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July 10, 2016

Panic! Panic! Revealed Terror Tunnel Entrances Are Under Mosques!


The actual title of the Townhall editorial article was Some Of Hamas’ Terror Tunnel Entrances Are Under Mosques in bold block print extra, extra large. We were surprised it was not blinking red with audio warning that they were about to reveal the Big Secret and then went on to quote directly “according to Israel National News (Arutz Sheva).” Much of the rest of the article was the Arutz Sheva article which to the best of our collective memories never made top billing on Arutz Sheva for the reason is it is ancient news, we have known all of this for ages, and the main point of the article had nothing to do with the tunnels which were additional news used to flesh out the article. The main point was a Shin Bet caught “Faiz Attar (65) of Beit Lahia, and Itallah Sarhan of Jabalia. Both towns are in the Gaza Strip” These gentlemen were smuggling tens to hundreds of thousands of Euros from Hamas in Gaza where they run the government as much as it can be referred to as such and were taking the shoe money, as they had special built shoes with an area to contain the cash, to finance Hamas in Judea and Samaria. This too is not exactly earth-shaking news either, just the names are new and really of little importance as these were couriers from families known to be Hamas related.


There was another well-known item here in Israel that we would hope gets some additional circulation throughout the West that there exist numerous tunnels which have entrances placed inside of homes of Gazans who have thusfar refused to join up with Hamas and are simply trying to get by day-to-day. Of course when these tunnels are detonated the two terminal points receive the brunt of the relayed force and destroy anything around those deadend termination points of the tunnel. The other end is often in Israel and also gets destroyed. The problem is when the tunnel is destroyed, whenever that blessed event may occur, these unfortunate innocent people end up the victims in Gaza and the Western media will be quoting these people’s life stories in great detail covering every detail of what they lost when their house exploded being targeted by those IDF forces who have no pity on the innocent. The media never places the blame with Hamas. Why, you might inquire. Let us explain.


The media desire to tell the stories of human tragedy, which these innocent people are a perfect example and their neighbors and all the other homes with tunnel entrances and those innocents and somewhere is the most devastating and touching story about poor grandpa who being old was too slow and is in hospital in very serious injuries and requiring surgeries which the hospital in Gaza could not provide and they now miss grandpa because he is gone. What is not explained is that gone means he is beyond their reach temporarily as he was transferred, during whatever else may have been in progress, to a hospital in Israel where he will receive some of the greatest medical care the world has to offer and they will be reunited with grandpa all staying free of charge while grandpa recovers free of charge and then they will all be returned to Gaza. The saddest part in our minds for these people is they need to return to Gaza. But if you are not willing to possibly sacrifice one of your children for the cause and refuse to shoot rockets at innocent Israelis, then Hamas uses your home for their tunnel entrance and tell you what an honor has been bestowed on you. One is assured that none of the tunnels end in Hamas family homes and especially not their leaders’ homes or neighborhoods or other high price locations and those places the in-people live and play (see montage below).


A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack,
Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance


A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance
A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance
A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance
A Taste of the Gaza Never Used to Mount Attack, Fire Rockets, or as a Tunnel Entrance


These are the poor and struggling Gazans scraping out their living as many of the poorer people in Israel also work hard to get by. These are the stories that are told repeatedly every conflict for the same reasons which are ignored, Hamas sets these people up by placing tunnels in their bedroom or living room or place rocket launchers next to their homes or on their roofs and then they are attacked to destroy the rocket launcher. The Israelis have nothing against these people as has been proven dozens of times over always with the same ending, failure due to Hamas. Hamas knows that if these tunnels or rocket launchers are not destroyed they have a victory and can continue trying to murder Israelis 24/7. If the rocket launchers or tunnels are destroyed possibly killing these intended victims of Hamas actions, then Hamas wins as they parade these victims by the Western media who eat it up loving every innuendo and scintillating detail of what those monstrous Israelis have caused. Hamas is innocent of any blame because if you write the truth about Hamas your privileges for reporting from Gaza are revoked if you are lucky and you simply vanish if you wrote something which caused that news to amplify and others quoted your report. Thus reporters with rights to tell the right stories about suffering Gazans who are victim of the Israelis and Hamas has done all it could for the family, which is true, they built them an underground cellar which reaches all the way into Israel onto their homes or placed a rocket launcher on their roof, who wouldn’t desire such favors.


That is the Modus Operandi of all the terror groups when fighting in their own lands amongst their powerbase and they all use their populations to their complete advantage, dead or alive. The victims, slowly and inevitably become permanent victims with which to flog the Israelis to gain concessions. These had been the reason that there are Arabs living in the midst of some of the largest cities of the Middle East but are not permitted to work except at the most menial and revolting jobs the local population would not perform at a minimal salary, thus they double as political refugees and slaves. These camps even exist in Gaza and in the Palestinian Authority (PA) controlled and ruled areas of Judea and Samaria. How one has refugees for going on three-quarters of a century fenced off from, in some cases family members who have not been deemed refugees, at least not yet, is beyond all rational thought except for one item, it is big business and people are gaining millions of Euros and Dollars. The most disgusting and revolting use of innocents has been the placing them on rooftops of buildings used as bases for operations, near rocket launchers or carried on one’s chest as if the child was body armor which is exactly what they have become (see videos below).


Another abuse which is fed directly by the United States, United Nations and almost all of Europe both individually or as a member of the European Union, is the dispensation of the cement and building supplies. Under extreme foreign pressures, Israel reluctantly permitted the importation of cement, concrete, and other building supplies including rebar, doors, utilities such as refrigerators and similar items. What could be utilized for building or replacing tunnels were taken right off the top thus far averaging close to ninety percent of the supplies have been stolen and appropriated by Hamas to build tunnels, bunkers and whatever else they desired leaving many Gazans still without a roof over their heads. It has been estimated that upwards of a thousand units could have been built or repaired with what has been permitted into Gaza but there has been negligible progress as the supplies simple are taken before they can be used for the intended purpose. Of course the world is still demanding that Israel provide or at least allow for provisions be permitted into Gaza until all the people have had their homes rebuilt. With close to ninety percent of the provisions going for military use, the world is once again demanding Israel cut her own throat and smile claiming to the end that we like it.


Europe had best figure out their coming Islamic problems as terror is far from being solely an Israel thing and has spread to the European Union and beyond. If they have thought the past year was awful, it will only get better. And be glad that when a police war breaks out and a large swath of apartments which ring the main cities where many Muslim reside are burnt to the ground, will the plan be to provide them with cement and concrete to permit their building ground floor bunkers and reinforced rooftops as set up for snipers? Just asking. Life does have this way of slowly engulfing everyone in the advanced world when the barbarians gather inside the gates. We cannot complain as we all allowed them in and gave them the idea that we would serve them in whatever fashion they desired. Now is the time to repair the breach before it becomes too late. It is always best to stand against a problem while it is small than to allow growth and further organizing might become the platform for changing the entire system into something we would hardly recognize, it goes by the name ‘Shriya’. There is no law or war or other descriptor placed after it as Sharia is a set of rules religiously motivated. Most of the terrorist have taken the most militant quotations from the Quran and verse by verse such that the Medina Quran superseded anything in the Mecca Quran which was far more open and accepting. If only the Muslims would utilize the original texts from the Quran which were written in Mecca as the story goes and as those writings were along the lines of Judeo-Christian writings of that era. The later Quran was more violent and the Shiites and Sunni have been using a separate idea as for the lineage one should follow. Unfortunately both sides believe that violence is the only way of proving who was correct all along, so they war as they are providing the proof in spades across Syria and much of Iraq.


That fight as well will find its place in Europe and when either population, the Sunni or the Shiites reaches twenty to twenty-five percent of the population they will then move to take command, implement Sharia, a religious framework build in conjunction with a political structure placing Muslims at the top and Arabs are considered better Muslims by the Sunni while the Shiites are split on that currently though they appear to be taking more to their Persian, their Aryan viewpoint of the world. This makes the Shiites far more dangerous than the Sunni, and the Sunni always install a chosen leader and they hold all power and can make law on a whim. They can also always be replaced by religious and secular means as their position places them atop both structures as well as commander of the military. This combination of holy man, ruling dictator, head of the police, both regular and religious including the dreaded morality corps, head of the Military and responsible for directing trade within and outside the nation and it can get messy very fast. Perhaps the Western World had best awaken, drink some coffee, smell a rose or two, put away the rose colored glasses you purchased in the 60s or 70s in a head shop in Greenwich Village (The Village) or the head supplies store two blocks from the epic Lombard Street brick paved winding tourist trap (see below). You guessed it, when visiting San Fran (San Francisco) you got to drive the section of Lombard Street just because it is there. It is almost as important as Muir Woods (see below) with the tall version of the sequoia trees.


Muir Woods
Muir Woods
Muir Woods
Muir Woods

Lombard Street
Lombard Street
Lombard Street
Lombard Street


The glasses would soon break as under Sharia one will comply or one will die as Islam is spread by the sword once again and these gentlemen have not gotten past knives hardly capable of the chore at hand. Then there is Islamic State who attempts to be ever more disturbing with every execution video. Europe, United States, Canada and even the new to be liberated Britain, we hope you are stepping forward with eyes wide open because it has appeared you are groping in the sunlight refusing to open your eyes to what it is you are doing and it will result in many people needlessly dying because of the coming blunders as your minds are completely shut to add on top of the blunders already committed. As our favorite song calls out, “America, where are you now, Don’t you know your sons and daughters need you now, A-m-e-r-i-c-a!


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January 17, 2016

Problems, Problems, Problems


The world is in a state of flux, well, let’s be honest, the world is in a state of convulsions. The European Union has decided that perhaps the produce grown by the labors of the Jews who planted and tended their groves for well over twenty years just to receive their first fruits worth mention, grape vines tended carefully and the wines made by wineries which have won blue ribbons in France, the land of wine, recognizing their careful blending of grapes or choices of the very best of a single grape both of which rely on care from the very start of setting up your vines with great care and then pray that the weather is kind and provide the exact amounts of rain when needed and sunshine between the rains and lots of sun with the right temperatures for the grapes. Then the harvest must be timed for when the grapes are their plumpest and full of sugars and the exact chemistry to produce the perfect wines. From there the grapes must be pressed, filtered, blended and married with the perfect yeast and then aged to the perfect point for bouquet, color, clarity, texture, taste and complexity which will spark the imagination of the entire panel in France and beyond. But the years it took these agricultural based businesses are of no consequence and that International Law actually backs the Israeli claim to the lands, all the lands, between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The actions by the European Union also ignores their own better interests but are actually attempting to eat their cake and still have it. The European commissioner for research, innovation and science, Carlos Moedas, while visiting Israel earlier this month commented to Israeli President Rivlin, “I love this country. I hope the cooperation between Israel and Europe will increase. For us, and for our scientists, it is extremely important. During my tenure I hope to be here for you, because you have been here for us in terms of everything in science and innovation. I want to be a little bit of your voice in terms of the great people I have met here and the many innovators and entrepreneurs. The drive and energy that you have in this country to create businesses is unique and is an example to Europe. I am here to tell you that I hope this cooperation will increase. For us, and our scientists, it is extremely important.” It is good to know that there is at least some sanity remaining in Europe though the re-release of “Mein Kampf,” even with the certain explanatory commentary presumably intended to mitigate the ravings of a madman who captured Europe in an transfixed rage which destroyed their souls and their humanity only eighty odd years ago. One must wonder whether the rising anti-Semitism in Europe might not find solace and supportive arguments for their savage hatreds.


If Europe were the sole insanity, but alas, the world is not that kind as Iran with the favorable nuclear treaty granting them a path to nuclear weapons has started flexing their muscles. This became ever so obvious when Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) forced two United States Naval Vessels to surrender and allow the capture of both crews when one was on a rescue to assist a disabled ship when the two were swarmed (see video below). They timed this assault on a disabled craft but waited for the rescue ship to slow and stop before making their assault and with one ship disabled and the other engaged in preparation to tow thus maximizing the vulnerability of both vessels timing the capture for the same time to hold and display the captured and cowed sailors concurrent to President Obama’s final State of the Union Address. The Iranians released a picture which showed the female American Navy personnel wearing an Islamic style head covering sitting on the floor with the other captives (pictured below) all appearing the picture of helpless. It would not be surprising to find out that the American Naval Personnel were under orders not to open fire so as to avoid a “situation” which would spoil the President’s special day. The real question is if this was a drill, it would be interesting to know who ordered the training mission and gave the coordinates for the first vessel to stop and kill their engines and wait for rescue vulnerable to the waves and currents in which they were drifting. The Iranians have also increased their military involvement in Syria and are arming Hezballah with far more heavy weapons to use when fighting the rebels and the Islamic State. These forces have been incorporated and used to augment Russian efforts to harden and secure the areas around the Russian port in Latakia, Syria. These same weapons will continue to be used by Hezballah should, or more likely when, they open another assault against Israel with the one critical difference being that with Hezballah now can open a front against the Golan Heights as well as along the Lebanon border. Hezballah holding the Golan Heights even for one day would be ruinous to Israel and all Israelis residing in the northeastern and central northern Galilee as they would once again be vulnerable to sniper fire. But if these are not enough, what else can there be?






American Naval Personnel with Female Forced to Wear Islamic Style Head Cover

American Naval Personnel with Female
Forced to Wear Islamic Style Head Cover



The world spins naturally on its axis while it revolves around the Sun which slowly makes its way around the Super Massive Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way which is going to collide with the Andromeda Galaxy potentially coinciding with the death of Sol, our sun, proving even in galactic events there can be multiple disasters befalling any planet as this did not mention what effect all of this will have on the various clouds of debris such as the, starting with the outermost cloud, the Ort Cloud moving towards the Sun we find the Kuiper Belt and finally the inside the orbit of Jupiter we find the Asteroid Belt and all of these are capable of shooting something towards the Sun and numerous objects of appreciable size cross the earth’s orbit both on their way in and again on their way out. The further out the object starts its trip, the faster it will be flying as it crosses the Earth’s orbit in either direction. The Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 made its fantastic set of collisions with Jupiter leaving battle-scars in Jupiter’s outer gas cloud of which many were many times larger than the Earth (see below). This event amassed such attention that the United States Congress rode the wave and authorized a number of teams of cosmologists to search the heavens and map the paths of those objects which posed a potential threat of colliding with the Earth. Another group of scientists were commissioned to prepare emergency plans for dealing with such a menacing threat which could end all significant life on the surface of the planet. Of course the lawmakers sobered up and realizing that there was no manner of making the tedium of searching for any space threats to Earth mostly by asteroids but also comets which would need to be a constant vigilance as they come from well beyond our ability to monitor until they are close enough to plot their trajectory to be sexy and attention getting so they cut funding to the bone and used the money on projects which buy those all-important votes. How the human race will ever venture out into space is a mystery but whichever nation gets to put a base on the moon, populate it with construction personnel and engineers and mining equipment such that they could bore passages and other bases such that somebody could transverse from the main base station to any other in order to carry out research or just visit and play the greatest volleyball game ever.






Solar System Exploded Picture Top to Bottom Asteroid Belt Ominously Orbiting Between Jupiter and Mars Kuiper Belt Around Pluto and Beyond Full of Lovable Dwarf Planet Leading to the Ort Cloud which Surrounds Solar System in an Orb-like Shell

Solar System Exploded Picture Top to Bottom
Asteroid Belt Ominously Orbiting Between Jupiter and Mars
Kuiper Belt Around Pluto and Beyond Full of Lovable Dwarf Planet
Leading to the Ort Cloud which Surrounds Solar System in an Orb-like Shell



The truth is that all of the planet Earth needs to come together and find some way of settling all the differences such that everybody has their space and can accept what they have and let go of the demands, schemes, dreams, designs or any other spark or even fading ember that too many nations, religions and even individuals hold that drive them to conquer others and invade, infiltrate or otherwise conquer, subsume, infiltrate or other way force others to change to suit your ideas and ways. The desire of all needs to be peace and if one really has to have designs on greater grandeur then instead of conquest here on our little space rock and take that desire to venture into the unknown and find your own world where you and those who agree with the need for dominion over the entirety of a planet, they have at your own planet and everybody else will leave you to your planet because they too will be seeking a world of their own or be amongst others and have a pluralist attitude and establishing multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-populated with some of all who can reside with others without conquest, instead using such drives to seek and settle more worlds and discoveries. Once humankind has begun the settlement out in the stars, then humankind will necessarily both acquiesce and accept others as you would prefer they accept you. We can, as human-kind, work together or continue to war until there are no more and in the end we become an unrecorded memory that evaporates as the sands of time, the winds of fate and the tides of eternity which wash the world clean of all of human existence and our futility. It is our choice to make and I fear we, not all but enough will seal our fate and space will never become ours to populate and discover as we will never actually leave our rock.


Beyond the Cusp


October 29, 2015

Time to Stop the Incitement


The violence being suffered in Israel is a direct result of incitement, lies, and the weak response from Israeli enforcement of law and order. Criminals, terrorists, rioters and inciters all can only get away with what they are allowed by the authorities which oversee them. If Israel desires to end the rioting on the Temple Mount, end the killing spree and bring law and order back instilling a safe environment for all citizens, it starts with the rule of law, the enforcement there of and the insistence that all citizens are treated equally by the law as well as before the courts. This means that there are not two sets of laws, two sets of courts or two sets of societal expectations. If a group of citizens within Israeli controlled areas is permitted to run amuck doing whatever they desire including assaulting, stabbing and destroying property and order while the rest of the society is forced to obey laws such that all they are permitted is to respond to protect themselves but solely after at least one person’s life had been endangered, then your society will fall to the level of the perpetrators of violence as anarchy can only follow as eventually the victimized rise up and act as are their tormentors. Eventually the public at large will demand safety and pursue such with their own hand and through their own actions. Eventually the victimized will also riot and take the law into their own hands and rewrite the laws as they see fit and then enforce them without the requirement of going through the proper channels or submitting their code of law to any governmental entity as such will have proven insufficient in providing an orderly society and as such will have abrogated the right to rule. The result of such inaction by government in enforcing order and providing safety for the citizenry will quickly find their power to rule evaporating as all sides in the society will be pursuing their own agendas without the consent of the government.


The first response which will come from the persistent victim class which would continue to sit in a burning theater without calling attention to the flames will bleat that all-famous phrase bleated by all the sheep throughout the ages, “But what will the rest of the world think and we must not invoke their wrath as they will say mean things about us.” So what? Does anybody in the world and especially in Israel honestly think that the rest of the world really gives a second thought to what goes on in Israel? Trust me when I state the reality of the situation, the only people who are worried that the Arab Palestinians will be treated in the manner their actions deserve and are insistent that the Jews in Israel just act with infirm timidity and suffer the stabbing, shootings, muggings, firebombing and any other forms of violence against them are the anti-Semites, anti-Zionists, and those who desire Israel be gone and swallowed up thus making the Jew, a general term which includes those who fear the wrath of the world and those willing to enforce their safety just to be done with what they see as a festering sore which means nothing more than an entity bringing disorder from that bothersome peoples who has aggravated us throughout history. Their desires is for Israel and the Jews to once again be subservient to their wills and are ready to sacrifice to the last Jew the State of Israel and undo what they view as their error committed at the United Nations coming up on sixty-eight years ago come November 29 of this year.


The Europeans and the nations of the anglophile simply desire peace and quiet and for the headlines of violence in the Middle East to go silently into a state where they are no longer bothered by the events in our little part of the world. Such a request, actually closer to a demand, can be attained in one of two ways; first is the entirety of the peoples within the general Israeli controlled areas be brought to order through enforcement of the law universally and equally or secondly by permitting complete chaos to rule thus forcing the civil citizens to leave and the violence to become another Syria-styled fratricidal conflict slowly devolving to a system where the winning side will be the sole last person standing atop a pile of corpses. Since the Arabs are beyond their ability to control and will refuse to meet or follow any rule of law let alone a plea for order, thus the Europeans and all others petition the one side which actually cares what others think and are saying to surrender and give the Arabs whatever it is they desire. The average European does not care that the Arabs are rioting and slashing Jews in the streets, they just want the conflict over and believe the rhetoric from Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of the miscreant political entities from the PA when they claim to only desire the lands occupied by the Jews. What they do not understand is that means all of the lands occupied by the Jews as is made obvious to even the most casual of observers if only their eyes were opened to see the reality and not the propaganda concealing the reality. For those who desire to see the reality and actually educate themselves, all that is required is to carefully evaluate what it is the Arabs are demanding as depicted honestly by Abbas and the presenters pictured below.



Abbas Accepting Map Depicting Palestine Replacing all of Israel and Looking Extremely Pleased



There is a reason why there can be no further compromises by Israel in order to quell the violence because any surrender will only whet their appetites for more and more until all of Israel has been swallowed and things are as they should be as far as the terror inciting leadership. Where Mahmoud Abbas may present the conflict as one over sovereignty of just the occupied lands he is telling a half-truth because despite his definition of occupied being all of Israel, he allows for the world outside of the Middle East and Arab Muslim dominated countries to believe the lie that they desire a two states living side–by-side picture propelled by the presiding propaganda. The false belief that this is a political struggle over land is also purely propaganda hiding the reality, the truth. Let it be known that the Arab-Israeli conflict, the true and real name of this fight where the greater Arab world upon realizing what the KGB was insisting they do in order to defeat Israel, invented a peoples which they then gave a history out of thin air that actually mirrors the Jewish claims to the lands in order to give the pretense that this was a small conflict over a miniscule piece of land to allow that people the dignity they deserved and that the Jews of Israel were denying them. The Arabs do not care about any peoples and their claims for their own lands as proven that there was no cry for a state for these Arabs separate from the surrounding Arab nations from whence they came while the land was under Jordanian occupation because Jordan was sufficiently Arab and Muslim while Israel is not. These are the same peoples who slaughtered the Yazidis, the Christians in Mosul and have ravaged misery across the entirety of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) area from Afghanistan to Morocco.


The truth is this is both an Arab struggle to impose their rule over every inch of what they see as their lands as well as a Muslim religious war as all lands which ever were under Islamic control must remain as such eventually encompassing the entire world, as the Europeans are about to cross over to beyond the cusp and into the Bizarro World which Israel had been surviving despite the forces at play as their new resident population demands Sharia and the imposition of Islamic rights to special considerations under freedom of religion and their demands will never be satisfied as they will nibble and nibble until everything is just right for the violence to begins in earnest as there is nothing more to be gained politically. The inevitable war which will erupt from within each nation in Europe will in a cascade from one to the next sweep Europe clean of any semblance to their Christian past. All will be wiped clean and rewritten as having always been under the crushing obsessions and impositions of Islam and all history from before will be rewritten and credited as having Islamic purity. The conflict in Israel is an old religious battle started in the middle of the Seventh Century and only now once again at the beginning of their next great push to impose Islam universally over the entirety of the planet. There can be nothing less according to strict Islamic laws which are backed by one set of rules written into the Quran which are entirely different than the Islamic codes the Western world is currently experiencing. The reality of the progressions of the enforcement of the Quran starts with the precepts of the Quran as it was inspired and written during the Mecca formative years which have a universalist code permitting all forms of religious freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of choice and almost every other code of conduct currently acceptable in the Western world. This is the passive form of Islam which the unsuspecting society predicates their treatment of Islam. But there is more and that becomes evident usually far too late for any society to survive and fight off Islamic conquest. These are the verses written by an Islam which has become preeminent and ascendant imposing their rule of law over and superceding all other laws. These are a series of laws designed to be religiously asphyxiating allowing only Islamic dominance. These laws were written by a leader of the most dominant entity with Mohammad as the warlord over a rampaging and ravaging oppressive military bent firstly on revenge over Mecca for expelling Mohammad and then off to conquer the Arabian Peninsula then the Middle East and finally North Africa only to finally fail at the gates of Europe in the Balkans and in Southern France. For a slightly deeper discussion we invite you to read Which Quran, Mecca or Medina?


The reality in the Israeli theater of Arab Muslim operations, and this is the reality despite the fact that this is a religious struggle, it will be fought on a traditional battlefield with real weapons and not simply a philosophical discussion of the merits of each religion before an enthralled audience. This will be fought before a resistive audience who are like Israel as the Jewish State whether they realize this or not. Even the most liberal and leftist Israeli who protests for the end of the occupation does not understand that includes their house whether it is in Beit El or Tel Aviv as they are equal in the eyes of the Arab Palestinians’ intentions for their dominance. This is a religious conflict to decide whose rules are enforced on the populace and if it is the Israeli rules then freedom will be the backdrop and prevailing societal norm and if it is the Arab Palestinians then it will be a dictatorial democracy where the election will be previously decided right down to the last vote and everyone will be permitted to cast a ballot but unlikely an actual counted vote as under Sharia the leaders are chosen by the Imams and are often the Imams themselves. Under Sharia there is no freedom of thought, freedom of dress, freedom of expression or any other of the freedoms found in Western, Judeo-Christian, Judaic based society or any other of the normative things taken for granted in Israel today.


Even the terminology of the societies are completely different and it is next to impossible for anyone to understand what life and the rule of law would be under an Arab Palestinian ordered society. The average Israeli or Western societal based individual actually understands how Quranic law dominates and defines every aspect of your society and your personal actions. Islam is a religiously based political entity set on world domination and extending its rule over the entirety of mankind and installing a singular head with the necessary structure for them to impose Islamic law with their own personal imprint and this is where you will witness how corrupt complete power over an entire world can quickly become a nightmare for all. Should anybody desire a glimpse into that future you need not look any further then Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan or any other Islamic society anywhere in the MENA world. This is a religious war of which the majority of those refugees spreading throughout Europe mostly believe is their route to salvation and that depends on their imposing their rules and laws upon the rest of any society in which they reside. That is the monstrous entity that you are importing into your lands and welcoming with open arms into your society. They will not approve or deign to live under your rules nor will they respect your freedoms all while insisting on your respecting their freedoms, their freedoms with which they will eventually enslave you. This is your future that you have brought upon yourselves and against which Israel is and will continue to struggle but is being crippled by your ignorance and willful blindness. The lights in Europe are getting ever closer to being extinguished for a very long time and not to return until Islam eventually decided that the original verses and not what Salman Rushdie called “The Satanic Verses” in his history making book on Islam through the life of Mohammad. The book was first released in 1988 and inspired in part by the life of Muhammad.


Finally, there are some terminology one need be familiar with if they are to understand the truth coming out of Mahmoud Abbas and his cohorts’ mouths. When they refer to “armed struggle” they mean terror strikes and other actions with which to murder Jews of any age from in the womb to a hundred-twenty or higher still. When they say “occupied land” they are referring to all of Israel. When they claim they only desire “their own state” they mean the state which replaces Israel. Whenever they refer to violence they mean their own people instigating the violence and their problem is with any attempts to restore order. The al-Aqsa Mosque refers to an area which had extended to cover the entirety of the Temple Mount and there was just an attempt to have UNESCO declare the Western Wall and plaza below the Temple Mount also included under the term al-Aqsa Mosque and did get their defined legal possession as per UJNESCO of the entirety of the Old City of Jerusalem and if their dreams are realized they will eventually be granted possession by the United Nations over all Jerusalem and then they will be targeting Tel Aviv. When they claim that the progenitors of Islam possessed the entirety of the globe and that a perfect time existed where Islam ruled the world before an evil came and stole the lands and forced their religions on the world and thus destroyed this perfected Earth, many actually believe thusly and are sworn to return the world to this perfect state by any and all means possible. The Muslims have a religious obligation to lie about their intentions and to claim anything which will deflect any suspicions that their intent is to dominate the society and force all into Islam or slavery, your choice and if you take too long they will behead you instead and do is with some degree of glee. The truth is that the Islamic State is conducting their conquests as demanded by Islam and their treatment of those they believe are opposed them to be murdered with the minimalist of a trial followed by an ever more gruesome and tormented means of execution solely to intimidate their enemies and fill susceptible minds with delusions of their greatness through which they have gained converts in the thousands from all points on the globe including many young men from wealthy or upper middle class families in the United States and the rest of the Western world.


These threats must be uncovered and treated as the threats they are and this includes the Arabs attempting to eradicate Israel and Israel will fight this fight, will your leaders do the same? Think long and hard about whether your leaders, your government, the European Union honchos in Belgium also stand strong. We have seen much of their strong will as they bend over backwards claiming they would never insult Islam. That, my friends, is what they see as a complete and total surrender though they will still take their time as the Muslims have all but perfected the slow subversion of any society where freedoms are the law, especially religious freedom as Islam is as much a political entity for domination as it is a religious institution and even that demands that all convert or eventually be exterminated as undesirable too blind to see the truth, and there they may have a valid point. Think and start to read sources of Islamic information even if you need to translate the source. It is probably easier to ask a Muslim for information on Islam as you are curious and want to know the truth for yourself and then make sure they give you all the information but beware of Taqiyya, the permission and even demand that a Muslim may lie even about Islam or their being a believer in Islam if in the end it is done to further spread Islam over the face of the Earth. Know this and always remember that the lies of Taqiyya, the lies of Islam, are always present as they also lie to themselves about the merits of Islam and the ruination that follows the believers of all other faiths as they also believe to own the sole road to heaven, in their case that heaven is ruled by Allah, the god of Abraham, Ishmael and Mohammad not to be mistaken for Hashem whose lineage of believers passes from Abraham through Isaac and Jacob, a noticeable and significant difference which is why when they claim that Jews and Christians are worshiping a false deity they honestly believe that Hashem is a false deity. Within Islam there exist many avenues which are used to sell their religious and political belief system to the world so they package it with pretty paper and have box within boxes layering the revelations such that you are not overwhelmed and are revealed only so much as they believe you can accept at any time. After you have internalized their included your new lesson and memorized the verses of the Quran and accepted the Five Pillars of Islam (pictured below) then you are well on your way to a successful conversion. The risk you take is that should you say certain verses then you will have converted by Islamic standards and now you are no longer permitted to practice your former religion and any act which might prove you have not accepted Islam into your heart might cause you to have the worst final day of your life as trying to leave the folds of Islam once you have taken the steps to become a Muslim you cannot ever go back to your regular life as you are to be hunted down and executed for your crimes. Life can take some radical shifts and turns for the unwary and the careless, so, be careful when you take to unfamiliar territories, think and be very careful with your actions, as do all actions, eventually have consequences, sometimes radical and dangerous ones.



Five Pillars of Islam



Below is a video of official Hamas television recently broadcasting a pair of Arab Palestinian boys, dressed up in battle fatigues, telling a smiling talk-show host telling her of his wish to become an engineer “so that I can build bombs to blow up all the Jews.”





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