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September 19, 2016

Hillary and the Hajj, Really


What do you do if something is failing to provide the viable result desired and there appears to be no way forward? You invent an alternative and go your own way and find a new path to your goal. This year the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei was facing a great insult and embarrassment as the Saudi Royal Family had dealt him a great insult. There were arguments as to whether the Hajj would permit the Shiite practices to be performed within the most definitely Sunni nation of Saudi Arabia at the Hajj they are sponsoring in Mecca. The answer came fast and hard, no way on the blessed earth of Allah would such practices be permitted. The Iranians and the Saudis resorted to bringing up conflicts, especially those where Iranians died or were injured, particularly by Saudi security police at the Hajj and the end result the Saudi Royal Family took the hardest road possible and declared the Supreme Leader to be a false Muslim and an Amgushi, that is, not a Muslim, a heretic, a follower of the pre-Islamic Persian religion disguised as a Muslim. This was the greatest insult and the last straw. The Iranians answered insult with insult declaring that they suspected Saudi Royal Family of being a remnant of the Jews who once resided in the times of Muhammad at the Khyber Oasis and were slaughtered by Muhammad and his fighters. They further their insult with a cartoon of an accursed tree pictured and described below. The Iranian and Shiite response to the Saudi “Amgushi” was expressed by insulting and derogatory drawings that appeared on social media, such as the one below:


The Tree Cursed in the Quran Used as a Shiite anti-Saudi drawing Sourced from Shiite Websites

The Tree Cursed in the Quran
Used as a Shiite anti-Saudi drawing
Sourced from Shiite Websites


This is the description of this Iranian use of the “cursed tree” provided by Dr. Mordechai Kedar in his article “A joyous holiday and a sad world” published in Arutz Sheva.


This drawing is based on a quote from the Koran that talks about a cursed tree and shows the tree with the words “The Family of Saud” on its trunk while towards the bottom of the tree the following words appear: “Let the entire world know that the Family of Saud are the reason for the Arab and Islamic catastrophe (“Naqba”). The root of destruction and ruin in this world.”

To the right of the tree are the words: “The Family of Saud – the tails of the Jews,” expressing the Shiite rumor that claims that the Saud family are actually descendants of the Jews who lived in the Khyber Oasis until the 7th century and who pretend to be Muslims to this day but are really Jews in secret despite the Hadith that declares that “there are no two religions in the Arab Peninsula.”

The leaves on the “cursed tree” are Wahhabism, explosive-filled vehicles, crime, slaughter, destruction, incitement, ethnicity, terror, explosions, “takhfir” (declaring Muslims to be heretics), Jabhat al Nusra, division, ISIS, al Qaeda, Boko Haram. On the left of the tree there is a green Saudi flag with a sword, but instead of the Shahada (the testimony – the Islamic creed that declares that there is no G-d but Allah and that Mohammed is his prophet) that is on the flag, it says “May Allah curse the House of Saud.”


Back to the Hajj and the resulting rift and separate but presumably equal Hajj’s as the imperfect solution to the perfect problem. The similarities will become evident with the final descriptions. Let it remain for now that the Iranians are holding their own Hajj, a solution used in previous centuries to solve such impasses, in the Iraqi city closest to Mecca, Karbala. There is another reason for this site as it was there that in the year 680 C.E. a military unit of the Sunni Umayyad Caliph Yazid ibn Muawiyah carried out an attack where Hussein Ibn Ali, the leader of the Shiite rebels, was murdered and ritually executed by being beheaded. This is the ultimate Naqba, catastrophe, in the Shiite form of Islam and is the point where the two forms of Islam became forever enemies. This is the response to the insult of referring to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei as being an Amgushi.


But first a little explanation of how this may also be a similar situation as may be faced soon with Hillary Rodham Clinton. We have all heard how Hillary Clinton has unbelievably high negatives and the sole reason she is even competitive is due to Donald Trump having even higher negatives before the American peoples. Were the Republics Party to be running virtually any other candidate, they would be leagues ahead of Hillary in the polling data. This is not to insinuate that they would actually have such a lead, but they would poll as having such a lead. History has taught that nothing is done until the last report of vote counts in each state are finalized, until then the Devil is in the details. Equally reported is that were Trump facing virtually any Democrat, including or especially a complete unknown, Trump would be being trounced in the polls and the election would be declared over by the mainstream media. So, what if the October surprise is the Democrats replacing, or at least appearing to replace, Hillary Clinton with a far more electable candidate? The Democrat Party could let it be known in the second or third week in October that Hillary Rodham Clinton had fallen so ill that she has been rushed to a private and undisclosed hospital and is unable to continue the race or even to serve as President. Then in a similar manner as the Democrats once before had pulled off in Minnesota with Senator Paul David Wellstone who died right before the elections in a plane crash. He was replaced immediately on the ballot by former Vice President Walter Mondale who then proceeded to lose the election. So, what if it is decided that Hillary is too ill to continue the campaign or serve as President?


In most states the Democrat Party would appoint her replacement and in other states her name would remain on the ballot but the Party would claim any vote for Hillary is a vote for their chosen candidate. Come Election Day it is found that the Democrat Party had been remiss or unable to replace Hillary on the ballots such was expected due to her still being amongst the living. Again a huge campaign would go forth that by voting Hillary you were actually voting for her replacement. We have to face that almost any Democrat other than Hillary and a select few, any other Democrat would destroy Trump, or at least that has been the polling and the Democrats are well aware of this. So Hillary is declared out for the count and in theory replaced by an electable Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden or Senator Elizabeth Ann Warren. Of the three it is probably Joe Biden who would be the weakest and even he would stir up support and enthusiasm which Hillary has not even been able to buy at her rallies.


And then, with Christmas fast approaching and Hillary Clinton in name only won the election with the understanding that the alternate candidate would be the one to become President there comes a miracle, Hillary has had a full recovery coming from the sole place such would be possible, a recovery deemed in Heaven above. Suddenly the voters find themselves hoodwinked as Hillary Rodham Clinton rises as a Phoenix from the ashes blazing in her full flamed glory taking the oath of office. Election Impossible accomplished in fine bait and switch fashion. President Hillary Rodham Clinton will have been elected and takes her victory lap from the steps of the Capital Building down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House before the cameras of all networks and her coronation proceeds as if nothing strange was committed. Those hoping for Trump to win or desire anybody but Hillary in the White House; even the dog catcher from Podunk, Idaho, had better pray for Hillary to suddenly become obviously healthy and thus not so infirm that this ploy would be believable.


Phoenix Rising from the Ashes Blazing in her Full Flamed Glory

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes Blazing in her Full Flamed Glory


How many out there living in the real world believe that such a pirouette bait and switch to fool more of the gullible American left public and too many others could happen; especially if the substitute is a woman, first woman President, hard to pass that one up, then reveal the reality of their sick and demented desires to crown Hillary Rodham Clinton with the historical moniker of being the first woman as President. This was promised to her when she lost to President Obama, then a Senator like her, soulless and also offering an even more tempting first; Hillary was promised not just to be the Democrat Party candidate but to be the all-American candidate who would be swept into the White House riding a wave of popularity and support. Well, yes, something went wrong along the way, the person they have to work with is Hillary. Even with such a handicap, the Democrat Party made a promise and they will keep that promise no matter what lies and deceits they will have to commit. Come Hell or high water, Hillary Clinton will be coronated, if not now, then at some time later. Hillary cannot be permitted to die and not have been President of the United States. People opposed to Hillary Clinton should be prepared and expect the most unexpected and seemingly ludicrous steps to be taken and anything legal or not to be committed in order to have Hillary Clinton be the next President as it has already been written and thus must be done. As Yul Brenner said in the 1956 movie “The Ten Commandments,” as Pharaoh Ramses II, “Let it be written. Let it be done.” That was the royal decree of the ancient Egyptian ruler and is now the code for the Democrat Party, and they have writ large that the next President will be Hillary Rodham Clinton; now they just have to get it done by any and all means necessary, expect no less.


Yul Brenner from 1956 movie “The Ten Commandments,” as Pharaoh Ramses II “Let it be written. Let it be done.”

Yul Brenner from 1956 movie “The Ten Commandments,”
as Pharaoh Ramses II “Let it be written. Let it be done.”


So, just like may come with Hillary, the Hajj is being declared to be made to a different place which will be established by the Shiite leadership in Iran as being just as holy and just as righteous and just as commanded by some reference from the Quran through certain precedents. This Shiite Hajj may become a permanent fixture for as long as the Iranians control their puppet state in the southern half of Iraq and their hatred of the Sunni and especially the Saudi Royal Family who the Iranians consider heretics and pretenders. Should this rift be settled as a matter of contention simply by directing the Shiites to make the Hajj to Karbala the world can heave a sigh of relief and continue on with no more and no fewer problems than before. The real problem is this war of words between the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and the leaders of Saudi Arabia, the Family Saud, has just elevated significantly. The decree to have an independent Hajj for Shiite Islam from Sunni Islam has formalized the rift and the ancient disagreement between the two largest forms of Islam. This is simply the latest of flare-ups between the Sunni and the Shiites since they had different opinions on the correct succession after Muhammad died. This argument dates back to before 680 soon after Muhammad died when Hussein Ibn Ali was murdered.


The difference between the two groups is exemplified in the story behind the “Twelvers,” a sect of Shiites who are awaiting the return from his hiding place of the Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi. Muhammad al-Mahdi was appointed as the next replacement of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, but went into hiding as the majority form of Islam, the Sunni, was annihilating the rebellious Shiites at every opportunity and particularly executing their leaders. This Twelfth Imam presumably has been hiding for quite some time without having lost any of his strength and mental acuity and will arise from his hiding place and lead the Shiites to a glorious victory over the Sunni and then conquer the world. For the Twelfth Imam to return, the entire known world would be in chaos with devastation of the highest order. The Twelfth Imam would appear from his place of hiding, many believe that hiding place is a well in Qom where they have established a Mosque so he can pray upon coming out from hiding. They have also built a beautiful roadway for the Twelfth Imam to utilize to take him to the Capital City, Tehran, where he is to meet the Supreme Leader and together plan the conquest of the Sunni Muslims, unbelievers of Shia Islam amongst Muslims as they are heretics. This would include almost all of the cities of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States as these are predominately Sunni nations. Then they would proceed to those they considered idolatrous such as Buddhists, then the Jews, finally Christians and then would come the purging and purification of the Shiite Islamic family. The process would continue until the world had been perfected and every person was a full believer supporting the Five Pillars of Islam, Shahada or Faith, Salat or Prayer, Zakāt or Charity, Sawm or Fasting (during Ramadan), and Hajj or Pilgrimage to Mecca, which for Shiites has become Pilgrimage to Karbala.


Depictions of the Return of the Twelfth Imam

Depictions of the Return of the Twelfth Imam


What is more worrisome is that Iran has made known their displeasure with the Saudi Arabian Ruling Family considering them to be apostates who blaspheme Islam, especially Shia Islam, and are deserving of death or something worse, life as a disgraced Muslim walking the Earth in continuous shame. The Iranians have also stated their desire to liberate the northeastern provinces of Saudi Arabia where the vast majority of their Shiite minority reside. The fact that this area also contains ninety plus percent of the oil wells has nothing to do with this conquest but they must keep this property and not just liberate the Shiites but instead of having them come home the Iranians plan to incorporate these lands as a part of their Shiite home making them and the oil wealth all Iranian. When one adds that Iran very likely is a nuclear armed nation despite, or some say because, of the great efforts of President Obama and his Secretary of State John (Scary) Kerry as well as a large effort by former Secretary of State and potentially next President Hillary Clinton before Kerry, that makes any confrontation between these two Muslim power states in the Middle East even more of a danger. One need remember that the Saudi Royal Family invested in the Pakistani nuclear research and bomb development. They did not do that from the goodness of their heart but instead made an agreement that the Saudis would pay for the Pakistani efforts and actual production of a nuclear weapons stores providing these stores be made available to the Saudi Royal Family should the need arise.


One overtly aggressive move too far by Iran and you can bet some cargo aircraft will leave Saudi Arabia, fly to Pakistan, stay a few hours, and return to Saudi Arabia some few tons heavier. These planes will either be taking actual routes established as passenger or even freight lanes which are active or will fly with their transponders deactivated, by accident, of course. These flights if they have not already found some nuclear devices coming in the hold of normal flights between the two nations, will even the playing field and make the chance of a nuclear exchange in the Middle East a definitive probability. Should open war be started between Saudi Arabia and Iran, one can bet that it will spread bringing Yemen, Iraq, Hezballah and any other Shiite forces which can be brought to bear facing the nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) which includes the Gulf oil states and Saudi Arabia plus Egypt and Jordan and one might expect to see some Turkish forces making this a more general Middle East War and one such without Israel, imagine that. These declarations of intent to join the fight as necessary will be the actual initial declaration of war even if fighting has been engaged for months. The pooling of available resources will initiate a war on a different level.


Such a development will signal that both sides feel they are not in an advantageous position so they will announce a list of allies in the region and prepare special weapons squads for deployment. One side, probably Iran, will introduce the use of chemical weapons and biological agents as well. This will spark a similar if not stronger response from the Saudi Royal Family. This might be the point where the initial use of nuclear weapons will be used, but not as expected. They will be used to cleanse their own lands where any biologic weapons have become ultimately effective and the sick are infecting the healthcare workers and all they meet before they turn too sick to even stand. This transmission will necessitate drastic action to contain the spread as such an agent cannot be permitted to reach any heavily inhabited regions. Nuclear cleansing of an infected region is a likely means of destroying the pathogen and in its own way curing those on the ground. This use of a nuclear weapon to cleanse the area can also give that nation the reason to use nuclear weapons then on the enemy claiming that the nuclear weapons dropped to destroy the pathogen was actually a nuclear attack by the other side. It matters little which country introduced nuclear weapons to the conflict nor how they were deployed nor the reasons; all that matters is the first one using them will not be the last one using these ultimate weapons. Once the nuclear weapons atop missiles and tucked within fighter-bombers fly, the game changes forever as this will prove one can use nuclear weapons as long as they are limited to a range of tactical nuclear weapons. Needless to point out that even these in and of themselves may not be the final weapons used and there may come a point where a nation with thermo-nuclear weapons uses these weapons of last resort, the modern city-killers with selectable power settings. Then it may be worse and the first thermo-nuclear weapons without the selectable yield technology, and it has but one setting, destroy all within your range or likely area.


The real fuel for this conflagration may start originally as Iran’s desire to impress their own hegemonic rule over the entire Middle East. Many have interpreted that to mean Iran would strike at Israel first and hardest, but this fight is not about the differences between Iran and Israel, this is a fight over who represents Allah. This fight between Sunni and Shiite will be limited initially but has the potential to spread far and wide. Would such start the next World War? That is the sixty-four billion dollar (adjusted for inflation) question. The one reality is as being the fight over who is the real representative of Allah, we can expect there will be no means for ending the war until one side has been completely and utterly destroyed, and therein lays the problem as it is next to impossible. Such a war will be a war to end all wars as it may decide the future for everyone once Islam achieves its real goal, world conquest and the subjugation of all people within. Then they can begin perfecting the world by ridding it of improper thought and possibly of the impure animals starting with hogs and dogs. With Allah presumed to be in support of both sides and Allah being unconquerable, there can be no situation so dire that prayers cannot move mountains, or can they? Split the sea, easy, the Ten Plagues, part of a year’s work; lead the Israelites to the Promised Land, well, all in its proper and good time; and As far as Hashem choosing which side should win, that will be left to Allah as Hashem probably has no desire and will allow others to decide this fate. Should the violence start to spread, then Hashem might be forced to choose a nation to assist or at least allow to stand outside the growing hostilities.


The Hajj and Hillary Rodham Clinton are flashpoints signifying evil bodings potentially for our world and the societies within. The splitting of Hajj destinations can only further divide two groups alienating the already alienated. Both sides are waiting for the other to blink such that they can possibly gain some advantage. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the conservative Never Trump’ers are dividing the nation into smaller and more hostile divisions Balkanizing the United States. Should the United States also become so divided that the different political factions all go their own way, there will be no more United States and instead there will be the federated entities that were America. No more super power under the Stars and Stripes, just a loosely held group of arguing children, man-child’s all looking like adults but acting like spoiled brats refusing to reside or abide by anybody holding a different opinion. That is what the political correctness of Hillary et al will bring to the United States with micro-aggressions and perceived slights where none exist and children raised never knowing what it means to lose because there are no trophies for losing efforts once you leave your safe zones at your chosen university. What will these young adults, the future leaders, do when they run into people who have different thoughts and can use them to actually think, not just feel good about oneself. Hajj being split and America being split, neither is a good or welcomed sign.


Beyond the Cusp


February 20, 2014

Iran Offers Saudi Arabian and Wahhabi Leadership First Opportunity

In Islam one must make available to one’s foes the opportunity to recognize their errors and apostasy and submit to Allah and choose to worship in the traditional Islamic manner you proscribe to. This offer must be proposed three times and after all three chances have been refused and the offending entity has refused to submit, then one is permitted to use any method and amount of violent force in order to convert or eradicate the non-believer. What makes this procedure even more interesting is that this even applies when one of the subgroups within Islam has decided to bring other Muslims to their true vision of Islam and away from their apostate and impure practice of a false form of Islam. Where this applies in the coming confrontation in the Middle East is that the Sunni and Shia each view the other as apostates following a false narrative of insult to Islam. There is a long history of these two main branches of Islam going to war in an effort to eradicate the other. The beginning of this divide came very early in the history of Islam and is centered on who was the righteous successor to Mohammad after his death. The Sunni believe that Abu Bakr, the father of Muhammad’s wife Aisha, was Muhammad’s rightful successor while the Shia believe that Muhammad divinely ordained his cousin and son-in-law Ali, the father of his grandsons Hasan ibn Ali and Hussein ibn Ali, to be his rightful successor. Both Sunni and Shia follow the Five Pillars of Islam but it has been their differences which the two have concentrated upon leading to numerous wars over the thousand years plus these two versions of Islam have existed. They are still adversarial into the modern era though they both have ignored their differences when battling Israel and the rest of Western society. Still, with the rise of Iran as a major power in the Middle East, they are apparently preparing to make another drive to drive Shia Islam to be predominant through the eradication or submission of the Sunni followers of Islam. What drives their desires even further is the possibility of also gaining complete control of all the oil of the Middle East by acquiring the Saudi Arabian oil fields as a bonus as they impose Shia Islam on the predominantly Sunni Saudis.


The Iranians are feeling invincible after their complete routing of the Western powers with the recent agreement which Iran has interpreted as having received a reprieve from the majority of the sanctions for so little a price that they feel they received this basically for free. The Iranians have made it abundantly clear that they do not perceive of having made any concessions to United States President Obama and the P5+1 talks in Geneva. We have noted a number of times that Iran would make moves on either Saudi Arabia (from December 9,2013 Northeastern Saudi and Eastern Gulf Oil Fields the New Sudetenland and from April 26, 2012 Iran Aims For All Middle East Oil) or the United States initially and attack both well before they ever turn their attentions on Israel. That is not to imply that the Iranians will not make life in Israel uncomfortably challenging, it is just they will rely on attacking Israel piecemeal using Hamas, Hezballah and Syria but the last two will have to wait until at least some months after the Syrian Civil War has been completed with Bashir al-Assad still in power. Iran may also be making inroads with Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, hoping to utilize them as another front with Israel once they have attained as much as possible using the United States to force a solution upon the Israelis granting them their statehood. In the meantime the Iranians will simply use their influence with Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza and the disparate terrorist entities including al-Qaeda to attack Israel from the Sinai. The Iranians will also, though not likely directing or planning the strikes, be highly satisfied with any attacks on the Egyptian military controlled government of Egypt as they would prefer to have the Muslim Brotherhood, despite their Sunni observance, as an ally, though only temporarily and only as long as the Egyptians were useful in harassing and attacking Israel.


The immediate necessities on Iran’s plate are cementing their control over Iraq by assisting the Shia Iraqi government defeat the Sunni al-Qaeda backed forces in the center of that country and defeating the Sunni rebels in the Syrian Civil War. In the meantime Iran will provide Hezballah with whatever they need to continue their stranglehold on Lebanon and also aiding and providing much of the most effective forces in Syria allied to al-Assad. Once they have tamed the Sunni resistance and completed their crescent reaching from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea they will likely strengthen their ties with Turkey providing Erdogan manages to remain in power which is very probable. Once the Iranians have settled and gained all the allies peaceably they can turn their sights on those gains which will require the use of military force. The initial steps in that agenda have already been taken. The Iranians have recently attacked not just the Saudi Arabian government, but also the Wahhabi Sunni sect that is the ideological underpinning of the Saudi Arabian regime and the enforcers for the Saudi Royal Family who back the Wahhabis with petro-dollars. The Iranians have recently declared the Wahhabis to be “worse than Jews” and heretical and stated that, “If they refuse to convert (to Shia Islam from Sunni Islam) killing them is not a sin.” The next step will be a second invitation to the Saudi Arabian Sunni influences of both the ruling Family Saud and the Wahhabi clerics and followers. Then we can expect for there to be some protests which will escalate eventually turning violent. When the Saudi Arabian government sends in troops to put down the Shia protesters and violence and enforce their hold on the oil fields located in northeast Saudi Arabia, this will give Iran the reason d’etre to send their final notice to the Saudis demanding they cease their violence against the Iranian Shia brothers and forsake their sinful, evil and apostate Sunni ways and adopt Shia Islam. The Saudis will not respond and will continue to secure their valuable property, their oil fields which are the basis of their wealth. This will give the Iranians the righteous cause to enter to protect their Shia brothers and as a convenient byproduct will also occupy and gain the Saudi Arabian oilfields. With the first salvo just fired with the invitation by Iran for the Saudi Arabian leaders, people and their Wahhabi religious communities to give up their apostolic Sunni beliefs and adopt the true Shia version of Islam, the only thing left is to wait and make sure we do not miss the next salvo when Iran, likely from Ayatollah Khamenei, their Supreme Leader, makes a public plea for the people, leaders and clerics of Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabi sect to join the true faith of Shia Islam and join with Iran in service of Allah. When that second invitation is given you can bet that Iran will already have a small arsenal of nuclear weapons. The sickening truth is they likely have already produced a small number of functioning warheads to have taken this step. Even if that is not the case, they obviously feel confident that they will be so armed and sooner rather than later. The time has come to scrutinize everything emanating from Iran with great concern and consider every possible ramification.


Beyond the Cusp


February 11, 2013

Have the Talks Failed?

Sometimes, when allowed to, talks between two sides reach a point where no further compromise is possible. Both sides feel they have given enough or one side has done the far greater amount of giving while the other side has refused to make even the slightest of concessions. The talks have been ongoing with an on again off again drumbeat which marked the passage of time, not agreements. Even pressure put upon the talks with expressions of the grave and vital importance made clear. Grand schemes have been proposed and failed to force a change in either side. President Obama has made demands that were designed to facilitate progress, yet there was still no progress. Everybody around the world has had their two cents worth of advice and the talks have stalled again and again. Grand bargains have been offered and have caused a crack of light to appear signaling perhaps a miracle only to return to moribund silence between the two sides. The United Nations has pleaded and shown deep concern even to the point of offering to assist in any way they might be invited, but that too fell on deaf ears. What is a world to do when one side of a situation that screams out for justice and compromise refuses compromises and chooses to scream about the injustices that have been done to them. And all that has befell the intransigent side the other claims they have brought upon themselves by taking the path of refusal and obstinacy.

But with the New Year there are signs that President Obama will bring changes and by his will alone force movement in the talks towards a mutually beneficial resolution. His promises sound vaguely familiar; perhaps we have heard these promises before. Vice President Biden makes a plea restating an old offer expressing the hope that this is the time that perchance this offer should be accepted. Then, with only a moment’s wait, a mere few days, and the obstinate side remains obstinate, refusing the offer with a steely cold denial. There is a deep exhalation as many had held their breathe anticipating a change, but alas there will be no movement. There is still hope that there can be a new round of talks made possible if only there is the perseverance to bring it to fruition. We wait often believing we caught sight of the glimmer of the light of hope but then again it may have just been flashes in our own eyes and nothing of the tangible sort. Can there be progress? Should we still hold out hope? What if the worst of the worst should come and the talks prove to be futile and have been merely a long exercise in futility? Will we be able to face the consequences and do what we know must be done? If we refuse to admit the failure, then what will become of us? Will the impasse lead to war as had been predicted by some who told us long ago that our faith in talks was fruitless? Will there be no other way out of the predicament which we now find ourselves having to admit? It is too harsh a reality. The talks must be reopened and another chance be given for progress, compromise, a last hope. We have to allow the time for talks to work, and they will work, they must work. But what if they don’t?

President Obama has told us that the talks would lead to peace and security and put an end to any difficulties, any threats, any dangers. The President assured us in dulcet tones that he could make the talks work if only they would listen to his generous offers and reasonable requests. Kindness, after all, always calms and defeats harsh rhetoric, heals wounds and works wonders, after all, did not his promises and words win him election? All we had to do is allow his words to work their spell. But now his words have the hint of panic and defeat and have lost some of their melodic and hypnotic overtones. His sweet overtures have slowly changed taking on a rasp of harshness and now have the sharp retort-filled tones of rapid gunfire.

There is to be yet another round of talks, or so we have been led to believe. Can they really make any difference at this late date? Why should we continue to hold out hope as all has certainly proven hopeless? The last refusal of a generous offer of direct talks had the dead tones of finality. The discussions with the arm of the United Nations on their dual track was refused and abruptly cut off just a short while ago. Their track seems to have come to their end. They have reached the gorge and there does not appear to be a bridge. Are our tracks equally coming to that gorge that has no bridge? It will be a harsh pill to swallow if the warnings from Israel prove true. What do we do now that there is no path forward through discourse and all the talking has been revealed to be a ruse used to stall for time? What are we to do? Yes, sure we will go ahead with the talks we have managed to agree we will hold, but if they fail once again, then what?

And for the really big question, what is it that President Obama will be discussing on his trip to Israel next month? We have been told that President Obama will not be making any plans to force a reopening of the equally moribund talks between Israel and the Palestinians and they plan other discussion. Could it be that President Obama will be talking with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to advise him of what will come should the last gasp talks with Iran continue to fail? With the growing reluctance and intransigence by Iran and the obvious failure of the P5+1 talks to produce even the smallest concession which could be verified, what can we expect other than a waste of breathe and time with another round of talks. It really does seem obvious that we have been talking just to hear ourselves talk. Perhaps we must admit to ourselves that we have been talking because the alternative is too frightening to even think about. We have been so determined to avoid what has been the inevitability of the rising menace named Iran that we have talked ourselves almost to death. While we aimed to avoid war Iran has aimed for the ultimate weapon of war and our determination of avoidance has brought them dangerously close to their goal, maybe even they have attained what they desired. What will we tell our children if we find that Iran has truly reached the goal and now already possesses a small cache of nuclear devices? How will we excuse our timidity which enabled the rising bully to so equip itself? Have we talked ourselves to the brink of doom or beyond, that is the question that needs an immediate answer. And what are we going to do even if the answer is affirmative? Will we then continue to talk only this time the talk will be about how much we surrender before it becomes too much. What if we talked ourselves into that oblivion? As Shakespeare wrote, “Methinks the Lady doth protest too much.” Have we so protested too much and now are left with too little leverage to gain advantage? Did we whittle away any advantage we originally had? That would indeed be a sad state of affairs. Very sad.

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