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May 20, 2017

With Abbas Just Wait and It Will Come


President Trump has confidence that his great abilities in business to have conquered, as well as written, “The Art of the Deal” and believes he has gained an opening towards an Arab-Israeli deal. President Trump has mentioned that Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has agreed to begin negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu with no preconditions. President Trump has the particular pleasure of not knowing anything about the modus operandi (MO) of the PA and Muslims when negotiating with infidel. The very first thing President Trump is about to learn is, it is not only permissible for a Muslim to lie to an infidel when negotiating, it is a religious requirement. While PA leader Mahmoud Abbas may have promised to start negotiation without preconditions may be a fresh start for President Trump, we here at BTC have been down this path with Abbas before and with Arafat before him. When President Trump meets with Abbas during his upcoming trip, Abbas will wait until late in their meeting and apologize for bringing this little problem up which will need addressing before any negotiations can start. He will then speak of some Israeli requirements, which they must meet as were discussed before and Abbas will tell President Trump that he considers these points settled and will wait for Trump to assure that Israel meets these obligations. Prime Minister Netanyahu will then have the displeasure of informing President Trump that these demands have been made numerous times before and never been agreed upon by Israel, despite what Abbas may claim. Prime Minister Netanyahu will then need to explain that when Abbas said he would meet without preconditions, that did not mean he was willing to meet free of complications or demands that Israel surrender numerous points as a requirement for holding negotiations and for Abbas these are not preconditions, these are requirements. Further, President Trump must be shown how in the past that once Israel meets these demands, there will be more demands before every meeting and along every conceivable step in the process and these demands will continue until Israel finally has to refuse to meet one of the Abbas demands. President Trump should also be forewarned that at the point Israel finally says no more, that immediately afterwards the world media will be informed how it was Israel that refused to meet their obligations and that refusal was Israel destroying the negotiations, which were making such progress. Progress means Abbas was getting his demands met and the American President was being his tool with which to beat Israel into submission.


The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump

The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump


President Trump is about to face a new means of deal-making. The art of the deal in the Middle East is completely different from anything he has known since he moved from Brooklyn. This will be very similar to the turf wars of the President’s upbringing where borders were fluid and only the strong or the foolhardy dared speak. In the Middle East with Abbas, President Trump is regarded as a fool so willing and hungry to make a deal, any deal, for which he will force the Israelis to jump to anything Abbas demands just so he can have his signing on the White House lawn or at the United Nations before the General Assembly. President Trump is simply another idiot American all full of bluster and easily guided and tooled against Israel as Abbas can demand everything he desires as long as he makes them sound like the individual steps to a final deal and not just the steps for this opportunity to gain new concessions before walking away without giving up even a single point while pocketing at least all of Area B and half of Jerusalem drawing the line just as it was before the Six Day War allowing Abbas to prevent the Jews from even coming within sight of the Western Wall or the Old City when he closes half of Jerusalem to non-Muslims. Abbas desires gains of either these territorial gains or the release of a thousand terrorists, just not Marwan Barghouti, as he would be a challenge to Abbas remaining in power. We will not know which or what combination thereof of these types of demands we can expect, but we can know what will be the deal breaker which Abbas is already priming a way to phrase this demand such that it sounds all so reasonable. The main two are the demand for the pre-Six Day War lines without any changes and all Jews removed including half of Jerusalem or the release of all prisoners plus the repatriation of the refugees into their previous homes. What he will allow President Trump to believe is that these refugees are to be resettled in PA areas, but what Abbas means by bringing them home is resettlement within Green Line Israel with full citizenship immediately. Both of these demands are fully understood by Israel and are deal breakers which is why Abbas will demand them at some point and then scream how Israel is unreasonable and demanding everything and that is why peace is impossible. Further, it was Israel that broke off the negotiations by their refusal to honor their obligations when the PA demanded what was rightfully theirs.


President Trump will also likely approach Prime Minister Netanyahu and ask what assurances would Israel require to make such a deal with Abbas. Then President Trump will write down these assurances and promise to have Congress vote on them which will make them as good as a treaty, though they will only be a Presidential letter which Congress voted to say they agree with the President just as was given to Prime Minister Ariel “Bulldozer” Sharon by George W. Bush which is still willingly enforced by President Trump which proves the lasting property of such letters. Of course it would be an insult to blame President Trump over the fact that President Obama basically told Netanyahu that the Bush letter to Sharon was between Bush and Sharon and neither man was still in power and thus the letter was meaningless. It would also be poor form to point out that should Hillary Clinton be elected after Trump serves his eight years and two terms that any letter he provides would be turned into simply another piece of worthless paper and even were it an actual treaty, it would still be worthless as far as almost any Democrat President would be concerned. Prime Minister Netanyahu would be put in the uncomfortable situation of telling President Trump that any letter he were to write would never be enforced should a Democrat win the White House, and eventually that will be the case. It is a sad truth that Israel learned in the most difficult way possible, but it was a lesson learned.


There are going to be many concepts and truths, which President Trump and his advisors and members of his Administration are going to need to learn. Many will be meeting these confounding and confusing truths about the Middle East, Islam, the PA and the Arab-Israeli conflict. One item that Prime Minister Netanyahu must show President Trump is the Khartoum Resolution with its central concept, the Three No’s; “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.” That this remains the central controlling factor and that Mahmoud Abbas keeps this agreement even to include that part of, “No negotiations with Israel,” simply by not negotiating in good faith. The Khartoum Resolution is simply one minor item adopted over the years but it took the PA and Marwan Barghouti to perfect another of their ideas. He took the Arab boycott of Israel and refusing to buy anything Israeli and made it into a universal concept bringing the entire world into the boycott. Marwan Barghouti was the originator of the BDS Movement, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction Movement designed for the economic and political crippling of Israel, driving them into oblivion, into extinction. Marwan Barghouti knew where to find his like spirits as he cast Israel not as the indigenous return of the Jews to their ancestral homes but rather as a British colony planted in the midst of the historical Arab domain to drive the Arabs from their lands in the pursuit of a greater Israel as designed by the British under Lord Balfour. Of course, that entire screed is complete lies and Barghouti knows that the Jews were in these lands for over a thousand years before Islam and the Arabs never left the Arabic Peninsula. Then there is one final Islamic concept that President Trump and his negotiating teams need to be aware of, that is the concept of Taqiyya as defined in the graphic below.


Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms

Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms


These are an introductory course in dealing with Mahmoud Abbas and the PA negotiators. There is the possibility that some in the Trump Administration are aware of these but most of them are in the State Department, and that brings us to the one item that Prime Minister Netanyahu is likely too polite to mention, but we are not so polite or held by convention. That is the United States Department of State and its history of un-American activities. The State Department back in the early and mid 1930’s was enamored with Heir Hitler and Benito Mussolini. The State Department saw their methods of private ownership of business but government control of production and the economy. Of course World War II put a dent in their enthusiasm. After World War II, the Department of State became a hotbed for Communism even to have one of their highest officials being a spy for the Soviet Union, Alger Hiss. The State Department was so socialist leaning left that they even thought that Alger Hiss was a perfect person to send to assist with presenting the United States and her interests in the formation of the United Nations. Eventually the Soviet Union collapsed and the State Department had to find a new anti-American direction in which to embark, and find one they have. The State Department is now pro Arab, particularly pro-Palestinian Authority, and vehemently anti-Israel. One of the problems is the State department is one of the go-to institutions where a President would logically turn before going on a multi-nation jaunt such as the trip President Trump is setting out upon currently. We have easily been able to trace the influences the State Department has had on the Trump policies. President Trump was valiant and strongly defended his campaign promise to move the American Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to the Israeli Capital City of Jerusalem. As his trip started to approach there were leaks that President Trump was beginning to waver on moving the Embassy at this time. We are now within a week of President Trump arrival in Israel and the going policy position is that now would be the wrong time for moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as it would distance the PA from agreeing to negotiations.


Now we need to go for the reality of everything and bringing it all together. First up is the truth that Mahmoud Abbas has absolutely no intention of negotiating in good faith and will bolt from the negotiations the second anything appears to be coming to fruition. He will also change his position constantly all while demanding different and more things of Israel while dancing around making even a single compromise from his side. He will avoid saying anything that could be construed as promising to compromise with Israel or give Israel a single concession refusing to commit to anything. Anything that Israel even equivocates on is considered their promising to commit to making that concession. Even those things Israel refuses outright will be brought up subsequently as a remembering when Israel committed to make exactly that concession and demanding that Israel meet that sacrifice in the name of peace. Furthermore, even if the PA does get forced to make a concession, the next meeting that concession will be denied and the PA officials will go into a denial mode where at every opportunity they point out how Israel is making false claims and demanding that the PA surrender on a point, which is sacred to Islam. President Trump should expect numerous displays of the concept of Taqiyya used in every means and direction minimizing any sacrifices made by the PA while maximizing the concessions expected and claimed to have been promised by the Israelis. We are hoping that before President Trump leaves the Middle East he returns to Israel after his visit to Saudi Arabia and make a quick dedication of the site chosen in Jerusalem, even just in Western Jerusalem, for locating the new American Embassy to Israel thus fulfilling his campaign promise to relocate the American Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and announce that it was his exasperation with the hollowness of Abbas and his arguments and that Abbas had convinced President Trump that there was nothing to lose by moving the embassy to Jerusalem as Mahmoud Abbas had amply displayed a complete lack of desire to honestly negotiate. One can wish, can’t they?


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May 19, 2017

Rumor UNESCO to Vote to Eliminate Israel


UNESCO may next consider making the claim that the Jews are a nationless people and merely a religious choice without any connection to any lands anywhere and having just magically come into being in the Diaspora. This would place the United Nations and all its member states in a position where their recognition of Israel would now be in dispute. The Palestinians claim that Palestine is the indigenous peoples with rightful claims to all lands between Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and the Jewish people with no rights to fight such claims. This would most certainly lead to suits brought by the Palestinians and any friends they have in the Arab World, the Greater Muslim World or any of their plethora of friends in Europe taking to the World Courts demands that all treaties setting up Israel as the Jewish State be rendered null and void followed by the demands for rescinding any recognition of Israel and of the nation of Israel itself. Such judgements would make any Israeli defense of their land an illegal act and a crime against humanity. The final judgement would be to award the land of Israel to the Palestinian Authority making Palestine the recognized nation and Israel as an illegal rogue entity internationally cast as a terrorist entity claiming to be a nation. Would the European nations once again cast votes of “abstain” allowing for the Arab nations and their allies to win such a decision by default? Would we realize another vote will come with results somewhat along the lines of twenty-four nations voting in favor, nine voting against and the remaining twenty-five either abstaining or not even bothering to show for the vote. This means that out of fifty-eight member states, a minority of twenty-four nations, almost all Arab or Muslim nations with one or two from Europe deciding that Israel has no right of being the home of the Jewish faith despite four-thousand years of Jewish history in Jerusalem where the vast majority of these years Jerusalem having a Jewish majority population.


One would expect that any vote where a comfortable majority does not support a measure passes because the majority who oppose the measure decide that in order to not risk higher oil prices along with a basis of anti-Semitism decide that simply abstaining or not even bothering to attend allows a measure to pass. The rules should require that any measure in order to be adopted should require a majority of the fifty-eight member nations voting in favor thus requiring twenty-nine votes minimum and preferably thirty votes to pass any measure. UNESCO does not work in such a manner as it prefers to suit the cabal which rule through intimidation using their black-gold, their oil weapon, to assure that Israel be always behind the eight-ball. UNESCO considered a measure to allow the admission of Palestine as an equal and recognized nation before the Security Council had admitted Palestine to the United Nations and even the General Assembly had not admitted Palestine as a member state though they had sent a request to the Security Council, which voted the membership down defeating the request. That means the Security Council stated clearly that Palestine did not meet the requirements for being a nation-state and thus were not to be admitted to any United Nations agency and were to remain unable to apply, or be admitted if they applied, until they are recognized and admitted to the United Nations as a member state. In the meantime they remained permitted as an observer state inadmissible as a member to any agency belonging to the United Nations.


Well, UNESCO concluded that none of these rules was intended for them and they could do whatever they desired. With the Palestinian Authority pestering them incessantly, just as they were doing with almost every other agency attached to the United Nations, they were seeking a backdoor means of being recognized as a nation and thus able to take Israel before the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Palestinian UNESCO membership bid, requiring two-thirds approval of the agency’s General Conference, passed by a vote of one-hundred-seven in favor, with fourteen against, with fifty-two abstentions. A two-thirds majority of one-hundred-seventy-three nations comes to one-hundred-sixteen votes, which would imply that the one-hundred-seven votes in favor falls nine votes short. Instead, UNESCO decided that the fifty-two abstentions were to count as non-existing states making the new total number of members one-hundred-twenty-one instead of one-hundred-seventy-three thus making the two-thirds a mere eighty-one votes instead of one-hundred-sixteen votes. This was a twisting of the rules of order to the extreme, a habit UNESCO utilizes on every vote concerning Israel and always because their throwing out all nations abstaining or not showing to vote as not existing thus making a passing vote easier to attain is legion.


Will there be any surprise when UNESCO decides that Israel does not exist and that the Balfour Declarations, the placing the Balfour Declaration into encoded law through the San Remo Conference and further establishing these facts with the Treaty of Sèvres all voided. Further UNESCO is voiding the Mandate System and all the work of the League of Nations after World War I and is attempting to erase the United Nations obligations under Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. Lastly, they are attempting to put into stone that the entire history of the Jewish People in the Holy Land, the entire Bible, Torah and Christianity as a ruse which never happened because Israel and the Jewish People in the Holy Land never existed, according to UNESCO.


This is the largest farce probably in the history of mankind. This is the erasure of so much history that all of Europe will require a rewriting of their history removing all references to Jerusalem and the Holy Lands. The Crusades will now become what historians have always desired them to be, an unmitigated aggressions against the indigenous Palestinians residing in their homelands around Jerusalem as they had resided there since before any others apparently including the Canaanites or were the Canaanites who Joshua never fought a campaign destroying their cities and wiping them out as the Jewish People made these lands their own in the nearly three centuries leading up to 1000 BCE when King David moved the Capital City of the Israelites, of the Jewish People, from Hevron (today Hebron), please note the Capital was once Hevron, to the newly captured Yerushalayim, today known as Jerusalem.


But UNESCO; the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Agency; is about to decide that history really began somewhere around 725 AD and known and accepted history began in Medina and expanded to Mecca and from there spread outward and as the Arab Muslim armies conquered lands, history began exactly as they defeated others making everything start with Arab and Muslim conquest. All history before the coming of Arab conquest is to be decreed meaningless and nothing exists until the Muslims conquer those lands. This means that Europe does not yet exist as it has yet to become Islamic, but once it does, then its history will start and everything before then will be wiped from the records as meaningless.


The Americas do not exist yet and are but the lands of the heathens, the uncivilized spores of those who are not Islamic. But not to fret as there will come the day that all of the Americas will come into existence, but only after it falls to Islam. Oh, you have doubts that the Americas, especially the United States, will fall under the conquering forces of Islam. Well, you need to understand that Mohammad wrote a book known as the Quran, which promised those who followed the writings of Mohammad were guaranteed to conquer the entire world. Mohammad had little knowledge of the size of the world, likely knew not of the existence of the British Isles, Russia, China, much of Asia, the Americas, and likely might not have heard of Rome and even if he had, he knew not where it could be found. Mohammad dictated the Quran, as he was illiterate and thus unable of writing down that which he was prophesizing. But he still presumably dictated that Allah, the God of Abram, Ishmael and Muhammad, not to be confused with Hashem of Abraham, Isaack and Jacob.


Yes, my friends, there is a difference between Hashem and Allah; they are separate deities from completely different histories from Abram and Abraham. Abram fathered Ishmael before his name was changed as part of his covenant with Hashem, thus Abram and the son he fathered, Ishmael were from his life before the covenant with Hashem and thus it makes Allah a separate entity from Hashem. Once Abram accepted the covenant with Hashem, his name became Abraham and he underwent a circumcision, and his wife’s name changed from Sari to Sarah. After his accepting the covenant with Hashem, Sarah was permitted to birth a son despite her extreme age and presumably being beyond birthing years. This son was Isaack who would father Jacob. From this came the tribes, the years in Egypt, the return and conquest of the Promised Lands, which would include the cave bought by Abraham in which to bury his family just outside Hebron. But all of these events transpired over two-thousand years before the birth of Muhammad, thus it never happened in Islamic history, as they believe. How they can believe on one hand that they are the descendants of Avram and Ishmael and yet nothing really counts as having happened before Muhammad and his prophesies. Oh, and did we happen to mention that he had two very different revelations; the original which is very forgiving and accepting of other religions and would be called the Mecca Quran and a second revelation in Medina which very much represents the ideals of a warlord and leader of a very successful army of caravan raiders. The rule which was applied well after the death of Muhammad, known as the law of abrogation, demand that Muslims follow the warlike writings from Medina and consider them to be absolute and overriding the writings of Mecca which preached coexistence and a gentle kindness. A bare bones introduction to this can be found with links to many further studies in comments of other readers can be found at our article Which Quran, Mecca or Medina?


UNESCO has become a tool of the Arab and Muslim world being used initially to eliminate the Jews. One had best be advised to remember that what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews. UNESCO has already ruled that the core of Judaism, the Temple Mount belongs to the Muslims and has no Jewish or Christian history; the history of the Temple Mount only came into existence when Islam conquered it and all before never happened. King David never conquered Jerusalem setting aside the area of the Temple Mount, Solomon never built the First Temple atop the Temple Mount, Cyrus never permitted the Jewish People to return to the Holy Lands and their Temple Mount instructing them to rebuild their Temple and worship Hashem in peace, Darius the Great never built the Second Temple, Herod never enlarged the Temple Mount in size to its modern dimensions building what became the Western Wall to contain the newly enlarged Temple Mount, the Greeks never conquered much of the lands but avoided destroying Jerusalem, the Romans never destroyed Jerusalem and the Second Temple. Only when the Muslims conquered Jerusalem from the remains of the Roman Empire, the Byzantines, did the Temple Mount join history and just rose as the Islamic conquerors strode into the area. Amazingly, Jerusalem also joined history with the advent of Islamic rule. At this time the three holiest cities in Islam were Mecca, Medina and Constantinople. What is interesting is how the third holiest city in Islam is determined. Over time the third city has been many different cities including Toledo, Madrid, Tours, Constantinople, Paris, Rome and whatever city Islam targeted as their next conquest. This is why currently the third holiest city is Jerusalem, though it has had competition from Rome and Paris at times as they have popped up as the desired next conquest.


Future Hope for a Future World

Future Hope for a Future World


UNESCO will oblige the Arab nations as they vote as a block and the intimidated and cowed Europeans to abstain because of fear and cowardice of their leaders who are preparing to relinquish control of their continent to the powers of Islam in exchange for a comfortable golden cell in which to spend their final years, their populations be damned. UNESCO will assist in facilitating this transformation of Christian Europe to Islamic Europe. UNESCO believes they are simply aiding the next world ruling party and their officers expect to assist in ruling this brave new world. One has to wonder, what if everybody who are backing Islam in the coming war of civilizations and cultures are wrong and Islam falls short and in the end becomes simply another religion accepting of other religions and content with sharing the world or worse, they start a war which turns into the unimaginable nuclear holocaust predicted in so many fantasy books and films? Such a conflict will result in one victor, one group as the last civilization standing who will be given a new planet to rebuild and save from utter devastation. What is coming cannot be predicted nor understood and the time of the final counting will be equally beyond understanding. What will never be fathomed is the reason behind that final war, that last battle from which the new world will evolve. We can only hope that new world will be one that learns its lessons and removes all violence from their vocabulary and their societal norms and live in cooperation and peace. That is the only resolution that could ever make such a conflict have any sanity in the end.


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May 18, 2017

McCain Claims Just Like Watergate


Arizona Senator John McCain, a man of steel nerves and a proven dedication to those captured with him, making him a genuine hero, is claiming that the series of leftist claims about President Trump, along with the latest “highly classified” information about an ISIS plot to smuggle explosive device within a notebook computer which the President shared with Russia, is now reaching “a point where it’s of Watergate size and scale.” McCain continued at a dinner to receive the International Republican Institute’s Freedom Award, “I think we’ve seen this movie before. The shoes continue to drop, and every couple days there’s a new aspect.” McCain insists that Trump needs to “get it all out.” In comments made to the Daily Beast McCain suggested, “the longer you delay, the longer it’s going to last.”


Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah supposed the following about Trump and the Presidency in general, “There isn’t anybody who can run the White House without criticism. This man has been subject to more criticism than any predecessor that I know of. They hate him, they didn’t like the fact that he won, he beat their favorite, it was a remarkable election.”


And despite believing that President Trump is capable of handling sensitive information Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated, “It would be helpful to have less drama emanating from the White House.”


Judging from the quantity and the level of acrimony in the previous statements, one would have to suspect that either Senator McCain was a founding member of the Never Trump Association in the Republican Party, he is eying another run for the White House in 2020 thus is setting up his campaign against Trump or he may simply be losing it allowing his craving for headlines to get the better of him. The idea that Trump should just get everything out front revealed is a great idea with one slight problem; even Trump does not know what act of his will become the next impeachable offense. He might have steak and eggs for breakfast thus leading to demands he resign due to his insensitivity of the poor who cannot even have steak for Sunday dinner, let alone for breakfast with eggs and all the trimmings. He might be caught not holding the door open for First Lady Melania thus being of insufficient class and upbringing to hold the office or holding the door for First Lady Melania thus being insensitive and insulting, acting as if she needs a man’s assistance thus forcing male dominance and ignoring her capabilities as a mature and self-reliant woman. President Trump cannot lay everything out until the hyperventilating class finds their next breathtaking Trumpism over which to claim the end of the world is nigh as President Trump had now gone around the bend, over the top and well beyond the pale with whatever tomorrow brings. Most of the Republicans simply felt and expressed when pressured that this was just more of #Trumpamania where everything Trump says, does or is reputed to have done is played up WWE style Summerslam coming this Sunday in an arena near you. In a way, it has become so true that many are now able to return to Facebook and the screaming about Trump simply slips past their gaze as they continue down the page looking for kitten and puppy videos or pictures of the grandkids. #Trumpamania has simply become a way of life treated much like one treats shampoo commercials unless they are having a bad hair day and planning on a change. Sure, you read every seventh post just in case President Donald has done anything new and amazingly stupid, we mean beyond his usual amazingly stupid. In a way it is nice to have a different set of people upset with the President as the conservatives were so dowdy and humdrum with their complaint and the liberals can be so over the top excitable that the difference is stark. At least the conservatives after a month mostly calmed down and hunkered down for the duration. Apparently liberals do not hunker down, and most definitely do not calm down and they are so capable of finding extreme malice in the most innocent of actions. Some will likely go ballistic over this claiming we do not take things seriously enough. We knew Trump was not going to be a normative President but were willing to tolerate his idiosyncrasies over having Hillary Clinton continue down the primrose path to oblivion. Of course, we did not vote for either candidate as we live outside the United States and leave American politics to the capable hands of Americans.


Apparently there are two completely different types of Americans, or so we have learned, the quiet, oh well, they won and we lost and we will just have to go on with our lives, Americans; and the we lost, really, can’t be, they will pay, there will not be a moment’s peace and our screaming will deny them sleep, how dare they vote against what we want, Americans. They truly are completely different to such a point that they may actually be separate genus of Americans with actual DNA differences. Somebody should look into this, as we may be witness to the first discernable separation of the current Human genome on record here. Science really will be hard pressed for an explanation but something has to be at the bottom of the difference here. They both desired changing who was President but only one group acted as if they could prove anything true in their claims that it meant that their candidate would then be sworn in as President and not the Vice President. If we understand anything about American politics, and we likely do, then there is little chance of reversing the election no matter what one proves unless in a court of law you can prove vote tampering. As far as we have noted, nobody has claimed that there was any vote tampering, just too much information released about Hillary. We figure this article finally deserves our own twist of humor which means it is time for our Donald Trump as a hot-air balloon picture, so here it is, back for a command performance.


Trump as Hot Air Balloon


We were exonerated as we heard on a newscast that the Russians or Wikileaks, does it matter any longer, hacked the Republicans and found nothing nefarious to report on Trump which the Republicans themselves had not released in their attempts to submarine his candidacy. Here is our theory on this, the reason Trump won the Republican nomination was because the party hated the idea of him as their candidate and thus he had to be the one as they had such poor choices the previous two elections. The Republican voters decided, hey, choosing the candidate they like worked so poorly, let’s try the hated guy, how bad could it be? And they proved correct, it was bad but he did win and that might be the bad part of it. Perhaps they thought it beat losing again and they are now steeled against anything he does, as they knew he was flawed, that was why they chose him. When you support a flawed candidate and they win you expect a little fallout, but the #Trumpamania that has followed this election takes everything to a new level. Who could have expected such a full-blown explosion of rage and temper tantrum. The entire news corps has all turned into screaming two year olds throwing their first hissy fit. It is entirely fascinating. Even many conservative writers are out there picking at Donald Trump, granted their tantrums prove them to be the rank amateurs we always knew they were, they have no idea how to throw a tantrum. Well, we have taken enough of your time; we now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast of #Trumpamania conquers the media.


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