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February 3, 2019

Time to Shutter the BDS Movement


The Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel needs to be countered and soon. Yes, there are some states in America and even thoughts of a Federal Law against the BDS type of brandishing, specifically when it chooses only a single target, in this case Israel. Much of the BDS movement is pure and simple anti-Semitism and many of its supporters are willing to believe the evils claimed to be committed by Israel without doing any in-depth research to find the truth. But the sheepish followers have no reason to not believe the lies told as they are bombarded by multi-billion dollar propaganda financed with oil money from the Arab Middle East and regurgitated by their leftist professors who simply hate Israel. For some reason, perhaps a form of latent anti-Semitism which lies deep within the societal conscience after three millennia of persecuting the Jews, it becomes easy to believe that the State of the Jewish People is doing all those horrid things as, after all, our societal subconscious remembers the stories which were told throughout history in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and beyond of how the Jews poisoned the wells causing the plagues, Jews used the blood of innocent Christian (Muslim) children to bake Matzoh (Passover bread), sacrificing non-Jews on their secret religious ceremonies in their houses of worship, this was often used to explain the disappearance of individuals, specifically those who were killed by the rulers in secret and often left the body in the Jewish house of worship as proof; cannibalism, money theft often linked to usury, drinking blood of non-Jews as a medical remedy, casting evil spells, hexing, black magic, spying as enemy agents, disloyalty, stealing organs for transplant into Jews, stealing particularly children’s eyes preferably blue eyes, murders, arson and almost anything else one could try and blame the Jews and these falsehoods were readily believed and often led to pogroms or the sacking of the Jews ghetto forcing the Jews to flee often with most of their possessions destroyed or stolen. These were called blood libels simply because the earliest ones all revolved around the Jews using non-Jewish blood in rituals, holy observances, sacrifices or in the production of Jew food such as Matzoh. These are the historic demonization of the Jews, which were common throughout the Christian and Muslim worlds, though this was more prevalent in the Christian world; Islam was not innocent of such accusations against the Jews.


The modern blood libels are more subtle and devious centering on the Jews as being a group which stands separate from others and acting exclusively against any non-Jews, goyim. Just for clarification, in Hebrew, the word goy means nation or people and when used in the plural, goyim, it means non-Jew, as the Jews are a single nation thus the plural cannot be applied to the Jews. It has no connotation of good, bad or evil, it simply means people and slang it is used to denote other. But there have even been the rehashing if blood libels with Hamas recently invoking the tale that the Jews were killing Palestinian Arabs for their organs and even kidnapping Arab children for their beautiful eyes. The Arab world has oft repeated the Matzohs are made using Arab children’s blood which the Jews get by kidnapping an Arab youth, usually under the age of five or six, and placing them alive in a barrel with nails driven through it and rolling it to bleed the child. Hint, if you were at all familiar with Jewish Halachic Law, you would know that the Jews are forbidden from eating blood and that this is why they salt their meat so heavily, so as to remove every last drop of blood in a final rinsing. The canard that the IDF kills Arabs for their organs is so obviously false just on the face of it as organs must be matched to the recipient from the donor so closely that it would be impossible to use any randomly procured organs.


The blood libels today are also more inventive and varied in order to match the modern times. There is one that Israel does not allow the Arab Palestinians to vote. Well, the first question which need be asked would be, vote where and in what elections. The answer will usually be that Israel will not allow the Palestinians to hold elections. The truth is a bit different. First, it is true that the Palestinians are not permitted to vote in Israeli elections. Along that line, neither are Jordanians, Egyptians, Syrians or any other peoples outside of Israelis permitted to vote in Israeli elections. The Palestinians reside in two regions with each having their own governance. In Gaza, Hamas rules, chooses their leaders and it is your basic dictatorship and thus no elections. In the West Bank (for the remainder of this article we will use the name Shomron which is an area of Judea and Samaria which Jordan occupied illegally from 1948 through June 1967) are ruled by the Palestinian Authority. The President, Mahmoud Abbas, knows that should he permit elections he would not win and thus loose the protection of his Force 17 and very likely end up killed by those he has, we’ll just say upset. This has led to him now serving the twelfth year of his four or five year term which began in 2005. He cancelled the 2009 elections, failed to initiate the next attempt, cancelled a couple of others and lastly an agreement with Hamas to hold election in both Gaza and the Shomron ran into some difficulties, is how it was explained. So, Israel has nothing to do with whether or not the Arab Palestinians get to vote or hold elections, that is up to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, neither of which are all that fond of the people voting. On a different note, the nearly 20% of the Israeli population which are Arab get to vote along with Christians and numerous other groups including some you may never of heard of such as the Baha’I and they all get to vote along with the Jews in Israeli elections. The criteria are very simple, if you are an Israeli, then you vote in the Israeli elections and if you are not an Israeli, you don’t. Another complaint is that the Arab Palestinians must pass through checkpoints to go into Israel. So, Mexicans, Canadians (largely) and any foreigner entering the United States also get to go through a checkpoint to enter, it is called Customs. Further, Israelis get to go through checkpoints in order to go to the movies, shop in a mall, go to many restaurants, enter hotels, ride the trains and all sorts of things as part of preventing terrorism. You know, kind of like taking off your shoes, belt and all metal objects and possibly more, depending on the TSA Agent’s mood, all to prevent terrorism on aircraft. The main thing one need filter the claims against Israel through is that the Palestinian Arabs are not Israelis and are treated as the foreigners they are. Remember their claim that they want their country of Palestine established, not returned because there has never been a nation called Palestine, it was a reference to a region which included Jordan.


So, the claims against Israel are largely false or a very long stretching of half-truths. This makes the BDS movement something resting atop of a foundation of lies. Israel is far from an Apartheid state as Israelis come in ever hue and racial variety. Below we have four pictures of soldiers from the IDF which includes a cross-section of races, national origins, genders and all the variety one might not expect. Israel is amongst the least race-conscious places on the planet. But the BDS movement is counting on your having absolutely little and preferably no knowledge about Israel. Then there is the other means that they often convert music stars, actors and actresses, politicians and other famous people by bringing them on a guided tour of Israel and Palestinian areas. The principle word is guided. First, they will take the victims, and that is what the group is, on a tour of northern Tel Aviv and Netanya, best portrayed as the Israeli version of Biscayne Bay, Florida or similar very expensive and elite neighborhoods to show the way the average Israeli lives, trust us, it is anything but average; then they take them on a tour of a few, as many as five, “typical Palestinian villages, never Nablus or Gaza City, these are Potemkin Villages in reverse, screen sets showing poverty and desperation with a cast of actors who put on the act claiming all sorts of horrors and a story of how they were thrown from their grand home somewhere in Israel, often Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. These villages do not have an actual permanent population, they are sets which lie empty except when they need to put on a show. When people talk about the abject poverty in these villages, ask them if they got to visit places without a guide and simply roam around unchaperoned, something which would actually be hazardous to many people if they were to visit certain areas, just like any city, there are just areas which are not as safe as one would like when roaming around. We would not even suggest roaming around our town though the chances of walking into trouble is virtually nil.


Six Soldiers from India's 'Lost Tribe' and Some Women of the IDF Pvt. Jonathan left everything in China to enlist in the IDF and Sgt. Salah Halil with other Arab members of his unit

Six Soldiers from India’s ‘Lost Tribe’ and Some Women of the IDF
Pvt. Jonathan left everything in China to enlist in the IDF and Sgt. Salah Halil with other Arab members of his unit


The BDS stories are full of falsities and misleading statements which all rely on your believing that were the Jews to ever get their own nation, they would act with such animus as a reaction to the treatment they received at the hands of others. The reality is exactly the opposite if for no other reason than the Torah instructs us in Exodus, Chapter 23, Verse 9, to “And you shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the feelings of the stranger, since you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” Instructions do not come much clearer than this one. Jewish Oral Law tells this even further telling us to love the stranger amongst us. The Palestinian Arabs are not amongst us and where they do mix with us they are accepted and trusted which has led to tragedy on the rare occasion that one of the Arab Palestinians decides that shooting the people they work with might be a good way to win friends and influence people. This was exactly what happened in the Barkan Industrial Park shooting where Ashraf Walid Naalwa tied-up and shot to the head execution-style Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel age twenty-nine and Ziv Hajbi age thirty-five as well as injuring severely with shots to her torso a fifty-four-year-old woman employee who preferred to remain anonymous. We would like to note that the remaining Palestinian Arabs with passes allowing them to work in the Barkan Industrial Park remain employed and working in the park alongside the Israeli employees, many of whom are Jews. There were no retaliatory actions taken against the other Park employees including those in the specific manufacturing plant where this shooting occurred. The BDS people would probably only refer to the fact that in this case the IDF killed Naalwa when attempting to take him into custody leaving out the part that he had attempted to shoot his way out of being taken. Hopefully you are getting a sense of the extremes and lies which are behind and powering the BDS movement and their reliance on the proclivity for people to believe the worst in Jews and thus even more-so of Israel. Below are six pictures, before looking at the description, try and figure which are from Israel and which from Nablus ruled by the Palestinian Authority and which are from Gaza City under Hamas rule. The reality is that there are almost indistinguishable neighborhoods in each with greatly varying levels of wealth. There are extremely wealthy Palestinian Arabs and there are Israelis living with meager wealth. According to the story-line given by the BDS propagandists, there are only uber-wealthy Jews and impoverished Arabs. That is as large a lie as any of their other claims. Israel is a vibrant, democratic, equal, varied and diverse country with its share of problems just like any other nation. Is Israel perfect, absolutely not, but it is one of the most pleasant and accepting places and rates as the eleventh happiest nation which when one considers all the various challenges faced by Israel, that is a remarkable little fact. Does being the eleventh happiest country sound anything close to what the BDS propagandists paint as the picture of Israel, full of hate and almost a police state?


Top Nablus Palestinian Authority Middle Gaza City Hamas Bottom Tel Aviv Israel

Top Nablus Palestinian Authority
Middle Gaza City Hamas
Bottom Tel Aviv Israel


The Israel we see everyday and in our travels is a place where we are glad we moved here and made it our new home. We can compare it well against our life in America and as there are things which are better in the United States, there are things about Israel which puts it ahead of America. Israel is a wonderful, open and free society where people from numerous and varied nations and cultures live largely in harmony. Israel is one of two centers, the other is India, for the Baha’I people and has one of their two beautiful centers with its perfectly manicured gardens. Unfortunately, most of the news about Israel is about terrorism, the Palestinian Arab difficulties which are largely because the Arabs have refused every offer to provide them with a state. What the BDS people do not tell you is their efforts are a continuation of the Arab boycott of Israel and that the only state the Arabs are willing to accept is one where they replace Israel and the Jews are made to find another nation to accept them. Should no nation be willing to take the Jews in, the Arab solution to that is to finish what Hitler started, and they admit this in Arabic amongst themselves, never in English as that would reveal a truth they prefer not to advertise. Before reading our final paragraphs, please take a long look at the map below.


Israel and the Arab World

Israel and the Arab World


Are the Palestinians needful and suffering? That is a valid point. The question is where they should be settled. Should they replace Israel and leave the Jews to suffer whatever the world decides, which would likely be closed doors leading to very bad results. Where is there room for these refugees? Let us compare two people’s refugees. The Arab refugees from the formation of Israel were placed in refugee camps and locked there to be used as a weapon against Israel. Their original numbers were somewhere around seven to eight hundred thousand and over the decade after the formation of Israel the Arab world made over eight-hundred-thousand Jews, most of which came to Israel and were absorbed into the country and given full rights. Why cannot the Arabs take their own brothers while Israel absorbed an equal number of refugees. Because they have been ostracized by their own people, their numbers grew to where they are reputed to be more than five million which makes their return to Israel unthinkable. When many of them would have little other than killing the Jews should they be given the opportunity, this would make their inclusion in Israel difficult, but the Arabs want their nation to replace the Jews and take everything the Jews have from their wealth to their lives. There have been refugee swaps after most wars, there was the exchange between India and Pakistan and no one was placed in a camp, there was a refugee problem when Poland annexed lands previously belonging to Germany and there were no refugee camps, only the Arabs decided that their brothers were to be separate and never treated as equal. The Arabs who remained in Israel are treated as equals in Israel and have identical rights as every other Israeli citizen. How is it Israel could accept the Arabs, many homeless after the 1948 Arab war on Israel, but the Arab nations are unable to do similarly? The reason is that they are hypocritically using their brothers and sisters as a weapon to power the BDS movement which is designed to destroy Israel as the Jewish state and send almost seven million Jews out of their homes making them stateless. Lastly, how can there be a Palestinian Arab refugee camp in Gaza City or Nablus or the others within the Palestinian ruled lands under either the Palestinian Authority or Hamas? Here is a link to a one-hour informative examination of the Arab Palestinian Refugee problem.


What is needed is an anti-BDS movement to counter their poison and defamation of Israel. It should be a simple movement where people actually need only perform two small tasks. The first is to sign a petition supporting Israel and her right to exist as the Jewish State as long as she continues to recognize and respect the minorities living amongst her. The second is to make an effort to buy Israeli products when choosing products. Israel makes some of the worlds finest wines, grows and exports produce and manufactures an impressive array of products. Many of us already own some items which are very dependent on Israeli technology and developments. Even the BDS anti-Semites use such products and if they were to be honest, they would avoid all things Israel and not just what is easy. Such things include your cell phone which relies on Israel technology, all Intel microprocessors, instant messaging software and so much more. There need be an NGO to counter the BDS movement which respectfully informs people who decide to cancel appearances in Israel or otherwise fall victim to the harassment policies and practices of the BDS movement who bombard their web sites and e-mails with threats and demands that they treat Israel as the pariah amongst the nations and berate these people until they cave. The anti-BDS would simply bolster their decision not to fold to the threats and inform them that they are being victimized by people using multiple e-mail accounts and identities and they are only a minority. There would need to be a web site which included a list of people willing to support Israel and another of companies which support Israel including all those with research and development sites located in Israel or manufacturing in Israel. It would also provide a list of Israeli products which people could choose and prefer in support of Israel. And it should offer bumper stickers which state different pro-Israel statements such as, “I Buy Israeli,” “We love Israel,” “Israeli Products Inside” and other supportive slogans often including a Star of David replacing the letter “o” for added effect. The “Israeli Products Inside” could also come in a smaller size sticker which companies could place on their products which have Israeli made or designed products inside showing their support for Israel and all she has given the world. Such a movement would gain strength as more people displayed pro-Israel sentiments making it less stressful and threatening to support Israel because now you have support and are not alone, that is the secret. Perhaps the best sticker would simply state, “You are not alone” with all the o’s made out of Stars of David. If you love this idea, we would love to try to arrange for this to become a reality.


Beyond the Cusp



November 28, 2018

Methodology of Leftist NGO’s and Their Enablers


Some are amazed at the apparent support that exists for the farthest leftist causes and how they inundate companies resulting in sufficient influential force to have these companies alter their business practices. The greatest example of this has been the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction) efforts against Israel. Such charities as Oxfam have been pressured to forcing a choice upon their chosen international representative, Scarlett Johansson. The problem is that the well-known actress, Scarlett Johansson, was also in advertisements for the company SodaStream, which at the time had a factory in the Shomron which many claim is rightfully belonging to the Arab Palestinians. Scarlett Johansson chose to remain the representative for SodaStream and stepped down from Oxfam. There is a further development on this story. When SodaStream built a new factory, they also bent to the pressures and built the new factory within the Green Line. This resulted in hundreds of Arab Palestinians losing their jobs. That BDS pressure sure is helping these Arab workers, but they are just collateral damage in the war to destroy Israel. Destroying the Jewish State by claiming to assist Arab Palestinians more often than not harms these very same people causing them to become unemployed from Jobs which paid higher wages than any other including Palestinian Authority positions including their Security Forces. The only higher paying jobs for these people are to become terrorists and murder Israelis in order to gain an early retirement income from the Palestinian Authority. Perhaps this is the real reason for the BDS Movement; force Arab Palestinians into unemployment until they become so desperate they are willing to kill innocent Israelis in order to generate a permanent income for them and their families.


The latest target of the BDS Movement has been the real estate listing service, Airbnb. They have censored their listings removing those beyond the Green Line which belong to Jews as well as those in the Golan Heights. We would like to quote NGO Watch found in the article titled, “The New Israel Fund encouraged the Airbnb boycott of Israel.” NGO Watch noted:

“This change in policy was a clear result of a coordinated and well-financed campaign targeting the company by NGOs involved in BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) campaigns against Israel, led by Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), in concert with the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), at least three Israeli groups, and the Palestinian Authority. The funders responsible for this campaign include a number of European governments as well as the US-based Rockefeller Brothers Fund.”

The above-mentioned article contains other references for any interested in finding any additional information.


So, this is how these numerous groups on the far left can organize to apply so much pressure on companies, governments, charities and other organizations including international organizations. This amount of organization is impressive and gives the appearance that these groups have hundreds, thousands and far more in some instances. Their tactic is to inundate their target with e-mails, snail mail, phone calls directly to top officials’ numbers when they are able to procure them and press releases to every media source on the planet castigating their target for their obvious questionable actions, support, locations or political leanings. Their tactics actually use their most active and dedicated members to assume numerous identities in order to magnify their pressure. This can be accomplished through simple subterfuge. One easily adopted methodology is for members to apply for numerous e-mail accounts using different names from the many numerous free e-mail services. By attaining a second e-mail address, one can then apply to another service using both of these e-mails as identification. Then they can use three of these e-mails to gain three additional addresses from their first e-mail provider. Now they have seven with which to get additional addresses all under different names and one can see how with the numerous free e-mail providers, one can accumulate a great number of e-mails all under separate names identifying the sender. Then, when they need to pressure anything which has crossed the targeting of their NGO or organization, they send a single e-mail from each of the addresses amassed with a different message. These messages do not need to be elaborate, though a small number will be more fervent than the rest, and send these to the targeted entity which will soon get the feeling that they are facing a massive populist movement with potentially millions of supporters. These NGOs who master this ploy maximizing their effectiveness are rewarded with additional funding from government and the numerous arms of the United Nations and other supportive groups, as noted in the above NGO Watch quotation.


Do not even bother to ask whether this is proper or legal, as such is of little concern when there is a cause to support and force upon some unsuspecting victims. It is the cause and only the cause and whatever it takes is all fair in love of cause and the war to impose it upon the public. Unfortunately, the laws which might be applied would be a stretch as they would need to apply racketeering laws, fraudulent representation or some related or similar laws. The people would play the innocent victim of the state attempting to intimidate them in their efforts to make changes in the world and make it a far better place. Any such attempt would result in a media feeding frenzy which would only serve to further amplify the efforts by these dedicated leftists. Well, don’t rightist groups also use these tactics? Even if this was so, there is a huge difference between most right wing groups and the left wing groups, especially the ones on the far left, and that is a little thing called intersectionality. Intersectionality is a very interesting idea which further amplifies the voice of leftist groups because of the way it links them all into mutual support. Even finding a group of right wing people who share sufficient ideas to form a group is difficult, as we found when attempting to put together a campaign for office. The difference between right and left can be simply described. For two right wing groups to coordinate, they will be required to go through every last political position and should they not agree in total, then they will split and each go their separate way and not coordinate or only loosely coordinate. This does not lead to right wing groups working together and part of why there are so few right wing large demonstrations; you just cannot herd that many right wing groups together and have them play well together. Intersectionality is a weapon which works mostly on the left.


There are some exclusionary properties to intersectionality. It normally is used in order to enlarge demonstrations by bringing in supporters from varied groups to support one another and to make every demonstration appear to be more highly active and supported than it is in reality. This also works when supporting political candidates. Take the Women’s March as an example. They were also supported fully by BLM (Black Lives Matter), anti-fa, Amnesty International USA, an SEIU chapter, the Mothers of the Movement, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, the National Organization for Women (NOW), the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and the Muslim Women’s Alliance for starters. In the end it was reported that there were over four-hundred supporting groups filling the ranks of the march to highly impressive numbers. But there are some lines which must not be crossed, and anything outside of those lines is shunned and often banned from supporting these preferred movements and from receiving support from this core group included under intersectionality. The shining examples of such ostracized groups are any which support Israel. With groups such as the BDS Movement, BLM, Muslim Women’s Alliance and numerous other ardently pro-Palestinian Arab groups along with others which simply denigrate Israel as the greatest oppressor in all of history, eclipsing the empires of the past from the Babylonians to the British, there is no room for any Jewish group which has not sworn to the destruction of the Jewish State. This came to a head in the 2017 Chicago Dyke March where a group who displayed multi-colored flags with a Star of David was denied permission to participate in the parade. That was topped this year with numerous Palestinian Flags being displayed and, of course, the Jews denied again participation. Israel has received a permanent black spot as far as the inclusive intersectionality leftists are concerned.


Multi-Colored Flags with a Star of David

Multi-Colored Flags with a Star of David


This has become a major incident concerning the Women’s Movement as Teresa Shook, one of the original co-founders of the Women’s Movement, has declared her ire at the anti-Semitic leanings of the new leadership and demanded they step down as they have been completely ineffective in preventing hate from seeping into the movement. Teresa Shook took to Facebook and stated:

“As Founder of the Women’s March, my original vision and intent was to show the capacity of human beings to stand in solidarity and love against the hateful rhetoric that had become a part of the political landscape in the U.S. and around the world. I wanted us to prove that the majority of us are decent people who want a world that is fair, just and inclusive of Women and All people. We proved that on January 21, 2017 (and in the U.S. this past midterm with a diverse electorate).

Bob Bland, Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour and Carmen Perez of Women’s March, Inc. have steered the Movement away from its true course. I have waited, hoping they would right the ship. But they have not. In opposition to our Unity Principles, they have allowed anti-Semitism, anti- LBGTQIA sentiment and hateful, racist rhetoric to become a part of the platform by their refusal to separate themselves from groups that espouse these racist, hateful beliefs. I call for the current Co-Chairs to step down and to let others lead who can restore faith in the Movement and its original intent. I stand in Solidarity with all the Sister March Organizations, to bring the Movement back to its authentic purpose. As Women’s March founder, I am stepping up to bring focus back to the Unity Principles on which our movement began, and with the support of all of those who marched and have continued to march, I pledge to support grassroots, decentralized leadership promoting a safe, worldwide community devoid of hate speech, bigotry and racism.”

The results of this should be interesting but we hold out little hope for Teresa Shook to regain control over the movement she helped to birth as the new leftists represented by Women’s March organizers, from left to right, Bob Bland, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Tamika Mallory are going to simply push her aside as inconsequential and blame it on her support for Israel when their real reason is that she is a proud Jew.


Teresa Shook takes on the New Leftist Gang Bob Bland, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Tamika

Teresa Shook takes on the New Leftist Gang
Bob Bland, Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Tamika


Control of the future of the Women’s Movement and the face-off mentioned above will be a telling result which will indicate whether or not the Jews have any future on the left. There is far more at stake than demonstration rights and inclusion with the intersectionality group, also at stake is the future and control of the Democrat Party which is rapidly falling into the hands of others just the same as the new leadership in the Women’s Movement. This has been a long time building and was obvious to any observer whose eyes were open and they were not sleeping at the wheel. The left has become weaponized and their sites are currently merely on Israel, but from there it will be a short hop, without even requiring a skip or a jump, to anti-Semitism. The reality is their singular targeting of Israel and no other nation for harming the rights of supposed minorities, despite recognizing that Israel supports the LBGTQ rights, claiming this is merely to hide their sins against the Arab Palestinians which Israel does not rule or have any legal influence upon, is a form of anti-Semitism. They do not even require the hop; they just need be honest which is something we expect to surface in the very near future. The Jews living in the United States reside in a fool’s paradise and are blithely unaware of the target which is being place on their heads. We have seen this exact playbook almost to the letter in too many historical settings to miss seeing the future and the difficulty which will soon start to become even more evident as the Jews start to become confused because none of what will happen will make sense to them. They will claim that they mean those other Jews and will live on in denial until, once again, it is too late. There is another side to these coming realities, and that is that Israel has to wean herself from all United States aid and start producing all her weapons and munitions within her own borders and do so with some urgency. Dark clouds are on the horizon.


Beyond the Cusp


October 15, 2017

Israel Palestinian Conundrum Follow-up


For initial article, click here.


With so much confusion in the last few days, predicting what may result might be risky, but when has that stopped us. In all the action, the world will appear to latch on to what will be played as the only event that mattered, the reconciliation. The Arab League will quietly push once again the Saudi Initiative with a twist; the return of the Palestinian refugees will become something to be decided subsequently. This will remove the Israeli protestation that these five to eight million refugees, some will be Syria, Afghan, Sudanese and any other Arab refugee in the world, be returned into Israel thus erasing the Jewish State. Despite this being the desire all along, to sell the idea of Israel as the United States style multicultural nation in the Middle East, a leftist paradise, they will settle for a restart of the basic borders from before the Six Day War. The Arab League will have their European contacts all set buzzing about the opportunity here now that Gaza has been remarried to Judea and Samaria; they will use the terminology of “West Bank” which was started by Jordan to erase any Jewish connection from history. They are constantly trying to erase that embarrassing little fact, history. Now the Palestinian State has been reunited with the reconciliation of Fatah and Hamas, now is the time to force Israel to accept this fact. The Saudi Royal Family will contact their longtime friend and business partner, the former CEO of ExxonMobil and now Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and sell him this marvelous plan which he has to brief President Trump that this is that magic moment where he can press the big deal. Then it all pivots on whether President Trump can make the deal sound plausible to Prime Minister Netanyahu who also desires his Nobel Prize and the acclaim of making that big deal. What both men will also know is they are walking into another Oslo styled trap, but the question is can either of them resist when the temptation and potential rewards are so great?


The deal of a lifetime will end up that Israel will be permitted to retain selected cities and towns from Area C and the Palestinian Arabs will get their Capital located in East Jerusalem but only that small area will actually be theirs along with a corridor leading to their compound. There will be no checkpoints along the safe corridor, as it will be acting like a diplomatic corridor which must remain unhindered. Other than this, the Palestinians will turn over weapons and in return receive the pre-Six Day War borders with some minor alterations in the form of one-for-one land swaps. The main selling point will be that Saudi Arabia and Egypt will guarantee that the Palestinian entity will behave itself and they will provide the enforcement oversite which will prevent any terrorism. There will also be the recognition of Israel by the Saudis and their Gulf Cooperation Council members, the GCC Gulf States. This recognition will be granted over the next year as the plans are finalized. The catch is step one has to be initiated immediately before the moment is lost, and that is where the European Union and United Nations General Assembly come into the picture.


Both the European Union and the United Nations General Assembly will put forth their recognition of the new Arab State of Palestine accepting the new formula for its borders. The General Assembly recognition will be passed on to the Security Council where everybody will be buzzing with excitement about finally solving the unsolvable. This will add to the pressure on President Trump to simply agree and present this as an accomplished fact to Prime Minister Netanyahu requesting that he just give peace a chance. President Trump will tell Prime Minister Netanyahu how he realizes the risks and that the United States will stand by Israel and insist on placing peacekeeping troops along the border and inside the new state of Palestine to enforce the disarmament. Israel will refuse the peacekeepers along the border preferring to protect their own border but will be tempted to have the United States assisting the Saudis and Egyptians in the weapons collection and disarmament. Iran, meanwhile, will remain remarkably silent about the entire effort hoping not to spoil anything and if they do react, it will be to criticize the Saudis for overstepping their authority and working so closely with the Great Satan and giving the Little Satan too much. This rejecting of the deal will actually be intended to sell the deal, as the more it upsets Iran, the more it will appeal to President Trump. The American Jews will love the plan, at least J-Street, Jewish Voice for Peace, New Israel Fund and numerous other leftist Jewish NGO’s, many which receive funding from institutions funneling George Soros’s millions. The one big voice supporting the deal will be pretty much unexpected, the Center for Jewish History with their new CEO, David N. Myers.


The main reason that Mr. Meyers may have been placed in this position was this reconciliation and the ensuing peace initiative may have been in the works for a while now and the push required an unimpeachable backer which could not be said to be anti-Israel. Mr. Meyers has a history which can be traced and has been revealed by Ronn Torossian which he spelled out in three main articles from the recent past since he was appointed CEO of Center for Jewish History demanding his removal. These articles were titled, “Center For Jewish History new CEO holds radical left viewpoints,” “The Center for Jewish History CEO and Jewish Voices for Peace” and “Center for Jewish History Hosting Jewish Voices for Peace Events” with a follow-up article titled “The Center for Jewish History saga: Good, but not good enough.” These spell and repeat the implications that Mr. Meyers choice for the new CEO of Center for Jewish History was a political plant placed there to allow using the good and reputable name of the institution for reasons of undermining Israel. That it may have all been another piece to the reconciliation plot to force pre-Six Day War styled borders on Israel for some future replay of the Six Day War which the Arab forces still have not accepted their loss. Please allow us to once again post the basics of the odds of the Six Day War and why it was considered to be impossible for Israel to be the victor in the image below.


1967 Six Day War Initial Odds in Military Forces


The only reason Israel stood any hope was once the Straight of Tiran were closed off by Egypt, that was the casus belli placing Egypt in a declared state of war against Israel with Egypt as the aggressing nation. That allowed Israel to make the next move which they used to destroy the vast majority of the Egyptian Air Force on the ground in a sweeping initial strike. The Israelis had sufficiently good intelligence that they largely left the decoy aircraft on the tarmac unhindered and simple took aim at the actual aircraft. Israel soon removed the remainder of Egyptian airpower from the air allowing them to sweep across the Sinai Peninsula. The sweep across the Sinai Peninsula was the identical plan to the one used in the 1956 Suez Crisis War (Battle Plan Pictured Below) where Israel took the Sinai Peninsula but as soon as Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser relented before the French or British also moved on Egypt, the United Nations backed by strong arm tactics by both the Soviet Union and United States with assists from Israeli presumed allies of Britain and France, insisted Israel return the hard won lands. The reason that Israel was permitted her attack in 1956 was identical to 1967, the closure of the Straights of Tiran. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) struck to open the Straights of Tiran with a rather daring amphibious assault destroying the Egyptian emplacements and the artillery and small number of ships they were using to implement their blockade. The IDF also used simultaneous assaults crossing the border using four main routes and six main thrusts. One used the northern route which cut off Gaza which was easily picked up subsequently, one swept from the south and headed westward then north while four swept across the center branching to take the Egyptian fortified positions at crucial passes in the central mountainous regions. All the units met with the amphibious assault along the Suez Canal taking control of the eastern side of the canal. The IDF also encircled the entirety of the Egyptian groups with many forced to surrender. By the end of the thrusts to the Suez Canal, the Israelis found they had more prisoners than they had plans to accommodate so they retained the officers and ranking NCOs ordering the remainder to cross the Suez Canal back to the Egyptian side.


Six Day War Battle Assault Advances of Israelis in Sinai Peninsula

Six Day War Battle Assault Advances of Israelis in Sinai Peninsula


The border with Egypt was returned to before the Six Day War with Egypt except for the illegally occupied Gaza which Egypt surrendered to the Israelis along with any and all problems it would incur upon them. With huge pressures from United States President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon surrendered all of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in August of 2005. The PA subsequently lost Gaza to Hamas aided by Islamic Jihad in a June 2007 coup basically making Gaza a Hamas controlled terror enclave which also gave refuge to Islamic Jihad and numerous smaller groups some aligned with al-Qaeda and others with Islamic State as well as several criminal groups. This is the Gaza which has presumably reconciled with Fatah. This should be almost self-explanatory as to why this reconciliation should be raising doubts and suspicions but instead will be used to try and give the Arabs a reset virtually back to the pre-Six Day War borders, the 1949 Armistice Line, and what Abba Eban referred to as the “Auschwitz borders.” The one thing which President Trump will be permitted is a reprieve as the Arabs will do everything in their power to prevent as much violence as they are able while permitting sufficient terror attacks to keep Israel at a war standing, something Israel has lived with for the past hundred years going back to before there was a nation of Israel. One need only look up on the Internet about the 1929 Arab Pogrom, the 1933 and 1939 Arab Riots and other attacks all before there was even a state of Israel and long before there was any “occupied territories” so the occupation is not an honest cause of the violence, the refusal to accept the Jews presence is the underlying cause. But the Arabs will want to bring the Syria uprising to an end with Bashir al-Assad in power over a basic police state where much of the nation will be members of the Assad military. Assad will retain Russian military presence at the harbor towns where they berth the Russian Atlantic Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea.


Even once Syria has been reconquered, potentially without their Kurdish areas which may request to be included as part of Kurdistan should the world allow such a nation. Just for the record and one more time, we here at BTC totally support the Kurdish needs for their own independent nations with its borders to include the Kurdish areas of Syria and Iraq at a minimum and additionally the Kurdish People living in Turkey and Iran must be permitted to relocate to the Kurdish State if they so choose. We would favor the Kurdish area of Iran most definitely to be added to Kurdistan and some measure of Turkish Kurdish lands be remitted to Kurdistan. The Kurds had been promised by the British their own lands, but due to oil concerns and the promises to the Hashemites, the Kurds were cheated of their homelands and as a consequence, they were divided into minority communities in four nations, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. They deserve their own homeland and the Hashemites being granted the majority of their lands which made the remainder impossibly divided sounds so close to the deal that almost prevented Israel from becoming a nation as well.


With Syria back in the game, the Arabs still will not move on Israel until the United States has finally turned on Israel and is refusing to aid them in any meaningful way. We hear people screaming that this will never happen. We remember President Obama and know that a President Hillary Clinton would have signaled the end of the United States-Israeli alliance. We remember the vote taken at the Democrat National Convention in 2012 (video below) when they booed G0d and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Arab world will wait for the Democrats to be in control of the White House and at least one-half of the Congress is not the entirety of Congress. They may not appreciate the complete control President Obama had initially with sixty Senators preventing the Republicans from blocking anything in the Senate and a large enough majority in the House of Representatives to shove any legislation through. These were the majorities which gave the United States Obamacare without a single Republican voting for the measures as legislation thus making them a purely Democrat law. The Arabs will wait impatiently until the conditions are perfect which will come with a sign.



That sign will cone from Washington D.C. when the Congress approves their new Foreign Aid package and there are no military funding for Israel and no general supporting funds voted for Israel or a minimal amount which will prove inconsequential. The Arab League will get assurances through silent back channels that the United States will not support Israel at the United Nations, specifically in the Security Council. Then they will amass troops on the borders and close the Straights of Tiran. Some plans never change; after all, if it failed so well last time, why alter it in any way? There will be one large change; the Egyptian Air Force will have been restationed for war games in Libya or western Sudan placing them at a far longer distance for the Israeli Air Force to need to strike. The heart of the Egyptian Air Force, their most modern aircraft will be stowed away safe in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis will initially remain out of the fight though they will have provided much hardware such as planes and tanks for those nations involved, the Saudis would prefer not to lose troops and face anger at home. Syria will very probably request Russian air cover to protect their Air Force and troop positions along the Golan Heights, the first major target for the Syrian Army likely reinforced with IRGC and Hezballah, as Iran will most definitely desire to be a part of the end of the Zionist entity, the Little Satan. Turkey will also join this time around, as there is nothing which will prevent Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan from taking part in what the Arab world will honestly believe is their manifest destiny in defeating and destroying Israel.


We have painted a picture where Israel, it would appear, has absolutely no chance. These forces from Iraq, Iran and beyond will be assisting with war games in the Palestinian areas of the West Bank while Egypt and other North African nations will be entertained in Gaza thus expanding the front lines reinforcing every position as well as possible. The question is from where will Israeli survivability arrive? Well, we have already ruled out the United States and this time even the American Jews will mostly not invest their money in saving Israel. Many American Jews will sadly not even notice the war in Israel except should they have relatives living in Israel, and even then it is questionable. There will be little cash flowing from the United States to Israel and far less from Europe. There is a possibility that in Europe the Jews will be rounded up and given the choice of Israel or conversion. The United States will be worse as American Jews will have their wealth stripped and they will potentially be deported to Israel unless they renounce their religion. This will be how the conservative religious Orthodoxy will be treated with many opting to join the approved “Open Orthodoxy,” which is not actually all that completely Orthodox. The New Judaism in the United States will, over time, become more of an odd marriage of Protestantism and Reform-Conservative Judaism. Reform Judaism is all but in this sort of category already. Many Reform Jews and far too many Conservative and Open (Modern) Orthodox have intermarried with Christians and are raising their children in both religions forming a kind of dual existence for these children. They light Hanukah lights and place them on a table near the Christmas tree and both holidays resultantly have between eight and twelve days with the first eight including gift giving. It matters little if Hanukah and Christmas actually overlap on the calendar, as the entirety from Thanksgiving to New Years has become one long escape from reality anyways. Easter and Passover, which are inextricably linked even in story and especially history to a great extent, as the Last Supper was actually a Seder Service and meal. This will become the point where Judaism will be decidedly to have died in the United States and much of the remainder of the world. Any Jews who at all identified with Israel will have been forced to decide and make Aliyah.


So other than an increase in populations, Jewish population, there may also be another exodus by Arab Israelis fearing the worst. The question is where will Israel find the aid necessary to survive? Will they be able and be received well by China? Will they turn to India, which may be the world’s most populous nation by then. Perhaps South America or a combination which will include the many smaller nations which Israeli IDF specialist troops, medical, engineering, healthcare, search-rescue and other logistical support troops arrived and went to work assisting recovery efforts after an earthquake, hurricane, typhoon, volcano, tsunami or any other natural or man-made disaster. The nations Israel has assisted with medical aid or agricultural programs as well as fresh water electrical power, communications and a plethora of other specialties; could combine and make for an alliance unlike any preceding it in history. And then there is the final place Israel has always turned when her back was against the wall and things looked hopeless, Hashem, and then the miracles come. There was the Six Day War, Yom Kippur War and the 1948-9 War of Independence, which should have been named War for Survival, all of which resulted in some form of victory or, at the least, not total defeat. All the efforts and financial support for terrorism, propaganda, denunciations, BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions), acts in the United Nations, the Human Rights Council, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) attempts to write Israel out of existence refuting historical evidence over Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, the Tomb of the Patriarchs (Ma’arat HaMachpelah) in Hevron, and so many other organizations even to include too many Jewish organizations (listed above in this article) which have as their aim the destruction of Israel. Israel’s entire existence has been and remains a miracle from Hashem. The blessings of Heaven and from Hashem will give Israel and her people the necessary fortitude to survive. The result of the great wars to be brought against this final return of the Jewish People to their homelands was prophesized over a thousand years starting over three thousand years ago. Why the people of so many nations insist on testing the desires of Hashem will never cease to amaze the people who believe in the words of the Prophets and the will of their Divine Master, Hashem.


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