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January 13, 2017

It is All a Debate of Dates (Part II)

Part 1


The Arabs refuse to recognize anything anywhere in the world where their feet have tread should ever be ruled by any others and must remain an Arab Waqf for all eternity. This is why in many Arab countries a map of the world does not contain the nation of Spain and instead shows a nation named Andalusia. This name was what the Moors who conquered Spain used to name that area and that was the name until 1492 when Ferdinand and Isabella who reconquered Spain for the Church and initiated the infamous Inquisition. This warring between Christianity and Islam had continued for centuries with the most famous were the Crusades to return the Holy Lands for Christianity with their emphasis on Jerusalem and secondary targets of Nazareth and Bethlehem. The Muslim conquests had reached from Spain into France being turned at the battle of Tours. The invasions in Eastern Europe reached Vienna twice where the Muslims were turned back and the Ottomans returned eventually retreating back into what is today Turkey. World War I brought an end to the Ottoman Empire and in a number of first ever treaties the lands were turned over to rule other than that of the conquerors with most returned to what were believed to be the indigenous peoples. The most striking was the reestablishment of the Jewish State in its ancient homelands. These new nations were to be guided by Mandates assigned to the European allied victors of World War I.


Also redrawn were the borders of Eastern Europe with Germany and the Austria-Hungarian Empire being broken into new nations and borders adjusted with the allies and their defeated ally Poland gaining area at the cost of Germany and the Austria-Hungarian Empire. The Arab claims that the Europeans after World War I crippled and altered the Arab world while leaving Europe unchanged is not a valid claim and the reason the Arab world appeared to be more altered was the area of the Ottoman Empire compared to the Austria-Hungarian and German lands combined. The alterations in both lands were relatively equal in their depth and altering of influences. In Europe they set the ground for the remilitarization of Germany and World War II. The problems in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) was caused largely because each of the nations drawn on the map placed several tribes within the same borders and even cut some groups such that their peoples were spread amongst several nations. Probably the biggest losers from these borders were the Kurdish People who, despite being promised their own lands of Kurdistan, they were cheated and their tribes spread between Iran, Turkey, Iraq and the former (and potentially future) Syria. This has caused great amounts of friction especially with Turkey and Iraq where the Kurds were often targeted by their own governments. The Kurds in Syria have been facing an extermination assault by Turkey on top of fighting the Islamic State as well as other independent units and the Syrian government and allies. When reading about the Kurds it often appears that like Israel these people are also fighting the entire world with the main difference is at least the United Nations ignored the Kurds.


According to the Arab history of the world there was nothing before Islam. There were no great empires of Persia, Greece, Rome, Babylon and so forth. All these lands came into history upon their conquest by the Arabs and Islam. All the former and undeniable peoples from the bible were all Muslims. This may appear to be an anachronistic view of the world but the way this is established is that Allah founded the universe and gave Adam the perfect faith, Islam and when Abraham was to sacrifice his son, that son was Ishmael and there is little if any mention of Isaak. Abraham was a Muslim, Moses was a Muslim and the Torah he wrote was really the first writing of something resembling the Quran but the Jews altered the writings given them by Moses corrupting it and the Christians took that and corrupted it further all to such an extent that Allah had to provide the original all over again to Muhammad. Thus Islam is the only true religion and thus has been promised to be given the entirety of Earth to rule as the only ones who have truth. This is the reality under which the Arab Muslims perceive the world and insist this is the truth and their truth must be the only truth. Anybody who refuses to accept their truth is a heretic and under Islam such a blasphemer needs to be silenced by all and any means necessary. All of this comes to a head over Israel and the focus of Arab war with the developed world and the Western world and culture. Islam had made a number of offences with their first the most successful and is now at the leading edge of their third surge (see map below). This latest offensive is using numerous efforts including warfare, terrorism, infiltration (refugees) and using democracy against itself and the equality and protections of religion to spread political Islam. Until Western nations realize that Islam is a religious-political system where the political Islam supremacy is hidden within a religion where it retreats whenever challenged demanding their religion be respected and pressing those who propose to tell the truth are then attacked as Islamophobic and thus ridiculed as anti-religious or bigoted haters. Thusfar their methods have been working exactly as they planned and will continue until either the Western World succumbs or wakes up and treats Islam as a political supremacist totalitarian system threatening the developed world.


Islamic Expansion

Islamic Expansion


Concerning Israel, the Arabs have directed their main efforts on the heart of Israel realizing that Israel is the tip of the defense of Western World civilization. To target Israel they are aiming for the heart of Israel which is Jerusalem and targeting the beating heart of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and Old City all of which is all encompassed in Eastern Jerusalem and thus beyond the Green Line. But what is this Green Line and why is it so important? The Green Line is the line between the IDF and the Arab forces on the Jordanian front at noon of the final day of hostilities. This was an Armistice Line and the Arab League at that time insisted that the Green Line was only to be the demarcation of the end of fighting and never, ever, ever to be considered as a border nor was it to be even used to form or delineate in negotiations a border and Israel was never to have an eastern border. The reasoning was that as long as Israel was denied any of its borders it would not be a real nation and thus the Arab world could maintain that Israel was not a nation and did not exist and was really just part of southern Syria. The Arabs reject the Mandates as having been legal and claim that the Europeans were the longest and most vile colonialists in all of MENA. What they are ignoring is the fifteen-hundred-years of Arab colonialism which continues to this day. The Europeans began any colonialist possession of the areas of MENA during and after World War I in 1914 through 1917 and then took responsibility for nation building as these areas were under Arab and then Ottoman dictatorial rule since the latest around the year 700 up through 1914, 1200 years, and have returned to Arab control as these nations were released from European influences (see map below). Judging from the longest colonial possession by Europeans of MENA lands hangs around half a century with most far less. The biggest lie about European colonies in the MENA lands is that Israel is a European colony, the big lie.


Dates that the MENA nations received their independence after colonial rule many since the times of the Persians or even earlier

Dates that the MENA nations received their independence after colonial rule many since the times of the Persians or even earlier


The truth is there is no evidence from the population statistics of Israel by which one can prove it to be a European colony. Approximately forty percent of the Israeli population comes from the MENA nations that forced the vast majority of their Jewish population from within their borders, some with the belief that they could drown Israel with these destitute refugees who were denied their wealth as their valuables and monies were confiscated before they were allowed to depart. Often they were limited to one or two suitcases per person and these suitcases were all inspected for anything of value or desirability. Over half of Israeli population is constituted from non-Europeans within other than MENA Jews there are the Menashe from India, the Ethiopian Jews and many others. Lastly, of the non-Mena populations the largest single population is from the former Soviet Union. The claims are that Israel is made up of Jews from the Concentration Camp survivors that the Nazis did not murder and that they are destined to complete the work of the Nazis.


Let us go to the reality for a moment as we have been reporting so much of the strange and untrue, well, a lot of untrue mixed with sufficient truth to make everything have just that taste of the possible. Much of the rest is accepted largely on the mistrust of Jews or outright anti-Semitism. Before the year 600 the Arabs resided almost exclusively along the coasts of the Arabic Peninsula. They were idolaters and Islam was not yet an idea emerging from Muhammad’s experiences in that cave. Meanwhile, the Jews had survived their experiences in Egypt and were led by Moses into the desert where for forty years they prepared the population for becoming a nation and to conquer the Promised Land. Moses led them to the Jordan River and from there Joshua led the assault into the Promised Land. First Jericho then Ai and onto the remainder of the lands (see map below). The conquest took longer than a single lifetime and culminated with King David and King Solomon centered around the year 1000 BCE (see map below). By the time of King David and King Solomon all the Canaanite tribes were defeated and the Israelite enemies now were Greeks, Egyptian and Babylonians. The Israelites were driven from their lands twice, the first by the Babylonians and the second by Alexander the Great and his Greek armies. From that second conquest there came the Roman rule which executed what they considered to be the deathblow being delivered to the Israelites, who by this time were merely called Judeans which eventually became Jew. The punishment the Romans delivered was the scattering of the Judeans (Jews) throughout their Empire and even banishing many Jews to beyond their frontiers expecting they could never survive. This resulted, over time, with Jews living virtually throughout the world. Meanwhile, many Jews also sought home along Northern Africa to escape Roman brutalities resulting in a sizeable Jewish population being spread throughout North Africa when the Arab forces burst from the Arabian Peninsula and conquered this area. Some Jews even followed this migration into Spain where they met Jews who had been dispersed and reached Spain from the Roman frontiers.


Cities Conquered by Joshua as Recounted in Kings In the Hebrew Bible the Old Testament

Cities Conquered by Joshua as Recounted in Kings
In the Hebrew Bible the Old Testament


Eretz Yisroel as formed after the conquests by the Kingdoms of King David and King Solomon; both of whom allowed the Principalities of Edom, Moab and Ammon to be semi-autonomous as long as they and their armies supported Eretz Yisroel

Eretz Yisroel as formed after the conquests by the Kingdoms of King David and King Solomon; both of whom allowed the Principalities of Edom, Moab and Ammon to be semi-autonomous as long as they and their armies supported Eretz Yisroel


The history of the Western Jews and the history of the Jews under Islam had many similarities where the forms of government and names of the rulers were different but the results identical. In Europe the Jews were chased from nation to nation and even from kingships to kingship and baron’s lands to baron’s lands and even from town to town. The plight of the Jew was well told in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice where the Jew is a moneylender whose client has refused payment. For the rest, read the play or go to the theater for the full story, dinner at 11:00 PM. Jews were permitted a select few professions and were forbidden to own land, what was considered the ultimate sign of wealth. This placed Jews as the initial provisionors and retailers. This would grant the Jews great advantage in a much later time while others were just first reaching the cities where the Jews were already established. The Islamic world was ruled locally in many ways similarly to the European world with the main difference being that the entirety was under the rule of one person who seldom ever visited much of their lands. This left the rule and tax collecting from which they often took a great cut for themselves. Often these local leaders would enact Islam only laws pressing the Christians and Jews to flee with little or nothing more than they could hastily gather and carry. Sometimes these restrictions and persecution were targeting Jews alone; it is so much fun to be the chosen people. The areas under each Sheikh, Emir and other titles whose moniker would change depending on the Caliph and the ruling Islamic branch would each make decisions which affected the non-Muslims, especially the Jews, residing within their territories. The similarities between the lives of Jews under Islam and Christianity were far greater than were the differences as far as the average Jew and their security, or lack thereof. The problem for the Jews is we were seldom permitted weapons when we most would need them and never had the numbers of population to provide ourselves with much hope of protecting ourselves beyond taking flight when trouble brewed. With Israel things are different as now we have equal footing though our numbers are limited, our determination is not and we will not be driven from our lands ever again, and that is our intent.


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January 12, 2017

It is All a Debate of Dates (Part I)


The entirety of the debate over Judea and Samaria depends on the date which one believes the entire argument began. Was that date October 6–25, 1973; June 5 – 10, 1967; May 15, 1948; November 29, 1947; November 20, 1922; August 10, 1920; April 25, 1920; November 2, 1917; or is the only date that really matters, 1000 BCE when David and the united Tribes of Israel declared their state and set Jerusalem as their eternal Capital City. These dates refer to things as diverse as the length of the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) division of what had been promised to be indivisible, the birth day of the State of Israel, the various treaties from World War I many of which were instrumental in the formation of the Mandate System and going back to the capture of the city of Jerusalem and the formation of the first Israelite nation with Jerusalem as its capital city. This capture was the last of the Jebusites Kings and he with all that remained of his people were within the walls of Jerusalem on that fateful day when David and a small squad of selected fighters followed the water channel from the Gihon Spring into the city where they were able to eliminate guards and open the gates allowing the Israelite forces to enter the city before dawn and work their way throughout the city killing everyone as well as slaughtering the cattle and every living thing cleansing the city of Jebusites and their stone idols were smashed and destroyed ending their existence as had been commanded be done.


If the Palestinian claims that they were the builders of Jerusalem and had lived in the city since nine-thousand years ago, or even the lesser ridiculous claim of five-thousand years ago, they would have been slaughtered to the last man, woman and child and thus could not exist today which makes those claims a ludicrous set of lies. Yes, such eradication is horrific by modern rules and morals but three-thousand years ago life and the rules, there were no rules other than when you conquered a peoples you allowed a few of the most attractive young women and the children under five or six years of age to live if there were any survivors. In the case of the Jebusites in Jerusalem, they chose war and got the result promised when they were first given a choice. When Joshua first entered the lands of the Canaanite kingdoms, a declaration was made and sent to all the separate kings telling them they had three choices, they could remain and rule their people under the Israelite kingship which would require their men be circumcised, they follow the Seven Laws of the Noahic Code, and pay their expected taxes to support the tribe whose lands they dwelled within; they could take their belongings and leave beyond the claimed borders for the Israelite lands and they would not be harassed or chased and allowed to leave with the Israelites’ blessings; or they could choose war and face complete and total annihilation which included every last person, every last of their cattle, all their gods and temples and any vestiges of their civilization’s existence and thus their erasure from future history. The Jebusites chose war and received exactly what was promised. This act removes any former claims to Jerusalem as those inhabitants and their civilization were eradicated. Any claims to have preceded King David in Jerusalem are ludicrous due to the cleansing which was carried out in Jerusalem and the surrounding lands after they were conquered by the Israelites. Those of you so outraged at such should recall that many centuries later this was the common procedure of the Mongols against cities which dealt poorly with them and even some that did not, the practice of Islamic warriors during the initial expansive years of Islam from 622 through 750 CE, and has been the practice of the Islamic State when they take an area and cleanse it of all things not Islamic including the structures which predated Islam in some cases by thousands of years such as the ruins from Assyria, Persia, Babylonia and one can only have nightmares of what they would do to Jerusalem.


The Arabs, of which the Palestinians are but their central cog in their machinations designed to destroy Israel making the entire area a new Arab state completely Judenrein, are using the annihilation method which they first shared with their allies during World War II when the Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed, Amin al-Husseini, attended the Wannsee Conference in January 1942, and advised the officers in attendance during breaks and in select committee groupings leading to their final decision. The idea that the Arab hatred for the Jews was inherited from Central and Western Europeans from World War II is ludicrous and can be dispelled by a simple reading of the Quran where the hatred and annihilation of the Jews is spelled out explicitly a full twelve-hundred years earlier, if not more. The invention in 1964 that there are a Palestinian people was orchestrated by the KGB and Arab League as a method of pressuring and attacking Israelis through terrorist methods with the intended result that they would simply pack their bags and run away as was the reality for the Jews both in Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa plus anywhere else in the world where they at some point were welcome and later threatened, targeted for extermination or simply exiled by force. The miscalculation made by the Arabs is obvious to anybody willing to take a second glance and do even the most cursory amount of research. Israel is not some foreign land ruled by non-Jews where we Jews were but a small segment of the population often with restricted rights and usually were forbidden to own weapons thus when the majority rose up, Jews ran as would have any other minority. Israel is our home and we are going nowhere and we rule ourselves and have arms and thus this is very different, as the Arabs need to realize before they bring upon themselves ruin and destruction.


The Arabs have their favorite dates and pretend that no others exist. Their first is November 29, 1947 when the United Nations General Assembly issued a recommendation under UNGA Res. 181 which divided the lands which were promised under the British Mandate, the Churchill White Papers and Article 80 of the United Nations Charter as indivisible from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea as reserved exclusively for the Jewish State. But why should history or the actual charter of the organization in which the delegates serve or all else in history matter when you have a majority of Arab States, Dictators and various anti-Semitic nations and can simply ignore the rules and leave the Jews with half their promised lands in which two-thirds are desert (see map below). Despite the world cheating the Jews of their rightful lands a second time, the formation of Jordan out of seventy-eight-percent of the British Mandate was the first theft of Jewish lands as even if the land was to be divided, half for each would have been closer to fair, but why be fair when dealing the Jews out of as much as can be justified. The United Nations decided taking half of twenty-two-percent, and the best half at that, was the least they could do to satisfy the Arab potentates and their allied abettors who demanded their pound of flesh. Unbelievably, the Zionist Congress which represented the Jewish interests actually agreed as they were willing to accept anything in order to make their homeland as the future of the Jewish People depended upon those lands producing them a nation, any lands to make a place where a Jew could be a Jew and we would be allowed to finally once again defend ourselves. The Arabs refused this compromise demanding all of the lands as since they had once belonged to Arab conquerors, it must forever remain Arab land. Further, a nation for the Jews within the Arab lands was an insult to Allah and the Jew must never be permitted to live as an equal and must forever be subdued if not vanquished. This is now the division of the land they claim is rightfully to be reinstated after they failed to destroy Israel. The problem is as soon as the Arab League refused to allow any Jewish State and refused the compromise, as such permitted a Jewish State with real borders, the entire UNGA Resolution 181 was voided and thus impossible to resurrect, especially after the 1948-9 Arab War of Annihilation which is often misnamed the Israel War of Independence. Israel already had independence as of midnight May 14-15 1948, when the new day emerged with the borders from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea as depicted in the British Mandate and Churchill White Papers defined with maps (see map below). That May morning half a dozen Arab armies along with numerous militias and independent forces attacked Israel from without and from numerous Arab villages within the nascent State of Israel.


Left UN Partition Plan Resolution 181 Rejected by Arabs Making Original British Partition Arab and Jewish Lands as Only Standing Agreement Supported in 1921 Arab League and Zionist Congress Backed by British Crown as Valid

Left UN Partition Plan Resolution 181 Rejected by Arabs
Making Original British Partition Arab and Jewish Lands
as Only Standing Agreement Supported in 1921 Arab League
and Zionist Congress Backed by British Crown as Valid


The next date the Arabs love to use is that May 15, 1948 through mid-1949 and the end of the Arab War of Annihilation (Israeli War of Independence) where they point to the numerous Arab villages which were ejected from the lands by the Jewish forces which slowly came together to form the initial Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Most of these villages were driven from the lands due to military considerations as they had fired on Israelis, often on civilians but also on military forces from behind their lines. The Israelis could not fight an effective war with Arab villages ambushing supply lines or attacking the IDF positions from their rear. This led to any village where shots were fired upon Israelis or IDF forces as well as any providing logistical supply lines were forced out sent to join those fighting from without invading to destroy Israel and eradicate the Jews within. Forcing these people beyond the front lines was more civil than other alternatives such as shelling and assaulting with intents to destroy everything within such villages as that would have entailed the deaths of potentially innocents. Evicting the people was preferred over other military considerations as the fact that these villages permitted their use for assaults on Israeli forces and people was sufficient proof they had decided they belonged on the Arab side of the conflict. These were the people which the Arabs decided to place in camps and force them to retain refugee status and even made rules that refugee status not only applied to those placed into the camps but to their descendants into perpetuity which is why half to six-hundred-thousand Arab refugees now presumably number approaching eight-million refugees. Even should a refugee marry somebody who is not a refugee, their children and their children into perpetuity are still refugees. There is a claim that between 150,000 and 250,000 Palestinian refugees residing in Los Angeles with the initial wave reported to have arrived in 1908 (yet they are counted as refugees who lost homes to Jews in 1948) and a second wave presumably in 1948. These Arabs despite living comfortably in the United States, and others residing in all corners of the globe, are considered to be refugees suffering degradations due to their losses to the Jews and will continue through their prodigy through the rest of history or until the world demands an end to this farcical operation designed with one purpose, the destruction of Israel and the eradication of its Jews.


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