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May 3, 2019

Election America, to Steal or not to Steal


There is going to be an all-out assault during the next American elections with the media making mountains out of ant hills, not even a mole hill size items. They will barrage the American voters with a different Trump controversy, conspiracy, scheme, collusion and other enticing tidbits. Each of these claims will have a half life of about twelve hours making them disappear within a couple of days, which is why the media is already lining up their ducks and making sure they are all in a row. But no matter how much they are able to invent, infer, suggest, rumor and hyperventilate over, these efforts are going to be overshadowed by the Democrat Primary Race.


We all know that hell knows no fury like a leftist scorned, and the Democrat Primaries will have an ample quantity of leftists each competing to make the others appear stingy when it comes to offering free stuff. The Democrats will have two sides to their campaign, the who can out-spend all of the other candidates with offers of free medical coverage for all, free college for all, forgiving all college debts, guaranteed wage, fifteen-dollar an hour minimum wage, paid vacations and whatever other socialist gems in the rough they can invent. Their backstabbing, undercutting, slash and burn campaigning will provide everything the Republicans require to win the election without ever using anything which was not part of the Democrat no-holds barred campaigning.


But the Republican primaries might also have some excitement as the establishment, country club, old guard Republicans may very well put somebody up against Trump. Originally, that person appeared to be Mitt Romney as that was the reason for him bumping a fresh and upcoming young man from the ballot so he would be in a position to threaten Trump. Whomever the Republicans attempt to run against President Trump will likely be guaranteed to win the majority of states which will be in the Democrat’s pocket during the election and as such will be a great measuring as to how the election itself will play out. There is another possibility in that the chosen savior who is going to replace Trump on the Republican ticket actually is dragged across the finish line ahead of Trump. Should this be the result, the Republican hierarchy might be able to do to Trump what Hillary did to Bernie Sanders. This would not bode well for the Republicans as not replacing Trump on the ticket is very likely to have many Trump supporters simply staying home. The one secret to the Trump victory which has been mostly ignored were the numbers of first-time voters and people returning to active voting after taking a long break. Remember the little group known as the Silent Majority? Well, they may not be the majority but when it came to supporting President Trump, they definitely were not silent. Should they go quiet, then the Republicans will definitely lose the White House and very probably lose the House and a possibility of losing the Senate. Such a collapse of the Republican base would place the surviving Democrat from the primaries in the White House very probably with a favorable Congress. With a small amount of rule changing such as cloture requiring a simple majority instead of sixty votes and other adjustments and they would be capable of almost anything policy wise.


They Can do Socialism Right, Really?

They Can do Socialism Right, Really?


The next American elections could provide some of the most ridiculous articles when attempting to cover the give away for votes the Democrats appear to be ready to use as their campaign slogan. Get your free stuff here, for a small fee, but we will only tax the rich and if Elizabeth Warren should win, she has proposed the greatest job and wealth killer in the world, a wealth tax. Such a tax would see money and corporations fleeing the United States in order to protect their shareholders and the health of the company. The remainder of the initial squeaking from the overly crowded field of candidates has already laid out several plans and programs which would completely destroy the American economy and do so with great alacrity. The Democrat Party has become the American for Socialism Party with the banner claiming, ‘We can do it right unlike the previous thousand times socialism has gutted a national economy.’


The proof that the Democrats have become the supporters of socialism was proven by their reaction to the Israeli elections. Their hatred for Bibi Netanyahu stems from far deeper than his nationalist agenda and stated support for the Israelis residing beyond the Green Line. Their initial distaste for Bibi Netanyahu originates back in the early 2000’s when he was assigned to be the Israeli Finance Minister. Ariel Sharon gave Bibi this assignment because it had been the death knell for every former Finance Minister as the Israeli economy was hamstrung with heavy amounts of socialism left over from the thirty plus years of the Labor Party running the country. Bibi immediately started to sell off many of the government agencies to private corporations completely separating them from government control. The taxes were revamped to be more favorable to research and development and allowing for the retention of more of the wealth. Israel still has that burdensome VAT tax, but some things might be going too far too fast. Still, Bibi transformed much of the Israeli economy into one based on Capitalism. Bibi also reinvested in Israeli companies giving them an advantage in receiving government contracts over foreign companies. These transformations took Israel from Socialistic economy to a Capitalist economy and the country has never looked back. But to the current Democrat leadership, such a transformation is taking the economy in the wrong direction. They insist that the government be the decider of who will be a winner and who will be the loser. Government will guarantee that workers have all the rights and the corporate owners will be made subjected to the worker’s demands. Should the American people choose their policies, then America could be heading over the falls without even a barrel.


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April 29, 2019

Poway California Synagogue Shooting and Other Hot Topics


Here we are once more with a Synagogue being attacked with the shooting taking at least one life. The media will play this horrific episodic hate the full coverage as the perpetrator is apparently an alt-right White Supremacist. The condemnations will come from all corners with much of the media attempting to link this shooting with Trump. The logic is that those on the right are all exactly identical in their beliefs, politics and thoughts. To the leftist media, President Trump is conservative and nationalist and these alt-right hatemongers are presumed to be conservative and are nationalist, thus they are identical. This breaks down exceedingly quickly once people take the time to think. Many on the alt-right favor a fascist dictatorial government while President Trump supports a Constitutional Democratic Republic. These are definitive and separate ends that these groups seek and there can be no overlap between them. The White Supremacists desire doing away with the Constitution and its guarantees and giving out selective citizenship excluding most, if not all, minorities, this would definitely include Jews, and allowing only those who agreed with them completely any real rights under the law. Should the government ever be taken over by these groups, the United States would be over. If these White Supremacists are such a great problem, why are most of the public comfortable in that they hold no power. Perhaps this is due to their percentages of the population are in the single digits and in some states near to nonexistent. The alt-right have no political power throughout most of the United States and the majority are already known to law enforcement officials at multiple levels. But, so very unfortunately, one or two of these crazies perpetrate horrific crimes such as the Squirrel Hill Synagogue shooting of October 27, 2018, and now, a mere six months later, the Poway California Synagogue shooting. The only fortunate thing from this latest criminal attack upon Jews at worship was that the congregation reacted to prevent further casualties. Their threat of force against the shooter sent him cowering and fleeing as soon as he realized there was going to be resistance. According to officials, the suspect is a nineteen-year-old adult white male from San Diego. Initially, he fled the scene, but later surrendered to police.


Chabad of Poway Synagogue

Chabad of Poway Synagogue


But if it is as the facts point out, that the numbers of white supremacists, Nazis in particular along with other anti-Semites on the alt-right, have been steadily decreasing, how can it be the anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic acts have been steadily rising? The most obvious answer is that there must be another source of anti-Semitism which is rising precipitously. One of the first hints as to the source of this growing anti-Semitism is that it is found to be quite prevalent on the nation’s college campuses. Some have even struck into the mainstream media. Our first example was from before the armed assault on the Poway synagogue, the international edition of the New York Times ran a cartoon depicting a blind Trump wearing a yarmulke being taken for a walk by a dog sporting a Star of David. If this cartoon does not reek of the anti-Semitic trope that the Jews or Israel controls the United States, in this case the American President. But what about biases from other angles which refuse to report news which would favor Israel as it would depict a Palestinian as wanting to commit terrorism within the United States.


There was a report in American newspapers this week, where you saw headlines such as, “Wisconsin Mom Accused of Spreading Support for ISIS” to “Wisconsin Mother of Seven Charged with Trying to Recruit for ISIS” and “Wisconsin Woman Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Charges.” We found these reports and more which we will allude to from an Israeli editorial titled, “Just don’t call her a Palestinian Arab! US media plays a game” by Stephen M. Flatow. There was a secret the media did not see fit to share with the American public and the world about this energetic mother, Waheba Issa Dai. For example, NBC didn’t even mention that she was born in Jerusalem while the New York Times and the British Daily Mail went so far as to transpose this Palestinian Arab born in Jerusalem into being born in Israel. Could this mean that the media has realized that Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel and not contested lands? Not a chance as they will be declaring that eastern Jerusalem must be made Jew free and become the capital of historic Palestine which is a KGB invention by which the Arabs would be better able to victimize the Jews. Why would the media go so far around the truth when an Arab Palestinian was recruiting for the Islamic State while planning for a high casualty attack in the United States for which she was reportedly manufacturing biological weapons in her home. Perhaps they figured that the average American or citizen of the world would automatically know from her name, Waheba Issa Dai, everything about her origins, nationality (claimed and actual), along with virtually every other particular which they decided was not necessary to report. Imagine if it was someone who actually was an Israeli and not a Palestinian Arab who was doing such activities. You would know everything including interviews with neighbors from the old community down to whether they served in the IDF and every other extraneous fact they could glean.


The new anti-Semitism has nothing similar with the historic, classic anti-Semitism of generations ago; today anti-Semitism is most often expressed as anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism and these slurs are used to incorporate all Jews who are unwilling to expressly denigrate and condemn everything about Israel and to become their Jew vanguard behind which they crouch ready to devour any Israel supporter, Jewish or otherwise. For a Jew to be innocent of being part of the Israel conspiracy, which is defined as the Jews of the world having their dual-loyalty and working undercover to control the world and every nation where they reside, they must accept the BDS Movement and support SJP. Jews are providing organizations which Jews are able to join with other Jews for the expressed purpose of supporting every anti-Israel protest, sign every anti-Israel petition, produce their own versions of anti-Israel literature, editorials, letters to the editor and comments on social media. These Jews have lavished praise showered upon them by most of the media, the Arab driven anti-Israel often terror-tied groups, anti-Semites everywhere pointing to them as the good Jews and even the alt-right use them for cover for their hatred of Israel because of its Jewish nature. All of these are very active on the American college scene and are influencing the future leaders of America and Europe. You do not have to scour the news for examples as three were recently elected to the House of Representatives and two of them have been quite vocal and quotable, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.


All of this hatred against Israel and its infection of the colleges and universities where the future leadership arises is troubling to say the least. Many claim that the main place which will face a troubling future due to these changes is Israel. Unfortunately for many nations of the world, Israel will be affected largely by having the vast majority of world Jewry coming home to a warm and gratifying welcome. Israel, people claim, is too small to accommodate a doubling of the population from a mass emigration of the world’s Jews making Aliyah. There are two problems with their claims, one is that we are probably at best talking half or possibly as high as three-fifths of the world’s Jews coming home as the remainder will remain blind to what is happening and believe that they are amongst the good Jews who are safe. In the end, there are no good Jews and their safety will dissipate in an instant and they will be shocked by the ensuing events; and two, Israel has one third of the country sparsely populated just waiting for Jews to come and transform the southern regions of the Negev Dessert into something unimaginable until it has been completed. Some see a new high-tech center where every form of advanced research and production will take place and lead Israel into the brightest of futures along with those nations who are not taken over by an anti-Semitic rage. It will be the nations where these anti-Semitic haters of Israel and Jews become the ruling elite as once they have the power to execute a transformation to a new system of governance and laws by enacting Sharia instead of the Constitution, Magna Carta, the latest French Republic (currently on number five but who knows when six will be required) and the governing laws and jurisprudence and laws of the land of others as well.


As we reported yesterday, there may be an inevitable clash brewing in the Middle East which will be largely about, you guessed it, oil. The United States, more accurately President Trump, is poised to end the waivers granted to numerous Asian states which imported a fair amount of their oil from Iran. The United States and the Gulf Nations are stepping up production to meet these nations’ needs but Iran receives forty-percent of their annual revenue from their oil sales. Preventing the sale of Iranian oil has always been a red line with Iran though President Trump will likely point out he is not banning their selling their oil, just warning that doing so comes at a cost. If the world prefers doing business with the United States over buying Iranian oil, then that is their choice. Such will not sit well with the Mullahs of Iran, many of which have been itching for a fight with both the United States and Israel. Yes, should a shooting war erupt over the Strait of Hormuz and potentially the Bab-el-Mandeb where the Red Sea exits past Yemen at this choke-point, perhaps that is the reason for having one aircraft carrier stationed on the Mediterranean side of that waterway. Such an outbreak will be sold by many on the left as President Trump fighting this war for Israel claiming that Iran has never done anything to America. Well, perhaps the validity of that claim needs some inspection.


We will start this review looking at the 1983 Beirut barracks bombings in which caused the deaths of three-hundred-five victims constituting two-hundred-forty-one United States military personnel, fifty-eight French military personnel and six civilians while destroying United States Marine Corps barracks at the Beirut Airport along with the Ramlet al Baida in Beirut where the French troops were billeted. The 1998 United States Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania have also been linked and attributed to sources within the Iranian government. Both Iran and Sudan have been found to be complicit in the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole docked in Yemen for refueling at the time of the attack. Iran has been supporting the revolution by the Houthis in Yemen as part of their efforts to surround Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States with the intent of eventual conquest. It has been brought to light that the 2003 United States Riyadh Compound bombings were planned and trained in Iran and received Iranian assistance as well as protection. Iran is thought to have provided aid for the Taliban against American forces. Please allow us one last mention, the 2011–12 Strait of Hormuz dispute which included at least one American vessel being struck by a mine and the ensuing naval battle between American naval forces and Iranian naval forces. This one-day battle was dubbed Operation Praying Mantis by the United States launched in retaliation for the mining of the USS Samuel B. Roberts resulted in American units sinking one Islamic Republic of Iran Naval frigate, one gunboat, and as many as six armed speedboats and seriously damaging a second frigate. These are just some of the altercations between the two nations since the 1979 takeover of Iran by the Grand Ayatollah and new Supreme Leader of Iran Sayyid Ruhollah Mūsavi Khomeini.


The only reason that Israel could become involved in such an altercation simply rides on the fact that the Iranian leadership has stated emphatically that any attack by any forces from the Western world will result in Iran immediately loosing attacks upon Israel. Their logic is that the only reason any nation would take up arms against Iran would be due to the Israeli and Jewish ability to have other nations fight her wars. Israel has never threatened to enter into armed conflict with Iran. The reason Iran makes this threat is because they believe it would make a difference in the plans by the United States or other Western nation as they would be concerned for Israel. That is not of any real importance to the United States or others as they would leave any attacks upon Israel up to Israel to defend against and take whatever required steps may be deemed necessary. If the past is any way of measuring the future, Israel was specifically ordered to stand down during the two Iraq wars as a means of not forcing the Arab allies from removing their support. Israel was attacked by Saddam Hussein’s forces as they launched a series of Scud missiles in the direction of Israel. Israeli sources reported that eight Scud missiles had landed within Israeli territory, three in Tel Aviv, one in Haifa, three in largely unpopulated areas in remote regions and one in an unknown location. What any future Middle East conflict will take is anybody’s guess but one thing will probably be true in such a conflict, the Americans and any European allies will insist Israel do their best to intercept incoming missiles but to leave all military actions to the allies, especially if they have Arab allies. The one Arab ally which America can depend upon other than Israel is Saudi Arabia. The problem with any altercations breaking out between Iran and the United States is that Iran currently commands the areas not only of Iran but of Iraq, Lebanon, most of Syria as well as good relations with the rebel forces in Yemen who control much of that nation and with the Sudan. This is an area almost equal in size to the United States and does not include the Hezballah camps such as the one in the South American three borders region. These truths in the world and the media will continue to stress the story-line that all anti-Semitism comes from the alt-right which they link to President Trump despite all evidence to the contrary even to include the alt-right denouncing virtually everything President Trump has done which benefits Israel.


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March 31, 2019

Jewish Disconnect Between Israel and America

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The disconnect is only superficially due to politics, though this does play an important role. The real difference needs be told, one separate from the other. The reason is that the disconnect has different roots in each sphere. The first thing which needs to be admitted is that the Jews in the United States are not all left wing, progressives belonging to the Democrat Party. There are a number of Republican Jews who are conservative in the United States who pale in numbers compared with the liberal Jewish establishment. There are leftist Jews in Israel who are of a sizable presence largely centered around Tel Aviv and most of the remainder in Jerusalem. This is not to claim that there are none in our little corner, we have some dear friends who hold leftist views. What is amazing is that though leftist Israeli Jews probably agree with their fellow liberal Jews in the United States on most social issues, they differ when it comes to the anti-Israel and anti-Zionist leftist radical in the United States. The conservative minority in the United States is more closely aligned with the conservative Jews in Israel with few exceptions beyond some religious perceptions about Israel and whether she should have waited for the Messiach to come and found the new Jewish State (there are some Jews in Israel who actually agree with this sentiment). This article will be dealing largely with the liberal and leftist Jews in the United States as they are the majority and the nationalist-conservative Jews in Israel as they are also the majority (though not by as great a percentage though that is changing).


The first thing is evidenced on numerous college and university campuses where young Jews protest Israel and tout the Arab Palestinian mantras all of which are calls for the destruction of Israel as the Jewish State. There are numerous American Jews who would need to be pushed forcefully before they would ever consider making Aliyah and moving to Israel. They believe that the United States is the new “Promised Land” and that Israel is simply a quaint little nation which is nice but not really anything central to their lives. This is a fiction which has infected the Jews time and time again throughout the ages. The Jews are a people whose desire to find perfection of the human society which often leads them astray. The Jews are often at the forefront of new ideas, be they societal or political and, as both things go through cycles, they often are treading on ground which was traveled before and ended with the same tragedy which their new great hope will eventually reach. Perhaps some bit of an explanation with recorded historical realities will make this more clear.


Everyone has probably heard the Exodus story about how the Jews were led by Moses from slavery in Egypt to the Promised Land of what is today Israel. What was likely left out of the telling is that not all the Jews left Egypt with Moses. Jewish oral history notes that approximately twenty-percent of the Jews left Goshen and Egyptian rule to take what must have seemed to be a perilous trek across the desert and through numerous lands each with their own peril. The greater majority chose to remain in Egypt where food was plentiful, their days were ordered by their Egyptian rulers, and they had few decisions or responsibilities for leading their own lives. Further, Egypt, for them, was the great empire which would last forever and was the future and the easier road to salvation. One may ask what ever happened to those Jews who remained in Egypt. They assimilated and were never hear from again. Those Jews who do not heed Hashem’s call to follow the proper path will find themselves cutoff from their brothers and sisters only to perish from the history of the Jewish People. Even those who left Egypt with Moses did not all take the entire journey to the Promised Land and skipped the forty years in the desert. We know this as there has been Jewish styled artifacts found in the Greek Isles along with other items from periods well before Alexander the Great unified the Grecian city-states. These artifacts even predated the First Temple. Those who went with Moses are the lineage of the modern Jews.


After reaching the Holy Lands, the Jews had a long and fruitful number of centuries before there came a divide over who was the rightful heir to the throne after King Solomon. The kingdom split and became the northern Kingdom of Israel consisting of ten tribes and their priesthood and the Kingdom of Judea which consisted of two tribes and their priesthood. The northern kingdom was conquered by the Assyrians and was lost until modern times and was referred to as the ten lost tribes of Israel. The southern kingdom of Judea was eventually conquered by the Babylonians. The Babylonians fell to the Persian Empire led by Cyrus the Great who allowed the Jews to return to the Promised Land and were told to rebuild their Temple. Once more we are told that a mere twenty-percent of the Jews returned with the remainder enamored with the greatness of Persia. These Jews were all but assimilated believing that Persia was the entire future of humankind. These Jews got a reality check from which we get the story of Purim. Hamas convinced the king that the Jews were disloyal and supported their kingdom over his rule. The king ordered that the Jews be exterminated only to find out his queen was a Jewess. The king them allowed the Jews to defend themselves on the ordered day for their extermination and the Jews prevailed. Still, these Jews did not all immediately pick up and head for Jerusalem. A mere pittance, a remnant, chose to return to the Promised Land.


Persian Empire Capital of Persepolis

Persian Empire Capital of Persepolis


Persia fell and on came Alexander the Great and the Greek Empire. Once again, there were a large percentage of the Jews living in the Promised Land who were mystified by the Greeks and their philosophy. These Jews were referred to as Hellenistic Jews though their attachment to Judaism was far from perfect. Many Jews became so overcome by the Greeks and they believed that this was the end of history and surely the Greek Empire would rule the world. Well, then came Rome and the Roman Empire with its glory and wealth and again Jews left their faith in the belief that this must surely be the new age which would last eternally. These Jews disappeared when Rome fell or held out until Byzantium fell. The Jews who have remained loyal to their faith, as well as any other Jews the Romans felt were undesirable, were dispersed throughout the Roman Empire with some sold into slavery to peoples outside of the empire. This was largely responsible for the Jews ending up spread throughout Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Here again, the Jews ended up split into two separate groups each with their own difficulties. Many are very familiar with the trial and tribulations faced by the Jews across Europe and Russia. They faced pogroms, forced conversions, inquisitions, purifications and expulsions often sending them almost all the way across Europe seeking a safe refuge to restart their lives. The Jews who lived in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) were soon ruled by the Caliphate as the Islamic Empire spread across the MENA region. These Jews also faced persecution which is seldom recorded in history as the European historians accepted what they were told by the Muslims as the reality and that everybody lived in peace and harmony. This is what is referred to as Taqiyya. Jews under Islamic rule, same as Christians, were persecuted and faced forced conversions. Whenever things went awry and times were difficult, whether in Europe or under Islamic rule, the Jews were often the scapegoat and faced threats to their existence often resulting in mass executions. Such times could be economic, a plague, famine, floods or any calamity whether manmade or natural. The difficulties faced by these Jews resulted in many converting both under duress and by choice seeking to improve their lives. Even after conversion, former Jews were watched with suspicion that they were secretly practicing Judaism, and some actually were such as the Moranos of Spain during the Inquisition.


Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms

Taqiyya defined in plain and simple easy to understand terms


The Jews residing in the region of MENA faced the perils of the Islamic and later the Ottoman Empires with the additional challenges Jews faced virtually everywhere on the globe. The Jews of Europe spread to the New World along with their respective countries as they established colonies. This simply served to spread the Jews even further around the world. Back in Europe, the Jews faced new threats and found new saving ideas and movements which they joined often with great hopes. One such cause was Communism which a number of Jews supported believing the ideals of community and shared property would bring equality and they expected acceptance. That was short lived as Stalin would enact numerous laws which victimized Jews and the Soviet Pogroms were just as horrific as were the pogroms under the Czars. The one deception which can be attributed to the Czars was the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. What was one of the most damning things about the purges of Jews by Stalin and the Holocaust by the Nazis was the fact that Stalin blamed the Jews for the rise of fascism while Hitler blamed the rise of Communism on the Jews. Often, when looking at Jewish history, it is a story of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Also as part of the Jewish history in Europe, it included being forced from the British Isles, the Spanish Inquisition, the purification of France and of Italy and numerous other persecutions by one nation after another. The Jews were blamed for the plague, droughts, economic difficulties and even for practicing the only trades they were permitted, as most European nations forbid Jews owning land as land equaled wealth. The main profession other than trades of smithing, tailoring, butchering and the like, was exchanging money and allowing for trade outside of bartering as well as providing capital for investing. They were accused of usury often when a person of prominence was unable to repay their loan and decided that the solution was to blame the Jew who lent them the capital as having the Jew killed or run out of town freed them from their debt, read the Merchant of Venice written by William Shakespeare who wrote the tale in a period while Jews were barred from Britain. The truth is that for the most part, the Jews never saw their lives in Europe or across MENA as living in the age which was the end of history and capable of ruling the world and accepting them.


This brings us to the New World and in particular, the United States. Many American Jews believe, as their forefathers had mistakenly believed before them, that the United States was the future and the new Promised Land. This did have periods of difficulty but the United States despite not fully accepting the Jews until most recently, still allowed the Jews to enjoy all the freedoms and opportunities, even if some businesses refused to hire Jews. There was that brief but traumatic episode with General Grant and his General Order No. 11 (1862) which ordered the expulsion of all Jews in his military district, comprising areas of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky. General Grant laid the blame for black market activity, largely regarding cotton, on the Jews and ordered their expulsion and the confiscation of their lands and properties. The order was rescinded by President Lincoln, but not before most of the damage was done. After the Civil Rights movement gained equal rights for minorities, the Jews became convinced that at long last they had found the new age and the perfect land where they could remain and live in perfection. There have been some number of American Jews who have made Aliyah and live in Israel, probably well under twenty-percent which has historically been the norm. The Jews were not alone this time in their belief the time for the end of history has arrived. Francis Fukuyama, an American political and economic scientist, wrote a book titled, “The End of History and the Last Man” after the fall of the Soviet Union claiming that war and human conflict were not likely in the future as Capitalism had proven superior and there were no future discordances as all the important and potential for conflict had reached their definitive solution. He claimed that with the fall of Communism and the Soviet Union and the end of Fascism after World War II, all the opposition to liberal democratic capitalistic philosophy had been eliminated. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Fukuyama has reached a momentous conclusion, he has postponed the end of history.


There has been a rise anti-Semitism throughout the Western World and beyond. Most of the nations within MENA expelled their Jews after the founding of Israel in protest of the founding. This may have backfired as these over three-quarters of a million Jews into Israel and their descendants make up approximately half of the Israeli population. As an aside, we have seen the mixing of the European Jews with the MENA Jews which will make Israel truly a nation of a united and unique Jewish nation. There have been genetic studies which have shown that the European Jews are genetically similar with the same genetic roots as the MENA Jews. The similarity was to such an extent that those who conducted the studies were shocked at their findings as they were expecting that these two groups which had been separated for almost two millennia would definitely have departed genetically and it was next to impossible. Their conclusion decided that the Jews placed such an importance at marrying within the faith, that despite their residing apart would have led to their drifting apart through intermarriage and other means which would have led to genetic differences. The remaining Jews outside of Israel now reside predominantly in Europe and North America with pockets found spread around the globe. This is why the rise in anti-Semitism is mostly relegated to these two areas as well as the few pockets. This was brought to a head with the recent blowup over the anti-Semitic tropes used by recently elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Despite this extremely public display, it has had a fairly little if any effect in the American Jewish community. Many Jewish communities within the United States are, unfortunately, excessively insular where they act very much as an echo chamber which ignores much of the outside world beyond their work. This was just the apex of the rising anti-Semitism which was evidenced by rising attacks on Jews in Brooklyn in some of the most heavily Jewish areas. These attacks are simply the tip of the iceberg which is being underplayed by the American Jews as it impinges upon their belief that the United States is the Promised Land and it will be the great haven for Jews forever into the future. If only they were correct, such would make even the Jews in Israel happy, as we want only the best for all of our brethren.


The one quirk is that most of the Jews in Israel also see America through rose-colored glasses thinking that it is a golden land. Apart from they are correct, that is now and we can only wonder about the future. Were this to be true, it would be the first nation in history to break the Tytler Cycle (see below) which presents the stages societies have historically followed. Many of the ancient societies only were able to go around this cycle once before they were overrun by the next rising empire on their initial pass around the Tytler Cycle. The Jewish people have been around this circle far too many times and should have learned, but Jews are optimists if nothing else. Well, most Jews are optimists and our editor is the exception that proves the rule. But our editor is an exception in too many ways to even list. Any in-depth study of history proves the validity thus far in human experience of the Tytler Cycle, especially with the rise and fall of the early empires, the numerous rising and collapses of China and Japan, the rise and fall of the numerous European nations with some making their way around the circle more than once. There are arguments as to where on the cycle one finds the United States. The different opinions place it anywhere from Complacency to Apathy with some claiming Dependence. Jews in Israel have a view of the United States which is probably looking at her as she was a couple of decades ago and also refuse to recognize the rising anti-Semitism. Perhaps this is a blindness which has plagued Jews over all of history which would explain to some extent why they remain in nations and do not leave at the first signs that their acceptance is crumbling before their eyes. Whatever the reason, the next decade or two will be very crucial in determining whether or not the Jews have any future in the United States. Should the political climate, especially on the left where the majority of the Jews align, continue in taking the tack which recent events may be a preview, Jews will face an end to their acceptance in the United States. This will also shock the majority of Israeli Jews who believe that the United States and Israel are attached at the hip and never to part. They believe that America has always been a staunch ally of Israel completely oblivious to the fact that the United States did not begin to support Israel militarily until the early 1970’s. We know this because we have had to prove this repeatedly. This is their corollary to the belief that Israel cannot survive without the aid provided by the United States. We discussed this in depth here. As we have predicted, the day will come, and in the not that distant a future, when the aid from the United States will cease and it will probably do so precipitously and, in the eyes of most Israelis, with little or no warning signs. That is the extent of their willful blindness.


Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance

Tytler Cycle of Power in Governance


So, what are our conclusions from all of these presumed observations? This is where we often get into deep trouble. The most obvious is that America and Israel will probably go their separate ways after a messy divorce which will astonish Jews in both nations if not the entire globe. It will not be long after this that Jews start to find that they are not as welcome in many of the cities within the United States. There will be a slow but steady increase in acts of anti-Semitism in the United States only slightly lagging behind the same across Europe. Along the road to this end, the Jews will find themselves supplanted in the Democrat Party by Islamic interests. Jews will find themselves endangered on college and university campuses as one of the earlier warning signs. Synagogues will initially require guards when holding services and eventually require around the clock active protection provided by security companies who will place guards, and later armed guards, to protect them from attack. The same will occur for Jewish schools, daycares and organizational headquarters. Then their homes will come under attack and they will be advised to remove their mezuzahs from their doors for their safety as was temporarily advised for the Jews residing in the North of London or as happened in a community in San Francisco. (This article gives a summary of some of the incidents where this has occurred) With time, more American Jews will end up following their European counterparts in making Aliyah to Israel. The reality is that once the United States does turn on their Jews, other than Israel there will be no safe place to run. The world is going to spit out their Jews one region after another and the Jews in each place will be shocked and astonished with many not understanding what has happened and why they are being treated as they are. This has already struck the Jewish members of the British Labour Party despite the protestation of Jeremy Corbyn; the person one might claim is the ringmaster of the quickly rising anti-Semitism within the British left and the one facilitating the cover-up. At some point, the United States will have telegraphed the coming Jewish apocalypse when their support for Israel rapidly dries up and Israel is cast adrift by the United States. For this reason, we have advised as many as we are able to reach that Israel must begin to produce her own armaments, aircraft, ships, submarines and all other military equipment as she will soon find herself without any true friends. We realize that between nations there is no such thing as friends, simply nations with shared interests which are always subject to change. Israel is going to find that these shared interests are going to be changing and doing so rather fast unless the world takes a turn and alters its current trajectory. This coming alteration in the world and its alignments is a subject which we are likely to come back to from time to time with an ever-greater urgency as we see the approaching tipping point. Currently, this point is outside of our vision but the warning signs are so evident that its inevitability unfortunately appears to be unavoidable. Many Israeli and American Jews will be shocked by the progressing events and will refuse to believe those who predict them. Just as Jews were late in fleeing the Nazis, the Spanish Inquisition, the edict in Persia, the pogroms under the Czar and the purges under Stalin in Russia and so many other periods and times when they could have avoided torture, dispossession, expulsion and death, so will they remain in denial across Europe and in the United States and elsewhere never believing it could happen here. This was the response which Ze’ev Jabotinsky met when he warned the Jews in Eastern Europe that they needed to leave and move to the Promised Land even if they had to walk the entire way when he visited in the early 1930’s. This has been the reaction we have received from Jews we spoke with about this in the United States before we came to Israel and was also the reaction we received from our gentile friends. There is one gentleman with whom we are in steady contact who also denied what was coming and has told us, “You were right again and why don’t I ever believe you about these things.” We have faith he will learn before it is too late. We just hope that the Jews in the various regions, as they turn ugly, realize in time to safely relocate and return home to Israel. One last cautionary note, even after virtually every Jew has left the world and returned to Israel, Israel will still be the nation most scorned and regularly condemned by the United Nations, its various agencies and the vast majority of the nations on the planet despite her continuing to share her advancements, discoveries, innovations, medical procedures, computing software and the other various areas where Israel is one of the leading nations in such improvements.


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