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February 3, 2013

Good Bye Queen Hillary

Hillary Clinton stepped down as the United States Secretary of State, one of the highest positions in the American government. Where any mere mortal would have left in disgrace after the Benghazi tragedy, Ms. Hillary is leaving to high accolades and tributes walking out on a golden runway festooned with rose pedals, rousing peals of applause and graciously kind, loving tributes written into the books for history. This was the only possible result after the grueling and deeply probing questions reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition, well, almost. The truth be told, the Benghazi Hearings were closer to a Hollywood Roast than an honest inquiry. Ms. Clinton did not appear for questioning as much as the members of Congress either gave her the praises she demanded or were dealt with first by Hillary’s notorious anger driven tongue and later by her minions of the fourth estate. Ms. Hillary swept through the hearings leaving cheering fans and devastated opponents in her wake. She leaves for her retirement where she can write her memoirs and relax with her life-long partner in crime, President Bill Clinton.

We should be so fortunate. The initial rumblings of the 2016 Hillary for President campaign have already begun with the echoes from the chorus in the liberal press and protestations and eerie warnings from the other end. The most interesting thing about the whole affair is thus far we have not heard from the Queen herself as to her plans. Actually, this too may be part of her campaign, to allow the press and commentators to exalt or criticize as to their own proclivities as she sits quietly biding her time until the appointed time. The result of the coverage, whether supportive or damning, will provide her the one item she is unable to provide without declaring her intentions, her name constantly in the news cycle. We all know the old saying, any coverage is good coverage. This will be a definitive test of that adage. Meanwhile, Ms. Hillary can take a while out of the spotlight giving any bad press or other problems that might taint the Clinton name are dealt with and cleansed from the public memory. After all, the first volley in the Hillary campaign has already been given, it was the 60 Minutes powder-puff interview given Hillary and President Obama.

So, will Queen Hillary be the candidate to continue the Democrat Regal Presidency which has been started by President Obama and his many executive orders and circumventing the Congress, the Courts, and the Constitution. One way of confirming or denying the idea of a Hillary run for the Presidency is to wait for her to announce her intentions which are what will be demanded of all her conservative detractors. A likely more accurate method would be to carefully watch good ole Bill Clinton and wait for his setting the way for Queen Hillary to return offering herself as the salvation for all the ills that plague the United States. She will have the only solutions and Bill will sell a willing public on that supposed truth. The really big question will be who from the ranks of the Republicans will have the audacity to run against Ms. Hillary? Will it be yet one more Bush and we can have the final Clinton vs. Bush contest? If that be the choice I can predict likely the lowest turnout for a Presidential Election in history.

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