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November 6, 2014

The Real Detriments to Peace, A Memo to New EU Foreign Minister

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From the top, please allow me to congratulate Ms. Federica Mogherini on her appointment to succeed the Lady Catherine Ashton as the Foreign Policy Chief of the European Union, a position of great challenges and responsibilities, not the least of which is taking the time to get past the bromides offered by your predecessor and potentially taking new paths which will actually address many of the most serious problems concerning the European Union and members states. This is one of the regions which has suffered from misconceptions and placing blame where popular opinions wish to have it placed rather than taking the more difficult but potentially more productive stand going against the majority. Sometimes the principled stand demanding to represent truth over propaganda and popular mythologies is difficult and wins one few friends and invitations to even fewer social gatherings while suffering the hurled slings and arrows of media invectives but it is still the honorable stance which is also most likely to produce desired results, even the claimed desired results of those who will initially be your greatest detractors. The advantage is that by taking the path less traveled in some issues you stand to gain respect and honors when doing so eventually results in accomplishments unattained by all who preceded you and who failed while carrying the water for the popularist opinion makers. As you may have figured out by now, I refer to the Palestinian-Israeli peace process which has stymied not only every last one of your predecessors, but every foreign minister, president, prime minister, secretary of state and special emissary for almost twenty years all because they took the easy road of blaming the victim simply because the victim was the only party which could be pressured into acting against their better interests and often judgment. They have all, each and every one, even the ones claiming to be the best friend the Israelis had ever had, pressured the Israelis to make concession after concession and bend over backwards to meet the intransigent Palestinians, not just half way, but ninety-five percent of the way and sometimes even further. Israel has released murderers of hundreds of her peoples including women, children, elderly, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Baha’I, Shinto and possibly even followers of Taoism or Confucianism as well as those whose ancestors were Europeans, Arabs, Africans, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Americans, Canadians, Australians, South Americans, and from every corner of the globe as Israel is a multicultural and multiethnic nation which also has many peoples from differing backgrounds, original homelands, religions, races and any other identifying ism all who live, work, worship and share their lives in this tiny land. Let us go into some depth about the realities of the Palestinian-Israeli entanglement which is often laughably called a peace process.


The first item one need understand is that Israel, after the Six Day War of June 1967, was only presumed by the United Nations agreement to return portions of the lands they gained in their defensive conflict with Egypt and Syria and which was joined on the second day of the fighting by Jordan with no provocation from Israel and because Jordan desired to get in on the glorious victories being reported on Egyptian and Syrian radio and television news reports and ignoring the pleading from Israel that they not engage as Israel attempted to inform Jordan that those reports were untrue. Jordan believed that the Israelis were pleading to deny them their share in the victory and joining Egyptian President Nasser in throwing the Jews into the Sea, as he had repeatedly boasted the combined forces of Egypt and Syria under the banner of the United Arab Republic (UAR). Israel triumphed despite her being numerically outgunned and out done in every conceivable area including tanks, troops, artillery, aircraft, and even bullets and bombs. Israel captured the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza from Egypt and returned the Sinai Peninsula and offered to return Gaza which the Egyptians refused leaving Gaza with the stated intent of providing a thorn in the side of Israel which would eventually mortally wound the Jewish state. Israel conquered the Golan Heights and had proceeded down the far slopes and gained a slight foothold into Syria and simply retreated to the crest and a small amount for the northeastern tops of the Golan Heights which brought peace to the Galilee and permitted Israelis to farm the fertile lands free from sniper fire threatening their attempts to plow their fields, weed their crops and harvest their crops. And lastly, the Israelis pushed the Jordanians from our beloved Jerusalem which they were the occupiers and back across the Jordan River returning Judea and Samaria to Israeli hands as it was intended by treaties and international law returning it from Jordanian occupation. The Jordanian claims to Judea and Samaria (West Bank) were not even recognized by a single Arab nation and only two countries ever recognized the Jordanian annexation of Judea and Samaria, Britain and Pakistan, while the rest of the world called it what it actually was, Jordanian occupation of lands that belonged rightfully to Israel. The lands were set aside under the San Remo Conference where the Mandate system was set up with the French tasked to establish a Christian nation within its Mandate which became Lebanon, and the British were tasked to set up a Jewish State within their Mandate and the Balfour Declaration was included within the San Remo Conference statutes by a unanimous vote of the victorious allied powers after World War I and later also accepted by the United States Congress in a resolution as the United States was merely an observer to these negotiations having entered the war quite close to the end. I hope this does not come as a new revelation and that you actually believed the canard that Israel was only founded as a guilt trip by the Europeans after the Holocaust. Further, the San Remo Conference Mandate System was also ratified as part of the United Nations Charter under Article 80. All these facts are easily verifiable with even the slightest amount of effort, so please feel free to ask your librarian or possibly try a search of the United Nations web site.


I noticed that you stated that you hoped that within your tenure that a Palestinian state would be established. I am assuming that this desire is made in the most magnanimous of reason, that being the establishment of a lasting peace with security for both sides and no further hostilities between the two sides. I also am accepting that you are referring to the Oslo Accords as the impetus behind your efforts. May I request that in order to assure that the Oslo Accords actually apply to the situation that you assure yourself through actual hard evidence that all of the prerequisite stipulation which were required of the two sides have been fulfilled to the letter and that if any provision has not been fulfilled, that you will insist on such deficiency being corrected immediately and before you precede any further. In particular, please request the actual document of the Palestinian Authority, PLO and Fatah charters and assure that they have amended those documents such that they no longer call for the eradication of all of Israel as required by the Oslo Accords. I will not demand that Hamas change their charter as such would be folly and wasted effort. Then, please note that of the areas gained resulting from the Israeli defensive efforts in June of 1967 of which Israel was required to return lands and not all lands but with the provision that Israel was to retain those lands necessary to assure her security and that thus far Israel has returned well over ninety percent of those lands with the return of the Sinai Peninsula and that her offer to Jordan to return Judea and Samaria to Jordan, which would have this time made their ownership legal, but Jordan refused their return releasing them initially to Israel and only years later did Jordan renege and claim to have gifted Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians, and actually to the PLO, a terrorist organization. And please refer to Judea and Samaria by their real and recognized names which stood for over five thousand years before being renamed in 1949 in order to remove any recognizable reference to their having once belonged to the Jewish people. You might also research what many realized as the likely resultant borders for Israel when the United Nations Security Council passes their resolution requiring Israel to return lands but certainly not all the lands and you may realize that the world at that juncture had the expectation that Israel would retain the lands of Judea and Samaria and that the Jordan River would become the eastern border of the state of Israel.


But let us address the realities of the day. You recently stated that the planned building of apartments, which will be available for any and all citizens of Israel including the Arabs of East Jerusalem who hold Israeli citizen identification cards as Israel made them Israelis when Israel annexed the entirety of her rightful and historic capital city, Jerusalem, will make reaching a peace settlement more difficult. These apartments will be made available to Israel Arabs, Muslims, and every other Israeli who desires to live in them. These are not apartments being built for Jews as so many like to portray them as such would be against Israeli Basic Laws and be roundly condemned and such limitations rescinded by the Israeli Supreme Court and rightfully so. Further, the same day you denounced the intent of Israel to build living space for all of her citizens you said nothing about the two terrorist attacks on Israelis by Palestinians terrorists which took the life of one Israeli Druze Border Police Officer and father of a three year old son and a wife expecting their second child, a child he will never know and who will have no father, and injured a dozen more with almost half requiring hospitalization with the first terrorist driving his van through people waiting a light rail stop and after ramming two vehicles and his van no longer functioning, the terrorist left his vehicle and started attacking whoever he could find with an iron rod until police arrived demanding he drop the weapon which he continued to strike at people and then charging the Police refusing to drop his weapon, forcing the police to open fire which ended his rampage and delivering immediate justice to the terrorist. The second terrorist used his vehicle attempting to strike three IDF soldiers while they were standing at their guard post. Can we expect a statement from you in the near future denouncing these Hamas terrorist and the glowing supportive statements he will most certainly receive from numerous Palestinians in leadership positions within their government agencies and communities just as the terrorist who made a similar attack last week and have already been made on Twitter and Facebook today pointing to such murderous acts as being unhelpful and demanding the Palestinian leaderships take steps to prevent such unhelpful acts and denounce them unilaterally including to their people in an effort to support a future peace? Will you also demand that the incitement against Israelis and Jews in the Palestinian media, schools, textbooks, youth camps, children’s’ programs and other places throughout their society? Do you have any plans to point to the naming of parks, soccer teams, streets, schools, youth camps and other institutions and geographical locations after terrorists responsible for the murder of numerous Israelis from all the varied groups as being detrimental and harming the peace process? If you have no intention of exhibiting fairness and are intending to simply blame Israel while supporting the Palestinians blindly excusing their every aggression and ignoring their supporting terrorism, exalting terrorists societally, inciting their people to choose martyrdom and the murdering of Israelis, educating their children to hatred and instilling in them falsities such as assigning them locations within Israel and repeatedly having them identify that place as belonging to them and having been stolen by the Jews, turning youth camps into military training facilities producing future soldiers raised with a rage against Israelis generally and Jews in particular, and then finally articulate and mediate fairly or is it your intention to continue with the European Union’s past performance of blaming Israel and only Israel while abetting the Palestinian hatreds and claims? I bet you would not even be able to bring yourself to attempt to have the Palestinians meet just two simple concessions sought by Israel as described in my recent article Are These Two Demands From Israel in Peace Negotiations That Extreme? before you once again return to the European Union continuous and unequivocal condemnation of Israel placing the entirety of the lack of peace at the feet of Israel? Just a minimal effort towards equal treatment, equal expectations and equal respect could change the current insanity and perhaps, with time and effort, produce some developments towards a true peace. Truthful efforts are the sole path to producing peace. Deceitful continuation of the blame Israel always will only reinforce the Palestinian obstructionism and terrorism as they will see such actions as an endorsement of their terrorism and a license for continued hatred as if the Europeans heap hate upon the Israelis, who could ever blame the Palestinians for following the European lead. Ms. Federica Mogherini, you have a unique opportunity as you can choose to take the clean slate you have been gifted and use that to start anew taking a fresh approach which is evenhanded and based in the truthful realities which have thus far been ignored for close to twenty years and perhaps reap the benefits of taking a realistic and honorable track that may lead to places impossible to reach using the same tired policies of the past. I wish you the best of luck and will hold out hope that you might tread a different path, a path illuminated by truth.


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