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July 6, 2014

Importing a New American Future

Texas Representative Louis Gohmert speaking to Fox News as one of the people who represents the counties across southwest United States bordering Mexico about the recent flood of illegal immigrants, mostly children, into the United States claimed, “Either we’re going to enforce our laws and remain strong, economically or otherwise, or we ignore the rule of law and go to being a Third World country. You’ve got to follow the law. You cannot bring hundreds of thousands of people into this country without destroying the country. Then there’s no place that people can dream about coming to.” The question which needs to be addressed is whether Representative Gohmert’s concerns were potentially racist or perhaps held kernels of truth and a warning which had best be feared. The way one views the statement depends somewhat on whether you apply the effects of illegal immigration over many years into the future or simply believing that his comments apply solely to the current emergency where the majority of those crossing into the United States from Mexico are children with the majority under the age of thirteen. If his statement references the current situation one might see a tinge of racism while if he was referencing illegal immigration in a holistic view then one might find that kernel of truth.


If representative Louis Gohmert’s comment was a general comment expressing one of the known threats of the broken United States immigrations policy and situation of illegal aliens arriving within the United States whether they arrived by crossing the borders with either Mexico or Canada, arrive on ships or aircraft, arriving on a student or temporary work visa and overstaying past its expiration date or any other manner of arriving and remaining in the United States beyond any legal limitations or illegally crossing the borders, then his complaint includes numerous different nationalities of illegal immigrants and holds some validity. Immigration policies are designed to control the numbers of legal immigrants, their skill levels and their application to the needs of the United States, and numerous other considerations. When immigration policies need to allow for large numbers of illegal immigrants, no matter what their skill levels or nationalities, then such policy will always represent the best assumptions and guesses as to what are the unmet needs after the uncontrolled influx of immigrants are estimated and included in the total numbers of immigrants desired. Since illegal immigrants are unscheduled and the United States officials who are tasked with immigration policies and setting the quotas for legal immigration, this leads to an eventual disaster as with time the numbers of immigrants which might be desired for any single year could conceivably be less than the numbers of illegal immigrants. Such a condition would result in not allowing any legal immigrants which would also make for losses for the nation as they would not have the available quotas for necessary immigrants with skills considered desirable. Representative Gohmert is quite correct that a nation which has lost its ability and control over who and how many immigrants enter across its borders, particularly illegal entrants, would have lost control of the future makeup and personality of its culture and population. Further, since the vast majority of those who cross any border to leave their home nation will logically and necessarily be heading into a nation which offers financial and other advantages not available in their country of origin. That means if a nation loses control over immigration and large numbers of illegal immigrants enter the nation coming from nations which are less advanced, have a lower standards of living, a less free environment, or any number of manners of disadvantages could swamp the nation in time and actually change and alter not only the flavor of neighborhoods in which they end up residing and eventually alter the entire political and social makeup of the nation. The direction of such changes would almost necessarily be to a less advanced and lower standard of living.


Taking Representative Louis Gohmert’s comment and simply applying it to the current children’s tsunami across the border under the potentially erroneous belief that they are more likely to be permitted to remain and become American citizens, Representative Gohmert’s comment appears to be somewhat racist. To believe that even were all of these children permitted to remain and become citizens of the United States and were either placed with recognized relatives and otherwise given for adoption would then not be raised and share the views and background of children besides whom they would attend school and share in play times and relations outside of school is rather narrow-minded and potentially racist. These children are victims of a ploy woven by adults either in the United States, their home country or both. From the new coverage the situation was probably caused by the announcement by President Obama that illegal immigrant children who were brought here when they were children having no control over the decision would be permitted to remain and follow a set protocol to become citizens. This begs the question of would allowing these children, who are under some unfortunately arbitrary age, to be accepted as Americans and placed in either relatives’ or adopted parents’ homes be that big of a threat? The answer is obviously not provided such a generous and altruistic decision did not become a generally applied policy as that would result in an inundation of young children which would swamp even the most optimistic estimates of acceptable families for adopting such immigrants.


Needless to point out, even if these children are permitted to remain in the United States, a purely benevolent, humanistic and philanthropic action beyond any possibility of reality in most nations, it will be necessary to make certain that it is universally known and understood that this is a one-time act which will never be repeated. The United States needs to trace down where the originating impetus for this invasion, and it is an ongoing invasion, and punish those who are within the jurisdictional reach of the United States Justice Department. If the cause behind this invasion is traced back to anybody or group within the government of the United States, they not only need to be prosecuted but also removed from their position or employment even if such requires impeachment. Such blatant transgressions of the laws of the land require stiff penalties and not just some lesser reprimand. Such penalties are highly unlikely to reach back into the government of the United States beyond anything other than suspicions and innuendo but definitely will fall short of prosecutorial evidence of any higher level government employees. There will be those who will desire to place blame with the opposing party or the White House but inevitably they will need to be satisfied with expressing their righteous indignations and try to refrain from nonsubstantive allegations as doing so will only open their accusations to ridicule and serve to transform the serious nature of this serious and challenging situation into something ridiculed by the mainstream media detracting from any serious discourse, and that would be tragic


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June 25, 2014

The Looming Catastrophe on America’s Southern Border

There is a lot of commentary with each deliberation on the looming disaster hyperventilating to new heights outdoing any previous commentary. Still, the greatest potential of the crisis of the children’s exodus from all areas south across the American southern border appears to have escaped notice. Sure, the inflow of many hundreds of children, some with mothers in tow, or towing, but all too many making their way solo across the border. Some have questioned exactly how so many children found their way across the American border from as far away as countries in South America completely on their own. There have been in depth discussions about the reasons behind this phenomenon with some pointing accusing fingers at President Obama’s announcement that illegal immigrant children who were brought into the United States as youths should not be deported after being raised mostly in the United States and not being actually complicit in their illegal entry while other stories range across a gamut of villainous causes and sources. The one constant in the reporting has been the stressing that these are young children who, other than crossing an international border, or a series of international borders, illegally and without even a shred of paperwork, are innocents who should be treated with immeasurable kindness and appropriate, pardon the pun, kid gloves. But is there perhaps another hidden agenda which could pose a potentially hidden immigration time-bomb?


Where having what could potentially result in some thousands of children, with fair numbers of these youths being age five or less, in custody of the enforcement arm of the Immigrations and Naturalization Service being housed in numerous hastily organized facilities would be sufficient a calamity and a monumental challenge between feeding, clothing, bathing, and the other necessities in childcare even including changing diapers; these requirements are definitely not a normal part of the Immigration Service employees’ daily job requirements. But even these additional providing of special services will not be the last resultant challenge that will result from these waves of youthful trespassers. The disaster hiding in the future will totally depend on how the United States handles this immigration nightmare. The future ramifications of either option, allowing these children to remain and be granted American citizenship or deporting these children back to their originating nation, each contain their own difficulties. The deportation option has numerous potential challenges including, but likely not restricted to, arranging numerous transports to the many various destinations, attaining the necessary travel documents and permissions from each of the several nations, providing proof of nation of origin sufficient to satisfy potentially uncooperative bureaucrats in these same nations, developing protocols which assure that each child is returned to their patents in their nations of origin, and determining nations of origin of children too young or intentionally uncooperative children.


All of these problems and those not listed lead us to the potentially most disastrous and serious ramification, the reunification of the families within the United States. The worst of all potential future problems would ensue should the United States decide that a benevolent approach is the easiest and most acceptable path which is keeping the children and arranging some program which would arrange and assist in their adoption, raising, and any other care which is deemed necessary as well as funds to be used to address any unforeseen future difficulties which raise their little heads subsequently. Even if the decision is to repatriate the children with their families in their native country, there will be some number of children for whom it will be near to impossible to determine their parents, or even once the parents are located they might refuse to accept their child back and then there is the definite possibility that none of the nations of origin will accept the return of the children insisting that they are the problem of the United States and that they expect to witness that good hearted, all-American compassion they have heard about over the years. Any child which remains within the borders of the United States carries one last potential for future disaster, the United States regulations, laws and all around big hearted ideals that families should be kept intact at almost any cost, thus the continuing debate over the cases of what have been called anchor babies. These children are potentially a very large number of anchor babies just waiting for their families to demand reunification in a couple of years after their children’s lives within the United States have outlived any contentious difficulties and have gained near universal acceptance. They would have been further ensconced into mainstream American life with a favorable press covering their progress with fawning admiration and giving extensive coverage to graduations, club participation, election as class president and any other positive developments while completely avoiding any negative coverage of these new citizens. Of course there would be those who insist in covering any transgressions by these children as they progress such as criminal activities, delinquency, drug use or anything else which might potentially take some of the shine off the rest of the fawning coverage.


Eventually those behind this invasion, and do not get this wrong, this is an invasion of epic proportions, will determine that sufficient time has passed and their supporters and those innocents who served in a supportive manner despite not being a part of the conspiratorial instigators of the invasion had provided sufficient assimilative propaganda making the situation sufficiently suitable and the children assimilated for the parents to announce their sudden realization that their child was among those who had somehow made their way to the United States and they now insist to be reunified with their child and demand entry into the United States to regain their roles of parenting their long lost child. The calamitous reaction to the obvious fraud being perpetrated which threatens the new lives that America generously provided for these illegal immigrants by treating them more like refugees than as the law-breaking members of a giant conspiracy to defraud the good-hearted American people that they actually are will be hardhearted and likely to draw international comdemnation. There would definitely follow a legal battle between the new American families and the biological parents for the right to raise and provide care for these children. This emotional tug-of-war with the lives of the now accepted proto-celebrity children in the middle would be played out not only in the American press and society, but also in the media around the world which would be providing greatly sympathetic coverage of the families quest to reunite with their long lost child. There would be General Assembly resolutions issued from the United Nations and numerous NGOs would be facilitating series of demonstrations across the capitals of the world at every United States Embassy demanding that the long lost family members be reunited with their child bringing along their other children into the United States and granted citizenship in order to make whole these families who had suffered the agonies of a long absence from their only recently located child. What would be the end result of such a campaign? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but with any luck such a scenario will be avoided. Perhaps pleas from the United States transmitted worldwide on television and radio asking for the parents of any of the children for whom no information was able to be discerned to contact the closest American Embassy or Consulate and that arrangements will be made to return their child. This message might need to be followed by a second less comforting message informing all the nations from where these children may have originated that should no claim be made within some predetermined time period that after such time the parents claims to these children will be considered forfeit by the United States and no future reunification will be recognized.


Such a position will not be taken well by those who have ulterior reasons to wish to harm or otherwise defame the United States, but nations have to take the necessary, even if unpopular universally, positions necessary for their own preservation and safety. This influx of illegal immigrants, despite their young age and innocent appearance, is an invasion and must be treated as such even if care need to be taken to provide the proper sensitivity the situation demands. In the final measure, the reunification of these children with their parents in their native country in a very timely manner is the preferred solution, but if such a solution proves impossible, then whatever the resulting actions may be, they must be done with kindness, carefulness and above all, remembering that these are still children who are likely not responsible for their predicament and were not necessarily knowingly complicit in their breaking of United States immigration laws. In the end the welfare of the children must be the primary concern should reuniting them with their biological family become impossible for any reason. If such reason is the result of the nation of origin taking steps to refuse to allow their reunification with their biological family, then any other options which are made available for said reunification must be carefully considered including all the potential ramifications including the possibility that other nations will see such actions as a precedence which they might choose as a viable option they may wish to pursue. This will prove to be a situation where there will not be any perfect and compassionate solution available which will serve the best interests of every individual who plays a participating role in the entire affair. Tact may be one of the first casualties on the way to a solution which is least harmful to the interests of the United States. The one item that is guaranteed, there will be numerous detractors lining up to condemn the United States no matter what course they plot and what choices they make. At times it will appear that no matter what the United States does, their actions will have drawn unparalleled disparagements and denunciations.


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February 23, 2013

Republicans and the Empty Promise Syndrome

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First off we need to define the Empty Promise Syndrome, sometimes called the Wimpy argument quoting the Popeye cartoon character who was always offering to “Pay you next Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Those cartoons must have had many Republican politicians earning money on the side as extras on the set as Wimpy never seemed to have any shortage of hamburgers to gulp down. To trace the beginning of the Empty Promise Syndrome infecting Republican politicians we need to go all the way back to 1986 of the Reagan Presidency and the Immigration Reform Bill which legalized at a minimum the three-million illegal aliens residing throughout the United States while promising to address and provide for a system of border enforcement which would make the borders of the United States virtually impenetrable. Currently there exist an estimated eleven- million to possibly over eighteen-million illegal aliens, the euphemistically denoted undocumented workers, citizens without papers, undocumented aliens, and any other of a half dozen terms which dance around but would never use such a harsh and loaded term as illegal. Somehow the agreement to grant citizenship today and impose enforcement tomorrow never quite delivered when tomorrow rolled around, a lot like Wimpy who can never be found on Tuesdays. But there are so many other examples that we had best stick to the two latest in the series.


If we were to remember back to just before Thanksgiving and on close to Christmas and then New Years the news reports were all buzzing about some looming doomsday threat called the Fiscal Cliff. The Republicans demanded spending cuts which would be at least equal to any tax increases. They would have preferred, or so they claimed, to have far more of the deficit cut by spending cuts than relying on tax increases. President Obama was insistent that the deficit reduction be levied completely by increased taxes on the rich as they had to be made to pay their fair share. With what were defined in perfect threats from on high was this sequester which would cut spending severely without any concerns for what was necessity and what was less vital and would destroy uncountable programs for the poor, the elderly, the children, the ecology, the Earth, the whatever you cared about and especially the military while ending the great recovery we have been experiencing (though many myself included are loathe to see any solid signs of this recovery unless that is what higher grocery prices are now called). In the end, President Wimpy offered spending cuts by March 1 for taxes on the rich today and the Republicans gave Obama everything he requested and set a new sequester date to force spending cuts as promised.


Well, here we are fast approaching March 1 and President Obama is demanding changes in the code resulting in more tax revenue and attempting to reduce spending cuts in any programs or departments with possible exceptions of certain areas the President finds unnecessary such as the Military. It is likely that President Obama would gladly put off any spending cuts forever and simply rearrange the tax codes and eliminate deductable items or at least reduce them or cap them all in order to cut the deficit without cutting spending. Actually, the President has even proposed that his adjustments to tax deductions and the tax codes will produce so much deficit reduction that he will even be able to propose additional spending with the extra funds his accounting has predicted. If the Republicans allow the President to fiddle with the tax code and tax deductions in lieu of the spending cuts promised at the end of last year’s Fiscal Cliff negotiations, they will have forfeited the collateral supposedly granted them of tax increases on the wealthy then for spending cuts and only spending cuts now. This simply means that if the President insists on increasing tax revenues instead of more spending cuts the Republicans should stand loudly upon the promise by the President that this would be the time for spending cuts and only spending cuts. Force the argument to be either the President reaches an agreement on spending cuts or President Obama will be responsible for the sequestration cuts when they occur. Force the choice on President Obama and the Democrats by passing a spending cuts bill which delivers what was promised and announce that the House of Representatives has met their responsibility and produced legislation for rational and safe spending cuts to reduce the deficit and that it is now left to the Democrat controlled Senate and the President to meet their obligations and keep their promises. After all, it is not like the across the board cuts required by the sequestration alternative would actually be anywhere near as debilitating as has been expressed by the fear mongering going on in some of the media and the White House.


Then there is another repeat performance being played out in Congress and that is once again immigration reform. This is forming up to be a complete and exact repeat of what occurred during the second half of President Reagan’s time in the White House and many of the exact same players are simply dusting off their old scripts and adjusting a few numbers and going through the same motions using the same terms and offering the same old lies as promises. As the old adage says, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” There is absolutely no reason for the Republicans, and any Democrats who actually care about the rule of law and the safety of the United States, allowing any form of amnesty or forgiveness and allowances to remain inside the borders, let alone working, for the approximately eleven million illegal aliens until there exist in place solid and uncompromising enforcement procedures that include security controls, observation abilities, formidable border barrier systems, and every possible technique applied and utilized to prevent any further illegal infiltrations. There can be no allowance of we will secure the border next Tuesday for total amnesty, or whatever sly and misleading name it be given, today. That was the basic promise which was never intended to be kept in 1986 and will likely be the offer given once again with every single amount of deceit included today.


There is one large and very unfortunate problem with the above. The truth be told there are many Republican who desire the lie of enforcement later for allowance and a path to citizenship today as that way they can unfurl the banner of supporting a closed border while not actually getting a closed border. Both sides, the Democrats in order to gather more voters for their candidates and the Republicans to provide less expensive labor for certain industries and businesses, honestly work together to guarantee that those they allowed into the United States are rewarded every so many years with citizenship and at the same time keep the border porous letting in the next wave of voters and workers enter the United States illegally to the benefit of both sides coffers and votes for reelection. One should not be too surprised then when once again we will witness a deceitful front played by those for whom taking a strong stand against illegal immigration and its effects upon the United States once again feign disgust when their votes allowing for immediate forgiveness in any form for the illegal immigrants currently in the country allowing them to remain, keep their jobs, and eventually gain an easy path to full citizenship while enforcement of our laws and control of the border are put aside to be addressed later. Of course later never comes as it is always now and later is, well, later. Do not expect this round to result in anything which falls far from the indecency pulled over on the American people in 1986 when Reagan allowed amnesty on the promise of future enforcement. We are still waiting for that later enforcement and who knows which later will arrive first; the last one or the one we can expect in the near future when the grand immigration compromise is announced with great fanfare and applause all around. My bet is neither enforcement will materialize before the Congress and some future President assure us that these thirty-some-million undocumented citizens will be the last and by allowing them legalization and documentation it will facilitate their soon enforcing our laws and border, and then there will be three soon to come promises.


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