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May 9, 2018

Jerusalem Coming Attractions Next Week


Jerusalem will become a driving nightmare next week while both United States Presidential security and Secret Service plus Israeli security for the Prime Minister and close to half the Knesset, Mayor of Jerusalem and a list of unknowns who deserve safety as well all gathering at the scene of the dedication and opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, the capping off of President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital City of Israel, even its eternal Capital. We have been informed through rumor and unofficial reports and semi-official reports that, as we stated yesterday, Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka and Husband Jared Kushner will be making an appearance at the grand opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem. This means, Presidential level security or higher will be in place. The Secret Service will be thoroughly, exhaustively efficient and competent in their security put in place and attention to detail in assessing threats. Their work will probably be set just that little bit higher level as this is Jerusalem. Then there is the Israeli security which will be in place to protect Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka and Husband Jared Kushner above and beyond that in place for the Israeli VIPs who will be attending plus possibly other important people. This will mean that certain roads, bus routes and other forms of travel will be diverted, in some cases for no reason which is obvious or understandable. Some of these obstructions will be familiar to Jerusalem natives who have experienced these inconveniences before but they will probably complain that this time they went too far. The only reality that matters is that nothing untoward occurs to those attending the opening, traveling to the opening, leaving the grand opening, or simply visiting Jerusalem will be very safe almost anywhere within the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem corridor with an emphasis on Jerusalem and Ben Gurion International Airport. The safest place on Earth will be this area of Israel during the three days around the opening of the American Embassy coinciding with Israel’s 70th anniversary. The Embassy will initially be located in the Arnona neighborhood, in a modern building that now houses consular operations of U.S. Consulate General Jerusalem.


The reports that President Donald Trump is also potentially considering attending will make little difference to the level of required security. It likely will not even make any difference in the roads blocked and the detour routes and all the other security arrangements. Granted, should the President attend, and we really wish he would be there, as it would add much to the meaning of this dedication. He began this with his Jerusalem announcement and this would be the exclamation point which could only help. If the President is concerned about his attending making peace more difficult, not to worry, as long as Abbas and Hamas are in existence, then peace will not happen, as they do not desire peace, they desire all Israelis dead. President Trump should most definitely come to celebrate the fruits of his efforts. He signaled the importance and direction he intended for the emphasis of his foreign policy with the selection of his Ambassador to Israel, his choice of Ambassador to the United Nations and his establishment of a special group to affect his policies in the Middle East. This was further established with his statements about the unviability of the Iran Nuclear Agreement and his slowly sliding towards pulling out of the agreement and placing embargoes back on Iran, which President Donald Trump announced Tuesday where he called the 2015 agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) an “embarrassment” that “should never have been reached.” The President added, “After the sanctions were lifted, the dictatorship used its new funds to build nuclear capable missiles, support terrorism, and cause havoc throughout the Middle East and beyond.” President Trump stated pointedly, “The agreement was so poorly negotiated that even if Iran fully complies, the regime can still be on the verge of a nuclear breakout in just a short period of time. The deal’s sunset provisions are totally unacceptable.” This and his declaration recognizing that Jerusalem was exactly as King David declared, the eternal capital of the Jewish State. Some things simply are beyond man’s ability to alter, something all the previous Presidents thought their wavers prevented the truth; it did not. One thing which was definite, the Jerusalem Municipality welcomes transfer of United States Embassy.


Jerusalem Municipality welcomes transfer of United States Embassy

Jerusalem Municipality welcomes transfer of United States Embassy


The Palestinian Authority, PLO, Fatah and every other organization which has any relation to Mahmoud Abbas have all called for everyone officially attached to their organizations, parties, governing groups, terror organization or any other identity to boycott the establishment of the new American Embassy in Jerusalem. This, they believe, will ruin the reality of the establishing of the Embassy of the United States in Jerusalem. They all have a very high view of themselves and we ask what difference does their refusal make and who actually expected them to come and applaud the opening of the United States Embassy, especially in Jerusalem. Hamas has decided that they will breach the border fence between Gaza and Israel and storm Jerusalem foiling the attempt to establish the United States Embassy in Jerusalem. Hamas has sworn that this will be the finale to their Gaza month of riots and it will be a grand spectacle. Some people are risking the lives of the youths who unfortunately believe what they have been fed and even believe their efforts will prove invincible and they will overwhelm the Jews. They have been fed a regular diet about the cowardly Jew who cannot find the strength to stand up to their grandness of will and their Arab will which Allah uses to make them into the weapons of the new caliphate and thus impervious to the IDF soldiers. They have been told that their rushing an IDF position will so frighten the Jew soldiers that they will drop their weapons and flee in terror and then they can use those weapons to kill the fleeing soldiers. Many of them believe the entirety to be a lark, a game where they play the part of the indignant and insulted party and the Jews are not going to use force to prevent their efforts because, well, because that is what they are told to believe and all too often the IDF appears reluctant to use deadly force. This has reinforced this idea in their heads that the IDF is scared to actually shoot them. It is honestly a sad reality that the reluctance of the IDF to take lives needlessly and without overwhelming need might lead to them needing to shoot into a crowd of hundreds of youths who have been told by their Hamas leaders that their time to storm the fence and march on Jerusalem has finally come. These Hamas leaders will be right behind them all the way, about two or three miles behind them. Hopefully non-deadly force will be all that will be necessary to prevent the youth from reaching a point where deadly force is the only option left to the soldiers.


This brings us to the question of what happens if the worst-case scenario should come to pass. There are several such scenarios. The mass of youths breaching the Gaza fence is the most obvious and among the most dangerous. The best scenario with this would be water cannons and other nonlethal crowd control methods, even to include sound amplification methods, will be sufficient to prevent an extended breach. Should the Hamas effort include people shooting at the IDF from within the breaching crowd, that will leave no choice but to return fire and hopefully snipers can pick off only those with weapons and the IDF troops not be forced to fire into a crowd of apparently unarmed individuals simply because they are taking fire from somewhere within the group. This was a tactic used before in the Gaza Wars where Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters would grab a younger child and run from one position to another position holding the child to their torso using them as a bulletproof vest. This has been brought up at the United Nations by Ambassador Haley.


The other item which must be guarded against, and this is where preparations and intelligence serve as the best hopes, is to be ready to intercept and prevent any attack on the ceremonies by terrorists or other forces. Hamas has rockets which are capable of reaching Jerusalem and Hezballah and the IRGC have many missiles which could be used to target specific targets within Israel, anywhere within Israel including Jerusalem. The Palestinian Authority does not have the rocket capability compared to Hamas and the Iranian backed Hezballah and IRGC, but it would not take much of a rocket to cause an international incident. Such an attack does not even need to be remotely accurate, simply anywhere within a number of blocks would be sufficient to shut down the ceremony unless serious orders were given to ignore the distraction, as the dedication cannot be prevented by such an act. Such a decision could only come from one of two people, President Trump or Secretary of Defense Mattis. There is only a chance that one of these gentlemen will be present to give such an order, and he is still undecided. There are other threats which will overshadow the preparations and potentially the ceremony itself. The preparations are the antidote to any interference with the ceremony, but that does not mean there might not be some surprises. We hope all will go smoothly and, to be honest, we have sufficient faith in the Israeli intelligence and IDF to feel confident that everything will go smooth as silk.


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April 9, 2018

Where Are the Environmentalists?


The environmental movement members are the first people to scream about any and almost every threat to the environment. Oh, right, I forgot, the Arab Palestinians get a free pass on everything and only those accusations which can be leveled on Israel get any attention. They gather a large pile of wood chips, set them alight, and then cover them to prevent them burning completely. Eventually this causes a block forcing the wood chips within the pile to soak in energy as they are placed under heat and the gathered smoke and carbon dioxide from the above layers and they smolder becoming charcoal briquettes. This works but produces great plumes of smoke throwing large amounts of contaminants into the air causing pollution to such an extent that many people in the area need to wear masks to filter the air they breathe. Below we have a four-picture montage showing the procedure. This production is carried out seven days a week almost nonstop all year round. The effects of the area are immeasurable. For some reason there have been absolutely no environmentalists protesting this primitive and heavily polluting method of producing charcoal. Modern methods place the wood chips inside an airtight container, fill it with carbon-dioxide gas, and then apply heat, making briquettes with minimal pollution. With all the financial assistance the Palestinian Authority has received, hundreds of millions reaching into billions of Euros, one would think that they could have updated their equipment and permitted them to continue without posing a threat to not only the air, but when they wash the area down and allow the water to seep into the groundwater, they threaten the water supply for the entire area. And then the Palestinian Authority has the audacity to complain that Israel has not secured the groundwater and prevented it being polluted.


West Bank Arab Palestinian Charcoal Production is Primitive and Causing Unfathomable Levels of Air Pollution

West Bank Arab Palestinian Charcoal Production is Primitive
and Causing Unfathomable Levels of Air Pollution


But now Hamas has decided to use pollution as a cover for breaching their border in order to infiltrate terrorist cells into Israel. Below are a set of pictures which depict the steps used by Hamas this past Friday, April 6, 2018, to set-up their smokescreen under which they rushed the border fence in multiple places. The number of tires they set on fire was quite large, well into the thousands, and they burned for hours causing a great plume of thick black smoke. Had Israel committed the same environmental criminal act with the purpose of having the smoke disperse the rioters across the border, you can bet that there would have been environmental activists screaming and calling for prosecution of the Israelis responsible for this great crime against Gaia, their Earth goddess. But this crime against Gaia was committed by Hamas and that makes everything just copacetic. What the leftist extremists have decided is that any act, no matter how criminal or extreme, is permissible as long as it is used to work towards the destruction of Israel. Hamas has sworn to destroy Israel no matter how long it takes them. What is strange is that the world acts as if Israel has any rule or claim to Gaza, the area which Hamas and Islamic Jihad rules. Israel handed all of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority releasing any claims Israel had turning it completely over to the Arabs. The Palestinian Authority lost Gaza in a coup with Hamas taking control, Hamas and not Israel. Israel does not occupy Gaza releasing all claims to the territory in August of 2005 pulling the last IDF personnel out by early September of that year. What we are witnessing is a series of protests by Gazans against a foreign nation hoping the world will hold that nation responsible for their nation being mismanaged by its corrupt rulers. The air pollution was the idea of their terror masters and they used it to have civilians rush the fence with terrorists hiding amongst the people in hopes of infiltrating Israel. That is an attempt to place agents within a foreign nation with hopes of committing terror acts in the future. That is an act of war.


Tires Being Towed into Place, Wired to Explode and Burn, Tires Burning in Full Smoke Bloom, Arab Palestinian with Flag Celebrating Smoke Screen Oblivious to Environmental Catastrophe Created by Hamas Activities

Tires Being Towed into Place, Wired to Explode and Burn,
Tires Burning in Full Smoke Bloom, Arab Palestinian with Flag
Celebrating Smoke Screen Oblivious to Environmental
Catastrophe Created by Hamas Activities


The reality of such operations will soon be part and parcel of events which will be confronting President Trump and the people of the United States. Leftists within the United States are very probably going to protest and make great amount of ruckus when the illegal immigrant caravan reaches the American-Mexican border sometime in the next month. This group will not likely be burning tires and throwing Molotov cocktails or shooting at American Border Guards. They will be, however, invading the United States by crossing the border, very likely en-masse, attempting to gain illegal entrance and take up residence. Their end destination will likely be one of the many sanctuary cities where they will be protected from ICE agents. The coming confrontation, which will most likely occur on the California border, will prove interesting, as it will be a direct challenge to President Trump’s immigration policies. Should President Trump manage to place the military on the border, as he has stated is his intention, and this group is apprehended and returned to their countries of origin, then it is likely the next immigrant convoy will use more violent methods eventually reaching the level which Israel is facing with Hamas when the next combination is planned. The group behind the immigrant caravan is Pueblo Sin Fronteras. Pueblo Sin Fronteras proposes to remake the world with no borders by which they mean that anybody from the third world should be permitted to move to the industrialized world and live off the wealth of that world. Their world would have no borders and probably be ruled by a benevolent dictator who automatically understands the desires and needs of the people. Actually, we are willing to bet they have not figured out exactly how their world will function once they have succeeded in erasing the borders of all the nations. They probably would propose that they be permitted to continue to repair this broken world where there are rich nations and poor nations and that if only the rich nations would give their wealth to the poor nations, then everybody would be equal. The problem is that they are probably correct in that everybody would be equal, they would be equally destitute and starving as once they have destroyed the successful nations and given all their wealth to the poor nations where the dictators would take the cash and run, then nobody would have any wealth and the engines which created that wealth would be destroyed. But that is not their problem; they just want to make the world equal and matching their vision of complete and total borderless perfection. We wish President Trump luck, not just with this attempted invasion, but also with all the ensuing ones which the leftists will make sure continues as quickly as they can be arranged.


There have been some deaths and possibly hundreds of injuries with some actually requiring serious treatment. This is the only news which is guaranteed to be broadcast with great rapidity making appear as if Israel was shooting hundreds of Gazans per hour when the IDF has only shot at those either shooting at Israeli forces, those destroying border monitoring equipment along the border fence and those actually attempting to breach the border through destroying sections of the border fence or scaling the border fence. Hamas had been hoping that the first day or this past Friday that they might have enabled a mass rush on the fence intending to cause a large breach through which to have hundreds of Gazans to rush through with armed terrorists hidden within the mass of people. Hamas may still manage to force just such an event which will leave Israel with a serious decision to make. There will not be time for deliberating, debating the finer points, measuring consequences against potential harms of not acting and the multitudinous ramifications facing the IDF and the people of Israel. Common sense, something which has been lacking from the discussions of the entire situation, tells any serious person that no nation can permit a belligerent neighbor to flood across their border and even less so to have armed insurrectionists hidden within the flood of bodies who have plans for harming as many citizens of their nation once the infiltrations have been accomplished. Additionally, the riotous crowd has been whipped into a blood rage and will literally tear apart any Israelis they come upon if not prevented. This was made very apparent when two Israelis made a wrong turn and ended up in Nablus several years ago. Palestinian police placed them in a jail cell for safety and then fled the station when the mob approached. They flooded the station, took the keys, opened the cell and literally tore the two men’s bodies apart and called one man’s wife so she could hear his death screams. The crowd outside roared with approval as one of the people inside the jail leaned out a second floor window showing them his two blood-soaked hands (graphic picture). Imagine hundreds of crazed people looking for victims coming across a small farming kibbutz, which are near the Gaza border, where there may be four or five families residing.


The commanders of the IDF had better have already met with Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely and whomever else might have anything to contribute to the conversation and have met with them weeks ago when they first had an inkling of what was coming. The decision as to what the IDF soldiers are to do should a wave of humanity rush the border breaching the border fence pouring into Israel and start destroying everything they reach and swarming the troops themselves cannot be decided at the moment. This must not be a decision left to the commanders in the field, as any decision for such a threat must have been reached through deliberation by people who, as they say, get paid the ‘Big Bucks’ to make such decisions. Further, the troops who are manning the border during these riots, facing the several and various threats, should have had as much training for the many threats defining what is expected from them in as many of the different scenarios with which they could have to deal. Still, the coverage to date of the border offensive being mounted by Hamas, and that is what this is, an act of aggression by Hamas with the intent of breaching the border with Israel setting a murderous mob of thousands of people set on causing maximum damage and death to Israel and any Israelis they can find, has been next to atrocious as the only item they care to mention is the number of dead and injured as reported by Hamas. There has been little if any mention of the rioters throwing Molotov Cocktails, using slings to fire stones at lethal speeds, the rushing of the fence by mobs which required rubber bullets to disperse or the numbers of terrorists who have worked their way to the fence to destroy Israeli security devices and to shoot at the IDF positions. They have avoided mentioning that almost all those killed were known terrorists even when Hamas admitted that ten of those killed the initial day were from their military wing. There has been no mention of the little flag waving where they planted the Arab Palestinian flag (actually a modified Jordanian flag) along with a Nazi twisted cross, the swastika, in a field which apparently was invisible to much of the media outside the Israeli media (see image below). The media has decided that they are going to play the ‘peaceful protester’ angle to their maximum ability. The big news over the past week reported has been that approximately twenty Arabs have been killed by the IDF who were conducting peaceful protests. These protests are anything but peaceful and rioting assaults on the Israel border fence would be a better description. But what has the media ignored while focused so intently on the Israel Gaza border?


Swastika Flag Placed with Palestinian Flags in Gaza Field

Swastika Flag Placed with Palestinian Flags in Gaza Field


There has been a small amount of intense violence somewhere else in the Middle East. At a minimum, one-hundred-fifty people, mostly women and children, have been murdered in an attack on their city of Douma, just a little east of Damascus. This city of civilians and little else was bombed and struck with artillery. It is heavily suspected from the types and conditions found amongst the casualties that multiple kinds of chemical weapons including chlorine gas amongst other agents with suspicions that amongst the mix was Sarin nerve agent. This was indicative in the bodies found in a number of basements where the people had foam around their mouths and their bodies were in unnatural positions. There have been other reports by sources that airplanes dropped barrels of chemical materials on the city and its residents. More than a thousand civilians have shown affects by inhalation of chemical substances and are suffering from severe suffocation. The United States State Department responded that they were investigating whether or not Bashir al-Assad had again used chemical weapons and if affirmed, they would hold Russia to be accountable and should expect a response from the international community. That will be the day, but perhaps they would get a dressing down by United States Ambassador Nikki Haley. But even this atrocity was not sufficient to replace the two dead on the Gaza border as the lead story in the nightly news. Often it makes one wonder how much could happen around the world which would be ignored simply to concentrate on the potential for Israel to defend their border from an attack. Possibly Turkey, under orders from President Erdoğan, is sweeping across northern areas of Syria in a genocidal cleansing of the Kurdish region going city by city. All the violence in Syria and the unreported violence against the northern regions of Iraq where Iraqi military, with IRGC troops assisting, have been pushing the Kurdish forces from the regions they took from the Islamic State. But quick, we need to go see if Israel has done anything contemptable the media can report with breathless exasperation.


Bombing of the Syrian City of Douma Where Over One-Hundred Killed

Bombing of the Syrian City of Douma Where Over One-Hundred Killed


These riots which will be continuing through the middle of May, peaking every Friday afternoons after services and the Imams call for violence. The Hamas intention is to have the levels of violence ramp up higher each week hoping that it will result in a mass crossing of the Israeli border forcing open warfare which they believe will prevent the moving of the American embassy to Jerusalem. Some security experts have pegged the date which Hamas has chosen for this invasion of Israel to be May 14, 2018, which is the proposed day the United States is to announce their embassy move. Their hope is such a threat of violence will have the United States postpone the official announcement of their embassy move. One can only hope that President Trump is made of stern enough stuff to foil such a move by making the announcement despite the Hamas threats. As we stated in our earlier article, we believe that Hamas will utilize the advantage of larger numbers which appear, as scheduled, every Friday to attempt their mass infiltration and initiate their war against Israel on that previous Friday, May 11, 2018. If such should come to pass, the world will soon be in full throat screaming how dare Israel take upon itself the right to defend their border. What is lost is that Israel abandoned all claims to the entirety of Gaza. Every Israeli citizen was relocated within Israel, every military structure was destroyed, the green houses were left completely intact and functional, and every Israeli military and government official was pulled out and the rule over Gaza was given over to the Palestinian Authority. This was declared to actually be the precursor Palestinian Arab State which would prove their intent and ability to have self-rule. This experiment failed unbelievably as within two years the Palestinian Authority had lost the entirety of Gaza to Hamas terrorist group in a coup. This caused Israel to impose the blockade on Hamas ruled Gaza, not on Gaza or its people, though they did suffer minor inconvenience from the blockade as it also limited their fishing areas. The wars were forced upon Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad attacks with rockets, tunnels, and other attacks. Hamas currently rules Gaza and could declare themselves to be a nation and Israel would have no way of preventing their claim. Gaza is an area which currently is ruled by terrorists. Israel does not occupy Gaza nor does Israel have any influence beyond checking imports to prevent for military dual use and actual weapons, particularly heavy weapons, from being imported. The United Nations has ruled on the Israeli restricting of imports to Gaza and imposing a naval blockade on Gaza and found it to meet the requirements making it legal. The truth is that Gaza is a terrorist operation base which has used the majority of aid and funds from any and every source to attempt and destroy Israel denying Gazans any normalcy. There is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza caused by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The cement, steel rebar and concrete imported to rebuild apartments for Gazans has been instead diverted to build bunkers and tunnels including infiltration tunnels into Israel which, when detected, are destroyed by Israel as they are a security threat to the Israeli people. Each destroyed tunnel you have read or heard about in the news could have built three schools or clinics or could have rebuilt an apartment building. Despite the obvious diverting of these provisions, the European Union insists on Israel permitting additional provisions to rebuild the apartments knowing it will mostly be utilized to rebuild the infiltration tunnels and not to the advantage of the Gazan people. Gaza is a foreign entity which threatens the existence of the nation of Israel. If the rioting Gazans attempt to crash the Israeli border and flood into Israel, it would be within the right of nation’s self-defense for Israel to take all and any necessary steps to stem the invasion by these aggressor forces including live fire by military forces. The IDF would be within their legal rights to simply mow down the people as they cross into Israel to protect the Israeli population from this threat. The world will howl, but this is exactly what Hamas, Islamic Jihad and their terror compatriots’ desire. Their entire hope in these riots is to have at least one, if not more, incidents where there are mass casualties which they can approach the world demanding that Israel be forced to allow millions of Arabs “return” to their homes and take up their rightful citizenship as Israelis. Their intent is to destroy the Jewish State by forcing an Arab majority which can vote Israel into being another Arab state. Should they take control of Israel; the world can expect genocide of any remaining Jews. This is what the IDF may be forced to prevent as the Arabs attempt to infiltrate Israel and once inside claiming citizenship as returning refugees from the initial Arab Israeli war in 1948. Most of these infiltrators who might breach the border are under seventy years old which means they were not born in 1948, but why allow such little facts get in the way of destroying the only Jewish State making it into yet another Arab state.


Of course, if we were permitted to decide, Hamas would be toppled along with Islamic Jihad and the rest of the oppressive overlords in Gaza and the people there permitted to live in peace wherever they prefer. We would even bet Israel would be glad to offer them the same deal which was to be given the infiltrators, a relocation bonus making any move easier on them allowing them to start a new and free future wherever they choose outside of Israel. Israel might even offer to supervise democratic election to elect Arab governance in Gaza where they could live in a semiautonomous region protected from foreign infiltrations by terrorists or other threats by Israel and to live in peace and security. A similar deal might be made for the Palestinian towns in the Shomron once the world allows the removal of the Palestinian Authority who has frozen elections since 2005. Mahmoud Abbas is serving his thirteenth year of his five-year term he was elected to in 2005. Perhaps somebody might give President Trump a heads up on this idea, they do not even need give us credit, we do not mind. Honest. Meanwhile, Hamas is destroying the environment and the leading hypocritical environmentalists could not care less as it is all in the cause of destroying the Zionist Entity.


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