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February 8, 2015

Obama Fighting War of His Making Ignoring Others

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President Obama is fighting what he believes is the greatest of evils facing mankind in the world today. He is marshaling the Democrat troops, sending Vice President Biden across the oceans, having Democrat Senators enter meetings of the greatest urgency, hoping to coral as many Democrat House Representatives to hold their meeting concurrently as the Senate Democrat meeting, and calling for efforts on the ground in Israel to canvas the nation warning against the greatest evil challenging the world in hopes of gathering the Israeli public in his efforts to right the wrongs and defeat the greatest of evils. But what is the nature of this evil which demands such efforts and coordination across two continents marshalling the people to fight and finally put this menace to all that is holy to rest. Senators, Representatives, public leaders and political ground forces capable of raising awareness with resultant actions across two nations to face an evil; a pernicious and foreboding evil that has threatened the very ties between two civilizations risking a calamity which if not addressed immediately could result in explosive violence across the Middle East. This threat has taken the highest priority on the President’s plate, but first let’s take a look at the solutions the President has in place on some of the other problems before we debate the merits of the President’s present obsession.

There is a deadline approaching, well, not so much a deadline as the latest date by which the negotiations between the P5+1 (United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and Germany) with Iran over their nuclear program and the concerns that they just may be working towards the manufacturing of nuclear weapons are to conclude. Secretary of State Kerry let slip this week the secret negotiating technique the State Department has been applying to this recent and seeming last ditch effort to reach an agreement by March 24 avoiding a third procrastinating setting of a new date which would probably set yet another date towards the end of summer. But the new negotiation technique should resolve any outstanding issues as the instructions are should the Iranians balk at any of the demands then they are to drop said demand and move along to the next position and hopefully there will be sufficient time to readdress the outstanding and dropped issues. It is far more likely that we will see some agreement which will allow for President Obama to announce the reopening of an United States embassy in Tehran during his visit to Tehran where he will join Iranian President Rowhani in a signing ceremony setting the parameters and inspection format permitting only peaceful and low level uranium enrichment under IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) oversight. What could ever go wrong with having the IAEA inspectors under the guidance and power of the United Nations?

Then there is the problem with the JV (Junior Varsity) of the terror world, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), sometimes simply referred to by their preferred title of IS (Islamic State) or the Caliphate. They had swarmed across one third of Iraq’s central regions and almost half of Syria before being slowed and finally contained by the Kurdish militias, Peshmerga forces, contained them in northern Iraq and reinforced the Kurdish YPG (People’s Defense Unit) and its complimentary YPJ (Women’s Defense Unit) stopping ISIS dead in the northern Syrian town of Kobanê, <a href= target=blank>their official Internet Site</a> and slowly retaking their home town. Further, the allied efforts of sixty nations carrying out airstrikes have also prevented ISIS from taking the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad as well as assisting Kurdish efforts to take back some lands in Syria and northern Iraq. The areas liberated by the Kurdish forces in Iraq have revealed a telling and horrid tale spelled out by the mass graves of Yazidis and Iraqis with numerous of the dead having single bullet wounds to the back of their heads and some with signs of having had their hands tied. Many of the witnesses have retold stories spinning a tale revealing the atrocities and degradations committed by the forces under ISIS, many of which are too horrific to be spoken of except as an impetus to action by those opposing the butchers of ISIS. One such horror that was regaled before the world in a video showed the execution by immolation of the Jordanian pilot held prisoner by ISIS. This atrocity has steeled the Jordanian people in any efforts to avenge their countryman’s fate. Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II referred to ISIS as “Islamic Extremists” and vowed that Jordanian military was able and readying to ramp up their efforts to destroy ISIS claiming they would be “relentless” with strikes upon “their own homes,” and to continue the fight until Jordan runs “out of fuel and bullets.” When the video which showed the Jordanian pilot’s fate was released to the world, King Abdullah was in Washington D.C. where President Obama refused the Jordanian King’s request to be supplied with drone aircraft to make reconnaissance and other tactical missions thus aiding and increasing the effectiveness of the Jordanian efforts against ISIS.

Another front facing the world and especially the United States as the head of NATO and presumably the free world, President Obama has been all but absent from the uprising and Russian interference in eastern Ukraine. The uprising has had the telltale signs of Russian intervention as many of the fighters, especially those manning the heavy weapons and armored vehicles, have what appear to be wearing Russian military combat fatigues with no rank, name, unit or other markings. These troops are further tied to Russia as they are most often noted in numbers immediately after there have been additional armor or heavy weaponry crossing the border from Russia into the eastern Ukraine. While the Europeans had installed deep sanctions on Russia which had been starting to have their full effect felt, President Obama was busy leading the way for calls to remove the crippling sanctions were made and eventually heeded by the Europeans. In return, the United States has delivered non-lethal equipment such as night vision equipment, blankets, meal packets and similar supplies. The United States will be debating the pros-and-cons of providing the Ukraine so-called “defensive lethal aid,” that might be permitted to include anti-tank, anti-air and anti-mortar systems. The Russians led by President Putin who will likely call President Obama and remind him of the message he had relayed through then President Medvedev stating that, “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.” The aim is to put an end to the Russian adventurisms before Russian backed rebels rise up against the government in any NATO nation whose government then invokes Article V which requires the other NATO members to come to the aid of the nation facing such an invasion. Where the Ukraine is not as of yet a NATO member, they had been inching in that direction and it was the fears of their being accepted thus placing them under NATO Article V protection. The problem will boil over should Russian President Putin attempt the same scenario in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland or even Poland as Putin had boasted in a threat late last year when he described his feeling and disrespect for NATO implying that it was a hollowed out paper tiger completely devoid of the strength or will to prevent Russia from retaking the lands which had been under the influence of the Soviet Union. Such a threat would reveal the true intestinal fortitude of President Obama assuming that he has any to stand upon.

These problems would appear to be capable of filling the plate of even the greatest of leaders and of taxing their ability to fulfill their obligations as the leader of the free world. They surely have filled President Obama’s cup to overflowing, but as we have seen above, the President is right there with a resolute stance and the will to back that up if required. When the time comes to put up or go home he inevitably chooses to stay home and lead from behind. In Mali President Obama allowed the French to take the lead while he waited should any catastrophe require he stand up and be heard defining why this particular problem was not such a serious threat requiring any further actions, especially requiring American “boots on the ground.” He followed in Libya and then walked away with the job at hand only half completed. The refusal to step up and clear out all of the rats and their nests eventually assisted in leading to the tragedy which occurred in Benghazi where United States Ambassador to Libya John Christopher Stevens was murdered while the United States Consulate building was torched and burned to the ground. Also murdered were Sean Smith, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer and aide to Ambassador Stevens along with two former Navy SEALS, Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods who answered the desperate calls for assistance and eventually were murdered during the ensuing battle at the Central Intelligence safe-house where they managed to hold out for close to eight or nine hours calling for an air strike and any relief though none was ever going to be sent. Thus far investigations have yet to place the blame for giving the orders to “stand sown” to all units who were close enough to have rescued the two former SEALS who had rescued a number of Consulate staff and were fighting the insurgents attempting to save anybody still requiring their assistance.

The above challenges and the numerous scandals have the administration attempting to run out the clock until the term is complete and interest in them should die. Despite the appearance of great importance some of the situations such as with ISIS in both Iraq and Syria, Iran on the verge of producing nuclear weapons, and Russia threatening to overrun the Ukraine as well as potentially striking Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or even Poland, and keeping the lid on the many scandals his Administrations, and especially Attorney General Erik Holder has produced, such as the Veterans administration keeping multiple lists to conceal their atrocious wait times which were actually killing many of the United States’ most vulnerable and destitute veterans, the NSA (National Security Agency) peering and hacking into personal files and other information stored on their computers as well as from credit card records and other such files, the Fast and Furious Program which could of added Fiasco to its alliterated name. The firearms placed intentionally in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels resulted in one dead American Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, and who even knows how many Mexican innocents, police officers and military forces assisting in their war on drugs. The rest of the tragedy which was Fast and Furious was that the firearms were never recovered nor were there any arrests or convictions attained due to the intentional arming of the worst criminals throughout Mexico and especially on the United States southern border. Add in the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) scandal where groups applying for tax exemption due to their nonprofit status were placed last to be processed and made to go through the most twisted demands and requirements to prove their nonprofit status including the answering of thousands of questions and even required them to turn over lists of their donors simply determined by if their name included words which were deemed suspicious and automatically placed the petitioner in the slowest and most intensive inquiries possible. What were some of these words? Words such as freedom, independence, guns, firearms, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Tea Party, 9/12 Organization, and other keywords which were considered to dictate the inquiry came from conservative or libertarian motivated organizations. There additionally were the attacks on the privacy of selected news and editorialists with whom the White House had difficulties or disagreements with their slant. These invasions of their private lives even went so far in at least one instance that the reporter’s parents’ files and information was run through the mill to see what may fall out. There is even more on the domestic scandal front but you get the idea.

Either side, the domestic scandals and the terror and Russian threats and other menaces on the world’s stage would be enough on their own plate and would lead anybody into a dizzying schedule just attempting to keep up, but the President has a singular mission he has placed before all others, the changing of the make-up of the Israeli government resulting in the replacing of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu with the collaboration of Tzipi Livni and Yitzhak Herzog at any cost. Towards this end the White House has set up a funding headquarters in an office in New York City on West 38th Street under the name of the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) V15/One Voice. In a surprising effort in Israel there exists another NGO with a name very similar to the NGO in New York, the Israeli one is named V2015 though on some of its material the name is shortened to V15. We have covered some of the particulars, and more should become available as we approach the March 17 Israeli elections. Our previous article was titled, <a href= target=blank>“Obama’s Deceits Over Israeli Elections”</a> and includes the letter written by Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Lee Zeldin who are both Member of Congress sent to Secretary of State John Kerry demanding to know and have an accounting over whether government funding of V15 and One Voice are being utilized in efforts to affect the Israeli elections. The efforts the White House is taking to attempt to embarrass Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for accepting an invitation from Speaker of the House Boehner to address the combined houses of Congress on the Iranian nuclear issue and to give a summary of anything the Israelis might know that the State of the union address failed to mention. What is interesting about the protestations being staged by the White House is that they are premised on some false information. Firstly, the Prime Minister was going to be in the United States to speak to the AIPAC Conference the first week of March and it has been almost a given custom to have the Israeli Prime Minister address the Congress while he is in the United States. Additionally, the White House had been given notice that the Speaker of the House was going to request that the Israeli Prime Minister address Congress, the Speaker simply did not wait for an answer as the last time he made such a request it took the White House almost, if not all of, three months before granting him a reply. Additionally, the Speaker was aware that the White House would take an equally lengthy time this time as well so he decided that advising them of his intent to request such an audience was sufficient, for which there exists no reason that the Speaker of the House is required to have such invitations approved by anybody, the third in line to become President in a catastrophe where both the President and the Vice President were rendered unable to continue as the leader of the United States.

The White House has taken an additional step beyond their very public statement repeated numerous times stating that President Obama will refuse to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu and that Secretary of State Kerry has been instructed not to meet with the Israeli Head of State; they have further made grand mentioned that Vice President Biden will also not be present as he will be out of town in the midst of travels on the date of Netanyahu’s speech. Adding insult to injury, Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Kerry both made particular effort to conspicuously hold excessively visible meeting with Israeli Labor Party leader Yitzhak Hertzog demanding the press make note of this public display intended to send a visceral message to Israelis that the White House has found their lackey with whom they can arrange what President Obama has wanted since he made his very first official call as President to Mahmoud Abbas, to force Israel to surrender all of Judea, Samaria and Most of Jerusalem returning to within the Green Line which guarantees a bloody war will soon ensue when Arab rockets close Ben Gurion Airport and destroy numerous skyscrapers in the heart of Tel Aviv. The lengthy discourse stressing the complete lack of any relations between the two groups have continued to the point of absurdity and cemented the ties in place for all to see if only they desire to seek the truth. In all honesty, Benyamin Netanyahu or his Likud Party have retained the services of a political group which assists with campaign organizational functions and all other aspects who have previously been used by Republican candidates. The difference is that the firm assisting the reelection of Prime Minister Netanyahu and the return of his predominant Likud Party has been done straight up without any denials or other shenanigans. The V15 or V2015 and One Voice campaign refuses to even come out and say for whom they are working. When approached they claim they are not supporting the Labor Party-Hatnua Party alliance list running under the name “Zionist Camp,” a misnomer intended to mislead the electorate, and even refuse to recognize that they are attempting to bring down Prime Minister Netanyahu from forming the next coalition and say instead that they desire to force a change in the government from the nationalist to something else. They do not presumably care as long as the governance changes, I wonder what their reply would be if somebody then stated they must be supporting Jewish Home Party leader Naftali Bennett which my bet is would elicit the response of dismissing such as a silly idea as Bennett is not the next in line should Likud not be tapped to form the next government. The final incriminating piece of evidence is the stated plan of feeding the Israeli staff through the New Israel Fund (NIF) which is an NGO which has a history of being a clearing house of sorts for progressive groups, NGOs and even political campaigns to funnel moneys from outside of Israel into Israel such that the entity receiving funding from NIF can sometimes be dirty money being funneled illegally into Israeli politics. This has been the method of choice by the Anthropomorphic Climate Change entities when receiving funding from European governments or even from the European Union (EU) or the United Nations (UN). The final push will come in the final week to week and a half which is also when the New York office intends to flush the monies into Israel hoping that its late entry will not be revealed and caught by the agency which monitors the election for irregularities. Perhaps once the Israeli elections have concluded then President Obama can address some of those trifling matters such as Russia’s President Putin threatening to return the world to the Cold War days or address ISIS who is intent on introducing the hottest conflagration of war possible to the whole of the world given sufficient time and munitions.

Beyond the Cusp

March 11, 2014

Washington’s Foreign Policy Calamities

With such a wide area, it is actually difficult to choose where to begin. It has become obvious even to some die hard supporters of President Obama that he appears to be totally out of his depth when it comes to foreign affairs. Then again, with the healthcare disasters coming fast and furious, he does appear to be out of his depth in all too many ways. There is the Benghazi disaster where President Obama promised that no effort would be spared in bringing the perpetrators to justice. If perpetrators being brought to justice meant their being interviewed by United States news agencies, then mission accomplished, but if the President meant to pay for their crimes, well, then not so much. The main blowback from this particular disaster is not likely to break the surface until the 2016 Presidential election and then only should Hillary, “What Difference At This Point Does It Make?!”, Clinton is the Democrat candidate. It could very easily be that the single casualty of the murder of four Americans, including the Ambassador and two former Navy Seals who attempted a rescue and did get some people to safety, will be the Clinton campaign with the sole question being whether she will be sunk by her own words by a Democrat in the primaries or a Republican in the general election. Time will tell.


As far as the other major disasters currently in progress, one would be hard pressed to pick the most dangerous between the Russia invasion of the Crimea Peninsula of the Ukraine, the lack of resolve in preventing Iran from attaining nuclear weapons, or the blind drive to force a Middle East peace no matter the dangers and damages which may be caused in the process. The basic difficulty that President Obama and his administration have in each of these diplomatically explosive situations has been their inability to pose any credible threat to those who take up an adversarial role against the United States presumed interests. In the Middle East peace process while President Obama and Secretary of State both pressure Israel mercilessly despite the Israeli government and Defense Forces both working with the many facets of the multitude of advisors and bureaucrats from both the United States Department of Defense and State Department to find some accommodation which satisfies both parties while Palestinian Authority leaders from Mahmoud Abbas on down take turns declaring their contempt and refusal to agree to even the most basic principles and measures of the proposed framework. Despite the refusal by the Palestinians, President Obama has declared that Mahmoud Abbas is prepared to recognize Israel as the State for the Jewish People, a point which Abbas has been most adamant over his refusal to agree now or forever into the future. His outright refusal to so recognize Israel has been defined as more than the normal red line but as something that in so antithetical to the Palestinians and the Arab world that just breaching the subject is considered an insult worthy of causing the Palestinians to walk from the peace process in response. Furthermore, State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki stated to the Palestinian Al-Quds newspaper Saturday, “The American position is clear, Israel is a Jewish state. However, we do not see a need that both sides recognize this position as part of the final agreement.” Such a misinterpretation from President Obama of the Palestinian position, also as this has been one of the Palestinian refusals repeated the most since it was introduced to the discussion, is proof that the President does not consider foreign policy situations to be an area he should need to address.


The same can be said of the so-called great compromise with Iran over their nuclear program which the President has touted as a great step forward in preventing the Iranians from producing a nuclear weapon, an evaluation not shared by the leadership in Israel and one that caused the French sufficient distress that they initially refused to accept and actually vetoed the plan while the British warned Saudi Arabia’s Royals through a side channel of the dangerous lack of teeth of the plan touted by the United States. After consultations between the United States with the British and French, the plan was forced through a little over a week later. The final framework with Iran was very close to a complete surrender to the Iranian’s main set of demands which they had held strong and insisted from the beginning while President Obama and the American negotiators slowly but ever so surely compromised away one difference after another until the only demands made upon the Iranians were mostly cosmetic and promises while the allies relaxed or ended numerous sanctions and released billions, if not trillions, of dollars to the Iranians. Finally, Russian President Putin has all but completely ignored and disregarded every protestation coming from President Obama assured that there will be absolutely no price to pay. President Putin had observed President Obama’s inaction and fecklessness after the murder of the American Ambassador and three others in Benghazi followed by President Obama’s backtracking from his Red-Line on chemical weapons use by Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad. President Obama could not have given a better show of spineless weakness in a crisis. The Syrian fiasco was the final proof Putin required to realize that he could do absolutely anything without fear of an American response of any consequence. He realized that no matter what threat or pressure President Obama threatened, there would be little if any consequence so Putin ordered Russian shock troops into the Crimean Peninsula and took command of the naval base at Sevastopol on the Black Sea. The last example is almost not worth mention as when the Chinese claimed an extended naval maritime zone to include nearly all of the South China Sea which also placed two Japanese claimed Islands within the newly extended zone. There was almost no visible challenge from the United States as American passenger aircraft and ships were instructed to respect the Chinese claims. The sailing of a small American naval contingency through the zone and not taking up a standing position was completely ignored by the Chinese. This caused great consternation with the Japanese who had agreements to defend their claims with the United States and were left high and dry just as have the Ukrainians who also had border guarantees from the United States.


There are many theories and explanations as to why President Obama and his administration have such a poor record in the field of foreign affairs. Many claim it has to do with his lack of knowledge about foreign affairs as his entire record have been as a community organizer and a State Senator who voted “Present” more often than any other member of that body. Some claim that his temperament is unsuited for handling tense and terse adversarial relations and dealings which are often at the core of foreign relations. The majority of explanations which all revolve around President Obama having a disdain, dislike, aversion or inability to actually understand and take the necessary stands and forceful actions necessary in foreign affairs, especially in any adversarial situation. Unfortunately, it is my opinion that all of these excuses and reasoning are wrong and such is proven by President Obama’s and his administration’s standing up and being forceful when it comes to pressuring and taking adversarial positions when it comes to Israel and his ability to pressure and persuade the French and British to back from their misgivings and agree to the weak and dangerous framework agreement with Iran. When it comes to forcing nations who have been historically allies and friends of the United States, President Obama can strike with the effect of a wrecking ball completely blasting through any resistance with total disregard. It is only when the required actions would be in opposing historical adversaries of the United States that President Obama and his Administration become incompetent and impotent. I firmly believe that the apparent incompetence and ineffectualness in foreign affairs has been an intentional enacted policy and not due to any lack of effort. The best and most fitting explanation is that the foreign policy of President Obama and administration has simply been just another extension of his plan to fundamentally change the United States. President Obama has stated in his campaign for his first term that he was going to take a new and different path that would make the United States take a different position in the world, one that would be less forceful and more accommodating and that was supposed to make the world love the United States. I do not believe that his actual goal was a lovable United States; his desire was an impotent and ineffectual United States which would surrender her status as the world’s super power. This change in the world standing for the United States required two major changes. The first change was to make the United States have a smaller impact and to aim for minimizing the American footprint on the world. This has been accomplished by compromising and facilitating traditional enemies while countering of leaving traditional allies and friends to fend for themselves or even actively opposing their efforts whenever possible. The second change was the neutering of American military might. That has been started by cancelling the production of the remainder of F-22 Raptors along with the cancellation of numerous other military weapons, many of which were well into the final planning stages and where billions of dollars had been invested in the work to date. All of those funds became wasted resources, but that did not matter as long as it weakened the United States military capabilities. Then there was the negotiation of a new START weapons reduction treaty which resulted the United States not only reducing its nuclear arsenal by a more significant percentage than was required of the Russians, but also had excessively weak enforcement and verification language which may have allowed the Russians not to meet their entirety of obligation. Finally, in every budget the military has been cut excessively with even another huge cut coming this past year even after the sequester was taken fifty-percent from the defense budget. The United States military budget has been reduced to under five percent of the total budget in the proposed budget from the White House for the next fiscal year. These cuts have pared the military of the United States down to levels not seen since before World War II. Such an anti-military budgeting has also made the world less safe as the United States now has not only retreated from her role as the enforcer of freedom but had her claws and teeth pulled to such an extent that she may no longer be able to fulfill that role for many years to come. The damage done in the foreign policy arena by President Obama has been of such a magnitude that he truly has proven to be another President Jimmy Carter except on steroids. The lasting question is will the United States of America ever return from this disaster sitting in the White House.

Beyond the Cusp


December 3, 2010

A Really Bad Start

President Obama has claimed that the Start nuclear disarmament treaty that he negotiated with the Russians is a solid treaty in the best interest of the United States. I would have to question the validity of this claim as the White House is pushing the lame duck Senate to quickly ratify the Start Treaty without the usual in depth studies usually given treaties with such deep and far reaching consequences. Sometime these consequences will not be realized for years, possibly decades, well after the time that changes or precautions could have better prepared and addressed the affects on our national defense and deterrent capabilities. This rush to validate the Start treaty really sparks my curiosity as to exactly what is in this reputed great treaty.

The fact that President Obama and the White House staff have been calling for ratification not because of what is in the treaty, but rather what might be the Russian reaction should Start not gain ratification. President Obama also believes that only with the current heavily Democrat Senate does this treaty have any chance of receiving the 67 needed votes for ratification. President Obama fears that once the new Senate is seated with a more powerful Republican presence, the Start Treaty will die a merciless death. But, would this necessarily be a bad thing?

For the brave and determined, here is the LINK to the State Department reference page to all things Start Treaty. Should you decide to wade through all the diplospeak, I hope you find it as rewarding as did I. In all honesty, much of the specifications, definitions, qualifiers, exceptions, and other things that I’m not sure how to identify, seemed more like writings designed with the intent of evoking sleep mixed with confusion.

Needless to say, while researching the new Start Treaty, I was confronted with a plethora of straight-forward and convoluted arguments both for and against. Most of the arguments against Start gave lists of how the United States was required to make greater or deeper cuts than the Russians and how it would also put an end to any development of missile defense. The arguments in favor fell into two categories. First category claimed that should we not accept this treaty, whether you consider Start to be a fair treaty or an unbalanced treaty favoring the Russians, because to do otherwise would strain relations with the Russians damaging all the work put into the Start Treaty. The other category claimed that those who critical of Start were unreasonable since the United States had a more advanced nuclear arsenal so it is logical that Start would demand more of the United States, thus it is a solid treaty that deserves ratification.

Where I am unable to accurately quantify all the particulars of the new Start Treaty, I can find some other shortcomings of not only this treaty, but any Start Treaty between the United States and Russia. The problem is exactly that it is just a treaty between Russia and the United States. Back in the day, (just love that phrase even more as I get older) the vast majority of the world’s nuclear stockpiles consisted of the arsenals of the United States and Russia. That is no longer the case, and if President Obama remains feckless about the Iranian race to nuclear capability, it is soon to get far far worse. Currently we have China as the new nuclear power muscle up and coming in the world. Should Iran attain nuclear club membership, then the rest of the Muslim World, especially the Gulf Oil States, will all turn nuclear with a rapidity unseen in history. With China beginning to flex some regional muscle and North Korea now found to be chasing nuclear weapons with all urgency on both the uranium and plutonium tracks, nerves and trepidation are soon to be raging in the Far East. This is very likely to push Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, and whoever else has the technical ability to go nuclear and start a vicious arms race that will dwarf the arms race in the middle twentieth century between the United States and the Soviet Union. With the strong possibility of all of Asia, both the Far East and the Near East bursting into virtual flames as every country races to have the top nuclear stockpile in the neighborhood. Even Myanmar, called Burma back in the day, is working on its own nuclear weapons with the assistance of North Korea, the same country assisting Iran and considered the worst of the nuclear proliferators.

If Start is going to be a viable treaty for the reduction, or at least the limitation, of nuclear weapons in the world, then it is going to have to be expanded to include the realities of today, not just continue with 1970’s thinking. For Start to honestly be effective, it will have to be all inclusive of the major nuclear players. This would include adding to the United States and Russia the new members of the nuclear club who have the potential to amass massive stockpiles. This would definitely include China to be immediately included as it will be easier to limit the number of bombs, warheads, ICBM’s, SLBM’s and other nuclear armament related items than it would be to wait and then try to have them destroy weapons already built as that would be seen as an economic attack. Start Treaties that do not include the new and upcoming nuclear club members is no longer a wise or sufficient road to addressing and limiting the numbers of nuclear weapon stockpiles coming into the world. It is far better to limit than to try to force reductions once they exist. No ratification of any Start Treaty that is not all inclusive of those who are members of the nuclear club, and this, in a perfect world, would include Israel, Iran, and any other country suspected to have nuclear weapons. This will not be easy, but it will be easier than waking up one morning to the fact that the United States and Russia have reduced their weapons to a point where they are dwarfed by the stockpiles of China, or even worse, North Korea or Iran or any other player with a high likelihood of using these horrific weapons in a first strike as an offensive weapon, not a defensive weapon. Wake up everyone, there are more players and we cannot continue to ignore this reality.

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