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November 25, 2015

Rumored Plans Imply Unity Government Imminent


There have been persistent rumblings that Prime Minister Netanyahu was in the late stages of replacing Jewish Home in his coalition with the Zionist Coalition of the Labor Party including Tzipi Livni and one or two of her Party’s members and the Labor Party. Politically this would appear to be a dangerous move as it could also serve to tear Netanyahu’s Likud Party apart with those truly loyal to Netanyahu and what some are referring to as his leftist leanings remaining with him and the nationalists possibly defecting to Jewish Home. Any move by any members of Likud to side with Jewish Home against a merging with Yitzhak Hertzog’s Labor Party risking Netanyahu replacing them with more left leaning, compromise through surrender wing of the Likud Party. For all those claiming that such would not be possible as Netanyahu had to have learned his necessary lesson from Arik Sharon’s forming a coalition of the willing under the banner of his own Party which he called Kadima and was molded carefully to allow for the surrender of Gaza to the Arabs, as a warning that such is political suicide. But on the other hand Prime Minister Netanyahu was a part of the loyalist Likud members who remained in the coalition as a Likud Member up until the very end and thus may have taken an entirely different lesson from the ill-fated Arik Sharon recasting of his ruling coalition without requiring new elections as a potential route to placating those nagging problems from all sides.


Prime Minister Netanyahu has to read the polls and political winds and realize that he is by far the most powerful political inevitability that Israel has witnessed, ranking even higher than Arik Sharon. A recent poll showed Netanyahu’s inevitability for the office of Prime Minister were elections to be held today with his topping every list of potential opponents by safe and unassailable numbers. Such a situation has to make one believe that nothing they could do would damage their position at the top of the heap, especially if such moves were seen as cutting the legs out from under any political threat from the leftist end of the political spectrum. The one consideration not looked into was the potential for a right of Netanyahu political figure rising were Netanyahu to move leftwards and make that unity government everybody claims would be required in order to make the Prime Minister’s position unassailable. Perhaps those taking these polls see Prime Minister Netanyahu as so right wing that there are no politicians in Israel today to the right of Netanyahu. Of course Israelis to the right of Netanyahu could easily argue that point and do so with vigor. What is making these rumors persist has been the adopting by Yitzhak Hertzog of a unified stand against the Iran nuclear agreement standing aside Netanyahu providing him the political cover to take such a strong stand.


The rumor that persists is that Prime Minister Netanyahu remained in Arik Sharon’s government for as long as he did was because he agreed with the whole plan which was never implemented where Gaza being turned over to the Arabs would have been followed within a year of turning over of almost all of Judea and Samaria all in order to forge a seemingly maximalist Palestinian body which Israel could rightfully claim was the definition by all of the borders of an Arab state named Palestine was and should be and by surrendering these lands Israel was unilaterally ending the entire Arab Israeli conflict as if forming an Arab state was the end of any protests and further demands. The reality, something we fear may soon come to fruition, is that by Israel surrendering all the lands that the United Nations, European Union, Russia and even many Arabs consider not only fair but beyond what any Israeli politician could survive relenting for the formation of the demanded Arab state, that Netanyahu would be rewarded with peace and an end to the claims by the Arabs for Israel to surrender more lands and not only would the entirety of the Arab-Israeli conflict be over but Netanyahu would be assured of the next Nobel Peace Prize.


But there is an elephant in the room that apparently has found a place to hide in the open. Mahmoud Abbas has made it adamantly clear that even if granted such borders that doing such would not end the war against Israel. Saeb Erekat has made it just as clear that the only conceivable end to the Arab Israeli problem would be borders replacing Israel with an Arab state whose first acts would be the extermination of the over six-million Jews residing in the Holy Lands and the destruction of every Synagogue and Jewish holy site. Hamas leadership has included all of this plus the eradication of the entirety of the Jewish peoples worldwide. Apparently the sole people who see giving the Arab fanatics exactly what the rest of the world imagines would be a fair and equitable solution ending the problem overlooks the actual problem, this is not a struggle over land but rather a religious struggle over who has a right to live anywhere, not just from the River to the Sea. The Arab-Israeli conflict is but a minute part of the Islamist puzzle and one the majority of the Islamic world could even bother to stop and utter an opinion about as currently there are far larger fish to fry, namely the conquest of Europe. There are refugees to send as the advance shock troops which will further tax the European Union and individual European Governmental ability to pay out the funds which will most certainly be required when these refugees have resided and gained identity cards and decided which country they can receive the greatest amount of benefits for the least amount of effort as many of these refugees were not overly wealthy in Syria or whatever other nation they originated from and view the governments of Europe as potential gift baskets to be tapped for all they are worth. Nowhere in these plans is there a chapter on the Arab-Israeli conflict though there is a diagram in the appendix as seen below defining the areas between Lebanon-Syrian Border and the Egyptian Sinai-Negev border defined as the River to the Sea meaning the Jordan River to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea marked Palestine.



Palestinian Textbook Maps depicting Palestine as replacing Israel, not sharing the land in peace and security as the Europeans and the rest of the West insist to misrepresent



The Arab and Muslim worlds regard the Arab-Israeli conflict as being over; decided and any loud noises from the area must be celebratory gun fire and most certainly not a potential renewed conflict. The problem is that the rest of the world sees the Arab-Israeli conflict as the seminal cause of all evil committed in the world by the powers of Islam. As long as the rest of the world holds Israel responsible for any and all acts of violent extremism from within the Islamic world simply because they have refused to just give away the candy store, the mantra of it’s those Israeli Jews causing the problems because of their selfish demands for defendable borders as the seminal cause of every last injustice and criminal intent in the world. The Arabs and the terror wielding kleptocratic criminal leaders in Ramallah all realize that as long as their war is solely with Israel they can do no wrong and Israel will be blamed for all sins, period. They hold dear to the idea first put forth by Yasser Arafat when he was, as the supposed joke goes, asked by Osama bin Laden (fill in your favorite living evil genius here in place of Osama bin Laden for modern context), ‘How it was that I, Osama bin Laden who has a few paltry attacks while the Arabs under Arafat’s control have been responsible for the murder of near uncountable people worldwide is supported and lavished with honors and given podiums the world over to spit his vitriol?’ To Which Arafat replied, ‘Osama, my dear friend, it is simple. You attack people and take cause against the imperial western governments while I claim to simply wish to take the land from the Jews and murder Israeli Jews. The world supports what it is I plan to accomplish and will forgive my every transgression providing I can frame it all as part of getting the Jews to surrender their nation and once more become the living embodiment of all evil the world desires to heap upon an innocent people and I promise to give them what they want.’


Now we have Mahmoud Abbas, otherwise known as Yasser Arafat without the two day beard growth and with a suit and tie, who is giving the world the same old swan song. Muslim terrorists are gunning innocent civilians in the streets of Paris and countless other tragedies as, London, New York, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, Beslan, Moscow, Boston and the assassination of Robert Kennedy yet the world blames the Jewish State. Hatred of the Jewish State of Israel is this generation’s anti-Semitic target of choice, and now the Israeli Prime Minister may be planning to fall into the trap of believing that by doing just this one last sacrifice and the world will love him and the Jewish State. Doesn’t he get it that no matter what he does, if it leaves one Jew free to rule themselves then the world will demand they surrender the spot on which they stand and hound them to death every step they take claiming they are moving just to change where the spot is drawn. The blame has to be the Jew’s fault and thus it is the Jewish State’s fault for Paris as if only they had given back more and sacrificed more Jews; for London as if only they had given back more and sacrificed more Jews; for Hebdo as if only they had given back more and sacrificed more Jews; for London, New York as if only they had given back more and sacrificed more Jews; for Bali, Mumbai, Beslan, Moscow, Boston, the assassination of Robert Kennedy and the Barbary Pirates plundering. It matters not what the latest and greatest tragedy is, the reason always is traced back by those intrepid reporters for the New York Times, BBC, CNN, Fox News, AFP, al Jazeera, AP, Reuters and whomever else is reporting, even Israeli media such as Haaretz; Israel must return to the peace talks even if they are left sitting at the table while the world burns down around them. They must give up other concessions to please and mitigate the great insult which Arafat, Abbas, Erekat or whomever is tasked with sitting that close to the Israeli representative faces and is forced to suffer. As the hot microphone discourse between then French President Sarkozy and United States President Obama went on privately unknowingly with one of their microphones still live;

“I can’t stand him. He’s a liar,” Sarkozy said of Netanyahu.
Obama replied, “You’re tired of him; what about me? I have to deal with him every day.” 



Sarkozy and Obama discussing Netanyahu and by so all of Israel



So now it is starting to look as if Netanyahu has finally tripped and is about to fall beyond the cusp and surrender all of Judea and Samaria and half of Jerusalem. He will remove upwards of three-fourths of a million Jews destroying their cities and communities and destroying their livelihoods and dreams. He will claim it is all occupied lands which belong to the Arabs. Netanyahu will claim by making it Arab lands, he will have found the magic bullet to puncture the obsessive vitriol suffered by Israel at the hands of the rest of the world. This, Netanyahu will claim, finished the dream first put forth by Arik Sharon who was struck down before he could accomplish his ingenious plans. Netanyahu will claim to know this because of his bravely standing with Sharon until he didn’t stand with Sharon and now he is completing that which Sharon began and given the Jewish State the legitimacy it deserves and has lacked until this point. Netanyahu will have now given those who took the name Palestinian for its name recognition and power to steal the story of the Jews, the recognition that their claims to all the land are valid as why else would the Jews give up even half of Jerusalem if it were actually their historic Capital city. This, Abbas, Erekat, Rabbo and the rest will claim proves everything they have ever said including from the River to the sea Palestine must be free. When Netanyahu loses the support of Jewish Home Party and one-third of the Likud Party he will simply make a deal with Herzog, which will be blessed by the Supreme Court as Netanyahu surrendered just as they have demanded nearly forever. Of course this new coalition of the willing to surrender to every demand no matter its legitimacy because we must appear reasonable before the world, thus the party name we have chosen is Quisling Party. Is there any sanity left in this world or has everybody gone beyond the cusp?


Beyond the Cusp


November 18, 2015

Arab Spring Spawning Western Worlds Weak-Willed Winter


When it comes to making a determined stand after each of the terror strikes since the first bombing of the World Trade Center parking garage on February 26, 1993 through the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and an unknown target; the Western World is great at promises and short on deed. The one time we measured up was when real Americans on September 11, 2001 who were on United Airlines Flight 93 took a stand on that fated flight. After hearing from family and friends of the situation and having said their good-byes and I love you, the kind of expressions one says when the future is so uncertain, responded on the command by Todd Beamer’s call to execute their retaking of the plane’s cockpit calling out, “Are you guys ready? Okay. Let’s roll!” On that call they rushed down the path in the plane ramming through the cockpit door, which were not yet armored, where a struggle for control of the plane ensued. The terrorists, bent on the suicide part of their massively homicidal attack, dove the plane into the ground rather than survive their ordeal. They never reached their target assumed to have been in Washington D.C., some have assumed their target to have been the Capital or White House; but instead they settled for the forty crew and passengers who lost lives. These lives they knew were special as they treasured their lives and were determined that their lives would count. Their lives will live as heroes and the time that Westerners stood and acted as it will tell in the recounting of history.



Todd Beamer's call to execute their planned assault retaking of the plane’s cockpit by fortifying his fellow passenger and crew volunteers firmly calling out to his fellow passengers, steeling them for the task ahead with the worlds, “Are you guys ready? Okay. Let's roll!”

Todd Beamer’s call to execute their planned
assault retaking of the plane’s cockpit by
fortifying his fellow passenger and crew volunteers
firmly calling out to his fellow passengers,
steeling them for the task ahead with the worlds,
“Are you guys ready? Okay. Let’s roll!”



The attacks from Islamic terror forces continued with numerous smaller attacks worldwide and a near daily combination of attacks in Israel with some actually scheduled for certain times and places every week almost as if they were a television show, which they are, they are a reality show scheduled so that the European governments, United Nations, European Union, Arab League, media such as CNN, France 2, AFP, Reuters, BBC, MSNBC and many others which rely on what they call stringers but who they know and many others know are actually part of Pallywood which still operates despite the 60 Minutes story and with a famous film maker and director whose family assist in their productions, Bilal Tamini. So, here are the worst acts leading up to the latest in Paris France with a single image shot as part of each in chronological order.


October 12, 2002 Bali

Casualties, two-hundred-two murdered, two-hundred-nine wounded with many seriously injured or burned

Bali Monument at location of Attack



March 11, 2004 Madrid train bombing

Casualties, one-hundred-ninety-one murdered, two-thousand-fifty injured with
a large number seriously struck and the Madrid hospitals overcrowded.

Casualties, one-hundred-ninety-one murdered, two-thousand-fifty injured with a large number seriously struck and the Madrid hospitals overcrowded.


Thursday, July 7, 2005 London transit

Casualties, fifty-two murdered and approximately seven hundred injured

Thursday, July 7, 2005 London transit Casualties, fifty-two murdered and approximately seven hundred injured


November 26 -29, 2008 Mumbai (Chabad House)

Casualties, almost one-hundred-sixty murdered, almost six-hundred wounded.

November 26 -29, 2008 Mumbai Chabad House Casualties, almost one-hundred-sixty murdered, almost six-hundred wounded.

Amongst the dead were Mumbai’s Chabad House Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, 29, his wife, Rivka, and four other hostages were killed by Islamist terrorists while Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg’s and wife, Rivka’s son Moshe, then 2 years old, now being raised by Rivka’s parents and the heroic nanny Sandra who saved him at severe risk to her life. Sandra has been awarded Israeli citizenship and is still assisting raising Moshe.

Mumbai Chabad House Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg 29 wife, Rivka, and four others killed by Islamists while son Moshe 2 years old being raised by Rivkas parents the heroic nananny Sandra saved him at severe risk to her life


April 15, 2013, 2:49 pm EDT Boston Marathon Bombing

Casualties, six murdered, two-hundred-eighty wounded, many seriously.

April 15 2013 2 49 pm EDT Boston Marathon Bombing Casualties six murdered two-hundred-eighty wounded, many seriously


Here we are a mere four days after another mass murdering homicidal terror onslaught in Paris, France where, as of last reading, one-hundred-twenty-nine people have died and two-hundred-sixty more people reported injured and a city which appeared to be traumatized the next day and into Sunday. There was the attack of the Islamic State headquarters which likely was done more to be able to tell the victims’ families and friends that the government had taken bold steps and there would be more of the same to come. Really, will there? Things will return to a normal pace and the attack all but forgotten except in certain circles, the same circles who were still talking of the Hyper Cacher and Charlie Hebdo attacks from early January of this year. I know; were those attacks this year as it seems like it has been much longer than that. There may be a reason from human psyche which explains why it seems like longer. Too many of us believed, as we made ourselves promises and told each other that this time was the end, that this time we would take the steps to address terrorism before it killed more people. Well, it definitely beat our promise into the ground on that one. But did we expect anything different. Didn’t we all make promises after the Boston Marathon Bombing of April 15, 2013. But we didn’t. We had promised to be more vigilant after Mumbai and the heartbreak over the Chabad House and the story of two year old Moshe saved by his brave and selfless nanny. Many swore to take a strong stand against terror so that there would never be any more senseless killings nor any more Moshes growing up without their mother and father. Even before that we had promised to make our cities safe and our public transportation safe after the London bombings, the same promise we had made just over a year before that after the Madrid bombings. Bali, New York, the Lockerbie bombing which was similar to the Russian passenger liner just brought down, promises for safety after all and more promises until the ballyhooing died down and we returned to polite murmurs. We can trace Islamic violence back quite a distance should we care to remember the earlier age with the Barbary Pirates and further back the surge of Islam taking over the Holy Lands and across North Africa and even to the point of striking at Europe from the West followed by strikes from the East. How many times will the Western World promise Never Again before they mean what they say? That question should be asked of the Jews with twice that urgency.


Our adversaries are in the long war and know exactly what their goal is and they and their predecessors have known what their goal has been since that first fateful day when Mohammed witnessed his first caravan raiding party that came back with treasures and wealth in Medina, something he never would have witnessed in Mecca and thus Islam would have been much different (to read how much and why read our article ”Which Quran, Mecca or Medina?” He knew he could make such into a productive venture to finance and build his religious texts around if only he could unite the troops, as one might put it. Religion became the glue with which Muhammad gained control and gaining control altered Islam permanently. Within a couple of years you did not raid a caravan unless you had Mohammad’s permission. By this system Mohammad built up a great amount of wealth and a virtual army. By the time of his death that army had conquered Mecca and was spreading with Muhammed as the head of a new religion with a much practiced force of raiders who had already conquered a city-state which had banished Mohammad earlier in his life and mocked him. Now they all but worshipped him.


These adversaries of the Western world can mostly quote their holy book from cover to cover as they started memorizing it very early during their lives. This book was ordered from the shortest verse, or story, to the longest such that they would have an easier time learning, memorizing the verses. That defines the problem in a nutshell, the Islamists know their goal and the true order chronologically of the verses such that they can use simply by deciding which verse is true and which superseded. The Muslims know what their book of deceits demands of them, World Domination. The Islamists know how they will achieve that domination over the world, Societal Jihad aided by violent Jihad. They claim they are entering Europe and the United States to have the Quran replace or supplant the Bible and the societies of the West have made that so much easier as they no longer believe in the Bible, they believe in nothing. Their moral structure is whatever they define it to be, their holidays are not permitted to be said in polite society so Christmas has become the Fall Festival and Easter has become the Spring Festival. Every holiday has been robbed of its origins and replaced with a meaningless celebratory event. How much easier could we have made it be to celebrate Muslim their holidays, or Holy Days.


All they need do is use its Islamic name and then claim it will come according to their lunar based and implemented calendar and the secular will eat it up as it will meet their requirements for a proper holiday, no set date and seemingly equally random facts. By the time the secularists can figure out the actual day, they will likely be enslaved by then. Westerners have turned every holiday into a sale at the mall until the average Westerner no longer remembers what each holiday means or what it commemorates. Further, unlike the Jewish calendar which has adjustments which make it compatible with the Solar calendar, not with a series of additional days but with an additional month on leap years to make their lunar calendar a lunar adjusted for solar calendar, actually it was originally done to keep the holidays within their seasons and have the coordination for planting and reaping throughout the year. But with the average Western conscience filled with nothing concerning religion, they will readily be subdued and forced into observing Islam with their actual submission being as false as their observance of Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism or whatever religion claimed or even no religion which is empty of religious observance by its definition, all will easily be made to claim their new faith, as to them all faiths are the same. When apostates or false believers start to be beheaded, then there will be a choice, actually learn Islam or actually fight for your freedom though that fight will be one of dying on your feet.


Willian Churchill said it best when he described what the British were facing at the beginning of World War II when he stated,

“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”


We are rapidly moving from where victory is sure and not too costly, through having to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival; and it appears reaching that point not only to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves; but in the West and particularly in Europe the sheeple may simply surrender as to fight for anything is too horrific a concept. That is especially valid when there is nothing for which to fight as all has been thrown out in the name of multiculturalism. This makes all things, including ideals or ideas, equal, and thus since all have been emptied of their essence, everything equals nothing. As there is nothing to fight for thus the Western World may simply roll over and place its belly side up and await the sword to split them in two, emptying their entrails onto the floor before them, making that disgusting thought as their last visage.


Is that to be the fate the West deserves after René Descartes and all the rest of the enlightenment have been tossed aside? Western society has gone from “I think therefore I am” to “I purchase therefore I owe” as the heart of our new faith, consumerism. That is what we have to defend and when your innermost values are worthless there becomes no reason to ever defend, let alone fight for a valueless society. That is why we will not really fight even when loss is guaranteed and slavery the next stop; instead Western society will simply fold and wear the chains of Islam which have proven under the Ottomans to be a cruel and unfulfilling place to go but that are what they deserve if they will not defend themselves. That will be the West’s downfall and nothingness in the belief column will be superseded by Islam and then comes the rigid ideology imposed and enforced by a sharpened blade and the chopping block. Is this really what the people in the West desire? It does appear so as they continue to claim that Israelis enemies are simply freedom fighters while the Western enemies are Islamist crazies who do not understand their own religion. Perhaps it is we in the west who do not understand that a religion is necessary if a society is to be just, and any society is only as just as the religions it keeps. That may be worth thinking about at the next social gathering.


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