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September 10, 2021

Feared News to Come from Afghanistan

We fear future revelations resulting from the termination of efforts in Afghanistan and the disastrous lack of preplanning and pathetic execution of the United States withdrawal of military personnel and equipment. Missteps and outright blunders committed by the Biden Administration and top military Command and Control (CnC) within the Pentagon forces one to consider some horrifying possibilities. We have thus far resisted revealing our innermost fears as they paint a truly horrific picture of incompetence or outright treason against the United States and its Constitutional and legal restrictions placed on the various branches of governance. So, let us start down the rabbit hole into the dizzying realms of potentialities caused by the sniveling cowards playing General and CIC (Commander in Chief).

Secretary of Defense Austin and General of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley

Our intense fears are concerning the actual number of American citizens left behind spewed by the media only counts those in Kabul. Add in the remainder of Afghanistan and that number quickly shoots past a few thousand and potentially being determined to be tens of thousands of American citizens, closing in on two-hundred-thousand American citizens, their families and the Afghanis solemnly promised inclusion in any pullout ordered. The possibility exists that the billions of dollars of advanced military equipment intentionally left behind was just one more insulting factor in the Biden-Taliban agreement. Another apparent surrendered item in the Biden-Taliban agreement was deserting the allied Afghanis leaving them to the not-so-tender mercies of the Taliban. Rumors abound over the Biden Administration recognizing the Taliban as the rightful government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan while providing the Taliban with millions, if not billions, of dollars in ‘humanitarian aid’ allowing the planes with Americans and Afghanis sitting on runways to finally leave. These are but some of the blunderings committed by the Biden Administration and the Pentagon pertaining to the Afghanistan withdrawal, a withdrawal which has all the images of complete American surrender to the Taliban and turning against their former Afghani allies. Time will reveal other shortcomings as we learn more, potentially allowing for another article at a later date.

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September 9, 2021

America Has Not Yet Failed

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Does it, by all appearances, not look as if the Biden Administration has turned their backs on any remaining loose ends resulting from the Afghanistan retreat by American forces? They met their goal of removing all United States military personnel from the Afghanistan theater by their set deadline, as delineated by President Biden himself, of August 31, 2021. Here is the excerpt from the beginning of paragraph seven of President Biden’s End of the War in Afghanistan comments from August 31, 2021, “In April, I made the decision to end this war.  As part of that decision, we set the date of August 31st for American troops to withdraw.” That set the official end of the United States government’s efforts to get people out of Afghanistan. That also set in motion numerous individual efforts to assemble fellow-minded veterans, preferably those with known specialties such as Escape and Evasion (E&E), sniper and others. These groups are currently attempting to pool resources while taking precautions to avoid government infiltrations. Americans are answering the call to aid those left behind to the fullest extents of their abilities.

President Biden

There are rumors and reports, and with the modern media the two are often inseparable, that there are as many as six aircraft with American citizens on board which are being refused permission to fly out by the Taliban or by the Department of State. One success freed a mother and her three children by clandestine land route into an unnamed bordering country. The State Department in Washington DC immediately stressed their undisclosed part in assisting with this private operation. In truth, those familiar with this operation do give credit to local State Department personnel but stressed they got nothing helpful from Washington DC. Who should one believe in what has been a fast moving and hectic last few months? Honestly, we will worry about credit when everybody, both American and Afghani with approval, have been successfully rescued or their end result is known. By known we mean fully explained to the American people at the very least and hopefully to all with concerns for the lives of these human beings caught with no easy or obvious way home. The American government may have failed these people but Americans and many special Americans will go to any end for their safety and we salute those who have put themselves on the line for America keeping her word by their efforts.

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September 5, 2021

No Patience for Nation Building

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We are old enough to remember the days when Washington DC and the Federal Government talked about how much success the reforming of the Korean Peninsula, at least the parts of Korea south of the 38th-parallel-north-of-the-Equator, into a stable democratic nation standing freely on their own. A small hint about the most difficult part of nation building, American and Allied troops remain today assisting South Korea in defending their border with North Korea. We remember the initial injection of under five-hundred Special Forces advisors and trainers by President Dwight Eisenhower who would train and assist the South Vietnamese to resist a Communist takeover from North Viet Nam. This was also sold as nation building in a situation which should have led to a motivated indigenous military. Within twenty-years the American public fell to Communist propaganda and believed that America had just lost big during the Tet Offensive. The reality was that the initial nationwide attack did surprise the allies but by the end of the day, the North Vietnamese Army was devastated and would have been unable to mount any further assaults. The only hope the Communists had was for the American public to force an American defeat. The faith the Communists placed in the fickle, uneducated public unable to peer behind the Media-Communist confederation allied to bring down efforts to Democratize South Viet Nam was repaid in means far beyond their expectations as they were handed all of Viet Nam immediately behind the retreating American Military. Afghanistan was a simple application of the ‘Viet Nam Scenario’ for outwaiting the support of the American Public for continued efforts of nation building in Afghanistan. Media assistance and other means of influence echoed by the majority of the loudest mouths from Congress quickly led the public to desire addressing the growing problems perceived to be out of control and lacking equity which requires ending all support for Afghanistan. Reacting to the opinions massaged by the political-media campaign, President Biden made and stood steadfast behind the decision to remove all military forces without warning America’s allies, American and allied citizens as well as Afghan allies; the United States military pulled back to Kabul International Airport under the darkness and stillness of night leaving all equipment and friends hung-out-to-dry wherever they found themselves when the sun rose over a soon to be abandoned Afghanistan. The Taliban was being handed the victory of which they had never lost sight.

America Weeping
America Weeping

America Weeping

The Spanish knew how to nation build and did such in much of Central and Southern America. They managed their objectives through destroying or repurposing every part of the conquered people’s society, religion, governance, major buildings and destroying (or confiscating to be hidden in the Vatican’s vaults) all recorded religious, governmental and scientific knowledge replacing all sectors of the old society, especially governance and law enforcement, with those of their conquerors. The result of the Spanish and Portuguese used similar methods to pacify the conquered peoples by first drastically reducing the numbers of the native peoples and then intermarrying native women to their soldiers and other citizens from their home country in Europe. A very similar method for suppressing a conquered peoples is utilized by the Taliban; murdering great numbers of the native peoples to be pacified specifically males of fighting age and deposed politicians, forced marriages of conquered young women and even girls to their fighters, replacement of all levers of power and, finally, restricting religious and public life to the Taliban’s specific interpretation of Shariah. Their efforts will prove effective in short order as initially anyone deviating from accepted Taliban norms will be publicly shamed and potentially executed scaring a nervous passivity into the Afghan population.

The American methods for nation-building are far softer and less caustic to the native life. Yes, the United States national political structure installed governance under American influence, if not outright control. America, herself being founded on religious independence and freedom, do nothing to directly alter the religious practices in conquered peoples. This follows the British model of influencing conquered peoples and pacifying such lands. The British had an advantage apparently not available in our modern society, time, lots of time. The British established their empire back before anybody would have thought of making a trip around the world in eighty days while today such a trip can be accomplished in eighty-hours and everything has sped up as well including expectations of results. Unfortunately, the one item which still requires the amount of investment and time currently, as it did in the Eighteenth Century, is nation building. The British nation-building efforts in North America, Australia, New Zealand, India and beyond were performed during a near-three-century period of mainly European colonization around the world. The United States efforts at nation-building are failing largely because the United States refuses to use the brutality or suppression necessary for success. In order to succeed in nation-building, the occupying power(s) will be required to invest a concentrated century-long effort so as to have educated and normalized vast percentages of the population and the remainder accepting the new situation. Modern societies are not as patient as when the great period of nation-building, colonization, and would need to make a solemn multigenerational commitment as anything less is not only unfair and disastrous for the nation being built, but apparently can only result in a disastrous defeat and botched pullout of citizens and allied foreign nationals. This difficulty is still glaringly obvious in the debacle still unfolding. What is so totally frightening about the situation in Afghanistan is the vacuum left by the United States withdrawal. One can easily observe through minimal observation the steadfast devotion to their religious rule which leaves little if any doubt that they will accept any challenge to expand the regions ruled over by the Taliban. They have an endgame to their expansionist plans, Taliban Shariah imposed on every person on our planet as they intend to conquer and rule the entirety of the planet. We have some bad news for the Taliban; Mainland China also has designs to conquer and rule the planet and they are only supporting Taliban Afghanistan to be able to study the surrendered American equipment for reverse engineering and finding vulnerabilities. It is so sad that twenty years of freedom for Afghanistan only needed to last five times as long, a century, in order to have had even the slightest chance for permanence and success. Time speeds by too fast and the world is shrinking, approaching the point we will all have to find the means of mutual respect and support or a society ending in conflagration chancing the complete destruction of our modern society and returning the world to the Tenth Century. If this sounds too extreme to be true, trust the Chinese who have stated they have no qualms over first use of nuclear weapons and Iran plus Taliban claims that Nagasaki and Hiroshima were destroyed by nuclear weapons and also plan on using their nukes as an initial strike. Reality is often as messy as it is ugly, and currently it is becoming so disordered, chaotic and grotesquely distorted that many will refuse to look at the coming Taliban terror and expansive Chinese efforts in the Pacific Theater. Hopefully it is not too late to preserve liberty, freedom and unalienable rights.

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