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June 19, 2015

Great Time to Hold Palestinian Elections

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The big news nobody is talking about is the great opportunity for the Arab Palestinian people in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) who reside in Area A and Area B to finally get a political voice the world has clamored for in their own elections. Israel might even be moved to permit those parts of Area C, the areas which according to the original intent of the Oslo Accords were visualized to belong to Israel in any final agreement, be granted the allowance to vote in any Palestinian elections. What many people are unaware of in the entire world outside the Arab and many parts of the Muslim world is that the Arab Palestinians have had their own autonomous region within Israel since the agreements of the Oslo Accords were signed. Despite the Arab Palestinian leadership, all of it including Fatah, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades (the military arm of Fatah and the Arab Palestinian Authority) and technically even Hamas and Islamic Jihad as the vast majority, if not all, of their members are also Arab Palestinian. The problem comes with the dissolution of the Unity Government making those residing in Gaza technically not granted a vote as they have presumably returned to being under Hamas. Now if this was to be declared the vote which was supposed to have been held within six months of the formation of the Unity Government, then all Arab Palestinians from Area A, Area B and Gaza, and with Israeli discretion and permission for those residing in Area C might be permitted the vote providing the Arab Palestinians desired such sufficiently to have them so inquire such of Israel. One need remember that Abbas prevented such a vote as he was staring down the barrel of a rifle marked losing the election and falling to Hamas’ revenge. But now with the Unity Government dissolved and Abbas returned to his President for Life position and his needing a new Parliament, this would be the perfect time for him to hold actual elections and even allow the new Parliament to choose a Prime Minister while Abbas, as already noted, could retain his President for Life or could go all the way and show his confidence in the people to reelect him to the President of the Arab Palestinian Authority, a title he oft times uses the euphemism of Chairman likely to differentiate his being the head person in Fatah and the PLO as technically the Commander in Chief of the al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades. Oh, let us not rule out his newly granted title since the United Nations General Assembly and so many European and international agencies and government starting with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) having recognized the twenty-third Arab State, Abbas assumed the title of President of Palestine (perhaps one should ask him what the borders are and see how much of the globe he will claim along with all of Israel).


Getting all serious, recently former United States President and major Israel detractor and self-appointed inquisitor, James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr., visited the Middle East, meaning made a pilgrimage to Ramallah to give the Arab Palestinian man for all positions, Mahmoud Abbas some additional political weight and recognition while also not missing the opportunity to lay yet another wreath at the tomb of Yasser Arafat. Arafat was one of the most admired of men to President Carter and terrorist extraordinaire as well as inventor of the plane hijacking, suicide bomber, car bomb and so many other constructive firsts plus being the first Egyptian citizen to claim the leadership of the Palestinian Liberation Organization in 1964, three years before there existed any occupied lands. Arafat also claimed to be the titular head of the Arab Palestinian people, a position he simply assumed without receiving any votes as his terrorist PLO operated from within Jordanian occupied Israel. His PLO terrorist entity claimed the remainder of Israel as their intended lands just as it remains to this day, lands west of the Jordan River. Just like Yasser Arafat, his second in command, Mahmoud Abbas, and the rest of his hand-picked and KGB trained assassins and terror masters, as only the best trained rabble of the world were chosen to manage and lead in the destruction of Israel, had as its main goal the elimination of the entire state of Israel and then incorporating it into Jordan as they had no desire to actually rule a state as this was not part of their training and repertoire as remains obvious to this day. This would include the disposition by unknown means of its Jewish population, also known as their final solution as it so closely resembled another madman’s ideas of a final solution when it came to Jews and others he despised and President Jimmy Carter is consistent in his regards for Israel as he laid out for the world to read in his infamous not quite best seller, actually nowhere even approaching such esteemed status, titled Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, available on Amazon.


What was absolutely amazing was that upon departing President Carter made a suggestion that I actually support. You can imagine my astonishment and even remorse that someday I would have to own-up to agreeing with arch anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semite former United States President Jimmy Carter, but such is the case and I am unable to make or even offer the faintest of denials. President Carter suggested that there be elections held for a new government as they had been denied that privilege since the elections in 2006 when they elected a Hamas majority Parliament which posted the writing on the wall that should Mahmoud Abbas allow elections for his position he would likely lose to Hamas’ Ismail Haniyeh, the titular head in Gaza. This has been hanging over Abbas’s head as his personal Sword of Damocles threatening to behead him immediately, if not sooner, should elections be held and he to lose and Hamas or any other Islamist group should replace Abbas. Despite this never being a subject Abbas would consider, former President Carter stated during a joint news conference with Abbas, “We hope that sometime we’ll see elections all over the Palestinian area and east Jerusalem and Gaza and also in the West Bank.” Obviously former President Carter more than likely did not pass this idea for announcing such a threat to Abbas with anybody from Mahmoud Abbas’s offices and may have just had it roll out of his mouth before he could realize what he was about to, nope, in the midst of, oh darn, already called for new Palestinian elections, wow, I guess senility has taken hold as President Carter must have thought for a second, due to the surroundings and their obvious Middle Eastern flavor, that he was in Jerusalem and was calling for new Israeli elections to include Judea, Samaria, East Jerusalem and Gaza, simply remarkable. Actually, I believe that Jimmy Carter knew exactly where he was standing, who stood at the podium next to him, and still stated the need for Palestinians be granted their right to vote as stated in the Arab Palestinian Authority Charter and have been suspended since 2006. If nothing else, Jimmy Carter really does place a lot of faith in democratic elections as the solution to all of the world’s problems, even if he probably believes Israel prevents such elections world-wide.


The thing is with this statement by President Carter a month and a half ago and the dissolution of the Unity Government; this would be the perfect time for the world, especially the Europeans and President Obama, to demand that the Arab Palestinians finally be granted their voting rights to decide who is to lead them going forward. They have, according to far too many leftist, the inalienable right to elect their representatives on the determined timetable as stated in their governing documents, in this case the Arab Palestinian Charter, without interference and in an observably free and independent system designed and implemented to permit a fair and honest accounting of the people’s will and the enacting of the governance they choose in such elections. Every time there is an Israeli election we hear the demands for the Palestinians to be granted their voting rights despite the obvious fact that they are not Israeli citizens. That claim would be paramount to demanding that all Mexicans residing in Mexico who have a family member living in the United States be permitted to vote in the United States elections as their relatives will be influenced by such an election and that might affect the amounts of money they could send home and alter their livelihood. The Arab Palestinians have their own autonomous region which the exception for international relations and defense of their borders from outside attack (a responsibility which falls to Israel and the IDF, the same IDF which also protects Israelis) and even pay taxes to the Arab Palestinian Authority and not to Israel as long as they work within their autonomous area boundaries of Area A and Area B in the contested area which Jordan renamed West Bank rejecting the historical names of Judea and Samaria as they were, their terminology at the time, too Jewish.


The only question I must scream out is, where are all those voices, all those European political entities, all those NGOs, the United Nations and its entourage of alphabet agencies, President Obama and the State Department, the Non-Aligned Nations, the Arab League, the Saudi Royal Family, the Iranians and especially their Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Egyptian President Sisi, and all those human rights groups who with malicious and knowing guileful deceit demand Palestinians vote or is that demand reserved only when Israel holds elections to form a new government and never ever to be uttered when the Palestinian virtual dictator and obvious President for Life Mahmoud Abbas, a.k.a. Abu Mazen, known as his name de guerre, would necessarily risk his position which he has refused to chance since 2005 when assuming the role after the death of Yasser Arafat and not stood for election in any of the elections years following where perhaps the 2006 elections might have been premature, such does not apply to 2009, 2012 and, strangely enough, coincidently 2015 otherwise known as right now! I want to hear the voices of all those otherwise hypocritical Israel bashers who have demanded the Palestinian Arabs be permitted to vote, well, that time is right now and there will probably never be a better timed dissolution of the Arab Palestinian governance and thus perfect timing for elections to be held possibly as early as September and definitely before December 24 of 2015 as a celebration of all the wonders the Prophet gave the Muslim people and the celebration of his birthday this year. What could be a better way to celebrate the birth of the prophet of Islam than to hold elections for the new government of, for and chosen by the people.


What do you say Mr. Abbas, how about holding elections at least for the Parliament even if you are too timid and unsure of your position and popularity, or even acceptance by the people you claim to speak for, allow them this once to speak themselves. The world will be a better place after such an election as there will be a definitive line between Israel and the Hamas governance which would finally and irrevocable unite Judea and Samaria with Gaza and then Israel could demand that Hamas prove their ability to run the territories already autonomous and under their complete and unfettered control, rule well and we can discuss a state, use the position as a rocket launching platform which can hardly ever miss striking some target, even if they would almost all be civilian targets, then I believe you know what follows. I feel pretty sure you’re being granted uncontested rule over the Arab Palestinian areas would be the golden opportunity to have that state everybody else claims erroneously that your desire. You and I, we both know fully well what it is you desire as you wrote the charter and we both have read your charter thousands of times looking for the right key, the correct combination of concessions which would satiate your lusts for what might be a lasting victory but we both know what your charter, the Hamas Charter calls for and it is not all that different from the ISIS Charter, is it. We both know your standard, your stated slogan, you know, the part that goes, “Allah is its goal, the Prophet its model, the Quran its Constitution, Jihad its path and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes.” In what might be best described as the preamble of the Charter it states, “Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors. (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, May Allah Pity his Soul).” Your Charter also appears to be centered on looking beyond just Israel but places a target on the entirety of the Jews. As your Charter states, “This is the Charter of the Islamic Resistance (Hamas) which will reveal its face, unveil its identity, state its position, clarify its purpose, discuss its hopes, call for support to its cause and reinforcement, and for joining its ranks. For our struggle against the Jews is extremely wide-ranging and grave, so much so that it will need all the loyal efforts we can wield, to be followed by further steps and reinforced by successive battalions from the multifarious Arab and Islamic world, until the enemies are defeated and Allah’s victory prevails.” You even chose to include a fairytale that is not included in the classic and original Quran but you probably could not resist its thoughts of merriment charging here and there in a great slaughter, that just had to be the reason for including the following quote, “The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: Oh Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! This will not apply to the Gharqad, which is a Jewish tree. (cited by al-Bukhari and Muslim).” Then again, the Jews are but your appetizer, not your main course, your main course is the Christians and after them the idolaters and every other human not yet forced to surrender to your will and Allah. You also deny the Quranic statement that the lands of the Hebrews were reserved to them and they are to be protected in their ownership and life in those lands when your charter claims trespass by the Jews settling in their recognized ancient lands as defined in the Quran but your charter claims otherwise when stating, “When our enemies usurp some Islamic lands, Jihad becomes a duty binding on all Muslims. In order to face the usurpation of Palestine by the Jews, we have no escape from raising the banner of Jihad.” The Hamas Charter seems overly preoccupied with the Jews and contains very little about the importance for the spiritual advancement of the Muslims within your fold. There is little contained in the Hamas Charter which departs from violence and threats of violence. It is as if there must be no end to the bloodletting until the last standing human can stand upon the pile of skulls and bones and only then declare to his world conquest, the world of one, alone and thus fated. Where are the calls for prayer and introspection and spiritual enlightenment and the finding of peace within oneself or is the only peace understood by Hamas the peace of the grave. Such a worship of a culture of death, destruction and eventually the sacrifice of the self for the cause of vengeance even against peoples who never harmed you or any of your brothers and sisters of Islam and merely wish to live their lives and die after a full and rich life where they hurt relatively few and helped those needing their helping hand and shown largely kindness and would greet you as a potential friend yet such friendship can never be as if anyone does not belong to Hamas and worship Allah as Hamas dictates such is to be performed, then they are infidel and must be slaughtered. What then after only the few thousand who are Hamas remain, do you then purge from within your ranks as your orgy of death must continue until not quite none remain, just the one whose manner of prayer and keeping with the final vengeance of the prophet be fulfilled, then that one can begin a life of what and for what, to be the last person standing? What a reward, what an empty reward.


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June 1, 2014

Where is the Rising Terrorism Leading?

Starting with the renewed push of negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians by President Obama’s then new Secretary of State, former Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, the levels and severity of the acts of terror perpetrated began an inexorable ramping up in both frequency and severity. This accompanying of negotiations with increasing terror attacks has become so commonplace that it did not even rise to the level of news reporting with the exception of those attacks causing serious injuries or fatalities. But as the negotiations broke down there was a different flavor to events. This had an obvious point of origin, the latest unification agreement between Hamas and Fatah to reinstitute a single overriding entity under the banner of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), a recognized terrorist entity, in order to unify Gaza and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and form a unity in moving forward in the efforts to replace Israel with an Islamic Arab state called Palestine. The moves to unify the two groups, Fatah, which had been resurrected as Israel’s only viable peace partner from amongst the Palestinian terrorist organizations, with Hamas, which had remained a nearly universally recognized terrorist entity, actually showed signs that this time the merger would be consummated. This was further supported when Islamic Jihad, another Palestinian terrorist group recognized universally as such, also requested inclusion within the PLO. This unification of much, if not the majority, of the terrorist entities within Palestinian society should create problems within the efforts to continue any form of negotiations between the Palestinian representative organizations and the Israelis as Israel has stated numerous times that she will not hold negotiations with terrorist groups which declare their intent to destroy her. What was not surprising was how quickly, one could say instantly, the European Union came out and declared they saw no reason why Israel could not continue negotiations despite the inclusion and unification of terrorist groups within the Palestinian Authority. The European Union reasoning was simple and straightforward, these terrorist entities represented the Palestinian people thus making them the ones who would need to be recognized and negotiated with by Israel and there could not be any other recourse for Israel but to accept the new forms representing the Palestinians. Initially, the United States State Department released a statement stating that they could see no way forward in which Israel could be expected to negotiate with terrorist entities which in their charters called for the eradication of Israel and, in the case of Hamas, the final eradication of the entirety of the Jewish People from everywhere on Earth. This breath of sanity did not last long as within two or three days Secretary of State Kerry was already calling for the Israelis to sit and talk in order to find common ground and a path to realize the two state solution stressing the new and urgent need for Israel to make the concessions which would be necessary to further the desires for a peaceful solution.


Soon after Secretary of State Kerry and official State Department spokespeople had taken up the renewed calls for the necessity to continue the recently broken-down peace talks came the official blaming for the previous failure and it was, unsurprisingly, completely all Israel’s fault, no doubts or questions about it. According to Secretary of State Kerry, the Israelis, despite informing all parties when the Palestinians demanded Israel release terrorists that this would permit Israel to build as they had not chosen a building freeze and that Israel did indeed intend to build, especially in the Jerusalem areas including Gilo, simply pointed to the Israeli announcement of starting to take tenders (bids) for construction of residential units in Gilo and “poof” there went the peace talks. This position was soon restated without the magic word, “poof”, by State Department spokespeople, President Obama, White House press contacts and, after a meeting with Martin Indyk, was also touted by Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Needless to say, the media found Secretary Kerry’s command of the English language using the brilliant wording that even a wordsmith would envy, his “poof” description of the implosion of the peace talks was quoted by news outlets around the world.


Meanwhile, the levels of terrorism have been steadily increasing since the imploded peace process again faltered and apparently in response to the proposed unity governance combining all the terrorist groups, Fatah, Hamas, PLO, Islamic Jihad, al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, and who knows who else under one leadership. There has been a point of contention as to who will be the leader of the new and improved Palestinian Terror Authority with Abbas declaring that he will be the leader and thus Israel has nothing to fear from the unity government and while Hamas’s Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has stated with great authority and assurance that he and Hamas will make up the leadership of the new and improved Palestinian Authority on Terror. The dirty little secret which the Europeans, Americans and just about everybody else refuse to speak of is that it really makes little if any difference which group’s leaders take charge as all of these disparate groups are reflections of each other seen through slightly different lenses but all standing and calling for the complete destruction of Israel. Despite the fact that Abbas sounds conciliatory when quoted in the Western media as he speaks of peace and reconciliation when speaking English, contrarily he sounds just as steeped in terror as does any other terror leader when addressing audiences in Arabic. Abbas is just as up to his neck in terrorism as he helped plan the Munich Olympics massacre and also arranged the funding and training of the Black September cell which committed that horrid attack. Abbas is another Holocaust denier who wrote his doctoral thesis on that subject while studying in Moscow.


One of the more ominous escalations in terror has been the rioting on the Temple Mount which now occurs virtually daily. These riots have grown to include augmented attacks where simple rock throwing has come to include Molotov Cocktails and tear gas grenades from the Arab rioters. They have targeted any non-Muslim who dares venture onto the Temple Mount including a number of United States Congressional leaders from both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Most expressed their shock as they claimed to be completely unaware of the severity of the problem. Some claimed that the riotous acts were a complete surprise and questioned how such events could transpire without any coverage in the world news sources. How indeed? What has become quite disconcerting is that over the past week we have witnessed a serious rise in the level and threat of the hostilities by the Palestinians. The rock and firebombing of vehicles has now escalated to shooting as Israelis travelling just outside Jerusalem were shot upon who then reported the attack to the police who inspected the bullet holes in their vehicle. Reportedly nobody was injured though the potential was great. Also there have been other shootings in the areas of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) as well as two foiled terror attacks by Palestinians wearing suicide explosive belts. Additionally, over the weekend two Synagogues were set ablaze. One was a small prayer room in which many prayer books were destroyed and the other was in Beit Yaakov Synagogue of Petach Tikvah where the arsonist poured flammable liquid around the Holy Ark that holds the Torah Scrolls. Even though the building was destroyed in the blaze and the Ark itself badly damaged, a miracle saved the Torah Scrolls inside the metal Ark from damage, Baruch Hashem.


Meanwhile, the only reports anyone is likely to read in the mainstream world media is that Mahmoud Abbas is expressing a great desire to return to the negotiating table and has suspended applying to international institutions, treaties and accords in the hope that his restraint will entice Israel to return to the talks. What is being intentionally left out of these articles in the majority of reports is that Abbas also demands a few “small” (his claim) concessions from the Israelis. These include but may not be limited to; acceptance of the 1949 Armistice Line as the borders for Palestine; a comprehensive building freeze throughout the contested areas including Jerusalem; complete surrender of northern, southern and eastern Jerusalem; the right of return for millions of Palestinian refugees; the complete removal of every Jew from the lands that will become the Palestinian state, and the release of every last terrorist from Israeli prisons no matter the severity of their crime. Abbas has played this game consistently for years since taking the helm after the death of Yasser Arafat, the founder of the PLO to whom Abbas was the number two man from the 1964 beginning. That beginning called for the replacement of Israel with the state of Palestine and all the Jews driven out of the lands and they did not mean the West Bank and Gaza as the West Bank was occupied by Jordan and Gaza by Egypt and there were no Israeli occupied lands unless you believe that every inch of the lands from the river to the sea are occupied lands as do Abbas and Haniyeh. And do not allow yourself to believe for a moment that the above list is complete for as soon as Abbas has been placated by the Europeans and Americans and they force a series of concessions out of Israel just for the displeasure of renewed talks with Abbas and his fellow liars, just as after Israel conceded to release terrorists and Abbas immediately demanded the addition of a building freeze as he claimed he had earned the right to make such demands, he will come forth with a litany of additional concessions, a list that apparently has no end unless it includes the complete destruction of Israel as a home for the Jewish People. Meanwhile the levels and severities of terrorist attacks will continue to climb and the mainstream world media will talk about the Kardashians, Justin Bieber’s arrests and anything but the attacks on Israelis by the Palestinians, after all, one must have priorities.


Beyond the Cusp


September 11, 2013

Two Faces of Terrorism’s Victims, Syria and Israel

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The first face we will take is the forces in Syria on both sides of the so-called civil war. On the side of Syrian President Dictator Bashir al-Assad there are two separate and very different terrorist entities. The one more easily perceived as a terrorist entity, despite the European Union’s inability to so identify, is Hezballah. They are a terrorist group which has managed to impose its will on a nation and hijack the political process there by a combination of assassinations and intimidation. The other terrorist group in Syria is the terror arm of the Iranian military, the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) which is trained and trained as one of the elements of the Iranian military but used as the Iranian presence in foreign efforts where Iran wishes not to be officially involved. The IRGC can act as a conventional military force or they can operate as a terrorist entity. Both the IRGC and Hezballah forces in the Syrian conflict are being mostly applied in a military manner in traditional military style engagements. This is not to imply that they have not been used as a terror instrument but that their main mission is to fight a traditional war. On the other side aligned with what are referred to in the news as the rebel forces are groups attached or aligned with al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Where the different groups operate mostly independently, they are all fighting towards the same goal, imposing an Islamist state designed to be an integral part of a future Caliphate. They operate as a military force when the aim is taking control of a objectives such as military bases, command and control facilities, towns, neighborhoods or any physical target. They are also deployed to instill terror through such tactics as assassinations, murder of civilians, religious cleansing of towns, destruction of Churches and other religious buildings, suicide bombings, car bombings and other nonmilitary terror attacks forms. So, in Syria if one wishes to support either side they have to first accept that they are acting to support terrorist entities. As we noted long ago, Bashir al-Assad was being completely honest when he first declared that the rebel forces were made up of terrorist groups. Where initially he was not entirely correct as there were actual revolutionary forces striving to install some recognized form of governance replacing al-Assad but now they have been totally displaced and the forces fighting to remove al-Assad are now almost purely terrorist related.


Yesterday’s article mentioned that the rebel forces had taken control over the town of Ma’alula, a town made up of mostly Christians who still speak the Aramaic language they spoke when they first adopted Christianity in the first centuries of its inception. We had hoped that the rebel forces which took the town would act like civilized people and not terrorize the town’s citizens or destroy any of the ancient irreplaceable Churches, Monasteries and other landmarks. It was a hope against hope that unfortunately was not reflected over the ensuing day. The terrorists who took the town of Ma’alula are strongly allied with the Muslim Brotherhood, the same Muslim Brotherhood which is systematically eliminating any trace or vestige of the ancient Coptic Christians which remain in Egypt. Despite the fact that such efforts contribute absolutely nothing to their efforts to reinstall Mohamed Morsi to his previous position as the elected President of Egypt, it almost appears that the murder of Coptic Christians along with the removal of their businesses, homes, society, Monasteries and Churches is their primary goal. In Syria the destruction of the Christian presence in Ma’alula along with the forced conversion or murder of the Christian residents has become an apparent objective for the Muslim Brotherhood aligned rebel forces which took the town after the Syrian military there were restationed in a tactical move as Ma’alula in and of itself is of minimal if any tactical value. With this knowledge it can easily be determined that the taking of Ma’alula was committed purely in order to annihilate its Christian population and either destroy the ancient Churches and Monasteries or transform them into Mosques ridding them of any vestiges of their Christian origins. It is also worth noting that the ancient Assyrian Christian community is not the only targeted minority targeted by the terrorist elements in the rebel forces, there is also the Kurdish community. The Kurdish people have one advantage the Christians do not, a military militia which is attempting to protect them and prevent their slaughter or the destruction of their homes, businesses, farms and religious structures. The Kurdish militias in Syria have been reinforced by troops and assets sent by the Kurdish militias of northern Iraq as well as some previous fighters from the PKK Kurdish forces classified as terrorists by Turkey and a number of other nations and institutions. All things aside, the Kurds in Syria are fortunate to have a quasi-military force for protection which unfortunately the Christians do not possess. They are completely dependent on a Christian world which has yet to take note of or make even the smallest effort to protect either the ancient Assyrian Christian community in Syria or the Coptic Christian community in Egypt. Let’s hope that the world’s Christians lift the blinders from their eyes and at the very least provide their brothers and sisters in harm’s way a refuge and a means on arriving there safely no matter the cost.


In Israel the terrorists from all sides have heightened their efforts pushing the envelope even further assured that Israel dare not respond in any meaningful manner as long as the peace talks are being conducted as any overt Israeli response would immediately trigger world-wide objections blaming Israel for taking actions which threaten the negotiations and halting any progress towards a lasting peace. This has been the tried and proven method which the terrorists from all sides employ as they have had success in thwarting any Israeli response to terrorism simply by decrying that Israel is just using the peace negotiation as a cover for unfairly victimizing the Palestinians. There are also the increased rhetorical threats which come with every new session of peace negotiations as well as the increase in actual attacks. The threats come from Hamas, Palestinians for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Hezballah, Palestinian Revolutionary Committee (PRC), al-Qaeda in Gaza and any other group not included in the arm of the Palestinian Authority taking part in the negotiations which is exclusively Fatah. These terrorist entities are not included directly in the negotiations, despite the fact that often Mahmoud Abbas and the other Palestinian Authority and Fatah spokespeople will plead on their behalf or demand certain concessions be made for the Palestinians living in areas outside Fatah or Palestinian Authority direct control but under one of the other groups. The reason these groups claim as their motivation for their increased terrorist attacks and actions is that the peace process has not received their blessings nor does it represent them so they demand the right to attack Israel in any manner in order to force an end to the peace negotiations. The negotiations do not even affect all of the myriad of groups which fall within the Fatah umbrella over which Mahmoud Abbas has ultimate authority. The al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades, the most recognizable member of the military wing of Fatah, does not stand down as their terrorist arm ramps up their activities. All of this is just one another insanity which the Israeli people are expected to endure and endure silently as the peace process takes precedent over their safety, even their very lives. The al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades have recently announced an entire new front in their war to destroy Israel and annihilate its Jewish citizens Tuesday, declaring that it would give the “green light” to terrorist attacks targeting Israelis beginning on Friday. Their claim is that they are protecting the Temple Mount from “The invasion of the compound by hordes of settlers, and the harm to (Muslim) worshipers, with no intervention from the international community.” This threat is likely one of the most accurate examples of the psychological malady of projection. The truth of the matter is whenever the Muslim interests feel they need to exercise their influence and control over the Temple Mount they organize a riot knowing that the only response by the Israeli security police will be to remove any Jews and close the Temple Mount to Jews for anywhere from a couple of days to even weeks at a time depending on the intensity of the riotous attacks. The one item which must also be mentioned is Hamas originated as the Muslim Brotherhood arm to attack and terrorize the Jewish presence in Israel. The same Muslim Brotherhood which is currently going to extremes to murder Christians and erase any trace of their communities and their faith from what they claim are pure Muslim lands.


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