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January 21, 2016

Stabbing the Heart of Israel


There are so many lies and falsehoods being sold as valid arguments, facts, realities and truths that it is difficult to choose just one or, once doing so, avoid straying to related lies and nearby fatal injurings of actualities that tempt and draw one to broaden the discussion. We will attempt to keep to the one horrific falsehood that has been sold as a valid reality and unarguable right for the Arabs that the vast majorities of people buy the deception as the foundation. The Arab claims to major or entire areas of Judea, Samaria and Benyamin, an area which includes not just Jerusalem but the burial places of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Jewish People, the city which housed the Arc of the Covenant and served as the Israelites’ capital city and the main place for the priests, Mount Ebal to Mount Gerizim: From Cursed to Blessed* and the sites of numerous critical battles and miracles which, no matter the empty guarantees which will prove unenforceable. There exist no United Nations peacekeepers who have ever remained, including those from the United States in the Sinai Peninsula right before the Six Day War who fled as demanded by the Egyptians, to protect fronts or historic holy sites once challenged. As such, there exist no guarantees enforcing Israeli rights of visits to the Tomb of Joseph, the Tomb of Rachael and soon the Cave of the Patriarchs as the Arabs are building illegal buildings to surround and close off these locations, amongst the highest of holy sites in all Judaism. Using encouragement from and financial assistance from European governments, NGOs, charities and even wealthy individuals assisting the cutting off of this holiest of holy sites from Jewish ability to visit and at which to pray, the Arabs are finishing another project to remove the Jews from all the lands and its holies places.


*Deuteronomy 11:29

“It shall come about, when the LORD your God brings you
into the land where you are entering to possess it, that you
shall place the blessing on Mount Gerizim
and the curse on Mount Ebal.”

The basic claim which is a complete falsehood from top to bottom, left to right, front to back is that all they want is the lands stolen from them, just 22% of the land, just our rightful 22% free of any Jewish pollution, contamination, infestation and just about every insult one might think up. There are numerous groups many of which support the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement which is attempting to impose financial destruction upon Israel just as the world had done to South Africa over Apartheid. Their claim is that Israel acts just like South Africa did because they are an Apartheid country in occupation of Arab lands which were taken by force in an offensive war by Israeli colonizers. They propose that the Jews have no connection to the lands and that the Arabs are the aboriginal peoples from whom the Jews forced them into secondary status citizens. They claim they were the Canaanites or the Philistines or that they came to these lands and settled them many thousands of years ago and were the very first inhabitants. Unfortunately for the Arabs none of these propositions holds even a single grain of truth.


The Arabs came to reside in the area soon after the first Zionists arrived and the land began to prosper and there was employment. In the area after World War II the British also began moving Arabs into the area in an effort to keep the Jewish population a minority such that the Jewish State could never meet the requirement for the Jews to have a majority in the lands and thus claim to be ready for statehood. The British plan would have continued to work just as it had since the establishment of the Mandate to create a Jewish State from the Mandate Lands. That was the original intent for the British Mandate. But by the time it came for fulfilling this obligation, the British proposed, and the powers drawing up the new maps after the end of the Ottoman empire and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and basically setting up the national states both in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, agreed to the British forming, and this part is crucial, an Arab State for the Arabs residing in the British Mandate Lands on the lands east of the Jordan River, on 78% of the area, leaving the 22% of the lands west of the Jordan River for the Jewish State once the Jews were a sufficient percentage of the population. The requirement was not for the Jews to be the majority but only capable of forming a state, the make-up of that state would develop over time. The British decided to define, being able to form a state, as the Jews being the majority population; something the British controlled as they were the officials granting Jews entrance to the lands which they always kept to a minimum or even closing the borders all but completely. During much of World War II the British limited Jewish emigration to the Mandate lands to 75,000 for the five years from 1939 through 1944. This was during the worst years of the extermination of the Jews in the concentration camps and the Jews were desperate for a place to run to and the only place which could have fulfilled an obligation for the formation of a Jewish State had such a restriction in place and even made the paperwork so onerous that not even the 75,000 were even granted passage. What makes this criminal, though not technically, but most certainly morally, was that the Nazis original plan was to send the Jews back to their ancient lands which were the British Mandate lands and the British blocked this as a favor to the Arabs who still desired to have themselves given another state west of the Jordan River which would have merged with Jordan as soon as the British left and more likely than not expelled the Jews from the lands west of the Jordan River just as had been done East of the Jordan River. So the Arabs desired to be granted their claims to the lands west of the Jordan River which made up 22% of the British Mandate as the lands east of the Jordan River, as noted previously, made up 78% of the Mandate lands.


This claim to demanding 22% of lands, meaning all of the lands west of the Jordan River, is exactly what Mahmoud is still demanding right now. When he claims to only want the rightful 22% of the lands, he means the rest of the British Mandate. When people claim he means only the areas that Jordan called the West Bank, Mahmoud Abbas nods his head much like a bobble head doll in the back window of a car on an Annapolis cobble stone street. When Abbas speaks to the Palestinians he lets his true intentions out and tells them they will not settle for anything less than their rightful 22%, the entirety of the remainder of the British Mandate. When he claims that Jerusalem will be the Capital City of the Palestinian State, he means all of Jerusalem and a state on all the lands west of the Jordan River. Palestinian leadership has twice been offered a State on over 95% of the West Bank with all of Gaza, providing Hamas allows such and does not claim their own little fiefdom, once to Arafat and the other to Abbas, with land swaps compensating for the remaining amount and with its capital city in East Jerusalem and has turned it down both times. The Palestinians could have had their state at almost any time if they would accept a deal which meant sharing the lands with a Jewish State living side-by-side in peace and security. When Abbas is allowed to state what he is willing to accept to end the terrorist violence, his answer is always the cryptic, “All of Palestine.” He means the lands west of the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Whenever he is forced to reply in an agreeable compromise which the Europeans claim is acceptable and will be a Peace agreement, Abbas claims that such is acceptable as long as the Arab Palestinians are permitted to protest their loss of any lands to the Jews by which he is saying that the Arab Palestinians are to continue their terror war against the accursed Jews until they surrender the entire land to the Arabs as all lands belong to the Arabs, to the Muslims.


Word of warning to those Muslims who believe they are safe from the Arab demand that the entire world be Muslim, they do not actually include non-Arab Muslims. Once the Muslims create their global caliphate and all the kafirs have converted or been executed by beheading or whatever is convenient, then they will begin to purify the Muslim world in order to perfect the Muslim faith and dealing with those Muslims which are not pure. Ever wonder what they mean by pure? They mean Arab Muslims and then they mean each tribe fighting until they have purified Islam to that one tribe and then the clans will clash and in the end there can be only one true Muslim, the last human being on Earth. The Palestinians see no end to the fight to make the world safe for Arab Islam, be that Shiite or Sunni, something being discussed in Syria at the moment. For those who doubt the validity of the purification plans of the Arab Muslims simply ask why there has been no allying with the Kurdish Muslims by their Arab brothers. Yes, that’s right; they are impure Muslims as they are Kurdish and are refusing to live under Arab oppressions. If they refuse to share a small amount of lands with their Kurdish brothers in arms, what makes one believe that they would be treated any different.


Another little item is the refusal of any pro-Palestinian, meaning pro-Arab Palestinian, groups in the Western World refuse to debate anyone and defend their argument? Don’t believe me, try to set one up with any of the plethora of pro-Arab Palestinians, they often call themselves simply pro-Palestinian but in their heads they are saying Arab Palestinian, to debate a proponent for Israel and the right of the Jews to their homelands. They will not debate, they might agree and then arrange a demonstration which will disrupt the debate and never allow the Zionist to speak. On all too many campuses throughout the Western World no pro-Israel or pro-Zionist speaker is permitted to speak unless he can calm and eject the overly abundant hecklers demanding they be given equal time to rant. No such demonstration interrupts George Galloway, who refuses to debate Israelis as they cheat and win unfairly and practice other black arts such as quoting international law and that is just no basis for an argument which allows the Jewish People to have an autonomous state in their ancient homelands because, well, they’re Jews, you know (see below for his explanation). The recipe for a fair and unbiased debate is the Muslims for Palestine debating the Jew for Palestine with the while anybody representing the Jews for Israel are laughed at as they are run from the area with threats of all sorts, some actually illegal as it is oddly against the law to threaten to murder somebody, yes, even if they are Jewish.





The pro-Palestinians insist that when it comes to the situation in Israel that only they are permitted to speak and inform the world of the rightfulness of the Arab argument and the wrongheadedness of the Jewish State idea. There will be a speaker or many speakers who will speak of ethnic cleansing as if Islam is an ethnicity like being a Jew or an Arab or French, English, Turkish or Egyptian. Then there will be the claim that the Jews have been steadily and consistently killing the Palestinian refugees by refusing to allow them to work, leave the refugee camps and simply killing them. This is why since the 1949 Armistice the numbers of Arab Palestinian Refugees had gone from the original approximately half to three quarters of a million to the current five to six million. The Jews must be doing one really lousy job of murdering them off and preventing their numbers from increasing. Of course the Arab Palestinian Refugees are the only refugees to have their own private and equally inefficient United Nations agency called UNWRA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) which maintains the rule that if either of your parents are an Arab Palestinian Refugee then you are an Arab Palestinian Refugee which is why the great grandchildren of an original Arab Palestinian Refugee are also counted as Arab Palestinian Refugees. Arab Palestinian Refugees are the only refugees whose only permissible place of resettlement is within Israel. This explains why there are Arab Palestinian Refugee Camps in places like Jordan, Syria (well, not since Bashir al-Assad leveled the camp with barrel bombs and artillery murdering thousands of Palestinian refugees but this was of minor concern to the media as this was Arab on Arab violence and did not include the Israelis in any manner so move along. There are more Arab Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon. Then there are Arab Palestinian Refugee Camps in, wait for it, Gaza outside Gaza City and throughout places under Arab Palestinian control parts of Judea and Samaria where they are not permitted many of the freedoms the Arab Palestinian enjoy living right outside the camp. Further, these refugee camps do not have rows of tents but instead they have apartment buildings often surrounded by high fences and barbed wire such that these Arab refugees are not permitted such freedoms. In some locations they are forbidden from attending college and are permitted only the most menial of jobs if they are permitted to work at all. They are denied citizenship and are left to be used as a political tool to overwhelm Israel with Arab refugees and thus subsume Israel making it the Arab Muslim State and as soon as they are empowered the Jews cannot be permitted to stay on the lands. Whether they leave or not is not the question because there will be an immediate reaction once the Palestinians are permitted to take control of Israel and then disband the Israeli defense forces and using the licensing information on firearms ownership take all the guns from all the Israeli Jews, then rename the nation Arab only Palestine and no longer allow the Jews to live above the ground but six feet under the ground in their own tiny residence would be acceptable.


Just to set the record straight, after Israel got her independence the Arab and Muslim world forced over three-quarters of a million Jews out of their homes, businesses and taken their wealth to assist the governments for some reason or purpose, it was never clear, and they mostly went to Israel as other nations were not so accepting. Were these Jews placed in refugee camps to languish and produce more Jewish refugees to also languish in the camps eventually to be resettled who know where? No, the Jewish refugees were incorporated into Jewish lives and as Israeli citizens. There are no Jewish refugees residing in camps, just happy and productive Israelis. Meanwhile the Arab Palestinian leadership with the blessings of the Arab nations continue to demand their 22% of the land, the rest of the land would be more accurate, and demanding that the Jews return to the nations from which they came, except for the ones who used to reside in their Arab lands as they will need to go elsewhere. Odds are that many of the lands from whence the Jews came would also not welcome them back as they have Syrian refugees to start to integrate into their already unassimilated Muslim communities. The strangest of all maladies is the, “What do we do with those Jews,” malady. When they are in the midst of the rest of the world they are demanded to go to Israel, also known as where you people belong and not amongst us grander people and when they are residing in Israel they are told that they do not have any right to that land or any homeland. Add that Germany resumed printing Mein Kampf, but with notes about how wrongheaded it was and how the author was not exactly sane. I am sure these added commentaries will prevent anybody from taking the wrong message from reading the howling cries of a madman. Did we mention that Mein Kampf also became an instant best seller? Who’d have thunk that? We mean it is not like Europe was once again turning to flaming anti-Semitism, oh, wait, yes they are. The Foreign Minister of Sweden Margot Wallstrom has no idea how she got preferential treatment for housing in the capital getting a luxurious apartment but she is certain that the Jews are mucking it up wherever they happen to be. She has nothing against Jews as long as they are far, far away and that does not include allowing them to reside and have their own nation. Foreign Minister of Sweden Margot Wallstrom would not be so odious except that even if she was forced from office there are still so many who have minded their words who are still in positions where they likely are causing Israel more harm than Margot Wallstrom ever could. One example from the past has the conversation between Sarkozy when he was President of France and President of the United States Barack Obama spoofed in the image below, but it really was no laughing matter. Then French President Nicolas Sarkozy told President Obama, “I can’t look at him [Netanyahu] anymore, he’s a liar.” In response to this Obama retorted to Sarkozy, “You’ve had enough of him, but I have to deal with him every day.”



Sarkozy and Obama discussing Netanyahu and by so all of Israel



There is no lack of politicians, NGOs and governments who work to destroy the Jewish State of Israel simply because it is Jewish and at the same time complain to the Jews that they cannot protect them from the many haters who in Europe have begun to attack synagogues and Yeshivas (Jewish schools). In Malmo the situation has gotten so dangerous that the 4,000 souls which made up the Jewish community just five years ago now numbers under 500 souls. Malmo will soon be devoid of Jews as will an increasing number of cities which used to support rather large Jewish communities. The Jews in Europe have been seeing the signs in ever increasing numbers with many of the Jews fleeing to Israel and for those Jews we would love to welcome them home. If this were the end of the story, that would be a happy note with a happily ever after tinge. But it is not the end.


There is still a large Jewish community spread throughout the United States though it is concentrated in the larger cities, especially in the northeast of the nation. These Jews are currently not feeling the heat. This does not mean there is no heat, it just means they are happy in their ignorance and it has yet to reach proportions where it becomes undeniable except Jews are very good at willful blindness and deafness. Many American Jews even when confronted with undeniable anti-Semitism will discount it so they can continue believing as the Germans Jews of the Weimer Republic had before them constantly believing despite the signs, “It can’t happen here.” The problem with that attitude is that it stands contradicted by reality and the rise of anti-Semitism in the United States. Is it at levels anywhere near as bad as in Europe, not yet, but it will get there within the next decade. Will the American Jews realize the danger they will be facing as it continues to mount and the attacks on Synagogues, Yeshivas and increasing attacks on Jewish businesses, homes and individuals. No, not even if they themselves are the victim of such a crime, it will be sloughed off as a rare and unlikely scenario and never the true sign of an increasing problem. The majority of the generation who could have sounded the alarms when they saw such signs have almost all passes and the rest of the Jews pretty much avoid history all together, let alone learning from it. No, seventy, eighty, possibly ninety percent will wait until it is too late to get out safely. When we returned to home and Israel has proven to be just that, a homeland where we feel at home, only a few people understood, a very few, but one was Rabbi who showed honest glee at our decision and joined those welcoming our choice. We kidded about how Rabbi was actually happy to be rid of his gadfly but we both know he had grown to really like us though our initial melding to the community took time and Rabbi was somewhat distressed with our overly conservative views. What warmed him was a confusion he felt when he and I saw eye to eye on issues though for somewhat different reasons. We suspect Rabbi knew we would be more comfortable in Israel and he was right. The American Jews will continue to tell themselves that those people doing these things are not the majority nor will they ever represent the majority forgetting that the Nazis were a minority and we now know that a dedicated minority can hijack an entire nation and half the continent will go with you even if you don’t believe you can just as long as you claim to have a plan. The time is approaching and this is all part of Hashem’s plans to bring his children home to Eretz Yisroel and the current violence and political oppressions are His challenge for us to overcome and the answer is simple and can be expressed in a single world, Torah.


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July 30, 2015

Beit El a Case of Promises Against Facts

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What Bibi promises the Supreme Court will demolish. The cycle is so consistent that it should have become ingrained on every religious and secular Zionists’ minds. They demolish two buildings here and the government promises to address building anew. Then when they demolish another set of homes in another location the Prime Minister feels compelled to bring a vote to build those homes he already had once promised. A while down the road the tenders have yet to be issued but the vote was close with some from the coalition opposing but finally permitted the vote and we are supposed to be thankful and kiss the rings of the demolishers. The delay comes to an end but not until the morning of yet another demolition. We wait and the tenders are opened and the Supreme Court nullifies the action claiming the homes are on contested ground because some anti-Zionist “Israeli” (financed exclusively by European funds funneled through other NGOs as well as directly in the more blatant cases) NGO in the name of a Palestinian who cannot appear before the Supreme Court as he is in a refugee camp but his family had walked their two goats there once on their way to get them water, and there is no need as the claims are all that matters. The justices feel the pain and cancel the tender and reprimand the Prime Minister for not making sure the land was not contested so the Prime Minister in reaction freezes all building. The fact is there has been a stealth construction freeze since United States President Obama took office and first demanded that no house ever be built for a Jew in the lands of Israel, especially in the most historically Jewish lands on the face of the Earth.


Original article on Arutz Sheva with more pictures and full article titled Demolition at Beit El after High Court Ruling.



Israel Supreme Court ordered Beit El destruction and refused to allow petition from the residents of Beit El wishing to present full paperwork and licensing making building perfectly and completely legal as once the Supreme Court gets a decree for the demolition of Jewish homes beyond the Green Line only interdiction of Hashem to soften their hearts can change the otherwise inevitable.

Israel Supreme Court ordered Beit El destruction and refused to allow petition from the residents of Beit El wishing to present full paperwork and licensing making building perfectly and completely legal as once the Supreme Court gets a decree for the demolition of Jewish homes beyond the Green Line only interdiction of Hashem to soften their hearts can change the otherwise inevitable.



How in anybody’s imagination can the reality be so warped that Judea is not Jewish land? Judea, we Jews are called Jews because we came from and lived on the land of Judea, it is that simple. Sure Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian television, radio, other media, school lessons, textbooks, poetry, and flowing prose given awards all across Europe all signifies that the Arabs who invented the name Palestinians after a Roman mispronunciation of Philistines claim they have lived in this area for nine-thousand years and were almost ready to take the land back from those thieving Canaanites when the Jews showed up and stole the land from those thieving land pilferers and ruined their plans and now they will not allow another theft of their lands. Never mind that their forefathers were still bowing before their stone idol deities when the Jews were writing the codes under which much of the Western World based their legal systems and social institutions. The one consistency is that one of those great stone deities they worshiped, their Moon god, was named Allah, strange but true and very telling. They had yet to get much past Mecca and had not yet heard of Jerusalem and the great Temple built by King Solomon much less inhabit the lands here thousands of years ago as Mahmoud Abbas often claims. All that aside, after the enthusiasm in Europe to send the Jews packing back to their ancient and historic homelands after World War I and begrudgingly after World War II with final recognition in 1948 after the Arab League refused the Partition offer from the United Nations General Assembly, a non-binding resolution made mute as soon as one side refused to claim it valid thus the Jews accepting it does not mean it applies but only to the redrawing the lands west of the Jordan River now that agreeing presumably retroactively after failing to destroy Israel in their three attempts, 1948-9, 1967 and 1973, the original deal may sound delicious but that is water under the bridge and over the dam lost out somewhere at sea never to be retrieved.



Young man looks on at horrific scene where the Israeli Supreme Court has ordered the demolition of apartments under construction in Beit El, a Jewish city of six-thousand people, founded in 1977 which also employs numerous Arabs from neighboring villages thus benefitting both Jews and Arabs alike.

Young man looks on at horrific scene where the Israeli Supreme Court has ordered the demolition of apartments under construction in Beit El, a Jewish city of six-thousand people, founded in 1977 which also employs numerous Arabs from neighboring villages thus benefitting both Jews and Arabs alike.



Still, there is an illness inflicting Israeli society and its name is post-Zionism which holds that for Israel to be a modern, sophisticated and presumably accepted nation to the Europeans then Israel has to drop this whole Jewish State thing, after all that is so tenth century BCE and here we are in the twenty-first century CE, a whole thirty centuries later. Well, then I guess that the Japanese need to alter their constitution and immigration laws and drop that Japanese thing and the Chinese need to drop that Chinese thing and let us not talk about the British who might need to drop that Celtic, Norman, Austrian and Monarchy thing and the Swiss that Swiss thing and the French and the Germans and the, well, you get the idea. The real problem is the Supreme Court, the only court in the world which had a near monopoly on choosing the new justices to sit on the bench when one retires which is why there is no correlation to the Israeli Supreme Court and the will of the people of Israel. Additionally, there is absolutely no possibility of changing this situation short of a coup as the Supreme Court has assumed the title of monarchial adjudicating ruler over all of Israel.



Border Police secure the site barring their fellow Jews from potentially actively interfering with the demolition in Beit El and in some twisted manner it is a reminder of anti-Semitism experienced throughout Europe and under Islam over the past eighteen centuries in the Diaspora where many a Jew lived with one suitcase packed and ready to bring the essentials to start anew.

Border Police secure the site barring their fellow Jews from potentially actively interfering with the demolition in Beit El and in some twisted manner it is a reminder of anti-Semitism experienced throughout Europe and under Islam over the past eighteen centuries in the Diaspora where many a Jew lived with one suitcase packed and ready to bring the essentials to start anew.



As near as can be determined the Supreme Court could, if it so deigned, take upon itself setting the speed limits on the roads and highways because, as President of the Supreme Court (other nations settle for chief justice but the Israeli Supreme Court has a President which is all too fitting all things considered) Aharon Barak ruled during his term as President of the Supreme Court that all things are subject to judicial review by the Supreme Court. This simply meant that the Supreme Court may review any legislation passed by the Knesset and signed by the Prime Minister and nullify the law even before the ink had dried putting on the books. For this reason I would advise that all laws initially be entered onto the books with disappearing ink and only later done with an indelible marker once the Supreme Court had adjudicated and affirmed the law. This will save time and money erasing the record and allow for the Supreme Court to either nullify, rewrite or nullify and write anew the law as it should have been legislated if only the Knesset elected by the people actually had any idea what was best for the people. This is the reason though that Prime Minister Netanyahu can promise all the building he desires or even that he would rather not allow because the Supreme Court will have every building that goes halfway up to be torn asunder as soon as any contest is filed by any party whether they are personally making the claim or making the claim in the place of a third party who always may as well remain nameless as they never need appear and no paperwork, deed or other proof ever need be entered, there just needs be a challenge in the name of any Palestinian and the buildings in question will need to be demolished.


Now this demolition may take place within hours or it may take place months down the road or even a year later after families have taken up residence. No matter, we can promise to simply move the buildings to a less contested area, oops; they fell apart before being transferred, so sorry. The cycle never seems to end and the Zionists appear to have been dizzied under the constant spinning between extending new tenders and injunction against building to a ruling for demolitions and another tender later that day followed by another annulment then a victory and the building begins, hope, refreshing new hopes. No sooner than hope and an NGO has filed a protest and counterclaim in the name of some presumed downtrodden and dejected Palestinian whose life has been filled with misery and now, on top of all that, the Jews are building on his families vegetable garden from the middle of the nineteenth century when they were driven off by a camel merchant with connections, the tales of woe. Who is this unfortunate Palestinian, the name matters not, it could be Mohammad or Abdul or even Achmed the dead Terrorist, the Supreme Court will order the demolition and refuse to give ear to the facts and the completed paperwork and licensing as once the wheels (tracks) of the wrecker have been put in motion, nothing short of an injunction from Heaven can interfere as no Earthly entity dare stand before the Supreme Court and their gavel of Aharon Barak’s universal adjudications over all things Israel.



Palestinian rally cheering the agony and misfortune Jews are inflicting on their fellow Jews as many within the halls of power and the institutions have made particular quasi-legal machinations by which they inflict severe heartache and some celebrate the misfortune of others who have never harmed them and even may employ members of these celebratory Arab Palestinians families which will also be harmed by these actions in Beit El.

Palestinian rally cheering the agony and misfortune Jews are inflicting on their fellow Jews as many within the halls of power and the institutions have made particular quasi-legal machinations by which they inflict severe heartache and some celebrate the misfortune of others who have never harmed them and even may employ members of these celebratory Arab Palestinians families which will also be harmed by these actions in Beit El.



This unholy and dizzying dance has turned into a tornado of terror for those Jews residing beyond the Green Line, even those who have resided on their validated and proven family lands be they in Hevron, East Jerusalem or even a small farm next to Beit El as everything falls before the domain of the Supreme Court. Unlike Supreme Courts the world wide, the Israel Supreme Court can be petitioned directly and take whatever case they deem deserving, and once deemed deserving the decision is all but finalized. There need not be proof of ownership, no deeds or other documentations are required and the plaintiff need not appear before the court or even actually have proof of their existence, just a signature on a piece of paper empowering any NGO who had hunted them down and perhaps cajoled them into signing the claims just to be left alone as being seen regularly talking with Israelis can prove very unhealthy. One would be easily pressed to ask, how can this be avoided or at least mediated in order to provide some feelings of permanence for the Jews residing past the Green Line. One would likely be more promising in asking how long before these actions by the Supreme Court removing Jewish residences start moving to the extremities of Israel such as the northern Galilee or the Negev in the south as that is more likely to occur before they finish with the Jews living and benefitting the lands of Judea and Samaria, as, with the Jews come opportunities for Palestinians, such as higher paying jobs than they would ever get from amongst other Arabs. One might be prone to suggest that the Supreme Court rulings and stealth building freeze seemingly supported by Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon which appears will last until United States President Obama leaves office and then it will depend on who is elected to the office and their desire to permit or prevent Jews living beyond the Green Line and supporting the letter of intents given Israeli Prime Minister Sharon by President George W. Bush which President Obama insisted was not binding on him and was placed in the waste bin with the Defense of Marriage Act and a slew of other bothersome items, both laws and regulations.



Some of the crowd of residents and concerned Jews gather to witness Beit El demolition and stand in support for those directly harmed by these acts at Beit El and those figuratively harmed simply through empathy and understanding of the pain of having your dreams of a new life in your own apartment rather than the continued condition of multi-generational homes where privacy is all but gone and many who had hopes as these apartments brought needed residential space but such hopes are now dashed and broken concrete.

Some of the crowd of residents and concerned Jews gather to witness Beit El demolition and stand in support for those directly harmed by these acts at Beit El and those figuratively harmed simply through empathy and understanding of the pain of having your dreams of a new life in your own apartment rather than the continued condition of multi-generational homes where privacy is all but gone and many who had hopes as these apartments brought needed residential space but such hopes are now dashed and broken concrete.



This reign of horror will end when the Israeli public give their support to a party whose head on the ticket has set themselves apart by actively desiring to have the necessary confrontation with the Israeli Supreme Court and bring the Supreme Court under the domain of the Knesset and thus answerable to the people of Israel. This will most likely demand that Israel finally establish a Constitution which will make a change in the entirety of the Israeli government potentially restructuring every office from Prime Minister, President, even the Knesset and the methods in which all these positions are chosen. This solution to numerous problems which have begun to be discussed by the public including not solely the dictatorial usurious power grab by the Supreme Court to making the politicians directly responsible and answerable to the people and not only their party elites which has frozen Israeli politics for the past two decades while the population had changed drastically. My personal preferred idea would to make the Knesset the upper house in a bicameral legislature where the Knesset would be made up of seventy-five members chosen by the parties as is currently the manner to choose them and another forty-five chosen by nine areas divided by a set of equations which take into consideration population densities and purely geographic land area by a complex computerized algorithm formulated by a committee meeting every decade and formulating a new variant or keeping with what worked well last time and then crunched and drawn by a computer thus making the formulation of the algorithm still leaving some doubts how the equation will be interpreted by the computer as anybody who has done programs will tell you the machines can be difficult partners often not doing what one expected or even required. The other house would be directly elected by districts made through districts defined by population size with each of forty-five districts receiving two delegates and ten chosen by popular election of the whole of Israel. These districts will be drawn by computers under a program which demands that the total circumference length for all districts when totaled be the smallest total possible combined with each district being made as small as possible nearest the largest population centers. This may sound impossibly complicated but in this age of computers why not utilize them to our best advantage and allow them to make decisions which will affect the makeup of the governance while keeping it removed from manipulations which might favor one political view over others. As to how to choose the Prime Minister, that might be a problem but perhaps the Knesset chooses a candidate and the other house need approve it with a super-majority of around sixty-percent of the representatives. By the way, yes, I have been told I have an affinity for complexities. This is why I will not be amongst those deciding such things if for no other reason than my proclivities as that I have no political standing within Israeli politics beyond that of my wife voting in a similar manner as I have and when debate over differences charge forth I usually retreat and pray I take minimal damage to my ego and other parts.





Where Israel will find the person willing to withstand the firestorm which is all but guaranteed to follow the placing of such a person in as Prime Minister will likely be asking for the impossible, it may just require a person declaring their desire to retool the entire political make-up of the State of Israel and bring it out of the middle Twentieth Century and into the dawn of a new era which will include sufficient diversity, agility, imagination, use of technology and inspirational innovations such that it will have the potential of lasting well into the Twenty-Second Century, and I do mean the Twenty-Second Century. Where Israel might seek to find somebody capable and willing to suffer the Shakespearean sling and arrows of unfriendly and outrageous misfortune (lots of literary and potentially unfortunate license) is a question beyond this editorialist ability to know or even approaching a guess. The one thing I can feel assured about is whoever might be such a person, they will never have claimed while leading their party into the elections that they are not yet ready to assume the position of Prime Minister.


In closing, the recent destruction of the buildings in the midst of their construction under order by the Supreme Court and the refusal to entertain evidence of completed licensing and other required paperwork having been completed as the Supreme Court must never be second guessed and their decisions must never be challenged successfully no matter who gets harmed; especially if it is the Israelis living beyond the Green Line. And I cannot help but ask if this is actually a preplanned series of decisions being pursued in order to remove every last Israeli from beyond the Green Line in order to give everything to the Arab Palestinians thinking this would end the terrorism and other difficulties and satisfy the Europeans detractors while ignoring the reality that the only settlement the Arab Palestinians will accept has to be far beyond the minimalist Europeans as their statement from their charter in 1964 when the PLO was formed. There were no occupied or contested lands at that time and the only target was Israel, all of Israel, and Israel itself which remains the only acceptable point the Arab Palestinians will continue to accept. That is why the chant that is heard on colleges and universities campuses throughout the western world at anti-Israel, often claiming to be pro-Palestinian, demonstrations goes, “From the (Jordan) River to the (Mediterranean) Sea; Palestine must be free.” Any more questions?


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