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August 24, 2021

Biden Afghanistan Stalemate and Vacant Endgame

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President Biden has displayed a near complete disconnect from the actual events and situations facing American citizens, as well as those Afghanis who aided American and Allied operations during the two decades of the Afghan operations. President Biden has spoken of rescue operations as going smoothly and being expedited with every resource available. Unfortunately for all involved, having an invested interest or even the slightest curiosity about the ongoing and changing situation in Afghanistan; the Administration spokespersons have displayed near complete ignorance of the actual situation on the ground replacing reality with their own so very optimistic and beautified fairytale of how their presumed perfect plan is working. Reality is nothing is being accomplished with any real urgency and those trapped outside the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul have no means for reaching withing a mile of the airport before being intercepted by Taliban demanding to see their passport. Anybody showing an American, British, French, German passport or an Afghani with a valid visa will have their paperwork destroyed, their group detained, tortured and eventually executed. President Biden has repeatedly thanked and praised the Taliban for their assistance facilitating the aid in the removal of western, specifically American, citizens and their Afghan allies to the airport catching flights to safety.

Taliban Take Over Afghan Presidential Palace

Let us look at the reality vacant from President Biden and his Administration, the grim reality now and going forward. The immediate situation is an airport where pandemonium rages as distressed, panicked, desperate, frightened, frantic Afghanis are caught between the walls defending the airport and the layers of Taliban checkpoints immediately behind them keeping them pressed tight leading to numerous deaths daily. President Biden promised the Taliban that all United States military and civilian personnel will be removed from Afghanistan by the end of August. Well, August 31, 2021 is merely less than one week away and there are no signs of a coordinated plan to reach and escort every, or any, American citizens to the Hamid Karzai International Airport and onto a flight to safety. Numerous private religious and humanitarian organizations have reported the near complete lack of assistance, providing they even take your call, by the United States State Department who are unable to provide any path back to civilization. All appearances point to the Biden Administration efforts, or lack thereof, to achieve the results they have declared as their target date of August 31 for the removal of all American personnel and their families, as well as all the Afghanis who worked closely being essential for operations in Afghanistan, out of the country and relocating them somewhere they will have safety.

So, what happens on dawn September 1, 2021, to any Americans still hunkered down spread around all of Afghanistan? The Taliban and allied terror organizations, such as ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Caliphate, will proceed in a house to house, apartment to apartment, room to room search for remaining Americans. These extremely unfortunate individuals, presumable as many as twenty thousand American citizens and uncountable Afghanis who are even suspect of assisting the Americans and especially the women of Afghanistan who had become accustomed to the freedoms provided their nation for the past two decades, will be facing, at best, being held as hostages; at worst, tortured to death by the most inhumane means or immediately being shot to death, beheaded or stoned to death as dictated by the Taliban interpretation of Sharia from the Quran. President Biden has stated that the August 31 deadline may require an adjustment into September but the Taliban is insisting the United States honor their August 31 promise to be completely out of Afghanistan. We fear that President Biden will order the last troops left at the airport board what will be the last plane out for Americans sometime that afternoon, we predict that final departure will take place between 14:00 hours and 15:30 hours leaving significantly more than ten thousand Americans remaining trapped behind enemy lines.

America has been embarrassed on the world stage and will be unable to regain lost trust until all new leadership comes to Washington. The earliest this can come to fruition is January 21, 2025 when possibly a new President will be sworn into office. Until we see such a change in leadership, America will not be trusted by allies and fully trusted by America’s enemies not to impede or even protest loudly any action by them no matter how absolutely grotesque the reports of these degradations, executions and sham trials where confessions are gained by torture. The one saving grace is that Americans and the American fighting men, women and others, especially the K-9 corps; have not lost their reputation as amongst, if not, the finest fighting force on the planet. The American military leadership, the nine-hundred-plus Generals and Admirals, are the military disgrace who have completely undercut the enlisted fighting forces, not even allowing soldiers to volunteer and go outside the wire and bring home Americans frozen with fear while hunkering down anywhere but in their homes to the airport to a flight to freedom, as the Taliban has gained all pertinent information of those known to be in Afghanistan including cell phone numbers and home addresses. We full heartedly fear President Biden and his inept ship of fools will ignore the predicament they are causing in Afghanistan and the cost will be far too many Americans in addition to the Afghanis who were promised they would be taken out as part of any American withdrawal. We wish this was actually a withdrawal as that would include structures and means for bringing everybody, Afghani and American, out and to places of safety. Instead, we have a boondoggle where no organized system exists nor is there a means for vetting people at the airport and the people pressing the gates crush to death near to a dozen people each day. The pulling back of all American forces to the Hamad Karzai International Airport under the cover of darkness in the midst of the night without warning or informing anybody including the commanders of other forces nationwide was a complete betrayal of trust. Be prepared for hundreds upon hundreds of Western workers rounded up by the Taliban for public humiliation to empower further the supremacy of the Taliban over the United States. Scenes reminiscent of the tortures of captured soldiers during the Syrian civil war will probably return with Americans, Afghanis and potentially Europeans will be the victims of the most heinous torturers on earth. All the horrors will probably be held-off while hundreds and hundreds, possibly thousands, will be held to be tortured and then executed cruelly on September 11, 2021; their way of celebrating the highpoint of Islamic terrorism, 9/11/2001, the date of the attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and another unknown target as the airplane was brought down by its America passengers preventing further terror against the Capital of America: financial, military and civilian governance. This may well be saddest anniversary of the horrors of 9/11 and the loss of almost three-thousand Americans and other countries’ citizens’ lives as it may well be filled with news alerts of ever-increasing cruelty and evil as Western civilians may well be treated most unkindly resulting inevitability in their deaths being smeared across television screens around the world. May our fears never be realized and those innocents trying to escape Afghanistan and Taliban rule by their stringent interpretation of Sharia find safe passage preferably by America and her allies. Should this become obviously a failed policy and no rescue is forthcoming, we advise these refugees to make efforts to cross out of Afghanistan and into Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan or Tajikistan while avoiding Taliban and supporting countries such as Pakistan and Iran specifically.

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