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January 22, 2016

What is Understandable and What is Beyond Belief


When we read news about a new protest in France, a Synagogue having a firebomb thrown at it from a passing car in Malmo, that Germany is once again printing Mein Kampf with explanations (pertaining to its possible odious nature) as if such intellectual garb would change the readers desires, and that Mein Kampf immediately topped every chart in Europe is also accepted at face value. That the BDS and Israel Apartheid assassins of honor have deployed to campuses across the United States to besmirch Israel, Zionists and far too many Jews in general unless they swear allegiance to the poor, unfortunate and beleaguered Palestinian and their noble and righteous cause does not surprise us. I can forgive those Jews who refuse to admit their love for Israel out of fear of engendering confrontations, though I can tell them a good strong stating of, “Yes, I am a proud Zionist and I love Israel and plan on living in a nation that would even permit your demonstrations even in Jerusalem because they are a free nation but should you with all your love for the Palestinian were caught in Gaza and known to be an American, you would be held for ransom and if it took the State Department two days to acquiesce, then I would really hate to be in your shoes in that company,” as such as bold statement said loud and proud would so startle them that you could then walk right between them as they would open like grocery store doors. But it takes practice to speak in such a tone that it places fear in the hearts of Dobermans and German Shepherds, even a pack of them roaming as feral wildings.



Jews Against Israel Should Mind Their Own House As the Zionists Care Little About Their Religious Interpretations and Confusion as to Whether Reclaiming the Land Precedes the Mashiach or or the Mashiach Precedes the Reclaiming Land

Jews Against Israel Should Mind Their Own House
As the Zionists Care Little About Their Religious
Interpretations and Confusion as to Whether
Reclaiming the Land Precedes the Mashiach or
or the Mashiach Precedes the Reclaiming Land



The numerous establishment church synods divesting from all investment in Israel as that stands right in line with their replacement theology which they can deny they still believe the Jews were forsaken by Hashem and serve some fallen angel which does not even exist in Judaism as we understand that Hashem had to allow evil otherwise goodness would simply be what was as it is in heaven and we mere mortals would not have free will as there would be no need for will at all; we would all simply be as our only choices would be normal. The churches who either publically or silently hold to their replacement theology do have a very good reason for attempting to destroy Israel and make life for the Jews who live there because one of their own doctrines point to the fact that Jews used to be nationless because Hashem had exiled them for their sin of not being Christians, Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodist, Orthodox or any of the other Protestant or Christian variant and not recognizing Jesus of Nazareth as the first coming of the Messiah and for that crime the Romans dispersed 80% of the Jews to all the reaches of their empire. The fact that Jewish Prophets had told of this coming exiles and it was spelled out even before the exile in Egypt to Abraham that the people promised as his primary and permanent beneficiaries of their relations with Hashem through which the eventual Mashiach would be brought forth were to experience three exiles, the first would be Egypt followed a period later by the exile in Babylon and finally the longest and at times seeming insufferable exile which resulted from the Roman Dispersion, the exile which has begun the ingathering. This is partly why there is the growing evidence for Jews to realize that their future is either Israel or becoming the new lost tribe which may well be described as the lost tribe from assimilation rather than like that of the original lost tribes as these will be somewhat voluntary or through lack of exposure as parents were all but lost to assimilation.


The Churches who will insist in holding dearly to their replacement theology which inevitably gets to how the Jews forsaking their favor with Hashem ignoring the last exile predicted by Prophets to be unlike any previous but also fortunately the final exile. This exile had another even more ominous story which has come true in many ways, the prophesy of the dry bones whose message was difficult to fathom until the Holocaust and the returning to Eretz Yisroel. Still, the conditions also had to be a part in how many Jews were forced from their homes; many were family homes which had been in their families for centuries, even for over a century. The stories will all be fascinating in their own special and not always the most positive of ways but all will be miracles in what is a time of renewed miracles. There will be those which are uplifting and those which will have us cry, there will be some tragic, some magical, some still unready for telling, some so very telling and some nothing short of a whole new kind of miracles. The returning of the ten lost tribes of Israel had started and with it stories beyond belief and with amazements and changes which will add new colors, new practices, new viewpoints, new holidays and returning Jews who have things to share and who will be enthralled and amazed by the Judaism they may not have realized existed while some may only recently have realized and been identified as one of the lost tribes of Israel. The coming future for Israel and for Judaism will be full of interest and poignantly punctuated with emotional reunions with tears of joy and losses to assimilation which each will bring tears of mourning as every single solitary Jew lost from a tribe is the loss for all the tribes as their hole in our whole slowly becomes a tear told with the tears of relationships never started, families not having a Brit Milah, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, or Wedding or generations of Mitzvahs and the generations and the loss to the body of Judaism is an unhealable wound which though unseen leaves and aching hearts in Heaven.


The previous all comes from the understandable part of the title. The problems cannot come from the Christians in the twenty-first century as they have given up on such things as pogroms, burning at the stake, thumbscrews, the rack and other equally distressing tortures and forms of murdering any heretic, or Jew as there was little difference. The main difference back when this was in style was dependent on who was applying the tortures and killing. Each Christian community if they were Catholic they would include Protestants and Muslims while the Protestants would include Catholics and Muslims and lastly the Muslims would add all Christians and as already established, all would target the Jews who having no land of their own could only be ready at the slightest sign of danger to relocate often within less than an hour. This may explain why Jews even through half of the Twentieth Century often had a few suitcases with religious items which would be taken out when necessary and returned as soon as feasible along with clothes, cookware, expensive and other precious, both monetary and sentimental, and a few days dried food and water in case a hasty departure became necessary. Those who had this predecessor to the bug-out bag lived when the pogrom started and the people approached the Jewish sector with torches and weaponry fled and lived to see another day and when feeling they had run sufficient distance and found a friendlier clime, then they would start by building their new home again in the Jewish sector, often called the Jewish Ghetto.


Losing Jewish children to assimilation which in those days meant conversion which meant living outside the Jewish ghetto and practicing Christianity or Islam in open where others watched and many also practiced their newfound religion in private and had made a complete conversion leaving Judaism as it was simply too dangerous and they did not feel attached more to their Judaism than to the area where they lived. These Jews who became the newly true converted Christians or Muslims were often some of the most devout so as to avoid any doubts and often their children were never told of their Jewish roots. Some of those lost Jews have looked up their parent’s, parent’s, parent’s parents, tracing both sides of their family tree, and in a fair number of cases their parents, both mother and father, were true Jews. Despite having converted to Christianity, or Islam, they continued to marry former Jews often meaning to keep the faith alive. These curious young adults heard of the forced conversions done sometimes centuries past and they felt some need to know. Some was curiosity and some it changed their whole lives. Those few whose interest was to determine who they were and for them it was a search for an identity they suspected as their grandparents had a Bible which was different kept hidden in a chest in their bedroom. When some were young they saw such a thing or picked up on some things which made them wonder like why did whenever the grandparent were with them did mother always light a pair of candles quietly in the kitchen when the children were with father, always father would take them for a walk and when they returned there were candles lighted and never a reason, it was just because or they brightened up the room or some logical answer that hid the reality, grandmother still kept the Sabbath. These often were the ones who brought copies of all the paperwork to a Rabbi and asked what they would need to do to become Jews and many were surprised when Rabbis told them they were born Jewish because of the lineage of their mother through her mother and so on back to the mother who converted under threat. The men were less than enthusiastic about the Brit Milah and the women had to be instructed and assisted by the Rabbi’s wife and other women with the purification. The largest groups of rediscovered Jews which we have heard or read about were in Poland. Many have applied to come to Israel and we pray their passage home is not too taxing.


As beyond belief as the rediscovered Jews from Poland and other places including in the Islamic and Christian lands, that too was not what we are having so much difficulty understanding. Oddly enough, the Jews who have no feelings to return home to Israel and like their lives wherever they reside we again have little problem believing as we met a fair number who just could not understand why we would want to move to Israel with all the terrorism and dangers. We attempted to present the facts that even with the terrorism, one is safer in Israel than being in the United States with the crime problems and we mentioned that just like where we lived you did not go certain places especially after dark, we failed to mention some of the places in Israel you do not go at all, day or night. We wish them well and may only the best in life be ahead for each and every one of them. Now on to the unfathomable. The unfathomable are the myriads of Jews residing in Israel as well as the others situated around the world who, for reasoning that escapes our ability to understand, simply feel compelled to destroy Israel as the Jewish State and desire to turn it over to swarms of Arab Muslim extremist terror mongers from which would come a bloodbath flooding the landscape with Jewish, Christian, Druze and even Muslim blood as they swarmed over the land like giant locust destroying every structure and field of grass and crops alike leaving nothing but a blood soaked ruination behind them that fateful day. The Jews who stand against Israel should mind their own house as the Zionists care little about their religious interpretations and confusion as to whether reclaiming the land precedes the Mashiach or the Mashiach precedes the reclaiming of the land. Just a little food for thought, before Hashem parted the Red Sea, did not Nahshon, a son of Amminadab, descendant in the fifth generation of Judah, and brother-in-law of Aaron, not need to show faith and walk into the sea until it washed over his head for Hashem would provide the miracle. Has not every miracle always been preceded by two things, prayers and an act of faith that Hashem will provide. Zionists are today’s Nahshon walking into the Red Sea until we are in over our heads and then will come our salvation, ours and yours. So may you stay safe until that day and along the way not feed the enemies who would see us both destroyed.



Pictures of Perspective where Left Side Depict Palestinian Arab Terrorist Views While on the Right are Depictions of Resultant Price Paid by Israel and Not All Victims Are Jews the Bottom Pair Depict Forms of Admirations and of Prayers Depicting a Deeper Faith

Pictures of Perspective where Left Side Depict
Palestinian Arab Terrorist Views While on the
Right are Depictions of Resultant Price Paid
by Israel and Not All Victims Are Jews the
Bottom Pair Depict Forms of Admirations
and of Prayers Depicting a Deeper Faith



Those residing or instigating here in Israel would be as devoured by the carnage as would any of the most devout Zionist, religious Hassidic, Christian of all origins and even every secular humanistic post-Zionist defender of so-called Palestinian rights to their own homeland. What these anti-religious zealots, ever so much as dedicated to their secularist religion, have never bothered to investigate is exactly what it is the leadership, which unfortunately is the entire mind of the terrorist body of the beast, actually is willing to accept in order to stop making false accusations and extremist rhetoric and demands for simply more without their ever having to answer the all-important question, how much more. They will refuse to ever give a direct answer; instead, when responding to how much is enough they will simply reply in a voice that would stop butter from melting on their tongues, “Our fair share,” “Our natural homeland,” “Just what we have asked for all along,” and my favorite, “Our stolen lands back.” These vagaries all hide the truth which can be heard from their minions across college campuses throughout the Western world where slogans are discarded as meaningless and not representative of any reality, but this one says exactly the entire truth, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine must be free.” Did you catch your answer, you useful idiots, to that all important question, “How much?” “From the River to the Sea.” Which means death for you and me. That should be the second line screamed over the top of Palestine must be free as the truth is their free Palestine is the second Shoah, the second six million plus slaughtered Jews along with another four or five million other Israelis including every last secular humanist Jew who touts the post-Zionist line that the lands we hold were stolen by conquering colonialists. Here is a radical thought for you, every piece of land outside of the patch where humanoids first came down from the trees losing that battle as the trees were safety and started learning to run or die, from that patch of grass where the first bipedal humanoid stepped down from that tree, every other inch of land has been conquered from some other animal or humanoid biped. There is your truth. I, for one, believe Israel is the land that will produce more miracles for the rest of mankind than all the nations throughout history and through future history yet told. The first miracle was the Israeli birth on May 15, 1948 when just as promised by our sages, Israel was born in one day, and Israel came to be at sunset and the L0rd looked down and saw it was good and for the first time in eons he slept well for one night because the very next day, in case you missed this in your history course, the barbarians were at it trying to tear asunder all that was declared and was realized if only in that one moment. The birth of Israel would have continued without any further bloodshed had all been left right there, but alas. Had the Arabs at any point accepted Israel in any of the ever smaller borders offered and gone on to build their lives instead of trying to take our lives, then all the bloodshed would have ended, period. So, how about we try and give this exclamation a try, “From the River to the Sea, no more bloodshed by you or me.”


Beyond the Cusp



January 4, 2014

Importance of Israel to Jews Today

One might question what importance would a small strip of land 263 miles long – North to South and between 9 and 71 miles wide – East to West nestled along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. There are few valid doubts of the historic and Biblical importance of this land, the home to the Hebrews and particularly to the tribe of Judah who resided in Judea, from where the word Jew is derived. But does the Promised Land, the Land of Milk and Honey have any actual importance or significance to Jews today. The answer to that question depends very heavily on which Jews you ask it of. If you ask the over six million Jews currently living in Israel the answer is obviously “Yes” as one would suspect. The land within which one lives is of extreme importance. If you ask any of the approximately six to seven million Jews of the Diaspora you will likely get answers running the entire gambit of possibilities. Perhaps a more accurate questioning of the importance Israel has for modern Jews would be whether there is a need for Israel as the homeland to the Jewish people or is Israel no longer necessary for the continued survival of the Jewish people who appear to have learned to manage as simply another people amongst the peoples of the world.


The first point which needs to be emphasized is that the importance of Israel is independent from the opinions and attitudes that any number, group, community, religious standing or sect believes, even including their positive or negative Zionistic opinions. The full spectra of Jewish attitude on the current state of Israel spans from the most ardent religious Zionist and secular Zionist all the way to the Neturei Karta, a very religiously oriented, Haredi community which believes that the Jews are not to have a homeland until one is established by the Messiah, and the fully secularized and assimilated Jews whose only ties to Judaism or Israel is simply the fact they were born of Jewish parents though their lives are lived completely removed from Jewish society as a whole. Probably the most obvious need for the existence of a Jewish state was revealed with the mass genocide carried out against the European Jews by the Nazis during World War II. I refrain from using the name Holocaust to refer to that horrid part of human history simply because there are so many other similar such events throughout history and including almost every communities of Jews be they in Europe, Africa, Asia or elsewhere. Some of the more notable and documented events of a similar kind include the Spanish Inquisition, the pogroms in Russia and even the dispossessing and banishment of Jews living in the area of Tennessee by the commanding Union General immediately after the Civil War in the United States. That action was ordered, rescinded and terminated within two weeks by President Lincoln, but had done significant damage to the Jews residing within the area already. What these events throughout human history point out is that the Jewish people have always needed their own country if for no other reason than to have a safe haven where they can live without fear for their lives and property and where they are enabled to defend themselves.


Israel needs to mean more to the Jews today than simply the place where they can retreat to should their world come crashing down on them as life has for Jews in all too many countries and times. One simple truth is that should the Temple be rebuilt, it would necessarily be located in Israel and most likely in Jerusalem though there are some who claim that it need not be the identical location as the First and Second Temples. Without the existence of the Temple there are numerous commandments and other traditions which cannot be completed which leaves Judaism incomplete. One of the best known duties within Judaism which requires the physical existence of the Holy Temple are the three Pilgrimage Holidays, Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot. The Holy Temple was and will be the central location for all of Judaism and the originator for observances. Granted that the Jewish people are able to observe the vast majority of their personal commandments without the existence of the Holy Temple, but there is still an absence from Jewish life which can only be filled by building the Third, and hopefully final, Temple. Such a structure would fulfill prophesies and complete the reestablishing of Israel as the Jewish homeland. These are the reasons why there is such emphasis by Islamic sources contesting the historic site and even existence of the Holy Jewish Temples and their location being the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The opponents of the Jewish people are fully cognizant that Judaism is incomplete without the Holy Temple and that if the Holy Temple were rebuilt, then the Jews would have an established and concrete claim to Eretz Yisroel which would be uncontestable. As long as there is no Holy Temple the adversaries of the Jews know that they have a better chance of defeating and erasing Jewish existence. The Holy Temple would give the Jewish people a defendable and central place which would also be a unifying force and might even result in bringing many of the Diaspora Jews back home.


Still, the most obvious reason in these times that the Jewish people need Israel, whether or not they believe that it is the correct time and was established according to prophesy, is due to the troubling fact that once again anti-Semitism is rising almost everywhere across the globe. Anti-Semitism is even on the rise in places where no Jews reside, which is astonishing and also a bewildering situation. This rise in anti-Semitism already ran much of its course throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds where in many countries there are less than a thousand Jews, many less than a hundred and still others which are completely free of any Jewish presence. This turn of events came about during the first decade after the reestablishment of the country of Israel as numerous Arab and Muslim nations either forced their Jewish populations, most of which had resided within these nations often for close to two thousand years even predating Islam, to leave or face death or had recurring pogroms where their Jewish quarters were put to the torch and many Jews were murdered or viscously assaulted. As a result of these events, and as further proof of the need for a Jewish state, close to one million Jews fled to Israel while numerous and relatively sizeable numbers of the remaining Jews from these hostile nations fled to Europe and the Americas. Now with the onset of slow but steady rise in the numbers and severity of anti-Semitism in Europe and the Americas, there are Jews who are at the leading cusp of what will become waves of Jews fleeing again persecution by their neighbors. Once again many of these Jews are heading to Israel while some of the European Jews are taking refuge in the United States and Canada, a decision which may only provide them with a temporary respite as the anti-Jewish violence in word and deed is on the rise there as well. The United States and Canada are likely about a decade, if that much, behind trailing Europe in anti-Semitic crimes. Israel has recently made Aliyah for French Jews more easily attained as the numbers of Jews leaving France has risen to near epidemic proportions. There are predictions that within a decade the number of Jews whose native language is French in Israel will be second only to the Jews whose native language is Russian and surpassing those Jews whose native tongue is English. This past year saw an event which is as chilling as it is informative as the Mayor of Malmo, Sweden literally informed reporters and petitioners alike that he is unable and has no desire to try to prevent acts of anti-Semitism and the Jews of his city should leave if they had any fears of being victimized. His response was in reference to the desecration of the Jewish cemetery and a report of increasing numbers of physical and verbal attacks and other abuses towards the Jewish community in Malmo. Where reports lay much of the anti-Semitic problems on the growing immigrant community in Malmo, the Mayor and others who take a similar view are native Swedes and not immigrants. As the incidences and severity of anti-Semitic acts continue to rise across the Western world, the need for Israel as a safe haven for Jews will become more and more important. It is really very simple, the world cannot concurrently hold the position that Israel should not be a Jewish state and wish the Jews would leave their individual countries. Yet, this is often the position which the anti-Semites hold, they demand that the Jews be driven from their nation while condemning Israel and calling for its destruction. Expecting rational actions from people who hold irrational positions and accusations about the Jewish people is a waste of time and effort which could be put to better use. Anti-Semitism will not be disappearing any time soon, let us hope that the same will hold true for Israel as the home and place of refuge for the Jews.


Beyond the Cusp


January 9, 2013

Guaranteed Supporters for Any anti-Zionist or anti-Israel Standing

There are two groups of supporters who will join with any organizations, individuals, governments, groups, or academics who originate from two vastly different sources with one commonality; they are both made up of Jews. One of these groups is a closely knit, strictly religious Jews who belong to the Orthodox Jewish Neturei Karta that believe that Israel is not to be founded by man but instead must await the coming of the Moshiach, the Messiah. Their feelings are so ardent that some of their actions in the past have drawn serious criticisms from Jews from all sides, beliefs, politics, religiosity, and whether they are Zionist or not. One such activity was when a delegation of Neturei Karta Rabbis attended the October 27, 2005, Iranian conference named, “A World Without Zionism or America” which was held in Tehran, Iran. They gave Iranian President Ahmadinejad a public relations coup as he had numerous pictures showing him with these obviously religious Jews laughing and with the speeches given the conference by the representatives from Neturei Karta’s leading rabbis present. Where the members of the Neturei Karta sect of Judaism are to be permitted their beliefs and thoughts about the ideas and ideals of Zionism and the existence of Israel, they should, at the very least, refrain from giving such a media coup to somebody like Iranian President Ahmadinejad, the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei or others whose final aim is the extermination of every last Jew not only in Israel but in the entire world, including the members of Neturei Karta.

The other groups of Jews who are facilitators for anti-Zionist or anti-Israel groups and organizations are extreme leftist secular Jews such as Professor Noam Chomsky; the Holocaust denier Norman Finkelstein; the leadership of extreme anti-Zionist NGOs such as Peace Now and B’Tselem; many other far-left academics; and many Jews who have replaced their personal performance of the Mitzvah of Tikkun Olam for voting for big government programs and leftist secular-humanist groups, organizations and NGOs supporting causes such as environmentalism, saving endangered animals, human rights, and especially pro-Palestinian and other anti-Israel NGOs. The Jews who take such stands are most often non-religious and have replaced religion with alignment with liberal, secular-humanist organizations, causes and NGOs which replace religion in their lives. These are their inspiration and give them definitions of what is right and just and what is wrong. These causes and groups supply their adherents with definitions for right and wrong, good and evil. They most closely resemble the Greek Hellenist Jews who spoiled the Holy Temple in Jerusalem by installing heathen Cyrenaic-Greek idols and performing sacrifices to the foreign idols. They, like the Hellenized Jews, often find great faults and stand in opposition of the strictly religious Jews. The really fascinating parallel is that the Hellenist Jews lived mostly along the coastal areas west of Jerusalem as well as within Jerusalem and ended up opposed and fighting against the Maccabees who were led by the Hasmonean family of Priests headed by Mattathias and who resided in Judea located east of Jerusalem while the modern secular Jews today fight against and oppose the Jewish communities built in the same Judea and are mainly religious Jews who are on the front line of defending the Lands of Israel just as did the Hasmoneans and the Maccabees. Sometimes the modern events and challenges facing the Jews residing in Israel parallel the ancient history of the original Jews, the Hebrews of historic lands which make up the current day modern Israel and Judea and Samaria. Another similarity is the fact that the modern Israeli religious Jews worst enemies are secular Jews while in ancient Israel the religious Jews were opposed by the Hellenized secular Jews. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Beyond the Cusp

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