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March 8, 2014

The Quest to Deliver Israel by President Obama

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President Obama once again delivered a shot across the bow immediately before Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in Washington DC earlier this week with an interview given to Bloomberg columnist Jeffrey Goldberg where he stated, “I have not yet heard… a persuasive vision of how Israel survives as a democracy and a Jewish state at peace with its neighbors in the absence of a peace deal with the Palestinians and a two-state solution.” This was President Obama’s way of reinforcing the threats which have become part and parcel of Secretary of State Kerry and the rest of the Obama Administration demanding that Israel must surrender to the Palestinians’ endless demands and preconditions immediately because it has no other option and the United States will not be capable of finding reasons or excuses necessary to protect Israel from the consequences the world will demand. The small and inconvenient fact is that there has been definitive proof that Secretary of State Kerry has been assisting and facilitating efforts to further the boycott, divestment and sanction (BDS) pressures on European governments. The leaning on Israel while coddling the Palestinians in the recent negotiations has been reminiscent of the early efforts to rectify the imbalance which Obama perceived in the Israel-Palestinian peace process where he not only sided with the Palestinian cause but actually introduced concepts and demands on the Israelis which even the Palestinians had never had the audacity to propose. A couple of examples of these initiatives which originated from the mouth of President Obama and have now become the central demands of Mahmoud Abbas and the other Palestinian negotiators are the concept of Israeli building and construction freezes in Judea and Samaria, the return to the pre June 1967 Armistice Lines drawn after Israel defended successfully against over a half dozen Arab armies which attacked the nascent Jewish State immediately after her independence in May of 1948, the establishment of the Palestinian Capital City in Eastern Jerusalem and the return of the entirety of East Jerusalem including the Old City and the Temple Mount to Palestinian rule, and Israel granting some recognition for the Palestinian Right of Return by permitting a partial repatriation of Palestinian refugees possibly numbering as high as two or three million. All of these trends beg the question of whether or not Israel will be capable of weathering the storm and wait out the remainder of President Obama’s last term in office or will they be pressed beyond the breaking point.


There is one path which Israel could take which would end the ability of any nation, even the United States, to pressure Israel any further and would give President Obama the definitive proof that Israel does have an answer to the challenge by President Obama’s demand, “I have not yet heard… a persuasive vision of how Israel survives as a democracy and a Jewish state at peace with its neighbors in the absence of a peace deal with the Palestinians and a two-state solution.” Israel has the option which has stronger support in International Law than do any of the claims made by the Palestinians based on the San Remo Conference which was a treaty approved by 52 League of Nations members in 1922 and by the United States which was not a member of the League of Nations but approved it by a Joint Resolution of Congress in 1922 and in a separate treaty, the Anglo-American Convention of 1924 making the claims that Israel, the Jewish State, be defined as all the Mandate Lands west of the Jordan River not only valid under International Law but also the law of the land defining the position of the United States into the future in perpetuity.


The presumed problem Israel would need to address to the satisfaction of the United Nations, European Union, the United States, Russia, China, and a plethora of other NGOs and entities is once all the lands west of the Jordan River were annexed officially and incorporated as part of the State of Israel, would be providing a path through which the Palestinians will be included as full citizens with complete rights incorporating the people along with the lands. The first promise that Israel could make would be to extend water, sewage treatment, waste disposal, electricity, gas lines and all other infrastructure to include all of the Samaria and Judea bringing the services to all the new areas now under Israeli autonomy. There would also need to be a proposed path through which all those who desired to become citizens of the State of Israel could realize that goal. Giving all of the current Palestinians instantaneous citizenship would not be feasible as Israel should not be forced to grant the privilege of citizenship to those who had been convicted of acts of terrorism until some means of gauging the renunciation of such animosities had been met and a period of good faith passed without any further acts against the State of Israel and her peoples. Furthermore, Israel could offer a monetary package to those who desire to refuse Israeli citizenship and instead desire to make their home anywhere else in the world thus, making their accommodation of that desire easier to facilitate. Israel also should make their position firmly known and understood that any person found guilty of acts of terrorism will be deported as soon as possible without any enumerations as those funds are reserved for those choosing to resettle and not to criminal elements being deported. This is one of the available options out of many others which are defined as the One State Solution.


The principle item which would also require the assistance and cooperation of the world is that the descendants of the refugees would need to be incorporated and resettled somewhere other than within Israel. The refugees themselves largely left their homes under the auspices and direction of the Mufti of Jerusalem who claimed that their departure would allow the invading Arab forces could simply annihilate everyone they came across without need to determine whether they were Arab or Jew. They were promised after a few days and the quick victory by their imposing and unstoppable assault they could return and enjoy the spoils of war taking possession of the wealth and properties that formerly belonged to the Jews. The idea that not only the original persons who left or fled automatically instil the definition of refugee on their children and their children on into perpetuity is preposterous and a definition which the world only has attempted to apply to the Arab refugees of the War to Annihilate the Jews of the new State of Israel and on no others. The fact that this definition for refugee is solely applied in the case of the Jewish State of Israel meets the definition of an act of anti-Semitism and not an act of justified accusation on Israel as a state like any other. The correction of this travesty and the incorporating the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) agency responsible for Palestinian refugees removing them from the corrupt and politicized United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) which has a self-interest in perpetuating the refugee status into a permanent class of people that can and will never by fully satisfied. UNRWA has proven that it has long since become an agency whose unofficial job is to bring about the end of the Jewish state and the submission of Israel to Arab Islamic rule. That travesty must be terminated.


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September 5, 2013

Why Doesn’t Israel Refute the Propaganda Against Her?

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I hear this question often and even more so when we report news which displays the truth that Israel treats the Arabs, including those from neighboring nations, the Palestinians and those Arabs living amongst them as citizens of Israel, with the same kindness, concern, care, and equality in all things to how they treat Israeli Jews. The most recent query came in a comment over our article  United States and Israel Charging in Opposite Directions Over Syria in which it was mentioned that Israel had given all of the necessary care including surgeries and anything else required to treat many dozens of Syrian refugees who had crossed the border including those cases where the injured person had initially been treated in Syria but as they were unable to provide the level of care necessary to save or treat their injuries so they were transferred to Israel often left with a note telling what had been performed and the diagnosis. The person’s comment was, “This is interesting. Thanks for it. I have no argument about it, but if the Israelis treat the Syrians in need of help so well, why do they treat their other neighbours, the Palestinians, so abysmally? Recently in my church, which is my city’s cathedral, there was even a photo exhibition depicting the plight of the Palestinians at the hands of Israel, in particular the West Bank settlers. I regularly receive posts on Facebook about Palestinians shot by the IDF, children among them.” So, let us take this opportunity to reflect on an answer for this query.


The obvious part of the answer is basic and simple; it is the nature of the news and reporting. Would anybody consider it to be informative or good reporting if an article read stating, “Nothing happened untoward today in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. There were no stones thrown, insults hurled or even something said in haste which was later regretted. Everybody got prompt and equal service at the eateries and there were no problems on any of the bus routes, even the ones through the Haredi neighborhoods. People even were smiling at each other and many went the extra step to help anybody even if their problem was of the most mundane nature. The feeling was as if a permanent state of shalom, peace, had settled over everyone and everything making life close to perfect.” Such a report would never get past the editor let alone be passed on to the copy editor, who would have put such aside believing that somebody sent such a piece as a joke and it was not seriously intended to be published. Yet, it is the absence of such articles and the plethora of articles that meet the “If it bleeds, it leads” mantra news sources are famous for following. On the other hand you can rest assured that every rock hurled, every terror act, every rough handling of provocateurs of who there is a near constant train of them coming from Europe into Israel with the singular intent of menacing IDF and police until they either are arrested or get sufficient film to splice a juicy story that fits their agenda to load onto Facebook and You-Tube. Whenever there are rockets shot from Gaza or Lebanon it makes the news if and often only if the Israelis reply with a military strike and then the article almost always leads with Israeli Defense Forces launched a strike using warplanes striking in the heavily populated Gaza City killing two and injuring four including one child. The Israeli strike was in response for rockets landing within Israel. With this as the leading pair of sentences, which action sticks in your mind? My bet is so what if rockets landed in Israel, what was the big deal? Well, if it was your house that just exploded which while not a daily occurrence, does happen and the targets of most Israeli strikes are on weapons warehouses or rocket firing squads who often take children with them when launching their rockets to prevent Israeli striking them and they do this because it works. Israel has often withdrawn their strike because of innocents being used as human shields and the Israelis take great pains to cause as few innocent victims as possible. Israel even takes out most of the explosive charges in the munitions they use to target terrorists as they drive their vehicles, even to the point that there have been cases where the terrorist leader in the back seat was killed while the driver in the front seat received minimal injuries.


Of course the only news sources that ever bother to cover such trivialities are the nationalistic and Zionist news sources within Israel. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the news sources from Israel which are readily accessible in the rest of the world are the leftist, anti-nationalists and post-Zionist far leftist sources which are just as critical and slanted against any actions Israel takes where either nationalist, Zionist, religious Jews or the settlers who live beyond the Green Line are concerned. These news sources also take the Palestinian side of every argument. These news outlets represent a minority of Israelis but make their profit on sales in Paris, London, Washington DC, New York and other liberal cities or anywhere they desire bashing anti-Israel news and especially Israeli news which they use to prove that anything they claim against Israel is repeated in these news sources and therefore must be true. Imagine you only read the New York Times and then had to judge whether Mitt Romney was a worthy Presidential candidate compared to President Obama. Despite the claims that the Palestinian Authority suffers from extreme poverty and lack of funds, they have more funding at their disposal than Israel. The Palestinian Authority receives million upon millions of aid money from the United Nations through UNRWA, from the European Union, the United States, every European government, numerous charities, a plethora of NGO’s, numerous foundations, and contributions from the oil rich countries of the Arabian Peninsula. On top of these funds there are the cash and weapons which are supplied to Hamas, Fatah, Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade, PFLP, al-Qaeda in the Gaza Strip and other lesser known terrorist groups which amounts to more millions in aid which is almost exclusively utilized for attacking Israel using terrorism and for the more established terror groups such as Fatah, Hamas and Hezballah in Lebanon have their own newspapers, radio and television stations and school and camp systems which indoctrinate the next generation of terrorists. Israel cannot match these efforts and the international financial support they enjoy and even the attempts Israel exerts are mostly ignored by many news outlets which add to the apparent silence of the Israeli side.


So, this is the vast majority of the news presented to the world but there is much more to the slanting against Israel and why Israel seems inept in answering the charges which come from all quarters. Another problem is that the NGOs (non-governmental organizations) which are solely dedicated to slandering, defaming, denouncing and out-and-out lying about Israel number in the hundreds and are backed by virtually every European government, the European Union, George Soros, the Arab League, the Arab nations, Oil Monies, Leftist foundations, and extreme leftist political entities and the hundreds of millions of Euros, Dollars, and virtually any other coinage such that they have more money than they could ever even imagine spending. The Israeli government does not have the funding to even begin to fight this fight especially since the Israeli government spends a higher percentage of their funds on aid to other nations who have suffered a disaster than any other nation with the possible exception of the United States. Two excellent examples of the true heart of the Israelis can be documented by telling of their actions in response to two of the most recent disasters, the Haiti earthquake and the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plants disaster all at one time. In the Haiti earthquake the Israelis had some of the initial responders and had erected a fully functioning hospital complete with delivery rooms, surgical suits, and virtually any specialty one could require even including psychological counseling before the United States had set up their initial field treatment centers and a week before the United States hospital ship was on scene. Another miracle was the number of trained search and rescue teams many with trained K-9 units which were also among the first and were praised by other teams as performing miracles. The Israelis also provided generators and adopted and completely rebuilt a Haitian school and orphanage in the year following the earthquake. One of the other miracle stories resulting from the aid Israel provided was the story of dancer George Exantus who after being rescued had his leg amputated. He was taken to Israel where he was fitted with state-of-the-art prosthetic leg and given rehab and returned to his dream life as a dancer.


The triple disaster in Japan when the nuclear complex had several nuclear reactors threatening to radiate large areas in northern Japan after they were swamped due to the tsunami which was caused by a severe earthquake, was a disaster virtually unequalled in history. The Israelis were again amongst the first responders in Japan. The Israelis brought with them an entire prefab medical clinic along with all the necessary equipment and staff as well as an electrical generator to power the facility. When after spending months treating people for a variety of injuries including radiation exposure, the Israelis returned to Israel leaving behind the entire clinic, generator and leaving it fully equipped for the Japanese to continue to provide aid for their people who had suffered a terrible disaster. Israel has been one of the first on the scene of numerous natural disasters but there is one last effort which deserves mention. To read numerous stories about this revolutionary program just search for “Israeli Save a Child’s Heart” and bring some tissues. The program is called SACH which stands for “Save a Child’s Heart” and has two main visions for service. The first is to treat any child needful of heart surgery in Israel even arranging transport through a third country for the Arab children from nations who have such relations with Israel that the child and parents would be put to death should Israel be stamped as a destination on their Visa or Passport. The Israelis have treated numerous Palestinian children with this program as well and invest most of their efforts and charity in places where the children with heart defects or disease would have little if any possibility for survival. They bring the child, parents and even entire families in appropriate situation and provide free care and follow-up treatments giving the child a chance for a normal life. This program also assists in setting up children’s cardiac care centers in hospitals in countries where no such care exists and train physicians in the procedures used in treating cardiac problems and disease in children. All of this is done as charity under the Jewish concept of being a light unto the nations and setting an example of how man can act when doing his best free from hate or judgementalism.


The final front that maligns Israel comes from a surprising source, other religious institutions and religious denominations. There are many sources of anti-Zionist, anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic sources which are of a religious nature. Some come from a front one would expect, Islamic Mosques and countries provide a fertile religiously originated source of efforts maligning Israel. What many find surprising is the extent to which Christian religious sources also malign Israel. The Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center is a Christian liberation theology organization based in Jerusalem that supports extreme anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, and anti-Israel propaganda and markets their poisonous viewpoint around the world to any Christian church which will grant them an open ear. The Presbyterian Church USA has debated joining the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement numerous times and many of its member congregations have divested their investments from anything connected in any manner to Israel. The same can be said of at least one synod of numerous Protestant Churches in the United States and worldwide. There are some sects of Catholic organizations which also disparage Israel under the calling of supporting the Palestinian cause. On this front the Israeli government and the majority of Jews refuse to even engage as to do such would actually be against Judaism’s tenet of not interfering in other religions. Judaism’s idea of a perfect world would surprise most people. In such a world the Jewish people would live in their beloved Israel spanning from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea living under the covenant contained in Torah attempting to live an exemplary life while the rest of the world went on living and attending their business. There is no mention in Judaism commanding proselytizing others and are only advised to tell those who ask and only those who ask. True to that concept this would be a great place to end.


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June 18, 2012

Abbas Announces Death of the Peace Process, Blames Israel

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Palestinian Authority President Abbas announced in a conference in Ramallah, “The peace process is clinically dead and the Israeli side is definitely the one responsible. The ball is in their court.” Just days before his meeting with United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and putting further emphasis on this not so surprising announcement, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat added the following speaking to AFP on Sunday, “I was assigned by President Abbas to inform US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of our position on resuming negotiations once Israel commits to stopping settlement activity and release of prisoners, among other obligations. These are not preconditions but obligations and Israel must abide by them. We hope the American administration compels the Israeli government to fulfill its obligations in order to get the peace process back on track.”

Before anybody starts digging a grave for the obviously moribund peace process, shall we look a little deeper at exactly what was said, what was omitted, and what it is exactly that Mahmoud Abbas and his fellow conspirators are attempting to achieve by all this bluster. The first thing of note is that these grand statements and high drama come immediately before a meeting with Secretary of State Clinton. So, the first possibility is this was all setting the table for guiding the talks with Secretary Clinton in a desired direction. The crucial phrase was given to Saeb Erakat to relay and were, “…resuming negotiations once Israel commits to stopping settlement activity and release of prisoners, among other obligations. These are not preconditions but obligations and Israel must abide by them.” There are two items to note in this excerpt from Mr. Erakat. The demand that these are not “preconditions” but rather are “obligations” and as such Israel is bound to meet these requirements before anybody can even start to talk of the two sides meeting and negotiations restarting. That begs a few questions starting with where does this set of obligations derive from? Were these parts and parcel of any agreement between the two sides? Was this a binding resolution of the Security Council of the United Nations or similar decree from any other body holding the power to make these demands upon Israel? The answer is no. These are an ever lengthening set of demands that appear to sprout from the furtive imagination of one Mahmoud Abbas. Israel not only has never agreed to these stipulations, they have never discussed such things in all of their negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. And that leads us to the second consideration of what exactly is meant by “…Israel commits to stopping settlement activity and release of prisoners, among other obligations.” The idea of stopping settlement activity was a misstep, intentional or out of pure ignorance, made by the President of the United States Barack Obama which did lead to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu actually committing to place a one-time moratorium on settlement construction for ten months. During that period, Mahmoud Abbas twittered away the first nine months and only in the final three weeks made any appearance of an effort to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu. The end result was President Abbas demanding that the American President force the Israelis to extend the settlement freeze for an indeterminate amount of time until Abbas judged that the negotiations were completed. That demand never had any chance in the world and President Obama did not even back that demand.

About the rest where it adds, “…release of prisoners, among other obligations.” The release of prisoners is ridiculous as Israel recently released a large number of prisoners, over one thousand in total. But, needless to say, in the world of Mahmoud Abbas such does not count and Israel must release hundreds of prisoners each and every time he requests or they are obstructing the negotiations. The best part is the open ended “among other obligations.” This wonderful catch-all phrase fits the Mahmoud Abbas negotiation method perfectly and defines his approach for the past years explicitly. This allows Mr. Abbas to add item after item after item just in the case where Israel might decide to call his bluff and meet the stated demands. These other obligations inevitably will lead to the one deal breaker Mr. Abbas keeps in his back pocket for those emergencies when he is caught without a new demand, that is the “Right of return” where he insists that Israel absorb four and a half million or more so-called Palestinian refugees. We will get into the unique definition of Palestinian refugee in a moment. Other standard demands that he currently has been including in this list include but are not limited to the following; release of all Palestinian prisoners who have been incarcerated from before the year 2000 (this consists almost exclusively of prisoners who have murdered multiple Israeli civilians and are serving multiple life sentences, or put another way, the worst of the worst), surrender of all of the Old City of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount and the Western Wall (which then would be made off limits in practice if not in fact through violence such as is often seen when Jews visit Jacobs Tomb in Hevron), usage of the 1949 Armistice Lines as the starting point for the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, and others. The latest and most mind boggling of President Mahmoud Abbas demands was introduced in the last week or so when he now demands that the Palestinian Authority, fresh off being recognized by UNESCO as a member country, have the right to import weapons. Be assured, he will claim to the press that he intends only to upgrade the pitiful weapons his security forces and police are forced to use currently and nothing really serious. The Palestinian police and security forces are armed with two year old M-16s, a commensurate number equipped with M-209 grenade launchers, M-60 30 caliber belt-fed machine guns, 9MM side arms, and whatever older weapons they have from unofficial sources which include many Kalashnikov assault rifles, Russian and other RPGs, and when including the terror arm of Mahmoud Abbas’s PLO, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, very likely anti-tank launchers and other and various crew served weapons including small and medium range mortars, Grad rockets, Katyusha rockets, enhanced Katyusha rockets, Qassam rockets, and other various mines, explosives grenades and indirect fire weapons. Yet, Mr. Abbas sees the need to enhance their armory with whatever he can drag across the border with assistance from Iran, Russia, possibly some European countries, and whomever else might be willing to trust him to take the weapons now and pay them some time in the future. And this is also an obligation he requires of Israel despite their never having agreed to anything even remotely resembling such.

Now for the promised definition of a Palestinian Refugee. Where in the real world, that is anywhere not part of the Palestinian influence and support groups, the refugees are cared for by the UNHCR which is tasked with caring for refugees and making every possible attempt to arrange for the refugees to return to their homes after any crisis has ended or be absorbed into an accepting country in cases where the refugees are the result of a war or agreement which changes state boundaries. One example were the hundreds of millions of Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu refugees who found themselves on the opposite side of the formation of India and Pakistan and desired to be relocated to their respective states. Oddly enough, today all of those refugees have been relocated and are living as citizens within one or the other country. Pakistan was founded approximately one year earlier than was Israel and due to much the same problems of religiously motivated warfare between Muslim and Hindu people as compared to Muslim and Jews in the founding of Israel. The main responsibility for UNHCR is to resettle and resolve all refugee situations. This was totally unacceptable to the Arab and Muslim states which desired to retain as many refugees as possible to use as a political bludgeon against Israel. They desired a way to actually increase the numbers of refugees. Within a decade of the founding of Israel, approximately six-hundred and fifty-thousand to seven-thousand Arabs were displaced from their homes within Israel by the Israeli War for survival after Israel was attacked by more than five Arab neighbors the day after her founding. The vast majority of these refugees had willingly abandoned their homes believing the promises of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Amin al-Husayni who promised them a quick war where the Jews would be massacred and they could return to their homes and take of the spoils of victory. During the same period many Arab and Muslim countries either forced their Jewish population to leave or the Jews fled extreme violence and pogroms leaving behind their homes, businesses, and any wealth they were unable to carry. These Jews numbered over seven-hundred-fifty-thousand and some estimates place the number near to nine-hundred-thousand. Today there are no Jewish refugees left from that time and even millions of Russian Jewish refugees have been absorbed by Israel and Israel is in the process of absorbing hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian and Indian Jews currently. Today the number of Palestinian Refugees is estimated at somewhere over four-and-a-half-million. The United Nations went so far as to have an agency just for the Palestinian refugees separate from all other refugees. This organization is UNRWA and has the charge to increase the number of those considered Palestinian refugees by any method possible. Unlike other refugees who had to actually have been alive and lost their homes at the time of whatever event caused their refugee status, Palestinian refugees are not so tasked. If either parent is a Palestinian refugee, then the child is a Palestinian refugee, and their children will be refugees and their children will also be Palestinian refugees. Under the care of UNRWA there exist millions of second, third, fourth, and possible starting to be fifth generation Palestinian refugees. The sole solution the world has been conditioned to allow for these refugees is their incorporation into Israeli society in order to overwhelm the Jewish population of Israel and thus conquer Israel through sheer numbers. This is the intent of the demand for the “Right of Return” for Palestinian refugees. It is simply another imitation of the Jewish laws for the return from the Diaspora of Jews to Israel which is the “Law of Right of Return”. The Palestinians have even now begun to refer to the Palestinian refugees as being the Palestinian Diaspora in order to make them appear to have the same heritage to return to their ancient homeland. To initially qualify as a Palestinian refugee one need not even have been living within the Middle East and definitely not within what became Israel to qualify. All one need claim is that they resided in the British Mandate area for two years between 1940 and 1949 and they became Palestinian refugees. Even if they lived in Palo Alto, California in the United States during the 1948-1949 Israeli Arab War but had lived in the British Mandate from 1941 to 1944 they became Palestinian refugees as have their children and grand-children on and on. This is just the tip of the iceberg that is the scandal that is the Palestinian refugees. There are no Palestinian refugee camps within Israel; they all exist either in Palestinian autonomous areas or in Arab countries such as Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon etc. President Assad has numerous times shelled some of the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria during the civil war that is ongoing. In Lebanon the Palestinians are forbidden from most forms of employment and are not allowed to own land or even rent an apartment and their camps are guarded to keep them within, not to protect them. Jordan was the sole country to grant Palestinian refugees citizenship. Many of those citizens were stripped of that privilege after the Black September uprising by Yasser Arafat when he attempted a coup in Jordan against the King. The Palestinians remain as refugees multiple generations after their original loss of their homes in a war they did not start and neither did the Israelis start, but that was propagated in the Palestinians’ names by their brother Arabs and Muslims. That is an introduction to the reality that is the Palestinian refugee problem. Even under Mahmoud Abbas in the Palestinian Authority areas of autonomy the Palestinian refugees are contained in squalor of their refugee camps in greater poverty than their brethren who feel nothing for them and only wish to use them to destroy Israel.

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