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March 31, 2012

What Could Happen if the Supreme Court Strikes Down the Health Care Law?

For argument’s case we will assume that the Supreme Court will strike down the individual mandate specifically and then quoting the lack of a severability clause in the Affordable Care Act, rule that the entirety of the Law has to be voided and thrown out. So, the entire two-thousand-plus pages of the Affordable Care Act would be unconstitutional and voided by the ruling. This would include the employer mandate, the disallowing insurance companies using preexisting-conditions as a consideration when considering granting insurance, and every other item even those items which were placed in the law having nothing to do with healthcare but were inserted simply to get these items approved surreptitiously and without serious debate. Will such a verdict be the death knell of the government injecting themselves even further into controlling healthcare in the United States? What will the future hold and will the health insurance companies now need to undo those items they had adjusted in order to begin to comply with the Affordable Care Act? What will be the effect of the uncertainty caused by this strike down of the government’s attempt to set in motion laws and regulations which would eventually lead to their complete usurpation of the healthcare industry in the United States?

My greatest fear is that the Supreme Court striking down the entirety of the Affordable Care Act will simply be the first volley in a war for the heart and soul of the future of health care in the United States. Any actions which have already been implemented by the government and as many adaptations the insurance companies have taken will be attempted to be cemented in place. We can expect Cass Sunstein to implement new regulations to shore up and make these changes and adaptations permanent fixtures going forward with healthcare in the United States. People who have chosen this as their fight to save individual rights and restrain the government from acquiring more influence and power over society and individual citizens’ lives will need to stay motivated and ever watchful to root out and prevent the passing of the mechanisms of the Affordable Care Act as individual regulations included in other pieces of legislation attempting to pass them stealthily. We can expect there to be a series over months of Executive Orders coming out of the White House which will be utilized as a single step-by-step implementation of the individual rules, regulations, and requirements which can be implemented individually as stand-alone regulations directly from the White House without even needing the Congress to vote or consider them. We can fully expect a coordinated effort to implement the entirety of the Affordable Care Act singular item after singular item which will later be woven together forming the completed legislation or a close facsimile thereof.

We have seen such actions in the past by those who wish to transform our country from its republic formulation of governance under which it was established into just another Nanny State top down dictated society controlled centrally with government imposed restrictions on individual liberties choking off our freedoms one small step after another. The one thing I have learned while watching the changes that have taken place during my lifetime and studying how the changes were rooted in actions from the past two centuries is that those who wish to control and regulate every small piece of our lives seldom are forced to step back and when such small wins have occurred, they are always followed by the use of incrementalism to accomplish the same ends one iota after another for as long as it takes. I have often marveled at their dedication to duty shown by those who favor government oversight and influence over all of society and life choices as they never take no for an answer and will settle for small baby steps when their sweeping legislative attempts are refuted or struck down. If those who are opposed to such a takeover of our lives and society by the busybodies of government honestly wish to hold their ground and prevent these usurpations, they will need to gather themselves and stand dedicated and unified in constant diligence guarding against the guaranteed onslaught by incrementalism. This is going to be the battle which will be fought and the sides have been defined. The end result will be totally dependent upon which side can remain relentless, dedicated, focused and determined going forward into the distant future as neither those wishing to regulate, tax, or subsidize every action, thought, possession and individual themselves will never stop proposing their nefarious schemes so those who will rally as the protectors of liberties and freedoms will need to be ready to make an even stronger effort to stir the people to their side and protect those rights spoken so elegantly of in the Declaration of Independence if those rights are to be continued to be enjoyed by our children and their children after that onto the last generations. As we were warned by Wendell Phillips, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty!” Lest we not forget for as we were warned by Ronald Reagan, “Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” We must be patriots of vigilance such that we never need long for the taste of freedom and liberty we have lost.

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April 8, 2011

IMF and World Bank Claim Palestinians Ready for Statehood

Both the IMF and the World Bank are chiming in on the Palestinian State issue this week both giving the potential state the financial stamp of approval. Both state that the Palestinian Authority has shown the ability to budget monies for those demands placed at the feet of a government. Nowhere in their reports was it mentioned through what magical method this Palestinian State Government would raise or otherwise come by sufficient funding to meet even the most basic needs of a state. They were quick to note that perhaps the Palestinian economy would not grow at 9% per year indefinitely. As the first action of a Palestinian State would be to break all ties with Israel, any growth of their economy after that would be suspect. They also did mention a small concern about the Palestinian Authority relying almost totally on foreign aid monies for their operating budget but seemed unconcerned to whether the generosity would continue. Trust me when I say that within two to three years virtually all the foreign aid coming from Europe will cease, even if there is no Palestinian state as Europe is fast approaching the point of insolvency or at best inability to continue giving billions of Euros to the Palestinian Authority or State.

To point out that any Palestinian State formed will be financially insolvent from the word go is considered improper and hateful. That is one of the many problems with Western Society these days where the truth dare not be mentioned if it might upset some of the delicate and easily insulted groups of the world. I prefer the truth, feelings be damned. The biggest fiasco being purported in the world today is the viability of a Palestinian State free of their external monetary lifelines and without their internal terrorist producing engine. The Palestinian State will be no more functional than either the West Bank or Gaza are independently functional currently and they will be even less restrained from pursuing terror against Israelis than they are currently, especially after the IDF is removed from the West Bank. The last item we need to recognize rather than sticking our heads in the sand is the reality that as soon as the IDF is pulled from the West Bank, President Abbas, Prime Minister Fayyad, and the rest of the current Palestinian Authority will be violently removed from power and replaced by Hamas. Do you still think that this dream of a Palestinian State will have any chance of success, even a remotely viable self-contained economy, and will turn away from terror strikes including rockets, mortars, bomb setting, and even suicide bombings? If you see the future Palestinian State as a viable entity free from supporting terror with a viable free-standing economy, I have a number of bridges and Arizona ocean front properties to sell you.

The only real question that needs to be answered is, how many terror attacks, rocket, mortar, and missile strikes, bombings, and other acts of violence will Israel be required to absorb before the world will accept a military response to these attacks? I, unfortunately, think I know the response from the vast majority of nations, Israel will never have the right to defend against these attacks, the Israelis will just have to live with it. Of course, we all know that at some point Israel will have no other option than to take the offensive and end the ability of the Palestinian State from attacking the Israeli citizens. One such terror attack almost guaranteed to get an active Israeli response would be to down a civilian airliner landing or taking-off from Ben Gurion International Airport. But much of this could be avoided if the world would stop deluding itself that a Palestinian State would be a functioning state in any normal sense of the word. A Palestinian State would be an undemocratic fiscal cripple lacking in any of the normal restraints required to live with all the neighbors, especially Israel and also Jordan, run by terrorists for terrorists and having one major export, terrorism. Is this really something the world needs, I do not think it is.

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