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October 10, 2015

Intifada or No Intifada, Media Keeps Silent


The world mainstream media has been completely silent about the declared war against the Jews and other Israelis by Mahmoud Abbas and the terror masters and militants who take their cues from his broadcasts. Below is a clip with translation to English of the Arabic used by the PLO spokespeople, the terrorist wing of the Fatah political party which includes the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades but first a few quotes just to make your viewing displeasure more rewarding. The initial screen opens with a PLO spokesperson comment on the murdering of the Parents, Eitam and Naama Henkin, before four of their children who were in the back seat of the family car during the execution using assault weaponry stating, “Killing Israeli Parent of four children is “national duty.” That screen is followed by a woman representing Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO and Fatah Party which are both led by Mahmoud Abbas stating, “Are they from the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade or from Hamas?” Next speaker claims, “There is no need to return to the argument and dispute about who carried out the operation.” He continues, “There is no need to announce it and boast of having done it. One fulfills his national duty voluntarily as best as one can.” These were the boasting about at least two heavily armed Arabs backed by a large number of other Arabs who were hurling cinderblocks at the vehicles to force them to stop or crash or, if their wildest hopes could be met, killed occupants when the cinderblocks pierced through the windscreens or other window. It was the striking of the vehicle which probably caused the Henkin’s to need to stop even if only for a second, and a second was all it took for the embedded murderers to open fire and murder a mother and a father before four of their children aged nine, seven and four years plus the newborn of only four months of age. The father reportedly exited the vehicle and opened the back door and yelled for the children to run before collapsing on the pavement dead. To read more about this and other incidents proving that the Arab Palestinians are operating under orders to begin the third intifada see our article from October 3, 2015 titled Final Palestinian Israel War Declared at United Nations.





Earlier this week PLO Chairman and chief terror master made a broadcast on Arab Palestinian television which has reportedly been retransmitted regularly clearing or approaching twenty rebroadcasts instigating for Arabs to protect their al-Aqsa Mosque which they interpret to mean all of the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and all other lands where Jews can be targeted including all of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Haifa or anywhere else and calling for all Arabs including those so inclined residing in Israel within the Green Line. Abbas begins his tirade demanding, we won’t allow Jews with their “filthy feet” to “defile our al-Aqsa Mosque” and “We bless every drop of blood spilled for Allah. We bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Jerusalem, which is clean and pure blood.” Abbas continued further on stating, “Every Martyr will reach Paradise, and everyone wounded will be rewarded by Allah…” Abbas went on to claim during this tirade meant to inspire additional deadly violence against Israelis aimed primarily at the Jews demanding, “The al-Aqsa (meaning the entirety of the grounds and structures upon the Temple Mount) is ours, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is ours and they have no right (Jews in particular and Israelis in general) to defile them with their filthy feet. We will not allow them to, and we will do everything in our power to protect Jerusalem,”





Add to all of this and far more coming from all directions instigating violence, rioting and general mayhem from all of the Arabs in Judea and Samaria and especially with radicalized Arabs residents within Green Line Israelis; the attacks have not been limited to the Temple Mount, Jerusalem or places where Arabs reside to rise up and destroy all of Israel so that Palestine can be built on the graves of over six-million Jews and four-million other Israelis. Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh has called for the Arabs within Hamas also to assist in the dismemberment of the Jews which led to a mass rush at the fence separating southern Israel and Gaza which resulted in the death of three or four Arabs from the group charging the fence and ignoring warnings to stop and keep a safe distance from the border fence. The Gaza fence sits within the Israeli side of the border such that if the Gazans were to reach the fence they would have already crossed the border which in and of itself is a violation of all agreements between Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Israel. These confrontations require coordination and instigators and community rioting and general mayhem coordinators to get fifty or so people to launch themselves all at the same time charging a border, in this case an actual declared violence and breaking the Hamas treaty which was brokered after the Gaza offensive from over a year ago. This coming offensive will not be limited to Gaza or Judea, Samaria, Benyamin and Yerushalayim; it will be a general uprising which may see additional fronts being opened within the Green Line making for a glorious display of why there were Arab villages, not many but some, that were forced to leave their villages and remain before the armies which were fighting in order to secure the lands and prevent their falling into Arab hands the very first day after the war of annihilation of 1948-9 (what many refer to as the Israeli War of Independence).


Since Mahmoud Abbas gave his speech at the United Nations, he received great response from the nations whose representatives were present at the speech where the Oslo Accords were cast off into the waste bin of history as the they had served their purpose and the terror armies having established their beachheads in Gaza and north central Judea and Samaria while also receiving arms and training from the United States largely during President Bush’s terms in office under the watchful eyes of Lieutenant General Keith Dayton. This task of training the Palestinian Security Forces changed almost before General Dayton took command from simply making the fighting forces better trained to improving the security forces making them all sufficiently proficient so as to prevent any Hamas from taking over the rest of the Palestinian Authority as Hamas had just taken control of Gaza by way of a coup. This was established by arming the Fatah terrorists with heavy weapons and introducing squad tactics and fields of fire with interlocking fields of fire and other concepts of modern warfare.



Mahmoud Abbas grabbing for everything within his reach including all of Israel given half the chance

Mahmoud Abbas grabbing for everything within his reach including all of Israel given half the chance



The Palestinian Authority was technically declared null and void as soon as Mahmoud Abbas declared that as far as the Arabs Palestinians are concerned, the Oslo Accords no longer apply to them as it is those same accords which lent any mantle of respectability to the PLO and was the reasoning used to remove them from the terror lists and placed in a seat with the rest of the civilized world. Truth be told, the PLO never considered themselves restricted or in any way restrained by the Oslo Accords and the world reinforced this concept by not expecting and definitely not demanding that the Palestinian Authority act any different than what was expected from the PLO, namely to act as terrorists bent on murdering as many Jews as humanly possible while allowing the world to defend them by claiming they used to act even more barbarous. Where that statement is valid, they were not acting any more civil by choice than because Israel had taken necessary steps to curtail the suicide bombings and had developed some very effective intelligence with a large dependence on human driven intelligence (HUMIT). The one step taken by Israel which was the most effective step towards limiting terrorist operations was what Israel rightfully refers to as the separation barrier but the world, particularly the Europeans and other Western leftists, refer to as the Apartheid Wall. After its construction, the numbers of suicide bombings dropped by over ninety percent. That is what is referred to as an effective barrier against the suicide bombings which had increased to almost one every week before the separation barrier was erected.


Just in case anybody has been keeping score, the total number of reactions or alterations of policies announced or implemented by the Western World since Abbas announced the departure from the Oslo Accords, compromising the myriad of groups he is chairman, president or leader of, we are not familiar with him applying the title of emperor to himself on any position but give him time, there has been no recognition or reaction of this announcement. The Western world and media appear to not have heard about this change which should have resulted in the returning of the PLO to terror lists, Abbas placed back in exile in Tunisia, and Israel freed to apply their influence over the rest of Judea, Samaria, Benyamin and Eastern Jerusalem, but alas the world continues as if the announcement was but a cute joke and had no real meaning. Meanwhile, the PLO and Fatah Party members and leadership have announced the start of the third Intifada with Hamas and Islamic Jihad agreeing to join in on this installment of the war against Israel and the Jews. Abbas is referring to himself as the President of the State of Palestine and has been operating as such for over a year now even to the point of using “official” Palestine State stationary when declaring edicts from on high, which is a small hill with his office on the second floor in Nablus, about as high as he will ever be elevated except by the West who are counting on his efforts to do away with Israel for them.


Another resurrection has occurred this past week with the reemergence of the Middle East Quartet which was a group consisting of the European Union, United Nations, United States and Russia for the purpose of overseeing the Roadmap, an invention by the administration of George W. Bush for forcing Israel to submit to blackmail and extortions by the Palestinian Authority. Of course, since the Palestinian Authority has been defrocked of any legality with Abbas declaring the Oslo Accord dead and declaring the Third Intifada, the Quartet has also lost its meaning and no longer exists. The problem is once any monstrosity has been incarnated and imbued with powers to make demand upon Israel, that body will never completely die and can and will be resurrected without warning in order to give some gravitas to demands that Israel once again engage in the self-sacrifice and grant some grand motions facilitating some selfless actions to the benefit of the Arab causes against Israel’s existence in order to allow Mahmoud Abbas and his henchmen to sit with the Israelis just long enough to pocket the offering and insult Israel and all those employing numerous grand schemes whose purpose is to form two states, one Arab the other multicultural side by side living with a state of war from the Arabs and self-sacrificing by the other. This is a step that presumably would be employed for as long as the multicultural state exists making a Palestinian State after Palestinian State with each smaller than the precious and all dependent of Israel for their continued existence. Perhaps Abbas is correct and the time has come to end the Oslo Accords and the misnamed peace process and end this process of destroying Israel by a million concessions and just have it out, may the best side win. Allow that final battle to be held now and just end the farcical charades. Abbas declared Oslo Accords dead, live with it and allow sleeping dogs to lie. Enough kicking a dead horse, it will never bear a rider again and the process has been moribund and finally been laid to rest, live with it and allow Israel to finally live without the cloud of a world gone mad nipping at her edges trying to tear her asunder. In the last twenty-four hours there have been over one-hundred-fifty terror attacks against Israeli Jews, Christians, Muslims, Arabs, Europeans, North Africans, Middle Easterners, Asians and anybody else whose vehicle sports Israeli license plates. Simply put; no more!


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November 30, 2014

What the Post Ferguson Riot’s Commentaries Taught Me

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After having the unpleasant experience of reading a small number of articles through which the reactions from numerous American Jewish rights groups officially released statements, amongst these groups included two statespersons from the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) plus spokespersons from JCPA (Jewish Council for Public Affairs) and AJWS (American Jewish World Service); the commentary from these and other rights groups were virtually interchangeable. The only addition to the Jewish rights groups’ commentary was the addition of mentioning how Jews should be more sensitive to racial injustice due to the historic injustices the Jewish people have faced over the dozens of centuries, an addition which probably was more destructive than it was informative. It is not that the Jews have not suffered from injustices since the times of slavery in Egypt to the current problems facing Jews across many European cities, on campuses throughout the world including within the United States, across the Arab and Muslim worlds, and even within the borders of Israel from terrorist groups and oft even from fellow Jews who have joined those for whom the simple existence of Jews in Israel is sufficient offense in their hearts and minds; it is that such prefacing is unnecessary and even more-so if it is being implemented in order to spur an emotional response from other Jews, as these were general statements which would be published throughout the United States and potentially beyond and as they appeared to separate the Jews from the rest of society and place within them a special ability to be the adjudicators of social justice, an ability based on offenses which the majority of Jews have never experienced, especially in the United States. But what was also a basis for most of these commentaries was the implication that there had been a miscarriage of justice by the grand jury not deciding to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown on that fateful day in Ferguson, Missouri.


What struck me about these virtually identical reactions to the grand jury’s verdict was not so much their refusal to even consider any of the evidence from the investigation but their ability to automatically side with the rioters cause and complaints even as they claimed that the rioting was not an appropriate answer. Then came their broadening their convictions of American society for not having actually made any real progress over the past half a century since the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 and the presumption that racism was still rampant across American society. They then went on in many cases to point to particular evidences that such racism was still prevalent which included such items as that black students are suspended or expelled from our public schools at a much higher rate than white students, a higher rate of arrests and convictions and longer jails sentences for black Americans over white Americans, and, as was stated in one commentary, “there are many other examples that show the continuing racial divide.” These cited perceptions give away the progressive liberal perspective which shapes the lens with which these rights groups view the world and how they simply accept every canard which paints American society with a broad brush of having made no progress over the last fifty years despite the glaring evidence that shows a world of change has taken place transforming American society into a virtually post-racial America. The reason these groups refuse to credit the average American and the society they collectively produce with having made any progress is because if progress has been achieved then they have less of a cause celeb with which to bludgeon the social fabric and demand continued funding in huge proportions in order to continue to collect their over bloated salaries and pontificate ponderously at great length about the ills of society which their social engineering will eventually lead the way to an enlightened society. These are the same people and the same perspective which looks across the United States and continues to believe that there has been no progress in combating pollution and feel that the air quality, water quality and the general levels of pollution are identical to what is was fifty years ago. They continue to believe that Los Angeles is smog bound, Denver sits in a brown dome of polluted air, Lake Erie is still choked with nitrates and no fish live within and the Cuyahoga River still catches fire every summer. I guess the correct concept here would be for these people to wake up and smell the roses, even on the banks of the Cuyahoga River which if it is flashing anything it is the bright sunlight through the crisp clean air sparking off the scales of the tiny fish living in that once polluted river.


The main realization that came over me was how these same Jewish organizations could continuously protest that they knew best how to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict if only those Israelis in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s ruling coalition would listen to their sagely wisdoms. These were the same American Jews who agreed with one single idea from the entire eight years during President George W. Bush’s administration; and that was the idea for Israel to pull up every last single Jewish resident, every last IDF and other security forces, every single Jewish business, farm and factory from within the entirety of the Gaza Strip and turn it all over to Arab rule trusting that Mahmoud Abbas would then transform the areas freed of any Jewish influences into the Arab version of Hong Kong or Shanghai. Well, as we all know, that worked out just exactly as predicted, just not how they had predicted and instead became the Hamas run rocket launching and tunnel headquarters financed and armed by Qatar and Iran and dedicated to wiping out Israel and then murdering every Jew on the planet. Now many of these same geniuses are the ones in the fore calling for Israel to repeat this disengagement this time with Judea and Samaria so that the rest of Israel can enjoy the same horrors as Sderot and the Gaza Strip kibbutzim and towns with twenty-four/seven rockets raining down on their lives except this time the rockets will be falling on the most densely populated and industrial heartlands of Israel as well as onto Ben Gurion International Airport really giving President Obama reasons to ban all commercial flights into Israel as well as most of the world joining in on that boycott. Simply put, such an idea would be the fastest way to guarantee either the death of Israel or the final war between Israel and any Arab presence between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Such a move would lead within a few short months to an us or them situation leading inexorably to a final war.


One might think that there would be a name for people who no matter the evidence they refuse to alter a single iota of their perfect little plan to right all the wrongs in the world. Those who constantly will point out the obvious truth which makes their presentation of these tried and failed ideas worth another go around, that being that they were not the ones entrusted with the reins of power and if they would be trusted, then this time it will work as it should in a perfect world. Never mind that their promise sounds remarkably like the promise made by those who have tried these exact same ideas before when they were the ones promising they could make it work. I think I have figured out what the appeal of making such ridiculous and absurd claims has to be; they have noted that those who made this claim before and failed just as miserably as every other attempt at righting the ills of human societies, those leaders lived extravagantly with every opulence and overindulgence imagined by man and never suffered for want of any sort and were completely removed from the squalor and degradations that they were causing. Perhaps that is their hope for getting it right, that it will be right from their viewpoint and not so much the rest of us. Whatever Pollyannish thinking they try to pass off as eternal wisdom they are selling as the solution, be it for the rioting resulting from the correct verdict reached by the Ferguson grand jury or their solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, be assured that any prudent and wise person should steer well clear of their suggestions and take a more reasoned route which has proven prudential and workable in the past rather than trust those who claim that if only we let them take charge this time all will be well. Somehow calling these people progressive is almost as absurd as when we referred to them as liberals as they are about as close to libertarian as they are to progress, true and real progress.


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April 27, 2012

Reply to Lady Catherine Ashton and Those of Like Minds

European Union Foreign Minister Lady Catherine Ashton proclaimed regarding Israeli moves to grant full legal status to three communities founded within Judea and Samaria, “I am extremely concerned about the decision of the Israeli authorities regarding the status of the settlements of Sansana, Rechelim and Bruchin in the occupied Palestinian territory. I call upon them to reverse this decision. The EU has repeatedly called on Israel to end all settlement activity. Settlements are illegal under International Law, an obstacle to peace and threaten the viability of a two-state solution.” She further complained that such actions went against the wishes of the Quartet and their mission as peace builders and “expressed concern about unilateral and provocative actions, including continued settlement activity.”

The United States State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland speaking to reporters basically echoed Lady Ashton’s rebuke of the Israeli actions stating, “We are, obviously, concerned by the reports that we’ve seen. We have raised this with the Israeli Government and we are seeking clarification. You know where we are on settlements. We don’t think this is helpful to the (peace) process and we don’t accept the legitimacy of continued settlement activity.” Unsurprisingly, France and Jordan condemned the Israeli decision as did United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon whose office released the following statement, “The Secretary-General is disappointed that such a decision comes at a time of renewed efforts to restart dialogue,” Rounding out the top tier of the regular condemning of Israel is Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee member and lead negotiator Saeb Erekat who said that the Palestinian Authority may ask the United Nations Security Council for a condemnation of Israel’s move. None of these statements or positions came as even the slightest of surprises as these are the same people and groups which would decry if a Jew were to add a deck to the back of their house or remodeled their kitchen with new appliances.

I would like to take a moment to address those who are almost constantly demanding that Israel take self-destructive and injurious actions in order to prove their desire for a real peace yet do not even request the Palestinians come to the negotiation table. I would like to answer their claims that Israel has not made sufficient quantity or quality of sacrifices to satisfy the Arabs or the rest of the World. I would like to clarify the lies that are presented as fact in reference to the Israeli obligation to reestablish a Palestinian State for the Palestinian refugees who deserve to have their state returned to them. So let us start and try taking these items one at a time.

Starting with the last item, namely that it is an Israeli obligation to reestablish a Palestinian State for the Palestinian refugees who deserve to have their state returned to them. No matter what actions Israel could implement, they would never be able to reestablish a Palestinian State. A Palestinian State has either never before existed or was established when the British founded Transjordan which continues to exist today as the country of Jordan. Either way a Palestinian state cannot be reestablished as either the one which was established continues to exist thus is not in need of being reestablished or one never has existed thus cannot be reestablished. The main reason behind those professing the need for Israel to reestablish a Palestinian State where one has never existed is to establish a falsity of a preexisting Palestinian State in the minds of the world public thus allowing the inference that Israel had conquered the State of Palestine some time in their manufactured history thereby supplying the call for the return of their stolen land for a country named Palestine to be somehow accurate. This call and insistence that there once was a Palestinian State which was destroyed by Israel in 1948 and then again in 1967 is a bald faced deceit being plied in order to lead to the destruction of Israel in stages, the stated plan of the PLO and Hamas as well as the other myriad of terror groups gathered against the Jewish State and Jews worldwide. Pushing this deception is simply an attempt to destroy the Jewish people starting by destroying Israel as the first step towards completing a genocide which has been ongoing throughout much of human history. This has nothing to do with a Palestinian State as much as it has to do with the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel.

Concerning the proposal that Israel has not made sufficient quantity or quality of sacrifices to satisfy the Arabs or the rest of the World, let us first list the sacrifices made by Israel and the Jewish People since 1900 to the present. The initial lands set aside in trust by the Balfour Declaration, the League of Nations Charter, the Peel Commission, the Versailles Treaty, and numerous other documents and treaties included all the lands from the Mediterranean Sea to the western edge of Iraq. These lands included all of what today is Israel, Gaza, the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), and Jordan. These lands which were the British Mandate were in truth mandated to become the state for the Jews which Britain was tasked with facilitating the immigration of Jews from wherever they resided in the World in a voluntary manner through enticement and being under the protection of the British Empire until such time as the Jewish population grew to become the dominant peoples when a Jewish State was to then be established. The inks had barely dried on many of the documents and treaties validating this obligation when the British decided, to quiet Arab rioting and disruptions reward the recently exiled Hashemite family who had aided Britain against the Ottoman Empire during World War I with the country of Transjordan. The British made a promise at this juncture that all of the remaining twenty-two percent of the British Mandate lands would be reserved for the Jewish State. That remaining lands was all of the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. So, the Jewish People already surrendered under force of the British Empire all the British Mandate lands east of the Jordan River to the western edge of Iraq. This included seventy-eight percent of the lands which were theoretically held in trust for the Jewish State. This was only the initial surrender of land which was legally reserved or belonging to the Jewish State, now for the rest.

When the United Nations General Assembly suggested in November of 1947 that the Jews allow for another Arab State to be given as an Arab State and the Jews settle for only half of the remaining lands promised with two-thirds of the land given for the Jewish State being the Negev Desert and much of the remaining land being a small strip along parts of the coast near Tel Aviv and the northern mountains of Samaria while the Arabs were to receive the fertile valleys of the central lands and half of the shore line of the Mediterranean. The Jewish authorities were willing to accept this suggestion but the Arab powers declined this deal and declared a war of total annihilation against the nascent Jewish State as soon as it was declared in May of 1948. When the Arab war failed to destroy the Jewish State a peace was signed establishing the Green Line as a temporary armistice line that, at the insistence of the Arab powers, was demanded to never be considered or used to imply or be in actuality as a border. The reason around this was the Arab countries were determined not to recognize the Jewish State thus Israel could not be allowed to have recognized borders. The theory was that should they succeed in denying a universally recognized border it would be easier to challenge and destroy Israel in the future. After the peace was established, Israel’s neighboring countries returned to their terror style guerrilla warfare which had been being waged against the Jews of the area since the early 1920s if not earlier. At this time and over the next decade numerous Arab countries expelled their Jewish citizens often confiscating their property, jewelry, savings, businesses, and anything of value allowing them a suitcase or two which were to only contain clothing.

When Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal and barred all shipping from using the waterway the British and the French requested Israel to ally with them to reopen this vital waterway. When time ran out on the demand and the Egyptian President refused to concede to the demands from Britain and France, Israel fulfilled their part in the agreement while Britain and France moved to deploy troops and while Israel was taking the entire Sinai Peninsula the Egyptians relented and reopened the Suez Canal. The closing of the Suez Canal was the equivalent of an act of war which would have allowed Israel to retain the land gained but Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula almost immediately upon the request of the other World Powers, especially President Eisenhower who lead the demands upon Israel. When in 1967 the Egyptians closed off the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping, they were breaking International Law and treaties thus committing an act of war. Egypt and Syria had both massed troops on Israel’s northern and southern borders while threatening to annihilate the Jewish state. By the end of the Six Day War and after Jordan joined the fight beside Egypt and Syria; Israel had once again taken the Sinai Peninsula as well as Gaza, Judea and Samaria, and the Golan Heights. According to International Laws it would be permissible for Israel to annex the lands gained in a defensive conflict. Despite being legally entitled to incorporate the acquired lands, Israel offered to return all the areas lost by each country during the conflict in exchange for peace and a treaty. Despite the three no’s of the Khartoum Declaration; no peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel; Israel offered to return both the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza to Egypt and Judea and Samaria to Jordan when each made their peace with Israel. Egypt accepted the return of the Sinai Peninsula while rejecting the Gaza Strip and Jordan refused to reestablish their influence over Judea or Samaria releasing their claims ceding the lands to Israel. So, Israel gave back the Sinai Peninsula which is many times the size of Israel itself. Do not pretend that Israel has not sacrificed any areas of land in order to make peace with their Arab neighbors. Israel has returned the Sinai Peninsula twice even though anybody interpreting International Laws honestly and seriously would be forced to grant that subsequent to the Six Day War Israel had a legal right to retain possession of the Sinai Peninsula but chose to return the area as a gesture of good faith. Israel already offered to return the Gaza Strip and the West Bank but the Arab nations in negotiations relented any claim to these lands which means they were ceded to Israel, period. Even if Israel retains these lands lost to her in a war she was forced to fight in self-defense, Israel is under absolutely no obligation to grant citizenship to those people living in these areas, especially in the West Bank as they had been granted Jordanian citizenship thus are free to return to their countries of origin, Jordan and Egypt.

In regard to the first concept that Israel must take self-destructive and injurious actions in order to prove their desire for a real peace, this demand is about as disingenuous as it gets. A quick reading of the United Nations declarations, almost all of which are nonbinding, will reveal they all refer to the establishing of boundaries which allow for a secure and defensible border securing Israel’s determined requirements. Technically, this determination could allow Israel to declare that the Jordan River is necessary to assure a defensible border as a maximum claim but minimally the first ridge of the Judean and Samarian ridge are the absolute minimal requirement to protect Israel and her citizens from coming under direct sniper fire as well as placing spotters on these ridges overseeing all of the plains to the sea who could adjust artillery and other indirect weapons fire. The Green Line, the armistice line which the Arabs insisted should never be used to designate a border is also indefensible which leaves Israel so vulnerable to attack cutting the country in halves that they truly are suicidal borders. Before the Six Day War there were documented reports of sniper fire from the Golan Heights from Syrian snipers and Muslim snipers also shot at Jews who happened to come within their line of sight from their vantage points in East Jerusalem. The numbers of infiltrations by suicide bombers and terrorist teams to attack Israelis were near impossible to prevent before the Six Day War but have been successfully curtailed significantly since the building of the anti-terror fence. So, at a minimum Israel would need to retain at least the lands west of the fence and also need to retain at least a military presence along the Jordan Valley and western shore of the Jordan River. Demanding any less shows a complete disregard for the people of Israel and likely reveals an antagonism towards the Jewish State that can only be interpreted as a modern day anti-Semitism, nothing less.

All of the people who make endless and repetitious demands that Israel surrender this or give back this or establish another Arab state or release terrorists from detention and never make a single demand of the Arab side of the equation reveal their true aims through their one sided and critical singular attention to Israel while forgiving any behavior by the Arabs and Palestinians. Those who hold Israel to the strictest of standards while ignoring similar and worse actions by the rest of the world reveal their true colors through such specialization of their convictions. It has gone beyond rhyme and reason how much of the world demand of Israel total and complete capitulation to the Palestinians while asking the Palestinians if there is anything else they would like them to press Israel to surrender. Between much of the European ruling class, the world leaders controlling the United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations related Agencies and NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) and the Islamic apologizers, the demands upon Israel are slowly evolving into an endless list of suicidal demands with no coexistent requests made of the Palestinians and have relinquished their rights to claim the title of peace-makers. They are plain and simple agents for the Palestinians against the safety or even the continued existence of Israel. My suggestion is simple, just pose the simplest of requests of the Palestinians, ask that they recognize that Israel has the right to exist as the Jewish State. Once you get the Palestinians to agree that the Jews have any right to self-determination, then we will talk of what Israel needs to do to make peace. I bet you will claim that I ask the unreasonable and impossible. If what I ask is impossible, then what can we make of your request for Israel’s destruction through the cuts of a thousand concessions?

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