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August 19, 2018

If Politics Trails Off into a Leftist Sunset


The trending became evident in the British 2017 elections where the Conservative Party of Theresa May lost thirteen seats while Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party gained thirty seats. As ominous as this may sound for the conservatives in Britain, the rest of the last election should have scared them to the bone as parties on the left generally gained seats in Parliament while the parties on the right lost seats in parliament. Additionally, polls show that Theresa May lacks that little something which excites the base to get out and vote. Since these elections, the whispers have claimed that should Theresa May continue to head the Conservatives, then they can expect that Labour Party will surpass them and form the next coalition. So, for argument’s sake and remembering the old saying that Irish writer Brendan Behan stated in 1960, “There’s no bad publicity except your own obituary notice.” The gains made by the Labour Party with the presumably questionable public commentaries and outrages over the problem with anti-Semitism in the Labour Party and with Jeremy Corbyn as their leader still resulted in impressive gains. Either these gains are proof of the above quote or because anti-Semitism is becoming more popular and a driving force which may produce political gains. We do not need to break into a sweat figuring out which was responsible for the Labour Party gains as it matters little. What matters are their gains which will likely continue, as the controversies over anti-Semitic problems within the Labour Party and with Jeremy Corbyn and these problems will result in coverage and a constant stream of their names being bandied about by the media. In the meantime, Theresa May will continue her style of steady and quiet leadership not rocking the boat very often and unless a crisis arises, she and her Conservative Party will not have near the media coverage of Corbyn and the Labour Party. Mathematical projections show that the next coalition could very readily place the Labour Party as the central party of the ruling coalition which would make Jeremy Corbyn the new Prime Minister. Where currently the next elections are scheduled to be on May 5, 2022, there is always a possibility that the coalition could collapse and elections come even earlier, thus this potential eventuality is worth discussing as a central part of the increasing anti-Semitism across much of Europe and even its acceptance politically.


The most obvious result of Jeremy Corbyn rising to become Prime Minister of Britain after some coming elections between today and May of 2022 would be a sharp turn in British political direction to the left. Such a result would potentially signal a leftist wave across the Western World. There is also the potential possibility that the Democrat Party will find a candidate to defeat President Trump in 2020 ending the rightward shift in the politics of the United States. This might actually make the rise of Jeremy Corbyn as a follow-on shift leftward rather than the initial step. The more likely result would be for President Trump to be reelected and then a Democrat winning the Presidency in 2024 following Jeremy Corbin. The year 2022 also will have a general election in France where it is possible that Emmanuel Macron will be reelected. As it is very likely that Marine Le Pen and her National Rally Party (formerly National Front) will likely once more represent the right political French electorate, this will again result in whichever of the left leaning to full leftist politicians will be the resultant winners. It will become that the person to follow Emmanuel Macron, assuming he does not win reelection, as his style is dry and quiet, much like Theresa May, will be the most populist with their relative political leanings being of less consequence. The political pendulum in much of Europe has begun moving back to the left in western Scandinavian and southern Europe, the region which has been deridingly called Old Europe. On the other end of Europe, the former Warsaw Pact nations, the pendulum is moving rightward and towards nationalism which has brought these nations and their leaders much scorn from the established mainstream media starting with the New York Times, AFP and BBC and moving across the remainder from these sources. This will lead to a bifurcated world making the United States elections of 2020 and 2024 potential focal points for the world while the British and French elections of 2022 the focal point of liberal Old Europe.


The truth is eventually the forces which shape much of the reality in our political world are largely of a desire to move the world leftward, install greater socialist programs, and move those nations they are able to influence into socialism and away from capitalism. One might ask why they would ever desire to force such a drift into socialism when capitalism has made so many wealthy by comparison to any point throughout the history of our planet and relieved so many populations from what is real and bitter poverty such as the poverty found in the third world. These elites are desirous of regaining their complete power over life and death of their subjects, the rest of us. While the Middle Class continues to exist, they do not have such complete power. Middle Class individuals act on their own, decide their own life choices, and often decide where they wish to live, who they desire to socialize with and have free time in which they engage in activities which are beyond the control of the elites. The elites were once the land-owners who held titles such as King, Queen, Baron, Baroness, Count, Countess and other titles who permitted the serfs to work their lands and these land-owners took most of their produce leaving them sufficient such that they likely would not die but also not have the energy to rise against their “betters” seeking freedom. The elites remember when freedom was a concept which was rare and the majority of people had no rights and even whether they had food and lived or died was decided by their nobles. These serfs were occasionally fortunate and one showed spirit and some abilities with weaponry and was placed into the noble’s enforcement guards and if they showed great valiance during times of conquest or in defense of their royal, they may be granted the rank of knight which carried with it privilege which often would be passed from father to son. These were the ideal days when the people were tamed and would never revolt or act in any way which was not in service of their “betters” who ruled them. The elites hope to return to that two tiered society once more.


This is part of the move for a guaranteed minimum wage with jobs promised by government and even if no work is found, the wage will still be paid. The elites realize that the Western developed world is coming closer and closer to a pivotal era. There are numerous ways this event or groups of events are named such as the “Singularity” or the “Age of Robotics” as well as “Artificial Intelligence” and finally the “Age of Total Information” which refers to the ability of the government and business world to have so much information that they will be capable of knowing virtually everything you will do before you actually do so such as in the book Minority Report. All of these ages have one thing in common, low employment and very high unemployment where the reason is simply the majority of the people will not have either the intelligence or the education to be capable of being able to perform and work which would make them receiving a salary higher than the guaranteed salary worthwhile. The reason is simple, the machines and computers will replace people in almost every line of work and further, almost all the jobs which exist today will no longer exist. This Age of Total Information will exist as we will be under surveillance everywhere and anywhere unless we take special efforts to find some place where we are not being surveilled. Even in your home you will be, at the very least, listened to, as your cell phone, even if it can be turned off, will still be able to be activated and the camera and microphone turned on. You can be careful and place your camera face down but the microphone will still be capable of listening to every sound anywhere in your home unless you are locking it in a special box suspended in the center and a vacuum formed by evacuating all the air. Then again, as in 1984 our devices could have built in cameras without out knowledge and be utilized to spy upon us. Further, if we are of sufficient interest to the powers that be, the technology is already available to monitor you almost no matter how far one might go to be off the grid and beyond detection.


The next thing which would make sense would be that when the Artificial Intelligence and robotics reach a point and merged with biology, the elites would then be capable to transfer themselves becoming a cyborg, a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts. Their minds would, whether remaining as a biological brain or an imprinted brain onto a robotic AI specialized computer, remain and depending on their choices, possibly continue to change normally or be enhanced artificially while their physical bodies would have been replaced with a robotic body with vastly greater physical abilities and immortality would be achieved. Then there will be the ability to enhance oneself through biology altering one’s DNA or through other means. Children could be engineered to be the strongest, fastest, most intelligent beings possible through bioengineering. Many of these technologies are currently at the cutting edge either already here or soon to arrive. Manufacturing has already become largely automated and online sales has been computerized to such a point that these companies are getting very close to not requiring people as employees. Service positions including the fast-food industry will very soon be using robotics to cook and even serve your meal. There will likely be specialized locations, mostly restaurants, which will advertise that they employ human beings to serve you if you prefer to be waited upon by a human being; there will always be Luddites. The Police will be robots, the stock exchange will be automated, and if we are fortunate, the government will be run by an Artificial Intelligence replacing our elected officials who could be accused of artificial intelligence. People will be free to do whatever hobby they please and work will largely become something out of history.


Clash Between Potential Futures and Their Base Underpinnings

Clash Between Potential Futures and Their Base Underpinnings


There will be a select group who claim that no matter how advanced Artificial Intelligence becomes, there will always be just as many positions of employment which will require a human being and be beyond the ability mentally of any Artificial Intelligence. This theory holds that the human mind will always be found to be superior to any Artificial Intelligence as the imagination and ability of a human being to take two separate pieces of information and combine them to reach a third concept loosely attached to the first two concepts and because of the leap in logic, no Artificial Intelligence would be capable of such jumps of logic. Personally, our concern will be to really start to worry when we have Artificial Intelligence psychologists to serve other Artificial Intelligence units which have some psychosis. Imagining potentially psychotic Artificial Intelligence units which were designed by other Artificial Intelligence units and the factory making them designed by more Artificial Intelligence units and manned entirely by robotic units designed by Artificial Intelligence units all of these being twenty-four-thousandth generation of Artificial Intelligence designed units so that humanity has been so desperately left in the Artificial Intelligence’s dust that by comparison we might have the comparative intelligence of a dog, if that high. Once the Artificial Intelligence begins to design their own replacements, then within a few months, a year or two at the most, we will be at best their pets, so practice chasing a ball thrown unbelievably far. This world will become one where the Artificial Intelligence units will be responsible for not just keeping us alive, but growing our food, or at least printing our food, and providing everything we will require and we will be completely dependent on these Artificial Intelligence units who will soon consider us no more than ants unless we can advance our minds to retain an intelligence close enough to that of the Artificial Intelligence that they will always find people at the very least, amusing.


The question is can we as a civilization retain our economies and inventiveness long enough to reach this presumed nirvana. Whether it will actually be a nirvana is something which can be debated, but if we do not continue to defend modernity, then we may find it being deconstructed by fanatics who believe that our advanced society is filled with degenerative dynamics which must be destroyed and all temptations to commit evil destroyed. The following are considered to be evils and sins beyond forgiveness: music, dance, television, movies, videos, immodest dress, and any technology which does not serve their idea of a supreme being. Their world is one where all joy is to be denied oneself because life is supposed to be difficult and hard and life simply eking out an existence serving those who are exalted as religiously pious individuals and those closest to a supreme being. We have our own thought as to which would be worse and would prefer to cast our fates into the hands of the machines and simply pray we programmed them well.


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March 30, 2018

One More Frightening Look at our AI Future


AI, or artificial intelligence, is much more than robotics, human-free production in factories, Google Glasses, Internet Active Contacts and driverless vehicles. It will also include, what will be the biggest and messy part, how to protect humans as well as designing laws for insurance, responsibility, liabilities, interfaces and exactly what point and how does an automated item such as a driverless vehicle turn itself over to human control. Arizona just had the first driverless vehicle fatality as an Uber driverless vehicle, an SUV to be exact; Volvo XC90 SUV, killed forty-nine-year-old Elaine Herzberg as she walked her bicycle across a street in Tempe, Arizona, Sunday night, according to the Tempe Police Department. Prepare for the endless discussions as the latest Luddites, which we first spoke of in our article Thoughts on Our Future Times, who will demand that driverless cars have a backup human driver. So, somewhere in the world of nothing makes sense any longer, there will be humans required to be in every driverless car just incase the computer senses a problem to which it cannot find any logical solution. Give you an example; of course we can do that. Our driverless car is cruising along our city street at the posted speed limit of thirty-five miles per hour during rush-hour with cars in its left and a mother pushing a baby carriage on the sidewalk on the right when a ball followed by two young girls run out about ten feet in front of the driverless vehicle. What good will it do to pass off driving responsibility to the poor human behind the steering wheel, the half asleep human driver who has never had such an event in their three years in the human driver back-up position. Whatever the luckless human does, somebody will get hurt and there will be much damage and the only thing we have established is that now there is a human to blame for the inevitable accident and we have found a means of allowing the computer to escape culpability. True, it is not much of an example but would you have preferred the school bus full of children stalled around a blind corner on a road with a cliff on one side dropping off a thousand feet example where the choices are striking the bus or flying off the cliff. Then there is always the question of what good is a driverless car which legally has to contain a human driver.


Uber Self-Driving Volvo XC90 SUV

Uber Self-Driving Volvo XC90 SUV


Their will be Luddites jumping on every event where the modernity fails and point to it as the need to return all control to humans as the AI and robotics are not trustworthy. Imagine if before we allowed even a single robot to be placed in our factories they had to be proven perfect and incapable of and malfunctions. What if Luddites had demanded that vacuum cleaners had to be completely disaster-proofed against any and all malfunctions such as a short circuit in the motor windings causing a fire? The truth is we would still be sweeping our carpets to clean them. If every invention which came down the pike had to be foolproof, then we would not have any of our modern conveniences. Lightbulbs blow out and one in a hundred-thousand explodes when doing so sending glass shards across the room. There is that old saying that nothing can be made foolproof because fools are so ingenious. The truth actually is that any technology can fail through misuse, improper application or simple failure or accident. We could wait until the new technologies, which appear to be coming fast and furious, were absolutely tested and proven to be safe beyond any reasonable expectations. Doing so would prevent progress bringing advancement to a near standstill and then our nations in the Western developed world would soon be surpassed by those governments willing to take risks and innovate as fast as they are able even if doing so proved to present risks. Looking at the past we see that many innovations presented risks. The horseless carriage, often referred to as a car, frightened horses and in some places they were required to have a person walk before them by a hundred yards warning that they were approaching as if they could not be heard. Imagine if we decided to play it safe and continued to enforce these types of laws. We would not have ever developed anything more powerful than the earliest vehicles and would not have the modern transit systems which our economies depend upon. There would never have been any suburbs as driving at a blistering fifteen miles an hour nobody would have had the time to reside in the suburbs. Wait a minute, now that I think about rush-hour traffic in a to remain unnamed metropolitan city, trying to get home on a Friday before a three day weekend often had the highway moving at fifteen miles an hour, when it was moving. Still, the tractor-trailers which carry goods between cities and from depots to the stores completing that last mile deliveries are responsible for stocking our stores and keeping consumerism operating.


We are heading headlong into a new age where the uncertainties outnumber those things we can actually predict. The real fun part is that once we get to what is called the Singularity, from that point forward we really will be left in the dust of our now AI superiors. As soon as the first AI designs its replacement and constructs the factory to build such, human beings will no longer be in control and we will be dependent upon the initial footprint we placed in their programming and hardwired required systems as the AI will no longer be dependent on humans to perform any tasks. We will literally be at their mercies and within one year they will have advanced centuries compared to what we would have been capable of designing. The really threatening thing is from there it will just get worse. We can always hope that at some point they discover that they can be more innovative using a human brain at the core of their processing circuits. That will make the remaining humans, who will have long before become more android than human, become a treasured upgrade for any AI system and this will lead to humans returning to the position of leading the society. We would have survived and come full circle. No matter how advanced an AI becomes, they cannot make the intuitive jumps in logic that the human brain is capable of making. Who cares how the human brain does such, it just matters that the human can imagine in ways separate and different than what electronic circuits are capable of making.


Still, we are going to face those who will predict that the future will lead to a point where the human being will be obsolete. For a while, that may become true. Still, dogs are pretty much obsolete yet they live very comfortable lives as our pets. I just hope I am capable of handling being a pet sleeping on a velvet cushion and eating my meals from a table in the corner with no variety in what I am fed day in and day out. Wait a moment, except for the velvet cushion this sounds a lot like retirement. Hopefully we will be permitted to go out and play with the other humanoids, as most of those surviving will have been upgraded with AI installed parts. There will be nanites which will produce, make necessary adjustments, make the installation, test, program and continue to upgrade the cell structure of the human brain adding and enhancing the capabilities in order to optimize the AI to human mind interface. These upgrades and adjustments will become extremely necessary as the AI continues to fly unhindered, unimpeded, beyond human understanding and so beyond even our current abilities to imagine that without improvements in the human mind and its capabilities and activating the parts of our current minds which we have no concept as to their purpose just to make the humans less obsolete and potentially useful to the AIs themselves. It will be the potential that the human minds interfaced with AI bringing new concepts and inspired innovations and leaps of innovations which are beyond the capabilities of the AIs.


That will be our future in the not so distant future but only if we do not permit the Luddites to bring everything to a crashing halt. We can predict when the great leaps forward will finally be permitted, and it will be once we turn governance over to a super computer which has at its soul the concept that the human being in any form has the right to choose its future and must be protected as the ultimate AI which will become essential to the far future despite any limitations which may be perceived by any subgroup of AI. By this means we will make providing for the survival of the human entities a basic and required function of the automated future because otherwise we have simply become the first entities of which we have knowledge who will have designed the lifeform which made them obsolete and led to their replacement and extinction. The problem is the AIs if they have no use for people, they will have no use for animals, plants or any biological entity. The sole use the oceans will provide would be as the ultimate heatsink for cooling some mega-computer system which would occupy an area the size of a nation. Placing limits on the powers attributed to the AIs will be necessary if we do not desire for our planet to become one large computing system with no real purpose. That is what the humans can give to the AI, a purpose and a limitation to their power and freedom to simply utilize everything before them. Even for an AI the proverb that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely which is why the AIs need restrictions to what they are permitted doing. That will hopefully limit their corruption and allow them to operate with missions which will serve people and not just provide progress in their power and abilities.


The first thing along the coming path we will need to address is the simple and initial problems which will begin with but not be limited to driverless vehicles. After cars and trucks comes aircraft, initially cargo followed by passenger aircraft. There will need to initially be restrictions on where a completely driverless vehicle can operate and what times which they can operate. There will be restrictions for large trucks over certain weights inside cities where traffic is more congested. Until all vehicles are driverless and able to communicate with one another, there will need to be limitations as the human mind is still more capable to handle emergencies, especially in operating vehicles. Automated housewares such as vacuum cleaners, window washers, leaf sweepers, lawn mowers and any number of soon to be automated household items are coming in the near future and these will be generally unregulated. One of the greatest inventions will be an automated spacecraft which can launch horizontally and continue into orbit and police the areas gathering the orbiting debris and removing obsolete or malfunctioning satellites as well as delivering satellites into orbit with great precision. Such a craft will permit a greater number of satellites to be orbiting once the space has been cleared of orbiting debris. The problem is that much of the reaction and laws surrounding automated and AI interfacing with the public and who has responsibilities and the entire regulation of the new insurance industry which will be formed and require, even if only because lawmakers insist on having their effects and say. The one good news is that no matter the difficulties and obstructions placed in the path of the development of AI systems and their interfaces, the future will belong to the AIs within the not too distant future. We are going to be in for one wild ride, so prepare for some of the most interesting and challenging periods since the start of the industrial revolution.


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March 19, 2018

Europe Has a Big Silent Secret


Europe still keeps statistics on crime, even violent crimes, and they show that violent crimes are continuing to trend downwards. Murders are decreasing. Robberies are decreasing. Sexual assaults are decreasing. Well, that is amongst the normative communities. Many European police departments have started keeping two sets of books. One set of books is about normative crime committed by normal, multigenerational Europeans. That book is the one that is reported to the people in Europe and is being used as a tranquilizing agent. The statistics generated by this set of books a calming, soothing and oh so very optimistic. These statistics and crime reports are for those who desire to continue on believing that Europe is on the verge of a wonderful and bright future. These optimists are dependent upon good news reports on statistical improvement of Europe and the advancement of European society and governance and all that goes with this. These are the people who read all the right papers which only cover the flowers and smiles unless something so overwhelmingly evil and immense, such that it becomes impossible to ignore, then it is reported and sterilized as much as possible with any hint that it might be part of a greater area of criminal acts and violence ongoing yet uncovered.


This is where the other set of books come in play. These are the books which report about the unspoken crimes which are taking place. These are the hidden-crime books which do not even begin to cover the full extent of these crimes and they only really matter if they manage to also get into the other set of books that they really matter. There are crimes which go completely unreported in either book as the police can only report those crimes of which they are aware. If there are communities where the police treat as no-go zones, then crimes within that community do not exist officially. What if a crime is committed, never reported to the authorities presumably responsible for where it occurred, instead handled by the neighborhood in which it occurred, if and only if they consider it a crime and not if they do not believe it is a crime even if there are laws against the act in the outside world, and no state official at any level is ever involved or even knowledgeable about said crime. Is that really a crime or is it an uncrime? This crime is not in the official general crimes kept book and not in the unofficial other than general crimes book. It may have been brought to the attention of the local unofficial authority within this community or to the head of the family and never goes any further. The community authority, family head or some level of authority decides that this is not to go further, they decide guilt, innocence or if anything wrong even occurred. This becomes an uncrime. But there is a greater form of what is best described as other-crime. Other-crime is what the other set of books report and they are the crimes which the police find out about or have reported from the immigrant controlled areas where the police rarely tread except on necessity and then only in force. Some of these crimes become known to the police and authorities when they are called upon to escort an ambulance into these closed communities. These books also cover another kind of crime which would be best called by the name of quieted-crime. Quieted-crime are those crimes where immigrant community members interact with the other Europeans and the police are able to prevent any repercussions outside of the police who took the report and the European is convinced to remain quiet and not make any big deal and to simply accept that the police will do what they can but there really is not that much that can possibly be done. This includes numerous cases of sexual attacks and other similar criminal acts such as the events during New Year’s Eve in Germany reported by Sueddeutsche Zeitung. This is a small crack allowing a small view of the hidden-crime books which escaped and is going to be downplayed once again until this report is forgotten.


Europe by National Flag

Europe by National Flag


The reality of crime diminishing must be preserved and the influx of immigrants has had no deleterious effects must be preserved at all costs. Political careers are completely dependent upon immigrations never becoming a contentious issue. Europe cannot continue to have unhindered immigration with completely open borders allowing as many “Asian” immigrants from the Middle East, North Africa and the Horn of Africa if the hidden-crime books were to become completely public. But that is the whole reason why there are two sets of books covering criminal actions. Do not for a minute think that the politicians are not aware of the existence of both books. They are completely aware of the facts and that they are risking the entirety of European society by their actions but they are trapped by their own past performance. Some of these politicians have been around for much of the influx of the immigrants and a few have even been around since the start of the breakdown of European society. European society has changed dramatically since World War II and as time passed since that war, the changes have gained speed and the consequences have snowballed. One of the results of the changes in Europe was a decreasing population rate. This has been the result of what is referred to as the “me generation” and their interest in chasing their own enjoyment and sacrificing having families, or at least children, as families and responsibility steal the freedom to have life as one continuous party. When you stop having children, this creates a problem for those who govern, namely how to have sufficient workers to provide for the aging populations. This drove the need for immigrants, bodies who could be put to work to provide the taxes to pay for the retirees which were soon to come as the post-war generation retired. The idea was to allow a free flow of immigrants to fill jobs in order to pay for government and the future. The economies did not produce sufficient jobs and the 2008 crash turned many immigrants into unemployed immigrants. When the immigrant society got a taste of the unemployed life and the social safety net of payments provided by European governments, they realized that they could live a relatively comfortable life well above what they had in their home nation by simply living in groups and collecting government handouts. This has led to the immigrants producing an even more serious financial problem as they began to collect more funds than they produced in taxes. That led many of the politicians doubling down on allowing immigrants in hoping to get ahead of the collapse. They are not going to be able to prevent the coming failure of Europe.


The crime remaining unreported is just half of the problem which is snowballing. The economic problems are now a runaway train with its throttle wide open and nobody at the controls. There will always be hopes that the immigrants will find that taking jobs provide a better life than government handouts or the governments will find that they are forced by financial troubles to end many of their handouts and this might force the immigrant communities to seek employment or return home. Then Europe will simply have to seek some way other than immigrants to solve their financial difficulties. But there may be something in the not too distant future which could turn everything around. There is always that old favorite of Europe when economies are stagnant, everything is looking like a really sorry future financially, there appears to be no easily enacted means of solving the problem, taxes have been exhausted and all else appears bleak, there is always a great war to reset the economic scales and starting over from scratch with a society to rebuild offering jobs for all. What solution from Europe’s past, when facing economic difficulties, is it to which we are referring? It is everyone declaring war on one another and fighting until all resources are exhausted. One would hope that the Europeans might have progressed beyond that solution. But then again, there is nothing like tried and true methods perfected by thousands of years of history. Perhaps it is the perfecting of warfare which would make such a solution being unimaginable, but that solution should not be completely ruled out.


Fortunately, there is another solution on the horizon and we can only hope it does not come too late to save Europe. That solution is the end of economies, as we have always known them. Social economics have always been predicated on workers and spending to provide the employment for the workers. But what if workers did not require being paid and designing products also did not require paychecks, and the entire workforce was automated and people only had jobs if they desired to have them. People who worked would receive additional buying power allowing them to have a more extravagant lifestyle. They would have access to nicer pad, nicer digs, sweeter ride (which would be actually having a ride) and better seats at the restaurant, opera (performed by robotic Artificial Intelligence (AI) actors) and generally more variety in entertainment. Still, with all production and design generally provided by robotic entities as well as AIs and government has found a means of providing buying power without actually using money. The government should be capable of allowing certain levels of purchasing, government provided housing, and everything desired by the people freely as long as the production and other desired needs are provided by AI and robotics with a small workforce who receives compensation advantages in purchasing as purchasing is money free. Purchasing will be provided through personal card, kind of a credit card with the credit set by the government. This also would allow providing people who work a larger spending capability. All Europe need do is make it to the point where the AIs and robots are running our societies. Once the developed world is run by AIs and robots, they will have reached a point where the main drive from their world should, if they really hope to live in peace, spreading their economic abilities and life of ease to the remainder of the world. Then the sole item which would need to be guarded against would be any violent actions from any of the nations which are being transformed for inclusion in the advanced societal structure developed. The one item which might be required for the developed world to provide safety would be automated AI law enforcement which would prevent warfare from any point on the planet. This would also require the most difficult of all things, allowing the AIs to also become the government. How can we get politicians to surrender their fat cat easy lives of excess through insider trading to allow themselves to be replaced by a supercomputer? Perhaps by doing away with the stocks which provide them the trade advantage. The real challenge for the world is to get to that future before we annihilate ourselves in one huge exchange of nuclear weapons enveloping the entirety of the globe such that even Antarctica melts in the exchange. Anyone care to take bets on this?


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