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November 8, 2015

The Insanity Driving American Palestinian Policy


Secretary of State Kerry gave a blatantly erroneous, magnificently ignorant, critical targeting of a phantom problem and deliberately dishonest assessment of the driving motivation behind the current Arab violence against Israelis by stating publically placing the administrations bias plainly within the view of the media and those desirous of demonizing Israel at any cost when he claimed the Arabs were driven to violent distraction by the continued increase in Israeli building beyond the Green Line in the so-called settlements. Secretary of State Kerry was either deliberately fabricating out of the thin air the accusation that Israel has even permitted the construction of a deck or a porch, let alone any additional homes, apartments or other construction in the areas beyond the Green Line as Prime Minister Netanyahu has enforced meticulously the desired building freeze which President Obama demanded after his reelection as the necessary Israeli contribution if there were to be any hopes for reaching an eventual peace drawing onto the map of the Middle East a second state for Arabs to reside alongside Israel sharing in peace between the two people and mutually enforced security for both states between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea. This has been the chimerical summation which has been presented by the Obama administration despite their having full knowledge that such building had been terminated as demanded and Mahmoud Abbas refused to even meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu back in the first year of Obama’s Presidency and all construction has been suspended since President Obama’s reelection starting with his 2009 inauguration.


Meanwhile, the entire brain-trust employed by President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and the rest of the advisors have all apparently neglected a few not so insignificant facts about Mahmoud Abbas actions, intents, recent statements and also his multifaceted program of incitement to violence and rewarding that selfsame violence. Mahmoud Abbas over the past twelve months has announced the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority and the establishment of Palestine claiming that he would be its titular head of state, made an alliance which merged Hamas with the PLO and thus his construct of Palestine, declared Jerusalem as the Capital City solely of his constructed state denying it as the Israeli Capital City and theoretically annexing all of west Jerusalem, declared the Oslo Accords dead and removing his constructs, all of them, from its limitations and its requirements on the Arab entities, worked with numerous European governments to establish Arab homes and communities in Area C which was reserved for Israel and forbidden to Arab construction, and began the Third Intifada which has also been called the Stabbing Intifada with an all-out campaign of incitement using all forms of media including but not limited to Facebook, multiple social media formats, radio, television, financial rewards, recent increase in honoring terrorists from the prior Intifadas, school lessons of incitement, releasing popular songs such as “Stab, Stab,” “Stab the Zionist and say God is great,” “Let the knives stab your enemy,” “Say hello to being a martyr,” and “Run Over, Run Over the Settler,” examples as depicted in the videos below.









But why allow some insignificant item such as the truth and reality impinge on your preconceived notions that the real problem comes from the overcrowding within many family homes and apartments in the Jewish cities and towns where as their children have married and had children since January 2009 when President Obama was reelected and sworn into office and the Israeli government of Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed to freeze all building beyond the Green Line causing this ever increasing overcrowding in many family homes as they are making do with empty promises that eventually the tenders which have been bid upon but frozen at that point so as to keep Netanyahu’s promise to Obama and Kerry yet they tend to scream foul every time bids for tenders are collected and a contract rewarded for if and when the building freeze is ever lifted. The building by Israel are the least damaging threat to peace and the formation of a permanent peace and that is where we need to address the reality and from that derive an honest and straightforward assessment of the entire situation from all aspects and not just seeking to support a decided view which condemns and vilifies Israel and through that the Jews in general. The murderous violence perpetrated by the Arabs, both Israeli citizens and members of terror groups Fatah, al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Hamas and rumored to include Islamic State sent individuals to join in murdering Israelis with the hope of killing Jews. Below is a picture of the investigation and cleansing of the scene where an Israeli soldier and three others in Tel Aviv on October 8, 2015. Another difference between the Arabs treating of a place where one has been injured and the treatment by Israel in similar instances is the Arabs loiter and make a point to bring every reporter, camera and media to cover the situation for maximum coverage in Europe and the rest of the Western World while in Israel the family and victims are respected and the site investigated and then immediately cleansed as seen in picture below.



Israeli soldier and three others in Tel Aviv on October 8 2015


Since the introduction of the Oslo Accords in September of 1993 there has been one overriding occurrence which has been ignored by the United Nations, the European Union, and a host of leaders in Europe, the United States, the developed world and met with various shades of glee by the Arab and Muslim worlds. Every time when any leader of the United Nations, United States, the Quartet or the European Union and her member states decided to push for peace talks the program was sickenly the same story, Israel, Israel, Israel and Israel was forced to make dangerous concessions time after time while the Arabs were either given a free ride or were required to act nice. When the talks are resumed the Arab leaders starting with Yasser Arafat (master terrorist and inventor of plane hijacking, homicidal suicide bombers and numerous other forms of terror) and later taken to the present day by Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas simply attended the negotiations in a simple means to try and force the maximalist positions they could extract from the Israeli side before making a large disturbance denouncing any claims and statements that they had made even a single promise while assuring that the mediators were sure to record every compromise which were even discussed for Israel to make. This was the modus-operandi for every negotiation which was conducted until Israel had been backed to her last stand without compromising away vital requirements. Israel was convinced to make what proved to be her absolute greatest sacrifice by President George W. Bush, who was regarded as being Israel’s greatest friend to ever sit in the White House, all of Gaza and removing eight-thousand Israeli citizens as well as exhuming every Jewish grave for reinterring within Israel while also attempting to assist the transplanted Israelis after they lost their homes and often their businesses and everything they had owned suddenly in August, 2005. Even now there are those Israeli citizens turned refugees have yet to be repatriated and made whole and productive and some may never recover. The surrendered lands of Gaza were lost soon thereafter negating any promises made by the administration of George W. Bush and especially Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as Hamas took over Gaza after a few days of fighting as Abbas’s forces just had no fight within folding over June 10–15, 2007. All told, the Oslo Accords have cost Israel thousands upon thousands of lives lost and hundreds times that in lives ruined or inalterably torn asunder.


The reality as to why there has been no compromise reached has been due to the Arab leadership and their more fanatical Islamists demanding the complete eradication of the Jewish State of Israel. Abbas has stated that he desires his state of Palestine and the return of five-million Arabs into Israel making the Jews a minority placed into Dhimmitude all but enslaved to their Islamic “betters” and relegated to some hellish existence knowing that at any moment and the whim of any of their keepers they would be given the choice of conversion or death. This is the truth of the situation as the Israelis, and especially the Jews and all the people who are of non-Islamic religions also forced into the same fate. Eventually the Muslims who are of any sect other than the majority sect would also be forced into the same predicament. For some reason such a deal does not appeal to the Israeli Jews and many other minorities even including Muslims from other than the Sunni belief structures such as mainly Shiites. With the Oslo Accords now trashed by Abbas’s Fatah and Hamas united such that they are both now simply another group waiting for the correct time and situations to join the Islamic State, something not all that removed from Hamas in attitude and desires when facing the greater world. The reality in the Middle East and across North Africa (MENA) is that unless the Islamic State is defanged and made to appear powerless and ineffective against any other power, especially a non-Muslim power, they will continue to grow and eventually take over every last terror groups and Islamist Sharia State leaving only the Wahabbists of Saudi Arabia, the Shia of Iran and Israel left to oppose this self-anointed Caliphate which will have spread across the near and far reaches of MENA. Should the declarations of being the next Caliphate not be opposed by the free world while these forces of the Islamic State are simply a relatively small area when compared to their goals, then they will eventually grow and take command of the oil fields of Saudi, Kuwaiti, and other GCC oilfields and potentially also the oilfields of Iran followed by the Iranian nuclear weapons production sites and their scientists and knowledge. This would be catastrophic and by forcing Israel into weakness the world is simply tempting just such a fate. Israel as the Jewish State is the lynchpin which keeps a control over the forces of MENA breaking out full strength into Europe as Israel would pose a very credible military force posing too great a threat to permit to remain as a threat against the rear and hindering supply-lines. This is the crucial role played by Israel which both the United States and Europe appear willing to play without going forward. The lack of recognizing the crucial role Israel plays is why President Obama had been so cavalier regarding Israel willing to sacrifice Israel today. Islam is preparing to pose a threat directly into the heart of Europe and an anti-Semitic disease once again infecting many in Europe on a scale not witnessed since the beginning of World War II. This has been why many rumors have been floating about the Internet with claims of knowledge as to the sides being drawn bringing forth claims of the immediate start to World War III. Israel has been informed how each President had supported her more than all the previous administrations which have unfortunately proven to be false. Let us hope that Israel can survive the remainder of President Obama, his time in office and the mischief he could still be the cause.


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November 8, 2014

The Palestinians are the Poison in the Well

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The latest conviction from the Western world which has blamed Israel lack of peace with the Palestinians as the cause of the ever increasing threat of Islamic extremism and its latest manifestation, ISIS, has identified the symptom but misdiagnosed the disease. Even were Israel permitted a free hand to address the now rabid hatred planted by the Oslo Accords and nurtured on European and other Western money and endless facilitating, it would take at least sixty years of completely controlling the media, schools and other facets of Palestinian society to undo all of the damage wrought in just the past twenty years. One part of the problem is the enrichment of the top leaders who found that simply by fomenting anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hatred and violence they would be rewarded with such largess of Western funding that they were made into millionaires, and then billionaires, and now who knows the limit as Europe, despite facing a financial meltdown, still manages to reward Palestinian terror with now trillions of dollars in reward for their last war on Israel in the name of rebuilding Gaza. The lovefest which took place in Cairo under the name of rebuilding Gaza from the damage brought down on it by the Hamas war against Israel and the facilitation of the damage by Hamas using the dense cities from which to fire their rockets and place their fortifications while leaving tracts of farmland completely vacant and free from the ravages of the conflict was just the latest symptom of a world gone mad feeding the monster they have nurtured in order to destroy Israel. This combined with the sins of departing their responsibilities to bring forth a viable society into the areas which were left behind during the industrial revolution as they simply departed the colonies from which that revolution had been fed and maliciously configured the remains of the Ottoman Empire after World War I so as to impede any possibility for natural growth and peace by placing warring parties within the same type of false borders as the colonialist boundaries had sewn across much of Africa. This was the poison which forced each of these unnatural new nations to fall into the hands of strong dictators who were virtually forced to choose one tribe and strengthen that tribe into their police state enforcers which simply built the desire for revenge until that rage has finally broken loose and now leaves large areas of the world looking for a leader to lead their revenge against a world they see as having cheated them of their futures. Their enemy is the Western colonizers but in a brazen move to funnel the hatreds they so engendered made the claim that the reason behind their treachery was Israel placing the title of chief colonizer upon Israel despite Israel also having been formed from the same Western reconfiguring of the Ottoman Empire that brought much of the Middle East and North African nations (MENA) into being.

The initial poisoning was manifest with the nurturing of Arab Jewish hatreds by the manipulation designed by the British with the support of the rest of the Western world and was designed to prevent the necessity of fulfilling their promise which was made after World War I as set out initially in the Balfour Declaration and then adopted by the victorious powers from World War I with the San Remo Conference to restore a Jewish State in their ancestral homelands. The formation of Israel in 1948 initially saw a large influx of European Jews, the remnants of the Holocaust though that was not the initial impetus for the founding of Israel, simply the conflagration which provided a large influx of Jews who had nowhere else to go after they had been removed from their homes and many of those very same towns no longer desired their return as it meant also living with those they had so mercilessly betrayed often turning them over to the Nazi murder machine willingly and enthusiastically. This was soon followed over the first dozen years of Israeli existence of an equally large influx of Jews who were driven from their homes across the Arab and Muslim world from Iran to Morocco. This led to modern day Israel which is on the cusp of erasing the difference between the two main sectors of her population, the European Ashkenazy Jews and the MENA Sephardic Jews, as well as welcoming home the Aliyah of other fragments of tribes of Jews from the two main and other diaspora refugees. These include the Ethiopian Jews, the Menashe Jews of India and other tribes either from the Babylonian exile or the Roman dispersal or from other periods where tribes of Jews ended up separated from the main body of Judaism. The canard that Israel is a purely European nation is false as her populations comes from the far corners of the globe and have reemerged to forge a nation where all have been incorporated and now make up a single nation of people where such differences are being erased from the society. Nothing depicts this merging more obviously than the intent to merge the current Chief Rabbinates from its two separate positions into a single position marking the end of the final vestige of their previous separate roots. Unfortunately, as this unification is taking place the same did not occur across the rest of the Middle East and this led to the inevitable explosions witnessed since the beginning of the so-called Arab Spring which has become a tense Arab Winter with warfare now spreading further across from the endless carnage in Syria into Iraq and threatening to enflame the rest of the nations across the width and breadth of MENA.

One of the main manifestations of this roiling trouble is ISIS which has taken on a life of its own and presents a unique dimension of the problems plaguing the Islamic world. The initial threat of ISIS is not Europe, Israel or the United States but the Muslim people and societies it threatens with its own kind of remaking of the lives of those who are falling unwilling victims of their barbarity. ISIS was formed from the most radical elements of the Syrian Civil War which has made refugees of millions of Syrians and caused the death of approaching, if not surpassing, two-hundred-thousand Arabs of Muslim, Christian and other origins. The nation of Syria will not be capable of normalcy nor will it function as a normal nation for the foreseeable future even were the violence there to be resolved immediately, and that in and of itself is an impossibility. The poverty and inequities manifest throughout MENA with the small cadres of rulers living lavishly while their people are barely able to make sufficient living to survive, let alone thrive. These people see a Western world which they have been told in the propaganda by their leaders is the source of their poverty and misery so as to direct the wrath of a people cheated of a decent way of life at a foreign source thus taking the bullseye off of their backs. This, in turn, has been redirected by many in the Western world onto Israel who they point to as those in their immediate neighborhood who have a successful nation presumably built on the poverty of their Arab and Muslim neighbors, even to the distant nations of Iran at one end to Morocco at the other end. This hatred has been enthusiastically used by those who are currently impoverishing their societies as all that matters is that there is some ‘other’ who is to blame for the people’s misery and their leaders who are actually stealing from their people continue to take the wealth of their nation leaving the people suffering and being fed the tropes of traditional anti-Semitism such as the infamous forgery “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and other writings from both the Nazi and Soviet propaganda as well as even older propaganda from the Catholic Church, the Protestant Reformation, the Spanish Inquisition and even older vestiges from the Crusades all of which persecuted the Jews. These explanations are fed to a people hungry and demanding to know why they suffer such misery and poverty while they are witness to such apparent signs of great wealth throughout the world beyond their area and apparently enjoyed by some unexplained miracle by the leadership of their country. The excuses finally wore thin and the resultant explosions are evidenced across MENA and may spread even further southward into the body of Africa.

The efforts to deflect all responsibility for the situations in MENA and the main body of Africa away from the colonizers and onto one of the successful colonies that managed to build a prosperous nation after finally receiving their independence from the same Europeans as did their neighboring nations but who fortunately though having a similar problem of two very disparate tribes within their borders, the European and MENA Jewish refugees, they managed to mostly work to erase any vestiges of those differences and work past stigmas and other root differences and merge to form a complete whole and one nation rather than two warring tribes within a single border. Would some of the other Middle Eastern nations have had the advantage of only two disparate people, a solution or reaching a balance might have been possible. A perfect example is Iraq which has three major groups; the Sunni, the Shiite and the Kurdish, as well as other minor groups which mostly must seek refuge with one of these three main bodies. The current conflict in Iraq has exemplified this division of the nation with the Sunni and Shiite at war with each other and the Kurdish attempting to defend their semiautonomous region from their Sunni neighbors to the south currently being coopted by ISIS and from the Shiite government in Baghdad.

How all this is traceable back to the Palestinians and their conflict with Israel and why this is not actually caused by the Israeli inability to reach a peace with their Palestinian neighbors is actually simple on the surface but gets very confusing at ground level. The broader truth is that the Europeans needed to place the blame for the backwardness and poverty in the Middle East somewhere other than on themselves. As they had already fomented a hatred and burning conflict in the British Mandate areas pitting the Arabs against their Jewish neighbors and having fed that conflict with an aim to prevent there ever being a Jewish state founded and surviving, it was the easiest place to rekindle old hatreds, the same hatreds they bred half a century earlier across the 1920s and 1930s. They had some active support, though not actually cooperating as far as could be seen, from the Soviets who had their own problem of a Jewish minority which desired to leave the Soviet Union, who didn’t, and make Aliyah and return home to Israel, the phrase Jews worldwide have sworn for two millennia and stated at the end of every Seder at Passover every year with the phrase, “Next Year in Jerusalem.” When threats started to emanate from the rest of the Middle East the Europeans again pointed the finger of blame at Israel.

When the World Trade Center terror attack struck the United States and the United States attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq, then the blame really aimed at the Western nations, particularly those who allied with the United States in Iraq and eventually also in Afghanistan. This led to the target being replanted once again on Europe except this time the target was placed primarily on the United States and then Britain and Europe. The Europeans initially ducked under the protection of the United States and from that seemingly safe perch blamed their old nemesis, Israel. They used the exact same canards that had worked so well decades earlier. When the United States then withdrew from the Middle East that left Europe somewhat exposed so they increased their funding of the Palestinian terrorist culture and stoked the hatreds within the Palestinian society with an emphasis on the youth. The Europeans paid handsomely for textbooks which painted the Jews and Israel with the old canard that they stole their wealth from the less well-off neighbors, in this case the Palestinians.

Earlier in the Middle Ages it was the serfs and peasants who were vassals of a lord who also was in need of an easy target to blame for his vassals’ poverty stricken situation. The Jews made for a ready target as they were forbidden from owning or even working the land so had set up as tradesmen and merchants in the towns and cities. This initially made them the other for the peasants working the lands of their feudal lord. Later, when the feudal system began to disintegrate and many peasants and serfs sought their wealth in the cities they ran into the situation where the Jews owned the businesses and were more adept at running businesses as they had been doing so for the last two or more centuries and the Christians were just learning trades and being merchants. Again, the wealthy landowners had invested and were also part owners of many of the exclusive places in the towns as these towns and cities originated on their lands. Again the Jews made the perfect target for deflecting the hatreds by the gentry and aristocracy. This use of Jews as a target for the people’s hatred often went all the way to the top and was utilized by Kings and Queens when the economy hit bad times. This led to the Jews being chased from one place to the next always being the outsider, the other. Now Europe is using Israel, the Jew among nations, as the outsider, the other, the ones who are to blame and who have stolen the wealth of their neighbors. The difference this time is the Jews have nowhere to run to and have their own military with which to defend themselves, something that the Europeans have potentially tragically decided was no longer a necessity as they could depend on the United States to protect them. Now even their protector, the United States, has joined in the hatefest and are attempting to lay the blame for the problems in the Middle East and beyond on Israel.

With the monies being invested in terrorism against Israel to such an extent that the lesson the Arab and Muslim world has taken from this duplicitous game played by Europe and the Western world is that terrorism pays and it pays well. They have further figured that the terrorist leaders can blame the Israelis and, by inference, the Jews as well as targeting the United States while threatening the Europeans. The oil rich oligarchs are now spending their treasure to feed those who are blaming the Europeans and the United States while washing their hands of any ties and going through the motions of supporting the war on the very terrorism they are financing. The monsters they created have taken a turn and are also coming for the oligarchs claiming that they are not practicing a sufficiently pure form of Islam and thus have brought all the woe and troubles onto the people. ISIS is the current head of the terror snake demanding a return to the purest form of Islam they understand, namely the Islam supposedly followed by Muhammad and which propelled the Islamic conquest of the first centuries when Islam enjoyed its golden age. Their aim is to return to that time and their route will be the same as were the first leaders of Islam, across the Middle East then across North Africa and then into Europe except this time they believe Europe to be conquerable due to what they regard as decadence and weakness. The initial push into Europe will likely be taken attempting to crush the modern form of the battle of Khaybar as depicted in their protest in Europe and the United States as well as elsewhere that they chant, “Khaybar Khaybar ya Yahud, Jaysh Muhammad sawfa Ya’ud” (Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad will return).”

Where this escalating conflagration and clash of civilizations, Western extravagance against Islamic extremism, will end is anybody’s’ guess. Those who claim that the current conflicts are the precursors which will inevitably lead to the next world war may be correct though such a result is neither unavoidable nor the most likely result. All could change and change drastically should two things occur, the first of which appears to be a done deal. Should Iran become a nuclear armed nation and then also manage to merge the Sunni terror elements with the Shiite terrorists controlled by Iran such as Hezballah, then there is a definite probability for a universal clash of civilizations. The result of such a nearly worldwide conflict would most likely see Russia and China sitting on the sidelines simply waiting for the end and then picking up the pieces. The most probable winner of a war between a united Islamic army and the Western nations will be those nations which manage to avoid being entangled in the all-encompassing warfare which will likely destroy all who are included. The difficulty will be the managing to unify Sunni and Shiite branches of Islam which have been at war with each other over the centuries almost as long as the Muslims have had disagreements and wars with the Jewish People. This time around there is a distinct probability that Israel will manage to remain outside of the field of battle should the two cultures collide until the very end battle which will take place over the same prize that the last great series of conflicts between the Christian world and the Islamic world fought, Jerusalem. This likelihood has fed a great number of people to claim that this final battle will occur in the Valley of Megiddo. I am not that drawn up into such symbolism but who knows, there just might be some validity to their claim though the chance it would signal the final battle between good and evil, not likely as both sides will be populated with sinners and saints.

The larger likelihood is that the terrorist period will culminate in a series of larger conflicts, none of which anywhere near the level of a world at war but more like civil wars or a war between two or three nations. Much of the current strife being caused by ISIS could be broken down into its basic components which depict tribal differences with Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish fighting for control over lands where these tribes border each other. The chances of ISIS growing to the point they could engage almost any European power are negligible. ISIS would never get past Turkey in order to reach Europe. ISIS is most probably going to be beaten into submission attempting to win the multi-front war they are already engaging with, let alone finding their way to uniting the Islamic world and taking on the European Union with or without United States direct backing. All of this would end within a couple of years if only the nations feeding the individual terror groups, including the Western investments in the Palestinian terror machines, would simply turn off the spigot. Thus far these nations have seen no individual gain calling for their disavowing themselves of the terrorists they are supporting despite the little problem that they are bankrupting themselves for little if any gain. Perhaps economic necessity will bring about the end of the financing of terror, especially Palestinian terror financed by Europe, the rest of the West and the rest of the World if we are to be accurate. And yes, in some very direct ways even Israel had financed Palestinian terrorist activities by providing them with free electricity, water, and other vital necessities and all free of charge, how weird is that?

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October 20, 2014

Abbas Playing a Dangerous Game and Israel is the Least of His Problems

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Abbas has taken steps beyond belief in his psychological and propaganda war against Israel while also reinforcing and calling for a ramping of societal violence against Jews and Israel. Abbas recently called for the Palestinian people to continue to riot and to increase their ferocity and size in order to deny Jews in particular and other non-Muslims in general from gaining access to the Temple Mount. He has again denied any Jewish and inferred no Christian historic attachment to the Temple Mount. His call specifically demanded the riots on the Temple Mount continue even should the rioters need to literally break through police lines and break restrictions and laws in order to continue their violence demanding that Jews be banned from walking on the Temple Mount. His reference was that any Jews ever walking on the Temple Mount was by definition a defilement of the al-Aqsa Mosque and other Islamic places located on the Temple Mount. When some Israelis objected to the offensive Abbas comments he went even further comparing their presence as herds of cattle which should be denied stampeding the Temple Mount. Possibly as a result of Abbas making such inflammatory remarks or perhaps due to other instigations, visitors to the Temple Mount this morning were treated to the blasphemous representation painted on one of the entrances to the Temple Mount this morning equating the Star of David with the Nazi Swastika. The real question is whether Abbas is actually leading the violence which has plagued the Temple Mount and areas throughout Judea and Samaria (West Bank) or were his comments made to take advantage of a situation which already exists by making statements which made it appear Abbas was in command?

The truth might be somewhat different even that portrayed by the world’s media which has a special fawning relationship with Abbas always ready to grant him credit and support propping him up and thus salvaging the peace process and the moribund two state solution, a hope the world has invested in to such an extent that letting go is no longer thinkable no matter how obvious its lack of feasibility objective inspections would reveal. The reality is that the rioting on the Temple Mount is currently being choreographed and financed by Hamas as they are financing coordinators and instigators to continue to organize and orchestrate unending disruptions on the Temple Mount. Hamas has the same objective of disrupting Jewish visitation to the Temple Mount but they have further objectives which may be even more dangerous. The Shin Bet uncovered a coup attempt planned by Hamas to replace the Palestinian Authority from rule in the West Bank similarly as they did when they took control of Gaza in a bloody coup. The Israelis also captured the blueprint of the plan along with the leaders and many of the planners when they rounded up those who they had uncovered were members of the planned coup. Some of the plan was revealed through innuendo to the public and as far as I could gather, the coup against the Palestinian Authority was to instigate as much and varied amounts of disruptions maximizing the violent components leading to a state of runaway violence which would overwhelm the Palestinian Authority Security Force’s ability to control causing Abbas to request assistance from the Israelis in quieting the state of disorder and reestablish his ability to control the levels of violence against Israel. Abbas would never put it so plainly, but that would be the reality of such a request.

With the leadership of their plan taken out of the field by the Israelis, Hamas may be working towards their same goals by other means. As stated, it is known that much of the violence on the Temple Mount is financed by Hamas and it will be only a matter of time before this raised level of disturbances on the Temple Mount begin to spread. Once they begin to spread naturally, then any efforts put into place to further stimulate higher levels of violent unrest would serve to produce multiple results. Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas will continue to bait the trap by encouraging escalating violence as he pretends to be at the fore leading the actions when in reality he is a pretender following each escalation with his feeble attempts to appear in control. Hamas will be more than happy to receive the verbal reinforcement of their plans to continuously increase the levels and extents of the disruptions and violence as such escalations serve both of their wars, the one against the Israelis and Jews as well as the one for complete control over all of the Palestinian areas which requires the overthrow of Abbas. Before Hamas can take the final steps to overthrow Abbas they must first destroy what little faith the Israelis have remaining for his ability to control Palestinian actions, discount Abbas’s reputation throughout the world as a peace partner through instigating violence beyond his ability to control making him appear as inept as possible before the world media and leaders, and finally discredit Abbas with the Palestinian people by forcing him to request Israeli assistance to restore order and his ability to control and appear to rule the West Bank. All of this can be accomplished by instigating continued escalating violence having it spread to all areas of Judea and Samaria until Abbas has no alternative other than to confess he is not in control of the violence taking place and that he is worried and thus is not desiring to continue the façade that he is in control and instead asks for assistance in restoring some level of order permitting him to restore his ability to rule and be in control of the Palestinian population. That admission will be all Hamas requires proving that they and only they are the true leaders of the Palestinian people and thus deserving to rule all of the Palestinian people and thus the unity government. Hamas might even be capable at such a point of forcing elections for the Palestinian Authority unity government parliament and also for the position of Chairman of the Unity Government thus forcing Abbas to face Haniyeh in an actual election, something Abbas has avoided ever since he was scheduled to run for reelection in 2009. Could we be witnessing the potential end of the age of Abbas at the fore of Palestinian leadership in the eyes of the world? Possibly, and that begs the next question as to how will the world react when the leadership of the Palestinians is assumed by Hamas. Will they then decide to remove the burden of wearing the condemnation of the terrorist collar Hamas currently must submit? Will Hamas receive the same sanctification the PLO was granted in order to transform them from one of the preemptory terrorist organizations in order to force Israel to accept them as peace partners and if so would Israel stand for such treachery. These answers may be forced upon the world sooner than many think and then the truth will be unavoidable, the world is willing to do whatever it takes to differentiate between the terrorism faced by the rest of the world from the terrorism against Israel and by doing so force Israel to have to be subjected to eternal threats from such terrorism while also being condemned by the world for not being more accepting of the demands made by terrorists. Hopefully, by then Israeli leadership will have seen through the world’s façade of proposing a peace process when in reality they are simply attempting to force Israel to face and live with mortal threats against their existence in the hope that someday Israel will fail.

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