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March 8, 2016

Beware of Bidens Bearing No Peace Plan


United States Vice President Joe Biden is kicked off a Middle East tour Monday in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) but we all know where the trip will end and what the build-up will do for expectations for pressure to be placed on the Israelis in order to beg and grovel to get Mahmoud Abbas just to have him insult us and make broad claims of Israeli intransigence and refusal to make the needed sacrifice for peace. The reality is, and everyone in governments of Europe, the United States, United Nations and every corner of the globe is that Mahmoud Abbas cannot afford to make peace as doing so would lose him the one thing which keeps him alive and in power, the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) working intelligence and preventing any challenge or takeover by Hamas, Islamic State or any other terror group which would unseat and behead the leadership of the PA (Palestinian Authority) within days, weeks at the longest, of the Israelis pulling from Judea and Samaria (a.k.a. West Bank). Further, if Mahmoud Abbas did reach an accord and established his presumed dream of an Arab state named Palestine, or any other name, then he would have to actually provide real services to a much larger area as Israel provides most of the services in Area B and all the services in Area C which combine to make around three-quarters of the contested areas. Combine these additional government responsibilities and services with the fact that the amounts of aid received by the PA would soon dry-up as there would no longer be any conflict with Israel after such an agreement and without the conflict with the Jewish State the Europeans and United Nations would move on to some other pressing problem like forcing Israel to accept ten million Syrian refugees which Europe was refusing to accept. Without the funds the PA, now a real state, would simply become the latest failed state incapable of providing services or meeting the payroll leading to rioting and the eventual complete collapse of the state of Palestine while the exhortations by Mahmoud Abbas pleading for financial assistance in order to at least reach some form of equilibrium and functionality as without aid, Abbas might even threaten that they would need to declare war on Israel to force the world to take notice.



United Nations Headquarters and Piece of New York Skyline including the Trump Tower

United Nations Headquarters
and Piece of New York Skyline
including the Trump Tower



The announcement before Biden left Washington last week was that neither President Obama nor anybody from the administration expects the visit to produce anything concerning the peace process as Biden will be discussing military aid package for the next decade with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the military command of Israel. If past experience is any indicator of future events, which it more often than not is, then there will be no military aid without concessions for peace and the Israeli leadership will be pressed and pressed and then threatened with an end to military aid, cancelling the F-35 JSF jet fighter deal, withholding of the United States veto in the Security Council on moves for Arab statehood, thus granting Palestinian statehood using the Green Line, the 1949 Armistice Line, which the Arab League demanded never be used as a border ever. There might be threats that the United States would assist and encourage the French to go forward with their plans for final peace talks which if they failed, then the world through the Security Council and General Assembly of the United Nations in a universal accordance would establish Palestine. There may even be floated the idea that Israel not only take whatever steps required to allow the formation of an Arab state named Palestine but also be made responsible for assisting and coordinating with the new state and held as the guarantors for its successful function. Granted this sounds preposterous, but this is not as far-fetched as you might first believe. Israel had been tasked with assisting the PA Security Forces assuring their functioning in Area B before the United States took to training the Palestinian Security Forces in Jordan for urban warfare and other tactical exercises under the command of Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton who succeeded Lt. Gen. William “Kip” Ward in December 2005. Their training has been similar in nature to elite infantry training in the United States. Why such training is provided to a security force which is not responsible for military tactics, but that is what the United States feels the security forces for the PA are going to need.


The reason that the United States may have for the extreme training would be believing they might be required to defend an actual nation of Palestine from any threats. But what threats as the neighbors of such a state would be Israel and Jordan, neither of which would have any reason for attacking the PA state unless attacked by them first. The only real threat would be terrorist groups such as Islamic Jihad, Hamas, al-Qaeda and Islamic State. In case of any of these entities attempting to take over any PA State would also pose direct threats to both Israel and Jordan thus it would be in both neighbors’ interest to assist the defense of the PA state if such was requested or possibly even if it was not, as long as the assistance was temporary as nobody desires a reinstating of any occupation. But this training was likely at the behest of the PA leadership which then begs a different question, why would the PA desire an offensive trained security force as security militaries are usually designed to hold their own ground and not having full infantry assault training as they are not exactly going to be forging beachheads from the West Bank as the Jordan River, Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee are the closest bodies of water. Still, there has to be a reason for the PA to have their security forces trained in general combat techniques and in urban warfare in addition to anti-terror operations. The anti-terror operations has an obvious reason, they wanted to understand the methodologies of how the IDF would respond to any major terror campaigns so as to be capable of blunting IDF efforts. Urban warfare training might be applicable against any attempt by Hamas to make an overt takeover of Judea and Samaria as they had done in Gaza. Of course the PA forces in Gaza had been trained and still managed to lose the entirety of Gaza within a few days when the final push came and the PA forces proved useless.


That leaves the question of what further use might having military operations training and general combat techniques be useful and what goals might the PA security forces, which number in the thousands of officers, be used towards? The only other target which the Arab Palestinians have ever claimed beyond driving the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea has been to overthrow the Monarchy of Jordan and allow the Arabs, who identify with the cause and quest for power of the PA against Israel, take complete control over Jordan. The main obstacle has been their lack of training and the fact that King Abdullah II’s military consists largely of tribesmen loyal to the crown which shows them preferential treatment and favor over the larger Palestinian population. This does not mean that the Palestinian people are not treated well and they do receive much support from the King and the government but the loyal tribesmen, especially those serving in the military and making up the reserve forces, serving the King in a show of gratitude. King Abdullah II has gained major support of the people from his actions when the Jordanian pilot captured by the Islamic State was tortured and executed in a barbaric manner burning him alive while trapping him in a cage and using the video as a message of superiority over Jordan and as a recruitment tool. Still, there have been those Jordanian Arab Palestinians, who have joined the Islamic State, as have peoples from all of the surrounding Arab Sunni states, but generally the population of Jordan are more sympathetic with the Arab Palestinians in Israel and desire that their military be more supportive of the fight against Israel even to the point of directly aiding the PA in any general uprisings such as the current intifada.



Jordanian Armed Forces Crest

Jordanian Armed Forces Crest



One must also remember the attempt by Yasser Arafat to overthrow the Jordanian monarchy and government in the early 1970s. The attempt to overthrow the Jordanian monarchy and take control of Jordan, something the many Bedouin tribes would oppose and who make-up the officer core due to their loyalty to the King, resulted in routing the coup attempt by Yasser Arafat. Their failure in Jordan was what forced the PLO into Lebanon where they quickly attempted a takeover of the Lebanese government resulting in Syria attempting to grab control over Lebanon taking advantage of the turmoil and confusion. This led to the Israeli intervention at the invitation of the Lebanese Christian militias. This resulted in a prolonged Israeli presence creating a buffer zone protecting the Israeli north. This interventional force did suffer a steady number of casualties from suicide bombings and other attacks which the left and the media in Israel used to apply pressure with sizeable demonstrations often by foreign financed NGOs from the left leading to Israel ending the interventional force presence. This permitted Hezballah to set-up their bunker systems and rocket launchers in the extreme south of Lebanon which eventually led to the very costly Second Lebanon War. One must also remember that Hezballah was a direct result of the PLO efforts to overthrow the Lebanese government in the mid and late 1970s.


The PLO was the direct progenitor of the PA which is as the PLO before it a direct arm of power projection of the Fatah movement. Any attempt to paint the PA as democratic is a farcical effort as there have been no elections, free or otherwise, since the debacle brought on by United States pressure to hold open elections which were won in large part by Hamas and not Fatah. This led directly to the Hamas flexing of their abilities and mastery and control in Gaza to oust the PA which had denied them their proper victory by basically imposing Fatah supremacy using the Presidency of Abbas. He assumed the position after Arafat’s demise as Arafat’s number two since the founding of the PLO, taking over of Arafat’s roles as leader of Fatah, the PA, PLO and presumed President for Life of any future state. The final straw for Hamas was the cancelling of Presidential election which they were sure to oust Abbas, something Abbas refused to permit as he exercised every bit of his powerful position to put a clamp on all PA and other political functions and preserve what he could.


All of this has not altered the grand plan of the PLO, and thus perhaps the PA, of a grander scheme and power play toppling the governances around the area and setting up their claim to be the true leaders of the Arab world. These efforts failed in the 1970s and are no closer to fruition today as Fatah is only holding on to power in the contested areas of Judea and Samaria, oddly enough, because of the efforts by Israel to keep Hamas and others from replacing them The PA would easily be toppled which would lead to a catastrophic terror war emanating from the then former PA controlled areas with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and who knows who else all perched on the southwest in Gaza and direct east in Judea and Samaria overlooking central Israeli population and industrial heart of Israel. This could lead to a far more disastrous rocket war from Hamas with their rockets all but incapable of missing vital targets in and around Tel Aviv and the central core of Israel, a heavily developed area. That is the reason that Israel has supported allowing the PA to remain in Abbas’s incapable and bumbling hands. The alternative is the devil Israel does not know and does not want to know. What they do know is that Abbas has less ability to control anything beyond incitement against Israel. Abbas is in a particularly uncomfortable position of needing to continue aggressions against Israel while making sure not to force any overt actions from Israel. Abbas is also relying on Israeli intelligence and presence in the contested areas of Judea and Samaria to prevent his being overthrown and very likely murdered even by those in the PA who believe him incompetent, or at least impotent in the face of Israel and their ‘occupation’ of the Israeli ancestral heartlands, Judea and Samaria.


Eventually this house of cards, which is the toothless PA, will unify, overthrow Abbas and believe they are ready and prepared to topple Israel. And on that day the contested areas will no longer be contested but in open revolt, a very temporary revolt, after which there will be imposed a one state solution and the end of incitement and the presence of the United Nations monstrosity that is UNRWA in Judea and Samaria. The truth is that the only result to the contested areas is complete and total control by Israel. Even if the world were to force the Arab state of Palestine on Israel, it would be a defenseless state, complete nonfunctional and failed state, and from the very beginnings would only devolve from there, with the ever fractious shards attempting to destroy the others and make a name by attacking Israel. Eventually Hamas or worse would emerge as the central power and this would lead to a costly and final war as Hamas or worse cannot be allowed to occupy any of the highlands overlooking central Israel. To allow such is suicide by the immediate thousand cuts made by inexpensive rockets needing no real guidance to strike at the heart of Israel. When such events do unfold, which are all but inevitable, Abbas will likely be the very first casualty and potentially at the hands of the very troops who now guard him, dying as every Caesar before has fallen. As soon as they are not paid their exorbitant salaries their loyalty will wane evaporating into the mists from whence they were born, and that will be the end of the PA. Very soon thereafter Israel will necessarily need to end the entire fiasco before it causes irreparable harm to Israeli infrastructure with attacks against her civilian populations where thousands are affected daily, and not the sparsely populated Negev regions.


The similar threat by Hamas and their longer range Iranian provided rocket engines and the ever larger payloads they carry deeper into the Israeli center which sparked the last Gaza War and will eventually lead to the final Gaza war which will result in the decimation of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and the crippling of any other sizeable force. The entire Arab Palestinian existence is that of two failed states whose only lifeline is their threatening Israel and being paid to do so. That cannot be permitted to reach its final goal of destroying Israel and murdering the six million plus Israeli Jews. The threat will eventually become sufficiently capable or sufficiently destructive despite their lack of credible force, only credible destruction, that will ultimately cause the quick and violent end of the Arab Palestinian autonomous states, Hamas’s Gaza and Fatah’s PA in Judea and Samaria. That is the sole finality and the one out for the PA is a successful takeover of Jordan giving them the arms necessary to bring on their destruction that much faster as the use of these weapons’ systems on Israel is an overt act of aggression and declaration of war, the final war.


Perhaps the best Israel can do is send Biden home joining those awaiting the election with the premise that it can’t get any worse. We are aware the Russians and Iranians are doing whatever they can, knowing that for them nothing could be better than Obama.
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February 21, 2016

When Islamic State Comes, Who’re You Going to Call


We have all seen the heart-wrenching videos placed with their idea of bravado, aplomb, pride, expecting admiration and approval with their destruction of museums, antiquities and the complete eradication of the ancient city of Palmyra. Below are some stills of its former glory and magnificence and its last moment before going to its afterlife where it will hopefully meet its peoples in one of those numerous unfathomable dimensions the physicists keep claiming are all around us doing things they cannot find or understand but their math claims they exist. As a math major, I now understand the need for Riemannian’s analytic geometry; drive physicists out of their minds. They are only playing in ten to twenty-six dimensions when in math you must make proofs for n-dimensions which makes theories a bit gnarly as well as lengthy. The Islamic State barbarians have destroyed entire museums where some of the oldest and only examples of ancient writings and artifacts existed. Complete histories have been destroyed, stolen from posterity. They base their destructions on the thinking that anything older than Islam and not complimentary of the Quran as they interpret it through their chosen hadiths, then it has no value or reason to be preserved. They live and die by a creed which allows for no other knowledge than the Quran and Islamic writings, and solely Sunni Islam as even other forms of Islam are considered to be heretical. Their world would use weapons of modernity but destroy the science and knowledge required to replace or produce more and then wonder why their cause will necessarily be defeated. The question is made starkly simple, how much longer will the developed world and those who have any hope for a future of an enlightened society wait and allow the barbarous destructions to come to the areas which grow ever larger where Islamic State rules through violence and rejection of the comforts and advances in medicine, science, agriculture and any advances made in the past ten centuries and further if Islamic State is permitted to realize their dream of a world Caliphate under their rule. Such a world could not even accommodate the population of Asia, let alone the world. A world under the Islamic State would by necessity require a seventy percent or more decrease of the earth’s population in order to remain viable, fed and supported. The vision of the Islamic State has already murdered tens of thousands of people if not hundreds of thousands and surprisingly the majority of their victims have been Muslims who simply did not measure up to their standards, whatever those may be. Imagine for a moment the Islamic State possessing nuclear weapons and the intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver them. Does anybody believe for a second that they would not set them to flight targeting the main cities of the infidel? We’re talking the annihilation and destruction of as many major metropolises with the predictable losses of life. As the vast majority of those who would be murdered in such a series of nuclear infernos would not be Muslims and by Islamic State standards the majority of Muslims would not be sufficiently Islamic to avoid being murdered in any purge that would follow the takeover by the Islamic State. The Islamic State would console these victims of their use of nuclear weapons with telling them they were fortunate to die as shahids, martyrs for Islam.


Palmyra in its Former Splendor and Complete Destruction

Palmyra in its Former Splendor and Complete Destruction


The possible next threat to historic sites and structures could be everything between the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, the Holy Land. The entrance has already been primed and the first jihadist from Gaza has been identified. The family of Islamic State Gazan Mufleh As’ad Abd al-Wahed Abu Aadra, aka Abu Abdullah, who was killed in or near Tripoli, Libya received notice of his death on February 15, 2016. There were no particular specifics about the circumstances of his death as reported by the Ma’an News Agency on February 16, 2016 where it was stated that he died during fighting. There have been reports of Hamas cooperating with Islamic State fighters in the Sinai Peninsula. There have been reports of occasional rocket launches from within the Sinai Peninsula for which the Islamic State and Hamas have claimed joint cooperation in these attacks. That begs the question of how long before Hamas is forced to swear loyalty to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Arabic: أبو بكر البغدادي) and be reenforced by Islamic State fighters and equipment thus creating a greater danger for Israel. As horrific such a threat could and would cause for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), that would be marginal compared to the threat if the Islamic State were to replace the Palestinian Authority. Oddly enough that threat is minimized as long as Mahmoud Abbas remains in power and there is no peace forming an Arab Palestinian State which would potentially force the IDF from sizeable area of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) leaving them vulnerable to Islamic State infiltration followed by their takeover. If the Arab Palestinian State included the Old City and Temple Mount in East Jerusalem, Hevron, Bethlehem, Shechem, as well as numerous, nearly countless, sites from Jewish history and numerous graves, moseleums and other physical locations which are precious to Judaism and Christianity, these sites would be destroyed without a moment’s thought. Without any IDF presence their would be little to prevent a forceful takeover as the probability that many, of not the vast majority, of Palestinian Security Forces would be highly likely to actively work with the Islamic State than they would be to resist such a takeover. Once Mahmoud Abbas slips the mortal coil and leaves this world, there would be a hue and cry for elections which might be hijacked by the Islamic State. Abbas being protected by the Palestinian security forces might be sufficient but in all liklihood, without the presence of the IDF providing intelligence information and security in both Areas B and C while Area A is under Arab Palestinian force protection which is still very dependent on Israeli intelligence. In many ways the continued rule of the Palestinian Authority in place and not just a pawn of the Isamic State depends just as much on Israeli assistance as their intelligence gathering capabilities are limited. There have been numerous times where Hamas, and other operatives, could effect the security of the citizens under the Palestinian Authority (PA) or even assassinations of Palestinian leadership, priming a takeover by the Islamic State and thus threatening Israel. Such an eventuality is something the Israelis need to address in the immediate and not some time on the distant future.


Logic would dictate that Islamic State would necessarily need to conquer Jordan in order to reach the Jordan River to cross into Arab PA areas but that has already been proven incorrect as Israel already has needed to remove an Islamic State cell in Samaria. The cell was made up of two Islamic State terror operatives with five Hamas terrorists rounding out the team though the released indictment stated the cell was seven Arab Palestinians planning on terrorist strike within Israel against Druze Israelis and then escaping to Syria to join with Islamic State forces there. Other reports have surfaced of the Islamic State presumably recruiting in the PA and of Arab Palestinians forming cells independently planning on joining the Islamic State. These reports show that the Islamic State has sufficient Arab support to simply call for a massive uprising against Mahmoud Abbas under the reasoning that he has become weak and is actually working with the Israelis and corrupting Islam. They could further implicate Abbas and the rest of the higher level and more successful Palestinians of having made their wealth by denying the people proper use of resources and funds with which they have enriched themselves and a select group of business people who make up the chosen elite who make their millions of dollars off the back and suffering of their fellow Muslims. This might succeed if the Islamic State can also make some inroads with the PA security forces and particularly turn members of Force 17 who are the elite units responsible for the security of Mahmoud Abbas and other top PA members. Probably the most outlandish example of opulence would be the residence of Mohamad Abdel-Hadi Pictured below. Granted, this particular residence has to be an aberration from the norm even for the highest ranking amongst the Arab Palestinian society. There probably are not that many who live this lavishly while the rest of the society lives impoverished lives living in squalor of the refugee camps. Such flagrant ostentatious a display of wealth would necessarily engender great resentments and make infiltration and turning of the society against its leaders who were so obviously ignoring their suffering.


Opulent Residence of Mohamad Abdel-Hadi

Opulent Residence of Mohamad Abdel-Hadi


This is where the Arab Palestinian society goes completely off the rails as there are those who are making for themselves a decent wage. Many of the new and upper middle class Arab Palestinians make their higher wages working for the Israeli businesses built and run in the parts of Judea and Samaria which is often referred to by its less Jewish name of West Bank. These are the very same companies and factories which the European Union and now also the United States have started marking as separate from items from Israel and are demanded to be clearly marked made in the West Bank. For many European and American consumers such labels will only make the items more in demand explicitly because they are made east of the Green Line as these consumers know the truth, buying such goods only assists the Palestinian workers as well as the Jewish workers for these companies and their products. They know that Jews and Arabs make the same for performing the same job and promotions come on merit thus there are Arabs who are managing Jewish workers as well as Arab and Jewish managers also managing Jewish and Arab workers. Should the Islamic State take control of the Arab sections in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) these Arabs who were in the employ of any Jewish owned workplace will be demanded that they murder fellow workers, especially their Jewish coworkers, as the first step to proving their commitment to the Caliphate. Those refusing will be murdered on the spot in a public display. The Islamic State demands will only escalate from there. One sure sign that Islamic State has made inroads to Judea and Samaria will be when Arab Muslim workers cease coming to their workplace without notice or on short notice in large groups. The final sign will come when some, potentially most of the remaining Arab workers rise up attempting to murder as many of their Jewish and Christian coworkers. When the Islamic State arrives in Judea and Samaria and is closing in on replacing the PA through a coup, the wealthier Arabs will take their accumulated wealth and depart leaving their mansions behind. Below see a comparison between the Arabs either residing in the refugee camps in the midst of their Arab brother and sisters who are just as poor and living in similar structures but with freedom of movement and some of the richest of the wealthy and their residences and other places putting to lie the storied complete wretchedness of all Arab life under the PA and Hamas. The stark differences are beyond imagination when one figures in the hundreds of billions of Euros and Dollars provided by the nations of the world either through direct funding of the Palestinian Authority, UNESCO funding refurbishing and upkeep of denoted World Heritage Sights, UNRWA refugee agency founded for the continuation through generation after generation where the “refugee” label is unique as it is passed from each generation unto the next generation ad infinitum, numerous NGOs where a percentage of their funding is siphoned off the top and various other streams which provide direct funding of terrorism, all of which could have brought every Palestinian out of poverty. Below are some more pictures of the good life which flourishes in parts of the Arab Palestinian society. All is not desperation as there are the wealthy and the middle class. These are the people which the Islamic State would target in their desire to turn Arab against Arab using the tried and true communist method of class warfare. The wealthy are made the targets for the poor who desire instant wealth making them susceptible to be used to further the ends of the Islamic State officers. The elite commanders would use one of these mansions from which to command. It is likely case of the spoils of war.


Palestinian Society The Face of Two Worlds Poverty vs Opulence

Palestinian Society
The Face of Two Worlds
Poverty vs Opulence


Finally, should Islamic State arrive on Israel’s doorstep be it from Gaza or from Judea and Samaria, will the forces of Islamic State engaging the IDF all of a sudden be classified as a different branch of the Islamic State that is fighting alongside the Arab Palestinians somehow absolving them of the label of terrorist forces. If there can be calls from politicians, NGOs, other individuals, governments and the United Nations to remove Hamas from the list of terrorists, there can and probably will be those individuals, governments, NGOs and other entities which will call for such regularly. It boggles the mind that it is considered a horrific terror strike when a small group of Europeans are murdered in a suicide bombing on a bus but when a similar assault is done in Israel the United States State Department, the European Union, the United Nations, numerous NGOs and individuals now claim that this was the act of an Arab who could not stand the occupation. The same will likely become the new reality that there will now exist a branch of the Islamic State will simply have become acceptable as it targets Israel, the new Jew. Israel is the Jew amongst nations and is the target of the new anti-Semite. Now one gets to choose their new title where they can be against the Zionist desire for all of the lands the Jews were promised; the “Settlers” because they drive Arab Palestinians from their homes and communities for their homes and then build new homes to live in; be against the Israeli government because many of its decisions and discussions are about ways of destroying Arab and Islamic societal cohesion by refusing the right of return of the “refugees” or other crime; or you can simply be anti-Semitic and hate Israel as it is the Jewish Nation. The one thing all these groups have in common is their hatred for Israel and Israelis and they are willing to make exceptions and allow any evil entity if it steals Israeli lands promised them, forces Israelis out of their homes and destroys the homes because they are located on the wrong side of a hill or any other reason as there are those who protest the building in Tel Aviv just as much as they do building in Beit El as any housing for the Jews is a crime as far as these individuals are concerned. Any building in Israel is illegal as the Jews do not belong in the Middle East at all. All too often, if one presses these people who make the claim that any buildings which will allow the Jews to make and set claim to lands in the Middle East where everybody knows are lands belonging to either the Christians or the Muslims, they also would prefer that the Jews leave their country and go back to where they came from. Continue asking them where a Jew can build a home. You eventually can name every nation’s continent, and even Antarctica and they will state the Jews have no nation as they lost it to the Christians and have been damned to never have a home but are to beg for permission in every nation; and it is the right and obligation of every nation at some point to decide the wretched Jews have done sufficient damage to their culture and people that the Jews must be forced through the borders even if doing so guarantees their death. These people do not believe the Jews have the right to live and thus anything sworn to murder Jews, even if they desire to kill you as well, for as long as you are fighting the Jews you are helping the world to be rid of a menace which is an abomination and a scourge of the earth. This is how it starts as Yasser Arafat was excused even when the United States had a tape of his giving the order to have an American Ambassador murdered in the Sudan as he was murdering Jews and attempting to rid the world of the Jewish State thus he had a higher purpose according to the United States State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and to all the rest as it was a well-known and documented assassination made by members of the PLO under the orders, direct orders, of Yassir Arafat and the United States continued to support him through supporting to improve the lives of Arab Palestinians knowing that Arafat was stealing almost forty percent of all aid right off the top. Who do you want defending the Old City of Jerusalem, the historical places in Bethlehem and all the rest of the West Bank from Islamic State, Mahmoud Abbas or Israel? Decide as you may have less time than you think because as soon as the crazy, insane and anti-Semitic leadership throughout the world get their way all of those precious holy sites would be handed to the Islamic State if the area became “Palestine” as too many of the leaders would think that would provide them with a new lease on life. They would be surprised when the Islamic State still finds them nowhere near pure and righteous Muslims and their only defense will be their claim to have been fighting the Jew, but that would probably be too little too late. The Islamic State would find a large and willing army as the individual youth would find the allure irresistible and the destructions that would follow would forever change the holy land into the all that is unholy land. So, still think Palestine is a good idea? Israel is the only nation which when attacked by Islamic State will take up arms against yet another group of barbarians pounding at their door. Israel knows how to protect the Holy sites and likely the only force which would protect the Christian and Jewish Holy Sites, all of them and the Baha’i Gardens as well.


Baha’i Gardens

Baha’i Gardens



Beyond the Cusp


December 9, 2015

How Should Israel Handle The PA Impending Disintegration?


The rumblings have been echoing for some time punctuated every so often with the threats by Mahmoud Abbas to close up the Palestinian Authority (PA) shop and give the keys to Netanyahu shrilly echoing for days as the United States State Department, Secretary of State, European Union Foreign Minister (strange how Federica Mogherini was a change of face from Lady Catherine Ashton but absolutely no policy alteration at all) and other various politicians and heads of state all of whom panic at any threat Abbas iterates as they shiver in fear of the unknown. The latest signal that Abbas is either losing his grasp on the PA leadership or is intentionally shattering it smashing its withering remains in shots at Israel hoping the resulting reactions allow all blame to be once again laid at Israel’s door as the world cannot permit the PA to fail as that will end their reason for slowly chipping Israel out of existence. That has been the world’s not so secret, secret game originally the auspice of the Soviet Union who formed the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and stole the name Palestinian from its historic meaning of the Jews in the British Mandate up through the founding of Israel and began the reforming the history of the Zionist movement and giving it an Arab twist inventing the Palestinian Arabs as if they were separate from the other Arabs of the region, a falsehood easily found refuted by Arabs themselves much to the KGB’s frustrations. The PLO was transformed into the tamer and Western acceptable PA through the Oslo Accords which failed before the ink dried as the PA leader, Yasser Arafat, immediately refused to end incitement, terrorist activities, or recognize Israel. Mahmoud Abbas has been Arafat’s twin and served as Arafat’s second in command and took control immediately starting investigations as to how the Israelis had murdered Yasser Arafat. Mahmoud Abbas knew as did Yasser Arafat before him and has since become evident to all but the most hopelessly dream-weaving leftists that the PA was used as a false front so the PLO could continue to kill and murder Israelis, Jews, and do so complaining the entire time that the Jews were driving them to terrorism and there had the assistance of much of the western world replacing the dead Soviet Benefactors the KGB. The PLO was desperate for a new source of funding and the European anti-Zionist and anti-Israel and anti-Semites driving desire to give the PLO sufficient air of respectability to fund its terrorism while cover of formal Oslo Accords to hide behind but all knew the façade was failing and the system was a sclerotic corpse that has one foot in its grave and the other slipping fast.


The latest sign that the PA is disintegrating before our eyes, even if in very slow motion, when an attack took place last week Thursday in which Preventive Security Services member Mazen Aribe of the ruling elite of the PA opened fire on Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers near the Hizme checkpoint. IDF soldiers responded killing their assailant, the PA’s Mazen Aribe. This assault on the IDF is impossible for the PA elite and Chairman Mahmoud Abbas are unable to claim that the PA had no connection to this blatant act of aggressions and terrorism. It was but for the grace of Hashem and their training which prevented any IDF fatalities or injuries. One might have assumed the PA to be silent at best and try to claim their Minister had been enraged by some invented outrage at the presence of the IDF at their regular post or other crazed lie to try and slide the blame onto Israel and then plead for Western governments to prevent any Israeli reprisals. But no, the PA doubled down. PLO and PA negotiator Saeb Erekat was joined by the Mayor of Jericho who paid an official visit to the home of Mazen Aribe’s family. This may bring one to question whether the PA will continue to pretend to assist Israel with security enforcement or is it about to take off its false façade and show the real ugly terror ridden scowling beast hidden beneath? Even if the PA and Israel continue pretending they are working in earnest to fight against terrorism, there is no way with this development that Israeli security forces can completely trust the information given by the PA as they are just as likely giving Israel just that information which allows Israel to inhibit any rival terrorist groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad or even potentially the Islamic State. There are advantages to such cooperation but if the PA is near to collapse, perhaps disintegration is a more apt description, then with the end in sight the survival of each of its ruling elite before they face the people without the security services protection they would be more apt to be seeking an escape route along with their millions in stolen wealth. The coming weeks will take watching but then again, we may not need be so patient.



Dolls Intercepted Intended Shipment for Palestinian Authority Merchants for Child Incitement Towards Terror Related Acceptance and Normalization

Dolls Intercepted Intended Shipment
for Palestinian Authority Merchants
for Child Incitement Towards Terror
Related Acceptance and Normalization



There was a recent interception made of a shipment of four-thousand dolls for the PA and Palestinian Arab merchants. These dolls were of a special and particular variety as seen in the image above. They are terrorists in their dress replete with a stone for throwing clutched in an upturned arm ready for throwing. This is the doll that there must be a high demand for if there is an order for four-thousand dolls ordered as that requires great faith that they will sell and sell well and bring a decent profit as the price would probably greatly exceed the risk of getting them past customs relying on volume to get any package labeled ‘dolls’ would not raise suspicions. Sometimes inspectors get fortunate and open the right box and sometimes they have a good reason for opening the right box and lastly these may not have been the first and upon intelligence of such dolls being sold, then customs would be looking for every box marked ‘dolls’ to check the kind and prevent additional such dolls reaching their intended vendors and corrupt more young and innocent minds. The idea that there is a market for such dolls that such large quantity was ordered is simply astonishing. One can wager that either these were not the first or that there were some PA officials behind the order guaranteeing their sales at a premium price or the PA would reimburse the vendor. We cannot prove any such cooperation of the PA but we can suspect as we please and something from our past twenty years in retail sales tells me this was an obvious buy or there were guarantees by the manufacturer placing these on consignment, most unusual but possible, or guarantee by some member of the governance, the PA. Whatever the situations surrounding the order of these dolls, the obvious market is not one found in any normal market that most of us are familiar with. Who buys any newborn to two year old, the target age this doll might be targeting considering its size, and considers it anything but a horrific parenting and formative choice for their child or as a present that would be acceptable by a family or close friend’s young child? This is not a present in any normative and healthy society by any standard based on Judeo-Christian society, Oriental Far Eastern society, or numerous other cultures, but we have held that Palestinian society, both under the PA and that in Gaza under Hamas (and if one desires to add the latest model bursting on the scene the Islamic State or ISIS) was nowhere near a normative society.


Israel needs to be prepared for the moment that Abbas, Rabbo, Erekat and other PA high officials head for safer pastures leaving so fast they left the doors wide open and the keys still on the table and half drank cups of coffee set down in apparent haste leaving the entirety of the PA government all but disbanded and officially dead. This situation will place the tens of thousands of PA government employees without any means of support; the same situation is in effect for the entirety of the extensive Security Force, Force 17, Police and other units which are often simply members from al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades so as to funnel funds through these employed individuals bringing the total number of armed PA forces of all the varying forms, many with United States military tactics and operational expertise, approaches if not exceeds two-hundred-thousand strong. Additionally, Israel can expect many of the Security Forces and Police to return to the terror units they likely never actually quit and the remainders will either follow in suit or decide to form assault units and attack every checkpoint targeting IDF, Border Police and other Israeli units. Some of the ones left behind holding the bag may decide their best hope is to attempt to join Israel by handing in their likely Israeli issued weapon while others may prefer to go out in a blaze of final glory and commit a heinous assault similar to the recent attacks in Paris. The chaos and potential for violence as disparate groups try to assault an area they desire to set up their little fiefdom while the original larger families will resume what they see as the original ruling classes. There are around seven of these families which Israel should put feelers out to them and see what side of the fence they sit.


Israel had best be ready to mobilize and grasp the lands of Judea and Samaria making the border the Jordan River as it should be. This is the time Israel will have merely a few hours to neutralize the entirety and reasserted complete control which is the final and correct standing the world has attempted to prevent and simply refused to allow a permanent state with all its borders and defined. There will be massive ramifications far beyond the security as the EU will demand of Israel to find a new person to lead the PA and continue the talks while bringing him up to speed. The effort to victimize Israel began the minute the start of May 15, 1949. Truth be told, the fight to prevent the birth of the Jewish State began in the initial days when the movement to take the majority of the land, over three quarters, by founding Transjordan and placing the Hashemites in a position of leadership as the monarchs ruling the lands east of the Jordan River. The next step the British used, which has ramification reaching into the problems facing Israel and part of why the PA is on the verge of splintering, the British promise to limit Jewish entry into the lands always leaving an Arab majority thus preventing the forming of a Jewish State. This was accomplished by the use of White Papers which limited the rate of entry by Jews which proved costly as it left the Jews who wished to flee nowhere that they could run as no nation was willing to receive them and the Promised Land was cut off by the British with their quota system limiting the number of Jews such that there would always be an Arab majority thus assuring the Arabs that no Jewish State would be permitted. This also caused the British to permit almost any Muslim to enter the areas under their promise to prevent ever any Jewish majority.


This left the Jews with no escape option which led quickly to the inevitable slaughter which became known as the Shoah, the Holocaust. The horrors of the Shoah shocked the world into finishing fulfilling their promise of a State for the Jewish People yet the British still were refusing the entry of the survivors of the Shoah, Jews with nowhere to go and no country would grant them asylum claiming they should return to the town of birth, something which resulted in the death for a number of Jews who had attempted just such a solution. The birth of the State of Israel, the State for the Jewish People, gave Jews the world over a place of last resort should once again anti-Semitism become the prevailing winds as is currently the case. It was the lifting of British rule over the remainder of the British Mandated Lands which allowed for the homeless Jews of Europe to finally make port in Israel. Not long after and continuing for almost a decade, one Arab nation after another across the Middle East and North Africa forced the majority of their Jews out where many came to find refuge in Israel as well, forced to leave their wealth, business holdings, bank accounts allowing them with one or two suitcases of their belongings to leave with them. The Jews expelled from their, in many instances, home of their family dating back to over two thousand years and bore witness to the dispersion predicted in the Bible would now need pack for the fraught with fear of the unknown as they made their way to Israel. They were mostly welcomed but also presented a problem as the sheer numbers caused a shortage of everything. The Jews forced from their homes and world by the Muslims were another refugee situation which equaled or exceeded the numbers claimed by PA but with one crucial difference; the Jewish refugees were taken into the Israeli society and though this had a ripple effect, it was not the last time a nation would allow their Jews to return despite any problems such refugees may cause as that too is part of the Jewish State’s purpose. The infusion of Jews during several points such as the Russian Jews arrived in multiple waves which were handled and the refugees absorbed into Israeli Society.


That is the defining difference between the two societies, the Jews cannot even dream of not welcoming their brothers and sisters and incorporating them as seamlessly as possible into the society aiding them regardless of where they decide to settle though there do exist incentives to have them live in the periphery away from the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem corridor as the outer areas are under populated. The Arabs, on the other hand, placed their refugees from any conflict with Israel into camps where they were denied the right to work, own land, freedom of movement, citizenship, educations for their youth who were instead filled with hate, and used as pawns in the fight to destroy Israel. These people are kept in refugee camps and their families are cursed by their own people as the mantle of long suffering refugee is passed on from one generation to the next such that the original number of Arab refugees was estimated to be five-hundred-thousand to as high as seven-hundred-fifty-thousand and now count as topping five-million refugees, a growth rate that makes any solution less possible and the tactic of using people’s lives as weapons against Israel and the Jewish People with this demographic threat. If the PA disintegrates, do these people be permitted their lives back? We were just wondering. What is truly frightening is some of these camps, such as the one outside Gaza City or in Jenin, exist within the lands already under autonomous or semiautonomous rule but are reserved as they are not to be permitted to live amongst their own people, nope, they must be used as a weapon to destroy Israel because that is what the refugees, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), the PA, the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the entirety of the support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanction Movement (BDS), various United Nations and other Human Rights groups who earn their daily bread based upon solely their hatred of Israel and only Israel, the European Union efforts and numerous NGOs with so many other groups on college campuses which have a scope and financing which can only come from some nation state or group of states funding these massive anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and blatantly anti-Semitic groups.


I hear them already, hey BTC, we are not anti-Semitic as we have a number of Jews who are members of our group. First off, just because one was born as a Jew does not mean they are a practicing or even knowledgeable Jew who has even a rudimentary knowledge of Torah, the first five book of the Bible, the Five Books of Moses, the foundation upon which all of Judaism and much of the functioning of the world appears to be predicated upon which in and of itself is an astonishing statement for a book written most likely three-thousand years ago. Secondly, if you hate and protest only Israel and believe only Israel causes the world’s problems, then you are claiming that only the Jews do not deserve to have their own nation on its ancient and historic background then you, my friend if I may be so familiar, are an anti-Semite. That is the reality and the argument has been made by many far more erudite than we ourselves are capable of matching as our command of the English language languishes by comparison to the like of many others such as Mr. O’Reilly, Mr. Limbaugh, Ms. Coulter, Mr. Colmes and many other talk show stars as they are required to have vast vocabularies as being both wordsmiths and retort artists requires one to be capable of speaking above their guest’s head when all else is failing them. Here at BTC we are about purveying our core principles and explaining things so as to enlighten and possibly provide a view not found in the mainstream of the media. We are not here to replace or compete but to enhance and illuminate. We also try and amuse when the topic allows, something which is sadly so difficult as the issues are becoming more rushed and dire and that frightens us but we still know that forewarned is forearmed. Well, this need go to the copy editor for the critique of our rough draft which we then address the points when required, so hopefully this makes it into the final copy, be observant out there as that is the best way to remain safe.


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