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January 31, 2016

It Starts Once Again by Turtle Bay


It starts initially by Turtle Bay but in never stays there. Turtle Bay is where the launch gets announced but sometimes it is so hard to tell as the other instigations pop up blooming like tulips in the spring except these tulips have a deceptive scent that masks the first lies wrapped up in its soft petals, and lies is what is peddled. They sprout around Big Ben where Piccadilly Circus goes round and round. They tower with the Eiffel at the end of the Champs Elysées. They adorn an Arch of Titus beneath the great Colosseum. Eventually they explode onto the stage of the European Union Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium from where they fill the news world-wide gaining echoes about the presumed perfidy and deceits that Israel has used to avoid making a reasonable peace through honest negotiations. This year’s marketed Israeli unforgivable sin being paraded around the world is the misnamed “settlements” Israel had built presumably against International Law. When Israel ceased any and all building for ten months at the behest of President Obama early in his first year in the White House, it took Mahmoud Abbas nearly none of those ten months to do anything more than appear for eight minutes, forty five and two thirds seconds, give or take ten minutes, until arriving to negotiate the way only the Palestinian Authority can negotiate, namely demanding that Israel continue the building freeze indefinitely until the Palestinians accepted a peace with Israel, something they have yet to define outside of their propaganda dispensed constantly to their own people and the Israeli Arabs who tune into Palestinian Authority media including television and radio as well as Internet and social media where they promise the only peace they will accept is the liberation of all of Palestine from the river to the sea, meaning replacing Israel and pushing the Jews into the sea. You see, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Iran along with Hezballah and even Islamic State do not honestly desire the State of Palestine even if it has its Capital City in East Jerusalem and complete control over the Temple Mount; all of this has been offered and refused because what they actually want and will accept no less is the complete destruction of the Jewish State of Israel and its Jews and Christians slaughtered in a genocidal outpouring of blood in the streets coloring them red.



Palestinian Lies Sprouting From Turtle Bay to Rome, London, Paris and European Union Headquarters Seeking Allies to Force Israeli Concessions in the Name of Peace Negotiations They Have no Intention of Honoring Themselves

Palestinian Lies Sprouting From Turtle Bay to Rome, London, Paris
and European Union Headquarters Seeking Allies to Force
Israeli Concessions in the Name of Peace Negotiations
They Have no Intention of Honoring Themselves



There will be a world with the European Union in the lead and the leftist governments of Europe and beyond, both new and old, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and the rest, all coordinated and amplified through numerous European NGOs, especially the NGOs paid for in part or wholly by European governments but licensed in Israel for maximum effect appearing to represent Israelis against their elected government all quoted to maximum effect by all the usual suspects both in print and on the Internet followed by debates in the General Assembly and a condemnation of Israel for violating the rights of the Arab Palestinians for some presumed international criminal neglect such as their not having elections since before 2005 as they could never have been cancelled by Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah leadership in order to avoid losing their positions to Hamas challengers as was the actual reason, but why blame Abbas when Israel can be tainted. The new French leftist government has already threatened to recognize a Palestinian Arab state if talks are not resumed. This will work wonderfully as now all Abbas has to do is continue to refuse to resume the talks until the French recognize Palestine and soon to be followed by the new leftist government in Canada as they could never allow France to surpass them followed by Germany’s Angela Merkel seeking a distraction from immigrant purgatory. The eventual target of this entire orchestrated use Israel for a Piñata party is a Chapter VII Enforceable Resolution from the Security Council timed for effect for the opening ceremonies of the General Assembly later this year where the drumroll will likely be set up in early summer with additional hearings about the “settlements” and resolutions passed condemning Israel and restating the falsehood that these Israeli communities are illegal. Then during the opening ceremonies of the General Assembly will follow an address by Mahmoud Abbas pleading for the United Nations to remove the Jewish infestation which is encroaching on the Palestinian holy and historic lands and the Jewish desecrations of the al-Aqsa Mosque and their denial of Palestinians rights to freely practice their religion and pray at their holiest of religious sites on the Temple Mount. There will be General Assembly Resolutions passed which have absolutely no enforcement value but will be used for the maximum political value while the most damning being moved to the Security Council with urgent demanding pleadings that Israel must be curbed and forced to bend to the will and desires of the Palestinians so they may establish their state as they envision their ideal state which has been denied them since the beginning of time, before recorded history, predating the Bible, predating the Pyramids, the Sphynx, Stonehenge or even the onset of human existence.


This has been the operating metric for the past decade and it has almost always ended the same, with the world screaming for blood if Israel does not make some concrete concessions to permit greater Arab Palestinian freedoms and surrender even more lands. This has been how the expectations have altered to the point that the careful wording put in place by the Security Council after the June, 1967 Six Day War took six months of serious debate worded Resolution 242 with great care and intentionally made it a Chapter VI nonbinding resolution which only required Israel to surrender land, not the lands, not all lands, simply land which they had met by returning the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt when they made a peace agreement. Later, when the peace agreement was made with Jordan, the Jordanians relinquished their claims to the lands they had occupied, the real occupied lands were when Jordan held much of Judea and Samaria along with half of Jerusalem, returning the lands west of the Jordan River which were meant for the Jewish State since the San Remo Conference, the Treaty of Sèvres, the British Mandate and Article 80 of the United Nations Charter, but why allow International Law to interfere with attempts to destroy the only Jewish State simply to harm Jews and make them once again one of the few peoples denied a homeland. For what happens to peoples who have no homeland one need look no further than the current near impossible situation the Kurds are currently facing as they have their population broken spread amongst four nations, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria and assisting one another is near impossible as they often need the permission from hostile government in order to assist one another. One can look at the history of the Armenians and their relations with the Ottoman Empire or simply look at the history of the Jews throughout the last two millennia which culminated through the Inquisition on through the Holocaust; something some Islamic forces wish to emulate a second time which is why Israel is so vital for the continued existence of the Jewish People.


While the Palestinian spokespeople, supporters, NGOs, leaders of nations, European Union elites and President Obama who is completely unfettered to unleash his worst and greatest damage over and above what he has already accomplished in his first seven years. The initial signs are that Israel may have lost their usual protector as it appears President Obama has already decided that when his next turn arrives to give the Palestinian Authority everything in their wildest imagination and maximalist demands but perhaps before the world sides with those whose intents are the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of every Jew on the planet, perhaps forcing the Palestinian leadership to define what exactly they are willing to accept and end all terrorism, incitement and at long last accept a peace with Israel and start the next period in the history of the two people living with respect, peace and mutual advantage and then perhaps progress could begin to heal the problems of the past decades. Perhaps that might be the secret to unraveling the reasons behind the lack of any ability over the past twenty plus years to reach even a semblance of progress since the initial signing of the Oslo Accords. The problem may not be on the Israel side as there have been offerings of peace numerous times during those years where Israel proposed and the Palestinian Authority leadership simply broke off negotiations without even a reply or a counter proposal, just turned their backs and walked out of negotiations. Israel gave up all of the Gaza Strip and the end result was a Hamas takeover and a raining of rockets onto Israeli civilians leading to a number of costly wars and difficult situation imposed upon the Arabs residing in Gaza as Hamas uses tactics which maximizes their hardships. The claim that Gaza is overcrowded to the point of leaving them no other choice runs in direct conflict with their claim that the Gaza farmers have difficulty in selling their wares in Europe and Jordan without any seaport. How a seaport would assist selling their wares in Jordan escapes us as Jordan has no port except the one they share with Eilat in southern Israel which is more readily reached by land. The Gaza disaster leaves Israel leery of any treaty which would also permit Hamas to take power in any lands granted to the Palestinian Authority just as occurred in Gaza. Still, it is well past time that the Palestinians give names to their demands relating exactly what Israel would need sacrifice for real and lasting peace. Any deal must leave the refugees to be settled throughout the lands where they currently are housed in reports which would only require the removal of the barbed wire fences and allow them to have rights or have them resettled in the Arab lands which will make up the Palestinian state. There must also be a guarantee which is observable and enforceable end to all terror attacks, instigation, the teaching that Israel must be destroyed in order for there to be peace and that the Jews are the decedents of apes and pigs. We are aware that such demands are too much to ask in any deal. But unless the Palestinians at long last state their idea of a settlement which is more descriptive than their past contributions which can be described with a single word which had been the closest they have come often given immediately before walking out, that word is “No” as has been their sole contribution thus far. Concessions should be withheld until the Palestinian Leadership defines exactly what they expect and we hope it is not the same answer the alien gave in the movie Independence Day when it was asked what they wanted from the peoples of planet Earth and the reply was, “Die.”





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February 13, 2013

Time Has Come for Israel to Change the Discussion

The time has come for Israel to make a declaration which will alter for all time the debate over the formation of any Palestinian state. Quoting the rights provided the Zionists, and thusly Israel, to make claim under the promises contained in the Churchill White Papers, the Balfour Declaration, the League of Nations dispositions under the Mandate system, and confirmed by Article 80 of the United Nations Charter, Israel is exercising their rightful claim to all the lands west of the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Israelis willing to make a one-time offer of a concession releasing their proper claim to Area A and negotiate final borders which will come to exist within points in Area B. This offer will be open for six months from the date of this offer after which Israel, should the Palestinian leadership refuse to negotiate, will also annex all of Area B and leave Area A to be utilized for a Palestinian State along with the Gaza Strip to be formed at the Palestinian convenience. Whatever the borders are defined on said date six months from today will denote the defined borders for the State of Israel and will be defended as such. Any Palestinian living within these areas annexed into the state of Israel will be allowed to apply and after completing the required steps be allowed to become citizens with full rights as Israelis.

I realize that there will be an immediate outcry from the rest of the world and Israel very well might face sanctions imposed by some nations. Does any Israeli honestly believe in their hearts that such will not eventually become the reality at some point when the majority of the world’s countries call for replacing Israel with a Palestinian state? Mahmoud Abbas, the world’s imposed on Israel as a partner for peace, has made it clear that he and the Palestinian leadership, be it Hamas, Fatah, the PLO, the Palestinian Authority or whomever, will never surrender their right to use force to liberate all of Palestine from north to south and from the river to the sea, every square millimeter without surrendering a single square inch. There is no amount of land short of all the lands which will satisfy the Palestinians and those who support them in their pogrom to remove the Jewish existence within their holy Muslim lands. We have seen where the world stands when the United Nations overwhelmingly granted the Palestinians their coveted statehood. The near unanimity with which the world voted to remove Israel from possessing any position in the debate over Palestinian statehood should be heeded as the threat that it truly was. That was the shot across the bow warning Israel that the world is fully willing to give away all of Israel if that is what the Palestinian demand with future claims. The only path which will allow Israel to continue going forward to remain a nation among the nations is if Israel takes the initiative and defines unilaterally these are our borders and all who would cross these borders or attempt to take our lands will be met with the full determination of the state of Israel defending its rightful borders. Once Israel has made such a proclamation, then the world can begin to adjust and accept that reality as long as Israel makes their claim from a position of unity and honest determination standing strong and united.

It may come to pass that it will be necessary to limit those NGOs which are predominantly reliant on foreign funding from operating freely in the immediate aftermath of such a declaration. There is one easy way that this can legally be performed even in a democracy with freedom of speech. The Knesset would need to pass legislation directing the Supreme Court to forbid the funding to enter Israel from any country which imposed any form of boycott, divestment or sanction or other deleterious reaction to Israel’s legal application of promises given them by the world bodies in good faith and completely backed by the Geneva Accords rules of annexation of lands gained during a defensive war. As the Sage Rabbi Hillel famously stated, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? And, if not now, when?”

Israel waiting for the world to realize the genocidal intentions of the Palestinian leadership and the Muslim world’s use of the Palestinians as the method by which they will be allowed to eradicate Israel is a foolish and perilous game that leads to only one end, the end of Israel and the Jewish People. The world will not intervene as all too many in the world support this very aim and enthusiastically cheer for its fruition. The sooner that Israel and Israelis realize and grasp the truth that our friends are few and far between, at least as far as friends who would be willing to stand with Israel and defend her from those intending evil and destruction, then the sooner Israel will enable their defense by placing a line in the sand and determinedly stating here is where we stop and will refuse to back from these lines. The sooner that Israel declares the borders, beyond which they will refuse to shrink, the larger the land of Israel will be. And until Israel declares such borders, she will remain vulnerable and will continue to be pushed into smaller and smaller land until there is none. After the Six Day War in June of 1967 the world would have accepted Israel retaining the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip, Judea, Samaria, and the Sinai Peninsula as they all recognized that Israel was defending herself from overt aggressions by all her neighboring countries and beyond. When Israel annexed all of Jerusalem there was no outcry and it was not controversial. Now Israel is being demanded to return to the pre-war borders surrendering half of Jerusalem including every single holy site within the Old City, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. What will tomorrow bring? Are Israelis and their leaders willing to continue to talk and surrender to demands from those who cannot be mollified? What will the reaction be when the United Nations decides that Israel must return to the original planned divisions proffered on November 29, 1947? That will be the next claim by the Muslims and their steel glove perched on Israeli borders, the Palestinians. And the world will cheer and proclaim that it is only fair that this be granted. Israel cannot wait or rely on the world’s kindness as the world has no kindness for Israel and the hatreds are only growing. Make the stand now as waiting means death and the end of our dreams.

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