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January 18, 2019

UN Group of 77 Show Their True Colors


The United Nations Group of 77 developing nations has decided to remove all doubt about who and what they are and represent. Their recent elections for choosing their leader for the year of 2019 simply revealed that their unilaterally voting to sanction Israel at every turn was no accident but a well thought out, even if dripping with hatred and a jealous spite, belief that if only Israel were to be destroyed, their world would improve. Their choice of Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority to lead their group should not be unexpected from a collection of the worlds worst run nations which are mostly led by dictatorial leaders who promise the moon and a socialist dream delivering in its place a nightmarish existence where the people remain impoverished and their lack of interest or ability for development makes their title of developing nations a laughable joke. We can understand why they have a jealousy dripping with hatred for Israel as just sixty or so years ago Israel was an agrarian culture and economy just as undeveloped as their nations and is now one of the leading nations in technology in fields from agriculture to medicine to computers and on to almost any field one might care to mention. They see the wealth of Israel as something stolen from them because they were equal with Israel sixty years ago and now Israel is a wealthy nation so their question is from where did that wealth derive? Their leaders claim that it was gained through stealing the raw materials and cheating the other developing nations’ ability to develop. Israel, according to their leadership, took all the available materials and wealth without sharing any with the other developing nations thus the Israeli wealth was stolen from the rest of the world which Israel left behind. These are the same nations who also claim that the United States has stolen their wealth by becoming so wealthy such that they are left with nothing.


One may ask where does their mindset come from? It is steeped in jealousy, anti-capitalist agendas and, as far as Israel is concerned, anti-Semitism. Even when it comes to the United States, many claim that the reason for American wealth is those Jews stealing from the rest of the world and there is always that canard that the Jews actually run the United States and even Europe or even the world, which is quite interesting for a group which does not even make up one-half-of-one-percent of the world population. But as between Israel and the United States one has included three-quarters or more of the world Jewish populations, thus it must be the Jew’s fault that these developing nations are so poor. It has nothing to do with their leaders who live the good life, are driven around in new Mercedes or similar make of vehicle, eat lavishly and many have stashed away millions of dollars and Euros in Swiss accounts. This is something Mahmoud Abbas can give lessons as he has stolen billions from the inflow of monies the world lavishes on the Palestinian Authority (see graph below). If these nations ever realized the reality that the Palestinian Arabs receive such a disproportionate amount of international aid monies, which could be distributed to these developing nations, then with decent leadership, this could change their plot in life. Many of these nations will never realize, as they are fed a constant diet of propaganda about how the rest of the world mistreats them and steals from them, that nations such as India, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and even China succeeded facing similar difficulties and starting points.


Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations

Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations


What did these developing nations have which changed them from agricultural undeveloped countries into some of the strongest economies in the world? It is actually what they did not have. They all rejected the concept that the developed world could never compete with the established nations and thus required a special form of governance where everyone was given a piece of the pie and was cared for by the government. Further, they also rejected central economic planning and the purely socialist model and instead adopted a free market and took on the established nations by playing the same game as the developed world used to make its fortunes. Their economies and governance were both bottom up and rejected top down autocracies. They had faith that their people would choose wisely and development could be grown naturally and would only be harmed by the stock underdeveloped world practice of socialism and top down planned economies. The nations which went from developing world, which is another name for undeveloped world, to first rate economic powers did it exactly the same way the United States and Europe had attained their economic might, free markets, open competition, low taxes on companies and investments, and an accepting system allowing for developed nations to seek these locations for their own expansionist enterprises. They also had legal systems which were well managed and guarded against corruption and refused to nationalize any sector of the economy when it began to flourish in order to distribute their accumulated gains while taking a leader’s share off the top. When countries nationalize an industry, this makes others very wary of investing or placing their resources within such a nation as they see the governance as threatening to their success. Allowing the wealth to grow naturally is the solution which took many nations from undeveloped to developed.


This was also the route taken by Israel. Truthfully, Israel has an advantage which many nations were not privileged to acquire. The Arabs throughout much of the MENA* world forced their Jews to flee either by edict, persecution or passing laws which denied the Jews equal rights in many areas of which legal rights was almost always one of the first stripped leaving Jews with no recourse were somebody to steal their property. The Jews were also refused entry to many of the world’s nations unless they had a relative who would sign for responsibility for them financially. Thus, most of these Jews ended up in the one nation which would accept them penniless or wealthy just because they were Jews, Israel. Many of these Jews were tradesmen such as tailors and other trades. This added to the developing cities in Israel but Israel remained largely agrarian until the Jews finally were granted permission to leave the Soviet Union. Then came an influx of people who had even the slightest attachment to being Jewish but had a Jewish grandparent to people who were fervently Jewish and had been persecuted for practicing their religion. But all of the Jews with varying attachments to the faith did have something else in common; they were largely highly educated. These were scientists, physicians, mathematicians, computer programmers, electrical engineers and a plethora of other skills. This was the secret which launched Israel to the forefront of technology in numerous fields. What was even more of an aid was many were professors with the skill of teaching the next generations. Would Israel have made it to a developed nation without this quirk of fate? Probably, it just would have taken somewhat longer. Israel had the right governance and only required time and giving up on some of its most socialist programs which actually impeded such growth.


There is another thing which has made Israel reviled by the less wealthy nations of the Group of 77, the same reason that the United States also has received such rough treatment in the United Nations and elsewhere, the fact that both nations attempt to assist these developing nations by sharing technology and other forms of aid. This results in the opprobrium because such aid only reinforces the helplessness felt by the people and this is stoked by their leaders as further proof that Israel and the United States are stealing their wealth. These leaders have to have a scapegoat to cover for their skimming off much of the aid wealth themselves. We have talked about the agricultural aid Israel shares with Africa but it is worth noting it again with two articles, first Top 22 ways Israel aided Africa in last three years and How Israel is redefining foreign aid for the 21st century. If you think these articles come from some slanted sources, that is fine, please check out their claims independently. Israel has a different idea about how to assist the third world nations. It often demands that they perform their work after bypassing these nation’s governments and taking the aid directly to the people. This is largely true on how Israel gives agricultural aid. Israeli agricultural aid does not consist of sending boatloads of food to the developing nations knowing that such aid, if it ever reaches the people, undermines the development of their economies, as their base economy is agricultural; so sending food undercuts the farmers by lowering the price of food. Instead, Israel works with the farmers and the villages which are off the beaten path, so to speak, and shows them the means for improving both their yield and the quality of their production. They introduce modern means of plowing and irrigating as well as providing seeds for crops which are hardier and better suited to their use. These are natural seeds so that the farmers will have seeds for the next year’s planting as they have not been engineered like hybrid seeds but instead raised through selective breeding in order to produce a normal plant with not only healthier plants but also the seeds for the ensuing years will continue to have these advantages. Israel provides instruction to medical personnel on new techniques and often brings patients to Israel for treatment when necessary. Israel also sets up new departments for these trained medical personnel in their hospitals including all the modern equipment required. The leader in this field is SACH (Save a Child’s Heart) which has given needed help to children from throughout the world as well as training and setting up departments in numerous nations and hospitals. Lastly, there is the IDF team which is dispatched to numerous, but not quite every, disaster zone after anything has gone horribly wrong from natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes etc. to nuclear disasters and anything else under the sun which is evidenced by the below map which shows Israeli disaster relief worldwide (for an interactive version of the map click here and an article click here). As is evidenced, Israeli aid has reached every corner of the globe. The map shows only official aid sent by the Israeli government and does not include aid by private institutions and other Israeli efforts. But this aid has not improved the voting record of many of the nations who have received lifesaving aid sent by Israel. This is because governments of the United Nations Group of 77 often are not representative of its people. Actually, these governments have an intense and visceral hatred of Israel because of the assistance Israel has provided simply because they realize that the people might wonder how it is that the tiny little nation of Israel travels halfway around the globe and offers aid, assistance, training, sharing technology and other vital services and their government does nothing.


Map of Israeli Disaster Relief in the World

Map of Israeli Disaster Relief in the World


Israelis do not expect the world to change from the way it is. Israel certainly does not expect the United Nations Group of 77 to alter their voting to condemn Israel at every opportunity to change. Israelis likely believe that the United Nations Group of 77 has chosen their representative well. A President of a non-country who steals aid monies and diverts contracts to his sons enriching the family and ignoring the people except to offer them money if only they will murder Israelis is likely just representative of the governing leaders of these countries. The truth be told, Israel does not expect very much if anything from the United Nations. Many Israelis would probably tell you that they believe that Israel should simply pull their Ambassador to the United Nations and resign as the institution is next to worthless. These Israelis should fear not as within a short period, ten to twenty years at the most, the United Nations General Assembly with vote to revoke the United Nations recognition of Israel and demand that Israel leave the community of nations, they like giving the membership to the United Nations an important ring to it, community of nations. This will force a vote to be taken in the Security Council over whether or not to expel Israel revoking her membership in the club. Depending on how far the United States has slid farther to the left, thus no longer proffering Israel their protective veto, the Security Council is very likely to confirm the General Assembly request and expel Israel. The only thing we have against this finality is that Israel still bothering to remain a member and not simply leaving of her own volition. It is difficult to name any United Nations agency which has not decided that Israel is the most vile and hateful nation in the world with one sparkling exception, there was the time that United Nation’s World Health Organization recognized the Israeli army’s field hospital, which is regularly sent abroad to provide aid at natural disaster sites, as “the number one in the world”, which says it all in a sentence from the article itself. Well, even the United Nations gets it right once in a while, or wrong depending on what your opinion is of Israel. As they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day.


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* MENA = Middle East and North Africa


December 21, 2018

The United States Will Distance From Israel

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There are a number of falsehoods believed about the relations between Israel and the United States. The first belief is that Israel and the United States have been close allies from the beginning of Israel. That is not a valid belief and is easily contradicted. The United States had an arms embargo against Israel until the mid 1960’s and only started providing military and other aid from the early 1970’s. We discussed this in more detail in our article “I Worry for Israel and Her Future” which also shows that Israel could do without further United States aid providing she prepares for this immediately. This is a reality which we believe that Israel is staring right into and very few within Israel realize what is staring them in the face. Most Israelis took little from the time when relations were frosty under President Obama and believe that things are all just wonderful with President Trump. Well, they are correct about President Trump but so very wrong about President Obama whose parting shot at Israel was very damaging when he refused to veto United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 which claimed that Israel has no rights to the lands beyond the Green Line despite this being in violation of United Nations Charter Article 80 which forces the United Nations to complete and enforce the Mandate Systems from the League of Nations. What many, if not most, Israelis have yet to realize, Israel has become a partisan issue with the Republicans, and older Democrats, favoring Israel and the newer generation of Democrats largely despising Israel. This was obvious by the reactions to President Trump moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as the historic, enduring and perpetual capital city. Yes, he did couch it as not being any indication about final borders, but that was a minor point compared to the recognition and moving the embassy.


Further proof will be demanded to prove that the up and coming Democrats will no longer desire to support Israel. Well, allow us to provide the darling of the new Democrats, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (video below), a newly elected Representative from New York in the Congress. OK, she is a bit ignorant and was completely unprepared for any interview on any subject, but her other comments have not fared any better. Ms. Cortez will likely follow whatever the leading people of the Democrats tell her when it comes to voting on most issues which makes the leadership all the more important. We will get to the future leadership a little bit later after another example.



Another Representative newly elected from Michigan Rashida Tlaib celebrated her election draped in a Palestinian flag (see beginning of video below). That might have been something unplanned, but there is more. She has announced plans to wear a “traditional Palestinian gown” for her inauguration. We checked with Google and found some images which claimed to be traditional gowns for the region which are pictured below. We live amongst Jews and Arabs in Israel and except for the women wearing the burka or obvious hijab, the Arabs dress is indistinguishable from that of the Jews, or likely any American. But, it will be of minor interest to see exactly what she will interpret as being a “traditional Palestinian gown” when she is sworn in. The problem is they usually swear the incoming freshmen Representatives as a group and if they desire to have individual pictures, they take them separately and assign it as the picture of their swearing in ceremony. Ms. Tlaib has stated she believes that Israel is an “Apartheid regime” and stated that she opposes United States military aid to Israel and that any aid to Israel should be used as a leverage to force Israeli policy to favor relenting to Arab demands. These views are different than what she had told Jewish groups she had appeared before. Suffice it to say, we have serious doubts that she will be in any way, shape or form a friend to Israel.


Traditional Palestinian Gown

Traditional Palestinian Gown




For a glimpse of where the left and the Democrat Party right along with it is heading, one need look no further than the leadership of the Women’s’ March against Trump. The new leadership of Bob Bland, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Tamika Mallory was vehemently opposed by the originator of the Women’s March, Teresa Shook. We talked of this and other signals of the direction the left is headed in our article “Methodology of Leftist NGO’s and Their Enablers” which obviously looked mostly at hard left NGO’s. We were given another straight-forward view of the direction of the Democrat Party with the campaign of Bernie Sanders for President in his unsuccessful run against Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders, born to Jewish parents but having since renounced any religious attachment, which means he follows the church of Secular Humanism and, in his case, pure socialism, also was proud to announce that he believed that the United States needed to reassess the relationship with Israel making conditional on Israel surrendering to the Arabs.


The concept of United States being permanently allied with Israel has already shown some serious cracks. The initial reason that the United States decided to provide Israel with military aid has to do with the interests of the United States to remain the preeminent provider of fighter aircraft to the free world, something we discussed in greater detail in our article “America Can be a Fickle Friend,” where they made a commitment which apparently no longer exists. The United States has provided potential enemies of Israel with the exact same aircraft as Israel but, when combined, in far greater total numbers. The United States currently under President Trump must be seen as an aberration from any smooth timeline and when his Presidency reaches its end, then the United States will snap back to its slow and inevitable slide leftward with what has been revealed as the Deep State returning to expropriating more and more power and control over the society and the rules under which it operates. We have covered the problems posed by the extensive “Deep State” probably too much but here are two such articles, “Trump Should Let the People Decide” and “The Man Who Can Do No Wrong,” for your perusing.


What Israelis need to research is their own history where they will see that the United States has not, as often claimed, always been Israel’s best friend. They need to look and realize at one point even France provided her with weapons, under some amount of duress. The one standing friend for Israel is one which most people would never guess, Czechoslovakia, which was close until Soviet Union clamped down forbidding her to continue to be friendly with Israel but once the Velvet Revolution threw off Soviet rule and the nation split, the Czech Republic returned to their close relations with Israel. Israel needs to develop relations away from Western Europe which is moving away from Israel and descending back into anti-Semitism. Israel should move closer to those Eastern European nations which are showing signs of being nationalist and resistant to the influx of immigrants from Asia (Middle East) and northern Africa. Israel should also continue to turn towards Asia and South America and find friends where they can be found. Israel should not turn away from any nation presenting an open hand though if it is one of the Arab nations, Israel should expect any relations to be cold and fickle. On the other hand, Israel should remain on friendly relations with those nations who have not opposed her within the United Nations but that should not be the only barometer. The other reality is between nations there is no such thing as permanent friends, merely temporary coinciding interests. One must realize this as reality and if they require proof, look to the triparty wars where England, France and Spain allied for years with different pairs allying against the other with many historians claiming England simply allied with the weaker nations to weaken the other and thus kept switching sides making them a fickle friend who was seeking merely her best interests. The United States will move ever so glacially away from Israel until reaching a critical point, after which the United States will return to her largely lack of any relations one way or the other with Israel and no longer protect her in the Security Council. When this point is reached, unless one of the other permanent members of the Security Council, probably Russia or China, is willing to take up that role, Israel should also consider leaving the United Nations as they have proven not to be a friend. Things are changing and Israel need become self-sufficient militarily and do so as close to immediately as possible as relations are fluid in the current world and everything is in flux with little if anything being predictable with any confidence. The newly elected Democrats should be sending Israeli leadership a wake-up call, a loud wake-up call.


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August 14, 2018

Peace is an Israeli Leadership Obsession Part II


Further discussion at the Synagogue and we discovered something remarkable about the people in power in the government. We saw that almost every minister who was in the top two to four spots, depending on the size of the representation of the party in the Knesset, they talked an excellent game and when speaking always had the right things coming from their mouths. So they obviously understand what is required as they spell it out consistently when they speak. The problem appears to be with their hands, they just cannot write down orders to follow up on what they promised. We were told during and after the last elections that there would be no more tolerating Hamas, Hezballah, or the Palestinian Authority and their lies and aggressions. We were told that terrorism and especially overt attacks such as we just experienced with Hamas would result in hard hitting military reprisals leaving these terrorist entities incapable of attacking Israel in the future. We were told how one rocket and Gaza would be swept clean and Israel would simply retain possession of Gaza after it had been cleansed. That never happened, not with the stabbing and vehicular rammings conducted by and paid for by the Palestinian Authority and it definitively did not happen as Hamas burned down square kilometers of crops, forests and wilderness preserves and fired rockets in the hundreds. Once more Israelis were forced to settle for a whole lot of talk-talk-talk and far less of actions and ending the problem. What Israel both wants and needs is a Prime Minister who does not talk very much, he makes simple, one-time statements and then follows through on those statements. The name Menachem Begin comes to mind. On June 22 1982, Joe Biden, Senator from Delaware, confronted then Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin during his Senate Foreign Relations committee testimony, threatening to cut off aid to Israel. Below is Menachem Begin’s priceless and inspiring answer putting Senator Biden in his place rather than trembling before imagined monsters as too many other Prime Ministers have done worrying about what the world will think, Prime Minister Menachem Begin was their lesson for how to treat the world and their reactions.

“Don’t threaten us with cutting off your aid. It will not work. I am not a Jew with trembling knees. I am a proud Jew with 3,700 years of civilized history. Nobody came to our aid when we were dying in the gas chambers and ovens. Nobody came to our aid when we were striving to create our country. We paid for it. We fought for it. We died for it. We will stand by our principles. We will defend them. And, when necessary, we will die for them again, with or without your aid.”


Begin knew from his experiences that Israel, like the Jews have always been, would be attempted to be corrupted making it just to deny them the same rights as given freely to others and in the worst case, Jews were to be sacrificed for the general good. Began gave as good as he got and often better. He knew that were Israel to survive, she would sooner or later be going it alone, thus all foreign aid could do for Israel in the long run is make her dependent upon such funding which inevitably would be withdrawn at the worst possible moment. That would be when the world would attempt to destroy Israel. This is why we decry our continued dependence upon United States produced aircraft for the Israeli Air Force which has no indigenous designed and built aircraft. One American President deciding to end the American Israeli friendship and prevent any parts or new aircraft reaching Israel would cause a disaster unparalleled and potentially striking a fatal blow. Modern Jet Fighters require routine maintenance and replacement of certain parts on a routine schedule if they are to perform well. Take away one part and they cease to function at all in all too many instances or they become dangerous to fly. Israel cannot be beholden to another nation if survival is the main objective. This also would make Israel more freedom to act without the fear of what another nation might think or might do. Had Israel waited for the United States to grant her approval to declare herself a nation, the State Department, Defense Department and virtually every other Cabinet Secretary would have advised Truman to tell the Jews to wait, it was not a convenient time for such a decree. The Jews would still be waiting for the United States government finding it convenient for there to be an Israel and by the time they said great, it is time, all the Jews would have been murdered by the Arabs while the United States might, if the Jews were fortunate, debate the problem. For those who would claim we are being disingenuous, take a look at the Kurds who voted over 92% amongst themselves to declare their independence from Iraq and their governing body decided against doing so because the United States State Department advised them that this was not a good time to do so for the United States. Israel fully backed Kurdish independence but the United States had warned them not to make waves as it would be inconvenient for them at this time. One can only wonder whether the Kurds asked for an approximation of when it would be a good time for the United States. We do not need think too hard to figure out the answer, not now, not next week, not next month, not next year and stop bothering us with such silly nonsense. This is why we have an Israel and the Kurds are being slaughtered by the Turkish forces in northern Syria and by Iraqi forces backed by Iran in Iraq. Thus far, it has been inconvenient for the United States to assist the Kurds any further in their life and death struggle against Turkish, Iranian and Iraqi genocidal efforts as these forces eradicating Kurdish villages are also allies of the United States, not just the Kurds plus it might prove embarrassing and thus making it inconvenient.


Kurdish Freedom Rally with Kurdish and Israeli Flags

Kurdish Freedom Rally with Kurdish and Israeli Flags


The Kurds also required a leader who spoke with the foreign powers less and listened to the people more as then, every Kurd would have had independence and that makes a people fight just that little bit harder. We understand this in Israel as when we fought our initial war for survival which was renamed the Israeli War of Independence, which is silly, as we had declared ourselves a nation, the British were leaving, and we had independence. What we did not have was security or the backing of any major power, not the USSR, France, Britain or the United States, as all had just finished with World War II and were in no mood for another fight. They all had an excess of used equipment which they refused to sell to Israel and some ended up with the Egyptians, Iraqis and Jordanians, but not Israel. Israel did have one ally supplying bullets and other necessities, it was Czechoslovakia who probably remembered how France and Britain sliced and carved them up to appease an unappeasable Hitler at the Munich Conference after which British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, “This is the second time in our history that there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honor. I believe it is peace for our time.” Czechoslovakia was actually far larger than Israel with the proof coming as Czechoslovakia has been divided into the Czech Republic (115th in size with approx. 30,000 sq. mi.) and Slovakia (127th and approx. 19,000 sq. mi.) while Israel is smaller than either (150th and approx. 8,000 sq. mi.) Israel’s little over eight-thousand square miles is next to nothing when compared to Czechoslovakia’s forty-nine-thousand square miles. Truth be told, when Britain’s Neville Chamberlain and France’s Édouard Daladier gave the Sudetenland to Hitler, they crippled the nation of Czechoslovakia giving away border areas greater than the size of Israel yet left Czechoslovakia still larger than Israel. This is further reason why Czechoslovakia aided Israel sending all the World War II equipment left on Czechoslovakian soil as best they were able.


Allow us to conclude with two statements which we believe strongly are absolute necessities if Israel is to survive into the future. When it comes to our defense, all of our armor, rifles, sidearms, aircraft, ships, submarines and all military equipment must be designed and manufactured in Israel with easy to procure parts preferably made in Israel. Israel must not permit herself to be beholding to any other nation’s favor for our vital protection. If we must depend on outside sources, then we would be best served by having multiple sources and have their alignments not all be in one small basket such as NATO or European Union. Finally, by doing this, Israel would have more to offer on the world markets with slightly altered versions of our best equipment and we would be employing thousand more Israelis in the manufacture of our own weaponry and delivery systems. This would necessarily lead Israel to build a spaceport and develop further the Israeli missile systems to include orbital capable systems and even moon and later Mars and further capabilities. The price of such could be offset by launching other nation’s satellites for them instead of paying other nations to launch our equipment and assets into space.


Our other point is striking at arms warehouses and rocket manufacturers as these are apparently easily replaced and serve as having no actual deterrence. Even striking the launchers, unless they are for the larger and more capable missiles, then you are striking at a piece of equipment where the Toyota pick up truck is the most expensive part. Single launchers can be built in any toolshed with minimal amounts of angle iron and a welding torch. Israel must consider striking higher value targets, things which would make life less comfortable for the leadership. Find out where their wives have their hair coiffed and bomb that during the night if you really must avoid casualties at almost any cost. Where do they eat out, erase the restaurants, all of them. Target the new mall, the waterpark, their homes, their vehicles with or without them inside, the arcade center, the other mall, whatever and wherever the leadership and families of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and anybody attached to them visit, destroy those places and ruin the lives of the ones giving the orders. If such as this fails to end their conflict, then the only choice left is to clean out Gaza and not allow anybody to return. Whatever the solution, the next two instances of rockets over Israel from Gaza must be the final times and never again from Gaza. Should they then shoot at Israel from the Sinai Peninsula, at least there the Egyptians will be inclined to clean them out rather than face a war with Israel. Hezballah must be informed that should one missile cross into Israel from Lebanon, everything south of the Litany River will be cleared, as will the Baka Valley and southern Beirut. That is how one ends conflicts, by letting your enemies know what will be the cost and then following through. If you cannot keep your word then nothing you say will hold a single gram of meaning.


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