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December 7, 2011

Arguments For and Against American Troops Protecting Israel

Lately Israel has been the target of even more contentious arguments and disagreements than the excessively high level it normally occupies. Much of this stemmed from the Occupy Movement where Israel and Jews were brought forward as agents who were working against the general population and controlling much of the media, Wall Street, banks, businesses in general, much of the machinations of governments throughout the world, and the foreign policies of the most Western countries and the United States in particular. The rest has come out of the Republican Presidential Debates where it has been argued that Israel and those who support her have held an inordinate amount of sway over government policies, especially when the question is foreign aid to Israel and military support for Israel. Somewhere in the blizzard of new items concerning Israel, somebody put forth the idea that it would be a serious mistake and should never even be considered to send American soldiers to protect Israel. This is important now due to the distinct possibility that they may be involved in a war with Iran or any of the surrounding nations, all of which appear to be growing even more threatening towards Israel, as the continuing Arab nightmare vaults Islamist interests into positions of leadership in these countries. With this item getting some degree of discussion, perhaps the use of American troops in the defense of Israel past, present and future should be discussed and clarified.

We should initially look at the past in order to quantify the place the United States has held in Israeli history. Initially, President Harry Truman ignored the vast majority of his advisors, especially those from the State Department, when he instructed the United States Ambassador to the United Nations Warren Robinson Austin to vote favorably for United Nations Resolution 181 which would lead to the founding of the State of Israel. President Truman went the extra mile by recognizing the nascent Jewish State, Israel, immediately after David ben Gurion declared statehood. During the two years of war that ensued immediately after the declaration of Israeli statehood by numerous Arab countries including Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, the United States continued to enforce their arms embargo on Israel. Israel depended mostly upon France and Jews world-wide who smuggled arms and supplies to Israel, including some Americans. When Israel allied with France and Britain to free the Suez Canal after Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser had nationalized the waterway stating intent to deny the use of this vital route to Asia for non-Muslim European countries, President Dwight David Eisenhower not only continued the arms embargo on Israel, but also insisted that Israel immediately return the entirety of lands taken in their part of this military confrontation. This demand was made despite the fact that the closing of the Suez Canal from use by any country was considered to be a Casus belli for war by international laws, treaties and agreements. This had technically made the Israeli actions to be committed in a defensive act and not as an instigation of war, thus Israel easily could have claimed to retain the lands in question as the international rules of war at that time.

It was not until after the 1967 Six Day War that the United States altered their relationship with Israel. During the Six Day War the United States was still enforcing that very same arms embargo and Israel was critically dependent on France, Germany, and to some extent, England, for their weapons and resupplies. President Lyndon Baines Johnson was fully involved in managing the United States actions in Viet Nam and thus mostly ignored the conflict instigated by Egypt and Syria against Israel. Despite Jordan entering the war in response to requests and promises of sharing the spoils of victory extended by Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, Israel managed to defeat the combined armies of these three countries in six days and had taken control over the Golan Heights from Syria; Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt; and Judea, Samaria, and Benyamin (aka West Bank) from Jordan. Impressed, perhaps even amazed, with the seeming ease with which Israel defeated its combined enemies in the six Day War, President Lyndon Baines Johnson made a tactical decision which was the beginning of the Israeli American close ties and military cooperation. Despite the new definition of Israel as a close and vital ally, when Israel was caught flatfooted by Egypt and Syria in 1973 and the onset of the Yam Kippur War, President Richard Milhouse Nixon, under advice from Secretary of State Henry Kissinger designed to make Israel feel vulnerable making future pressures more potent, delayed resupplying Israel with the munitions and other weapon systems to replace the rapidly depleted Israeli inventory until the situation became harmfully critical. Since then, most of the military aid given by the United States to Israel has been made with the proviso that Israel spend the vast majority on systems and armaments manufactured by the United States and that should Israel make modifications to such systems that the plans be made available to the United States if so desired by the United States.

Throughout all the conflicts between Israel and her enemies there has been one vital truth that needs mention, namely that never has Israel requested or expected the United States to supply troops to fight alongside the IDF in any capacity. Truth be told, Israel has actually insisted that American troops never be used and have stated they would refuse any offer by the United States to send soldiers to assist Israel in any conflict. The IDF in all its capabilities has, on occasion, trained in joint training exercises. These training exercises have been held in the United States, Israel, and other allied countries of the United States. In the spirit of complete honesty, yes, there have been soldiers from the United States military who have fought as part of the IDF in the past. Every case of such has not been done as assignments of the military commanders of the United States. In every case the people in question have either been retired from the military of the United States, taken a leave in order to assist Israel (usually having to deny that their leave was taken to facilitate their joining in the IDF defense of Israel and such denials have been blindly accepted in every case I am familiar with), or resigned from their service in the militaries of the United States to join the IDF. The most famous of these people was Colonel David Daniel “Mickey” Marcus who served in the IDF during the 1948 Israeli War for Independence. Colonel Marcus became the first Commanding General of the IDF and died in a friendly fire incident as he approached a sentry at night and was shot suspicious that he may have been attempting to infiltrate the IDF positions. The sentry spoke no English and Colonel Marcus spoke no Hebrew which was the root of the misidentification. His story is the theme of the 1966 movie “Cast a Giant Shadow”.

Currently, there exists a squad of American troops in Israel at the insistence of the United States. These troops are manning a highly advanced X-band radar system, also known as an AN/TPY2, which is a powerful phased array radar that is designed to track ballistic missiles through space and provide ground-based missiles with the targeting data needed to intercept them. The United States refused to allow the Israelis to operate the system as it is considered to be a highly secret system which the United States did not wish to allow the Israelis to have access which may lead to their reverse engineering of this advanced and highly technical system. Israel was, obviously, ready, willing, and claimed able to operate this radar system but the United States insisted that the IDF not have access to the unit and provided American personnel to man the radar. These radar operators are not to be used for any combat mission beyond caring and operating the X-band radar system.

The fact is that Israel has not only never requested that the United States or any other country send their soldiers to assist Israel in any manner for her defense. Israel has demanded that nobody who is not an Israeli be made to fight for Israel and that she will fight her own battles. Yes, Israel will ask for aid in the supply and arming of the IDF and has made urgent pleas a small number of times when the Israeli logistics was found to be lacking the necessary depth necessary to meet the resupply demands during times of conflict. The reason for such need becomes evident when one remembers that Israel is barely larger than the state of New Jersey yet has been forced to fight wars on a far larger scale. This is necessitated as Israel exists surrounded by existential enemies sworn to the destruction of the Jewish State and the whole-scale slaughter of her Jewish citizens should they ever lose just one conflict. The fact that Israel has not asked for and has honestly and forcefully refused to accept having soldiers from other countries assist in defending against whatever the odds or the size and scope of the forces which have unified intending their wholesale slaughter is beyond belief, but it is the truth and will always remain truth. Whenever anybody claims that the United States must never send American troops into harm’s way in the defense of Israel, know that they are constructing a strawman argument and are knowingly lying in order to grandstand at Israel’s expense. They are offering their insistence of not getting involved in an Israeli war simply to play on people’s fear of sending our troops into such danger despite the fact such a situation will never ever come to fruition. Those making such arguments need to be outed for the use of a lie that borders on being a blood libel against Israel by implying that there exists an Israeli expectation for others to fight their battles for them. Such has never been and will never be the case. Where Israel may ask for assistance, it would be limited to addressing the situation which presented a threat to more than merely Israel. Such a case is the Iranian nuclear weapons program. But there are those who believe, or at least will claim, that the Iranian nuclear bomb would solely be a threat to Israel and that Iran has no other targets in mind. That is why Iran is working so diligently to produce missiles that are able to carry a warhead to any point on the globe and not limiting their designs on being able to target only Israel.

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November 4, 2011

Is Kadima Simply Obama’s Representative in Knesset?

I find it interesting that Tzipi Livni has used her position and the whole of the Kadima Party simply to echo virtually everything which is stated by American President Barack Obama whenever he speaks out against Prime Minister Netanyahu. When Prime Minister Netanyahu announces plans to build additional housing for Jews around Jerusalem or anywhere outside the Green Line, it is a sure bet that either President Obama or somebody from his administration will admonish Prime Minister Netanyahu and within 24 hours we will hear the same criticism from Tzipi Livni or other Kadima spokesperson. This time it has become so completely obvious that one might wonder if the Democrat Party has sent advisors to Israel again to work to bring down a Netanyahu Coalition as happened when President Clinton decided he had to find a new person to deal with the last time Netanyahu was Prime Minister. Just last week, the new Secretary of Defense and former CIA Director Leon Panetta visited Israel and his entire trip seemed to be centered on the message that Prime Minister Netanyahu was causing Israel to become more isolated in the world.

Defense Secretary Panetta told reporters during his flight to Israel, “There’s not much question in my mind that they maintain that edge (militarily), but the question you have to ask, Is it enough to maintain a military edge if you’re isolating yourself in the diplomatic arena? Real security can only be achieved by both a strong diplomatic effort as well as a strong effort to project your military strength.” Secretary Panetta was later quoted saying, “It’s pretty clear that at this dramatic time in the Middle East, when there have been so many changes, that it is not a good situation for Israel to become increasingly isolated. And that’s what’s happening,”

Reacting to Prime Minister Netanyahu cutting Israeli aid to UNESCO in response to the organizations acceptance as a full member state the Palestinian Authority, the exact same action which was also taken by Canada and the United States, Kadima released a scathing denunciation on Netanyahu’s actions blaming him for making Israel a pariah nation becoming isolated from the rest of the world. Despite the Prime Minister simply taking the same actions as two of the other major democratic states which support a negotiated peace and not a de facto end run through the United Nations and its surrounding institutions, a Kadima spokesperson stated in a press release, “The government of Israel has lost a diplomatic confrontation and is punishing the state of Israel for its losses. First it fails to block the Palestinian gains and then it decides to simply give up and leave the game. It is time Netanyahu realizes that his actions punish his fellow Israelis more than they hurt anyone else. Netanyahu is forcibly isolating Israel in the international community in order to try and make excuses for his government’s failures.” That sounds almost exactly the phrasing as well as the intent of the words from President Obama’s Secretary of Defense. This is not the first time that a Kadima spokesperson, or Tzipi Livni for that matter, have sounded as if they were reading from the exact same teleprompter as had President Obama and his advisors.

There are a number of revealing facts that are quite troubling about much of the opposition to the Netanyahu coalition. The seeming constant rebukes and criticism often done simply in order to disagree by Tzipi Livni which have become expected every time Netanyahu makes a speech or whenever the ruling coalition takes a stand on an issue, especially if it is in support of Israel and opposed by the Palestinian leadership, are becoming so expected that one could predict the rebuttal before it is even spoken. But if we are now witnessing a new wrinkle where Kadima is going to become the spokespeople for the American Democrat Party, this may quickly become tedium as Kadima will quickly become as inconsequential as they will be predictable. Israel already has so many news outlets and leftist organizations which are simply pawns for European Governments’ influence through the NIF and reporters quoting leftist propaganda from other countries quoting sources such as the New York Times, Washington Post, the BBC, and even Al-Jazeera that having Kadima puppet the Democrat Party will simply add to those who have come under voluntary control of foreign interests and influences and simply render them virtually mute.

If Israel is becoming isolated from the rest of the world, it is not because of anything Israel has done, whether Netanyahu or Olmert or Peres are the ones speaking in Israel’s behalf. Much of the isolation that had come Israel’s way is directly due to the same evils that has often plagued the world and made the Jewish people targets for hatred and murderous intentions countless times throughout history. To blame Netanyahu instead of joining in Israel’s defense is a sign of great confusion and questionable behavior. Jews blaming and berating Jews has always been used by others as their permission slip for their anti-Semitic behavior. Have none of us learned our lesson yet from our long and troubled history or are we going to go to our fate once again blaming each other and aiding those who would tear us down and feed us to the manifestations of growing hatred who seek a target to blame for all their ills. When such times approach, if we Jews do not stand together and take each other’s backs, then all our backs will remain unguarded simply waiting for the stabbing pain as the knife is thrust deeply into that unguarded back. “Never Again:” were to be watchwords which would guide us and keep us from the same splintering and infighting that has preceded every previous age when we were marked for final solutions. “Never Again!”

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October 27, 2011

Israel, the Palestinians, and the Quartet = Futility

Tony Blair in his role as the Middle East Quartet spokesperson, backed up by a presumptuous delegation to act as his echo chamber, is in Jerusalem meeting with the Israelis and Palestinian Authority representatives in separate meetings in order to finesse their resumption of direct negotiations. This is one of the best of examples of a fool on a fool’s errand. Now, to set things straight, I believe that Tony Blair is most likely a relatively intelligent and dedicated man who is very capable in the political arena. The problem he faces is beyond the ability of those skills. This is the simple oversight that virtually everybody in the rest of the world refuse to admit when dealing with anything concerning Israel and the Muslim World; this is not a political problem and cannot be solved through political methods; it is a cultural and religious problem based in a historic struggle that is literally of Biblical proportions and implications. What the rest of the world needs to come to terms with is that the problems in the Middle East, starting but not ending with those concerning Israel, are not political problems. This is also why the media and Western Governments were so wrong about the outcome of the Arab Winter, aka Arab Spring. The overthrow of the dictators may have initially arose from economic hardships, hunger, and other economic and politically based situations, like everything else in the Middle East it had been transformed into a religiously inspired revolution to establish Islamic purity as only Allah and his words from the Koran as interpreted by the religious hierarchy will bring solutions to all of life’s problems. I can hear some of you who are probably saying, yea, so what should we do, Mr. Smarty Pants?

The answer as to what the whole of the world should do about the problems in the Middle East is, as expected, both simple and complex. The simple part is to realize that the rest of the outside world is, by definition, part of the problem, and unless the whole world desires to convert to Islam, live under Sharia, and bow down and pray to Mecca five times a day, there is nothing they have to offer or can do to help solve any of the problems. They do not want any outside help and will only allow us to aid them in attaining power, then will politely demand that we leave, permit us to send them any money or aid as long as we do not expect anything in return other than a deceiving smile while they take our gifts, and then they will go on their own way and implement whatever their hearts’ desire, which will usually be Sharia based, and ignore any and everything we say, ask, or do. This has been the way in the Middle East for times immemorial and the situation is not going to change now simply because some outsiders wish that there be changes. As far as many in the Muslim World and the Middle East have histories that precede the times of Western Civilizational roots, they regard them as insignificant and civilizationally immature and primitive. If you understand Islam and the Islamic view of the history of humankind, then you would understand that nothing predates Islam as Islam has been the sole religion and followers of Allah since the beginning of time. Islam honestly claims that Moses was a Muslim; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were Muslims; Noah was a Muslim (and even Jews will admit that Noah predates Judaism and was neither an Israelite or a Jew); Adam and Eve were Muslim; everybody who was a true believer had to be a Muslim; and Mohammed simply wrote the final form for the Bible which replaced the bastardized version used by Jews and Christians. So, what does this imply about the Israel and Palestinian negotiation and situation in general?

That is also simple to say but near impossible to expect those in power to be able to accept. There is nothing anybody from outside the Middle East will be able to contribute or force any solution to the problem and should just go home. Where, should we leave the Middle East to their own solution solving and only show an interest in trade, then both we and they would benefit and be happier with each other. Unfortunately, most of our leaders are unable to grasp the idea that there exist such things over which they cannot have their persuasion and are beyond their power to affect desired changes peaceably. Just walk away from the situation is not in the vocabulary of those who hold and crave power. Recognizing limitations is virtually impossible and recognizing an unsolvable situation is completely unacceptable, thus we have the never ending ineffectual, hammer on a nail attempts to force some form of recognizable progress in the Israeli Palestinian conflict. So, once again the powers that be, this time the Quartet, have sent another envoy replete with supporting experts in order to move mountains and rearrange the realities of intransigence who will but end up simply butting their heads into an immovable stone wall. So, make some popcorn and grab a soda and prepare to read of the noble futility of Tony Blair in Jerusalem; it promises to be as unamusing as it will be unproductive.

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