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June 7, 2016

The Coming Internationalized Pressure in Israel Again!


We have all the signs one might need to realize that the fix is in and the demands will all fall on Israel. The understanding of those in Paris and those “experts” Makovsky and Ross at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) as well as an unsigned editorial on June 1, 2016 in the Washington Post all making the supposition that the first step towards a settlement requires concessions from Israel to make evident that Israel is serious about reaching an equitable peace with the Palestinians and allow Mahmoud Abbas to feel comfortable with even discussing the necessary requirements for a lasting peace. Never mind that Abbas has made evidently clear that no matter what the settlement and peace even to include Israel pulling completely back to the 1949 Armistice Lines (the Green Line) and redividing Jerusalem while also bringing every Jew from the vacated lands into Israel, the Arabs would retain the right to protest the continued occupation, code words for terrorism and assaults on Israelis. This demand to retain their right to violent confrontation is demanded despite Israelis leaving their homes, businesses and complete cities behind for the Palestinian who would still destroy everything in an orgy of obliteration as nothing touched by a Jew can be allowed to remain standing. This was exactly what happened in Gaza and why the quarter of a million dollars’ worth of greenhouses were destroyed and all their tubing and equipment used to make rockets which were returned to Israel in explosive volleys. But the demands are always for Israel to sacrifice and concessions and give in to any and all demands just to have Abbas laugh and spit in their faces and once again claim, “Not nearly enough.” What would be enough? Abbas has answered that in Arabic. Enough is the founding of Palestine from the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea where the land must be made Jew free. If that means a second Holocaust, then all the better as that would be a great start at quenching their bloodlust which Hamas defines as the murdering of every Jew anywhere on Earth they are found. But Israel must satisfy this vampiric lust that is the Arab Palestinian craving.


Never mind the history of the Jews living in Arab lands, a history every bit as bloodied and evil in its intents and rocky coexistence where Jews lived at the whim of every local potentate following the conquest by Islam of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) including the holy lands, which had been the Jewish homelands for over two-thousand-years by the time of their conquest, which were plagued with near constant violence as the Christian Crusaders attempted to liberate Jerusalem from Islamic colonization replacing it with Christian colonization which had been free of challenge as the Byzantine Empire for almost a millennia before the Muslims conquered the Jewish homelands. The lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea was the Israelite homelands from the time of Joshua and the Israelites who left Egypt approximately forty-years earlier in the Exodus and now conquered the lands the Torah stated was theirs by the decree of the Creator, Hashem. The Torah demanded that they expel the idolaters from the lands, smash and destroy their idols and high places and cleanse the lands of the abominations. There was no demand to murder or exterminate the Canaanites unless they came to fight and destroy the Israelites. They were only to be sent packing into other lands, something which three-thousand plus years ago there was more than enough for the Canaanites to resettle elsewhere and continue there idolatry and live happily ever after. There are claims that the Palestinians are the descendants of the Canaanites which is as ridiculous as their claim to have been descendants of the Philistines. The only problem is the Arabs of three-thousand-years ago were still worshipping their idols in the Arabian Peninsula largely in Mecca and Medina. There was no Islam and today there are no remnants or descendants of either the Canaanites or the Philistines. Now back to the insanity that is the unexplainable fixation the Western World appears to suffer from when it comes to Israel and their multitude of misconceptions.


Let us review a few basic facts, facts which are often just thrown out the window when it comes to appeasing any who wish to destroy Israel. The League of Nations and by Article 80 of their Charter, the United Nations, and the British Crown, and the Christian world at the end of World War I, a far more religious and knowledgeable of history, particularly Biblical history, and who realized that since the fall of Israel and subsequently Judea, both Israelite Jewish nations, there had been numerous empires whose land included ancient Israelite lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea including but not limited to the Babylonian Empire, Persian Empire, Greek Empire of Alexander, Ptolemaic Greek Empire, Seleucid Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Caliphate, Napoleonic Empire, the Crusaders, and Ottoman Empire but none of which ever placed even a provincial capital within these lands with them most often ruled from Damascus as the weather was milder and far more comfortable than the hot and dry lands which was the homeland of the Israelites, the Jews. The only peoples to make their kingdom centered on these lands with Jerusalem or Shechem as their capital city were the Israelites either as the tribes which formed a loose federation not united until the rule of King David and King Solomon. There were brief kingdoms when the yoke of either the Greek Empire or Roman Empire was briefly thrown off with the most famous being the Hasmonean Dynasty the product of the Maccabean Revolt which was the rising of pious Jews against the Seleucid king who had tried to eradicate their religious practices and force Greek idolatry onto the Jews and who placed idols in the Second Temple desecrating it further with the sacrifice of pigs in an effort to completely extinguish any religious attachment of the Temple with Judaism. Even that effort by the Seleucid king was initiated from Damascus as he did not care to reside with the Jews who he found particularly troublesome and stubborn as they refused to be Hellenized, well, a core of them refused and the ones that had become Hellenized were also murdered during the Maccabean Revolt. The Romans tried to stamp out Judaism as a religion as well and initially this resulted in the Bar Kokhba revolt which resulted in the overthrow of Roman rule ever so briefly. This was the Third Jewish–Roman War or the Third Jewish Revolt as if nothing else we were stubborn to the end. The Romans even used their ultimate weapon for destroying a peoples and their culture by erasing them from history through dispersing them to the far corners of their empire removing the majority from their native lands. This was done with the survivors of the Carthaginians after the Third Punic War and has anyone met a Carthaginian lately? This was the Roman’s most dire weapon as it robbed a people of any coalescing or binding legacy or even a core group but the Jews had their own secret weapon, Torah. With the Torah and the laws and recorded history there was a binding agent which was portable and went wherever the Jews went and no matter how scattered each Jew had the Torah, the same laws, the same legacies, the same promise of redemption and a return to Eretz Yisroel no matter how long it might take. As it turns out it took almost two-thousand-years but in May 15, 1948 (Iyar 6, 5708) the British left and from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea the modern state of Israel was born.


I know what some are saying, wait BTC people, what about Gaza and the West Bank, they were not Israel and they are between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and they were Palestine. Well, actually no. What did happen was from November 29, 1947 after the United Nations General Assembly voted to allow the partition of the lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea between the Jews and Arabs, in the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 when the trouble began. This was a non-binding resolution, as every General Assembly resolution, as only the Security Council is empowered to pass binding enforceable resolutions and then only if they do so under Chapter Seven as a Security Council Chapter Six Resolution is the same as the General Assembly, a non-binding resolution. With a non-binding resolution from the United Nations, as soon as any of the affected institutions, nations or individuals rejects the resolution it is immediately voided and can no longer be considered as having any validity. The British were leaving on the following May 15, 1948 divide or not. What happened was the Zionist Congress immediately accepted the partition as they were willing to take anything as that was better than the British being made to remain. The Arab League rejected it out of hand and made a call for Arab nations to gather and destroy the abomination to Islam which a Jewish State would pose. Seven Arab nations, a number of militias and an Arab Force under the Mufti of Jerusalem, the infamous Mohammed Amin al-Husseini who spent World War II in Berlin and demanded that the Nazis assist in the liquidation of the Jews in the Arab world after they conquered the world, a fait accompli in his mind as in Hitler’s. Things went in a different direction as history relates with the defeat of Nazi Germany and the Axis Powers. The Mufti commanded two Balkan Muslim regiments which were involved in numerous war crimes and the Mufti was initially listed as one to be tried in the Nuremberg Trials but the British removed his name and flew him to Jerusalem to take command of the Arabs who were fighting the Jews in a low-grade war as the British were preparing to depart. These were the forces he commanded and were within the Jewish lines causing difficulties and were one of the reasons that some Arab villages were forced beyond the front lines as they had armed and were preparing to assault the Jewish forces from the rear if left behind the front lines where the Arab armies were fighting the newly formed and not entirely regimented Jewish forces. When the fighting was finally halted the front lines divided Jerusalem and Jordan had occupied parts of Judea and Samaria which they renamed West Bank as Judea sounded a little too Jewish, the Egyptians held Gaza and the Syrians the Golan Heights. These Arab areas held by Jordan, Egypt and Syria were occupied Jewish lands as per the League of Nations, the United Nations, the San Remo Conference, and numerous other treaties and conferences which were held after the defeat of Germany and the Austria-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires after World War I. All of these and especially the British and French Mandates were recognized by the United Nations which is how Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel were brought into being and recognized by the world bodies.


Bet all that history and the fact that it was the Arab nations who occupied Israeli Lands never enters into their equations. There is a simple reason for this and it is best described by disposing another myth we have seen repeatedly of late, the myth that the United States has been the bestest of friends with Israel from the start and never even did anything that might have caused Israel distress or possibly led to its destruction. Granted President Harry Truman voted for and recognized Israel both in the November United Nations vote and gave recognition on the morning of May 15, 1948. What everyone ignores was that immediately after that the United States imposed an arms embargo against Israel. That’s right, as the Jews needed arms, any arms as they had very few and virtually no air forces or armored vehicles. The initial Israeli armored vehicle was a 50cal machine gun atop a 1930s car or truck. Israel turned to one nation for most of the arms they received, Czechoslovakia. Fortunately there were quite a few World War II tanks and some airplanes sitting in Czechoslovakia and they were willing to sell them at a budget rate as they knew exactly how it felt to be tossed to the wolves as an appeasement. Eventually the French and, believe it or not, the Soviet Union also sold Israel some equipment. Somehow, though out-gunned, out-manned and greatly out-numbered, Israel fought her heart out and while not winning, they survived with some lost territories to Jordan, Egypt and Syria. These lands remained occupied and without even a peep of demanding their “State of Palestine” while these Arab nations held these lands.


Then in 1964 the KGB assisted the formation of the PLO placing their well-trained duo of Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, both trained in Moscow, in charge of their PLO anti-Jewish terror organization. You will never believe what their slogan was. They claimed that Israel was occupying their Arab homeland of Palestine. This is in 1964 and a full three years before the 1967 Six Day War where Israel liberated her occupied lands as well as conquering the Sinai Peninsula. Israel, the nation unwilling to sacrifice for peace returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt when the two nations made peace and ended their belligerency. Israel, in August of 2005 pulled every Jewish citizen from the Gaza and removed their IDF forces and even reinterred their dead to cemeteries within Israel and left the entire greenhouse industries intact for the Gazans to have some form of agriculture and production. The greenhouses were torn apart and used to make rockets. The Palestinian Authority lost the Gaza to Hamas which had won the elections and controlled the Palestinian Parliament. Mahmoud Abbas assumed office and his term presumably ran out in 2009 and the world awaits the elections for President, hint, don’t hold your breath as he knows in a fair election he will lose, and losing that election may cause him to lose more than just an election. So, Israel surrendered Gaza for peace and received Hamas and rockets and invasion tunnels. Now Makovsky and Ross are some of the people behind the international demands that Israel provide cement so that Gaza can be rebuilt. Small problem, Israel has been providing the cement but nothing is being rebuilt. Reports state that Hamas is appropriating over ninety-percent of the cement for the rebuilding of their tunnels including new tunnels supposedly reaching miles under the border into Israel. Thanks to the European and American wunderkind Israel is providing cement to Hamas to use to destroy Israel. This actually should be of little surprise as since 1948 much of the Western World governments in some form or another have adopted positions and policies which could not be any more injurious to Israel than if they were intentionally attempting to destroy the Jewish State. But we all know that the Western World could not be working to hurt Israel because Israel dictates policy to the Western World, right?


Left side map depicts the division of the Promised Land amongst the tribes and right side map compares the modern promised land from the Jordan west to the Mediterranean Sea compared to the maximum of area during King David’s and King Solomon’s reigns.


There has been a confab in Paris in order to find a new plan to restart the Palestinian-Israel peace talks. The good news is there were a number of nations participating and the Israelis would not be present to muck things up. The sad news is even with this perfect set of conditions it does not appear they will succeed. The Paris peace parley ended with a call for another conference by the end of the year. The Palestinians are unhappy because all they got was a lousy communique and a “non-binding” one at that. They had anticipated a supposed binding demand that Israel surrender at least Jerusalem and back to the Green Line pulling all Jews back with their retreat. All they got was a lousy T-shirt. Even the Foreign Ministers at the Paris Conference knew that there is no chance for peace and Israel is not the problem. When meeting in quiet rooms behind closed doors without the media and other outside interference they all know that the problem is that Mahmoud Abbas will only accept a complete demolition of Israel replacing it with an Arab State. The PLO had a similar plan but with one difference, they claimed that as soon as they finish cleansing the land of all things Jewish they were going to give the land to Jordan. They did not pretend they desired to have a nation to run; they just wanted the Jewish State dead and gone, all traces gone. The PA is the PLO with international recognition. That is the reality but in order to be able to claim that progress is being made and an intransigent Mahmoud Abbas and Arab World there is only one other hope, pressure Israel, threaten Israel, do what it takes to make Israel make moves knowing that no matter what Israel does it will not make a single iota of difference, Abbas will just say “No.” That is the reality, plain and simple, Israel pressed to make useless and empty moves because everybody knows that Abbas is the obstruction and it makes no difference who replaces him as the leadership of the Palestinian Authority are all hardened terrorists who desire only one thing, dead Jews and no more Israel. That is their minimum acceptable result and nothing short of that will change anything. Well, except if Israel does what she should have done on June 11, 1967 and reestablished rule over every inch of the previously occupied Jewish and Israeli lands from 1948 and end the ridiculous charade of attempting to mollify the unappeasable. It is and always has been a fool’s game and it is simply foolish to continue the charade not to mention dangerous. Give Abbas one last proposal where he gets areas A and B and when he refuses then simply push the Palestinian Authority leaders and fighters out into Syria and then offer to buy out anyone who prefers leaving otherwise they can either remain as resident aliens or they may choose to follow a procedure which will result in citizenship after a reasonable time and passing a background check. Any known terrorists will be invited to depart, an invitation which cannot be refused. That is the best and least injurious path to peace and with time this would lead to a lasting peace as Egypt and Jordan do not desire another costly war with Israel which leaves Syria and Lebanon. Syria barely exists as a nation and who knows who will be the next leader, if any, in Syria. In Lebanon the problem is with a terrorist entity backed by Iran, Hezballah, and they are currently engaged in Syria up to their proverbial necks. Once that war is finally resolved, perhaps Iran will not be able to continue to provide Hezballah with any further rockets and missiles and they will decide that threatening Israel is better than warring with Israel. If Hezballah instead decides war is preferable then Israel needs to end that problem once and for all even if that requires retaining lands to the southern shore of the Litany River, the Biblical northern border of Israel as can be seen in the map of the Tribes of the Israelites after their conquest of the lands. Israel has no desire to reach to the Euphrates River as was acquired by King David and King Solomon at the greatest extent Israelites had ever ruled. The Litani River would be defendable should Hezballah insist that they too will not rest until Israel is no more. Iran, you ask? The world will decide that problem as they are positioning to be a threat to places far beyond Israel and that is where the world had best start to pay closer attention, honest.


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July 15, 2015

We Have a Magic Iran Deal with Entire Transcript of Agreement

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Entire Edited for ease of Reading Transcript of Iran Nuclear Agreement with the P5+1 Group


Yes Ladies and Gentleman and kids of all ages, step right up and hear of the Iran deal, the deal of a lifetime with guarantees galore including “Peace in Our Time,” “Free Profits for Every Corporation,” “No Fears of Iranian Nuclear Weapons for the Rest of My Presidency,” and other great thrills and exciting exhibits beyond amazing including our “Can you identify President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister and Lead Negotiator Mohammad Javad Zarif in the editorial cartoon game below?” So sit back, grab some buttered popcorn, popped free of trans fats, and a large soda, recline in your comfortable chair and enjoy the mushrooms appearing on horizons everywhere.


three sheep, one large, very large, sheep with wolf-like face howling and two small sheep named lunch Can you identify President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister and Lead Negotiator Mohammad Javad Zarif in the editorial cartoon game above?

Can you identify President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister and Lead Negotiator Mohammad Javad Zarif in the editorial cartoon game above?



More seriously, the entire agreement can be viewed here with link to our source a Russian publication, and it is not as much reading as you have heard as over three-quarters of the agreement is a list of sanctioned companies and other entities listed one per line often with descriptions and specifics also listed one per line taking up much of the rest of the agreement, all included on our page. The agreement is a breeze to read unless you want to reference the part of this part as per Annex I or Annex III or even as per the Roadmap, whatever that was, and references to other agreements or normative schedules and one thing I did find that was quite straight forward until you try to figure out how these terms might be defined by Iran as versus how France or other concerned parties might interpret them and then this becomes a web of intrigue. Here is this part about inspections, their intent, how they are to be requested and under what limitations;

“Requests for access pursuant to provisions of this JCPOA will be made in good faith, with due observance of the sovereign rights of Iran, and kept to the minimum necessary to effectively implement the verification responsibilities under this JCPOA. In line with normal international safeguards practice, such requests will not be aimed at interfering with Iranian military or other national security activities, but will be exclusively for resolving concerns regarding fulfilment of the JCPOA commitments and Iran’s other non-proliferation and safeguards obligations.”

So, who defines “good faith,” “sovereign rights,” “minimum necessary,” “normal international safeguards,” and “will not be aimed at interfering with Iranian military or other national security activities,” really, they expect for any time Iran wants to play hide the smoking gun HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium) that there will not be a ton of accusations of being too invasive and spying until the site has been cleared and after six months they finally allow access? Am I just overly sensitive and paranoid or might there be something here to be concerned about? Then there is the fact that Iran will be responsible for upgrading their Arak heavy water reactor to minimize its plutonium production and that inspections will be made to verify the alterations. How will such a determination be confirmed when one unnamed nuclear state built an entire fake control room to pass such an inspection while carrying out their research in order to produce nuclear weapons and the fake control room satisfied those sent to carry out the inspections as the gauges were correct and looked the part and the people manning the controls seemed intense and serious but the entire setup was a ploy and it passed. Making me all the more comfortable is that the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) will be responsible for the inspections and they are further restricted by the last phrase in the same paragraph as the above now stating a further restriction

“In implementing this procedure as well as other transparency measures, the IAEA will be requested to take every precaution to protect commercial, technological and industrial secrets as well as other confidential information coming to its knowledge.”

And who gets to define “confidential information” not to mention “commercial, technological and industrial secrets” as I am sure these cannot be interpreted in such a manner that a military enrichment site accidentally revealed through an unauthorized casual conversation with a delivery person, a soon to be very dead delivery person, or other less than brilliant secret holder, would not that be something that would be considered compromising by Iran and thus coming under these restrictions? We already know that the IAEA is better at keeping quiet than they are at actually turning the world upside-down to get to the truth. It is safer and easier to not cross Iran than to spend the rest of your days, no matter how short that may end up being, looking over your shoulder with great amounts of suspicions and trepidations. I will tell you now that if I were assigned to inspect Iran and was even allowed in by the Iranians in the first place, should I find anything resembling troubling my reaction would be exactly the same as Sgt. Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes and I would be seen walking around saying things such as, “I see nothing” and “This time, Col. Hogan, you’ve gone too far” and “Are you trying to get me sent to the Russian front?” which might actually be applicable in this instance as well. Then there is this little gem,

“if the IAEA has concerns regarding undeclared nuclear materials or activities, or activities inconsistent with the JCPOA, at locations that have not been declared under the comprehensive safeguards agreement or Additional Protocol, the IAEA will provide Iran the basis for such concerns and request clarification.”

Clarification, there is a word which is meaningless in the midst of an agreement that requires a linguist, a rocket scientist, a wordsmith, a nuclear scientist, and a magician to understand, and not to worry, Iran will be providing an illusionist and an escape artist along with their interpretations and explanations just to assist with their obstructions.


Reading the mitigation procedures has two fifteen day levels that run subsequent and another five day intense mitigation period after which it appears that then the filing party can file a complaint with the Security Council of the United Nations and then if they are still unsatisfied they are free to pursue remedial actions as they feel necessary. That’ll work REAL good! There appear to be far more schedules and instructions for relieving sanctions and making amends by releasing funds and arranging all sorts of other mitigations. The spacing and paragraph breaks (carriage returns for older folks like my peer group) and spaces and tabs arranged in numerous and varying combinations seemingly just to make find/replace in order to rid the document of these wastes of space, memory in files, and headaches for those attempting such cleansing of the document and I am sure was also used to make the number of pages more impressive as after editing the document, it was, as a whole, approximately thirty-five percent fewer pages in my Word file (your savings may differ due to different font, font size, spacing, margins, and general and specific preferences). This was made all the more obvious when according to references from Buzzfeed late Tuesday it was noted that the Russian Foreign Ministry appears to have published a full text of the agreement on their website and the text is some 159 pages long. Even our copy of the full deal as on the Russian site we found it still was well over three hundred pages on Word (same disclaimer as above) and despite leaving entire lines with a few numbers, a company name, the description such as ‘vessel’ as in a ship followed by its registry number in the following line and the owning company in the line above and we all know there was absolutely no manner of formatting which could have reduced those three lines into at most two and more often just a single line, heavens forbid as everybody knows that the more pages used to print and publish an agreement and the more weighty the tome the more impressive and validated any agreement is perceived to be, thus the sometimes ten or even more lines wasted between sections. Another reason for the extensive and cryptic formatting was that they could spend weeks upon weeks arguing over the exact format for each section and again how each section was to be separated from the section before and after it as well as other format issues. Such puts me in the mindset of how I felt upon finding out that the Viet Nam War negotiations held in Paris spent weeks at the outset standing and debating the size, shape and seating at the table they would eventually agree upon and need to order such that neither side felt slighted or inferior. There was one thing I did notice was that the sections which referenced the specifics which Iran had to meet the spacing was far more complex and rendered parts difficult to discern their actual and accurate meaning until the formatting was rendered to something resembling normal while the sectors explaining those things which were in Iran’s favor were far more normally spaced and the wasted lines could have been explained that the wasted spaces were intended to delineate items and make them near impossible to be misinterpreted. There was one item I found outright painful, and it oddly enough was not executing the reformatting as I found two algorithms which neatened up large sections very nicely, which was the intentional use of referencing to outside documents, the reference to the Annexes, all of which simply stood to make interpretations more easily twisted and applied as well as the dependence of Iran to be forthcoming and cooperative and the number of items which were to be arranged and enforced between Iran and Russia, as that could never go awry.


So, we have an agreement which will be interpreted by people in very likely broadly different manners and we will find that all sides will be able to read into the document exactly that which they desire to happen and not to apply or apply requirements and implementations which will assist in their desired endings. We also have an agreement which has entire sectors which depend completely on Iranian compliance enforcement, Iran being forthcoming with vital information necessary for actually being able to enforce the terms and stipulations and all of it also will heavily depend on Iran self-policing and having complete honest sincerity in all dealings and not to engage in delaying inspections and providing complete and candid forthcoming on all items even to include reporting if and where they open clandestine enrichment facility which would kind of ruin any concept of a clandestine enrichment, wouldn’t it. Placing the onus for any part of an agreement of such magnitude and of vital importance onto Iran to police themselves after knowing that they had broken numerous stipulations of the previous framework agreements which were vital for the numerous extensions, one after another, with each extension bring a poor deal to a bad deal, to an awful deal all the way to a downright dangerous deal which in all too many ways will prove unenforceable. The one truth to come out of this arms agreement is that President Barack Hussein Obama will have his legacy which will empower Iran potentially thrusting them into a level of leadership of a higher level than they currently possess in the Middle East. Another possibility is the agreement might also empower every last terrorist group supported by Iran such as and not limited to Hezballah, Hamas, IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) and other terror forces in the three cities of the tri-border area in South America where the borders of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet and are populated by Hezballah in addition to the IRGC and other terrorist operatives who often arrive to receiving training at one of the three cities in the region which serve as home for the terror masters, operatives and trainees; Ciudad del Este, Foz do Iguaçu and Puerto Iguazú (see map below)


Tri_Border Region of South America Terror training haven and Iranian proxy state in the Americas and Base of operations for the 17 March 1992 Israeli Embassy Bombing murdering 29 injuring 242 and the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) 18 July 1994bombing murdered 85 injured over 800 and now we must add the murdered Argentine Prosecutor Alberto Nisman to AMIA fatalities

Tri_Border Region of South America Terror training haven and Iranian proxy state in the Americas and Base of operations for the 17 March 1992 Israeli Embassy Bombing murdering 29 injuring 242 and the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) 18 July 1994 bombing murdered 85 injured over 800 and now we must add the murdered Argentine Prosecutor Alberto Nisman to AMIA fatalities


The one thing that is guaranteed is that there will be shrill voices and booming baritones claiming the wonderful aspects and the dreaded coming events and wars because of this deal for the next year and a half as this will be carried on through next November milking this agreement for every political point which can be bled out of it. The ones praising the brilliance and great deal of restraint the deal has forced upon Iran will accuse the detractors to the deal of continuing to kick a dead horse, exactly as they claimed on those opposing ObamaCare and those who deny that any climactic changes are caused by people while those being castigated in such a negative light will reply accusing the other side as being led by their noses and wearing blinders in order to only see that which they have any desire to see. The not so wonderful thing about this situation is that both sides are right about this being carried too far as there may still be a way to alter Iranian desire to build a nuclear arsenal through sanctions but it may require the world cut back on Pistachios as well as oil. The biggest fear is what a nuclear armed Iran would actually do. Would they attack Kuwait and Saudi Arabia or at least grab ahold of the oil fields from both nations whose sole economic health is reliant on those oil fields. Then Iran would be gobbling up the remaining Gulf oil states down the Persian Gulf to also grab ahold of the other side of the Straits of Hormuz giving the Iranians total control of this vital waterway.


Further, what else might Iran do with nuclear weapons? There is the chance that Iran would decide that it was not receiving sufficient air, logistical and manpower support when engaging the Islamic State and simply detonate a single tactical nuclear weapon over their headquarters during a period of time they were holding a meeting so as to catch as many of the top leaders of the Islamic State and thus cause dissention and doubt amongst those who thought ISIS really was the invincible return of the Caliph and the establishment of the next Caliphate which would in time rule all of the earth under Sharia as they interpret the Quran and the Hadiths. Such a calamity would spell the end of those dreams and the nightmares they would have wrought on the world. But stopping ISIS would only empower an even greater threat, and even greater evil, Iran and their delusions of being the chosen of Allah to subjugate all and put all of mankind on their knees prostrate facing Mecca. Yes, they would demand we surrender all dignity and prostrate ourselves facing Mecca and the Kaaba (Arabic: الكعبة‎‎ Meaning is ‘cube’) at the center of Islam’s most sacred mosque, Al-Masjid al-Haram (Arabic: المسجد الحرام Meaning literally translated as “the sacred mosque”). Held within the Kaaba is a fragment of a meteorite, a black rock which is described in the Quran with a quote attributed to Mohammad claiming that the Black Stone had “descended from Paradise whiter than milk but the sins of the sons of Adam had made it black.” Which brings us to another belief that the leadership of Iran and has been announcing since 1979, first by the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran the first Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini and now by his successor Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei that Iran should and will, if it is Allah’s will and Allah does indeed will it, for Iran to take control of and tend to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. This high hope has often been stated and exclaimed while also including other holy places which hold great importance to Shia Islam such as the holy city of Qom (Persian: قم‎) in Iran and in Iraq the holy cities of Najaf (Arabic: النجف‎) and Karbala (Arabic: كربلاء‎) which are currently being contest for control between the Islamic State or ISIS and the Iraqi military backed by Iranian IRGC forces who are expected to win the day despite the less than stellar performance of the Iraqi military forces. These leaders of Iran and of all Shiites also strive to take possession of the great responsibility of tending the highest holy sites in all of Islam of Mecca (Arabic: مكة‎) and Medina (Arabic: المدينة المنورة‎) which were all the cities mentioned initially by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini and was not until much later when the Iranian Shia leadership saw inroads through Hamas to open additional front that they could manage to aid Hezballah did the mention of Jerusalem come into their lexicon where it slowly evolved and may finally be cracking into the top five, but definitely as the Arab Palestinians tell the story, the third holiest site in Islam. One might wonder when Jerusalem will best Medina out of the number two slot though Medina has held the number two slot for quite some time when it fell from the number one slot it held while Mohammed rose his army in Medina but when he conquered the city of his birth, Mecca, his true allegiance became obvious as Mecca became the top city and Iran means to one day soon add Mecca and Medina to their list of possessions which may come quicker than anybody realizes. Once the Iranian backed Houthis take control over all of Yemen, Iran will be able to open their second front from the south coordinated with their forces in Iraq to the north and a main force entering through Kuwait in the efforts to takeover Mecca, Medina and the Saudi, Kuwaiti, Bahraini and other Gulf States’ oil fields cementing Iran as the leader of all Islam and the holder of all the cards as they by themselves will be the entirety of the oil replacing OPEC.


The full ramifications of establishing this agreement with Iran and the clearing of their path to nuclear weapons will depend on whether they plan on waiting a decade or decide to take the potentially hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars about to come flooding into their coffers and improve the life of the people or go full steam and head-rushing their way to miniaturized warheads simply by warming up to Kim Jong-un and buying his plans or purchasing possibly more advanced warhead designs from China or Russia in order to show their appreciation for their support during these negotiations. The easy prediction is that the world will realize the extents of Iran’s goals faster rather than later as once they possess nuclear weapons the real game starts and all bets are off as to the number of lives it will cost to end their visions of supremacy and world domination. Do not get this wrong as if the leaders of the world play cutesy with Iran and attempt to mollify them as they did in the mid to late 1930s with Hitler they will be giving Iran the Arabian peninsula, Iraq, Yemen and Oman followed soon afterwards the world will probably applaud Iran as they bring the rule of law and establish order as they extend their growing conquests through force of arms and negotiations with a weak and intimidated, risk averse and conflict avoidant Western World adding Somalia, Eretria and Djibouti giving Iran a foothold in the Horn of Africa from which to threaten Ethiopia, South Sudan, the Sudan and Egypt from the south while threatening Egypt from the Sinai and Arabia Peninsulas. From there they would likely co-opt Turkey through an alliance and then take revenge as Persians on Greece for the conquest and ending of the Persian Empire by Alexander the Great, and yes they remember their defeat and will seek to avenge that degradation and Greece is in no shape to resist or fight back. This would place them on the doorstep of Europe and the NATO nations would likely defend Greece with the great and forceful war plan used by France and Britain to defend Czechoslovakia from Hitler except they would hand Greece over in one chunk and not bother with giving half of the islands at a time. After Greece, who knows where next, the entirety of North Africa followed by Andalusia (Arabic: الأندلس‎), which is called Spain since the Inquisition freed Spain from Muslim rule starting in 1492 (a date not particularly celebrated by Jews as we lost just as big if not more so than the Muslims as Spain desired to rid themselves from all non-Catholics which included Jews as well as Muslims except the Jews had no weapons or armies, so guess who paid for any Spanish loss and on the other side the Muslim of the Umayyad Caliphate who also used the Jews as a group upon which their angers could be easily pointed as the Jews made for easy, low-risk targets so we lost on both sides of the Inquisition.


After such a move the Muslims would be at their high water mark before Christendom became militarily more advanced and began pushing the Muslims out of their conquests resulting from their breakout from the Arabic Peninsula in the early and mid-eighth century through to the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1917 though the decline started around the mid-seventeenth century. The next rise of Islam may well be under the leadership of a nuclear powered Shiite Islamic revolution which will first convert the now majority Sunni Muslims likely with a ferocity formerly not seen in modern times until the bursting of ISIS onto the world’s stage though the Assad Family had their atrocities and there have been others such as the terror for so many under Saddam Hussein, it is just ISIS was chosen by the media to emphasize and place their atrocities before the world to view and feel a condemnatory rage. What the reason behind such a media exposure we may never know but, in the terms of old showmen everywhere, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” As others have said, hold on to your hats as the ride is about to begin and it is going to be a wild ride. Like any old-school rollercoasters, the ride may start slow but watch out for that first step, it’s a doozy.


Entire Edited for ease of Reading Transcript of Iran Nuclear Agreement with the P5+1 Group


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