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July 1, 2015

When Our Traditions All Fall and Fail Us

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Shared traditions and agreement on common goals are the glue which holds societies together. Without these familiar items as the glue there is no need to fear threats from without as the society eventually will tear itself apart from the inside. You want a current example of such a society all one need do is look to the Middle East and pick a nation which is crumbling and intertwined in a destructive civil conflict and you have your example. Syria is all too obvious as Bashir al-Assad had a view of his Alawite minority should be defended by the Druze militias acting as his personal army and all the aid he needed from Iran in arms and even soldiers as things began to go wrong. Bashir al-Assad’s father held the nation together with the glue of fear of his wrath while the son is nowhere near the fearsome leader imbuing strength and competence like his father and before one knew it he was challenged and failed. When an iron fist and the fear of it visiting your little corner of the world is all your nation has holding it together, then you better be ready to use it and use it without mercy or else you are doomed. Such nations are destined to fail from the outset as sooner or later one falls victim to the el-Duce syndrome where the people revolt against your leadership as soon as your power comes into question even if it was your alliance with one megalomaniac that collapses and the next thing you know you are strung up in the town square for a week or so. When the Soviet Union began its surprisingly rapid crumbling from the inside, a friend asked if this was real and if it was, what would be the sign to look for that would signal it was irreversible. As for if it was real, let us say I was as in shock as the next person. As for the sign signaling this truly was the end, that was the easy part so that is what I tackled using that to hedge my answer on belief. I simply told him that I would believe this was the end when Nicolae Ceaușescu fell in Rumania, and sure enough he was the last of the leaders to fall and he fell almost as hard as the European Axis leaders at the end of World War II. The other modern day examples of such failures are Saddam Hussein’s Iraq where the three main societies within have each gone their own way whether by choice, the Kurds in the north, by default, the Shia who hold the power of the governance now, and those who lost outright, the Sunni who are now caught between two enslavers, the Shia government of Iraq and the murderous hordes that are ISIS and they have nowhere to turn as neither the Kurds nor the Shia have any love left for them as they were seen as the cruel oppressors who benefitted from Saddam Hussein’s rule and are now collecting the payment for his sins. Libya is the final example where without a strong leader or the perception of such the entire society reverted back to tribal divisions and will remain each tribe to themselves against the other tribes forming and breaking alliances as it fits them without any possibility of reinstituting a central government which has reach more than twelve blocks in any direction from central Tripoli. There are even those who blame the collapse of the Roman Empire on their failure to incorporate Roman culture, rules and societal structures on those they had conquered at the fringes of their empire which eventually led to the downfall which is a concept with a share of its validity.


If such failure of the Roman Empire came from the fraying at its edges of the application of a singular set of societal norms, then we are today witnessing the death throes of the United States as their common heritage and societal norms are currently under assault in the courts where laws are being fortified in defiance of the traditional culture ripping things apart in such a manner as to make the separate, even disparate, parts of the society unglued from each other which may lead to the collapse of that society. The latest and possibly second most destructive tear just was handed down by the Supreme Court with their universal acceptance of same-sex marriage as the law of the land. The real culprit which will eventually topple the United States and potentially all of Western society is multiculturalism which stands that one must honor all others and their customs and no universal set of shared standards can be allowed to stand unassailable by the many and varied lesser cultures within the society. There was a time not that long ago where gun ownership was near universal in the United States and now in most of the major cities gun ownership is not only shunned but illegal which has led to rampant crime as now the criminals do not need a firearm to make them equal to any victim they choose as all they need is two other fellow miscreants to forcibly take anybody’s money by force of numbers, though there are those who prefer not sharing who simply use a weapon, not even necessarily a gun. Then there are those cultures which are forced into remission and made to hide their identity or to regress into enclaves where their numbers provide protection. The day is coming and coming rapidly to the United States shores and is awash over Europe which is pushing the Jews out of society despite the Jews having mostly adopted what was sold to them as the societal norms. The Jews have been consistently seen to be on the leading edge of every trend which came along and was considered enlightened. They were among those marching for civil rights for blacks in the fifties and sixties and have remained supporters of equality of the races through to the current times. They have been at the forefront of the march for gay acceptance and even same-sex marriage. Now that the Jews are the ones being shunned from the college campuses, and trust that which enthralls the masses in the colleges today will be the mainstays of the society ten to twenty years hence; there are already signs that there is sufficient an undercurrent in American subcultures which already hold anti-Semitic feelings which are now slowly emerging from what many would claim were the same centers from which Jew hatreds grew in Europe in the rise of the Nazis. One of the things people seem to forget was the rise of the Nazis had two epicenters and the college campuses were just as important if not more so than the reemergence amongst the rest of the areas blamed for this resurgence of Jew hatred as the ideological leaders more often came from the ivory halls of academia which was also one of the first places that the Jews were banned, from either attending or teaching in the universities. How much longer before such purges strike Western nations’ colleges and universities. It already happens on many campuses for a period every year during the heights of Israel Apartheid Week or during pro-Palestinian celebrations which have started to resemble the pogroms of Russia and the Inquisitions and other cleansings in Europe where the Jews were singled out for exclusion from the society often simply by their being expelled with only the possessions they had packed in a suitcase or two readied ahead of the pitchforks and angry mobs wielding them and other times by simply removing them permanently often burning them at the stake and other methods the crown would demand during their frenzied assault on the other, the Jew.


When that befalls western culture once again it will have started in the exact same place but with a slightly different target, the unfitness of the unborn. The undertaking has traditionally been referred to as Eugenics Movement. The idea of eugenics reaches back at least as far as Plato who called for the formation of a guardian race of selective breeding of those who were of superior mind and body, the mating of the cream of humanity to produce a master race. Sound familiar? Francis Galton, the half-cousin Charles Darwin, had taken his relative’s work on evolution and the survival of the fittest and applied it to be used within the human populations to breed the perfect human being and for the removal of those who were inferior. He coined the word Eugenics and eventually it became a course of study in the universities leading to a movement started around a core of its most ardent and adamant proponents and the rest is history. What is less well known is that the forefront of the Eugenics movement formed in the United States and its acceptance was so universal that it was from the United States that the most strident proponents of eugenics emerged. Such names at the front in founding the eugenics movement in their day and up to today are the poet Carl Sandburg, the aviator Charles Lindbergh, the mother of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger, the Perfect Human Society and an interesting proponent in current times, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel who was instrumental in the drafting of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), or Obamacare. People might be shocked to be informed that Planned Parenthood has not always been the equal provider of alternatives for those who either desire preventive methods to avoid pregnancies or alternatives to carrying, their terms to birth of the child, a fetal mass to its conclusive child bearing as it would cause the mother undue mental stresses and interfere directly with their pursuits in life, it originally was used to sterilize those seen as unfit to have children thus forcing a eugenics program which was, as it is today, centered in minority neighborhoods. Providing you desire to seek the reality that is Planned Parenthood all one need to do is to research Margaret Sanger and her relationship with what we would today refer to as black genocide, it is not a pretty picture. There comes now another eugenics styled movement and this time the target will be traditions, the very traditions which were the glue of Western culture and society for the last two millennia.


The scissors that cut the pages into confetti will be forged by multiculturalism where no culture is to be preferred because we are blinding ourselves to such observations and the axe which will sever the binding making the job of the scissors even easier will be the axe taken to the Judeo-Christian culture and in particular to cut the binding of that book which professes that there are such things as good and evil, there is such a concept as right and wrong, that a life lived with proper restraints is life to be pursued, the book that once graced nearly every house and every hotel room across the United States and now a book scorned as old, out of fashion and obsolete, but the Bible is that book which we could learn where our new follies will lead, they will lead to the same place they have always led, ruination and the destruction of all that made the Western World strong. Choosing to lose ourselves in a culture of any culture of the moment is the culture we desire to raise up, but we cannot raise up debauchery and the damnation of human life as equal to the pursuit of a good life spent rejoicing in the gift that life provides and not seeking some manner of faith which demands of us surrender or die, such is a choice without a choice. We need return to our former ideals which permit those whose cultures differ to continue such practice in their private times and spaces such as their homes and houses of worship, but also we demanded they accept our cultural rules when in public. The Western culture allowed for certain irregularities such as special religious clothing being worn in public and even providing areas for prayer permitting such did not interfere with the performance of one’s job and was committed off the clock and on the individual’s own time as the whole cannot be forced to pay them for their private time spent praying and not producing things of mutual gain as that is what working at a job is, producing things for mutual gains, a cooperative effort and a central pillar of our traditional society.


Schools were a place where we learned about our mutual culture and were able to master those basic tenets which supported the society, and where we learned how to think and not so much exactly what to think though guidelines were imposed and what was out of bounds was ingrained. We even learned to cooperate through sports where we also learned the easy joys of winning and even more importantly how to cope with losing and thus with failure. The best amongst us learned that failure was not the end but rather a stop where we reassessed our priorities and assumptions making changes where we found things in error or lacking altogether and then proceeded on towards our ultimate goal. Further we learned, were we that fortunate, lucky even, that failures come in the thousands and that success comes only to those willing to fail and fail repeatedly and learning from each failure where we diverted from our goals and how to get back on track. Are there ideas whose failure is guaranteed and where one can never fully achieve the goal? Yes. We can never make a machine which is 100% efficient as in all things there is that degree of wasted effort, effort which does not contribute to the completion and realization of the goal. In a machine that goal is the product such as a generator making electricity; we use water, steam, explosive fuels all to drive the generator to make electricity but there are losses to friction and pushing the generator against the resistive magnetic forces induced in the coils which does not directly produce the electricity but which must be overcome. The same is true in life. Sleep is something our bodies must submit to or we will eventually collapse and possibly die. Still, it is sometimes in our dreams that the spark bursts forth solving some vexing problem which assists the project to completion. Such is an exception and even that spark was not the only dream we enjoyed or endured, and there were the periods of sleep which were used as a dedicated means of repairing and preparing the body for the next day. Another item which obviously diverts us from achieving goals but may be necessary in order to reach our goals are the failures along the way. Lessor peoples will allow failures to prevent them from trying and just surrender to their failures. That is not an intricate part of our society until recently when we found ways of rewarding those who become mired in failure.


Another casualty in our modern society is the loosening of the moral structure. In the lives of the vast majority of the population, and to a limited extent to all of the population not restricted to an asylum (do we even have asylums any longer to care for the elderly and the comatose?) as we all wear clothing though some wear far less than others; we all eat and sleep as nature insists on these; and we all live and let live because if large segments of the society, and it need not be more than ten to twenty percent of a society, take to being belligerent and resorting to murdering those who they fear or refuse to submit; then the society will fracture and it will soon become a free-for-all with every faction against the rest; see Libya, Syria or Iraq for current examples. What many do not realize is this is rapidly becoming the definition of Western culture. The society of the Western World has become unmoored and without an anchor with which to tie off and provide immovability, permanence and the Western World has rapidly been cranking the centerboard retrieving it from below the boat allowing the winds to blow us as they may while our ability to steer the boat has failed without the centerboard. That centerboard was western Judeo-Christian ethics and the anchor was the ideal of hard work will produce and provide for one and one’s family and charity would take care of the few who for reasons often beyond their control are unable to find a place within our society. We did not used to change our society such that everybody’s quirks or the beliefs of those coming to our shores being used as a cudgel with which to beat and force us to alter our religious and social structures which we have held dear fashioning our societal norms around and have worked just fine for us and is tried and true. Therein lies the current problem, we in the West have doubted our own culture while allowing another culture whose adherents have little doubt that it is superior to all the Western World has ever known and that the Western World must be cowed and beaten into submission, and that is termed our surrendering to Allah. Do not mistake Allah for the same as G0d in our Judeo-Christian society as Hashem does not demand surrender but instead reason, trust and faith. The easiest manner to present a difference is to look at the lineage of belief. In Judeo-Christian ethics the line of faith flows through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob while Islam and Allah follow the lineage of belief through Abraham, Ishmael and Mohammad. Perhaps this is as good a place to stop before I get into deeper troubles and this is way more sufficient amount to chew of for one day. With any luck I’ll get into this stranger side of my reasoning after a decent period of rest. Thank you all for reading this far and may your life be blessed only with those failings which aid you in your journeys and make you a stronger and better you, even if others spend some time confused at what you are trying to say, and boy have I spent time on that bus.


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October 12, 2011

What is the Objective of the Occupy Wall Street Protests?

The Occupy Wall Street Protests are seemingly a populist gathering with the real leadership remaining far behind the scene and only make cameo appearances in which they heap praise and express admiration at the protesters and their spontaneity and unbelievable impromptu organizing without any noticeable on-site leadership. Miraculously, food, clothing, pamphlets, posters, signage, and all forms of necessary support and supplies appear magically all paid for by unknown sources. Without prior notice, people of importance or notoriety appear to speak and simultaneously, as if conjured, press coverage and news cameras increase in numbers and disappear just as mysteriously after the short rallying speech and the cries of a reinvigorated crowd. The synergy has such a surreal feel to it with how everything just seems to happen so effortlessly which is even more remarkable when one remembers that these Protests throughout the Western World are completely impromptu. The invisible hands handling the logistics and message of the protests are very savvy and have gathered a well-polished program, all without making themselves overly visible and, with the voluntary aid of the media; they will continue to get their desired message out without having to reveal those who are really behind the entire game. So, what do the people who remain hidden have as their intents and agendas for these gatherings they have orchestrated?

Perhaps it would be best to first list a number of items these protests are not interested in attaining. They are not about stimulating the economy and producing more job opportunities. They are not worried about reducing the unemployment levels. They are not about being empowered to attain the American dream of rewards for hard work and responsibility for their own futures. They are not really about much of the truly serious demands that the press has told us is their intent. What they are for is having a big party and just keeping the good times rolling. They will be about hanging out and enjoying themselves until either the cold winter weather arrives or the free food and other goodies stop appearing, whichever comes first. And the most surprising thing is that those invisible sponsors behind these protests are more than happy to allow this to be enough for right now. The powers that be that are behind the Occupy Protests are simply desirous of gathering together their small army of core protesters for the real battle. All we are witnessing is the planning party for a future revolutionary level of protests which will be gathered and turned loose when such is decided to be necessary to force issues and influence the American people along with the world socialist movements.

So, what will trigger the actual confrontation that is surely coming and when should we expect the full force to be applied on our society? After a winter recess, somewhere around the Ides of March, or soon thereafter, we can expect these Occupy Protests to be rebirthed slowly just as they gathered this time. At first there will simply be a few, then on April 15 we can expect there to be large protests marking “Tax the Rich Day” as the official kickoff of the American Spring. We can expect huge displays during the week of July 4 with claims that these are the new revolutionary fathers who will renew the American dream by making America truly an equal society. Equal incomes, equal rights to property, equal standards of living, equality of all outcomes, everything equal except equal opportunity, opportunity will be found to be insufficient unless it leads also to equal results. The actions will be kept simmering throughout the summer, and towards the end of August there will be a push culminating in Labor Day Protests. From that point forward, the protests will become partisan in a negative way. These protests will never actually come out overtly for Democrat candidates but will come out with extreme violent rejection of every conservative candidate. The ferocity of the protests will continue to build through the election and then will lapse and take most of the next few days off. It will seem like such a relief for many, but it will be very short lived, I fear.

The future of the protests will all depend on the results of the elections. Should conservatives make gains and President Obama not be reelected, then brace yourself for disruptive and increasingly violent protests turning into riots which will begin on Inauguration Day. Once a Republican, be they truly conservative or not, and President Obama be defeated, or Hilary should Obama decide not to run, then the election cannot be allowed to stand as it will be considered to have been a stolen election. The aim of the Occupy Wherever Protests is the final call for a totally socialist, single party governance where elections would be inconsequential if held at all. Listen to many of the demonstrators when they talk with press they know they can trust. Read some of the far left progressive media. These people are calling for revolution already and want to collapse the system, destroy capitalism, and end elections and place the chosen elite as our new and enlightened leadership. That is their true aim, and they will be driving through any opposition to install their dream of a perfect society which will make all things equal for all people, just more equal for some, but equal. I hope I am completely off base, really off base and what I think I am seeing is not reality. We will see.

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June 13, 2011

Middle East Round-Up

The beat continues with Israel and the Jews as the focal point for all evils, under-handed plots, media manipulation against Islam, and everything else that goes poorly under the Sun. Let’s just list some of the highlights from just this past week, mostly just the weekend, and see if this is actually the theme throughout much of the Muslim World.

A Kuwaiti teacher was fired simply because when breaking-up a pair of boys quarreling, she committed the ultimate of all possible sins, she told the boys they should follow the example of the Jews and respect each other. “She stopped them and told them they must respect and love each other in line with our Islamic principles,” reported Kuwait’s Alanba newspaper. “If the Jews respect each other, why can’t we learn from our Prophet… and respect each other.” Sure is a good thing they prevented her from continuing to teach. Heaven knows what she might have tried to teach the students next, might have been something truly horrible, like the Golden Rule.

Approximately ten percent of the eighty plus million Egyptian population will possibly be facing such a threat to their lives that fleeing their homeland may be their sole choice for survival. I speak of the Coptic Christians who have resided in Egypt since the first century, predating Islam by more than a half thousand years. Despite all the calls for unity and acceptance which were reported to the world by the media during the demonstrations that brought down the Mubarak Government, since then numerous attacks have been perpetrated against Coptic Christians, their stores, their homes, their churches, and even their monasteries. The future looks to be very bleak as it now appears that the Salafis have joined with the Muslim Brotherhood, sorry, the Freedom and Justice Party and other similarly minded groups who will win the majority of the Parliamentary seats and very likely the Presidency. Such a victory likely will lead to Sharia Law becoming the law of the land in Egypt and despite the presumed protection that will reputedly be conveyed to the Coptic minority, they will face escalating threats and violence pressuring them to convert or leave. This is what the media’s Arab Spring will resemble, for all but the predominant Muslims; it will be an Arab Winter which will freeze them out of the society in which they have lived for many many centuries.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a part of his campaign for reelection, has claimed, according to the state-run Anatolian, “The international media, because they are backed by Israel, wouldn’t be happy with the continuation of the AK Party government.” Egemen Bagis, Turkey’s European Affairs Minister added an allegation that the foreign media are a part of “mafia-like organizations” controlled by “international dark elites.” This was all in reference to an editorial in the British newspaper, the Economist, which called on the Turkish people to cast ballots for the opposition Republican People’s Party. The editorial further stated that voting against Erdogan’s party would be the “best way for Turks to promote democracy.” Once again anti-Israel and anti-Jewish paranoia is seen to be loose within Prime Minister Erdogan’s mind and Party, a seemingly common malady.

Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat spoke on Israel Channel 2 television’s Meet the Press stating, “We do not come to the UN to unilaterally declare statehood. We do not come to the UN to request recognition. We come to request acceptance. We want the UN to accept a Palestinian state within ’67 borders that will live in peace and security side-by-side with Israel. But the Americans said that the UN is not an option. Following that, we told them that our option is negotiation. Netanyahu succeeded in driving us away from the negotiation room. We want to go back to negotiation. This is (Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s) option. If Mr. Netanyahu refuses to say ‘two states along 1967 lines’; he can say it in English, Russian, Hebrew, Latin or any language he chooses – if he continues to build settlements, if the US chooses to veto the proposal to accept us into the UN and if the US Congress decides to cut us off and stop our aid, then Netanyahu can invite both houses of Congress to the settlement of Beit El. I think he will be the only leader between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean.”

Mr. Erekat carefully crafted his statements to include the requirement for Israel to accept the 1949 Armistice Lines as the official border for the Palestinian state before entering negotiations. By doing this, Israel’s sole bargaining position is removed thus limiting negotiations to ‘Right of Return’ for close to five million so-called Arab refugees. By making the Armistice Lines the accepted border, it even removes any need to negotiate on Jerusalem as those borders grant the entire Old City of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, to the Palestinian State. Furthermore, when taking into consideration the stipulation that not a single Jew remain within the borders of any Palestinian state, forcing these borders would require approximately half a million Jews to forfeit their properties and be absorbed within Green Line Israel. Couple this with reputed recent demands by Israeli Arabs for autonomy within areas in the Galilee and Arab majority towns, even with an option to choose to join as part of a Palestinian state, Israel could find itself literally sliced in two with a Palestinian state reaching from the Jordan River to Acre on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Also not mentioned was the refusal by Mahmoud Abbas to join negotiations unless all the Palestinian demands including the Armistice Line borders, sole possession of the Old City and Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and the full ‘Right of Return’ are agreed upon by Israel as the unarguable unchangeable facts. This is Mr. Erekat’s and the rest of the Palestinian Authority’s idea of fair requirements of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu insistence for the Palestinians to accept and recognize Israel as the Jewish State is unthinkable and such a demand is what makes any negotiations impossible. Which side is being intransient and unfair, you decide.

And lastly, we would be remiss if we did not mention that Israel too has its share of crazies. Senior Ben Gurion University Chemistry Professor Eyal Nir wrote on his Facebook page, “I call on the world to come and help break these scoundrels’ necks,” describing right-wing, Israeli flag-bearing marchers on Jerusalem Day as “gangs of bandits swarming in our country.” He continued with his diatribe, writing, “During the Jerusalem Day march, a gang of a few dozen bullies walked through the city’s Arab streets calling death to Arabs, death to leftists, burn their villages.” When questioned, Professor Nir justified the remarks, arguing “The response of any reasonable, peaceful and just individual should be that they must be prevented from acting out their threats such as in terrorist activities dubbed ‘price tag.’” The ‘they’ he was referring to were any Zionist Jews who actually had the nerve and chutzpah to march with Israeli flags within Green Line Israel on a nationalist holiday, especially if the city in which they held such a crass display of patriotism actually had Arab residents who are also citizens of the State of Israel. How dare they show the Israeli flags in a neighborhood of Israeli Arabs. I would like to ask Professor Nir exactly what the difference is between the Jewish Israeli Flag and the Arab Israeli Flag. My bet is his answer would actually claim that the recognized Israeli Flag is solely for the Jews and the Palestinian Flag is the Israeli Arab’s flag. I wonder if every Israeli Arab would agree with the good professor. Somehow, I doubt his feelings would even garner a majority of Israeli Arab citizens, despite what the liberal media would have us think.

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