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June 22, 2016

The West has One Vital Choice to Make Now


The so-called Clash of Civilizations is upon us if you ask the alarmists who have been banging the warning gong at the center of town for, some of us, decades now since the founding of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) June 2, 1964, and the assassination of Robert Kennedy on June 05, 1968 or as the latecomers claim was the start, September 11, 2001 despite the earlier attempt to bring down the World Trade Center Towers on February 26, 1993 using a truck bomb weighing 1,200 pounds that detonated around 12:17 PM knocking out the World Trade Center’s incoming high-voltage lines which feed much of the electrical energy to the complex. Making matters worse was that the explosion also knocked-out the generators, elevators, sprinklers, emergency command center disabling everything necessary for an emergency situation, which may have been a blessing in disguise as it exposed numerous weaknesses. The truth is that the problems the world is currently facing began and have continued at varying levels since the Seventh Century, yes, that’s right, approaching fourteen hundred years ago when the Arabs first poured out of the Arabian Peninsula and began their age of conquest. What is very difficult for people in Western civilizations to grasp and get their arms around is that people were capable of conquering much of the known world starting with a few bands of tribes and reach within two decades from India and the Ganges River to Andalusia, Spain and Portugal for the Eurocentric, and all of Northern Africa and on across Turkey and into the Balkans eventually reaching Vienna. What makes their incredulous reaction to the Arab conquests would be even further challenged if they were to also realize that these Arabs and their Empire fell to a single tribe from northeastern Turkey known as the Ottomans. The Ottoman Turks began their conquest and establishing the last caliphate in the mid-1300s. The entirety of the Pan-Arab Empire known as the Ottoman Empire at the start of World War I chose the wrong side to ally with and thus was amongst those who lost and were placed under the whims of the allies, Britain, Russia, France, Italy and Japan as the United States hemmed and hawed as they sat on the sidelines thus not needing to take on any supervision or ties beyond the final peace treaty. The Sykes Picot Agreement and the San Remo Conference set up the Middle East as it was in 1944 at the end of World War II which miraculously changed nothing outside of Europe which means the Middle East remained as it was divided at the conclusion of World War I even at the end of World War II.


Ottoman Empire Thrusts into Eastern Europe

Ottoman Empire Thrusts into Eastern Europe


Islam had been in remission of a sort after World War I as the Ottomans discovered that the battle plans and formation used by Islam during World War I only proved favorable when defending or holding a stronghold, and even then it was questionable. The Middle East had slowly grown angrier and less stable as the divisions made in the Sykes Picot agreement had drawn the borders of the states seemingly at random and with little concern. That concealed the reality which was the centerpiece of the European plans at the end of World War I and also a large part of the reason the United States desired absolutely no part of the settlements made at the conclusion of World War I.


Let us start with the part mostly ignored other than the predicament faced by Germany. The Austria-Hungarian Empire which was demolished and defeated was basically sliced and diced to produce a number of smaller nations which were largely drawn along ethnic lines. The main exceptions were Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Germany. The former two were combined nations having at least two separate and rival tribes and were strategically placed so as to foil any plans for rebuilding the Empire. Germany lost some prime lands to France and Poland as a punishment along with being saddled with heavy debts which crippled the German economy. These vindictive arrangements and disposition after World War I all but guaranteed a World War II or at least a pan-European War. The other half of Sykes Picot rearranged the Ottoman Empire lands into independent countries which were almost drawn randomly, the question being was there actual animus driving the actual drawing of the borders. Common understanding believes that there was actual animus and that the problems currently and previously were by the intentional design of the countries and their borders. What came next?


Ottoman Empire Ascending includes Golden Age of Islam

Ottoman Empire Ascending includes Golden Age of Islam


Ottoman Empire in Decline 1800 through 1914 and Start of World War I

Ottoman Empire in Decline 1800 through 1914 and Start of World War I


As the borders of these new nations were apparently random but actually did have one major consequence, the tribal allegiances were ignored. An example would be the Kurds who were promised a nation for their people which never was formed largely due to Oil found on their lands so their lands were incorporated with those whom the Europeans had agreements for their oil, always favorable arrangements. The Kurdish lands ended up split between Iraq, Turkey and Syria while the Kurdish communities in Iran remained untouched as Iran was not part of the Ottoman Empire. With the different tribes and even forms of Islam there would always be problems in these new nations keeping the peace. This lent the situation to needing a strong and unrelenting leader such as Saddam Hussein, Hafez al-Assad, Mubarak, Kaddafi and too many others. These problems was the one idea where the Islamic State actually had a legitimate complaint against Europe but they long since squandered any hope that they would be trusted to make necessary changes. Their ploy to use the Sykes Picot to dictate the new borders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) was destroyed by the Islamic State with their slaughter of the Yazidis and the raping of women, Christian or Islamic with little difference shown to either religious background. The atrocities committed by the Islamic State should have been sufficient to galvanize an alliance set on the singular task of the destruction and dismemberment of the Islamic State. What is strange is that the Russians are willing, the European Union is indifferent and unwilling to commit, while some European nations such as Britain and Italy are willing to take a stand against the Islamic State but lack the gravitas to destroy this manifestation of evil. The main source remains on the sidelines as President Obama refuses to see any threats which originate from Islam.


All of this will be the past, what we will call the ‘then’ and now we will look ahead after the United States has had their fall elections and the next President has just taken the oath of office and returned to the White House. The two major party candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We can predict what the main differences will be between the two. Hillary Clinton will pretty much continue the Obama politics domestically allowing the economy to be largely stagnant but slowly gaining some momentum where growth may actually approach the one and a half to two percent growth with measured unemployment remaining around five to six percent. A Trump White House would probably also freeze the economy in place with everything waiting anxiously to see what path he will decide to take. The most important figures will be one that has remained pretty much out of the public eye as it is a true and horrifying indicator of the sad state of the economy since sometime in late 2002 and just accelerated downward to levels not witnessed even during the ‘Great Depression’ of the 1930s and ended by World War II. We had best hope that the seemingly unavoidable events, which would change the economic picture as such resets do their magic through destructive employment accelerators, as when half of the cities are bombed to rubble and employment accelerates, is not what will be the path of economic repair in our future. While the Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) will level out at long last as the economy and the long term unemployed settle into a brief equilibrium and the next step will depend on the policies put in place in the first few months of the new administration. We really have little to judge what Donald Trump might do and we have a fair idea what Hillary Clinton will do, but this article is not about the economy though below is a graph of the LFPR.


Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR)


The real challenge before the next President, whether it is Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, one of the minor party candidates or some knight in shining armor come to save either of the major parties from their less than wonderful choices will be setting a course and then have the faith and fortitude to keep to that path. Now while the choice may fall entirely upon the United States, a scary thought at best knowing the probable choices for their coming elections, but there is also a channel where the Europeans may save the day and the future which currently is charging headlong to a dark-age which may last for the foreseeable future. The first test has already been passed by France but only if their recent actions are the beginning of a new path forward. Another test is coming up tomorrow with Brexit. Should the British decide to pull out from the European Union and make a determined exit in less than six months, not the two to ten years different predictions claim it will take, they can then take immediate control over their borders and refuse any undocumented refugees and only allow documented individuals in after an application has been accepted and a full background investigation all the way back to their first school or madrasah they attended. Should anybody have mostly unreliable or complete lengths of no references and that is made a disqualifier and the backgrounds are fully validated to assure honesty and an actual verified history before allowing emigration, and a similar qualification system even for visitors on vacation, then the British Isles will be far more protected than is currently the case. A checkpoint on the exit into Britain side of the Chunnel would also be a great idea. The future in Europe needs to be all about security and keeping the freedoms that Western Civilization has worked centuries developing and realizing that human individual freedoms and free expression are conducive to an advanced and productive society and limited freedoms and closed government intrusions leads to economic collapse as people have less to live for thus less to work for. The United States and Europe over the past two centuries plus have proven that more freedom equals a stronger economy and higher productivity. The unfortunate item is despite this knowledge the politicians are still hankering for greater control and less freedom. There have been politicians who have expressed ideas such as requiring travel permits if one desires to cross arbitrary lines going from one zone to the next. This could lead to people who live away from the major cities not being able to go to the store or visit the neighboring farm without a permit. These are the people who have no voice in their governance as the cities now control governments and this will lead to less and less freedom as people prefer dependence on government over self-reliance. The reason behind this trend is directly tied to the increased city dwelling. When one lives in a rural area many times you actually have to repair items with what you have or can borrow from a neighbor just to get through the day or week. In the city you call a repair person, a handyman or an expert. City life is conducive to dependence while rural life requires independent thinking and often ingenuity. Add the terror threats and the willingness of many to sacrifice certain freedoms for additional appearances of safety and you end up with a vicious cycle which eventually leads to totalitarian governance, even if the government is elected. People will end up electing those who promise to keep them safe while regimenting their lives further in order to be capable of detecting something amiss. Amiss will define people like many of us because we value liberty and freedom.


There have been polls conducted at numerous colleges and universities in the United States and the students actually desire to make certain types of speech illegal and people caught using such language fined and if they persist then they would need to be sent to a school to learn why their speech is dangerous and injurious. So much for what we learned as children, ‘sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never harm me.’ These word police are playing into the hands of the Islamists who desire Sharia be imposed where any language which denigrates or demeans or insults Islam would be severely punishable. The results of surveys and research can be found starting on this First Amendment site with numerous links to further information and a wealth of eye-opening information. Free and open speech is necessary for a free society and there is no guarantee against being offended. This is necessary because if only speech which offended nobody were allowed there would be very little ever spoken. Going out of ones way to offend a person by following them shouting or even whispering words that one knows would be upsetting, that comes under harassment laws and is preventable or bringing such activity to a halt legally. What is a far greater danger is allowing for one group of people to dictate what is permitted and what is forbidden in a society by dictation completely separate from the governance. Allowing such is dangerous especially in mixed neighborhoods or areas where disparate groups have access and reason to visit the locations. Areas which have been purchased by a group such as a compound or fenced neighborhood where those residing decide whether other people may enter can have their own cultural system but that system must never be permitted to become a general system covering others. Freedom of religion includes freedom from having a religion. People must be free to believe or not and those who choose to believe must be free to choose what to believe. The limitations come at some blatantly obvious points such as no human sacrifice, even if the subject for sacrifice volunteers as by definition in Western society such a person is not rational and thus needs help, not their beating heart removed in an ancient ritual worshipping Ba’al. The limits on religion need be similar to general laws governing interaction between individuals. Your religion is absolutely wonderful as long as it stops between you and other adherents.


Proselytizing is another area which can be sensitive. That too needs to be limited in that ‘no’ or ‘please leave me alone’ means exactly that and ‘tell me more’ is a license to inform to your heart’s content. No religion can be allowed to dictate laws. That is one guarantee that freedom demands. No religion is superior or should be permitted to dominate by force or threat especially. Those who believe their religion has the right to dictate the law and force others to live by their religious laws, they need to be returned to whatever place they came from as in a free and open society such must never be permitted. Even in Israel which identifies itself as the Jewish State there is no restriction on other religions. If there are any restrictions on religion in Israel, it is on Judaism and its practice at certain holy sites where religious purity is required by Jewish law. But even such rules do not apply to a non-Jew. An example would be that there are certain locations upon the Temple Mount where a Jew is forbidden from treading as it may be too close to the location where the Holy of Holies was located when the First Temple and Second Temple existed. A non-Jew can walk freely as can be seen in many videos where Arab youths are playing soccer in central areas near the Dome of the Rock, an area where Jews are restricted from walking as this was close to where the Holy of the Holies was located (video below).


Temple Mount Visit Sunday, March 6th 2016- Arabs playing Soccer


Islam has spread over the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and in much of these lands Islam is almost the only faith and Jews are so rare that the Christians and other native religions from Africa are now being victimized and persecuted. We look at the nations where fifteen-hundred years ago over 90% of the people were Christians and Jews and now the area has changed and is predominantly Islamic. Below is a basic representation of the current religious breakdown. Where Muslim is only figure given we assumed that the vast, if not all, were Sunni, the predominant form of Islam (map of Islam by percentage of population below).


Algeria 98% Islam 1% Christian 1% other
Bahrain 70% Muslim 15% Christian 10% Hindu 3% Buddhist 2% Other
Egypt 90% Muslim 9% Coptic Christian 1% other
Iran 99.4% Muslim (89% Shiite 9% Sunni) 1.2% Christian 0.4% other
Iraq 99% Muslim (65% Shiite 35% Sunni) 1% Christian
Jordan 92% Muslim 6% Christian 1% Druze
Kuwait 100% Muslim 0.02% Christian
Lebanon 54% Muslim 40% Christian 6% Druze
Yemen 99% Muslim 1% other
United Arab Emirates 77% Muslim 12% Christian 4% Hindu 2% Buddhist 2% other
Libya 97% Muslim 0.7% Christian 0.3 Buddhist 2% other
Morocco 98.9% Muslim 0.9% Christian 0.2% Jewish
Oman 95% Muslim 5% Christian or Hindu
Israel 80% Jewish 16% Muslim 2% Christian 1.5% Druze 0.5% other
Qatar 67.7% Muslim 13.8% Hindu 13.8% Christian 3.1% Buddhist 1.4% other
Saudi Arabia 100% Muslim
Syria 87% Muslim 10% Christian 3% Druze (est. in 2006)
Tunisia 98% Muslim 1% Christian 1% other


Muslim Population by Percentage of Total Population

Muslim Population by Percentage of Total Population


France has taken steps that may mean they are pointing themselves in the right direction to resist their otherwise certain submission to Islam. It has been reported and confirmed that France raided three Mosques and discovered over three-hundred fully automatic rifles and other weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition. In an article from Al Jazeera claiming that France intends to raid and shut down more than one-hundred and as many as one-hundred-sixty Mosques over their either being suspected of weapons, preaching hate, are run illegally without proper licenses, or use takfiri speech. Takfiri is preaching Muslim on Muslim violence due to apostasy. It is estimated that there are 2,600 Mosques in France. These raids and the decision to take these actions is believed to be due to the November 13 attacks on the capital by well-armed Muslims striking multiple locations using military tactics and murdering over one hundred innocents. Time will tell if France has decided to clamp down on instigating violence from the pulpit and is ready to take a serious look at what is happening inside the Mosques and other places where intolerance may be taught or used to instigate violence. Europe has a choice as do the rest of the western nations of protecting their freedoms and liberty or slowly sinking under Islamic pressures until they have bowed away their constitutions and after that their lives. There had to be blowback and it may be starting in France and about to strike again in Britain starting with Brexit.


Beyond the Cusp


April 27, 2016

Terror War Still Going Strong While Media Whistles


The media around the world tends to become complacent and simply accept that in Israel Arabs kill Israelis given even the slightest of reasons. A good example is if somebody is driving to a meeting and are using their GPS for directions they could end up dead. The directions might take them too close to an Arab town or village where there has been recent instigations leaving a dangerous situation. It could be something as simple as a sermon from an Imam stressing how all of Israel was stolen and the only way to take it back is to kill the Jews. This could be an Arab town in the Judea or Samaria (West Bank) or even inside the green line as the radicalization had spread within what the world considers Israel proper. The location is insignificant, what is significant is that should a Jew follow directions, even on a highway, they could end up dead and the media would shrug it off as normal. That is the reality in Israel. Arabs murder Jews who drove to close; well, sucks to have been them. Arab is yelled at by a Jew and there is a media firestorm. It is as simple as dog bites man, who cares, especially if it is a postal delivery person. Man bites dog, especially if it is a postal delivery person, stay tuned for pictures of wounded dog on the eleven o’clock news! Since when is a person being murdered so common a possibility that it does not warrant coverage. The answer is when it is a Jew killed by an Arab in Israel where there is no reciprocal action.


A prime example are the rockets fired out of Gaza into Israel aimed at civilian targets including schools, day care, shopping centers, hospitals, wherever they think it has the highest chance to kill people. Of course Israel had that almost magical iron dome which prevents the rockets from hitting anything more often than not, what was its efficiency, over 90% wasn’t it. With that system the Jews are safe, it does not matter the number of rockets. The very first tank fire or return fire by Israel and troops mass and the world is brought to a quick attention and the news starts to flow. A Gaza child was struck when an Israeli tank fired into Gaza today the news starts at six. The story tells for five, ten possibly fifteen minutes where the boy went to schools, his mother is interviewed, he was an honor student who had never hurt a fly and cared for a sick bird last summer. After a long introspective into the innocence and the wrongness of his death it is finally stated that rockets had been fired into Israel before the return fire. What was left out of these stories and will not be mentioned unless the shooting goes into overdrive and Israel sends in the troops. Well, now it’s an important story of the year and it finally comes out, Hamas and friends had been firing rockets in increasing numbers daily into Israel for six weeks and for the past week before the Israeli tank shot and hit the unfortunate youth had reached over a hundred rockets daily and Israeli life had been completely disrupted by Code Red alerts where the Israelis drop everything and head for their closest shelters. Add the Iron Dome which fires a twenty thousand dollar interceptor when it determines it necessary just to intercept a five hundred dollar or less rocket, often their average price is under one hundred dollars because even a twenty dollar rocket with five pound warhead can ruin a number of people’s lives if it strikes near them so it gets intercepted by that same price, twenty thousand dollar, interceptor.


The news about the rockets fired into Israel is not news as it starts small and slowly builds such that it appears normal and there is no definitive demarcations between one every two days and one a day, then nine per week, then twelve, then three a day, and five a day, then a dozen a day but only one fired towards Tel Aviv where the reporters stay, and finally there are fifty then a hundred a day, and Israel responds; Israel firing into Gaza is news as it happens rarely. The Israeli response is the unusual event. If Israel caves and releases a thousand terrorists from prisons to get Hamas and friends from firing the rockets that is a line on page fifty of the newspaper and possibly a mention for one news broadcast covering the release of prisoners in some amorphous agreement. The rockets may or may not even enter that story and then they stop and are never mentioned until Israel returns fire. Then the first day there is always one innocent killed even if it is from a misfired rocket. The new leads with Israel fired into Gaza today and a Gazan was killed in the ensuing violence. Whether Israeli fire killed them or Hamas rocket misfired, it happens far more often than everybody is led to think. It matters not how they died as the reporters in Gaza are fed whatever story Hamas wants released and verification is often not forthcoming or even required. There was a famous incident which we would bet you remember. The initial story was that Israel fired and struck a Gazan Hospital killing many patients etcetera. Well, the resulting investigation led to a different news story which came out quickly like the next day where it was found that a battery of four rockets fired from a truck in Gaza by Hamas and friends went astray. Some of the reports on the hospital also mentioned another shot striking a refugee camp near the hospital. Well, that was where two of the misfired Hamas rockets struck with a third going out into the Mediterranean and one fell harmlessly in Israel. The trajectories had been tracked by an Iron Dome system and the picture below was released with the follow-up story which corrected the initial Israel struck a hospital and refugee camp. Most probably never heard or read the follow-up story which we covered here and the story was read but we are not CNN and they probably gave the follow-up coverage at noon in Addis Abbaba which is also noon in Siberia and the middle of the night in the United States and late evening in Western Europe. The Israel misleading story was prime time news for two days and that original story is still quoted today as if it was valid and never corrected. What was your memory, had you heard the corrected news or just wondered why the original story just fell off the radar, something odd in and of itself if Israel really had struck the hospital. The story was repeated during the United Nations Human Rights Commission’s hearings on the Gaza War and was not challenged and allowed to be reported about as part of the coverage of their investigation which condemned Israel for responding to such mild a provocation of a few rockets shot into Israel, a mere thirteen hundred in the six weeks leading up to the Israeli response is the world’s idea of a few rockets fired into Israel. Just wonderful, and if Libya was firing ten rockets a day into Rome and southern Italy would that be just a minor inconvenience or film at eleven?


Radar Trajectory of barrage launched from within Gaza depicting strike points including the short round strike on the Shifa Hospital which Israel blamed by Hamas and Media accepted Hamas talking point unchecked

Radar Trajectory of barrage launched from within Gaza depicting strike points including the short round strike on the Shifa Hospital which Israel blamed by Hamas and Media accepted Hamas talking point unchecked


This came as something worth taking this look back as yesterday an Israeli was following their GPS and it took them through the outskirts of Gush Etzion where they escaped but had come under attack. Their vehicle sustained significant damage when numerous Arab terrorists hurled rocks, firebombs and other projectiles at it, but thankfully the occupants emerged uninjured. We are betting this was not covered in your newscasts yesterday and we only hear about it due to living in Israel and listening to other than regular news and reading news releases that are not coming from Haaretz and other leftist Israeli news coverage which may as well be Al Jazeera or CNN, CBS, MSNBC, BBC, France Channel 2 or a million other newscasts and coverage mediums throughout the world. Had this occurred just outside an Islamic neighborhood in Hamtramck near Detroit you can bet the news would have been all over this and had it happened where Arabs or Muslims were attacked as such anywhere in the world, especially if in Israel, it could have been the story of the month, as we stated, especially if it was to happen in Israel. We know what you are thinking, such would never happen. We would not bet on that being the case as there have been times things have gotten very tense between the two groups here in areas where Jewish and Arab villages abut one another or in evenly mixed towns. Things are clamped down on hard when there is an even possibility that the violence could run opposite what is considered normal even here in Israel. Israeli authorities take a very dim view of Israeli, especially Jewish, violence against even provocations as it is expected for Jews to behave like civilized people and accept certain levels of violence and provocations before acting, and then the action should be call authorities and watch the situation get locked down starting with the Jews. And as stated, Jewish violence would be covered world-wide and repeatedly referred to as the instigation that led to any return violence for weeks on end. Eventually the level of animosity being thrown into Israeli faces will lead to an event, and that is what it will be termed, an event which sparked a violent response as should be expected after such a provocation. Man bites dog and gets attacked by pack of dogs, what did he expect? Below is a video of interviews with some choice individuals who are not in circulation for reasons that are explained in the video. It is worth watching as their views are not unusual and are accepted as the norm in many areas, watch for as long as you are able and try and understand where it will eventually lead, it can only lead to one conclusion and that will be covered endlessly as the United Nations, European Union and all too many NGOs and news bureaus will endlessly churn out stories about the unfairness of it all and question endlessly what could have caused what is the inevitable end to this story and act all surprised when they have known how it will end for a very long time. They just expect that the end which is inevitable will have the opposite result than is also the inevitable result, just not what they expect or desire. The video is in four sections which automatically load after the first part. It is worth taking in all four parts as it covers a range of interviews and circumstances which get described and laid out for a deeper understanding of what is what, plain and simple.



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April 3, 2016

Israel is All of Israel as Defined by San Remo


We have discussed this almost ad-nauseum but please allow us to once more try to take a different tack and perhaps wake a few more minds. The San Remo Conference took place during the early 1920s close after the end of World War I. Obviously it took place in San Remo, Italy right on the Mediterranean Sea in a picturesque location and as always really plush hotels. Just once I would like to see an international conference or negotiations take place somewhere such as Tiksi, Siberia, Russia which also has beaches on the Buor-Khaya Gulf of the Laptev Sea, southeast of the delta of the Lena River. The pictures are below and we invite our friends to choose their preference in comments, if you will. We can guess that when a global warming conference to discuss the thawing of the tundra permafrost lands in Siberia and Alaska are held in Marrakech, Morocco that it proves the United Nations knows how to throw a conference as their studying thawing tundra on the arctic is held on the edge of the Sahara Desert proving the United Nations is more interested in going on holidays than solving anything.


Tiksi, Siberia, Russia which also has beaches on the Buor-Khaya Gulf of the Laptev Sea with Northern Lights or San Remo, Italy with the warm Mediterranean Sea and year round fair weather; you decide

Tiksi, Siberia, Russia which also has beaches on the Buor-Khaya Gulf
of the Laptev Sea with Northern Lights or
San Remo, Italy with the warm Mediterranean Sea and
year round fair weather; you decide


Aside from climate change and getting more serious, Israel was given guarantees from the League of Nations and the San Remo Conference where the Mandate System was put in place which was followed by the Treaty of Sèvres which codified the decisions from the San Remo Conference which had based their findings directly quoting the Balfour Declaration as the basis for the British Mandate. This eventually led to the Churchill White Papers where when Transjordan was formed the Zionist Congress was guaranteed that all lands west of the Jordan River and the Jordanian border would remain for the formation of the Jewish State of Israel presumably sacrosanct. The war was initiated by six Arab nations, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Iraq with additional forces from Muslim Brotherhood, Pakistan, Sudan, Holy War Army, Arab Liberation Army and further support as able from the Arab League against the Israelis, who were not well armed at the onset as the British did everything possible to disarm the Jewish communities. Fortunately the Israelis soon received some arms smuggled and timed to arrive immediately after the British leaving and much assistance from what was then Czechoslovakia as well as planes and other left over World War II armored vehicles and rifles from France, yes, France. Russia also kicked in some armament and the Israelis managed to secretly hide a few British Spitfire fighters which somehow went unaccounted for as the British left. Still, Israel was outnumbered close to 2:1 at the outbreak and by the time peace was established Israel, where every man, woman and boys above fifteen were placed on the front lines while the rest of the population did whatever they were able including reloading cartridges to make additional bullets, making simple machineguns, armoring cars and adding small bore cannons or high caliber heavy machineguns, making hand grenades and mines as well as anything even to cooking and taking food and water to the soldiers who were fighting, that was the Israeli side. At the end of over a year of fighting the Israelis were gaining ground as the final ceasefires were being imposed which had they been refused for another few weeks by the Israelis they might have pushed the Arab forces out of all Israeli territories which were promised by the British and there would have been no talk of occupied West Bank which is a bald faced lie.


So, where does the idea of an occupied Gaza and West Bank originate? The United Nations inherited the British Mandate and French Mandate Systems after it was formed to replace the League of Nations which had proven incapable of preventing World War II. The United Nations has claimed to have prevented any war of sufficient size to be considered as World War III, to be exact. The reality is that nuclear weapons likely did more to prevent a World War III more than the United Nations which has problems with keeping promises or showing any amount of integrity or ability to enforce human rights and all too often their peacekeepers have been more of a problem to the women and children where they are stationed than those they are there to prevent from any malfeasance. Some things are too shocking to even list as nobody would believe us so instead we linked the disgusting behavior of European peacekeepers in Central African Republic which we could only shake our heads and feel saddened by these abuses. So, with such as a rule more than the exception in items concerning the United Nations and their propensity even from the start to bend and bow to Arab and Islamic demands, we really should not have been surprised when after the British set up an Arab Palestinian residents named Transjordan which was renamed simply Jordan in 1950 where the population was enforced such that no Jews were permitted residence as Jordan was determined to be a predominantly Arab population ruled by the Hashemite King that the United Nations then insisted on making the remaining land split evenly between its Jewish and non-Jewish Arab residents. The Arabs were offered much of the prime irrigated lands while the predominant of the land the Jews were to receive was all of the Negev Desert. The Arab League refused the United Nations suggestion instead resorting to their plan to annihilate the Jewish State and every Jew they could find. All of this was the result of the General Assembly meeting and drawing a non-binding Resolution, which remain valid only if accepted by all the parties; so the Arab League refusal invalidated the resolution allowing the situation to revert to the preexisting condition which was that the Jewish State would be formed as promised by Winston Churchill and the British had guaranteed originally when Transjordan (Jordan) was founded.


Left UN Partition Plan Resolution 181 Rejected by Arabs Making Original British Partition Arab and Jewish Lands as Only Standing Agreement Supported in 1921 Arab League and Zionist Congress Backed by British Crown as Valid

Left UN Partition Plan Resolution 181 Rejected by Arabs
Making Original British Partition Arab and Jewish Lands
as Only Standing Agreement Supported in 1921 Arab League
and Zionist Congress Backed by British Crown as Valid


So, at midnight and one second Israel was born (though the Jews day started at sundown so they had celebrated their founding the evening of May 14, 1948; Iyyar 5, 5708) with the borders of the Jordan River and Jordan to the east, the border with Egypt separating the Sinai Peninsula and the Negev Desert to the south, the Lebanon border to the north and the Golan Heights for their border with Syria and the Mediterranean Sea. All the land borders had massed armies and the Jews knew that dawn would bring an invasion which they may be unable to repulse. That started the war too many Israelis refer to as their War of Independence and we recognize their viewpoint and using this name as it was a war to remain an actual viable nation but we call that war the Arab War of Genocidal Expectations. The Israelis claim they won their War of Independence while we hold that they survived the deadly threat which placed every last Israeli in perilous danger under threat of a genocidal slaughter promised by vastly superior forces. We look at this war more pragmatically and realize that the State of Israel as settled by the separate armistices between Israel and her Arab neighbors which were the Blue Line with Lebanon which was the same or very close to the original borders, the Golan Heights with Syria which was also close to the original with the difference being the armistice line was at the bottom of the heights instead of at the apex, and along the Sinai Negev border with the exception of Egypt occupying the Gaza Strip and the border with Jordan now left half of Jerusalem and what has ever since been named the West Bank (originally the lands were Judea, Samaria, Benjamin with Jerusalem having previously been entirely Israeli and their eternal Capital City) and occupied by Jordan. This is what is important about the wars of 1948-9; the Jewish State of Israel lost land to invading offensive armies namely having half of the Golan Heights occupied by Syria, all of Judea, Samaria and Benjamin (West Bank) occupied by Jordan. Jordan went a step further and declared they annexed the West Bank and provided every Arab living there citizenship and forcibly removed every Jew stealing their property and anything they were unable to take with them as they were forced to leave with great urgency. Only Pakistan and Great Britain recognized Jordan annexing the lands they were occupying but the United Nations and the world mostly remained silent not challenging the Jordanian, Egyptian and Syrian occupations. During this occupation by the Arab states there was absolutely no talk of founding a new Arab state using the West Bank and Gaza. The world remained silent about the occupied Israeli lands and simply adjusted to the new armistice lines.


When the 1967 Six Day War struck as Gamal Abdel Nasser massed troops from Syria and Egypt on Israeli borders, while for weeks on end broadcasting propaganda that the superior Arab armies would drive the Jews into the Sea, that war was inevitable. After the fighting had started, the Egyptians and Syrian broadcast propaganda telling of their great gains and how both were closing on Tel Aviv and hearing this, King Hussein of Jordan declared his intent to join in the massacre and allow his people to enjoy the spoils. Israel did all they could to convince the Jordanian King that the broadcasts by the other Arab leaders were lies for their own peoples’ consumption. Israel was routing both armies but the Jordanian King believed Israel was bluffing and was actually losing and he needed to rush if he was to be in on the end of the Jewish State. Jordan troops poured into Western Jerusalem and started towards Tel Aviv and the Israelis redirected some troops which were heading for the Sinai to back troops against Egypt. Within a few hours of the redirected troops they reported having taken the Temple Mount where the troops stopped and prayed with some putting on Tefillin and prayer shawls (Tallit). Their joy almost prevented their continuing their mission but by the time the fighting was halted, Israel held the Golan Heights from Syrian occupation, the Sinai Peninsula and had liberated the Gaza Strip from Egyptian occupation along with liberating Judea, Samaria and Benjamin (West Bank). The peace Israel made with Egypt, Israel returned the entire Sinai Peninsula while Egypt surrendered the Gaza back to Israel returning all occupied areas to their rightful owners on the Israeli southern front. Soon after there was a peace reached with Jordan who returned Judea, Samaria and Benjamin (West Bank) to Israel, its rightful owner. One would think that would be the end of things, especially with nobody able to claim lands which correctly belong to Israel.


No, such thinking would be incorrect. Here is where we start to make some people angry on both sides. First and foremost Israel must develop and build their own fifth generation fighter and cancel their orders for the F-35 JSF from the United States. This should most definitely be a priority. Israel must necessarily produce the entirety of the Military Equipment from the smallest truck to the most advanced tanks and aircraft including requiring their component parts, ammunition and other munitions and lastly they must also make bombs. These newest of aircraft require communication with their production company in order for parameters, potential repairs, stress levels and other reading the aircraft makes on itself and various items needed to schedule maintenance properly. The problem is that the aircraft must file a flight plan with the United States who must then approve any flight. Israel has the capacity, the means and the people to manufacture a top of the line aircraft and anything else. The weapons industry is a very lucrative business and Israel needs to be self-sufficient with all items concerning the safety of the nation and its people. Further, the aid money that Israel has received from the United States is earmarked with some heavy duty ropes attached demanding that Israel spend 75% of the cash buying weapons from the United States. Israel could survive without the money which has become an addictive drug which only weakens the victim. As long as you are on the dole from the United States they get to sell you defense weapons systems and you have no control over the future which the past going on eight years has proven may not be so wonderful if Israel is relying on the United States for their defensive weapons. Once a nation enters such a deal they reach a point where all their military equipment comes from the United States and one wrong person ascending to the Presidency and that nation just may awaken one morning being gotten up even earlier than usual to be informed that the United States has deactivated all your weapons systems and the nation is completely vulnerable. Now that would be an Excedrin moment.


The other main problem with Israel being dependent on the United States for weapons and arms, especially the entire inventory of the Air Force, is that the United States has too much power and a certain threat which could devastate Israel militarily just by simply refusing to allow Israel parts to repair their aircraft. Israel is in a sensitive place and really needs a radical solution to her dilemma. Such a solution will not be accepted by the United Nations, the European Union and likely the United States and why not throw in Russia and China for good measure. The solution we are referring to is simply claiming the remainder of Samaria, Benjamin and Judea taking all the land which would return Israel to the early morning May 15, 1949, the morning in which seven Arab armies moved against Israel and stole lands. Now would be as great a time as any to reclaim all of the lands promised and remove the terrorist entity, leadership and actual terror threats and be done with it. Those who desire to remain as part of Israel and are willing to sign and pledge to make a loyalty oath which will state that any felony or terror related conviction will result in the criminal being forcibly exiled from Israel may remain and integrate into Israeli society and take a path to full citizenship. Those Arabs who choose to leave Israel will receive a cash payout for their property and a resettlement bonus. The terror masters will receive our fondest wishes as we wave good-riddance! Israel would necessarily need to control their schools and thus their curriculum if there would be any possibility of retrieving the minds of many of the younger students and even potentially making productive members of the society as many of the students have thus far been fed a steady diet of hate for Israelis and particularly Jews. As long as Israel remains dependent on the United States she will be unable to take the steps required for a safe and prosperous future for her citizens including a number of Arab Muslims.


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