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February 27, 2019

Answering My Most Asked Question


More than any other question is one few would expect to top my readership and friend list of questions. So, with no further buildup, here it is. Will there be a civil war in the United States. The answer in a single word is more than likely not. Much of the violence which appears to have plagued the United States has been in the major metropolitan areas and a few smaller but still main cities. These are areas which, even those in the most conservative states, are largely blue regions, also known as largely liberal and leftist areas where the Democrats basically rule the roost. As far as anti-fa instigated violence, it is mostly committed within cities and often against easily recognized chain stores such as McDonalds, Starbucks, the Gap and other smaller unit stores. They usually do not target major chain stores such as Sears, IKEA, Nordstroms or other stores which have security as the anti-fa people are interested in causing unopposed damage and violence with the exception being their attacking conservatives at Second Amendment, Republican candidate or similar rallies where they expect to be opposed by largely unarmed people. When the main people behind the violence are carefully choosing their targets in order to minimize the chance of real pushback then there is little if any possibility for any confrontation to escalate into that vital flash-point from which general violence would result. But this diagnosis holds solely through the next elections which will be Presidential Elections.


With the next Presidential elections, there will probably be additional violence above and beyond these elections. But that will still not escalate beyond the cities in which the problem will continue to exist. The real problem could come, if there is to be any problematic escalation, after the elections should President Trump win reelection carrying the Electoral College but losing the popular vote by a more than what people on the left believe reasonable margin. This has occurred before with Rutherford B. Hayes in 1876 losing the popular vote by about 4% but winning the Electoral College by 19 votes, Benjamin Harrison in 1888 winning the Electoral College by 65 votes while losing the popular vote by 90,596, and George W. Bush in 2000 where he won the Electoral College by a slim five votes after a contentious series of recounts and hanging chads in Florida and Al Gore won the popular vote by 543,895 votes. There are stories that President Trump also lost the popular vote but there are also stories which claim he won the popular vote once all votes had been tabulated so it is safe to say that it was very close. The thing is a President can win the Electoral College by winning a number of smaller states as well as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Michigan or Wisconsin by narrow margins while the Democrat had a healthy showing while losing Texas and took over two thirds or three quarters of the popular vote in California, New York, Oregon, Washington and across most of New England thus having a very large popular vote victory. This is close to what happened in this past election except the margin in the Democrat victories in the high population states was closer to 55% to 60% and not too overwhelming. But if the above were to occur, it would be possible for the elected President under the Electoral College to lose the popular vote by tens of millions which would cause an uproar, especially in the high population states and in virtually every major city breaking out in rioting and worse. How serious such might become would depend heavily on the actions of the mayors as if they, as happened in the riots in Baltimore after the unfortunate death of a person in police custody, decided to order the police to simply attempt to contain the rioting while allowing the riots to play out, that could cause the President to use federal power to end the riots which would appear to be completely out of control. That might cause an even greater amount of disruption as it might be interpreted as being overt and being used to punish the people who did not support them in the election causing even greater violence. Where such might lead is anybody’s guess.


We still doubt that a civil war is likely in the United States unless a President decided to impose martial law and suspend elections, then there would be people fearing an end to the democratic base of government and an end to the Republic. As long as government continues under normal operation, the majority of the American public would continue to have faith that the system was still functioning, and only if the electoral system appeared to be being ignored or completely suspended would there be sufficient cause for universal upheaval. The reason there would not be a civil war in the United States short of a President usurping power by such actions as suspending the Congress or dismissal of the Supreme Court replacing these Constitutionally established institution with the rule of the President, the one person, then the concept of a nation ruled by law and not man would be turned upside down replacing it with a nation ruled by a person and not the law. This is something most of the American people would not stand by and allow to happen. Also, should a President suspend the powers of the people provided by the Bill of Rights, this too would be going a step too far and likely to cause a general upheaval from the population. Were such to be done in a slower series of measures limiting freedoms through slow steps using laws and the legal system to end freedoms, then it might be possible to bring an end to elected governance and have a dictatorial takeover of the United States. Such an erosion of freedoms might begin with laws against ‘hate speech’ which could be utilized to shut down expressions which were against the sitting government and thus allow only those supporting the strict policies of those in power to be expressed. This could be followed by restricting assembly of groups where such speech and positions which opposed those in power from occurring. Then, should those in power have such a control over the powers of government on all levels including almost every state and large city, the people who hold opinions which might unseat those in power could be brought up on charges of holding hateful positions and even begin to have criminal charges brought against opponents for having hateful thoughts. Once it can be established that people can be arrested and charged with thought crimes, then nobody would be safe and those in power would have complete and total power. They could move against the opposing party starting with their representatives in the Congress and on the Supreme Court replacing them with only people having the approved opinions and now you have a hierarchy where a select group of people holding what is defined as correct thought are the sole holders of power. This is something which would have been inconceivable in the United States just ten to twenty years ago. The problem on the horizon is that an ever-growing number of youth coming from many of the major colleges when queried if hate speech should be illegal, agree and say that free speech should only come with limitations and restrictions. This is a frightening reality which if it should continue signals the end of the American Experiment. Such a series of events starting from this and spreading to all corners of political power would cause a civil war with uncertain results.


Should sufficient officers be selected, as Generals need be approved by the Senate as they are selected presumably by the President or at least the executive branch, hold the same beliefs that free speech need not be a total right and that only certain approved speech should be free, then there has started a slippery slope to a dictatorial governance. This would not be the kind of dictatorship where one person was chosen and no further elections were held, this would be a form of dictatorship where all government positions, even elected positions, would be restricted to those who were the most correct in their ideas and thoughts. This is the opposite of what the Founding Fathers had envisioned but by simply adopting limitations of freedom of thought could come into existence. By restricting thoughts and expression through speech to a certain set of politically approved ideas and concepts, then one has also subjugated the media and limited even what religious leaders would be permitted to preach. From that point, it would be a short jump before people would be rounded up and sent for additional schooling, otherwise known as reeducation camps. Soon after such has taken place, we can predict what the next step would be, and that would be limitations on religious thought and then practice. The first ones to be selected for eradication would likely be the same as has always been the first religion for subjugation or attempted for eradication, the Jews. They may be selected along with other groups such as Evangelical Christians has been one such group which some claim would be included with the Jews should the United States turn to the dark side. The reasoning on these predictions are predicated on the belief that as the mainstay of Judeo-Christian ethos, these two groups could be considered the largest threat to be the mainstay against far leftist ideology and these theories all believe that such a thought based governance would be extreme leftist styled fascism. As such, those against abortions on demand, euthanasia, open borders, no corporate profits over half a percent, open work hours, fixed incomes, extending public lands, elimination of private vehicles, elimination of fossil fuels and whatever else one could conceive from the far-far-far-left on top of free speech as long as it agrees with the government and a similarly restricted media, after all, don’t we all love Big Brother, and doing away with privacy and full surveillance would also be implemented just to detect even the slightest indication that one was outside of group-think policies, this is where such would eventually lead. This could only be established slowly over about two decades, and that is about all that would be required as the job has been half way to accomplished with the ideas supported by far too many college graduates. The nerds would be tolerated as long as they simply quietly made everything work and minded their manners and were not too obviously nerdy.


Many people think that such an end for the United States is so far from being the America of the past two and a half centuries that it would be impossible and might be surprised if they were to become aware of what is taught in the finest of higher education, and that is slipping ever so slowly but inevitable into high school and even further. Eventually, the concept which has already begun in some region where they are not teaching children to read independently but only of approved readings. How, you ask? They are not teaching phonics and sounding out words from their spelling but whole word recognition, which works fine for words such as enough, but for most words that would not be the preferred means of reading new words. But they do not desire your reading new words because words represent ideas and ideas are very dangerous. Thoughts lead to ideas and if a child can read anything, then they can have thoughts which are uncontrolled and then they might have uncontrolled ideas which lead to undesired conclusions which then may cause difficulties, especially if they are able to express them and spread these concepts. Thus, through this new age teaching methods using whole word recognition, children grow up with limited vocabularies and thus have free thought stolen from their lives. They have a new form of math that they teach. They teach children to solve equations the way a computer might be good at but which leaves the child with no ability to ever learn algebra, let alone calculus and higher mathematics. They are taught to guess and then make another guess and if that second guess comes closer to the desired answer, go further until they guess and are further from the answer and then reverse direction. I can think of numerous problems where this method might drive a child insane. This also only works well for equations with one variable, as soon as you add a second variable the number of answers could easily become infinite as it is for the very difficult equation where y=x3-4×2+6 which has a strange graph and uncountable correct answers (see graph below). For any value of y from -3 to +6 there are multiple answers for x which makes guessing rather difficult. That was not even a difficult equation as there are trigonometric equations where there would be multiple solutions or no solution depending on the values for x and y such as circles and ovals. But this is not as earthshakingly important as what they do not require and in too many schools do not teach at all. That is our next stop on this tour de force.


Graph of y=x3-4x2+6

Graph of y=x3-4×2+6


History is not required for a high school diploma. Not just world history, but they do not teach American history and even recent history such as the study of the two World Wars or the American Civil War. They no longer require a civics course or a course that includes and explains the make up of the American government. They do not study the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Declaration of Independence, so do not even bother to ask about the Magna Carta. When they did finally have a single six-week course in American history and government, these were all placed together, they never studied the Founding Fathers or any of the so-called old white men outside of the great emancipator who was included with Fredrick Douglass as they were mostly studying the Native Americans and Americans of color. In English, they read largely the writings of people of color and none of Shakespeare, Dumas, Dickens, Mark Twain, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Louisa M. Alcott, Mary Shelly, Dostoevsky or any of the classics because those had been taught already and it was necessary that the youth be introduced to writers of color. Perhaps the school district where my kids were educated was more progressive than most, or maybe they were just fortunate to have enlightened teachers, all I know is the teachers would dismiss my questions as ignorant and lacking depth and I just did not understand their new methods. This was nowhere more true than the mathematics teachers who basically told me that the methods I had been taught were the reason mathematics was so difficult and children hated it so much because the old ways just were not fun and they were not going to turn children off from math. One even said that if they got the wrong answer but could explain their reasoning, then they would get full credit. That included the reason of I guessed and it seemed close enough, as I actually asked that I was so frustrated by the eighth grade with the mathematics teachers. They are no longer educating the children and because of their unions, a teacher is next to impossible to fire once they have taught and received tenure. I can only try to imagine how future education will be and can only hold out hope that there will be machines teaching which realize that educated humans are easier for them to deal with and as such, they will actually educate children. Perhaps this education or lack thereof has been designed such that when everything falls apart, nobody will know any better and it will all appear to be normal and orderly no matter how discombobulated governance becomes.


Beyond the Cusp


November 1, 2018

Anti-Semitism is Apolitical


Hatred, particularly anti-Semitism, knows no specific side of the political debate, as it lies predominantly at all extremes. Anti-Semitism comes in a plethora of variations and root causes from every direction of the political fields. There are extreme leftists, extreme nationalists, white Supremacists, Black power movements, Islamic inspired, Christianity driven, Monarchists, Anarchists, Isolationists, Tribalists, Totalitarianists and probably even more than we care to list. The other thing is that anti-Semitism is something with which every age has had to struggle. The main difference was if the governance was struggling to eradicate it or using it to eradicate the Jews. There is a trope about the Jews always residing away from the rest of the community and often within a walled in community. This has been used to claim that the Jews were anti-social and exclusionary. The story often goes that wherever one finds a Jewish community, they live alone, separate and within walls to keep the world out. This claim makes an erroneous assumption, namely that the Jews chose this way of living and were the ones who built the wall. The reality is that when Jews came to a town or city, they were herded into a particular restrictive area where they were made to live separate from the others and the rest of the town or the city built the walls to keep the Jews within and not mixing with the general population. The walls were not to keep the others out but to force the Jews to remain separated and alone. When a new Jew would come with their family or alone, they were made to enter the shtetl (ghetto) and with time, these areas became excessively crowded. This was often easily accomplished as in most of the world, Jews were forbidden from owning land. This continues today in the Islamic world and is most evident in the Palestinian area neighboring Israel where should an Arab sell land or even an apartment to a Jew, they face a death penalty or, if “fortunate,” they face torture and if survived the rest of their life at hard labor. What must be stated at this point is that for many of the political definitions, just belonging to one group does not automatically make one an anti-Semite. Further, just because a person was born Jewish, it does not mean they cannot become an anti-Semite, as there are what are referred to as self-loathing Jews (George Soros for example).


Let us now broach a subject which is not going to win us tons of new friends, President Donald Trump. There have been consistent streams of screeds claiming that President Donald Trump is an anti-Semite. We are not going to go the usual route of claiming because his daughter converted and his grandchildren are Jewish that this makes him immune to the disease of anti-Semitism. We will agree with his detractors here in that this does not buy him an automatic bye. Instead, allow us to reach back to an ancient time during the past century into the 1990s. The place is Palm Beach, Florida where the existing country clubs and golf courses were all “whites only” with no blacks or Jews permitted and some even looked askance of Catholics. Donald Trump, in his own fashion of not really caring what everybody else was doing and going along to get along, opened a new spacious country club called, “Mar-a-Lago.” The rules for admittance to join this new country club, Mar-a-Lago, was very plain and simple, could you afford the fees to join. There were no other requirements or restrictions whatsoever. This ruffled quite a few feathers in the exclusively white community and he was blasted for his failure to be selective. He was given cold shoulders, every conceivable restriction to prevent his establishing the club, red tape blitz and other indignities and all because he desired to be different, to be inclusive and to accept everyone for who they were without prejudice. Donald Trump’s persistence paid off in spades as it lead to the eventual desegregating of every one of those formerly exclusive clubs into inclusive clubs. What Donald Trump did in Palm Beach was to buck the “good-ole-boys” club and instead came to town and established a new sheriff and new rules which with time everyone came around to implementing. Donald Trump could have far more easily opened Mar-a-Lago and kept it just as exclusionary as the existing system all but demanded, but he is not a racist, is not an anti-Semite and does not hate on such false grounds. If Donald Trump hates anybody, they likely crossed him in such a way that they deserve what they get.


The anti-Semitism which is growing in the United States is actually an old source which the Jews have suffered from before. Yes, there are still people like those we mentioned from Palm Beach who simply prefer not to associate with Jews, as their elitist circles are all old, established and exclusionary circles. These are fading from society but some persist. Then there are the Nazis, skinheads and fascists forms of anti-Semitism that are easily seen and who make themselves known often attempting to mount marches through predominantly Jewish neighborhoods such as they did in Skokie, Illinois in 1977, which led to a court suit where the Nazis won the right to march under their First Amendment rights of free expression (see image below). The one appreciated thing about these old and persistent Jew haters is that they make themselves known and easily identified and do not hide behind niceties and fancy words to camouflage their hate, they just come right out and put it in plain sight. Then there are still the less obvious extremists of the paleo-conservatives who hold to many of the segregation based concepts and ideas and for the majority, their most ardent hate is reserved for the Jews. Many will point to Pat Buchanan as their prime example of such people who once were amongst the mainstay of the Republican Party but have long since been relegated to the deep background where they are next to powerless. The new anti-Semitism is far more devious and even when it cones right out and shows itself, their fellow political travelers immediately give them cover and silence those attempting to shine a light on their hatred. These are the anti-Semitism who requires being outed and castigated for their unbridled anti-Semitism and any other hatred they hold.


Skokie Nazis March

Skokie Nazis March


As you can see, when the Nazis hold a march, they are very easily identified and often when they try to join other demonstrations, they will arrive in their little uniforms and then made to be separate from the demonstration so as to obviously not be seen as included. These we have seen occur at pro-Second Amendment rallies and other gatherings. These anti-Semites are not the group gaining in numbers and power in the United States, these people are losing numbers from the paltry totals they had at their height long ago. Today, the main strength of anti-Semitism which is growing is on the left, specifically, the far-left. One of the early and most visible leaders of this group was Presidential Primary candidate Bernie Sanders. Bernie is what most would call an atypical anti-Semite, as he was born Jewish. Unfortunately, in the modern era, being born Jewish does not exclude one from becoming an anti-Semite. So, perhaps we should provide some ways of determining an anti-Semite in the modern political climate. At the top of the list is anyone who does not believe that Israel has a right to exist or judges Israel with a completely different set of rules and guidelines, especially when these standards are used to make a unique example of Israel through selective application of the rules. All forms of anti-Zionism are forms of anti-Semitism. The reason is simple. Claiming that the Jews are not permitted to have their own nation for any reason and not making the same distinction against other nations, meaning choosing only Israel as being unsupportable because of their claim to be the home of the Jewish People, that is anti-Semitism. China is the home of the Chinese People, Japan is the home of the Japanese People, India is the home of the Indian People, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and others are the home of the Arab People, Saudi Arabia and Iran are Islamic nations for those choosing religion as their crutch as is Japan the home of Shinto and Tibet was and should still be the home of the Buddhists except that China invaded and stole their homeland and committed virtually every act prohibited by the Fourth Geneva Convention but everyone targets Israel with the laws and ignores what China is doing with Tibet. So, now that we have established that claiming that only the Jews, be it on the grounds as a People which the Jews have been proven to exist as a separate people or as a religion, are not entitled to have their own nation is plain and simple, anti-Semitism. Further, the Jews are a people with a proven common DNA type special and separate from general populations within which they currently reside and it originated in the Middle East, specifically the Levant, or where Israel is located today. So, now that this is established, let us continue.


There is a growing anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and thus anti-Semitic wing of left leaning politics. The majority of such is considered to be on the far left or leftist portion. Most of these are people who identify themselves as Democrats or Democratic Socialist Party members. Other than Bernie Sanders, there are numerous others of which the most easily and evident are Linda Sarsour and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Now, these articles in and of themselves are no proof and to this point while we are not prone to give Linda Sarsour any benefit of the doubt as her actions and words have spoken for themselves, we will give Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as making some initial mistakes and also the fact that she has yet to activate sufficient brain cells to establish any positions other than the words she has fed to her through a teleprompter, earpiece or other means of providing her answers to questions. We saw one of her early interviews where she was asked a list of one question to which she gave a perfect recollection of the answer she had memorized, obviously memorized, as her delivery was as if by rote, and then the interviewing newscaster thanked her, and she did what she does best, smiled. The problem with the anti-Semitism on the left is that it is being largely ignored by the media and other liberal and left-leaning people. It is not so much as it is being given a pass, as it is just being ignored completely and treated as if it did not exist. For an example, the Women’s Day March in successive years has rejected pro-Israel and pro-Zionist comments and participants to such an extent that a new group formed proud of their Zionist and pro-Israel affiliations and they are planning to march as a separate group if that becomes necessary. Even more specifically, it was the Chicago Dyke March which in June of 2017 they ejected women wishing to march with signs with a rainbow Star of David supporting Israel and then the next year, 2018, the Chicago Dyke March made no bones about their political allegiances with the predominance of Palestinian flags and signs denouncing Israel demanding they allow the Palestinians to have whatever they desire, which we all know is no Israel and closing on seven million Jews killed. Then there is the offer which was taken up be a number of the Woman’s Day marchers in the San Francisco Bay Area in January of 2018, where an offer made by Kate Jessica Raphael was to carry the below pictured poster making Ahed Tamimi the march’s poster girl. There was also a petition objecting to the participation of Scarlett Johansson, in the Los Angeles Women’s March which featured their heroine, Ahed Tamimi.


Picture of Ahed Tamimi as the March Poster Girl

Picture of Ahed Tamimi as the March Poster Girl


But we should not just pick on the women or we will be accused of having an anti-feminist bias, which is untrue as I loved the lead character on the latest Wonder Woman movie and hold Scarlett Johansson in very high regard as she stuck to her Judaism and love for Israel when forced to choose between being the spokesperson for SodaStream and being a global ambassador for Oxfam, presumably an international humanitarian organization as it apparently has some problems when it comes to Israel. For the record, Scarlett Johansson chose to represent the Israeli based company, SodaStream. But on the other gender side, there are numerous difficulties. By far and away, the biggest problem in simply amount and severity, just has to be Louis Farrakhan. The most recent insult was his claiming that when Jews “call me an anti-Semite, stop it, I’m anti-Termite.” Needless to point out, that line was his big joke to get a laugh line and you could see he was proud of his great and intelligent wit. But old Louis is not their only problem, though we wish he were. There is, as we mentioned above, old Bernie Sanders who wants to cut all aid to Israel and detach the United States from taking orders from Israel. That is a reference to one of the oldest anti-Semitic tropes on the planet claiming the Jews control this, that or the other. There was a complaint that the Jews controlled the money lending, but the religion of the peoples with whom the Jews lived were not permitted to lend money, neither the Christians nor the Muslims. They could own land which was denied the Jews but the Jews were allowed to lend money and this was a function that their society required, so the Jews were the money-lenders. There has been the idea that the Jews are too good at selling items. Well, we were the store-owners who sold goods to the moneyed people who owned land and needed to get supplies. We did this for close to a thousand years before selling became lucrative, so we had the practice and thus had an inside track, one could say. If you look at the history, many of the things which people will complain and claim the Jews own, influence, control or succeed better, these were things which they were forced to do to survive for the thousand years plus when land ownership was denied to them. You learn quite a great deal about a trade when you have been at it for over a thousand years.


Another problematic person is Keith Ellison who has in his history connections directly or indirectly to Hamas, CAIR, ISNA and MAS as well as having been a long standing member of Nation of Islam. Apparently, anti-Semitism has become a problem for the Democrat Party which they are mostly sweeping under the rug and hoping nobody will see the bump. Some have claimed that the Democrats require anti-Semites in order to reach victory in numerous races. There are some from the Democratic Socialist branch of the Democrat Party, the two have appeared to merge, who have made false claims of coming from Jewish Families to cover their anti-Israel and anti-Semitic positions and allow them to claim that Jews and Jewish money has too much power, an old and hopelessly anti-Semitic trope. There are numerous articles, some even in the NYT, noting the rising anti-Semitism in the Democrat Party including among numerous candidates. Add to this the rampant and overt anti-Semitism on numerous college campuses. This is a problem which spells problematic for the future. When the Nazis started to disseminate their anti-Semitism and other hatreds, they did so on college campuses as well as in the beer halls. Today the same hate is using the same places, the college campuses and the modern beer halls, they are taking it to the Internet. The violence and hate being spewed from the leftists and even some not so far out in the left. The youth in colleges when taking any courses from the Middle East departments, history, geography, politics, anything, they are being propagandized by Islamic interests as these chairs are most often bought by either Iran or Saudi Arabia. Then there is the instilled anti-Semitism coming from so many other departments and even some of the textbooks in addition to the professors. The education, history, political science and most of the “soft-sciences” are inundated with anti-Israel slants which often results in further anti-Semitism. This interview with Manfred Gerstenfeld, chairman of the Board of Fellows of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA), who makes a perfect analogy which explains the difficulty in preventing the continuing spread of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, to use his words, pollution as it comes from too many separate sources infused, permeating the environment and serving to compliment one to the other making an atmosphere which is becoming toxic and starting to pose as a threat to Jewish students. The real problem will begin to have its effect on society as a whole within a decade or two at the most. With this widening anti-Israelism, anti-Zionism and related anti-Semitism where in order to survive on campus in all too many instances, such as during Israel Apartheid Week or when the anti-Israel-Zionism-Semitism breaks over into Holocaust Remembrance turning it into a pro-Gaza Rally right next to the Jewish students lighting candles, some for their relatives who died during the Holocaust. To be honest, no limit to the depths these outbursts can be taken. Be very aware of these events and what is happening as the colleges are turning out the next leaders of companies, politics and the future of the schools. These students who have been infested with this poison will at some point remember their hate which was instilled and either rid themselves of such or embrace it. Everything will depend on the reinforcement they would receive for either choice. The problem is as time progresses and the colleges and even high schools and soon to any level of the education of the children will be given these thoughts and then the atmosphere in the workplace, in political discourse and in every part of life will have been poisoned. They started with the beer halls and colleges in the thirties, now they are starting with the Internet in place of the beer halls, and it is not everywhere but it is insidiously permeating more and more places, and the colleges again and they are already assembling the troops on the ground. There are BLM, anti-fa, Occupy Wall Street, Students for Justice in Palestine, BDS, ANSWER, ISM and the plethora of anti-Israel, Pro-Palestinian, far left and radical groups will be the shock troops, the SA in the future when their revolution takes place. What this begs is who will be the replacement of the SA, who will be the SS when the time comes to impose martial order and bring an end to democracy and the end of America. The signs for a real and truly fascist takeover are throughout the structure in the United States and once that occurs, then there will be no turning back for the world will have lost its final hope to evolve past tribalism.


Beyond the Cusp


October 26, 2018

Selective Outrage


The luring to a trap, vicious murder and suspected dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has dominated the news cycles for over a week. Meanwhile, an American who holds an Israeli Identification Card and is a Palestinian Arab real estate agent acting on behalf of a local clan who sold land to Jews in eastern Jerusalem, has been taken by Palestinian Authority (PA) officials and has remained detained at Ramallah in an interrogation facility. What is interesting about this second case is that despite Israeli officials detaining of Palestinian Authority Jerusalem District Governor Adnan Ghaith, along with Jihad Al-Faqeeh, regional director of the PA’s intelligence agency, the name of the kidnapped American has still not been released. We suspect that gag order on his name is the result of the State Department, as you really do not have much of a story if there is no name you can attach. Thankfully, as noted above, we now have two names, Adnan Ghaith and Jihad Al-Faqeeh, the Palestinian Officials pulled in, kidnapped if you believe the PA high level of screaming about the illegal questioning and were held overnight. This did get a loud and vehement response from the PA officialdom claiming that Israel had kidnapped their officials. Note that the PA kidnapped an American Israel of Palestinian Arab descent and it is a nonevent which cannot even have the individual’s name attached to the story but the two main PA officers who were in charge of the operation are arrested and taken for polite questioning, no thumb screws or other devices from the Spanish Inquisition and that is kidnapping. The selected references and innuendo are baffling but the main thing is the only reference thus far to a kidnapped American citizen by the PA has been in reference to the Israeli questioning of the PA officials suspected of involvement.


For simplicity, we will for the remainder of this article refer to the American who holds an Israeli Identification Card and is a Palestinian Arab real estate agent acting on behalf of a local clan who sold land to Jews in eastern Jerusalem as BOB in all caps, partly to draw attention to what has occurred, and because we do not desire having to refer to the victim as the victim or write a two line sentence just to refer to BOB. The Ramallah detention facility, on the other hand, often does have some resemblance to the Spanish Inquisition, or so it has been intimated on numerous occasions. Now, the sale of land by an Arab to a Jew within the PA carries a death sentence. That is automatic. The preferred alternative has become life in prison at hard labor, and they do mean hard labor which is designed to shorten life. Should the death sentence be imposed, it then requires Mahmoud Abbas to give his approval for it to be carried out. This is so it can be applied at a later point when nobody will be the wiser and all have already accepted that the person selling to a Jew will never be seen again. Often, the hard labor takes care of such specifics of the situation. We assume that the State Department knows what they are doing by not identifying BOB, as they likely figure that they can work far more efficiently behind the scenes as long as nobody, relatives in particular, especially those in the United States, do not know their loved one has been abducted and will likely never be seen again. Anyway, the State Department is loathe to ever accuse the PA of anything untoward or underhanded as they would not have butter melt in their mouths, the little darlings. But they sure have made a huge deal about Jamal Khashoggi and those horrible Saudis in the Turkish Consulate. There have been demands all over the news for the United States, President Donald Trump in particular, break all relations with the Saudi regime, cancel every arms deal already brokered, and everything just short of invade Saudi Arabia and question Mohammad bin Salman, the ruler of Saudi Arabia but not a peep about BOB hit the news until Israel started investigating the kidnapping of one of their citizens.


What has been interesting is that we have to call the abducted and likely already tortured for two weeks victim BOB but Israel is now being reported to have abducted or kidnapped two PA officials as that apparently is what police taking two people in for questioning has become called in PA official channels. The two have claimed complete ignorance, which is expected and that will remain their story, as they know Israel will be handcuffed in their investigation. What is the real problem is that the PA has absolutely no authority in Jerusalem, west or east, and thus their Security Forces even entering the city other than those assigned to guard officials is against the law. All of Jerusalem is outside any areas, either Area A or Area B, where they have security jurisdiction, thus any taking of an individual from Jerusalem is a kidnapping. But that is not even the most ridiculous response to this fiasco. This has reached the highest of PA levels as the PA cabinet on Wednesday condemned what it called settlers’ takeover of property in the area of the Al-Aqsa Mosque assisted by protection of Israeli military officials. PA officials have called on UNESCO and other international organizations to intervene to “prevent the occupation from taking over the original Arab cultural heritage in occupied Arab Jerusalem.” This is a residence and has not been declared as a cultural heritage by UNESCO. Well, that is unless you recognize that UNESCO recognized almost half of Jerusalem as not belonging to Israel and their ruling has been utilized to threaten to make the Western Wall forbidden for Jews to pray or assemble, as it is part of the UNESCO decision to grant all of the Old City as a PA heritage site. That would be similar to UNESCO declaring that the Mall in Washington D.C. as a Native American, in particular Iroquois, national heritage site and then the Iroquois demanding that no ‘pale faces’ be permitted to enter that zone including Congress, the President, most of the central United States government agencies and the Smithsonian Institute and many of their museums including the Aero-Space Museum. We know, do not give the United Nations crazies any further ideas.


We would like to see BOB in the light of day and freed and also sanity returned to the situation. Where is the condemnation of the PA for making the sale of any property to a Jew sentenceable by death? Further, if you really wish to get down on the Saudis for their antiquated, Middle Ages centrist laws such as making it illegal for any but believers of the faith, Muslims, and preferably Sunni, to visit much of their land and forget owning a piece of vacation property in Riyadh, or better, in Mecca or Medina. It is interesting that Saudi Arabia can basically ban Jews and Christians and the PA areas will automatically carry out a death sentence on any Jew entering their sacred turf, and that is what this is in Israel, a turf war, and the United States is fine with that but should Israel install a couple of additional checkpoints in order to curb an uptick in terrorism, that becomes something which the United Nations condemns and the State Department demands that they be taken down immediately. This was exactly what occurred after Israel simply put up metal detectors to prevent further stabbings, shootings and other violence on the Temple Mount after two Israeli Security Police were shot and killed. The reasons given were varied and all mostly false. Already there were metal detectors at one entrance to the Temple Mount where non-Muslims were permitted entry. Jews went through a further check to assure that they carried no religiously offensive material which might contaminate this Islamic area and were always escorted by Islamic WAQF Security and should they even whisper, they would be arrested for praying and contaminating all Islam. So, apparently only non-Muslims are a risk for bringing weapons to such an Islamic holy area except that was not the case, was it. Muslims often brought steel rods, gathered rocks and pelted Israeli Security in attacks always coinciding with Israeli holidays such that the Temple Mount would be closed to Jews, then they would settle down. Where is the outrage that Jews can be so visibly humiliated by repeated degradations at the hands of the PA terror enforcement division, also known as riot at any reason when directed. The truth has been long known that the PA, and Hamas and the rest, all direct these riots, terror attacks, and reward those who commit them and provide incentives and training on the best means of assaulting and murdering Israelis and how to identify an Israeli as a Jew. The PA terrorists who committed the Jaffa terror attack where the victim was US Army vet, Vanderbilt student Taylor Force, age 29, and an American tourist but he was seen as a religious Jew despite not being a Jew at all. He had a beard, dark curls or waves of hair and for intents and purposes, to a PA terrorist that means Jew (his picture is below). His death was a tragedy, same as all the other terror deaths at the hands of mostly PA, Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in Israel.


US Army Veteran West Point 2009 Graduate Taylor Force

US Army Veteran West Point 2009 Graduate Taylor Force


At least Taylor Force’s loss finally woke America and Congress to take steps with the Taylor Force Act. We hope it will be enforced by Presidents and the State Department under all administrations regardless of party. The State Department has already shown their colors making every argument why aid must continue despite ‘Pay to Slay’ continuing because otherwise the most richly subsidized areas on earth might not have enough baby formula or whatever excuse they wish to use (see graph below). As is obvious, it is not even a close comparison and in second is Lebanon from which Hezballah is heavily financed by Iran. Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake where in response the Israelis were the first to have a fully functioning field hospital and the last to depart. Still, the Palestinian territorial regions are the most exorbitantly financed region in the world and has made billionaires out of most of those who have had positions of power or influence and the remainder are well into at least the tens of millions stashed away. Who claims that terrorism does not pay.


Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations

Graph of Aid Money to Palestinian Territories and other needful locations


So, in the meantime the United States has a problem with Saudi Arabia for their murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi at their Turkish Consulate while BOB remains completely unidentified and left in the Ramallah PA Detention Center and torture chamber without anybody showing the slightest of attention. The Saudi’s have been a steady ally through thick and thin but must be thrown to the wolves over the death of a Washington Post stringer reporter Jamal Khashoggi who is not an United States citizen but does have three American citizen children resulting from his long-term residence in the United States out of curtesy to a major American newspaper while BOB is left to rot in a PA horror chamber unidentified and with nobody demanding that the United States break off all relations with the PA terror masters whose main use for the United States is to pressure Israel and send more money. OK, take a breath and we apologize for the overly-long sentence. Let’s continue. We would prefer that both people would have at the very least similar attention in the media and from Washington officialdom. That is what would occur in a world where things make sense and people are treated as equals. The problem is Jamal Khashoggi being in the employ of the Washington Post has automatic high publicity and is going to be the darling cause of the left-leaning media. BOB is being held by the darlings of the left-leaning media, the PA, and as such must be kept quiet and out of the spotlight so as not to upset the American public and have the people force and demand action. BOB can be sacrificed all in the cause of the PA, those wonderful people who make life and existence difficult for Israel. The initial hush job is being performed by the State Department, a formidable silencer of bad news when it comes to the PA and an amplifier of any bad news for President Trump. Thusly, Jamal Khashoggi is the most important person to have ever been silenced by the Saudis while BOB is of no consequence. There actually is a thread which connects these two cases, they are both victims of Islamic hegemony and their belief that they write the rules and the world is their apple and must jump when they tell them to do so. The PA hierarchy and the Saudi hierarchy both believe that they cannot be held responsible for their actions as long as they are committing acts which they believe are correct. They both believe that as Muslims they are superior and stand at the top of civilized behavior. The world must bend to both the PA and the Saudis as they are the rulers of the world in the future and this is guaranteed by Allah and is written in the Quran, a perfect and holy book, the only real holy book which contains all the truths and information required. They both believe they are superior to all others and that the world is their oyster and they are the perfect pearl within. They believe that they are at the leading edge of the final conquest of the world by Islam and as such, they do not need to respond to or answer for any actions, especially the death of a minor individual of little importance and a threat to the crown. While Jamal Khashoggi was a threat to the Saudi rulers, BOB was a threat to Islam as he gave away precious and holy lands to a Jew, the absolute worst possible act according to the Islamic concept of the world. These similarities and their belief that they are completely guiltless and are righteous in everything they desire to do, choose to act, elect to believe and demand of others. They believe in their superiority in all things and that the United States and the non-Muslim world are all to be subservient, subjected to their every whim. But we wish BOB would receive at least some attention instead of being just one more person sacrificed to the PA hierarchy and their insistence that they are completely innocent of all wrongs.


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