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October 6, 2015

How to Measure the Arab War on Israel and Beyond


The easiest summation of intent is vocalized every Friday in the waning hours of the afternoon in Tehran and Qom, Esfahan and Bam, Shiraz and Tabriz, Mashhad and Yazd, Zahedan and Ali-Sadr when after their deep devotion sworn to Allah said in their Mosques they gather together after their prayers and as a community chant “Death to Israel” over and over and over and along with their Death to Israel, no demonstration would be complete without the accompanying “Death to America” chanted right alongside; but that is just something they chant and has no actual intent in their words, none at all as the media has quoted their leaders promising the leaders of the United States they mean them no actual harm, it is just an exercise. Unfortunately there have been no such reassurances given to Prime Minister Netanyahu or any MK in the Knesset, not even MK Tibi or MK Zoabi who one would think they might be somewhat more attuned to as they are both Arabs and anti-Zionists, but no assurances at this end. But Iran is not a problem because President Obama has addressed the possible nuclear weapons program with an inspired deal which will bring results far beyond anything his skeptics claim are the shortcomings. That will be then and I am more concerned with the now, so let the Iran deal sort itself out and allow the United States and the American electorate elect people in the upcoming 2016 election who might actually know about foreign policy and have a cogent and coherent plan and a Congress which will back that vision; until then let us address that now which I am more concerned about.


For those who are my regular readers please bear with me a moment as I review some of the things we’ve discussed this past few weeks and months. There has been a slow and steady ramping of the levels and severity of terror attacks by Arabs that the media refers to as Palestinians in the Judea, Samaria, Benyamin, East Jerusalem, Old City and let us not forget the only violence the media has cared or even bothered to report on, the Temple Mount, though their coverage has been slanted in one of the most ingenious and perverse manner possible making the victims the cause and the violent agitators the unfortunate victims with no choice beyond the route they have taken, something we will try and clarify to some extent but there are more dangerous and vitally important messages which need to be communicated as the mainstream media refuses to report the entire news. The latest development this past week was the declaration made at the United Nations by Mahmoud Abbas the day before the “Palestinian Flag” was added to the national flags raised in the front of the United Nations, the world’s highest legal body, declared that the Palestinian Authority was no longer obliged to follow or be restricted or concerned with the Oslo Accords. He then challenged the world to gift him the independent state he was all but declaring with the boundaries he will never spell out so publically but would lead to a defenseless Israel or a completely replaced Israel with the world signing off. The truth of his denial of being covered or under the obligations of the Oslo Accords may have a number of ramifications that I am hopeful there are those in the world willing to enforce the real situation of Abbas walking away from any obligations and giving up any coverage by abrogating Oslo Accords. As far as the United Nations taking any action, forget about it. The Security Council has more than sufficient veto wielding members which will desire to protect their long history of investing in Yasser Arafat and after him Mahmoud Abbas to permit anything to interfere with their influence and “friend” in the Middle East just to protect Israel, the one and only Jewish State. And as far as the General Assembly is concerned, which has in the past five years censured or condemned Israel with its own votes or the votes of its many tendrils, with the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is beyond all others in these efforts; they have not even considered anything against Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China and Russia combined. Well, so much for the objectivity of the United Nations and its tendrils.


This makes the declaration of the Palestinian Authority into existence no longer valid and the entity of the Fatah Party as nothing more than a fascinating concept used by the Oslo Accords to give the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) a political cloak of respectability and incorporated this entity as the ruling political entity in the forming of the Palestinian Authority. Finally, without the Oslo Accords there is no Palestinian Authority, no Fatah, and the PLO is now also no longer a protected and scrubbed entity and has returned to being nothing beyond what it always was, a terrorist organization, nothing less. Since this declaration of the intent to return to their terrorist past and no longer hiding behind the Oslo Accord cloak of approval there was the murder in cold blood with automatic weapons and handguns peppering the bodies of Eitam Naama Henkin with their four youngest children in the backseat witnessing the entire blood sacrifice by two Arab Palestinians who then fled into a neighboring Arab community with authorities tracking down those responsible. A witness spoke of the father riddled with bullets managing to get out of the car and open the rear door and telling his children to run before collapsing. The children aged four, seven and nine years were taken into another Israelis car and informed them of their youngest four months was still in the vehicle and they retrieved the final child.


Over this weekend there were a number of rock throwing, Molotov cocktails, fireworks fired, shootings, stabbings and other assaults too numerous to count with at least four deaths in the past week and this is just the opening few days of the final intifada which was actually declared and instigated some time back, when exactly cannot be set as it is a ramping of violence until Israel will respond and then there will be the cries of disproportional force by Israel. Well, what exactly was the situation with two young parents with a car full of young children when facing murderers with assault rifles and handguns, the stabbing victims who were unarmed and all the other victims for the past years when facing terrorists unarmed, or facing unruly mobs screaming and even striking, kicking, cursing, spiting and other insults and if they react at all the security on the Temple Mount arrests the Jews as the Jordanian Waqf has jurisdiction over the Temple Mount and they have declared that no Arab can ever commit a crime on the Temple Mount and every Jews setting foot on the Temple Mount is to be considered a criminal just because of their presence. The days after the Eitam Naama Henkin were murdered there was great commotions with dancing, candies handed out, singing and shooting rounds into the air in numerous Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem and the Palestinian areas celebrating their brave warriors and their glorious victory in their hard won fight against two unarmed Israelis as even unarmed an Israeli must be that much of a threat that they need to be shot multiple times simply driving home after visiting friends.


It is obvious even to the most casual of observers that Mahmoud Abbas used his address at the General Assembly to openly declare open warfare against Israel. The ensuing week has produced sufficient carnage and escalated violence to prove that a declaration of war was exactly what Abbas intended and is the reality Israel is facing, open warfare. Mahmoud Abbas might believe that now is the best time to attempt to ramp up confrontations with Israel as Europe will probably not be all that attentive as they are facing their own Arab refugee problem with thousands upon thousands of refugees flocking across the face of Europe and attempting to find their golden spot to settle in and enjoy all the benefits that European Socialism has to offer. The one thing which will be in the Arabs favor is that, by all appearances, Prime Minister Netanyahu appears to be overly sensitive when it comes to potentially ending up on the wrong side of President Obama and Israel defending themselves from Arab violence seems to aggravate President Obama. Perhaps Prime Minister Netanyahu should write a song of woe using the words “Rifle shots to the east of us, Rockets to the West and we’re stuck in the middle without you.” I doubt even with a song and a dance Prime Minister Netanyahu could get President Obama to sign on to any act that Israel might choose to utilize to address the heightened violence from the PLO in the east and the increasing rockets being launched from Gaza in the West.


On the other hand, this might be the perfect time for Abbas to declare war on Israel before problems get too heated in Europe as the invasion begins to explode in their faces and they start experiencing the problems which are sure to arise when the refugees realize that Europe will not be providing the panacea of privileges and support long term for them and start expecting the refugees to normalize themselves into the society. This will run afoul once the instigators who have been injected into the ranks intermingled with the refugees and what their numbers are is a complete mystery. Islamic State has announced that they intended to inject some of their own ranks to infiltrate Europe and who knows how many IRGC, Hezballah or other terror entities as this is probably the greatest opportunity as much of Europe has opened their borders or have been less than effective in keeping the refugees out of their borders, well, with a few choice exceptions who are being scolded by those nations with the open borders. It is almost like they are demanding to share the threats and misery which will result from this influx of refugees, especially when it becomes proven beyond any doubt that many of the refugees are not from Syria.


The last theory is that the Arab Palestinians are actually timing their ramping from all across Judea, Samaria, Benyamin and Jerusalem from the east with the PLO terrorists while Hamas and Islamic Jihad are escalating their rocket attacks from the west potentially in concert with directives from Iran so as to present Israel with sufficient problems while the infiltrators injected in with the refugees in order to conduct terrorist activities or even to lay wait for further instructions possibly to instigate down the road should the refugees not adjust or European hospitality not quite live up to expectations, something already occurring at some borders such as Hungary and a few other mostly eastern European nations which were originally behind the Iron Curtain. Should terrorism continue to rise in Israel including the threats be carried out for more intentional firings across the Golan Heights into the norther Galilee once again turning the heights into a shooting gallery and potentially requiring the deployment of Iron Dome units in the north. This is being threatened by the IRGC and Hezballah as a means of internationalizing the Syrian debacle and also as an attempt to force other Arab or Muslim nations to support Bashir al-Assad as he will claim that of all the forces fighting in Syria only he and his allies are attempting to fight the real enemy, Israel. With the recent news that numbers of the older T-55 and T-72 tanks, at the least seventy-five, to Hezballah presumably to fight against the Islamic State but the real target we all know is for use against Israeli armor and infantry. Add to that the latest threats from Islamic Jihad to resume suicide murders using human bombs.



Russian Tank Being Gifted to Hezballah by Syria to be Received Seventy-Five T-55 and T-72 Tanks in the Next Few Weeks by Syria


Whatever happens across the world, which by all appearances has entered some alternate reality where common sense and any proportionality of problems has been skewed, it is targeting Israel, which is no surprise, but also targeting Europe and potentially the United States. As there is an abundance of refugees which will surpass the potential for Europe to have sufficient treasuries, infrastructure, housing, employment or other means of preventing the entirety of the refugees to simply settle down and live off the social safety net, a system which has served as the last ditch funding for those Europeans who have hit the hardest of times, and was not designed to accommodate tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands or even millions (that’s thousands of thousands) influx of destitute refugees. The stretching of European goodwill beyond the breaking point is likely to place Europe into an economic death spiral and sending the excess thousands or even millions to the United States will only exacerbate the problem by targeting another nation with the same social overload crisis. That leaves the question as to what will the Europeans do should the refugees become ungrateful and demand more or threaten violence which can only be pushed back for a brief period because acquiescing will only be seen as a weakness which will entice the rabble-rousers to demand more and more until they cross a line which should have never been approached and the Europeans decide it is time for the refugees to head eastward and find some accommodating Islamic nation to house them or face the wrath of a Europe stung once again leading to a greater conflagration. Once Europe explodes nobody will care what Israel must do and that is why Abbas may have had bad timing but had no choice as well. The immediate future will be reported as the caring and great Christian heart, or socialist dream being realized by all, and in a period of time the reporting will become more edgy eventually leading to reporting violence and a growing inflammation spreading across Europe aimed at the refugees demanding they return to their native lands or else, and never question a European about or else as they invented the Inquisition and specialize in World Wars. Irritating Europe has always ended poorly for all involved and with the current state of weaponry the world may not survive another world at war, honest.


Beyond the Cusp


October 3, 2015

Final Palestinian Israel War Declared at United Nations


Yesterday Arab Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas gave a screed at the United Nations General Assembly opening ceremonies, which have been going on all week, filled with invectives and pure bile and hot hatreds against Israel, civility and the general decency which differentiates the human race from the base beasts of the wilds. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave his response today and fortunately spent little precious time addressing Abbas and his inflammatory speech simply stating that Israel was prepared to meet and negotiate with no precondition for the formation of an Arab state which would be demilitarized living beside Israel immediately and hoped that Abbas would take this opportunity. The video and the transcript for Prime Minister Netanyahu’s United Nations speech can be viewed on our special page. Much of the rest of the Prime Minister’s speech entailed the problems which will hatch as a result of the ill negotiated Iranian nuclear deal and impressed that Israel would take whatever steps deemed necessary to protect the Israeli population of Six Million Jews as well as its one-million-seven-hundred-thousand Arabs and the remainder of just over one-third a million other peoples. Where the Prime Minister spent but a small section of the ending of his speech to address the situation with the Arab Palestinians and the refusal since the signing of the Oslo Accords that is the refusal of Mahmoud Abbas, and Yasser Arafat before him, to reach any peace deal as doing so would require them to rule. This would bring to an end the gravy train of funds siphoned off from every Euro, Pound and Dollar received into their foreign accounts. Even this was a waste of time and needless as any recognition given Abbas and his grandstanding only further serves his aggressions against all of Israel. So, what has been the main development between the speeches by Abbas and Netanyahu?


Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered, as usual, an excellent speech but accomplished little by doing so. The forty-five seconds of silence may have been the most effective use of his time. Mahmoud Abbas may have delivered the most important address of which the initial effects may have already been felt. The Arab Palestinian Chairman delivered, to find the essence of his speech and deliver it in as short a set of terms as possible and as succinctly as possible, he delivered a declaration of war. There is no other way to interpret what Abbas’s speech was about. With the PA disbanded, as it was a construct of the Oslo Accords, we are left with Fatah which is synonymous with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) which was originally founded in 1964, a full three years before there existed any “occupied territories” and the charter read as their mission to complete the tasks necessary to erase Israel and replace Israel with another Arab and Muslim State. This PLO terror instrument never altered their aims of eradicating the Jewish State but had tabled any mention of such while under the guise of the PA, thus the PLO went dark. Still there were those who supported the far more belligerent struggles who eventually either joined Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda or even Islamic State and if remaining attached to Mahmoud Abbas, though he would regularly claim otherwise, he still listed himself as their commander. There was the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades which would every so often claim responsibility for a terror attack but found their survival more easily maintained if they just kept quiet about their operations. Well, perhaps the sole advantage is that now the leadership can declare their ownership of violent events and potentially take credit for their dastardly deal. Abbas and the rest of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al-Qaeda, Islamic State and al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades can proudly exclaim and praise their “brave warriors” when they assault unarmed Jews with lethal projectiles such as bricks, boulders and anything else, even bullets. The bullets were scarcely used as the projectile of preference as they immediately conveyed the concept that any such attack was attempted murder. Rocks the size of basketballs hurled into a windshield from a pickup truck with five or six youths riding in the bed each with such a rock as well as some softball or croquette size rocks as secondary ammunition and these projectiles were fired from a truck speeding in the opposite direction often at speeds over one-hundred KPH. Below are a collection of rocks that were hurled and a rare few had articles with actual pictures of these projectiles, though usually they simply report that rocks struck a vehicle. Such reports were always a bit strange and would leave one scratching their head and wondering to oneself how in all that is holy did rocks just leap out of nowhere to strike Israeli licensed vehicles.



Rocks and boulders and hurled at and into vehicles with Israeli plates injuring a fair number and causing fatalities as well


What Israel, her people and especially her rulers must realize, internalize, and refuse to rationalize and instead proceed to actualize is this new information and new situation between Israel and the PLO is an actual declaration of war upon Israel. The very first item is no Zionist should ever mutter the Arab Palestinian Authority or PA as that institution was murdered by Abbas at the United Nations. The next step is to form a near immediate change in policy where any Israeli citizen, which includes the Arabs residing in East Jerusalem, throwing rocks or setting off pyrotechnics should be immediately arrested while any Arab noncitizen committing a similar act should be given a ticket on an El Al aircraft and flown to either the nation they chose or the closest such nation willing to accept them until their flight on an additional ticket boards to complete their transport to wherever they desire outside all of Israel permanently. The only other option is to build extremely large detention centers and in one section hold those who as Israeli citizens assaulted others in a nationalist terror manner under current definitions to keep them imprisoned for the duration of the conflict and the rest of complex built to hold those who are not Israeli citizens who will simply commit an act of war and been captured and must now serve their term until the war is finished and a permanent peace has been established. Abbas declared war and the leader of the nation which was named in the Abbas’s declaration of war, Israel, offered to sit and work out a peace agreement which could also lead to making peace with and having all Arab States agree to end their incitement as well. That is not going to happen anytime soon.


Israel is at war with the Iranians who have made it evidently clear that one of the first endeavors for their nuclear weapons within the next decade will be to eradicate Israel wiping it from the face of the Earth. Israel is at war with the Islamic State though that front will likely not become an active front for a number of years. Israel is at war with Bashir al-Assad and Hezballah along with any others including the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, in particular their al-Quds force which is dedicated to conquering Jerusalem, in Syria fighting for al-Assad or even a fair number of the other factions. Then there are others with whom Israel is still technically in a state of war such as Lebanon, Syria and other Middle Eastern nations from all the way back to the initial war to destroy Israel and slaughter every last Jew they could find from May 15th of 1948 where the war broke out before the ink could have dried on the speech read by David ben Gurion declaring Israel to be born with borders being between the Sinai Peninsula and the Negev Desert including Gaza as within Israel, the Lebanese northern border pretty much exactly as it is with a few small and minor areas to be debated and a border with Syria which gave Israel within her rights but the fence they erected was done inside Syrian borders and lastly Jordan with whom the original border was the Jordan River. These should be the borders Israel demands as a sovereign nation amongst the fellowship of nations. But the immediate war is the one which is taking place within our border. It would not surprise me that if allowed the latitude to control and area of the now defunct authority that Mahmoud Abbas may attempt to parlay his membership and recognition in a number of United Nations committees and call for Iran to come and assist in defending the Temple Mount and al-Aqsa Mosque. The danger of such an eventuality must produce actions of purpose and heightened reality and the brotherhood prevented entrance into any of these fronts.


The first fatalities of this newly redeclared war, the war was initiated originally by Mohammad when he altered complete verses and declared Mecca, not Jerusalem as he first indicated, to be the holiest of cities followed by Medina where Mohammad realized his victory over the older established religion of Judaism. There are many stories and explanations as to the reasons for the enmity which existed between the Jews of Medina and Mohammad and the Muslims. The problems reached their climax with the beheading of nearly one thousand Jews from the Banu Qurayzah tribe. This supposed trial and finding of guilt leading to the execution of every single adult aged male and the sale of the women and children into slavery was but the first step. The most famous victory of Muslim forces against the Jews at the very beginning of Islam took place at the battle at Khaybar where the remainders of the Jews of Medina were slaughtered and their wealth, women and children were sold into slavery. This has led to the modern day Islamic tradition, the chant “Khaybar Khaybar, ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad, sa yahud,” translated means, “Jews, remember Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is returning,” and is used as a battle cry when attacking Jews or Israelis. That has been the chant on many a university campus and other anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic gathering often protesting the lack of a lasting peace having been negotiated between Israel and the Arabs claiming to be from a mythical construct which has never existed called Palestine. This war has now returned full bore and charging into another attempted bloodletting of Israel be Islamic forces from near and far coming again as was the case in 1948-9, and again in 1967 for the Six Day War, and to a lesser extent in 1973 for the Yom Kippur War. The problem is that with modern weapons on both sides, and once Iran turns nuclear forcing a similar development in Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and who knows who else, the potentials for destruction on an unimagined scale is staring back at us from some future date when humanity becomes a forgotten trait and barbarism rules the day and the carnage will be immeasurable.


In the meantime the initiation of war had been announced and the first casualties have paid with their lives in the latest ambush of Jews by Arabs from the Fatah Party of Mahmoud Abbas, the purported angel of peace. This final war over the claims that the Jews have no rights or place being in Israel, and more so Jerusalem and never ever had any claim or Temples on the Temple Mount is imminent. This war began with the riots instigated by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini in the 1920s and on through the declaration of the State of Israel where he then led the local Muslim militias in the war of annihilation brought by over a half dozen Arab armies against the nascent state of Israel with genocidal aims to destroy the Jewish state in its crib. This latest and hopefully last war began in the year 2000 when Yasser Arafat declared what has rightfully become known as the Oslo War as it was as a direct result of the ill-fated desire for a civil peace where the Jews and Arabs could prosper together was the initiation of the efforts by some Pollyannish efforts to renew the moribund peace process which brought back the arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat as well as his trusted and close number two, Mahmoud Abbas. The Oslo Accords were entered into by Arafat and Abbas in order to regain a foothold that would lead to their long hoped but never quite attainable victory over the Jews and a second Holocaust would ensue, that was and still is the dream from one side of the “peace process.” This last wave of assaults has largely targeted Jerusalem and the Temple Mount as Abbas is fully aware that if he can chase the Jews from the Temple Mount, from all the Jewish holy sites in Judea and Samaria, and chase the Jews from all of the Old City of Jerusalem he will have decapitated the Jewish people and cut us from what is to us our lifeline which we have longed for for almost two-thousand years and has been the greatest joy, our strength, and our redemption. The initial threats were words which led to screaming mobs bumping and jostling IDF guards on duty hoping to capture some film or picture which could be interpreted as a frown on the face of a soldier and blow that up into an international incident. Then came the stones, then larger stones, then fireworks, then more even larger stones, then simply more stones at the ambush sites, then boulders followed by firebombs and it had to get here eventually but now it has become bullets, deadly bullets.



Eitam and Naama Henkin and four of their children were in the car but were unhurt in the gunfire


Pictured above are the parents so brutally murdered as explained in the caption above which reads, “Eitam and Naama Henkin and four of their children were in the car when the ambush was sprung and the shooting began. The children were unhurt in the gunfire but both parents were brutally and cold bloodedly murdered for the crime of being Jews. This was the first volley of the coming war which Mahmoud Abbas declared this past week when he told the world that any semblance of peace was over. This was the first volley as Mahmoud Abbas has thrown the Oslo Accords aside torn, tattered and burning into ashes, and Abbas has turned the clock back to 1964 and the PLO’s original Charter which called for the slaughter of the Jews in Israel, another Holocaust, another Shoah the murder of six-million Jews again to start another world at war, once again into the breach except this will be the final war which we have dread would come.” This is probably the farthest thing they could ever imagine, the being the initial victims of humanity at its most inhumane of levels and plotting for much, much more in the coming days, weeks, months and possibly the rest of the time mankind will have as an advanced species, which begs the question of how we can call ourselves advanced when we cannot even share a small square kilometer of space in what most agree is a holy city of peace, or that is what she has been named, Yerushalayim, Zion the city of peace.  ירושלים, ציון עיר השלום


Taking full credit for this gruesome slaughter in a hail of gunfire was senior Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmed who told Hamas’s Al-Quds TV, “the attack is a natural response to the crimes of the settlers and every action has a reaction.” These crimes of the settlers are nothing more than the fact that they live between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. This is the crime for which all the violence since the nineteenth century starting as early if not even further back with the 1834 looting of Safed (ביזת צפת בשנת תקצ”ד) where Jewish homes were looted and burned, synagogues were similarly looted and burned including the burning and other desecrations of the Torah scrolls and raping of the Jewish women and the murder of many of the Jews who remained in Safed as this continued for over a month. Furthermore, al-Aloul was noted by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) as having written on his Facebook page, “The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement Fatah, accepted responsibility for the Itamar operation carried out against settlers, leading to their deaths.” The Itamar operation carried out against settlers, translates to the cold blooded murder by the forces of evil this time reaching out to grasp and harm the most innocent as that way the terror is of the greatest shock value and terrorists aim for shock value as well as unarmed and unsuspecting people and seldom soldiers on duty but their war is against the innocent. We will hear from the pro-Arab Palestinian, anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic protesters on some university campus or at some erudite cultural poetry reading where a Fatah representative will be present to read their poem, Ode to being Odious which tells of their great victory of the brave Arab Fatah freedom fighters, they must never be called terrorists as that might hurt their feelings and harm their self-esteem, and telling the tale will win him admiration and acclaim as the latest poetic genius.


Sometimes the anger at the senseless slaughter of innocent people and the news coming as it did leading into the Sabbath and one must now challenge themselves to rid their mind of disturbances thinking of the poor young children and the oldest two all of which will miss the love and care only a parent can provide. Others can do the exact same things, say the exact same words, be the same in every way except they are not the child’s parent and the child will know that difference which is why this has taken away innocence and replaced it with the hard and cruel reality of the fruits of hatreds. Bat-Sheva Sadan wrote the following in Hebrew but translated here about the challenges and the affects and effects of the loss of both their parents on their younger siblings. The deep emotion makes this a definitive read and I would beg that you take in the depth of feelings put into what would be mere words but this combination spoke to us here. The one item I might have to say is that when they feared the youngest might not remember the parents at all, not any number of things but they included smell. That may not be correct and will be proven likely at some point when the youngest is a little older and gets solemn for no apparent reason as they are walking in a mall, to synagogue or strolling along the beach boardwalk and when asked what is wrong their answer will be, ‘Nothing, really, just the last lady’s perfume reminded me of mom’ and it will come out of the blue and all will enjoy their own little memory that day all because small is the strongest and longest lasting of impressions especially between a mother and child.


The deaths of Eitam and Naama Henkin may be the deaths which history will remember as the initial shot fired which started the final conflict. They may be the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie who were murdered which set things into motion resulting in World War I. This just may be another possible echo from history. These echoes always seem to be worrisome as they are usually repeating things we would prefer not to repeat. We must pray this Sabbath and every Sabbath as these are dangerous times where simple events can take on gargantuan meaning, and this double murder is of great enough magnitude that it receiving more is beyond the cusp and all that is safe and sane.


Beyond the Cusp


October 1, 2015

Meandering Thoughts on the Israeli Front Lines


Let us start with the United Nations and before reporting on the predictably less wonderful reports refer to yesterday’s article which will be right below this or on the top of the next page and is titled Historic First Tashlich Observed at the United Nations which told about the using of a Jewish tradition for casting away sins by throwing bread upon the waters. The story related how a European Christian group called Forum for Cultural Diplomacy made all the arrangements which was something of a pleasant surprise. The service can be viewed at the article and is just under twelve minutes long. Of course this event was arranged very tactically to coincide with the opening ceremonies for the United Nations General Assembly and all the unbelievable garbage which will ensue. It is awful enough to hear Iranian President Rowhani give a speech calling for the rest of the world to support and join Iran in fighting terrorism across the globe. Never mind that Iran is or has been one of the main benefactors for Hamas and is the lifeline for Hezballah and Syrian Dictator Bashir Assad because these are not terrorists or evil dictators, they are necessary allies in fighting what is being billed as a greater terror threat, the Islamic State. Good parts of the effectiveness of the Islamic State are the weapons, particularly the Abrams heavy battle tanks and other armored vehicles and artillery and other weapons systems they were all but gifted when the Iraqi Army, and we use the word army loosely, simply dropped or disembarked from their equipment and vehicles and fled to try and remove their fatigues and melt into the civilian population. Now Russia has taken the initiative and will be the benefactor by saving the world from the Islamic State while rearming Hezballah and Assad and giving them top flight groups and front line units to assist if not carry the fight. Meanwhile President Obama is steadfastly sticking to his guns and demanding the Assad be dethroned if Russia expects the United States to assist while still maintaining that he has no coherent plan to fight the Islamic State. Maybe somebody should check with the Pentagon as I am quite sure they have a virtual plethora of plans on how to eradicate the Islamic State. Perhaps some brave soul might want to take President Obama across the Potomac River and assist him on finding that huge building which has four walls and a spare, the Pentagon; because it is obvious he has not consulted his General Staff Officers.


We will be hearing from Mahmoud Abbas who will talk about the hardships he suffers and how those mean Israelis will not surrender completely and that the entire world should assist his Fatah run Arab Palestinian Authority to murder the six-million plus Jews in Israel in order to have his whole State of Palestine built on the graves of the Israeli peoples, Christians, Jews, Baha’i, and potentially many Muslims as well. There will be the European delegates demanding financial and other assistance in handling their Muslim invaders who are not there due to anything beyond having the Quran swallow up the Bible and impose Sharia as soon as they have sufficient numbers in any area. If these Muslim ‘refugees’ can be located in various places in small numbers such that they do not have a sizeable percentage of any area in which they have been placed because if any nation takes the shorter route and simply places large numbers of these Muslims in a small area they will turn it into little Afghanistan or wee little Pakistan or even the corner that is like Syria and Libya and all of these areas will become Muslim only areas where even the police, ambulances and firefighters fear to tread. For those in the United States, do not fear because President Obama is considering taking a couple of hundreds of thousands of these displaced and destitute refugees and setting them up with their own communities outside or within any number of United States major cities. Further, we guess if they claim to be bring hundreds of thousands they will more than likely integrate anywhere from three to twenty million before President Obama leaves office and it will be done completely through the Immigration and Naturalization Service and a number of secret Executive Orders which President Obama will have sealed so they never see the light of day claiming they are of national importance and as such must not be released for general knowledge.


Then there will be the denunciation ceremonies where the United States and Israel are serially and solely sentenced for presumed serious crimes of not bending far enough thus allowing all freedoms to be abolished and many lives left unprotected from the purification of their societies by their enemies who hold a tyrannical majority in the General Assembly. The Israeli condemnations almost all have to do with findings from Human Rights NGOs and complaints from Mahmoud Abbas and the other Arab leadership of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah and any others who desire jumping in. One can bet there will be a few suggestions from Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and potentially Jordan about the rioting on the Temple Mount, rioting by Muslim youths directed by Hamas leadership but Jordan wants Israel to just hand over the Temple Mount and East Jerusalem otherwise the violence will continue. But there will be nothing truly new about the attempt to dismember Israel by the cutthroats from the Arab world plus Iran and a few other Islamic fundamentalist leaders. Then there are the condemnations of the United States and as usual they will all pass just as the ones condemning Israel will all pass. My favorite is the denunciation of the United States embargo on Cuba which, according to the United Nations General Assembly, is the principle and driving force behind Cuba’s sagging economy, declining wealth, shortfalls in food production and every other conceivable ill of which Cuba is the shining example of a degraded and unfree dictatorial regressive regime such as the Castro’s apply with an iron fist. The passage of this motion was such a certainty that the vote to censure the United States embargo on Cuba passed on a vote of one-hundred-eighty-eight to two. It has been intimated in reports that President Obama will direct the United States Ambassador to the United Nations simply abstain as that, according to the President, will deny the motion of any merit. Even soon to be ex-Speaker John Boehner said about the president’s plan was to point out that President Obama has a “responsibility to defend US law and that’s what {he} should do.” We should fully expect that this year the vote will register as one-hundred-eighty-eight to one with one abstention. Just in case you are wondering who is that one who defends the honor of the United States and will very likely be the only nation to stand this year and was the sole supporter voting with the United States against the sanction last year is, you probably already guessed, it is Israel. The Associated Press reported on Monday, and some congressional leaders are aghast that President Obama would consider shirking his sovereign obligation. “It is unheard-of for a UN member state not to oppose resolutions critical of its own laws,” the Associated Press reported on Monday. Americans need look no further than that vote where the European Parliaments vote against the United States and it is only Israel who will stand for the righteousness of the United States and the principles behind the Cuban embargo as the only weapon one can wield which will have any effect.


Lastly I wish to report to my readers about a situation which has been ignored by the mainstream media as they have become complacent and it is partially the fault of the Israeli government and their plan to make something which is of great import, especially to the people living with this threat, but has become the run of the mill, every day experience which has simply become an acceptable level of violence and there is the presumed retribution, what more could one demand? What I am talking about is the drip, drip, drip Chinese water treatment which is a form of torture and in this case we replace the droplets of water with a rocket fired out of Gaza aimed at Israeli cities, though restricted pretty much to no further than Tel Aviv with an occasional rocket launched towards Jerusalem. The authorities believe and have come to expect that there will be the constant need for an Iron Dome battery to be placed where intelligence believes the next rocket will be targeting. The Israeli public, especially in Ashdod, one of the favorite targets for these rockets, are furious with the lack of resolve and the business as usual and they are expected to go about their lives relying on the Iron Dome to protect them and that not even every rocket is replied to with an Israeli airstrike or artillery fire striking an empty warehouse, somebody’s barn which had stored rocket parts or other such representative target which is pretty much guaranteed to not have anyone anywhere near the target when bombed. This is intolerable for the people under such a threat and is probably made all the worse by the alarms not being sounded when the rocket launch had been detected and the target assessed and if necessary shot out of the sky by the Iran Dome systems.





So why am I complaining about something which is apparently being addressed and the government is right on top of this situation and what do I really want, another Gaza War? I complain because the people of Ashdod are upset and have petitioned the government and the media to report and act on this plight, this curse which they must endure and be brave little citizens and soldier on, as one might have instructed the citizens of London during the blitz, but at least then their government was in a state of war, certainly you would not desire another War in Gaza. Those making this analogy are doing what President Obama did with the Iran agreement and amplifying greatly the alternative and refusing to allow for any mitigating and other paths to be compared, the debate was agreement or war. Here the Israeli government is implying that the only alternative to their current action of punishing Hamas or Islamic Jihad by exploding one of their weapons storage locations and only after assuring that nobody is at the target and if there is we wait until they depart. After all, the argument goes, these rockets are being intercepted and the people launching them may not actually be members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad and may be trying to exacerbate the situation and forcing Israel into another war where Israel wins the battle and damages the terror infrastructure. This is acceptable because the terrorists know that Iran and Saudi Arabia will build or send replacements for the destroyed infrastructure. Their actual aim is to make Israel pay such a price in the media with the pictures of Gazans whose homes were destroyed and their plight making the news, especially in left wing reports like the editorial board at Haaretz or the New York Times might write as there is always room for the human tragedy stories to pluck the world’s heartstrings and demonize Israel. The truth is there is a far more effective way to force an end to these rocket launches or at least have Hamas and Islamic Jihad leadership trying to be far more effective in preventing rockets being fired as there can be a real threat to their peace and quiet should these aggressions continue. I agree there is no real reason to open a war footage over three or four rockets fired into Israel every week, there are bigger fish to fry with the Temple Mount rioting being the tragedy du jour for which Israel has been the target of a lynching by the media. A little coverage on that in a moment. The way to end this Chinese rocket treatment with a constant drumbeat of launch-intercept, launch-intercept, launch-intercept such that three or four times every week this continues and can be brought to a halt simply by targeting the leadership of Islamic Jihad and Hamas. When we respond by bombing a shed where aluminum has been stored and reserved to make more rockets, they simply import more aluminum under the world sponsored with full European and American financing and protection and continue as if nothing happened and nothing was lost, as in reality it changed nothing. Hamas and Islamic Jihad do not care if the Israeli response is an unmanned and basically empty structure as that is an acceptable price that Hamas and Islamic Jihad have decided to absorb that punishment for the privilege of shooting rockets at Israel. Target the leadership and the rockets will truly be prevented by Hamas and Islamic Jihad as each reprisal actually costs the leaders dearly as each one is wiped from the equation as a real and effective form of reaction which will prevent the next rocket. If the world cries for the poor Hamas and Islamic Jihad being targeted in response for rockets fired at Israel, then we can simply let them cry and response that if they want the targeting of jihadist leaders, all they need do is convince Hamas and Islamic Jihad to actually prevent any, and we mean any, rocket from being fired into Israel as there would be a real cost to Hamas and friends.


terrorists and rioters taking a rest break before rejoining the fracas




Scene inside Muslim revered holy site the al Aqsa Mosque which has been desecrated as having been reduce to an ammunition and safe attack rally point for riots and assaults on Police and Jews visiting Temple Mount

Scene inside Muslim revered holy site the al-Aqsa Mosque which has been desecrated as having been reduce to an ammunition and safe attack rally point for riots and assaults on Police and Jews visiting Temple Mount

The Temple Mount situation has become a war zone with actual barricades constructed to give the rioters a protected and armored area from which to launch pyrotechnics and hurl rocks and bricks and to sling good sized stones at police with many of these tactics causing severe injury to the police and security personnel. Meanwhile there has been little if any response to the accusations by Jordanian King and others blaming Israel for the violence. This is a similar form of blaming the victim for having the audacity to be where the crime against them is being committed as if to cry that if only they would never go out to places where such threats are, then the threats would stop. This demand is a demand for Israel to surrender the Temple Mount and allow the Muslim behavior, the Muslim rioters and their violence to succeed and chase the Jews from the Temple Mount so that it can be claimed that the Jews do not value the Temple Mount so it must not have any significance to them proving the two Temples never existed and are just fairy tales for children which makes them proud as if such events as in the Bible are at all true. The answer they should receive is that the Bible is accurate and true and you know the two Temples did indeed stand on the Temple Mount a good twenty-five-hundred years before Islam was even founded and the Jewish People have worshipped on those holy grounds which you desecrate not only with these rioting but whenever you play soccer or other games on the Temple Mount plaza and other actions one would never see done by the Israelis to any holy grounds.



Armory al-Aqsa Mosque Desecrated by making it a fortified base from which to launch rioting


There is no easy path to treat these rioters as they are being stirred up and led by some hardcore mercenaries who assist in arming and planning the violence to make it as photogenic as possible and even take the pictures we desire ourselves and have our own stringers sell our propaganda shots to the media which is hungrily eaten-up by the European mainstream media and even at time in the United States this story is told, that the poor and victimized, they have to be victims, have been denied their holy right for respect of their holy site which covers the entire Temple Mount and not just the area around the structure. Further, the only story which must be told is how the Islamic al-Aqsa Mosque is being desecrated as the pictures depict. That is true but their state of disrepair is a direct result of their using the al-Aqsa Mosque as an armory and a fortified fallback position from which one can still attempt to fire pyrotechnics at the police. The best part is the media has taken up the rioters cause and for a simple reason, the Israeli leadership is bankrupt when it comes to opposing the violence from the many terror groups and where there is no peace plan other than the Jews cutting their own throats and allowing the Arabs to overrun the entirety of Israel, that is the sole way to quell the riots, to simple cease to exist. The Hamas charter calls for Jihad until every Jew on planet Earth has been murdered. It cannot be stated any more clearly what is driving the violence; it is the existence of Israel and of Jews on the face of this Earth. The rioters’ desire is to prevent Jewish access to the Temple Mount through violent confrontations and rioting and the authorities granting them the exact situational reward they are rioting to create so they have a means to achieve no Jews visiting the Temple Mount as long as they riot. Simply allow Jews free access to the Temple Mount from any entrance, just as any Muslim is allowed, and permit Jewish prayers on the Temple Mount, both private and group prayers led by a Rabbi giving the Jews equal rights, nothing special, just equality. The Muslims are demanding they be granted superior rights by the denying the Jews their rights, this must not be permitted to succeed. The rioting will cease once all peoples, Jews, Druze, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Baha’I, Hindus and even atheists are permitted free access to the Temple Mount and everybody is permitted to pray, visit, marvel at the holy structures and even take pictures. There should be a limit that prevents desecration of any one sight by allowing each holy place to define who is permitted into their areas and finally not permitting the playing of soccer or other similar pursuits which would detract from the decorum which must be expected and enforced at this holiest of holy places.


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