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November 30, 2015

Islam and the Future of Representative Governance


There have been far too many public figures drinking so much of the Islamic propaganda Kool-Aid that there are those who have come to honestly believe that Islam is peace and compatible with representative democratic republic governance. They honestly believe that the world’s majority of the one and one-third Billion Muslims want to coexist with everybody else working to better the world through mutual respect and tranquility without any threats to our way of life. Even a cursory examination of the realities of the Quran, the two faces, the strange manner in which it is compiled with the shortest verse first and with them slowly ascending in size with the largest verse last so that the youth can work at their own pace learning by rote the shortest leaving the really long verses last and not compiled by date or subject. We wrote a short and concise description of the two faces, the early ones from Mecca and the later verses from Medina and the mood, situation and outlook which affected Mohammad’s outlook and authority in our article Which Quran, Mecca or Medina? The description touches on the basics but if visits are any indication, then it does fulfill that challenge. Should Islam actually achieve their goal of world conquest and unifying all Islam under one sole, unique and declared pure Quranic Code and the Earth’s population all under one Supreme Imam under Sharia, no elections, only religious courts and no varying religions with one religion, one result and no freedom as only submission to Allah through Allah’s representatives chosen by a council of elder Imams whose decisions are not subject to doubts or questions. Everyone will know and understand the Five Pillars of Islam It will be ‘What part of Submission do you not understand?’



Five Pillars of Islam


The most basic difference between the two is where Western governance allows for multiple choices, occasionally more than the two main parties though infrequently, Islam would make such a choice either a meaningless decision the Imam would instruct the congregants for whom to vote or the candidates would have been chosen by the clerical hierarchy thus making any vote meaningless; but even this situation would seldom arise as there would be no government as is understood in the Western World. In Islam the rules of law and the punishments are prescribed by the Quran and no other can exist except as to do as the clerics define actions on the Sharia.


In an Quranic governance any elected governance would be simply adding a layer of people who have been vetted by the real power, the leading Islamic clerics such that any candidate who is permitted to seek such power must be vetted by the leading clerics such that the only candidates in any election have already proven themselves to be truly an extension of the religious order and as any law is passed by the governance must then be vetted for its final form by an assembly of experts whose power is absolute such that any candidate permitted to run for office in the so-called, open and free elections are simply a rubber stamp extension of the clerical regime which is selected and not elected and where the true power lied in reality and thus one would be under a clerical dictatorial governance and no truly elected governance can exist under Sharia, the basic legal structure of any governance in a true Islamic State.


Within Islam there is no provision for any State or governance outside of the Sharia. Many in the Western World refer to Sharia as Sharia Law because they see Sharia as a set of man-made religious codices which are to be interpreted such that they fit within the legal framework of the State while there is no such need for such an interpretation in an Islamic State as Sharia is also the legal code for the State and the religion becomes the State. Judaism and originally Christianity had recognition for a State governance which may disagree with religious text; the most glaring example is in the case of women choosing whether or not she desires to have a child and her avenues permitted by law for her to choose from in this area. The original answer to the question posed to Jesus over which tax should be considered as legal for the State to take as versus what religious demands which were man-made institution of taxation when his reply was said to have been, “To Caesar what is Caesar’s and to Hashem what is Hashem’s” noting that one has obligations to the state just as he has obligations to Hashem and one is obliged to keep the laws of man up until they break the laws of Hashem as put forth in the Commandments in Torah, which happened all too often as if the States were making laws directly the converse of Halacha and Jewish Laws. Examples of such which have started once again in Europe and even the United States are laws against circumcision calling it a mutilation of genitalia; Shechita, the laws of Kashrut; laws against teaching Torah; and other such laws which are all too often passed in order to force all Jews to become criminal in their daily behavior. Islam under Sharia goes one step further in that it denotes those worthy of such to be Dhimmi which is a class of lower citizenry who are not permitted to be before the courts except as a defendant who is not even given the right to speak before the court in their own defense even before sentencing, and the alternative of conversion or death. Even should one be classified as a Dhimmi and pay the Jizya, a special and often onerous tax non-Muslims must pay, there will come that day when such status is revoked and then it becomes convert or death or often both where you convert and then are summarily executed for your sins against Allah while a Dhimmi. As is obvious from the last section, Sharia is a complete governing set of rules which all followers of Islam are instructed to spread throughout the lands and defined lands which must become Islamic as any land where any Muslim’s foot, does not require both feet, has graced with its treading. For those unfamiliar with some of the degradations and dehumanization even of their own progeny, here is a quote from a recent statement made by Palestinian Authority Minister of Women’s Affairs, Haifa Al-Agha, who stated, “Minister of Women’s Affairs Haifa Al-Agha…noted the Palestinian woman’s uniqueness, which differentiates her from the women of the world, as she receives the news of her son’s martyrdom with cries of joy.” This was how she was quoted in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the PA official newspaper as translated by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) and reported in Arutz Sheva thankfully as this made it more easily noted without viewing the dozens of PMW articles released each day (we reserve reading those on a slow news day along with CAMERA and MEMRI).


Islam will become triumphant even where there exist Constitutions or complete bodies of law given sufficient time. In any democracy or republic where the will of the people is used to elect their representatives or directly make the laws, the Muslims will be patient, if we are lucky, and simply bide their time meanwhile bringing in relatives and having large families and intermarrying which under Sharia any person who marries a Muslim the children must be raised under Islam and become good little Muslims. Muslims will ignore the laws of the land and take more than one wife, often a non-Muslim so as to deplete the number of women available to have children in other or no religious upbringing, and once back in their Muslim neighborhoods there is no law of the State, there is only Sharia. Once the woman is brought to meet the family they will never see the outside world again without great amounts of planning and sheer luck (for a gripping story of one woman’s struggle to reach what she would have called humanity as she had married a charming Muslim man and went to meet his family in Afghanistan and then the horrors began An American Bride in Kabul: A Memoir by Professor Phyllis Chesler and an excellent book to read and take a taste of a world many of us do not believe can exist in the modern world.) Many people in the Western society have absolutely no idea of exactly what Sharia is. They mistakenly and at their own peril believe it is all about religion and can exist within a governance and not be in conflict and believed by its adherents to supercede the laws of the land and that could not be further from the truth. The truths are viciously and nerve-gratingly the opposite of all you have known.


To test that last thought, the fact that the Muslims will set up a mini-state under Sharia and completely ignore the laws of the land in which they reside, all one need do is talk to people you know or can get an introduction to meet who take commuter light rail, buses or other above ground mass transportation what it is like as they pass through an almost completely and strictly Islamic area of the city where the Sharia is the law of the land. These unfortunates get to experience something akin to Professor Chesler got to feel the entire twenty-thousand-ton load of oppressions, degradations, subjugations and generally dehumanizing treatment which is why we suggest her book as after reading that and perhaps then following her editorial works one can get a taste, a glimpse behind the curtain. There are other memoirs written by people who got to witness the world beyond Islam and tell of their harrowing escapes and the complete awe and gratitude they have for the lives we all take pretty much for granted, there are two more books we recommend;


Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel


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November 11, 2013

A Look at the Future for the Jews and Christians of Europe

There have been numerous studies and commentaries pertaining to the rising anti-Semitism in much of Europe. There have also been eulogies for the Christian and Catholic Churches in Europe and often mentions of another church or cathedral being put up for sale and often being transformed into Mosques. This transformation mirrors the events in the Middle East, Northern Africa, Spain, Turkey and other locations where Islam spread during their periods of expansion as they conquered these lands and transformed them from Christian nations into Muslim majorities and dwindling Christian presence. Similar such occurrences are currently being witnessed in Egypt with the Coptic Christians, the Christians of Lebanon and the Christians of Bethlehem under Palestinian autonomy. The story is often told about the empty pews of the churches throughout most of Europe and the advance of secular statist humanism where the human is worshiped as the ultimate pinnacle of creation and the State is seen as the end all and arbiter of rights, privileges and petition which is nothing more than another variation of worship. The Christians have yet to face the animus which is being felt by the Jews in Europe.

That is where a recent survey taken of European Jews reveals the extent of the discomfort, one could say persecution, felt by the majority of Jews in Europe. Some of the statistics from the survey found that sixty-six percent of European Jews considered anti-Semitism “a fairly big or very big” problem in their country; seventy-six percent said anti-Semitism had worsened in the past five years, with abuse especially prevalent on the Internet with it particularly present in social media, especially where aliases hide the perpetrator’s real name; France, Belgium and Hungary reported the highest rates of anti-Semitism in the media and political life, as well vandalism and open hostility in public; twenty-one percent of people said they had experienced verbal or physical abuse in the last year for being Jewish; almost half feared experiencing public insults or harassment in the next year, with as close to twenty-three percent saying they purposely avoided Jewish sites or celebrations as they might not be safe; eighty-two percent of people did not report abuse or discrimination they had experienced to the authorities feeling it would be useless as nothing would be fully investigated and it would have no real effect on their situations; large number of European Jews are considering leaving because of the persecution they experience in the countries; the belief was found to be valid that a clear link between the demonization of Israel and attacks on Jews in Europe exists; sixty-eight percent of the Jews reported they have avoided appearing identifiably Jewish in public for fear of attack or harassment; eighty-two percent of those surveyed say they have heard Israelis being likened with Nazis; many of those respondents who had witnessed anti-Semitism saying that it had come from the Left with fifty-seven percent of those in Britain, sixty-two percent of those in Italy and sixty-seven percent of those in France said they had heard anti-Semitism from someone on the Left; racism against Jews from the Muslim community was reported by fifty-one percent of Jews in Sweden, fifty-six percent of Jews in Britain and seventy-three percent of Jews in France; and thirty-one percent of Jews had either considered or attempted emigration specifically as a result of anti-Semitism, while in France the figure is just below half.

Between these numbers and the known high rate of assimilated Jews who no longer practice their religion and the high rate of intermarriage, it is very likely that the end of a Jewish presence beyond some small communities of Orthodox and Hassidic Jews will remain in Europe by the middle of this century and certainly by its end. The truly frightening revelation is that the Jews in the United States are following this very trend, though with far less prevalence of the anti-Semitism, and outside the very religious communities the numbers of practicing and Shabbat Synagogue attending Jews is rapidly dwindling where these communities may soon also disappear. The one thing that might change these trends and force many Jews back to their faith is the rise of anti-Semitism, oddly enough. Should it become systemic and be enacted into law, something which has already begun in Europe with the bans on Kosher slaughter (Shechita) as well as bans on Circumcision, two basic tenets of the Jewish faith, the Jews might, as has occurred numerous times in their history, return to their religion and reestablish close communities living as separate from the mainstreams of society and eventually relocating most likely to Israel. Some might claim that this is exactly what was predicted would occur once the Jewish State was reestablished and that all of this is simply coming to fruition of the ingathering of the Jews to Eretz Yisroel. They would also point to the return by the Ethiopian Jewish community, the Bnei Menashe Jews from India and the Yemeni Jews to Israel in the recent past and still continuing in the present and many expect that more of the lost tribes from the northern kingdom of Israel (also called Samaria) will be found and brought home as well as the rest of the Jews from the southern kingdom of Judah. That is an area where I must depart as such events are beyond the reach or control of mortal humans and as such must simply be hoped for and attempt to assist where and when able but not to the point of believing that our actions can produce such results, that is decided in another dominion.

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June 17, 2011

World Sending Mixed Messages to Jews

On one side, we do not have to search the news too deeply to find a cornucopia of proclamations demanding measures to isolate Israel or other measures all designed to remove Israel from among the nations of the world. The excuses do not vary much with most boiling down to the refusal of allowing Jews owning land for a country of their own or any other reasons. Forbidding Jews from property rights is far from a new idea. Such decrees were made by the Babylonians, the Seleucid Empire (Syrian Greeks), the Romans, virtually every country in Europe took a turn at such exclusions throughout the Middle Ages into the modern times, throughout the Arab and Muslim Worlds in the Middle Eastern and North African lands in turns by whim of each ruler, the Russians under both the Czars and the Communists, and in recent history by the Nazis in occupied Europe and North Africa. The calls today being shouted from every corner of the world are simply a continuation of a recurring theme against the Jews as a people, when they were a nation, and oft due simply to religious persecution. –The three main groups of sufficient size calling for the destruction or simple dissolution of Israel as a Jewish State are the Muslim World, Progressives occupying the extreme left of the political spectrum and the Pale-Conservatives who are to the extreme right of the political spectrum. The extreme leftists have taken the path of allying their efforts with the Muslim anti-Israel and anti-Zionist people. When inspected a little more deeply, much of the hatred from all of these groups boils down to being driven by the ever-present anti-Semitism.

On the other end of the messages are those people who are applying their talents and efforts to outlaw many traditions and Covenant Practices demanded by Torah. One such example currently in the news is the Dutch Parliament discussion to enact ordinance that would outlaw Shechita, the ritual method of slaughter required to allow meats to be considered Kosher. The attempt is done through duplicitous means by requiring animals be stunned before slaughter which is not allowed under the rules of Shechita. Driving this argument is Marianne Thieme, leader of the small Party for the Animals in the Dutch Parliament. Another equally underhanded attack on Jewish rituals and religious life comes from San Francisco in the form of a referendum placing a ban on circumcision worded as Male Genital Mutilation. Such a ban is an old measure used throughout history against the Jewish people first recorded as being an edict by the Seleucid Empire (Syrian Greeks) under the rule of King Antiochus. Once again, in modern times the Communists in Russia outlawed circumcision that forced Jews to carry out the commandment at great risk in secret, while others ended up asking to undergo circumcisions as adults once Communism fell and they made Aliyah to Israel. The original argument made by the people behind the anti-circumcision referendum was they were protecting male children from brutality perpetrated against their will in the form of unnecessary genital mutilation. They listed a number of studies which proclaimed the potential consequences and complications caused by circumcision while downplaying the medical advantages which have led to the majority of male children to be circumcised in the hospital before release. They denied any possible tie to anti-Semitism or anti-Semitic motivations behind their efforts; it was purely for the children. Since this became known, some further investigations have uncovered a cartoon style set of pamphlets produced by the sponsors of this referendum. The comic’s hero was “Foreskin Man” whose villain he had to save young male children from was “Monster Mohel” who had to be prevented from performing the Brit Mila ceremony (aka Briss), the Jewish rite of circumcision performed when a male child reaches eight days after birth. Below is a picture from the pamphlet which pretty much removes any denial of anti-Semitic origins of their efforts.

What can be concluded from these two seemingly opposite views? Obviously, outside Israel country after country, city after city, at any level of governance, there exists a drive to remove the right of Jews to their rituals, customs, and mitzvahs commanded by Torah. Jews are being legislated out of society on such a broad level that the only seeming solution for Jews who wish to continue to practice Judaism would be to move to Israel. Meanwhile, much of the same peoples and forces are behind efforts to delegitimize and destroy Israel and forcing Israeli Jews to return to living in exile as part of the Diaspora. Critically looking at this set of circumstances, there is but one logical and necessary solution for the Jewish People. Since it is being made obvious that there are sufficient numbers throughout the world, in some countries they make up a vast majority while in others they are simply a sizeable minority, who will stop at nothing to remove all vestiges of Jewish practices, traditions, and religious observance from their society. Seemingly, these people wish to allow Jews to remain in their presence as long as they are not particularly Jewish. The message is simply, if you wish to be a practicing Jew on any measurable level, then get yourself to Israel as you are no longer welcome anywhere else. But this brings out the other side of the coin, the desire to eradicate Israel, and for many also the Jews living within. Israel is being constantly castigated for existing and having the audacity to take measures in order to assure Israel’s continued existence. The simple conclusion is that the world is going towards pushing as many Jews as possible to go to Israel and no longer “pollute” their lands while also doing everything in their power to bring to fruition the destruction of Israel and her Jews. We Jews have seen such conditions before, usually right before terrible consequences befell the Jewish people, the Jewish nation. We saw it in Egypt, then later Babylonia, followed by the Seleucid Empire, the Roman Empire, the expansion of Islam in the later years of the first millennium, and on through to the pogroms of Europe and Russia and the dhimmitude classification within the world of Islam, the Holocaust of the Nazis (Shoah), and all of the growing perils that are becoming more obvious as the acceptance of Jew-hatred once again is losing its stigmas and becoming acceptable in “polite society” and even the halls of governance. The sole piece of advice Jews should heed is to make Aliyah and work to protect our Promised Land and become good stewards of the lands the L-rd our G-d promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and to us as their seed as long as we live the Covenant we have sworn to by our acceptance of Torah. Israel and Torah are the only viable future for the Jewish faith, the Jewish people, and the Jewish nation, and this might be the final chance we will have to live Torah in the Land of the L-rd thus making us worthy of living in His lands. No matter what our efforts, the Diaspora will wither and die in the near future, there will not be any other option for the Jews than Israel.

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