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January 7, 2016

The World Has Chosen, Have You?


The European Union has decided to instruct and advise the member states that they have decided that Israeli residents in Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights must mark their goods as being unacceptable Jewish wares. There are many who see this, which some European Union Ministers have suggested in discussions, as simply anti-Semitic actions and only the first step towards a complete boycott of all Israeli goods (but not technology advances, medical discoveries, new medical procedures, new drugs, agricultural advances even those used to grow better and higher quality yields from grape vines and orchards which can only be tested largely in the ‘forbidden areas’ as that is where the majority of such crops are grown, and any other discovery which would prove to be highly productive and enhance life within Europe). The initial signs from Europe show some signs of promise and blowback as Czech Republic, Greece and Hungary have or are considering and assured of approving measures which would exempt them from this so totally obviously discriminant, criminally offensive and unparallelingly odious singling-out of Israel over all the other even more loathsome occupations such as China of Tibet which has included mass transfers of Tibetans from their lands and Chinese from their lands into Tibet in an attempt to destroy Tibetan culture and erase Tibetan history, the occupation of Western Sahara, by Morocco, areas occupied by Islamist extremists of Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Chad and beyond into central Africa and ignoring the European history and wars fought over occupations of Alsace-Lorraine alternately by France and Germany, the occupation of the Sudetenlands of Northern Czechoslovakia and the conflicts in the Balkans. This European Union blatant move grounded in old hatreds and spite done solely to damage the one and only Jewish State of Israel deciding disputed ownership where the Israeli claim is backed by over three-thousand years of Jewish/Israelite rule and two millennia of yearning and the forever cherished dream of next year in Jerusalem and close to five thousand years of Jews living as a majority or minimally plurality population in Jerusalem and then there is the greatest of all proofs that the land belongs to the Jewish People which Europeans refuse to even admit is a possibility. What is that? It is the proof that every single empire which held the Promised Lands was completely unable to force the land to yield crops or anything of worth unless they allowed the Jews to work the lands and they worked the Jews through burdensome taxes at usury levels. The land always gave forth when the Jews, the lands’ promised People, worked the lands, the Promised Lands for the chosen people, as each was promised for the other and made the perfect combination. The final proof that now, when energy has become almost as precious and needful and Israel is being singled out to the extent they must rely solely on themselves, are there huge finds of natural gas just offshore from Tel Aviv and Haifa and oil finds in the northeastern Negev and possible finds near the Golan Heights (inside Green Line which the EU finds so defining) such that Israel will not be left wanting. The European Union would want you to believe that the Old City of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, Shechem where the Tabernacle was first built, Hevron where the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of Judaism are buried, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah in the Cave of Machpelah (Hebrew: מערת המכפלה); also known as the Cave of the Patriarchs, Joseph’s Tomb (Hebrew: קבר יוסף‎) just outside of Shechem and Rachel’s Tomb (Hebrew: קבר רחל‎) just outside Bethlehem have absolutely no record of being Jewish or Israelite whatsoever. My guess is when they became secular leftists their knowledge of the Bible vacated their brains along with almost all scientific and mathematic knowledge, especially the discipline of use of logic.


How much more proof is needed? Well, if you’re a Minister in the European Union Parliament your answer was likely there could never be sufficient proof. But just in case, allow us to also give some legal arguments which would be presentable and valid in any International Court worthy of such a title. The British can start with their initial promise of the Balfour Declaration which is a very important document with exact wording. Then there came the San Remo Conference attended by Great Britain, France, Italy, and Japan with the United States as a neutral observer, was held in San Remo, Italy, in April 1920 where the Balfour Declaration was formally recognized and codified into the British Mandate which led to the relegating of the lands west of the Jordan River for the Jewish State which became Israel and the lands east of the Jordan River, the majority of the lands (78%), reserved for an Arab State which became Transjordan and later renamed simply Jordan. The First Conference of London of February 1920 and the San Remo Resolution adopted on 25 April 1920 incorporated the Balfour Declaration of 1917 along with Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations which were used as the basic documents upon which the British Mandate for Palestine was constructed.



Balfour Declaration and Initial Proposed Map and Lands

Balfour Declaration and
Initial Proposed Map and Lands



The San Remo Conference was accepted and incorporated into the Treaty which also abolished the Ottoman Empire, obliging Turkey to renounce all rights over Arab Asia and North Africa. Treaty of Sèvres was replaced in 1923 by the Treaty of Lausanne, which voided previous Allied demands for Kurdish autonomy and Armenian independence but did otherwise recognize Turkey’s current boundaries and had no other effects on the Treaty of Sèvres and thus the San Remo Conference Mandates remained as originally laid out. This all leads to the most recent legal and binding act when five months after the cessation of hostilities, at least in the Middle East as we are willing to bet a fair amount of hostilities ensued at Turtle Bay in New York City as the Security Council of the United Nations hammered out the precise wording of UNSC Res 242 which, contrary to the brilliant minds in the European Union could see, does not require that Israel return all Lands, the Lands or anything beyond just Lands. Israel more than met expectations when she returned all of the Sinai Peninsula and even offered Gaza which Egypt thought would be a better headache for Israel than for Egypt though currently it is rather difficult to tell. Thus far all the individuals leaving Gaza that have died either from bomb belts exploding or targeted fun fire have all been armed in some manner while this past week the Egyptians repeatedly shot while dead and alive and nude man who was mentally unstable to say the least crossing from Hamas into Egypt wading across in the Mediterranean. We decided not to include the video from an Arabic news station but a video exists for those who wish to bother looking for it. Israel even offered to return Judea and Samaria to Jordan but Jordan refused when they and Israel made their peace agreement. Further, as far as the need for another Arab state called Palestine, why did the Arab League not accept the United Nations offer in UN General Assembly Res 181 from November 29, 1947 and establish it then or even have established such a state for the nineteen years when Jordan occupied the very lands they demand today. Why is it only necessary to make this additional Arab state only because the Jews, Israel, now had repossessed the lands that are Israeli under international law and only were held by Jordan as an occupying power and nobody said a peep when the Jordanians forced the Jews living in the areas they occupied to vacate their lands and homes which were then given to Arabs by the Jordanians, now that is a crime according to international laws but as they were Jews it did not register? It was exactly like the founding of Israel and the ensuing process across the Arab and Muslim world to chase almost a million Jews from their ancestral homes in these lands where many had resided since the Roman dispersal with most ending up in Israel but never in a refugee camp left to languish for decade upon decade as have the Palestinian Arabs. There are Arab Palestinian refugee camps outside Gaza City and near Nablus and throughout Gaza and the west Bank but their own fellow Arab Palestinians refuse to receive them and allow them a normal life because they are a weapon against the Jews and Israel. Enough with the double standards and look it up and it is plain as we explained above, Israel liberated the lands west of the Jordan River, not occupied them. That truth alone negates all Arab Palestinian claims to the lands. They are welcome to reside peacefully on the lands and practice their religion as long as doing so does not include murdering Israelis at every opportunity, as that will never be tolerated as Jews will not die needlessly because somebody claims the Jews stole their land. If the Jews stole their land then what in all that are holy is their houses and farm lands if not that their lands have not been stolen as the Jordanians stole Jewish land in 1948-9. If there are Palestinians who really desire their own land in a nice airconditioned community may we make a suggestion? Just go on the Haj next year and make sure to arrive in time to claim sufficient accommodations at the location pictured below, it is Arab land, airconditioned accommodations and the electricity is free, that’s even better than they have now as there is not any kleptomaniacs pretending to be elected officials governing the area and stealing well over half of the billions upon billions if not trillions of dollars and euros coming from Europe and the United States and United Nations. The neighborhood is almost perfect as each resident has identical residences et. al.



one hundred thousand airconditioned tents Saudi Arabia to accommodate pilgrims on Hajj each has kitchen bathroom fireproof and never intended for refugees


As may be obvious by now, there exists sufficient evidence stemming from the Treaty of Sèvres which was signed by the ruling entity from the defeated Ottoman Empire and from subsequent agreements with the Arab League from between the end of World War I on through the roaring twenties (the 1920’s for those too young to have been told) all of which respected the Mandate system which included the French, British, Italian and briefly Russian Mandates which included the recognition that a Jewish State was part of the framework. If the Arabs chose to believe the British that they could and would prevent the founding of a Jewish State just as the Jews believed the British when they promised they would guarantee on the Crown of the British Empire that all lands west of the Jordan River would remain sacrosanct for all time, then we both have learned a new useless lesson. The evidence for the Jewish State, call it Israel or Eretz Yisroel; either way it is the homeland of the Jewish People and as Israel has proven by bringing home some of the lost tribes such as the Menashe from India and the Ethiopian Jews and others as they have been located, it truly is the homeland for all the Jews who desire to make it so. With the troubles in so much of the world and the increasing anti-Semitism, both on a person to person level and on a national level where national parties and politicians and even nations have chosen to be against Israel and to make of Yerushalayim a burdensome stone and in the end they will back themselves to pieces against that rock as it is a rock that will not crack nor will it move or give in any way.


That leads us back to the presumed theme of the article. The evidence is indisputable unless one adopts willful blindness and simply refuses to see all that can be placed before their eyes. There will always be those who will reject the idea of a Jewish state because to them the Jews must be a people without a land living at the mercy of others, often the mercy of the very people who would deny the Jews their own state. These people have based their entire religious beliefs, national relevance and history, based something so vital that they choose to deny the Jews the rights they would petition governments, demonstrate before world bodies and move Heaven and Earth to make a land for others, just not the Jews. The entire Arab Palestine movement with their chant of “From the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea Palestine must be free,” is a display of their desire to replace the Jewish State of Israel with another Arab state as it is all about destroying the Jewish State and not about the future fortunes of the Arab Palestinians. The leadership of the Palestinian Arabs know full well that should they be granted complete independence instead of their current semiautonomous governance where they would have election every four or five years if only Mahmoud Abbas would allow elections as it has been Abbas and his band of merry kleptomaniacs who have refused every offer even after making demands known once to President Bill Clinton and then had to flee in a panic as Israeli Prime Minister Olmert accepted the terms as relayed by President Clinton from Yasser Arafat. In the end the Jews will be the final arbiters of their fate and as such it is required that they retain the majority of Judea and Samaria and should retain all of the lands under their dominion. This would never mean that a single Arab would lose his or her land, home, business unless Israel were to offer each a stipend and generous compensatory buy-out program where Arabs and other minorities who would choose to move and start a new life elsewhere would receive in addition to the above another severance from the lands of Israel bonus with additional payout for each member of their household who desires to join them on their travel to a new land with the only stipulation than they never return to reside in Israel permanently and renouncing any claim to citizenship from Israel. Other than such as long as they and their family remain free of terror activities their life could improve and grow along with every other resident of Israel, but for such to start there need be three things. First is the rejection of the Palestinian Authority, Fatah Party, Palestinian Liberation Organization, or any other terror or nationalist movement which intends to replace or divide the lands making a new land within the Israeli border. Second would be deciding if they would prefer to go through a multi-step procedure to gain full Israeli citizenship or remain as an alien resident still under Israeli law but not eligible to vote but free to pursue other national citizenship. Third accept that any terrorist act carried out by anybody residing in your household with or without your knowledge could and likely would result in the expulsion of your entire family with a nominal stipend and buy-out of your property with forfeiture of any right to return within Israeli borders even to visit without first attaining a special waver from the government of Israel.


What is sad is that any nation would need to resort to such lengths in order to protect its residents and that any nations would condemn a nation for protecting their right as a nation to exist and to do so free from saboteurs and terrorists and taking the necessary safeguards to keep their people safe. The question people need to answer for themselves and not for Israel or for the Jews but for themselves is whether they will deny Jews the right to have a homeland just as do the Chinese, Japanese, French, British, Russians and twenty plus nations if you are an Arab. What is ridiculous at the highest magnitude is that a people of a faith which is one of if not the oldest religion still practiced under the same laws as they first established in the Torah and having finally returned to their homeland from antiquity before history, modern history, who had faced a dispersion at the hands of the Roman empire which was their method of destroying a peoples and was the fate of the Carthaginians who if not for Hannibal and the crossing of the Alps and great battles and wars with Rome which recorded these battles to recount their glorious exploits but other than in a history book, have you ever met a Carthaginian? The Jews survived the most drastic of punishments and banishments any people could suffer and are the only ones to remain a people and all because of one thing, Torah and its laws and traditions. It also helped that the Jews had almost three-thousand years as a people in the Middle East and the kind of identity that simply refused to die. So, will you choose to be with a people who have already defied history and proven there are miracles and Hashem does still live and has a vested interest in the actions of humankind and done so with a quiet modesty of those whose faith is stronger than all the forces which have risen against them only to perish after their short but boisterous rampage or with the much louder trumpets which will fall silent after their cacophonous fury lasts but a fleeting moment when compared to the history of the Jews. The Czech Republic, Greece and Hungary are choosing to side with Israel against the European Union, where will you decide to fall as this time once again the world gets to choose their fate before the furies of perdition come to claim their victims, those who chose poorly?


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May 5, 2014

Israel to Span Emotional Gamut in Two Days

Yesterday at sundown Israelis turned the calendar to the new day as we do every sundown. This turn of the page marked the beginning of Israeli Memorial Day when we remember the military and security men and women who gave their lives in service to Israel and the Israeli people and we remember all those who perished resulting from terrorism. When sundown today ends Memorial Day and Israelis move to the next day the mood swings to the other end of the spectrum as we celebrate Israeli Independence Day, the anniversary of the founding of the modern state of Israel. This fulfilled a dream shared by Jews the world over for close to two thousand years that we would return to the lands of our ancient homeland, the land where King David ruled uniting the tribes of Israel and King Solomon built the First Temple in Jerusalem. The marriage of these two events on consecutive days allows Israelis to celebrate the glorious and miraculous rebirth of the Jewish nation but only after we remember and commemorate those who gave everything to make this miracle possible and sustain that Jewish State. What better way to commemorate these two days than to remember some of the facts and clear up some of the misconceptions which seem to become more accepted than is the reality and truths which are being blurred and concealed in the broad ranging efforts to destroy the Jewish State of Israel.


The most grievous misconception is that the Arab terrorism is driven by the Jewish settlements on their lands of their occupied state of Palestine, a state with a long and rich heritage and history. The Palestinian story line is that the Jewish people never lived in the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, the two Temples were never built on the Temple Mount or anywhere else referring to them as fables and children’s stories, and that Israel was built on the ruins of the ancient nation of Palestine. Palestine is a mispronunciation of the Roman name given to the areas of the Middle East which include what is today Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria which the Romans renamed after a revolt by the Jews against Rome in an attempt to erase Jewish history. The Romans named the region Syria Palaestina using a Roman approximation of the name of the Jews ancient enemies, the Philistines. After the fall of Rome the area continued to be called Palaestina or Palestine and much of the area became a wasteland with sparse population. During the entire time from the Roman exiling the majority of the Jews to the far corners of their empire, often selling them into slavery, there remained a core number of Jews living in the region and for much of the time Jews were the majority population in the city of Jerusalem. Starting in the middle of the nineteenth century the Zionist movement was born and Jews slowly but steadily began returning to their ancient homelands which were at that time a part of the Ottoman Empire. After World War I ended the Zionist movement gathered their resources and lobbied to have Israel reestablished along with the other new nations being formed out of the remains of the Ottoman Empire and now under Mandates to the allied powers which were victorious in the World War.


The area where the Jews desired to rebuild their homeland was under British control and was referred to as the Mandate for Palestine. The Zionists’ efforts were successful and the British established the Balfour Declaration in 1917 and which was the source for the San Remo Conference that gave the backing of the League of Nations in support of the Balfour Declaration, and tasking the British to establish the Jewish homeland in the areas referred to as the Mandate for Palestine. From the end of World War I until the founding of Israel in 1948 the term Palestine as used in numerous British and League of Nations legal papers referred to the Jews living within the British Mandate region. When the British or League of Nations referred to the native Arab population they used the terms Arab or Palestinian Arab. The British census data for the Mandate area showed that the Arab population increased in parallel to the Jewish population and mostly they moved to the area to take advantage of new employment opportunities. At no point in history has there been an Arab or any other nation with the name Palestine.


As far as Arab-Jewish violence we always hear about how it is because of the Israeli settlers living on Arab lands that the Palestinian Arabs resort to terrorism. The problem with this claim is it does not explain the majority of the terrorism committed against the Jews by the Arabs. Some of the worst terrorist attacks were the riots in Hevron and Jerusalem which include the 1920 riots where six Jews were killed and some 200 injured in Jerusalem during the dates of April 4 to 7; in early May of 1921 there were riots in Jaffa and Petah Tikvah, instigated by the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin, which left 43 Jews dead; the week of riots from 23 to 29 August, 1929 where 133 Jews were killed by Arabs and 339 others were injured; and there were the Arab uprisings from 1936 through 1939 which were largely aimed at the British but included attacks on Jewish neighborhoods. All of these attacks on Jewish residents of the British Mandate lands occurred well before there was even a state of Israel, let alone any occupied area by the Jews. If anybody was occupying the area, it was the British between the end of World War I and the founding of Israel in 1948.


There were numerous terrorist attacks before June of 1967 with a definitive and marked increase starting in 1964 with the formation of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) which was headed by Yasser Arafat and one of his top leaders was none other than Mahmoud Abbas. Both men fully supported, planned and aided the commission of many terrorist strikes with the most famous of the terror strikes aided by Mahmoud Abbas was the arranging of much of the training and established the financing for the Munich Olympics attack on the Israeli athletes in 1972. The claims that the PLO was founded solely in response to Israeli occupation of Palestinian Arab land is shown to be obviously false as the organization was founded in 1964, a full three years before the Six Day War which established the contested lands. The PLO Charter in its original form called for the destruction of Israel and the formation of an Arab state named Palestine on the to be liberated lands which were all of Israel within the 1949 Armistice Lines. The original goals of the PLO distinctly did not call for the conquest and formation of a Palestinian state in Gaza or the Jordanian held West Bank, actually ancient Judea and Samaria. Terrorism also seemed to slow during the late 1970s and through much of the 1980s and did not return to the levels seen immediately after the formation of the PLO until after the Oslo Accords were signed and Yasser Arafat and the leadership of the PLO were returned from their exile in Tunisia. It was the reinitiating of the so-called peace process which brought back a full-on return of terrorist attacks on the Jews both in Judea and Samaria and within the 1949 Armistice Lines including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. 


The other groups of men and women honored today are the soldiers who died defending Israel. Their names start with the over six-thousand lost in the First War to Annihilate Israel and the Jews during 1948 – 1949. This war came about when the Arab League chose to refuse to accept an even patrician of the twenty-two-percent to form a Jewish state and an Arab state and instead attacked the nascent state of Israel the morning after she declared her independence the evening before as the new day begins at sunset. There were five complete Arab armies which included Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan along with additional troops provided by Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and several militias and the Palestinian forces under the Mufti of Jerusalem. The six-thousand Israeli deaths totaled a horrifying ten-percent of the Israeli population; a very high price was paid. During the earliest stages of the war some of the men sent into battle had just arrived and gotten off one of the refuge ships and were trucked to the front and handed a rifle and pointed towards the Arab forces. These untrained refugees, many of whom had never held a firearm, let alone know anything about tactics and warfare, often paid a frightening cost in losses in their initial assault. There have been stories of these new arrivals actually singing as they entered battle gleeful to be in their homeland even if they were walking into battle on their arrival. There was another attempt to destroy the state of Israel in 1967 and again in 1973. Since 1973 the Arabs have taken up a new tactic trying to politically destroy Israel through propaganda and sewing hatreds throughout the world and especially in the United Nations.


This gives a brief thumbnail sketch of the Israelis as we stand and contemplate their sacrifice, even those who were murdered by acts of terrorism. We pay our respects by visiting the graves of those we knew and often those we may not have known but are laid to rest in a military cemetery or near to somebody we know and we see a grave untended. Memorial Day is a day where despite our grief we also come in contact with the fact that as Jews we are all part of a large family, there are no strangers and every single casualty is a relative no matter how many steps removed. We honor those who sacrificed everything so that we can live in our own lands and be protected by our own military, a gift the Jewish People had not known for almost two millennia. We also commemorate those who were victims of hatreds so base and cruel they are willing to murder infants sleeping in their own home. Hatreds that drive some to hurl cinderblock size boulders through vehicle windows which have resulted in numerous youths and infants receiving grievous injuries with some passing before their time and at the youngest of ages. We mourn teachers, students, friends, neighbors and just fellow Israelis for it is often said in Israel that when one is murdered we all feel the sense of loss for almost nobody in Israel has escaped the loss of a loved one or know somebody who has. On Memorial Day we mourn as a nation.


That brings us to tomorrow. Prophesy stated that the land of Israel, the Jewish State would return in a single day, and miraculously that is basically what happened. Not only was an ancient nation reborn but its ancient language which had not been in general use also for close to two thousand years also was given a new life. The New Hebrew language did face some challenges as new words and phrases were immediately a necessity as there were so many items, goods, occupations and other concepts which did not exist when Hebrew was last used in a general manner. We rejoice for being granted to witness and be a part of the renewal of an ancient land and its ancient culture and are here witnessing the returning of the Jewish People to their ancestral homelands. It is said that Israelis can find a celebration in almost any event, so imagine how we treat something like the rebirth of Israel and everything that that means to us. In the play “Fiddler on the Roof” there is a verse in the song “To Life” which goes as follows;

“God would like us to be joyful

Even though our hearts lie panting on the floor;

How much more can we be joyful,

When there’s really something to be joyful for.”

Today we remember and solemnly thank those who did what was necessary so we could celebrate tomorrow, and tomorrow we celebrate the ultimate blessings from Hashem; tomorrow we collectively exclaim, “Baruch HaShem!”


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February 22, 2014

The Necessity that is Israel

There have been periods through history of every grouping of people by race, religion, national origins, political persuasion and every other group distinction has been utilized to make a distinction by casting them as the “other” who was responsible for whatever horror or difficulty currently plaguing the majority or those in power. One of the groups of people who have had what some agree more than a fair share of being singled out as the “other” has been the Jews. Their otherness began with their lives in Egypt where Pharaoh’s fear of them led to their enslavement. It has hit some deep levels which should have signaled the end of their existence. Under the oppression of the Assyrian Greeks they faced potential extinction when they rose up and fought for their freedom. The Romans dispersed them throughout the length and breadth of their empire, a punishment intended to break their spirit and through isolation cause the end of their identity. This was the tried and certain method Rome utilized to break the will and terminate those who posed a threat that refused to cower. Some historians would point to the fact that the Jews by rising up against Rome twice brought their exile and dispersion upon themselves and were deserving of their fate. The Roman solution did succeed in one way of eradicating the Jewish nation as it resulted in almost two millennia spent as a people without a nation of their own. Their modern existence until middle of May of 1948 was spent living almost entirely in what became known as their Diaspora. Despite the vast majority of Jews lived in the Diaspora, there has always been a small number, a seed, which resided in their Promised Lands and in Jerusalem and the other holy cities. The other result was the Jews in every land faced a time, or multiple times, where they became the “other” and were persecuted or driven from their homes. When the Spanish through off the yoke of Muslim occupation and began their purification of their society which became known as the Spanish Inquisition, they also forced the Jews into exile along with the Muslims. England drove their Jews from their island twice through history. Russia had their pogroms. Germany instituted the “Final Solution”. Everywhere the Jews settled they were either driven into exile or were persecuted for perceived evils. The Jews were blamed from place to place for plagues, economic disasters, and any other problem or difficulty throughout the world and its history. The real difficulty was throughout these years living in the Diaspora was that there was no place of refuge where the Jews could reside and be assured they would not be driven out or slaughtered almost without warning, a place where they were home. This is the importance of Israel, it is the Jewish homeland, the only homeland they have ever known or desired.


It is this little stretch of land painted on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea, a strip of land hugging the coast and the hills squeezed between that sea and the Jordan River that is all the area the Jews have ever desired as their refuge, their destiny tied to what they believe is a holy gift. As a percentage of the world’s land masses, it is an insignificant and unnotable land except for it minute size. When these lands were bereft of its Jews the lands were unforgiving and deserted and overlooked by the rest of humanity. Often its plots were awarded as a reward which no sane person ever occupied leading to the majority of these plots to be left uncared and unloved, starved to be trodden left unplowed and nonproductive. When American author and humorist Samuel Clemons (Mark Twain) traveled these lands which he referred to as the Holy Lands, he wrote of their barrenness and their lacking signs of human care or influence significant in its emptiness and lacking of residents. The starkness and desolation he wrote of gave a feeling of destitute loneliness leaving the Promised Land looking so completely unpromising. Within one century of Mr. Clemons’s writing that description a land lacking any signs of development a transformation produced a nation with plentiful farms and fully modern cities and a thriving people and economy. The transformation was so complete that now the land is enviable to the point that its neighbors jealously look to conquer the land to reap its wealth and vitality. What they do not realize is should they succeed and gain ownership of the lands, they will withhold their bounty and they will thus be denied of the treasure they seek. These lands only produce once its people have invested greatly and poured their love and souls into the land, then does this land, this otherwise unforgiving land give forth its treasures. And in return for the love and effort this land offers refuge for the Jews and serves as their sole life raft in a world of stormy seas. That is the spirit and truth that is Israel.


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