and showed such vile disregard for their countrymen that eventually some of the officers were disciplined for using overly and unnecessary violence against the residents. In Tel Aviv on Saturday the police initially requested the cooperation of the demonstrators and only resorted to arresting people after the entire situation was pushed beyond any reasonable measure by the demonstrators who were set on provocation and destruction in order to force a situation. But even this contrast is not the really big truth revealed on the Tel Aviv streets.

The real truth came Sunday morning when the news shows and newspapers came out with their coverage of the disgraceful behavior by the leftist and anarchist demonstrators who provoked a confrontation despite all restraint and deference shown by the police. But this was not the story from the leftists who populate much of the media. Our trusted media in Israel told a different story when reporting on the poor, unfortunate young victims who were simply attempting to bring needed social ills and inequalities to the attention of those evil members of the government who refuse to implement honest and compassionate socialist governance. According to the reports on Sunday, these innocent and gallant defenders of the downtrodden had gathered peaceably in order to raise conscious awareness and focus the public attention on the inequalities in Israel. The police used unnecessary violence and a demeaning attitude showing complete contempt and disrespecting these paragons of virtue thus instigating the violent confrontations. Had the police not viciously attacked these innocents there would have been nothing but peace and virtue. It was despicable that these peaceful innocents were set upon as if they had resisted and acted just like those horrid settler types who have always forced police to utilize a heavy hand by their disrespect for law and order and these poor children did not deserve such disrespect and ill treatment. The entire violence was the result of the government’s evil ideology and the overreaction of the police who were not provoked in any manner. This complete whitewashing of this story by the media was the real truth revealed on the Tel Aviv streets. The reporting was so over-the-top slanted that if one did not have a reason to doubt the objectivity and honesty of the leftist press coverage in Israel before the reporting of this confrontation, they most certainly should have that evidence in spades. All one need do is to compare the coverage given by the apologist media with the video of the actual events and the police reports to understand how far the leftist media goes to purvey opinion as fact and sell a world view that is, honestly, inimical to the very existence of Israel itself. And if one still has doubts and is insistent on following the story woven by the mainstream media, then please go one small step further and take a quick trip to central Tel Aviv on Rothschild Street and witness the damage to the banks and businesses themselves and ask, where was this in the reporting about those poor innocent victims of an out of control state. Who are you going to believe, the sold-out press or your disbelieving eyes?

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