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October 18, 2011

Palestinian Obstructions and Quartet Acquiescence

Look back over the entire history of the Quartet (Russia, United States, United Nations, and European Union) and their efforts to foster productive negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian authority and a pattern will emerge. The Quartet places a proposition for negotiations before the two parties fully expecting them to simply comply simply due to the fact that the Quartet has spoken. For some inexplicable reason, the Quartet has yet to learn that the Middle East does not operate the same as the countries and institutions making up the Quartet and are not overly impressed with the presumed credentials and importance of those issuing decrees in the name of the Quartet. This produces an immediate reaction of announcing that the proposition from the Quartet will be given due consideration. Both Israel and the Palestinian Authority usually have some reservations and questions about the terms and conditions laid out by the Quartet. Then the game is on and the way it plays out can almost universally be predicted to follow the same exact routine that will result in yet another failure of the efforts of the Quartet.

Upon receiving cautious tones and intents to go through the initial plans of the Quartet by both Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the members of the Quartet place pressures on Israel, in a few instances make a slight adjustment, and fairly quickly get Israeli agreement with the Quartet’s proposition. This usually has the Quartet’s initial proposition remaining basically the same and does not alter the wording or require the imposition of conditional imperatives, often called preconditions. Then the Quartet turns to the Palestinian authority. Just as they had with Israel, the Quartet once again insists the offer is fair, balanced and in the interest of both parties thus should be accepted. The Palestinian Authority always responds with a list of demands. These demands are usually requirements that the Israelis must accept or meet in order for the Palestinians to consider holding talks. This latest time it was the requirements that Israel cease all building within areas the Palestinian Authority expects belong to them including all of Judea, Samaria, and most of Jerusalem and its suburbs and especially including the Old city and Temple Mount. Note: This demand to freeze building was initiated originally by American President Barack Obama and had never even entered the Palestinian Authority thinking until he made that demand early in his mishandling of the entire Israel-Palestinian Conflict. The Palestinian authority also demands that Israel also recognize the 1967 Lines (1949 Armistice Lines) as the recognized borders from which initial debate must begin (This too is another President Obama invention). In the past, the Palestinians have even gone as far as to demand that the European Union guarantee to support their bid for statehood in the United Nations as a condition for them to agree to the wishes of the Quartet.

Next, the Quartet will attempt to arrange some form of meeting in a neutral environment in order to work through the initial impediments and make plans for an actual beginning of negotiations. This is usually acceptable to the Israelis without any problems. Unfortunately, the same is not true of the Palestinian Authority. They refuse to meet in any manner directly with the Israelis until the already stated conditions have been met. The Quartet, realizing they have struck a brick wall that proved impenetrable in their initial efforts, modifies their meeting usually to holding meetings with each side separately but in the same location. This has actually worked on occasion, but often more likely is a Palestinian demand that the two sides be met with at different locations if it is to be held in the Middle East, such as if Jerusalem is chosen they will demand they be met in Ramallah, and if someplace outside the Middle East, like say Paris, New York, or the Hague, then they demand different times, usually days or weeks apart. This removes any easy way to shuffle between the two envoys and work through any difficulties or problems during one meeting and ends up pushing the setting of the meetings into an interminable set of delays and more meetings. Should that rarity of an actual meeting ever be arranged, you would be safe in placing your money on there being one or, at the most, two meetings before the Palestinian Authority representatives storm out of the meetings and demand a whole new set of conditions to be met in order to continue. Thus, end of discussions. Even if, through some miracle, the meetings actually appear to be making headway and problems and differences are being resolved, you can bet the house that at the last moment when it appears that all has been negotiated to precise and intricate delicacies meeting every demand voiced by both sides, like was always the case with Yasser Arafat, the Palestinians will throw a tantrum replete with throwing the papers into the air with or without, pending on their mood, tearing them up first and indignantly strut out of the negotiations refusing to even recognize anybody, let alone speak, just as Arafat did with Secretary of State Madeline Albright chasing after him pleading him to return, and end that round of negotiations. The Palestinians usually will complain that they had been left no alternative as the “Right of Return” for anywhere from four to seven million refugees into Israel proper was left out of the agreement thus making it impossible for them to sign.

Now, one might ask why the Palestinian Authority would play such games. That is easier to answer than most other queries on the Middle East when Israel is concerned. To break it down to the most basic reasons, it is simply to move the goal posts for Israel further down the field forcing more concessions each time. When the negotiations seem to be bearing fruit and an agreement is almost tasted, then the Palestinians will make a push for one or two more final concessions, usually something new which had not been demanded before. Israel, almost desperate to put this entire insanity behind them, will usually grant the demands or make some very conciliatory offer in return. Once the Palestinians have agreement on the new concessions, then the time has come to end the negotiations. Storming out with their hard won new concessions in hand, the Palestinians will demand that the starting point of the next discussions and negotiations begin at the point that includes these final concessions. And as is said, rinse, repeat. By this ploy the Palestinians, one negotiating session at a time, constantly move the negotiations closer and closer to their ultimate desired end, no more Israel. This has been their end game stated untold numbers of times, but only in Arabic, and then only in safe confines where they know the Western Press will not translate their words and report them to the world. There is one reference to the great plan once Israel has been forced back behind the 1949 Armistice Lines that was caught and translated by MEMRI which can be viewed here. After that, I have nothing else to add, let that speak for itself.

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July 17, 2011

Why Israel Needs Pre-Conditions and Why the Palestinian Abuse Them

While reading my usual news sources the other day, I came across this quote that led to some thoughts about the “Peace Process”. Someone from southern Israel, probably Sederot, Israel, said the following, “Our expectation is that the IDF will do whatever it takes. We’re a little afraid that if negotiations start again, the terrorists will respond by further escalating the situation.” I pondered this and realized that it was the absolute truth. Whenever actual peace negotiations are carried, even in the fits and starts with all the interruptions for any reason which makes one side or the other take offense, the number and severity of the terror strikes upon Israel mark a definitive increase. With this in mind it struck me that Israel should be making the preconditions demanding that everything be agreed to and the next and only session of peace talks would simply be the signing ceremony with all the pomp and ridiculousness such an occasion would merit. The alternative is week upon week of rockets and mortars raining down on the southern residences of Israelis within the ever expanding range of Gaza fired rockets; increased attempts of murderous suicide bombings; more out of control dump truck, bulldozer, construction vehicles, and other large vehicles crashing down the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; rock and rifle shots taken at vehicles traveling within Judea and Samaria; murderous infiltrations of Jewish residences both within and beyond the Green Line, and whatever other of the plethora of methods used to kidnap, injure, murder and terrorize Israelis by the “military wings” of Fatah, Hamas, and the rest of Israel’s peace partners. With such a threat guaranteed to commence as soon as talks are announced, why Israel would ever agree to sit down without a done deal waiting is beyond rational thought. This is why Israel should be making the type of preconditions which include everything Israel both would insist upon and even slightly desire so the agreed compromise of conditions would be a ready to sign agreement before the talks are announced.

So, why is it that the Palestinians are making all the outlandish and unreasonable demands to be met before negotiations begin? There are two reasons; one has existed since before Yasser Arafat ever first sat down with an Israeli, the other came out of the blue courtesy of the United States. First, the present from the United States that unfortunately keeps right on giving. That little gem is in the form of one each President Barack Obama and his great and total lack of understanding of, or possibly extreme antipathy towards Israel. President Obama’s first ingenious move with which he claims was intended to simply clarify and define the situation in order to facilitate a more positive situation was his and his alone as nobody had even thought of demanding of Israel a complete building freeze in all the lands past the Green Line, and even to include within Jerusalem and its suburbs. I am sure that as soon as Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad regained their collective breath and composure, they immediately took up this new and absurd demand that President Obama had gifted them. I mean, they could not appear to be less pro-Palestinian than the supposedly Zionist controlled President of the United States, could they. President Obama has since then thrown in a couple more free demands as he has called for the boundaries for the future Palestinian state to be based upon the 1949 Armistice Line, another Obama original, and the division of Jerusalem to facilitate the Palestinian Capital being in East Jerusalem, needless to comment that this division would include the entire Old City and cut the Jews off from the Kotel and any of their holy sites within Jerusalem as well as Judea and Samaria and necessitate the relocation of over a half a million Jewish residents. It is with great trepidation that I even comment as to what President Obama will suggest next. Could it be giving the Palestinian State the Negev so they have easy access between Gaza and the West Bank?

Now to the other reason that the Palestinians are demanding the entire package and more without their needing to make even the slightest of concessions, even to saying they recognize Israel as the Jewish State. The reason has been noted at least a million times by virtually countless people; the Palestinian leadership do not want a state, they want Israel dead and buried with its head on a silver platter. They are fully aware that as soon as they make a peace with Israel, they will no longer be front page, top of the fold news for each and every horrific or outrageous act they pull off. They would actually be expected to stop killing Jews; Launching rockets and mortars into Israel, stop slitting Jewish families throats in their beds on Shabbat, even the three month old babies; and worst of all, their gravy train would begin to dry up and end within a year or two at the longest. The Palestinian leadership knows they have the best of all worlds. They can skim millions upon millions of dollars and euros right off the top and bury it in that mess they call their budgets and accounting registers. They now enjoy the freedom to say peace in English and kill and slaughter, tear out their throats, paint the grounds with their blood about the Jews in Arabic, and nobody will care, let alone actually report it in the news. Oh, sure there is MEMRI, CAMERA and Palestinian Media Watch who actually translate much of what is said by the Palestinians and about the Palestinians by other Muslim politicians, clerics, and media, but very few people ever bother to actually take the time, expend the tremendous effort, actually bookmark these sites, and even go so far as to click on them on that rare occasion when there is nothing on HBO, Showtime, or the other 5,000 channels, 1,284 in HD all the time, and there’s nothing better to do and get informed. For the record, I would like to thank these people who exert a lot of effort and provide some very useful and needful information for the tireless and thankless work that they perform 24/7-365. Should a treaty ever manage to be signed and sealed between Israel and the Palestinians, then they would have to govern, pick up the trash, make a budget, and actually find some method other than begging from the West, the same West they treat with scorn and vile threats, so they can live happy and fat. No, the Palestinians make demands for the simple reason that they are determined to have the answer to their excessive and ridiculous demands be a resolute “NO!” The absolute proof was when Yasser Arafat stormed out of negotiations with Prime Minister Menachem Begin with United States Madeline Albright chasing after him to no avail after he was offered virtually everything he had demanded. The difference was between 100% of East Jerusalem and the West Bank and 97%. Arafat realized that the deal was so close that it was possible that Israel could agree to any counter-proposal he might make. Arafat’s solution? Storm out of the meeting and refuse to even listen to a single word the pleading American Secretary of State Madeline Albright was literally crying in an attempt to just get Arafat to come back in and make one last and possibly acceptable to Menachem Begin, counter offer. The Palestinian leadership learned a lesson that day and have made absolutely sure never to get that close again and risk losing the sympathy and money foisted upon them by a world gone stark raving mad.

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