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July 20, 2013

Israel Paying Too High a Price for Palestinian Refusals to Peace Process

United States Secretary of State just finished his sixth tour of the Middle East in as many months making yet one more desperate attempt to massage Mahmoud Abbas’s ego sufficiently while twisting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to the breaking point hoping that Kerry can torture Bibi sufficiently to satisfy Abbas enticing him to return to negotiations. Despite having Prime Minister Netanyahu agree to freeze building in almost all of the contested lands and promise to release prisoners once negotiations had resumed in earnest, Mahmoud Abbas turned his back on Secretary Kerry demanding that Kerry force Israeli compliance on borders before he could bring himself to return to the negotiations. It was not only the additional demand after Kerry had pushed Netanyahu to meet every precondition which Abbas initially claimed would suffice to restart negotiations; it was that Abbas demanded that Netanyahu not be requested to accept using the 1949 Armistice Lines as the border in negotiations as an additional precondition having Kerry simply announce the return to negotiations injecting that the sides had agreed to a form of a building freeze, the prisoners to be released during the talks, and the pre-1967 lines be used as the border in the negotiations. Abbas aimed through this maneuver to not even allowing Netanyahu to agree or disagree and if he returned to the talks, Abbas had the surrender on the border issue thus removing any possibility that the Palestinians would need to ever compromise on where the borders would be drawn. Then again, making the announcement to include Abbas’s demand for borders might result in pushing Netanyahu too far and have him refuse the added demand and restate his call for resuming negotiations without precondition. This was what Abbas was hoping to produce, having Netanyahu be forced to say no to the negotiations thus allowing Abbas and other Palestinian spokespeople the speaking point that it was Netanyahu who refused to reengage in the Peace Process while Abbas was ready and waiting at the table when Netanyahu refused. Abbas instead simply managed to alienate Secretary of State Kerry who refused to pull such a duplicitous maneuver which was so utterly lacking in honor and would have been an unprecedented, rude, deceitful, treacherous, and malicious form of underhanded breaching of trust which would have made Kerry untrusted by the Israelis going forward ending any hope of his acting as a mediator.


Where Secretary of State Kerry having refused to stoop to such a low and deceitful level just to appease Abbas and paint Netanyahu into a corner did him honor as being an honest mediator and broker for the future of the Peace Process, he wasted all of those accolades this morning when he pushed Netanyahu to still release some of the most vile and serious terror prisoners in the coming months as a goodwill measure to pay further homage to Abbas and yet another Israeli sacrifice for the Peace Process. The total number of prisoners Kerry said would be released was three-hundred-fifty with one-hundred of them being terror prisoners serving multiple life sentences from before 1993. These prisoners were convicted for some of the most heinous and deadly terrorist murders, many committed multiple acts while others committed terror attacks with excessively high numbers of casualties, both murdered and maimed for life. This is being pushed on Israel as a reward for what one might ask. Are these despicable terror masters who are poor excuses for human beings being released as a reward for Abbas refusing to sit and talk and for attempting to soil Secretary Kerry’s reputation by including him in an underhanded, deceit-filled affront to candid, straightforward dealings to restart peace talks. The duplicitous actions by Abbas attempting to trap Netanyahu and use Kerry in a disgusting strategy simply to gain debate points with which to complain to the compliant and sympathetic media, especially the American and European mainstream press, painting Israel as the side impeding the Peace Process when in actuality, as Kerry has discovered to his own disgust, it is Abbas and those representing the Arab World as well as the Palestinians who have refused to deal with Israel in any honest manner since the founding of the State of Israel in May of 1948. This was spelled out in the Khartoum Resolution of September 1, 1967, where the Arab nations met to form a unified front against Israel after the Six Day War and as a response to the entire world who was pushing the Arab world back then to make peace with Israel. The Khartoum Resolution codified the “Three No’s” which were “”no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.” Despite everything that Abbas has placed in the way of the path to peace and of Secretary Kerry, Kerry still pressured Netanyahu to release terrorist prisoners as a goodwill gesture meant to reward the Palestinians for their efforts towards returning to the talks and the reaching of an agreement on the final status subjects. But what exactly was it that Abbas or any of those who are any of the alphabet soup committees and organizations who claim to be the true leadership of the Palestinian cause. Which of these, Fatah, Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Legislative Committee, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Palestinian Liberation Organization, al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, and whoever may be insulted by not being included here, did a commendable act that deserved reward of freeing murderous terrorists who will most likely attempt, and so unfortunately succeed, to kill more Israeli men women and children? None of them, it is that simple. Truth be told, they all competed to see which could claim the title of most devious and duplicitous.


What do we believe Israeli leadership should commit to in order to put an end once and for all with the slow bleeding of the Jews in Israel as well as the Christians in both Israel and under the Palestinians in both Gaza and the West Bank. First thing is announce a new initiative that Israel will now undertake in a series of numbered steps towards making a lasting and true peace. The first step Israel not only refuses to release the one-hundred of the worst of the worst terrorists from their prisons, but they are never again to release any terrorist a single second before they have served their entire sentence. Furthermore, immediately Israel is annexing all of the major settlement blocks into Israel proper and this declaration is irreversible. Second, each new month on the Israeli Lunar Calendar Israel will annex at least one additional community which the world mislabels as a settlement and will place any resident of Arab towns that resultant to these annexations end up within Israeli borders on a path with the potential of becoming an Israeli citizen within a set period granted they meet certain requirements. For those who prefer not to become a citizen of Israel and prefer to move to an area under Arab or Muslim or any other rule will be generously compensated for their properties with a one-time payment after which they will have quit any claim to their previous lands and properties. If after one year from the start of these new peace initiatives the Palestinian representatives have continued to refuse to negotiate, then Israel will annex Hevron and its immediate suburbs in their entirety, the next year Israel will annex Bethlehem and its immediate suburbs in their entirety, the next year Jericho and its suburbs in their entirety, the next Israel will annex Nablus and its suburbs in their entirety and should another year go by, a fifth year, Israel will annex the remainder of Judea, Samaria, Benyamin and the Jordan Valley along with any other lands which are considered part of the so-called West Bank.


Israel should also decide to make all their arms domestically and never again rely on the good graces of foreign suppliers who may decide to use their leverage of weapons providers to force Israel into positions which are not advantageous to Israel or her people. Much of the additional costs of such an enterprise would easily be offset through sales of Israeli armaments to those nations which would have an interest in some of the most advanced weapons systems produced anywhere on this earth. Much of the Israeli efforts going forward should be on remote fighting units which are controlled from a stand-off position thus reducing the potential vulnerability of the Israeli soldier. By having such systems complimented with regular troops, the remote fighting units could be used as the initial contact units with support and mopping-up being executed with live troops mixed with remote units under the control of those troops on scene. Robotics is recognized as the future of warfare that would allow a war adverse people who cherish life to be enabled to resist terror and guerilla fighting units and Israel possess the potential technologies which are required to produce such military hardware. Israeli history has proven that they cannot rely on any foreign military supplier as those who have been willing to provide arms to Israel have all been periodic at best. When Israel was first founded she was befriended by the Soviet Union who soon became the main supplier of Israel’s enemies. For a while during the 1950’s and early 1960’s Israel was dependent upon Britain and France who are near the top of those who would refuse to sell Israel arms currently. The United States, who have often claimed and been accused of supplying Israel with any arms they ever desired did not provide military aid to Israel until after the end of the six Day War in the first half of June 1967. President Eisenhower refused to sell Israel arms and Truman after having the United States be among the first to recognize Israel then did nothing to fight against Congress placing an arms embargo on Israel during her war for survival when seven Arab Armies crossed her borders with an intent to murder in a genocidal manner every last Jew in Israel. And should Israel find themselves in a war with Iran and all of the Iranian proxies and allies including but not limited to Hezballah, Syria, Iraq, and Hamas would President Obama decide on whether or not to supply Israel with armaments or even merely bullets within two years, if ever? Israel cannot afford to have to depend on anybody for her protection as where Israel’s enemies in the Middle East and North Africa can afford to lose countless wars with Israel, Israel must never ever lose even one large battle, let alone a war, and continue to exist as a nation. Where it would sound so pleasant to exclaim that the United States will always have Israel’s back, but foolish to depend on such for their lives after all France, Britain and the Soviet Union all made that claim at some point in history as well and where would they be now? Israel has but one ally who will never completely fail her, but their one true ally also works in strange and mysterious ways which are beyond the ability of mere mortal man to comprehend, so Israel needs to trust in Israel while praying to her sole Savior.


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