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October 3, 2018

Lebanon has Chosen Sides Opposing Israel with Hezballah


On September 27, 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations, or at least the few nations who care to hear the truth about the main threats to world peace, and Israel is not the cause but the antidote. Much of his speech was about the Iranian nuclear program and we will do you a favor and not bore you with what should already be old news to the wise. For those who desire to hear and see every last detail of the speech here is a link to the YouTube video and the full transcript. What we do wish to discuss was what came later in the speech which started with the map below the quote and informed the world with what as follows:

In Lebanon, Iran is directing Hezbollah to build secret sites to convert inaccurate projectiles into precision guided missiles, missiles that can target deep inside Israel within an accuracy of ten meters.
Hezbollah, listen to this, Hezbollah is deliberately using the innocent people of Beirut as human shields. They have placed three of these missile conversion sites alongside Beirut’s international airport.
Here’s a picture that’s worth a thousand missiles.
Here’s Beirut’s international airport.
Here’s the first missile site. It’s in the Ouzai neighborhood on the water’s edge, a few blocks away from the runway.
Here’s the second site. It’s underneath a soccer stadium, that’s the soccer stadium, two blocks away.
And here’s the third site. It’s adjacent to the airport itself, right next to it.
So I also have a message for Hezbollah today: Israel knows, Israel also knows what you’re doing. Israel knows where you’re doing it. And Israel will not let you get away with it.


Hezbollah’s Secret Sites for Conversion of Inaccurate Rockets into Precision Guided Missiles


Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil gathered seventy-three ambassadors today near Beirut International Airport to refute Prime Minister Netanyahu’s claims and addressed them stating, “Today Lebanon is raising its voice by addressing all countries of the world… to refute Israel’s allegations.” This farce continued with a walking tour of the sites presented by Prime Minister Netanyahu which are on the map above. We have a simple question about this touring of these sites. Why did they delay waiting three days before making the tour? Past experience has shown that, like Iran, Hezbollah always cleans these areas once these sites have been exposed and do so with great haste, care, and attention to detail. Still, Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil walked them through and took great care to point to exactly where these ‘witnesses’ were to observe and also did not permit any close inspection which might have revealed sites hidden underground. Had these ambassadors been permitted freedom to inspect more closely and walk just a little further afield than the prescribed tour, then the results might have been different, but even that is unlikely as much of the world could not care less about the threats Hezballah poses to Israel, it is only Israel.


Prime Minister Netanyahu had a little something to say about the three day late to mean much grand tour stating, “Hezbollah is brazenly lying to the international community by means of the fraudulent propaganda tour of the Lebanese Foreign Minister who took ambassadors to the soccer field but refrained from taking them to the nearby underground precision missile production facility. The ambassadors should ask themselves why they waited three days before making the tour. Hezbollah always takes care to clean the area at exposed sites.”

“It is unfortunate that the Lebanese government is sacrificing the peace of its citizens to cover for Hezbollah which has taken Lebanon hostage for its aggression against Israel.”


We can only echo the regret that Lebanon has surrendered their nation and any hope of peace to Hezballah and has permitted a terrorist organization to become its governing body. This can only lead to further suffering for the Lebanese people as when, not if, when Hezballah does decide that it is time for war, Israel will have little choice but to defend herself. Further, Hezballah utilizes the identical tactics as Hamas by using human shields and placing their launching sites within or adjacent to houses and apartment buildings hoping this will prevent any Israeli strikes. Hezballah has been proven to store their rockets and other equipment for war inside people’s homes, and these people have little if any choice as should they refuse they would be immediately executed as examples of what happens to the unfaithful. Lebanon has become simply a third Palestinian Arab terror stronghold and is the most well armed of the group with over one-hundred-fifty-thousand rockets and precision guided missiles with many capable of not only striking Israel but even Cairo and into Saudi Arabia. Hezballah has also insisted that should they require any equipment from the Lebanese Army, that as its commanders, they will utilize everything within Lebanon in order to destroy Israel. We posited exactly what having the entirety of the Lebanese military arsenal would provide Hezballah in our article Hezballah Threats Growing in Intensity where we listed these assets and the nations which provided them. We can since add that the fact that Hezballah has been fighting on the behalf of Iran in Syria and Yemen, and has had access to Russian equipment while in Syria plus anything which Iran may have decided to provide from their alliances with China and North Korea, amongst others, there is no telling on the weaponry they currently hold. It can be assumed their anti-armor capabilities have been overhauled and vastly improved. While this article also told that Israel has the Apache helicopter, what it did not cover was that Lebanon also has Apache helicopters as well as Russian fixed wing aircraft. It was noted at that time that Lebanon is now the 5th largest recipient in the world of U.S. military foreign assistance. Add to that the provisions provided by Russia, Iran and also China and you are speaking of a very well armed nation on the northern border of Israel whose military is available for the use by a well trained and combat tested terrorist army, and that is what Hezballah has become, an army in every sense of the word.


Was Prime Minister Netanyahu simply blowing things out of proportion? No, he was not even coming close to the threats which Hezballah poses to Israel and the threat Iran poses to Israel, the United States, Saudi Arabia and the world. Iran is a Shiite theocratic government which believes that they are chosen by Allah to complete the promises of world conquest and every knee bending before Allah and that governs their foreign policy. The world ignored a little book titled Mein Kampf which spelled out everything Hitler planned on committing, and the world paid a huge price with the Jews paying an even higher price when one includes the Holocaust and those who died fighting on the various fronts of that war. Now we are ignoring another nation based on their religious superiority and the central tenet that they are the chosen to conquer the world and suppress all other forms of faith and thought to match their own. This is something their leaders believe and many of the Iranian people do not desire and fear the consequences of their leadership’s chosen path. They are right to fear their leadership just as Israel is right in warning the world of the conflagration building to be unfurled upon the world. The Iranian leadership has already stated that they would sacrifice the people of Iran if by doing so they removed Israel from the world, what makes anyone believe they would stop after Israel. Remember that those who start with the Jews never end with the Jews; they always take their ideas of grand conquest further and further until stopped. We fear that Iran may not be prevented from destroying much of humankind before they are subdued and their harms brought to an end. We pray we are wrong.


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