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June 14, 2019

British Jews Awakening as American Jews Remain Asleep


First thing we need to recognize is that the problem with anti-Semitic members both in the general membership as well as elected to positions of power and to Parliament is far more pronounced in the British Labour Party than it has risen to amongst the Democrat Party in the United States. Still, between Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, amongst other Representatives within the Democrat Party, the Democrats have had ample opportunity to stand against the rising anti-Semitism, especially as it has reared its ugly head within their ranks. Just as the Labour Party who ignored their early warning signs until it became too great a problem for the party to excise, the Democrats are doing all they are able to whitewash the cases of anti-Semitism with general denunciations of hatred. The Democrats Party even passed on demoting their freshman Representative who has made the strongest and most of anti-Semitic tropes and references from her seat in the Foreign Affairs Committee, one of the most prestigious and important postings which one can be given, and given her either a lesser committee appointment or no committee appointment, probably not that unusual for a freshman Representative. But Speaker of the House Pelosi and the rest of the leading Democrats could not even see their way clear to perform that simply task. Just as is becoming apparent in Britain, the United States is also experiencing rising anti-Semitism both within the public and in the halls of power. The anti-Israel and thus anti-Semitic pronouncements and positions taken by the Black Congressional Caucus, often from behind closed doors, have until now been mostly ignored and treated as an annoyance as this was not a threat which would sway legislation and was kept quiet by the media’s choosing not to report upon such. With Ms. Omar, Ms. Tlaib and affirmations made by Ms. Cortez made openly, even before the cameras of the media and on talk shows, their anti-Semitic remarks and references were not covered up nor hidden from the public view just as if they desired to be noted for their positions and were quite proud of their anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic positions and desired to let the world know. We hope that these three continue to find the limelight and pronounce their ugly hatreds such that the American public can witness their repulsive and abhorrent anti-Semitic feelings.


Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


The main question is where will this lead for the British, Americans and also most of Europe where such problems are becoming an epidemic. In France there was the problem with outright and obvious anti-Semitic undercurrent behind the Yellow Vests Protests. Much of Europe has been suffering from anti-Israel positions largely through their refusal to condemn and vote against anti-Israel denunciation in the United Nations General Assembly and within the numerous positions held by them within the various United Nations agencies, specifically the Human Rights Commission, UNESCO and numerous others. This should have been expected of the Europeans after the findings that many of the anti-Israel and pro-BDS NGO’s which operate within Israel working against the sitting government (when there is one) and against the feelings and positions of the general public were being funded by the European Union and numerous European governments receiving well over half of their funding from those sources and very little from within Israel. Furthermore, every time Israel attempted to pass laws very similar to those used by Europeans and most of the rest of the world, which would only permit NGO’s to register as Israel providing they received the majority of their funding from Israelis, their native peoples, the European Union and most European government and politicians all would wail and moan about how Israel was destroying democracy and must permit these foreign funded NGO’s continue to be licensed by and call themselves Israeli. No other developed nation allows such ridiculous permission for NGO’s who are acting as a fifth front against the government and the people to remain as domestically accredited. Now we will need to be concerned within a few years when the United States joins the chorus financing further anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic positions which will claim to speak for the Israelis as they receive validation from the government simply because any NGO can present themselves and be validated as Israeli laws concerning NGO’s are very few and not very restrictive. This is not democracy but its evil twin separated at birth and is actually the exact opposite when NGO’s, which are unable to receive funding within Israel, can receive the majority of their funding from entities which desire to harm Israel and remain Israeli.


There are many people both in Israel and across America, who believe and say with complete forthright honesty, claiming that the United States and Israel have always been and will always be allied and friendly. These are people with little grasp of reality or history as the United States and Israel have not always been allies or friends or even on the same side. Granted, President Harry Truman went against the advice of his Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and the vast majority of his advisors plus the others around him and recognized Israel when she declared her independence, though it took the Congress a number of months to be convinced to validate the President’s move. Still, immediately after this when the six Arab armies with other allies invaded Israel with genocidal intents, the United States placed an arms embargo on all countries involved in this conflict. If not for Czechoslovakia, Israel might never have received sufficient support of arms required to at least retain much of her lands losing Gaza and the Shomron (West Bank, parts of Judea and Samaria) with the former held by Egypt and the latter taken by Jordan. It was not until the Six Day War in 1967 that these regions were liberated by Israel and, were Israel to be treated as a normal nation, should have been readmitted into Israel with the Arabs residing within given the opportunity to register as legal resident aliens or leaving what was liberated Israeli territories. Similar such events have occurred around the world and especially in Europe as the lines between nations were traded back and forth from the numerous European and other conflicts where, as part of many of these redrawing of lines back to previous location returning lands to one nation or another, often the residing peoples were forced to return within the new boundaries of their country and not permitted to remain and join the new ruling nation. But things are never that easy when it comes to Israel. Much of the problem is that the world has this insatiable appetite for oil, the main product of the central Arab powers, well, that and sand, which they employ to twist and force many a national opinion when it comes to the Jewish State.


These Arab nations, as a result of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War and Arab members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), imposed an embargo against the United States in retaliation for the U.S. decision to re-supply the Israeli military as well as to gain leverage in the post-war peace negotiations. This caused people in the United States to have gasoline rationed with often odd-even day restriction on license plates determining who could buy gasoline with some stations limiting the amount any single driver was permitted to buy and many stations running out of gasoline by noon each day. There were gas lines and people would rise a couple of hours early just to buy fuel and still make it to work close to on time. This also led the Arab oil producing nations and their allies around the world to limit production to force prices higher raking in millions of dollars, pounds, francs, marks and other currencies and greatly increasing their leverage over Europe and other parts of the developing world. This influence has contributed greatly to the anti-Israel animosity worldwide. This resupply by the United States during the 1973 Yom Kippur War was actually the first major arms delivery by the United States which would also go on to make Israel a deal she unfortunately, at that time , could not resist to provide F-16s and additional F-15s to Israel in exchange for Israel not placing the Lavi fighter Jet into production. The Lavi would have been a direct contender with the F-16 for world fighter sales, so this decision by the United States was anything but altruistic. The deal included the United States assuring Israel of air superiority in exchange for Israel not producing aircraft which would directly compete with the American markets in fighter jets. With the recent delivery of the F-35 JSF to Israel, one would be led to believe that the United States has remained honest in their agreement. There have been announcements that the United States will be selling F-35 JSF to United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia as well as potentially Egypt and their being sold to Turkey currently being held up, but likely to be made in the near future depending on the White House and President Trump resisting the pressures from the Defense Department and State Department to provide Turkey with the new aircraft. This could lead to Israeli adversaries and potential adversaries (and traditional adversaries) being provided with the F-35 JSF such that in a future engagement Israel would be facing as much as three to one odds against her in placing these planes into the air. This was also possible to a more limited extent with the F-15 and F-16. Perhaps it is time for Israel to return to the fighter aircraft market and produce her own next generation fighters.


Those claiming that Israel need never worry about her relations and military aid from the United States is overly optimistic. Granted, the United States military receives much data and suggestions for improvements on their military hardware used by Israel and the two nations have cooperated in numerous projects mostly in the anti-missile systems development. Such cooperation could be quickly curtailed with a change in who is President of the United States. We saw somewhat of a breakdown in the normal order of relations between Israel and the United States while President Obama was in the White House which was accentuated with the drafting and permitting the passing by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 which was intended to prevent Israel from ever annexing the lands which were promised her through the San Remo Conference, the British Mandate and the initial White Paper. This was partially undone by President Trump with his recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital City of the Jewish State, which he stated was not anything as monumental as it was a simple recognition of history and truth. As many Americans will attest, President Trump will not be President forever, though for many it already feels that way.


The rising anti-Semitism which had struck the British Labour Party at every level, is rampant across Europe and is now becoming evident within the halls of Congress and will eventually threaten every high office in the land and should strike a terrifying chord amongst the Diaspora of Judaism as it portends their having to leave their comfortable existence as it may not remain so comfortable. Many will refuse to admit to their being a problem claiming that these small events are but anomalies and nothing to get all worked up over. They apparently have forgotten all the adages such as, “From the little acorn mighty oaks do grow.” The soil the world over had been prepared by numerous decades of growing anti-Israel protests, escapades within the United Nations structures and propaganda financed by the Arab oil conglomerates all of which have simply further and further infected the world preparing it for yet another round against the Jews as well as Israel. Make no mistake that once a nation begins to work against Israel, the follow-on rise in anti-Semitism will not be long in coming. It is next to impossible for a passive person with little care one way or the other over Israel to be swayed into the position that it is all because of the Jews and these Jews and their Israel are causing all the worldly problems when such is repeated ad nauseum in the news, in protests and now in the halls of Congress. This is how the start of anti-Israel and eventual anti-Semitism following in any nation and apparently around the world. The very beginnings are evidenced in these interactive maps, ADL in 2014 with access to a 2015 update on worldwide anti-Semitism. There have been numerous studies performed which depict the rise in anti-Semitism. We would like to present an idea for some enterprising people with the proper equipment and funds to track world wide anti-Semitism and the way it followed anti-Israel and anti-Zionist political tracks by NGOs and eventually governments. The link between these two types of hatred need be measured while knowing the result of the anti-Israel and anti-Zionist animosity is anti-Semitism and all to which that inevitably leads. Hatred of Israel and the Jews is nothing new in the world and there is a long history of the results of such inflammations of hatred from throughout history and it has never ended well for those who first began to persecute and hate the Jews.


Beyond the Cusp


February 3, 2019

Time to Shutter the BDS Movement


The Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel needs to be countered and soon. Yes, there are some states in America and even thoughts of a Federal Law against the BDS type of brandishing, specifically when it chooses only a single target, in this case Israel. Much of the BDS movement is pure and simple anti-Semitism and many of its supporters are willing to believe the evils claimed to be committed by Israel without doing any in-depth research to find the truth. But the sheepish followers have no reason to not believe the lies told as they are bombarded by multi-billion dollar propaganda financed with oil money from the Arab Middle East and regurgitated by their leftist professors who simply hate Israel. For some reason, perhaps a form of latent anti-Semitism which lies deep within the societal conscience after three millennia of persecuting the Jews, it becomes easy to believe that the State of the Jewish People is doing all those horrid things as, after all, our societal subconscious remembers the stories which were told throughout history in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and beyond of how the Jews poisoned the wells causing the plagues, Jews used the blood of innocent Christian (Muslim) children to bake Matzoh (Passover bread), sacrificing non-Jews on their secret religious ceremonies in their houses of worship, this was often used to explain the disappearance of individuals, specifically those who were killed by the rulers in secret and often left the body in the Jewish house of worship as proof; cannibalism, money theft often linked to usury, drinking blood of non-Jews as a medical remedy, casting evil spells, hexing, black magic, spying as enemy agents, disloyalty, stealing organs for transplant into Jews, stealing particularly children’s eyes preferably blue eyes, murders, arson and almost anything else one could try and blame the Jews and these falsehoods were readily believed and often led to pogroms or the sacking of the Jews ghetto forcing the Jews to flee often with most of their possessions destroyed or stolen. These were called blood libels simply because the earliest ones all revolved around the Jews using non-Jewish blood in rituals, holy observances, sacrifices or in the production of Jew food such as Matzoh. These are the historic demonization of the Jews, which were common throughout the Christian and Muslim worlds, though this was more prevalent in the Christian world; Islam was not innocent of such accusations against the Jews.


The modern blood libels are more subtle and devious centering on the Jews as being a group which stands separate from others and acting exclusively against any non-Jews, goyim. Just for clarification, in Hebrew, the word goy means nation or people and when used in the plural, goyim, it means non-Jew, as the Jews are a single nation thus the plural cannot be applied to the Jews. It has no connotation of good, bad or evil, it simply means people and slang it is used to denote other. But there have even been the rehashing if blood libels with Hamas recently invoking the tale that the Jews were killing Palestinian Arabs for their organs and even kidnapping Arab children for their beautiful eyes. The Arab world has oft repeated the Matzohs are made using Arab children’s blood which the Jews get by kidnapping an Arab youth, usually under the age of five or six, and placing them alive in a barrel with nails driven through it and rolling it to bleed the child. Hint, if you were at all familiar with Jewish Halachic Law, you would know that the Jews are forbidden from eating blood and that this is why they salt their meat so heavily, so as to remove every last drop of blood in a final rinsing. The canard that the IDF kills Arabs for their organs is so obviously false just on the face of it as organs must be matched to the recipient from the donor so closely that it would be impossible to use any randomly procured organs.


The blood libels today are also more inventive and varied in order to match the modern times. There is one that Israel does not allow the Arab Palestinians to vote. Well, the first question which need be asked would be, vote where and in what elections. The answer will usually be that Israel will not allow the Palestinians to hold elections. The truth is a bit different. First, it is true that the Palestinians are not permitted to vote in Israeli elections. Along that line, neither are Jordanians, Egyptians, Syrians or any other peoples outside of Israelis permitted to vote in Israeli elections. The Palestinians reside in two regions with each having their own governance. In Gaza, Hamas rules, chooses their leaders and it is your basic dictatorship and thus no elections. In the West Bank (for the remainder of this article we will use the name Shomron which is an area of Judea and Samaria which Jordan occupied illegally from 1948 through June 1967) are ruled by the Palestinian Authority. The President, Mahmoud Abbas, knows that should he permit elections he would not win and thus loose the protection of his Force 17 and very likely end up killed by those he has, we’ll just say upset. This has led to him now serving the twelfth year of his four or five year term which began in 2005. He cancelled the 2009 elections, failed to initiate the next attempt, cancelled a couple of others and lastly an agreement with Hamas to hold election in both Gaza and the Shomron ran into some difficulties, is how it was explained. So, Israel has nothing to do with whether or not the Arab Palestinians get to vote or hold elections, that is up to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, neither of which are all that fond of the people voting. On a different note, the nearly 20% of the Israeli population which are Arab get to vote along with Christians and numerous other groups including some you may never of heard of such as the Baha’I and they all get to vote along with the Jews in Israeli elections. The criteria are very simple, if you are an Israeli, then you vote in the Israeli elections and if you are not an Israeli, you don’t. Another complaint is that the Arab Palestinians must pass through checkpoints to go into Israel. So, Mexicans, Canadians (largely) and any foreigner entering the United States also get to go through a checkpoint to enter, it is called Customs. Further, Israelis get to go through checkpoints in order to go to the movies, shop in a mall, go to many restaurants, enter hotels, ride the trains and all sorts of things as part of preventing terrorism. You know, kind of like taking off your shoes, belt and all metal objects and possibly more, depending on the TSA Agent’s mood, all to prevent terrorism on aircraft. The main thing one need filter the claims against Israel through is that the Palestinian Arabs are not Israelis and are treated as the foreigners they are. Remember their claim that they want their country of Palestine established, not returned because there has never been a nation called Palestine, it was a reference to a region which included Jordan.


So, the claims against Israel are largely false or a very long stretching of half-truths. This makes the BDS movement something resting atop of a foundation of lies. Israel is far from an Apartheid state as Israelis come in ever hue and racial variety. Below we have four pictures of soldiers from the IDF which includes a cross-section of races, national origins, genders and all the variety one might not expect. Israel is amongst the least race-conscious places on the planet. But the BDS movement is counting on your having absolutely little and preferably no knowledge about Israel. Then there is the other means that they often convert music stars, actors and actresses, politicians and other famous people by bringing them on a guided tour of Israel and Palestinian areas. The principle word is guided. First, they will take the victims, and that is what the group is, on a tour of northern Tel Aviv and Netanya, best portrayed as the Israeli version of Biscayne Bay, Florida or similar very expensive and elite neighborhoods to show the way the average Israeli lives, trust us, it is anything but average; then they take them on a tour of a few, as many as five, “typical Palestinian villages, never Nablus or Gaza City, these are Potemkin Villages in reverse, screen sets showing poverty and desperation with a cast of actors who put on the act claiming all sorts of horrors and a story of how they were thrown from their grand home somewhere in Israel, often Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. These villages do not have an actual permanent population, they are sets which lie empty except when they need to put on a show. When people talk about the abject poverty in these villages, ask them if they got to visit places without a guide and simply roam around unchaperoned, something which would actually be hazardous to many people if they were to visit certain areas, just like any city, there are just areas which are not as safe as one would like when roaming around. We would not even suggest roaming around our town though the chances of walking into trouble is virtually nil.


Six Soldiers from India's 'Lost Tribe' and Some Women of the IDF Pvt. Jonathan left everything in China to enlist in the IDF and Sgt. Salah Halil with other Arab members of his unit

Six Soldiers from India’s ‘Lost Tribe’ and Some Women of the IDF
Pvt. Jonathan left everything in China to enlist in the IDF and Sgt. Salah Halil with other Arab members of his unit


The BDS stories are full of falsities and misleading statements which all rely on your believing that were the Jews to ever get their own nation, they would act with such animus as a reaction to the treatment they received at the hands of others. The reality is exactly the opposite if for no other reason than the Torah instructs us in Exodus, Chapter 23, Verse 9, to “And you shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the feelings of the stranger, since you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” Instructions do not come much clearer than this one. Jewish Oral Law tells this even further telling us to love the stranger amongst us. The Palestinian Arabs are not amongst us and where they do mix with us they are accepted and trusted which has led to tragedy on the rare occasion that one of the Arab Palestinians decides that shooting the people they work with might be a good way to win friends and influence people. This was exactly what happened in the Barkan Industrial Park shooting where Ashraf Walid Naalwa tied-up and shot to the head execution-style Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel age twenty-nine and Ziv Hajbi age thirty-five as well as injuring severely with shots to her torso a fifty-four-year-old woman employee who preferred to remain anonymous. We would like to note that the remaining Palestinian Arabs with passes allowing them to work in the Barkan Industrial Park remain employed and working in the park alongside the Israeli employees, many of whom are Jews. There were no retaliatory actions taken against the other Park employees including those in the specific manufacturing plant where this shooting occurred. The BDS people would probably only refer to the fact that in this case the IDF killed Naalwa when attempting to take him into custody leaving out the part that he had attempted to shoot his way out of being taken. Hopefully you are getting a sense of the extremes and lies which are behind and powering the BDS movement and their reliance on the proclivity for people to believe the worst in Jews and thus even more-so of Israel. Below are six pictures, before looking at the description, try and figure which are from Israel and which from Nablus ruled by the Palestinian Authority and which are from Gaza City under Hamas rule. The reality is that there are almost indistinguishable neighborhoods in each with greatly varying levels of wealth. There are extremely wealthy Palestinian Arabs and there are Israelis living with meager wealth. According to the story-line given by the BDS propagandists, there are only uber-wealthy Jews and impoverished Arabs. That is as large a lie as any of their other claims. Israel is a vibrant, democratic, equal, varied and diverse country with its share of problems just like any other nation. Is Israel perfect, absolutely not, but it is one of the most pleasant and accepting places and rates as the eleventh happiest nation which when one considers all the various challenges faced by Israel, that is a remarkable little fact. Does being the eleventh happiest country sound anything close to what the BDS propagandists paint as the picture of Israel, full of hate and almost a police state?


Top Nablus Palestinian Authority Middle Gaza City Hamas Bottom Tel Aviv Israel

Top Nablus Palestinian Authority
Middle Gaza City Hamas
Bottom Tel Aviv Israel


The Israel we see everyday and in our travels is a place where we are glad we moved here and made it our new home. We can compare it well against our life in America and as there are things which are better in the United States, there are things about Israel which puts it ahead of America. Israel is a wonderful, open and free society where people from numerous and varied nations and cultures live largely in harmony. Israel is one of two centers, the other is India, for the Baha’I people and has one of their two beautiful centers with its perfectly manicured gardens. Unfortunately, most of the news about Israel is about terrorism, the Palestinian Arab difficulties which are largely because the Arabs have refused every offer to provide them with a state. What the BDS people do not tell you is their efforts are a continuation of the Arab boycott of Israel and that the only state the Arabs are willing to accept is one where they replace Israel and the Jews are made to find another nation to accept them. Should no nation be willing to take the Jews in, the Arab solution to that is to finish what Hitler started, and they admit this in Arabic amongst themselves, never in English as that would reveal a truth they prefer not to advertise. Before reading our final paragraphs, please take a long look at the map below.


Israel and the Arab World

Israel and the Arab World


Are the Palestinians needful and suffering? That is a valid point. The question is where they should be settled. Should they replace Israel and leave the Jews to suffer whatever the world decides, which would likely be closed doors leading to very bad results. Where is there room for these refugees? Let us compare two people’s refugees. The Arab refugees from the formation of Israel were placed in refugee camps and locked there to be used as a weapon against Israel. Their original numbers were somewhere around seven to eight hundred thousand and over the decade after the formation of Israel the Arab world made over eight-hundred-thousand Jews, most of which came to Israel and were absorbed into the country and given full rights. Why cannot the Arabs take their own brothers while Israel absorbed an equal number of refugees. Because they have been ostracized by their own people, their numbers grew to where they are reputed to be more than five million which makes their return to Israel unthinkable. When many of them would have little other than killing the Jews should they be given the opportunity, this would make their inclusion in Israel difficult, but the Arabs want their nation to replace the Jews and take everything the Jews have from their wealth to their lives. There have been refugee swaps after most wars, there was the exchange between India and Pakistan and no one was placed in a camp, there was a refugee problem when Poland annexed lands previously belonging to Germany and there were no refugee camps, only the Arabs decided that their brothers were to be separate and never treated as equal. The Arabs who remained in Israel are treated as equals in Israel and have identical rights as every other Israeli citizen. How is it Israel could accept the Arabs, many homeless after the 1948 Arab war on Israel, but the Arab nations are unable to do similarly? The reason is that they are hypocritically using their brothers and sisters as a weapon to power the BDS movement which is designed to destroy Israel as the Jewish state and send almost seven million Jews out of their homes making them stateless. Lastly, how can there be a Palestinian Arab refugee camp in Gaza City or Nablus or the others within the Palestinian ruled lands under either the Palestinian Authority or Hamas? Here is a link to a one-hour informative examination of the Arab Palestinian Refugee problem.


What is needed is an anti-BDS movement to counter their poison and defamation of Israel. It should be a simple movement where people actually need only perform two small tasks. The first is to sign a petition supporting Israel and her right to exist as the Jewish State as long as she continues to recognize and respect the minorities living amongst her. The second is to make an effort to buy Israeli products when choosing products. Israel makes some of the worlds finest wines, grows and exports produce and manufactures an impressive array of products. Many of us already own some items which are very dependent on Israeli technology and developments. Even the BDS anti-Semites use such products and if they were to be honest, they would avoid all things Israel and not just what is easy. Such things include your cell phone which relies on Israel technology, all Intel microprocessors, instant messaging software and so much more. There need be an NGO to counter the BDS movement which respectfully informs people who decide to cancel appearances in Israel or otherwise fall victim to the harassment policies and practices of the BDS movement who bombard their web sites and e-mails with threats and demands that they treat Israel as the pariah amongst the nations and berate these people until they cave. The anti-BDS would simply bolster their decision not to fold to the threats and inform them that they are being victimized by people using multiple e-mail accounts and identities and they are only a minority. There would need to be a web site which included a list of people willing to support Israel and another of companies which support Israel including all those with research and development sites located in Israel or manufacturing in Israel. It would also provide a list of Israeli products which people could choose and prefer in support of Israel. And it should offer bumper stickers which state different pro-Israel statements such as, “I Buy Israeli,” “We love Israel,” “Israeli Products Inside” and other supportive slogans often including a Star of David replacing the letter “o” for added effect. The “Israeli Products Inside” could also come in a smaller size sticker which companies could place on their products which have Israeli made or designed products inside showing their support for Israel and all she has given the world. Such a movement would gain strength as more people displayed pro-Israel sentiments making it less stressful and threatening to support Israel because now you have support and are not alone, that is the secret. Perhaps the best sticker would simply state, “You are not alone” with all the o’s made out of Stars of David. If you love this idea, we would love to try to arrange for this to become a reality.


Beyond the Cusp


January 14, 2018

Freedom of Speech has Died in America


Give me your children and I’ll change society in ten years. Please assist us, as despite most of us remember hearing this phrase or one very close, none of us could even venture a guess to who, what, when or where. Suffice it to say that something similar to this was said by somebody notable enough for us to remember having read, heard or dreamt it. In the United States, the children in question are school age and especially university age children where in all too many of these institutes of higher education there are safe spaces and speech codes where to even be accused of transgression is a guilty verdict. Where you have speech codes, you lack free speech, and it is that simple. The actual basis of the concept behind free speech is the guarantee that everybody, and it means everybody, can say what is on their mind about anything free of fear that saying so will result in criminal charges and the only possible repercussion would be possible loss of friends and a tainted reputation. That is free speech. It is not free speech if all you ever need hear are opinions with which you agree, or worse, you only get to hear what others have defined as acceptable speech, especially if these are also the same people who hold your future in their hands and within their gradebooks. Unfortunately, for all too many of American university students, the entirety of the above sentence is their reality day in and day out. Numerous of the leading and most prestigious universities such as many of the California University System, all too many Ivy League Colleges and too many other all too well known and sought after universities, there are speech codes, safe spaces and other politically stifling inventions which are being used by the leftist administrators and professors to control the environment while programming the minds of mush sent them presumably to be educated to think, not programmed what to think. The combination of speech codes, safe spaces and unipolar faculty all supporting a singular political bend and the end result is so easily predictable.


When speech codes are designed to support such concepts as global climate change (global warming) is fact, Palestinian Arabs dispossession, anti-capitalism, racism in American society, transgender rights, sexism and other leftist viewpoints and suppress any counter viewpoints combined with reinforcement from curriculum and safe spaces to turn to to escape any transgressions of the speech code or anything which might upset a student’s sensitive psyche and you end up with a host of programmed leftist social justice warriors turned loose each year on society and eventually they will change their world. And just in case you might be wondering, that is exactly the intent of the combination of programming tools being implemented at too many American universities. They take a variety of inexperienced, young students whose minds have yet to experience the realities of life in the real world and place them in an environment where everything is arranged such that only leftist, socialist, progressive political concepts are permitted and provided as accepted truth without allowing for any opposing viewpoints and after four to ten years of such programming send out little leftist, Marxist mind-numb robots all set to correct the world and repair all inequities using the knowledge given them.


Amongst the forty-five declared goals for the Communist takeover of America is to, “Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.” They can check this one off their list as the leftists have all but taken complete control of the textbook industry and the teaching institutions and teaching curriculum. The only viewpoint which, in the United States, is challenging the pure leftist agenda has been the Arabist Islamist viewpoint with an intensified curriculum of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and soon to follow on, anti-Semitic viewpoint. On many campuses, the leftist and anti-Israel, anti-Zionist viewpoint and instruction have merged so seamlessly that in politics as a whole, the two have become partners in trade for numerous leftist groups to adopt anti-Israel, anti-Zionist views as a natural extension of their political viewpoints. In order to make such an environment and assure that the little mushballs entrusted to them in many universities, they have implemented the concept of speech codes which completely support the curriculum such that none ever have to hear a discouraging, or contradictory, phrase. In the classroom, the students quickly learn that to disagree with a professor’s political views risks failure or more critical grading at the least making receiving honor level grades a student adopts the professor’s political views as their default thought process. After a number of years, the higher the degree, the longer the years and the deeper the indoctrination and the longer a student adopts the leftist viewpoint, the more rote repetition of the specific political points held within, the higher the likelihood that the student adopts these views as their own out of habit and repetition. Of course, that is the intended result the professors are seeking from these general soft-sciences and social sciences curriculum as the textbooks and teaching staffs bear witness.


So, what does this hold for the United States and the future? Well, presuming that nothing is going to change, then the United States will continue sliding further and further left until some future President Obama will be the conservative candidate. Before somebody screams that, there will be a corrective slide which would prevent such, let us say that we can only hope that they are correct. The problem we have is after over a half-century of observing the world political stage, and the United States in particular, since the mid-Twentieth Century, there has been a steady and continuous with an occasional lurching back to the right which was all but immediately erased by the next leftist to be elected. As so many have attempted to point out, President John F. Kennedy in the 2000 elections would have run as a Republican with his agenda of lower taxes and building the military. Of course, what these exclamations ignore is that from the 1960 election to 2000, candidate John F. Kennedy would have endured forty years of the Washington Post, New York Times, mainstream broadcast television and all too many other leftist pressures that he very well might have been an entirely different President elected at the turn of the century and would not have run a campaign the equivalence of George W. Bush in 2000, he would have been a more electable version of Al Gore. But fear not, if social media and the uproar caused by the election of President Trump, no true history of conservatism, by an overwhelming number of youthful political enthusiasts, the educational programming is working efficiently and producing an enthusiastic force within American society. What will the future hold? That will not be difficult to tell.


United States National Debt 1940 to 2007

United States National Debt 1940 to 2007


One quick measure might be the above graph of the national debt by year. Up until 1960, the debt grows very slowly and then takes off with a short respite in the late 1990’s before continuing upward. This has been due to ever increased social spending brought on by both main parties with the sole respite coming when the Republican Congress forced a government shutdown under the leadership of Newt Gingrich and his Contract with America where the budget was briefly balanced. Still, even then, it was but a brief respite brought on by a conservative correction, something that was not managed even under President Reagan. The ever-increased debt has resulted not only from the initial Great Society initiated by President Johnson but the ever-added amounts and increased numbers of programs which have pushed the debt ever higher. The final number in 2007 was around nine-trillion and now a mere ten years later at the end or 2017 and the debt is now at twenty-one trillion dollars, a doubling and then some in a mere decade. Should the United States debt continue to climb as such and it will clear one-hundred-trillion by mid century assuming things are not brought under control and the ever-continuous slide towards socialism turned back. Does it appear that this might be the case? Well, in all honesty we fear the United States will spend itself into oblivion before it learns its lesson as every other attempt at socialism has resulted in the same end. That is a truly frightful realization and one can only hope that the United States is scared from failing while it might still be possible to produce their way back to solvency. It will take an extended effort and the electorate changing direction aiming to bring government under control, spending back within limits and fiscal discipline which has not been seen in over half a century. What the United States needs is four or five President Andrew Jacksons in a row as he was the last President to ever pay off the national debt completely, and he only managed to do so for a few months.


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