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April 6, 2012

The Other Side of the House in Hevron

If you follow the Middle East, Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict or read this site regularly, you have heard about the house and the expulsion of its new Jewish residents by the Israeli government in Hevron. For those who need, here is the story in a nutshell. A group of fifteen Jewish families bought a small multi-floor apartment building from its previous Arab owner in Hevron close to the Machpelah, the Cave of the Patriarchs, where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah, the Jewish Patriarchs and Matriarchs, are all buried. This house is close to one of the holiest locations in all of Judaism. These Jewish families moved into their newly purchased home as it was vacant and by not taking residence immediately could result in squatters taking up residence which would then require weeks, months, or even years to challenge and get action taken through the courts. Minister of Defense Ehud Barak took upon himself the decision to force the families’ eviction from their newly and legally purchased home quoting the fact they had not received authorization to inhabit their new home from the appropriate Ministry. By the way, the appropriate Ministry just happens to be the Defense Ministry and is received by getting the signature of Defense Minister Ehud Barak. So, he denied simply signing a permission form and instead signed an order to evict the families. Now let us discuss for the rest of this story including one really sad and much overlooked sides of the story.

Within hours after the eviction had been carried out by the Defense Civil Authority Police there was an altercation at the house when a group of leftist and Arabs attempted to take up squatting in the house in order to prevent the Jewish families who bought the house from being able to reside in the house once they were able to get Ehud Barak to sign the necessary papers, no easy feat in itself. Fortunately, the Civil Authority Police had remained at the house to prevent the reoccupation by the evicted families and thus were able to prevent the Arabs and activists from taking up squatting and stealing the property. Whether the Defense Ministry and Ehud Barak will allow these forces to remain at the house in order to protect the rights of the owners is something that remains to be seen. My best bet is that within a week the families who legally purchased this apartment building will still be futilely attempting to gain the approval along with Ehud Barak’s signature on a simple permit. The Israeli Defense Minister acts and very likely is excessively averse to allowing any Jews to take up residence anywhere past the Green Line in the areas of Judea and Samaria, also referred to by the non-judgmental name the West Bank. The one positive which may arise from this travesty and abuse of power by the Defense Minister would be a reckoning that results in his replacement at long last.

I told you all of this just to get to the real tragedy which likely will result from this entire fiasco. The Arab who sold the building to the Jewish families currently sits in detention, jailed for the crime of selling property to a Jew. Just as it is in Jordan, so it is with the Palestinian Authority who chose to continue to enforce the law which punishes any Palestinian who sells property to a Jew with the penalty of death. That’s right; sell land or property to a Jew and you will be hung from a crane in the town square or lynched by a mob, simple as that. This unfortunate person’s guilt is a fait accompli. There may be a trial, though such a formality has not always been found necessary in the past, but such a formality would only be performed should the persecutors of this inquisition believe they are being observed by the outside world, otherwise they will proceed straight to the execution. The execution will likely be taken after a mob has been gathered and roused to the point of bloodlust and then turned loose on this person who simply entered a transaction to sell an abandoned apartment building. The fact he sold it to Jews is sufficient proof of his having committed a horrendous crime against the whole of Palestinian society and the entirety of Islam, meriting death.

Yet, despite this despicable mutilation of justice, which will be sanctioned then carried out by the Palestinian Authority, it will be ignored by the elites in the West. These same elites will be busy condemning the fifteen Jewish families for attempting to steal a piece of Hevron and Judaize this sacred Palestinian area. Never mind that Hevron was home to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; never mind that Hevron was King David’s original Capitol City before he moved it to Jerusalem; never mind that the Machpelah sits on the edge of Hevron and is the second most holy place for all of Judaism; it only matters that Jews were buying land that the elitists in the world have given away and removed its Jewish importance. But even worse, never mind that an Arab will be put to death in the most heinous and barbaric of rituals for the crime of selling land to a Jew. Never mind the level of hatred which must exist in the hearts, assuming they have any, of those who willingly murder a man for simply entering a sale with somebody who is a Jew. And just think what would be the intent of such people to the Jews who had the audacity to purchase land from an Arab, to Jews who so blatantly proved their lack of acceptance of their dhimmitude place in society. The true horror that will befall the unfortunate and innocent Arab who will be put to death not actually because of his selling land to a Jew but because of the hatred those who will kill him have for all Jews. His real crime is not hating Jews sufficiently to satisfy the Palestinian leadership and those who support the terror and hatred committed by them. Which is the bigger crime here, Jews buying a place to live in an ancient and holy city from ancient Eretz Yisroel or putting a man to death for having the audacity to sell land to a Jew? Anyone too conflicted and who takes more than an instant to choose, is in definite need to of a lot of introspection.

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