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September 24, 2021

America Refusing to Resupply Israel

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The recent Congressional omnibus bill meant to establish the national budget going forward had budgeting for resupply of the Israeli Iron Dome System intercepting missiles maliciously removed. Israel exchanged the targeting software and other engineering developments used by Iron Dome Systems for America manufacturing and supplying of Iron Dome System intercepting missiles for Israel. The weapon systems, communication-control equipment, associated military equipment and thousands of rounds of ammunition left in Afghanistan by retreating American military to provide the governing body, the Taliban, an effective military, supersedes what Congress provides for sale to Israel annually, or even a decade’s worth, including the above referenced Iron Dome System missiles. We stress these missiles for the Iron Dome System is precisely because this defensive system intercepts approximately ninety percent of incoming rockets and missiles determined to strike in or near developed regions while allowing those striking open country to strike these predominantly empty regions. Israel requires assistance in manufacture of these missiles and has worked with Raytheon for the manufacture at a level difficult to produce in Israel. Each missile costs approximately fifty to one-hundred thousand shekels each but are worth every shekel as they save something far more precious, people’s lives. Further, we figure it is simply a matter of time before President Biden and the Congress refuse all aid to Israel in order to fully arm and provide for their new Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Iron Dome Launch to Intercept Rockets Originating from Gaza which is Under Hamas Governance and Held Responsible for all Rockets by Israel Regardless of Who Actually Launches Rockets
Iron Dome Launch

Iron Dome Launch

Israel is considering recalling our ambassador from the United States in protest much as France, the longest standing American ally since the Revolution against the British Crown, has already done. We will most likely settle for a tersely worded note to someone, who will ignore it, at the State Department, enough done. From our experience, many Israelis believe that Israel needs not just the backing and protection provided by the United States, especially in the Security Counsel with one glaring exception, but is also dependent on United States military aid. The fortunate news is Israel thrives and is better served by providing completely for all production of our military needs. Our auricle, replete with graphs, provides a strong argument for Israel pursuing such a policy of all military equipment being homemade with intended alacrity. This would have an adverse effect on the American arms industries, both through the competition for sales and the loss of revenue as Israel must spend her aid on American made arms. Iron Dome missile resupply is not allowed as part of those sales should Congressional Democrats get their way. Israel manufacture of her own weapons in a measured procession is preferable to the United States cutting the aid forcing Israel to go cold turkey.

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September 21, 2021

The Death of the American Military

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The American Military is one of, if not the, most capable militaries on Earth. The rank and file, the actual fighting forces, are competent and capable of achieving near miraculous achievements. That begs the question as to why the United States has not actually won a war producing the desired results and removing permanently the existing threats since World War II. Perhaps a large part of the problem is the train wreck at the top where there are over nine-hundred General and Admiral level officers, nearly quadruple the numbers of General Class officers than were present at the height of the fighting during World War II. Promotion of General Class officers takes political action by the Senate forcing these officers to be more concerned with the politics than the actual mission of the military. This has produced, what we referred to back when I served, ranks of ‘Perfumed Princes’ in the Pentagon and the highest command levels. These General Class officers, Perfumed Princes, spend more time playing the Washington political games than they have planning the actual fighting of the soldiers under their commands. In many ways, the General Class officers spend far too much of their efforts pleasing the members of the Senate in order to grease the tracks to their next promotion. By the time that these Perfumed Princes reach the rank of four-star general, they have forgotten most of their training and education concerning warfare, replacing that knowledge with playing the Washington political theater. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley, in concert with the rest of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has recently so overstepped his command authority, powers denied his office by the Constitution and legislation passed into law over sixty years ago, by working around the actual command authority of the President, the Commander in Chief.

Joint Chiefs of Staff
Joint Chiefs of Staff

Joint Chiefs of Staff

General Milley and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are stressing political correctness, woke lifestyle and fighting the enemy within, namely white supremacy, over actual war-fighting, weakening the American fighting soldier. They even took the military off all missions ordering a stand-down as the command officers work to remove extremists, white supremacists, from their ranks. The disastrous result of the pullout of American military forces from Afghanistan is the direct result of the incompetence of General Milley and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The overstepping of their authority by General Milley and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, replacing war-fighting as the foremost responsibility of the military with internal review seeking to remove white supremacists from their ranks, is unprecedented. The American military has become a tool of the Pentagon used to continue support their budget to ever higher levels. The military budget must tie to successful war-fighting and denied for any social engineering projects. To put it in the simplest language, the American military must return to their primary mission, killing enemies and breaking their infrastructures, in other words, actually winning complete victories. This will require a strong Commander in Chief.

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September 12, 2021

Coming Unvaccinated Covid Leper Camps

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President Biden is setting forth plans for dividing the American public between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Slowly, but inexorably, the Biden Administration is inching toward forcing every American to receive the Covid vaccines in order to operate and survive in the society going forward. Already calls are sounding from coast to coast to close all interstate travel, refusal of hospital medical services, denial of service at restaurants, forbidden entry to all food retail entities and innumerable newly invented daily restrictions aimed at the unvaccinated. These restrictions would make life itself impossible for the unvaccinated; a fact not lost on these people; it is their actual goal to eliminate the unvaccinated from polite, vaccinated society. One can only wonder why vaccinated people fear the unvaccinated, but that is where this problem sprung. Let us continue and research this phobia and its origins.

Camp for the Unvaccinated

Covid Hysteria, potentially a serious mental ailment, is traceable to the Democrat Party efforts to injure President Donald Trump sufficiently to allow for his defeat by Joseph Biden in the 2020 Presidential election. The public fed on Covid lies and exaggerations which were not considered to be beyond the cusp but in reality, they qualified as obvious absurdity. Very soon into the election season, absurdity would become the expected norm concerning Covid in society, thus birthing Covid Hysteria. Comparing Covid to the Spanish Flu of a century past, a far deadlier pandemic, the media, Deep State, Democrat Party and the Biden campaign made this connection so often and casually, that it became accepted fact. The aim originally was to divide the nation against President Trump but has now evolving into a wedge placing blame for Covid on the unvaccinated eventually demonizing them to the point the public will again allow interring people without due justice under the law, just as was committed against American citizens by race during World War II. The Biden campaign built Covid into the disease which might destroy civilization and now are going to milk Covid in order to victimize his opponents. We have to ask, how much longer before people begin to disappear with these events covered as a necessary medical emergency precaution because of the latest Covid mutated version? We predict that should Covid unvaccinated camps become a reality; the majority will be those who may or may not actually have taken the vaccine but fall closer along political alignments of conservatives, Trump supporters and others who might not hold ideas that the mainstream media defines as being on the right side of history. The right side of history takes time and careful inspections, taking ramifications not known in the immediate, but only after time permits their revelation. The question is will the American public allow these incarcerations while using Covid vaccine status as a requirement to vote in 2022 and 2024 and ever after.

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