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October 6, 2014

Will Europe Submit or Awaken?

There has been an immeasurable change in the fabric of European society with the influx of millions of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) who have brought their customs and religious beliefs with them. Europe has survived waves of immigrants into the individual nations for centuries, even millennia, but those influxes were intra-European transfers and not people from outside of Europe. Those historical immigrant transfers were often caused by famines, large local natural catastrophes, societal collapse as a result of government dictate forcing certain peoples to leave their locations over religious or other societal defining identities. But this time it appears to be very different as the new immigrants are not seeming to have any intent to meld with the existing society as the previous immigrants had done. Instead they appear to be carving out areas where they are planning to enforce their own laws, permit worship only of their religion, the imposition of dress codes for men and women, though the codes for women appear stricter, and they post signs warning any who enter their areas that they are expected to obey these foreign laws and codes, often despite the native individual not being familiar or even remotely aware of these codes and laws. These neighborhoods, which have become small inserts of foreign national identities right down to law enforcement, courts, religious observance, social custom, dress and other alien actions and understandings across virtually every strand of societal structures, are growing as the need to find workers to replace the worker lost due to negative growth factors which have been afflicting Europe for the past few decades but showing signs of a population decrease that is accelerating. What might this mean for the future in Europe and will it eventually strike anywhere else?

The bigger problem which has started rearing an ugly side to this influx of foreign elements into Europe is they have begun to grow beyond their small communities and are demanding ever greater accommodations. These demands are of a different nature than those made previously when groups migrated across Europe. These demands are for societal level changes replacing existing norms and even laws with alien laws and practices rather than simple acceptance and incorporating tolerance and show acceptance for them as a new subsect within the society. These newest immigrants demand not just acceptance but to supercede and replace the existing society and the insertion and replacement of the existing laws with those laws they brought with them from their homes amongst the nations within MENA. These demands have been exercised through disruptive demonstrations often using a political correctness against the existing norms or conjoining their political viewpoints intertwined with their demands for societal accommodation by altering laws and societal norms. We have seen them take the forefront of demonstrations against Israel and using them as a springboard to press their views into the society. Some of the demonstrations have taken on a violent contingency which came to the fore in news coverage recently in Paris with the assaults by mobs of immigrants of two Paris Synagogues. Are these disruptive actions a prognostication of the future and foretelling of bigger and more destructive episodes should their demands meet resistance or even blowback and refusal? That such is a valid debate and one which leans towards a dark and disruptive future should worry anybody who values peace and quiet over societal unrest.

If history is any evidence of where this influx of immigrants who are refusing to adjust and accept the existing society and are insisting that their societal norms replace those which have existed with only periodic adjustments for centuries all the way back to ancient Greece and Plato and Aristotle and maybe further to Moses and Abraham, there will be only one result and the victor in the struggle will erase the existence of the other’s culture. The last historic influx into Europe by masses of immigrants from MENA was during the last push by Islam to conquer Europe. Those Islamic invaders reached across Spain (Andalusia) and reached into southern France only to be turned back by a German General commanding French armies. This was the famous Battle for Tours where Charles the Hammer Martel turned back the Moors who would later be vanquished from Spain by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella along with the Spanish Jewish population in 1492. King of Poland, Jan III Sobieski led the entirety of the Polish army to relieve the siege of Venice and beat back the Ottoman Empire forces threatening the city, and with the aid of German and Holy Roman armies who were placed under the command of the Polish King as his superior ability as a commander was well established, led the relieving efforts to push the Ottoman Empire forces from the gates of Vienna in September of 1683. Could the recent influx of MENA immigrants who are Islamic be the tip of a stealth conquest of Europe by immigration, conversion and finally subversion?

There are many Muslims who live, work and interact within Europe with no apparent designs on changing European society and appear to simply desire to live their lives and worship Allah and practice Islam while melting into European society. Some research has indicated that even in these families, once they reach the third or fourth generation in their new European home their children tend to be more likely to become radicalized. Some researches claim that this tendency is due to their removal and lack of knowledge of the difficulties and disadvantages of life in their former home nation. I have a feeling the real source of this radicalization amongst the youths from these families is actually due to the teaching they are getting in the radicalized Mosques, especially as in many instances the radicalization is not necessarily reflected during services but is clandestinely secluded in their youth programs in order to influence the most vulnerable amongst us. It has been known that Islamic Imams have targeted prison clerical programs to spread Islam in the prisons systems. But if this was the entirety of the problem it would be manageable as disaffected youth falling for the promises of a solution to all their questions and an end to the turmoil in their lives is an old problem which has haunted parents and society for eons but has yet to lead to the destruction of a society, well, except for in the book “Lord of the Flies” where the society was constructed by young boys marooned by themselves on an island.

In addition to the disaffected youth there is the addition of thousands of immigrants who are adamant that they be permitted to not only bring their religion and customs with them from their homeland but also that the peoples of their newfound homes also adapt their lives not only to accommodate their way of life but to adapt their way of life in place of their current lives. As the numbers of these immigrants increase their demands are repeated in louder voices and with increasing violence. Currently much of their violence is limited to those who cross into their neighborhoods as they believe that within these communities their laws rule supreme. Where will these demands lead? Will Europeans be compliant and simply convert rather than resist the demands of their new neighbors or will the Europeans react as their history has demonstrated all too well throughout recorded history and even likely before? Earlier in this article were references to earlier European reactions to invasive Islam, but that was centuries ago and today’s Europeans are not your great-great-great-great-grandfather’s Europeans. Where this may be true, they are still Europeans with a rich history and age-old customs that lie as the basis for their societies and lives even today. The demands made thus far by the radical Islamic living in Europe have not crossed any societal lines or made any direct demands for actual changes in the basic societal norms as yet. What is likely to be the reaction when the demands change and start becoming more invasive on the culture? Imagine what will be the reaction of the average teen and young adult in Europe when the demand becomes they must no longer listen to any music other than the muezzins’ call. No more rock-n-roll or classical music or whatever your poison happens to be. What happens when dancing between men and women is demanded to be ended as the practice leads to familiarities which are forbidden. Further, what happens when included in newly forbidden actions demanded to prove the populations’ submission includes holding hands, choosing one’s own marriage partner, premarital dating, provocative clothing, and eventually forced conversion to Islam even if one has no religion.

How far will the demands need to go before Europe turns to what they do, what they historically have proven so capable at doing? There were those who took up the fight to force the retreat of the assaults on the Parisian synagogues which occurred after demonstrations became open riots which broke past police barricades and launched attacks on Synagogues numerous blocks away. There have been other incidents which have made the news as such resistances to the encroachments of Islam are currently the exception and not the rule. This may be partially because the Jewish population of Europe has been particularly sensitive as they have received a larger proportion of Islamic directed hatreds than any other group. This does not mean that there are not others who are sensitive to the encroachments but such are exceptions rather than the rule even in the Jewish European society. Any kickback to Islam may take some time before it becomes a reality in Europe and it may even come too late to rescue the European culture as it has evolved. And should Europe fail to resist the waves of change which are threatening to take place should Islam redefine European religion and culture, will Islam then take that victory across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States and then Canada? If Islam should transform Europe and then both the United States and Canada, where would such a wave of Islamic be stopped or even would it be stopped. I guess that question need be answered in Europe first and foremost as they are currently sitting on the front lines next to Israel, or perhaps immediately behind Israel. Perhaps Europe will eventually see Israel as the friend they potentially are capable of becoming and not the cause of all Europe’s ills. One thing which is certain, if the current conceptions and suspicions are not repudiated by facts and such facts taken into serious contemplation, our world will be facing a seismic change which while it may not turn the calendar back more than the almost six-hundred year difference between the Islamic calendar and the Gregorian calendar but it will slow the technological advance into the future and possibly do so permanently. If that were the only change such an outcome would produce.

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December 12, 2013

Who Guards the Gates of Europe if not Israel?

There have been a number of invasions of Europe from out of Asia and the Middle East throughout history. There was the Persian conquest which finally was reversed by the Greek City States following one of the most famous historic stands by King Leonidas and his Spartan warriors at Thermopylae where three-hundred held the pass between the cliffs and the sea for three days against an army numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Those three days did not turn the Persians back but did permit the Greek City States to gather together and eventually turn back the Persians.  These were the same Persians who defeated the remnants of the Babylonian Empire freeing the Israelites allowing them to return to Eretz Yisroel and rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem. The most persistent source of armies intent on trying to conquer Europe since the seventh century has been the Muslims who have attacked Europe from both the east and the west coming from the Middle East as well as from northern Africa by way of the Straights of Gibraltar. The Islamic armies were twice turned back attacking from the east at the gates of Vienna as well as while under Ottoman rule and leadership also having fought a long struggle against Romania. The strike into Europe by the Muslim Moors succeeded in conquering Spain and the Iberian Peninsula renaming it Al-Andalusia. This assault was turned back by Charles the Hammer Martel at the battle of Tours in southern France. Spain eventually revolted against Islamic rule starting around 1492 with the introduction of one of the most horrific purges in all of history, the Spanish Inquisition. After Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella liberated the Spanish peninsula from Moorish Islamic rule the only feared threat from Islam originated within the Ottoman Empire. After World War I the Ottoman Empire was divided between the French and British as victors in that struggle and the Ottoman Empire was no more with Turkey being the only remnant that remained under Islamic rule.


Islam has had two distinct periods where it was expansive conquering new lands. There are some who are claiming that the world is witnessing what may be the leading wave of another period where Islam will be resurgent. For the sake of argument let us simply accept this claim that we are witnessing the very beginning of the next resurgence of Islam and that their desires are fixated on Europe and the Western nations. The current military state of affairs in Europe is a far cry from the strong, sizeable and superbly armed and trained fighting forces which fought in World War II as the European leadership has redirected their attentions and interests on social spending and societal safety nets at the expense of funding their militaries. This has occurred while Europe has also faced reduced rates of reproduction leading to societies averaging a higher age and not even meeting replacement levels which appears to have tracked directly related to the loss of religious observance resulting from increasing secularism. This has led to an increase in the numbers of immigrants as a percentage of the societies which is leading to a diluting of the historical culture and threatening to transform Europe from its Christian legacy and Judeo-Christian based philosophy into an Islamic culture. Such a transformation would take quite some time and would very likely not take place peaceably. When the strife which would be inevitable began to break out, then the possibility of the Islamic nations from the Middle East and North Africa would likely come to the aid of the Muslims within Europe assisting them in whatever manner available. This could even result in an Islamic invasion of Europe using the resident Muslim populations as a fifth column using terrorism and sabotage to weaken the European defensive efforts and assisting the Islamic forces.


The immediate question that would come to mind is where the Europeans could turn to find an ally that could rescue them. The one nation which has been the protector of Europe since World War II has been the United States. There are questions as to what the future will be for the United States military strength as more and more socialism resembling the exact programs which led to the hollowing out of the European military abilities are enacted by the United States. There have been those, myself included, who have predicted that should government guaranteed healthcare known as Obamacare become the law of the land and be implemented then the United States will inevitably resort to some form of government provided and funded healthcare, very likely a single payer plan similar to the public healthcare systems in Canada and Europe. The rapidly expanding costs of such healthcare provisions will necessitate a greater funding for healthcare resulting in the healthcare budget taking a larger and larger percentage of the budget. This will inevitably be dealt with by decreasing the percentage of the military’s budgeted funds. This will leave Europe either vulnerable or finding another nation that would be willing and able to assist them in their struggles; otherwise they will be absorbed into the Islamist block of nations. There are only two nations to whom Europe will be able to turn after the United States assistance proves to be inadequate and unable to stem the rising tide of Islam, namely China or Israel. China would be one choice as they are a rising power and would be able to provide sufficient forces to completely change the balance of the struggle but at what price. But what could Israel actually offer?


The advantage Israel holds in assisting in protecting Europe from an Islamic invasion is all about location. Israel stands at the fulcrum of Europe, Asia and Africa and as such controls a vital area of passage leading to Europe’s eastern edge. Where Israel would not be able to completely stem the tide of Islamic armies moving against Europe, she would be able of reducing their numbers and maybe weakening them sufficiently that the combined militaries of the European nations and the United States, Canada and possibly Australia would be sufficient to prevent the conquest of Europe. Furthermore, with Israel placed where she is the Muslim nations would have to consider exactly how much of their military strength they would be willing to send to a war in Europe leaving their homeland susceptible to an Israeli strike. Israel, in such a war, would act very much like Britain had during World War II where she was unable to turn the tide and defeat the Nazi alliance by herself but by remaining as a base from which the added strength of the United States and her production capabilities as well as her military strength which was rapidly increased to meet the challenge, Britain served as the linchpin, the fulcrum of the allied resurgence and eventual defeat of the Axis powers. Without Britain as a staging grounds for the D-Day invasion there would have not been and invasion and the entire war’s outcome could very easily have been completely different. This is the same position that Israel holds in any war between the powers of Islam and Europe, may such a calamity never occur.


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