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July 8, 2014

Is Israeli Momentary Anger Worse than Arab Systemic Violent Terrorism?

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This past week has displayed all of the potentials resultant from hatreds, vengeances, brutalities and genocidal intentions all centered on Israel. The world, especially the Western media, is currently all anguished and expressing their shock and their sharing of the pain of the families of the Palestinians victims of Jewish and Israeli violence. The emphasis is centered on the horrific crime of the abduction of an Arab youth and his subsequent murder by immolation which is being bewailed as the ultimate exhibit of bestial hatred that has ever been committed by mankind in all of history. And making the victimization even worse is the fact that Israeli police were filmed using apparent unprovoked brutal force arresting his cousin during demonstrations where a half-dozen of the rioters were arrested. These two incidents are the central story being recounted every half hour at the top and bottom of the hour by the Western media. These two stories are being presented partially as proof that all the terrorism and violence that the Palestinian may inflict upon the Israelis has now been proven to be deserved. The ugly underbelly of Jewish revenge has been exposed and we now have the proof of the extent and depths of evil that are usually hidden from the world’s view. The Palestinians have finally brought to the world’s attention the validating truths for their victimhood and thus the verification of the righteousness of their cause.


The previous actions over the past three weeks have all faded down the sinkhole of lost memory, being shoved from our view as inconsequential events lost due to their mendacity and normalcy. They have been replaced with the sensational stories of Israeli perpetrated violence which makes news as it is outside the unusual story and so unexpected but also because it validates the desire to excuse the violent and hateful actions of the Palestinians as understandable and worthy of our forgiveness. Forget the approaching two-hundred rockets and mortars fired at Israeli towns and kibbutzim. Forget the newly unemployed workers from the two destroyed factories just outside Sderot where they were struck by Hamas rockets and burned to the ground, a paint and a plastics manufactory. Never mind the house struck in the middle of the night where five children and their parents lived. And definitely forget the originating act of abducting three Israeli Yeshiva students on their way home from classes and their subsequent murder. All of these and the continuous rioting over the last week are excusable as a few Israelis lost their normal restraint and reacted violently to these provocations. Palestinians assaulting, murdering or committing destructive violence is a ‘dog bites man’ story while Israelis reacting with similar violence is a ‘postal worker bites dog’ story and thus worthy of repeated coverage until a more tantalizing story breaks. The three dead Israeli teens have had their ten seconds of coverage and now the one dead Palestinian will be given coverage ad-nauseum.


Such is always the case as can be easily proven. How many remember the murders in Brussels just a number of weeks back which resulted in the arrest of a French national who had committed these senseless murders after returning from fighting with the rebels in Syria. How about the Toulouse, France murders of a Rabbi and three children at a Jewish School. Remember the suicide bomber at the Burgas, Bulgaria airport which exploded next to a tour bus hired by a group of Israeli tourists. Or have you heard any coverage about the man who was assaulted in Malmö, Sweden, on Sunday and almost killed for the sole crime of hanging an Israeli flag in his window? Miss or forget most of these? Not to worry, that simply makes you normal as most news we feel is commonplace we simply file under what else is new and move on until something strikes us that is out of the ordinary, now that’s a story. That is why whenever Israelis reach their breaking point and react violently it makes sensational news, because it is the exception and not the norm. That does not make it right or forgivable and the Israeli government quickly sought those responsible for this heinous crime and they have been arrested and will face trial for their crimes. Meanwhile, the fact that the Hamas perpetrators of the abduction and murder of the three Israeli youths are known but thus far have not been arrested has disappeared from the news cycle, why? They are suspected of having fled either into areas under Palestinian Authority security and governance or made it into Gaza, but either way the Arab security and law enforcement are not going to turn them over or arrest them for any meaningful punishment.


There is no excuse for any of the violence and all those who resort to violence must be held equal before the law. And apart from the news coverage which makes it appear that Israelis who act violently are given a pass and only Palestinian violence is condemned, the truth is quite different. The Israelis who were responsible for the death of a Palestinian youth and others who may or may not have had supportive rolls are currently arrested, being interrogated and will face trials for their complicity in their heinous crime. The Palestinian Hamas members who committed an at least similar heinous crime have yet to be discovered despite their names and pictures being identified and arrest warrants placed by Israeli authorities but yet are being protected by Palestinian officials and society. Whether out of fear of retribution if they should aid in the arrest of the Hamas operatives or because they support those who victimize Jews, the refusal to turn over those who abducted and murdered three innocent boys is inexcusable. There lies the difference. Israeli violence is not excused or forgiven or accepted as acceptable, Israelis who commit violence are arrested, tried and imprisoned and that will be born out as time proceeds with the case of those who murdered an innocent Palestinian youth. The Palestinian lionize and celebrate those who murder Israeli civilians naming streets, parks, summer camps, sports arenas, and schools after them. They teach of these acts of terror as martyrdom actions and teach their children to aspire to perform atrocities that may be their equal. The Palestinians teach, encourage and celebrate violence while Israelis arrest and put on trial and condemn those from amongst them who commit acts of violence or hatreds. That is the difference between the two societies and what makes Israeli acts of violence newsworthy while Palestinian violence is dismissed as simply another act we have come to expect and unfortunately accept. It is sad that a Palestinian life is breaking news and an Israelis life is not worthy of note.


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January 27, 2014

Netanyahu Releases Trial Balloon Immediately Shot Down by Palestinians

Back at the start to the year we commented about the reaction by Palestinian Authority President Abbas or other Palestinian spokespeople to almost reflexively announce a new Palestinian position as a “Red Line” countering any proposal which was floated by the Israelis in the article “Kerry’s Great Accomplishments and Future Peace Plans.” We got to witness this reflex when predictably Saeb Erekat, lead Palestinian negotiator in the current talks, came out within hours and proclaimed that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s idea that the Jewish settlers should be allowed to continue to reside in their homes under Palestinian rule after the establishing of the Palestinian state was absolutely a Palestinian “Red Line” and that no Jewish settlers would be permitted to live within the Palestinian state. Truth of the matter is that Prime Minister Netanyahu did not make such a statement though that was how it was reported by some news outlets. What the Israeli leader had stated in his address at the World Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland was that he would not evict any of the settlers and later commented that he saw no reason why the Palestinian state would have to be “mono-ethnic.” In an effort to be accurate, after the idea was made public by the media, a number of Israeli leaders came out denouncing the idea as absurd, unworkable and unacceptable. The most noteworthy Israelis reacting negatively to the idea were Economics Minister Naftali Bennett of the Jewish Home Party and coalition member along with Deputy Defense Minister MK Danny Danon and Deputy Minister of Transportation, MK Tzipi Hotovely, both from the Prime Minister’s own Likud Party. Of course most people would realize the absurdity of leaving the Jewish residents in their present homes and allowing the area to be placed under Palestinian Authority rule would lead almost immediately to their deaths as there would be no IDF or other Israeli forces to protect them from ethnic violence. The truth of this was revealed on October 12, 2000, when two IDF reservists, Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami, got lost and ended up in Ramallah where initially the Palestinian Police took them into custody for their own safety. Soon afterwards a mob of angered Palestinians surrounded the police station demanding to be permitted to kill the Israeli soldiers. When the situation became life threatening the Palestinian police deserted their station and the mob literally tore the two reservists apart murdering them in a most horrific and barbarous manner. A similar fate would likely be the inevitable fate of any Israeli Jews left under Palestinian rule within the Palestinian state.


So, obviously Prime Minister Netanyahu could not have honestly had any intent to desert Israelis, settlers or otherwise, to the whims of the Palestinians which makes the entire series of events around this idea almost completely absurd. The only objective that could have potentially been gained from this was to make a concrete example of the automatic setting by the Palestinian leadership of a new “Red Line” countering any proposal or idea the Israelis make concerning the peace process. Even with this example, by the end of the week it will have been allocated to the memory hole and disappeared from any future discourse, so any gains which might have been accrued will be short lived. Perhaps this entire episode from the Israeli side was simply to have a demonstration for the benefit of United States Secretary of State Kerry and any others attending the Davos conference as to one of the main stumbling blocks which is making it near to impossible for any peace to be forthcoming from the current talks. The problem with that idea is anybody who has missed the point demonstrated in this event by now is probably not going to accrue any additional knowledge from these events as their minds are locked in the “Blame Israel” position.


Meanwhile, on other fronts the European Union Parliament has continued their assault against circumcision calling it dangerous and damaging to the child. The European Union recommended to member countries that they initiate and pass legislation to place limitations to under which circumstances and by whom a circumcision can be performed. Their plans would completely ban the ritual religious practice of circumcision as it is practiced by both Muslims and Jews. In Judaism the rite of circumcision is considered to be a vital part of the Covenant between the Jewish people and G0d and as such an essential cornerstone of the faith. This considered along with the attempts across Europe to ban Shechita, the procedure used to produce Kosher meats, is just one additional proof of the war being carried out against Jews and the practice of Judaism. Many of the Jewish practices also are applicable to the practice of Islam and Christianity thus the truth is that the European governances are actually declaring a war on historic religions while attempting through legal pressures and manipulation of education and societal standards to enforce a secular and atheistic socialist humanism as the religion of the new age. This quasi-faith substitutes the government for God by claiming that all things which are good and worthwhile come from government and that the government is the sole arbiter of good and evil. The main consequence thus far of this war against established religions aside from the worship of the bounty and goodness of the State has been a rekindling of anti-Semitism across much of Europe. This was recently made obvious in Rome where boxes containing pig’s heads were delivered to the Israeli Embassy, one of the main Synagogues and a Jewish Museum currently having a Holocaust memorial on display for Holocaust Remembrance day which is today, January 27, 2014. Included with the vile contents of these boxes were notes refuting the actual events of the Holocaust and defaming Anne Frank as a hoax and imaginary individual used by Jews in their ploys to control governments and financial institutions. That was just one of the most recent anti-Semitic events which have also caused the desecration of numerous Jewish cemeteries, Holocaust memorials, graffiti with Nazi references upon synagogues and Jewish schools and centers and, worst of all, attacks on people wearing Jewish garments such as a Yarmulke. As a consequence of such anti-Semitic events and attacks, many Jews are leaving Europe and heading to either Israel or the United States. It is unfortunate to have to state that those European Jews who are seeking protection and a healthier environment in the United States may very well find themselves under the same rising tide of anti-Semitism even there where, due to a cultural practice occurring in numerous cities called the “Knockout Game” or “Knock Out The Jew” or “Get the Jew”, Jews have become subjects for being struck in the head with the full force of the assailant intending to knock their Jewish victim out cold or, minimally, knock them to the ground. In some of these attacks once the Jew has been knocked to the ground they are set upon and kicked and punched severely injuring them and some cases have left the Jew dead in the street. It is seemingly the position of some, and hopefully a very small group, are of the belief that the Jews should not be permitted to live in their society or even their nation while also holding to the position that the Jews should be forced from Israel and all of the lands be given to the Palestinians. That begs the question, if Jews are to be denied their own nation in Israel and banned from every other nation on Earth, then where are we to live, and I do understand what the answer would be. Sometimes there are those in the world which are revolting in their hatreds and these people must be stood up against and refuted by good people before their hatreds lead to another disgraceful disaster for the human race.


Beyond the Cusp


January 26, 2014

Anti-Semitism Rising to Newer and Uglier Heights

The obvious and very public acts of anti-Semitism are on the increase throughout much of the world and have closed in on being an epidemic infecting Europe. In Rome, Italy this past week an act of anti-Semitism hit a new level of crassness bringing to mind memories of the desecration of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem during the period of the Second Temple. The historic insulting and crass act was perpetrated by the priests and governing oppressors of the Jewish people during the Cyrenaic Greek occupation. Boxes containing pigs’ heads were recently delivered to the Israeli Embassy, the Synagogue in the Parioli neighborhood and the Jewish Museum of Rome which is currently hosting an exhibit on the Holocaust. This act goes beyond any simple hatred due to its historical implication of the sacrifice of pigs and other non-kosher animals to the pagan Greek gods which was committed over two thousand years ago and was declared to be being performed by the occupying Cyrenaic Greeks as an intentional desecration and insult intended to belittle the Jews and demonstrate the falseness of the Jewish faith and against G0d. This act now perpetrated in the modern times exemplifies the depth of the depravity of those who hate the Jewish people today with all the raw and unbridled spite as was on display in the ancient world where civility by presumably today’s standards was not generally practiced. The Repubblica daily reported that a letter was inside the boxes contained derogatory comments about the Holocaust and references to Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern political Zionism. This was not the only sign of the growing anti-Semitism as there was fresh graffiti in one of Rome’s suburbs Saturday which read “Holocaust fake” and “Anne Frank liar”.


Reaction by officials was immediately forthcoming denouncing the barbarous acts with Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino stating, “Those who insult the Jewish community offend Rome. We reject the intimidation outright.” Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge was also quoted declaring, “I want to express my full support to the Jewish community for what has happened. We will do everything possible to find the person behind this unspeakable act.” He further promised to track down those responsible as police are analyzing fingerprints and DNA traces found on the boxes and following up on the lead that all the boxes were delivered by the same postal company. Making these acts of bigotry even worse is their timing coming just three days before an international memorial day for Holocaust victims which falls on Monday, January 27.


This act comes amid rising anti-Semitism across Europe which has already reached levels high enough to be considered a threat to the Jews living in much of Europe and other places as well. This trend has a very long history beginning soon after the end of World War II. The initial wave washed across the Muslim world, particularly the Arab nations, after the founding of Israel in May of 1948. The Jews were dispossessed of their belongings, their businesses confiscated in many cases and sold for a pittance where time permitted. These actions occurred over more than a decade with some of the evictions of the Jews in these nations was committed by the government and was even incorporated into the laws making being Jewish a capital offense. In other instances the cleansing of the Jews almost completely was accomplished by pogroms, riots and other violence forcing the Jews to leave hastily and under duress. We are beginning to witness an increase in anti-Semitism which will likely result in an exodus of the Jews from Europe to the United States and Israel. The numbers of Jews who made Aliyah returning to their ancient homelands in Israel made a marked and significant increase in France by fifty-seven percent last year over the previous year and even larger increase over the average of the previous half a century. There have been reports of mayors of cities flat out stating that they are unable to provide for the safety and security needs of their Jewish citizens with the former Mayor of Malmo, Sweden, Ilmar Reepalu, who had served in that position for seventeen years, not endearing himself to the Jewish community as he laid the blame for the local anti-Semitism on the city’s Jews themselves. At an interview in January 2010 about growing anti-Semitism in Malmo, then Mayor Reepalu responded, “We accept neither anti-Semitism nor Zionism in Malmö.” On another occasion he had stated, “There have been no attacks against Jews, and if Jews want to leave for Israel that is not a concern for Malmo.” When confronted about his apparently anti-Semitic views and statements he blamed it all on the orchestrations by “the Israeli lobby.”


The Mayor of Malmo is far from alone as similar statements have been recorded from previous London Mayor Ken Livingstone. Mr. Livingstone’s hatred of Israel and the contempt he feels for the Jews in general is well documented. In Ken Livingstone’s case the documentation of both disdain for Israel and anti-Semitism removes all doubts that in his case, hatred for Israel is a result of his anti-Semitism. Unfortunately the rising anti-Semitism is not restricted to Europe. Anti-Israel, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism is alive as growing on the campuses of numerous universities and colleges across North America. In some schools the epidemic has grown so serious as to require court orders to force school officials to address the problem and provide safety in the campus environment for its Jewish students. Two students at the University of California, Jessica Felber and Brian Maissy, filed a suit accusing the University of California system of failure to mitigate a hostile climate against Jewish students in March 2011. The lawsuit was settled out of court and instructed changes to the university’s campus policies regarding campus protests. Despite the settlement, the students’ lawyers, Joel Siegal and Neal Sher, filed a Title VI complaint Justice Department and the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, urging them to investigate what they describe as “a pervasive hostile environment toward Jews” on the campus. Additionally, acts of violence against Jews in particular have surfaced in major cities throughout the United States coming to be referred to as the “Knockout Game” or the more specific name of “Get the Jew.” There has been a marked rise in Nazi and other anti-Semitic graffiti in Jewish neighborhoods and on Jewish buildings including Synagogues, daycare centers, Yeshivas, Jewish owned businesses, and most alarming, Jewish homes. Despite these unarguable facts, most Jews in the United States continue to have a false sense of security claiming using the exact phrase used by assimilated Jews in the Weimar Republic in the early 1930s that, “It cannot happen here and not to me as I am accepted and am respected as I holding high office.” Those denials were soon to be regretted as the truth became obvious, no position, stature in the community or other presumed mitigating factor was of any worth towards saving any Jew as time progressed. The delivery of packaged pigs’ heads to numerous Jewish institutions in Rome has brought the rising atmosphere of anti-Semitism into shocking and immediate attention. This should act as the severe threat that it represents and imparts a strong message to Jews everywhere to examine critically and honestly their position and the growing and visceral hatred brewing within Western societies and address this phenomenon and make arrangements and plans with care and act decisively before the contagion spreads further and becomes unstoppable. Closing one’s eyes and pretending that these are disparate acts with nothing linking them together can only result in tragedy. The history of the Jewish people contains ample examples of similar episodes of dismissible hatred of Jews which inevitably grew accumulating disciples who spread the venom until it became an integrated part of the societal whole leading to tragedies waged against our forefathers. Unaddressed, the current seeds of anti-Semitism will slowly spread and engulf the entire world making victims of all of us. Wake-up please.


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