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November 21, 2021

How Inflation is Good for Government and Special Interests

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Reasonings favoring inflation are directly tied to the debt reaching unprecedented levels during the COVID overreactions, especially the useless shutdowns. We are not intending to comment on the necessity or what might have been a more crafted response to the imposed economic shuttering raising debts beyond any previous levels. This debt is mediated by devaluing the dollar, specifically against other world currency. Just for argument’s sake, let us presume by January 2025 the dollar will be worth two-thirds the January 2020 dollar, basically the value the dollar promised when these loans were incurred, including the current spending. All foreign holders of United Stated debt or those paid in American dollars, be they in retirement or receiving paycheck such as for the military and State Department; these entities will all have lost one-third in holdings or in salary through no fault of their own. But there are reasons for optimism, reasons directly tied to trade balances.


Another aspect of inflation, beyond reducing the real-world debt owed by the United States, is it makes foreign imports more expensive while reducing the actual price of exports. This would appear to be one enormous incentive to become energy independent once again; otherwise, fuel prices from electricity to the petroleum for your vehicle will skyrocket potentially to over $10.00/gal at the pump. Inadvertently, as it is obvious, it is their intent to kill all use of fossil fuel. After another year of inflation easily exceeding ten-percent, the United States labor market, the workforce, will become competitive and potentially become even more competitive over time. These gains will not be evenly distributed should current regulatory policies be achieved. The fossil fuel industries are being targeted with an obvious intent to drive them from providing fuel for automobiles while giving monetary incentives for the purchase of an electric vehicle. In conclusion, massive deficit spending leads directly to high inflation thus reducing the actual cost of government debt while reducing the actual purchasing power of her citizens. And yes, it does hit minimum wage earners, the elderly, the disabled (not even able-bodied), those on pensions and those living on fixed incomes the worst, especially those residing outside the United States (yes, that includes me).

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November 3, 2021

Expected Biden Reaction to Republican Wins

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The news, no matter where you watch, agree that the results in Virginia are somewhat surprising and the New Jersey gubernatorial close race making the day a political earthquake. The big question appears to be will President Biden alter his plans and pare down his Build Back Better legislation. Then there are the lists explaining the shift to the right including but not limited to, inflation, inability to pass the Biden plan, gas prices, supply problems, Trump and so on. Simply changing the network and the mood can change but in the end they all appear to be saying the same explanations. We can tell you; they are all also quite tedious.

President Biden

Our expectations are that President Biden, plus whomever are behind him, will press even harder to force his legacy legislation at any and all costs. The Administration will give up any remaining pretext of moderation and instead demand total party unity for the Biden legacy. Manchin and other Democrat holdouts will be guaranteed to not be reelected. Almost all of these maneuvers will be performed in back rooms by word of mouth leaving no record, ruling out an open microphone. The Democrat logic is that these handouts guarantee numerous voting blocks and many of the voters opposed will have forgotten by the 2022 elections. The arguments, discussions, explanations and bargaining are about to conclude, and pure political force will be the currency in the Democrat Party. The Democrat left holds the Administration and strongly affects the House of Representatives while the Senate Democrats may break into open combat. It matters not, but if absolutely necessary, the Democrats can count on at least two or three Republicans to vote with them in the dead of the night, or we could be totally wrong; so, we apologize if such an instance should be required.

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COVID Fixation, the Real Disease

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I have to be honest and confess I have no idea about what people are so fearful. Initially I accepted a level of paranoia resulting from governmental fear campaigns. I expected time would be a cure but I was dead wrong. Time passed and still people obsess about masks, even here in Israel where the population has one of the highest levels of vaccinated people. I have recently witnessed people wearing masks while jogging, bicycle riding and out shopping alone. I responded to the mask obsession by declaring my residence a “No Mask Zone.” Needless to add, the vast majority of our friends received this reclamation of normal. Unfortunately, my declaration has not appeared to had much effect outside my doors. Fortunately, nobody has insisted I wear a mask even inside more than once, as it usually has no effect. But there are some whose actions have never failed to amuse us.

Covid-19 Virus

The best amusement comes from the political class. President Biden exited Air Force 1 wearing his mask and removed said mask at the bottom right before doing a meet and greet with waiting dignitaries. Another regular is Speaker Pelosi being caught attempting to sneak her mask on when caught maskless and in a group. But there is one item spreading in the United States that closes on suicidal, mask mandates. We pray such does not spread into our little corner of the world. Personally, I would have to hibernate or reach an exception at places which desired my attendance or business. But not providing exemptions for those who have survived COVID and have natural immunity, which has been proven vastly superior to the semi-effective vaccine even with boosters, is simply crazy. Boosters probably every four to six months, is another broken promise. Remember two weeks to flatten the curve? Then it was two shots for effective vaccine that now requires boosters. We should all hope there are no more two of anything for the good of the world, as so far they have a lousy record. This sickness will continue, and I do not mean COVID but COVID fear-struck individuals, until all of us refuse to fear a virus which has almost run its course. For anyone who requires something to fear, the Chinese have another virus which is projected not to have merely a one percent death rate like COVID but an eighty percent death rate and it is in the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. We hope that Anthony Fauci and NIAID did not finance this virus as well and that the lab remains isolated from the rest of us. We hope and pray, seeking a more sane world.

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