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February 3, 2019

Time to Shutter the BDS Movement


The Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel needs to be countered and soon. Yes, there are some states in America and even thoughts of a Federal Law against the BDS type of brandishing, specifically when it chooses only a single target, in this case Israel. Much of the BDS movement is pure and simple anti-Semitism and many of its supporters are willing to believe the evils claimed to be committed by Israel without doing any in-depth research to find the truth. But the sheepish followers have no reason to not believe the lies told as they are bombarded by multi-billion dollar propaganda financed with oil money from the Arab Middle East and regurgitated by their leftist professors who simply hate Israel. For some reason, perhaps a form of latent anti-Semitism which lies deep within the societal conscience after three millennia of persecuting the Jews, it becomes easy to believe that the State of the Jewish People is doing all those horrid things as, after all, our societal subconscious remembers the stories which were told throughout history in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and beyond of how the Jews poisoned the wells causing the plagues, Jews used the blood of innocent Christian (Muslim) children to bake Matzoh (Passover bread), sacrificing non-Jews on their secret religious ceremonies in their houses of worship, this was often used to explain the disappearance of individuals, specifically those who were killed by the rulers in secret and often left the body in the Jewish house of worship as proof; cannibalism, money theft often linked to usury, drinking blood of non-Jews as a medical remedy, casting evil spells, hexing, black magic, spying as enemy agents, disloyalty, stealing organs for transplant into Jews, stealing particularly children’s eyes preferably blue eyes, murders, arson and almost anything else one could try and blame the Jews and these falsehoods were readily believed and often led to pogroms or the sacking of the Jews ghetto forcing the Jews to flee often with most of their possessions destroyed or stolen. These were called blood libels simply because the earliest ones all revolved around the Jews using non-Jewish blood in rituals, holy observances, sacrifices or in the production of Jew food such as Matzoh. These are the historic demonization of the Jews, which were common throughout the Christian and Muslim worlds, though this was more prevalent in the Christian world; Islam was not innocent of such accusations against the Jews.


The modern blood libels are more subtle and devious centering on the Jews as being a group which stands separate from others and acting exclusively against any non-Jews, goyim. Just for clarification, in Hebrew, the word goy means nation or people and when used in the plural, goyim, it means non-Jew, as the Jews are a single nation thus the plural cannot be applied to the Jews. It has no connotation of good, bad or evil, it simply means people and slang it is used to denote other. But there have even been the rehashing if blood libels with Hamas recently invoking the tale that the Jews were killing Palestinian Arabs for their organs and even kidnapping Arab children for their beautiful eyes. The Arab world has oft repeated the Matzohs are made using Arab children’s blood which the Jews get by kidnapping an Arab youth, usually under the age of five or six, and placing them alive in a barrel with nails driven through it and rolling it to bleed the child. Hint, if you were at all familiar with Jewish Halachic Law, you would know that the Jews are forbidden from eating blood and that this is why they salt their meat so heavily, so as to remove every last drop of blood in a final rinsing. The canard that the IDF kills Arabs for their organs is so obviously false just on the face of it as organs must be matched to the recipient from the donor so closely that it would be impossible to use any randomly procured organs.


The blood libels today are also more inventive and varied in order to match the modern times. There is one that Israel does not allow the Arab Palestinians to vote. Well, the first question which need be asked would be, vote where and in what elections. The answer will usually be that Israel will not allow the Palestinians to hold elections. The truth is a bit different. First, it is true that the Palestinians are not permitted to vote in Israeli elections. Along that line, neither are Jordanians, Egyptians, Syrians or any other peoples outside of Israelis permitted to vote in Israeli elections. The Palestinians reside in two regions with each having their own governance. In Gaza, Hamas rules, chooses their leaders and it is your basic dictatorship and thus no elections. In the West Bank (for the remainder of this article we will use the name Shomron which is an area of Judea and Samaria which Jordan occupied illegally from 1948 through June 1967) are ruled by the Palestinian Authority. The President, Mahmoud Abbas, knows that should he permit elections he would not win and thus loose the protection of his Force 17 and very likely end up killed by those he has, we’ll just say upset. This has led to him now serving the twelfth year of his four or five year term which began in 2005. He cancelled the 2009 elections, failed to initiate the next attempt, cancelled a couple of others and lastly an agreement with Hamas to hold election in both Gaza and the Shomron ran into some difficulties, is how it was explained. So, Israel has nothing to do with whether or not the Arab Palestinians get to vote or hold elections, that is up to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, neither of which are all that fond of the people voting. On a different note, the nearly 20% of the Israeli population which are Arab get to vote along with Christians and numerous other groups including some you may never of heard of such as the Baha’I and they all get to vote along with the Jews in Israeli elections. The criteria are very simple, if you are an Israeli, then you vote in the Israeli elections and if you are not an Israeli, you don’t. Another complaint is that the Arab Palestinians must pass through checkpoints to go into Israel. So, Mexicans, Canadians (largely) and any foreigner entering the United States also get to go through a checkpoint to enter, it is called Customs. Further, Israelis get to go through checkpoints in order to go to the movies, shop in a mall, go to many restaurants, enter hotels, ride the trains and all sorts of things as part of preventing terrorism. You know, kind of like taking off your shoes, belt and all metal objects and possibly more, depending on the TSA Agent’s mood, all to prevent terrorism on aircraft. The main thing one need filter the claims against Israel through is that the Palestinian Arabs are not Israelis and are treated as the foreigners they are. Remember their claim that they want their country of Palestine established, not returned because there has never been a nation called Palestine, it was a reference to a region which included Jordan.


So, the claims against Israel are largely false or a very long stretching of half-truths. This makes the BDS movement something resting atop of a foundation of lies. Israel is far from an Apartheid state as Israelis come in ever hue and racial variety. Below we have four pictures of soldiers from the IDF which includes a cross-section of races, national origins, genders and all the variety one might not expect. Israel is amongst the least race-conscious places on the planet. But the BDS movement is counting on your having absolutely little and preferably no knowledge about Israel. Then there is the other means that they often convert music stars, actors and actresses, politicians and other famous people by bringing them on a guided tour of Israel and Palestinian areas. The principle word is guided. First, they will take the victims, and that is what the group is, on a tour of northern Tel Aviv and Netanya, best portrayed as the Israeli version of Biscayne Bay, Florida or similar very expensive and elite neighborhoods to show the way the average Israeli lives, trust us, it is anything but average; then they take them on a tour of a few, as many as five, “typical Palestinian villages, never Nablus or Gaza City, these are Potemkin Villages in reverse, screen sets showing poverty and desperation with a cast of actors who put on the act claiming all sorts of horrors and a story of how they were thrown from their grand home somewhere in Israel, often Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. These villages do not have an actual permanent population, they are sets which lie empty except when they need to put on a show. When people talk about the abject poverty in these villages, ask them if they got to visit places without a guide and simply roam around unchaperoned, something which would actually be hazardous to many people if they were to visit certain areas, just like any city, there are just areas which are not as safe as one would like when roaming around. We would not even suggest roaming around our town though the chances of walking into trouble is virtually nil.


Six Soldiers from India's 'Lost Tribe' and Some Women of the IDF Pvt. Jonathan left everything in China to enlist in the IDF and Sgt. Salah Halil with other Arab members of his unit

Six Soldiers from India’s ‘Lost Tribe’ and Some Women of the IDF
Pvt. Jonathan left everything in China to enlist in the IDF and Sgt. Salah Halil with other Arab members of his unit


The BDS stories are full of falsities and misleading statements which all rely on your believing that were the Jews to ever get their own nation, they would act with such animus as a reaction to the treatment they received at the hands of others. The reality is exactly the opposite if for no other reason than the Torah instructs us in Exodus, Chapter 23, Verse 9, to “And you shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the feelings of the stranger, since you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” Instructions do not come much clearer than this one. Jewish Oral Law tells this even further telling us to love the stranger amongst us. The Palestinian Arabs are not amongst us and where they do mix with us they are accepted and trusted which has led to tragedy on the rare occasion that one of the Arab Palestinians decides that shooting the people they work with might be a good way to win friends and influence people. This was exactly what happened in the Barkan Industrial Park shooting where Ashraf Walid Naalwa tied-up and shot to the head execution-style Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel age twenty-nine and Ziv Hajbi age thirty-five as well as injuring severely with shots to her torso a fifty-four-year-old woman employee who preferred to remain anonymous. We would like to note that the remaining Palestinian Arabs with passes allowing them to work in the Barkan Industrial Park remain employed and working in the park alongside the Israeli employees, many of whom are Jews. There were no retaliatory actions taken against the other Park employees including those in the specific manufacturing plant where this shooting occurred. The BDS people would probably only refer to the fact that in this case the IDF killed Naalwa when attempting to take him into custody leaving out the part that he had attempted to shoot his way out of being taken. Hopefully you are getting a sense of the extremes and lies which are behind and powering the BDS movement and their reliance on the proclivity for people to believe the worst in Jews and thus even more-so of Israel. Below are six pictures, before looking at the description, try and figure which are from Israel and which from Nablus ruled by the Palestinian Authority and which are from Gaza City under Hamas rule. The reality is that there are almost indistinguishable neighborhoods in each with greatly varying levels of wealth. There are extremely wealthy Palestinian Arabs and there are Israelis living with meager wealth. According to the story-line given by the BDS propagandists, there are only uber-wealthy Jews and impoverished Arabs. That is as large a lie as any of their other claims. Israel is a vibrant, democratic, equal, varied and diverse country with its share of problems just like any other nation. Is Israel perfect, absolutely not, but it is one of the most pleasant and accepting places and rates as the eleventh happiest nation which when one considers all the various challenges faced by Israel, that is a remarkable little fact. Does being the eleventh happiest country sound anything close to what the BDS propagandists paint as the picture of Israel, full of hate and almost a police state?


Top Nablus Palestinian Authority Middle Gaza City Hamas Bottom Tel Aviv Israel

Top Nablus Palestinian Authority
Middle Gaza City Hamas
Bottom Tel Aviv Israel


The Israel we see everyday and in our travels is a place where we are glad we moved here and made it our new home. We can compare it well against our life in America and as there are things which are better in the United States, there are things about Israel which puts it ahead of America. Israel is a wonderful, open and free society where people from numerous and varied nations and cultures live largely in harmony. Israel is one of two centers, the other is India, for the Baha’I people and has one of their two beautiful centers with its perfectly manicured gardens. Unfortunately, most of the news about Israel is about terrorism, the Palestinian Arab difficulties which are largely because the Arabs have refused every offer to provide them with a state. What the BDS people do not tell you is their efforts are a continuation of the Arab boycott of Israel and that the only state the Arabs are willing to accept is one where they replace Israel and the Jews are made to find another nation to accept them. Should no nation be willing to take the Jews in, the Arab solution to that is to finish what Hitler started, and they admit this in Arabic amongst themselves, never in English as that would reveal a truth they prefer not to advertise. Before reading our final paragraphs, please take a long look at the map below.


Israel and the Arab World

Israel and the Arab World


Are the Palestinians needful and suffering? That is a valid point. The question is where they should be settled. Should they replace Israel and leave the Jews to suffer whatever the world decides, which would likely be closed doors leading to very bad results. Where is there room for these refugees? Let us compare two people’s refugees. The Arab refugees from the formation of Israel were placed in refugee camps and locked there to be used as a weapon against Israel. Their original numbers were somewhere around seven to eight hundred thousand and over the decade after the formation of Israel the Arab world made over eight-hundred-thousand Jews, most of which came to Israel and were absorbed into the country and given full rights. Why cannot the Arabs take their own brothers while Israel absorbed an equal number of refugees. Because they have been ostracized by their own people, their numbers grew to where they are reputed to be more than five million which makes their return to Israel unthinkable. When many of them would have little other than killing the Jews should they be given the opportunity, this would make their inclusion in Israel difficult, but the Arabs want their nation to replace the Jews and take everything the Jews have from their wealth to their lives. There have been refugee swaps after most wars, there was the exchange between India and Pakistan and no one was placed in a camp, there was a refugee problem when Poland annexed lands previously belonging to Germany and there were no refugee camps, only the Arabs decided that their brothers were to be separate and never treated as equal. The Arabs who remained in Israel are treated as equals in Israel and have identical rights as every other Israeli citizen. How is it Israel could accept the Arabs, many homeless after the 1948 Arab war on Israel, but the Arab nations are unable to do similarly? The reason is that they are hypocritically using their brothers and sisters as a weapon to power the BDS movement which is designed to destroy Israel as the Jewish state and send almost seven million Jews out of their homes making them stateless. Lastly, how can there be a Palestinian Arab refugee camp in Gaza City or Nablus or the others within the Palestinian ruled lands under either the Palestinian Authority or Hamas? Here is a link to a one-hour informative examination of the Arab Palestinian Refugee problem.


What is needed is an anti-BDS movement to counter their poison and defamation of Israel. It should be a simple movement where people actually need only perform two small tasks. The first is to sign a petition supporting Israel and her right to exist as the Jewish State as long as she continues to recognize and respect the minorities living amongst her. The second is to make an effort to buy Israeli products when choosing products. Israel makes some of the worlds finest wines, grows and exports produce and manufactures an impressive array of products. Many of us already own some items which are very dependent on Israeli technology and developments. Even the BDS anti-Semites use such products and if they were to be honest, they would avoid all things Israel and not just what is easy. Such things include your cell phone which relies on Israel technology, all Intel microprocessors, instant messaging software and so much more. There need be an NGO to counter the BDS movement which respectfully informs people who decide to cancel appearances in Israel or otherwise fall victim to the harassment policies and practices of the BDS movement who bombard their web sites and e-mails with threats and demands that they treat Israel as the pariah amongst the nations and berate these people until they cave. The anti-BDS would simply bolster their decision not to fold to the threats and inform them that they are being victimized by people using multiple e-mail accounts and identities and they are only a minority. There would need to be a web site which included a list of people willing to support Israel and another of companies which support Israel including all those with research and development sites located in Israel or manufacturing in Israel. It would also provide a list of Israeli products which people could choose and prefer in support of Israel. And it should offer bumper stickers which state different pro-Israel statements such as, “I Buy Israeli,” “We love Israel,” “Israeli Products Inside” and other supportive slogans often including a Star of David replacing the letter “o” for added effect. The “Israeli Products Inside” could also come in a smaller size sticker which companies could place on their products which have Israeli made or designed products inside showing their support for Israel and all she has given the world. Such a movement would gain strength as more people displayed pro-Israel sentiments making it less stressful and threatening to support Israel because now you have support and are not alone, that is the secret. Perhaps the best sticker would simply state, “You are not alone” with all the o’s made out of Stars of David. If you love this idea, we would love to try to arrange for this to become a reality.


Beyond the Cusp


December 2, 2016

Lamenting the Palestinian Lack of Statehood


Two world leaders have come out recently lamenting their failure to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their words, or the way my ears heard and eyes read their statements made me feel they were more lamenting the lack of a Palestinian State and the fact they were unable to diminish Israel greatly, if not completely, in the making of such a state. Of course the two were President Obama and Secretary General Ban ki-Moon. As we have beaten President Obama’s anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic feelings to such an extent as to make a bronze statue to the man, let us instead play with the soon to be ex-Secretary General’s statements and the lack of validity or value in them. Actually one almost has to feel for the man, who had ruled through a decade of opening auditory lamentations against Israel at opening ceremonies for the General Assembly, ten years of “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People” and the complete series of Durban World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance which could also have been called the let’s pretend that Israel is the cause of all the world’s problems from hunger to lack of water to the endlessly revolving around the sun going nowhere conferences. Still, the poor man from South Korea is listing the inability to form a Palestinian state as the main failure of his time at the United Nations and not the complete meltdown of the Middle East, the loss of two nations, Syria and Libya, into roiling cauldrons of suffering and death, and the rise of anti-Semitism worldwide to epidemic levels and the beginning stages of destabilization of near the entirety of Europe all accomplished with the inept leadership, or lack thereof, of the United States and most of Europe where liberal progressivism has run unchecked all but succeeding in their aim to end borders and encourage loss of definition of the word nation. Actually, the decline of Europe may be seen as credit to his ability to actually accomplish some great achievement during his decade as Secretary General. Well, we all should vie to feel good about ourselves and see something as an accomplishment even if it may mean the end of civilization as we know and define it.


Secretary General Ban ki-Moon stated, “It has strengthened radicals and weakened moderates on both sides. Making matters worse is a dangerous vacuum within the international community as crises elsewhere claim the attention of world leaders.” Imagine the chutzpah of the man stating the obvious that there exist “crises elsewhere claim the attention of world leaders” and finding that a deficiency as it will establish “a dangerous vacuum within the international community” in which Israel skates free from the constant pounding he must feel they deserve for not committing suicide at his behest. Ban ki-Moon’s self-flagellation came on cue at the United Nation’s annual “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People,” held every November 29th which just happens to actually be the day when the partition for the formation of Israel was decided, the even division of the lands between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea granting the Arabs the choice lands and giving Israel lands consisting of over two-thirds being Negev Desert yet still the Arab League refused the settlement and instead made plans to invade Israel on the very morning of her independence. That day, Israeli Independence Day and the first day of the initial war to annihilate the Jewish State which took two years to fail, though it did manage to wrest the lands of Gaza, Judea and Samaria (Gaza and West Bank by Jordanian naming), was also renamed by the Arabs as Naqba Day, the day they failed to murder the Jewish homelands. The Arabs should thank Israel and the Jews as we have given them two of the Palestinian Arabs biggest holidays, Naqba Day and United Nation’s annual “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.” But let us get into the minutia of these supposed failures.


Ban Ki-moon pictured at his New York, Turtle Bay, United Nations high podium which must make him feel almost omnipotent instead of as the inept stooge of Mahmoud Abbas Hamas Iran and other terrorists

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
Probably Denouncing Israel Once Again as
His Mouth is Moving and He is Behind the
Sign of the Bane of All that is Holy
the United Nations Emblem of Shame


Ban ki-Moon and all the Palestinian Arabs and their multitudes of supporters from around the world and loudest on Europe, well, next to the flame fanning by the Palestinian Arabs themselves (especially recently but it finally rained) all could have at any point followed through on their desires to force the issue and bring everything before the World Court for final arbitration and let the best side win. Of course they would never think of holding a factual and legal hearing for reaching a decision knowing that their lies play so much better in the world media and across the many platforms where the world stage is carried out. Demanding the destruction of the Jews is the longest running show on the world’s stage and yet such has never succeeded, but not for lack of trying. The world need understand that Israel is going nowhere as we are here to stay, period, end of discussion. But if you insist, please do take your show before the World Court and plead your case. You can invite Mahmoud Abbas and his cohort of criminals who have made a business of robbing their subjects blind squirrelling away billions of dollars and Euros, the Arab League, leaders from Europe and around the world and give each their hour on the stage to conduct their version of events, promises and that which must be because they wish it and then Israel will simple, silently present her case using actual documents. The first document will be the San Remo Resolution followed by the Treaty of Sèvres and the Treaty of Lausanne all topped off by Article 80 of the United Nations Charter which states that the Mandate System set up by these previous treaties will be enforced and recognized by the United Nations as will all treaties made under the authority of the League of Nations. But we understand that it is far more satisfying deriding the Jewish State day in and day out than it is actually living up to promises and solving the problem that just keeps on giving. How else would the world bodies and leaders dump on Israel if there were no evil designs to accuse the Jews of having committed?


The favorite statements are the ones where the claim is that the Palestinians only desire the lands gained by Israel resulting from their defending themselves from Jordanian invasion where Israel liberated the lands occupied by Jordan for the nineteen years since the 1948 War to exterminate the Jewish State which should have been the end of any discussion. This is the lie and every last political charlatan tells ad-nauseum to the point that this particular Big Goebbelsian Lie has become accepted fact, but it will never stand up to close scrutiny which is why the plight of the Arab Palestinians will never be taken before an actual tribunal. Mahmoud Abbas has stated repeatedly, as had Yasser Arafat before him, that the Arabs will never recognize Israel as the State for the Jewish People. This is simply his repeating the findings of the Khartoum Resolution which included the “Three No’s”: “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.” The truth of the intentions of the Palestinian Arab leadership now, past and future can be interpreted from the textbooks with which they train their children for total war against Israel and the Jews and steep them in a continual immersion of hatreds and fill them with lies. But please do not take our word for this and instead take some time at your leisure and read a concise report which includes actual copies of lessons and other important inclusions in these texts named A 25 Page Exec Summary: Jews and the Jewish State in Schoolbooks Used by UNRWA: De-legitimization, Demonization and Indoctrination to War.


There is one final set of refutations which need be presented. The first is the numbers of refugees. From 1948 through 1967 the total number of Arabs who became refugees, many simply leaving on their own volition and at the behest of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Amin al-Husseini (Arabic: محمد أمين الحسيني‎‎) who promised them that Israel would be destroyed by the invading armies from at least a half dozen Arab nations within a few days of their 1948 invasion intended as a genocide of the Jews and they would gain a share of all the Jew’s treasures, came out slightly under one-million and the number of Jews becoming refugees thrown from their homelands in Arab and Muslim lands where many of their families had resided for hundreds if not over a thousand years (not including those from Europe after World War II who are a different almost one-million) also totaled just under one-million thus nearly equal (there were approximately seventy-five-thousand to as much as two-hundred-thousand more Jews but about the same numbers resettled in Israel as there were Arabs losing their lands for numerous reasons). The difference is Israel welcomed their brothers and sisters to Israel and settled them and they and their families live productive lives as full citizens of Israel as do the Arabs who either remained or managed after the 1948-9 war returned to their lands within Israel escaping attempts to lock them away as political weapons in refugee camps by their Arab brothers and sisters. Then the Arab League demanded a separate entity to care for the Arab refugees and their own rules which allowed for the refugee status to become a caste label passing from parent to child on from generation to generation forever. Had the Arabs cared as much for their fellow Arabs as much as the Jews did for their fellow Jews there would have been no refugee situation. On the other hand, had the Israelis done as the Arabs had with their fellow Arabs there would likely be just as many Jews as refugees today as there are Palestinian Arab refugees.


There are other lies told and accepted around the world. The next biggest is that Israel is carrying out a war of extermination, a genocide against the Palestinian Arabs. How the numbers of Palestinian Arabs went from under one million to approximately five to as high as seven and a half million while being exterminated by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) begs the question of how such could happen. Is the IDF really that incompetent that there are five to ten times as many Palestinian Arabs today as their were in 1948 despite the supposed attempts by Israel to wipe them out. Trust there is absolutely no plan to murder Palestinian Arabs as a whole except to defend Israel and Israelis from assaults by terrorists. There is also the claim that the Arabs have not been permitted to vote in Israeli elections. This is both a falsehood and misdirection. The Arabs who reside in Israel are Israeli citizens and are permitted full rights including the vote and there are Arab Israelis elected to the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. The Palestinian Arabs have not had an election since 2005 as in Gaza Hamas rules in a dictatorial manner and will not permit elections for fear of losing their hold to Islamic Jihad, Fatah or other forces and in Judea and Samaria Fatah has refused under Mahmoud Abbas to hold elections as they also fear losing power. One has to remember that Mahmoud Abbas is President of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Chairman of the Fatah Party and also the Chairman of the PLO and only permits election in the Fatah Party by the Executives who are all Abbas appointees thus guaranteeing his being renamed as Chairman and refuses to risk his other positions. So, one might ask why the Palestinian Arabs are not voting in Israeli elections. The answer is simply, they are not Israeli citizens but PA citizens residing in a semiautonomous area within Israel having their own form of self-government. Allowing them to vote in Israeli elections would be the same as permitting Canadians vote in the United States elections because they reside in North America too. Further, has the PA desired to actually have a state they were offered 94% of the West Bank, half of Jerusalem and all of Gaza by Ehud Barak in 2001 at the Taba Summit which were the culmination of almost three years of negotiations which finally failed and then a similar offer was proffered by Ehud Olmert in 2007 which was also rebuffed by Abbas et al and thus could have had their state simply by agreeing with these which have been the most generous offers to date. The main reasons that Abbas has refused these offers for a Palestinian Arab state is simply, he also demands that between five and eight million Arab refugees be permitted to take up residence not in their Palestinian state but in Israel with full citizenship and financial assistance in order to make reparations for their refugee status and suffering at the hands of their fellow Arabs. What many people are unaware of is that there is a large Palestinian refugee camp outside Gaza City and another outside Nablus, the PA operational capital city. Both of these camps like the others separate Arabs from Arabs with those outside the barbed wire free citizens while those inside the barbed wire are refugees. In all too many cases there are members of the same family residing on opposite sides of the barbed wire with one part free and the other heavily guarded as they are held by fellow Arabs as a weapon with which to destroy Israel, the real target of every Palestinian Arab policy. Their desire for a state is for the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel and once they have destroyed Israel and genocidally murdered every Jew, then the land will likely be turned back to wildlands such as those visited by Sam Clemens in 1887 before the British began importing Arabs in numbers to prevent a Jewish majority population coming into fruition allowing for the formation of Israel.


Division of lands between Israel and Semiautonomous Arab Zone

Division of lands between Israel
and Semiautonomous Arab Zone


The final item is how best to solve this situation with the least amount of upheaval and ending the continued and ever more dangerous violence due to terrorism and rockets raining down on Israeli towns, cities, kibbutzim and other civilian areas. The fastest and likely most likely to succeed would be for Israel to annex all of Judea and Samaria setting up a semi-autonomous area where the Arabs who desire independence from Israeli rule would elect their own governance but without an actual state. Those wishing not to live within Israel should be free to find some place they would feel more comfortable and Israel provide for a period fiscal assistance which could be utilized to resettle with an understanding that acceptance of the financial assistance would preclude their ever returning to reside in Israel. Those Arabs residing within the autonomous zone but preferring to become Israeli full citizens would be required to go through a set of courses and prove proficiency with those teachings and need sign a loyalty oath. They should have been known to them that should any member of their family ever aid terrorism in any form they would lose their citizenship permanently and potentially face deportation. Anyone committing or aiding the commission of a terrorist act would subject their family to a hearing where it would be determined how many would face deportation for knowing of the attack and not preventing said attack. Israel would review all materials used in classrooms and schooling and curriculum would be required to have the same standards for subjects as are demanded of all Israeli schools. Israeli history with its Zionist roots and the British manipulations of the situation would be taught as is in other Israeli schools. The same matriculation exams would be given with the same expectations for student accomplishment would be used for graduation and all other uses as in Israeli schools. Those Arabs preferring to reside as a citizen in the semiautonomous zone would vote in Arab elections and forgo voting rights in Israeli elections. All would be granted voting rights for the city within which they reside as well as any community governance. Only Israeli citizens would be permitted the vote in national Israeli elections just as only citizens of the semiautonomous zone would be permitted the vote in their general elections. All residents within the Israeli lands would be held to comply with Israeli laws and would be tried in Israeli courts for any breach of Israeli law. The semiautonomous zone could also set up their own courts for only those citizens of their semiautonomous region. Any legal difference between a citizen of Israel and citizen of the semiautonomous zone will be heard in an Israeli court of law and by the law. Finally, Areas A and B could come under the control of the semiautonomous zone while the bulk of Area C will remain an integral part of Israel (see map above).


Beyond the Cusp 


August 19, 2016

The Unforgivable Sin of Israel


If one were to ask the average college student from any of the west’s liberal bastions of tolerance through indoctrination where political correctness trumps truth and social justice is an empty phrase which can be filled with whatever definitions fit the blowing winds of that political correctness which censors everything to name the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the name Israel the answers you would get would have little or no relevance to Israeli reality. You would hear hateful yet there is no kinder or more generous and giving place in the world. You would hear racist yet Israel took in the Jews of Ethiopia when they faced a threat of genocide, took in Vietnamese boat people when much of the world was prepared to let them drown or starve. Israel flies half way around the world to set up fully functioning field hospitals at the location of disasters before other nations can even get a clinic working. Israel augments these field hospitals with a series of clinics and often sends teams out often to places which have never seen aid or government assistance in memory in places such as Haiti and the Philippines or Japan and often leave these clinics and the equipment placed for their operation in nations in need of such facilities again in Haiti and in Japan close to the damaged nuclear plants after the earthquake and tsunami. Israel sponsors one of the most altruistic and wonderful organizations the world possesses called Save A Child’s Heart (SACH) organization which in and of itself would qualify tiny little Israel as one of the most giving and great nations of the world (after the article visit the site of this organization if you are unaware of their works and prepare to be amazed as they go even further than their site can explain). You would hear Apartheid in a nation where every ethnicity, religion, race and nation of origin are treated with complete equality with the one condition, that they came to Israel legally as no nation can be required to accept as citizens people who crossed their border illegally and under false pretenses; though many have attempted to make Israel the first nation required to do so under threat of worldwide sanctions. You might hear warlike as it is true that Israel has had violence thrust upon her requiring violent response but Israel is also a nation, though threatened from all sides, willing to surrender land many times her size for peace as she did with Egypt and offered to do with Jordan yet Israel is now being demanded to surrender her historic heartlands of Judea and Samaria to a terror organization turned international darlings, the PLO which took on a name change while leaving the heart of the PLO terrorist group fully intact and doubling as the governance of their whitewashed Palestinian Authority which is about to once again postpone, which means cancel, elections which were scheduled originally for 2009 but the political winds do not favor the ruling elite and not winning is not an option as in the wonderful and world darlings area under the Palestinian Authority, losing the election will more than likely mean losing your life to the new rulers, Hamas, a rival terror group with one major difference, the PLO, or Palestinian Authority, claims to be secular though its people are Islamist and Hamas is Islamist and thus already holds the hearts and minds of the people.


We could continue listing likely responses but the reality is that the image being sold by left leaning to left toppling over to the extreme end of the political spectrum will all find the worst and nastiest of lies and accusations to throw at Israel and then use their echo chamber to make them stick. What, you might ask, has Israel ever done to deserve such hatreds and lies to be spread about her. Well, it is simple really. Israel is the only Western, democratic and developed nation where her Judeo-Christian (truthfully it is Judeo mainly) core population is reproducing at well above replacement numbers and not shrinking as it is noticeable in Europe and soon to be evident in the United States and likely Canada and Australia as well. Israel holds to her Jewish faith as the jewel it is and takes it guidance and truths seriously and to heart despite those leftists and extreme secular socialists who desire to make Israel just like Europe, Russia or the city or suburb of the dying civilization they left behind. The religious community in Israel is gaining in its percentage of the population and is winning over numerous of the children from these other sectors of the society which is having their shortcomings exposed. Israel is the realization of the Hebrew’s dream to reestablish home and forever remain and enjoy this blessed land that Hashem gave unto us. This is made obvious simply by reviewing the past three and a half millennia of these lands. When the Hebrews, what you would today call Jews though there is a difference, settled here after conquering the lands from the tribes of hedonistic, child sacrificing idolaters whom Hashem commanded we expunge from His lands so we could tend this land as Hashem’s gift to us for as long as we kept the law, Torah, and did not stray from the true path with either mind or heart; we failed and were conquered by the Babylonians where the Song of Babylon was written (Psalms 137) speaking of the heart of the Children of Israel, Yerushalayim, and the soul of the Children of Israel, their Heaven ordained lands between the River and the Sea.





There is a reason the phrase, “From the River to the Sea,” has been adopted by those supporting the Palestinian Arabs replacement of the nation of Israel. This is because they have studied the history of the Jewish people and have crafted a false narrative where they claim every point from the history from the Hebrews entry into the land they claim they were the original Canaanites which would make them extinct, and they claim every point in Jewish history since including their claims that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the Temple Mount and every structure in the lands are historically theirs and the Jews never existed in the lands. These claims are as valid as their claim to have invented language. The truth is the Arabs were residing in the Arabian Peninsula when the Hebrews, the ancient Jews, resided in Eretz Yisroel, the lands of Israel, and they were worshiping to the Moon god, Allah surprisingly enough, and bowing at the site built around their precious meteor, the same one placed so craftily in that huge black box in the central plaza in Mecca, the Ka’ba (see below).


Ka'aba in Mecca is holiest Islamic site in the world definitively holier than Jerusalem and the Temple Mount which is the holiest place for Jews alone.

Ka’aba in Mecca is holiest Islamic site in the world definitively holier than Jerusalem and the Temple Mount which is the holiest place for Jews alone.


Returning to the history and what truth it realizes about the lands of Israel. Throughout history these lands have been ruled over but never ruled from by numerous other empires since the original days of Hebrew (Jewish) rule under the Kings, Prophets and Judges of Biblical fame. Each empire had the same problems. The land refused to give up its abundance to them with one exception, the Persians. The Persians conquered the Babylonians and freed the captive Hebrews and allowed them to return and rebuild the Temple, the Second Temple, and settle in their native lands and be semiautonomous and simply pay taxes. Under this arrangement the land prospered, the Persians received their cut of the profit and everybody lived happily for a few centuries until some Persian decided they should simply take the land and its abundance. This led to the land failing and the Hebrews returning to the lands after throwing off the Persian yoke. Then there came the Greeks, Assyrians, Romans, Islamics, Christians, Muslims, and finally the British. The main change came when the Assyrians initially conquered the northern kingdom which had separated from the southern kingdom. The northern kingdom had the name Israel but did not include Yerushalayim thus having no heart. The southern kingdom was Judah which had Yerushalayim, a heart, but its soul, the lands, was incomplete. The northern kingdom was the federation of the ten northern tribes who after being conquered were not heard from again until recent modern history and spread throughout the world with some actually making the effort to remain loyal to Torah as best they were able, some better than others as is true in all human endeavors, and others falling away completely and never to return.


The southern kingdom also eventually fell but remained in the land and they were known as Judeans, which became Judans and eventually simply Jew. Whenever these lands were owned and cultivated by other than Hebrews or Judeans or Jews the land begrudgingly gave up anything and was mostly barren. When the Hebrews in any rendition worked these lands they prospered and produced in generous quantities all sorts of foods and products and the land gave wealth. This wealth was often proportional to the following of Torah and Hashem’s laws. When the Hebrews failed the land soured and they were conquered and often removed from their lands. Every conqueror failed to gain profit from the lands of Israel as can be noted even now. When the Jews resided in Gaza it had a flourishing agricultural economy and now that the Jews have been wiped from the land and Hamas rules Gaza it struggles and has a meager agricultural output compared to before. This might have something to do with the Palestinian Arabs immediately after the Jews departed tearing down and trashing the synagogue’s buildings as well as their tearing apart the greenhouses and irrigation works as they found a better use for those pipes than growing crops and eating well, they could make rockets to launch at the Israeli occupiers who had left the lands completely but to the followers of Hamas the Jews are still occupiers because as such they can be blamed for any and all problems stemming from having terrorists running your economy and lands.


The West Bank which is made up of Judea and Samaria, ancient Jewish provinces which is why Jordan renamed the lands something, as they described the new name, less Jewish. In these lands the Jews reside largely in Area C where the economy is healthy in most parts. The Arab Palestinians live and rule over Areas A and B where the economy is failing and there is gross mismanagement of resources once again due to terrorists running the government and hatred being their sole profitable product. What keeps the terrorists of Hamas in power in Gaza and the PLO reconfigured as the Palestinian Authority, a great example of putting lipstick on the pig to make it presentable, is due to the desperate support to try and remove the Jews from their ancient homelands being supported through funding in the billions of dollars per month by the Islamic world, the Western world and the Russians and in a lesser manner, the Chinese. This preconceived notion by the Western world that because the Jews returned to their lands, it upset the two main driving forces of their world. The Christians, especially the Catholics, are threatened because replacement theology, which is at their core and a definition of their relevance, depends on the Jews being the accursed of the Deity shared by Judaism and Christendom and thus forced to live throughout the world scattered and never unified or allowed to rule themselves always depending on the goodwill of others, meaning Christians, for their very survival and never ever ever being permitted to return and rule themselves in the Promised Lands. Refusing the Jews unilateral rule over Jerusalem is the saving grace and that the Jews do not control all of Judea and Samaria adds a small amount of safety as the Jews have not returned to rule over all the land; so maybe some of the curses remain and they can still claim to be the new chosen ones and the Catholics claim that the new religious center decided in Heaven to be Vatican City and Rome, what a surprise that the silent conquerors of all the Roman Empire would choose Rome of all places to replace Jerusalem in part. Israel, on the other hand, is prosperous, had a burgeoning agricultural economy, is a leading high tech center of the world, has many innovative companies and leads the world in start-up companies per capita. Israel per capita leads the world in books published, libraries, universities, people with bachelor degrees, masters degrees and doctoral degrees, patents filed and various other areas dealing with science, literature, the arts and all endeavors of social and scientific areas in modern societies. Israel is outdone in total numbers solely by nations considerably larger with the United States being the single most often nation ahead of Israel in total number but per capita it is an entirely different ball game.


Burning Israel Star of David


When asking college students in the vast Western societal deserts, where the big lie works as well as it always has, Israel is one of the worst places on earth filled with violence, inequalities, desperations and fraught with danger. Ask virtually anyone who had actually spent a fair amount of time; say a year or more, living and working in Israel and you will be regaled with stories of the great opportunities, the helpfulness and optimism of most of the people and the vibrancy of life in Israel. Does Israel have some problems? Well, it is not exactly heaven on earth but she is working on that. Some of the biggest problems stem from constantly having to be on a war footing and the economic price that demands. She has problems of relying too heavily on promises made and having all too many of them broken or made so difficult that their price makes them more threat than promise.


She pays a price at having to dance to the dictates of other nations in order to retain sufficient sway to avoid vindictive and viscous attacks from her plethora of enemies. She must balance her different friendly states who do not particularly like each other such as the United States, China, Russia and the European Union, though the European Union would be considered a hostile witness in the world court system when it comes to Israel. Israel has threats which are paid in bullets, rockets, missiles and terrorist attacks which while this should not prevent her also dispelling the lies spread about her throughout the corners of the globe (though I have heard the globe is spherical thus corners is a weird reference) as that would simply be a further strain on her economy. Some have suggested that the vast majority of the employees at Israeli embassies should be Israeli and other than the Ambassador (which unfortunately will never be removed from politics completely) should be trained and be returned every few years for additional training and updating the employees on how to best fight against the mendacious vile statements and accusation made against Israel so that Israel will have a ready force throughout many nations and areas where these embassies become a central hub supporting and even organizing within the Jewish and when requested other communities fighting lies with facts and truths. Yes, a lie will make it half way around the world before the truth gets its pants on and there is a reason for that, a lie needs no facts and the truth must find the facts with which to anchor itself or it becomes rumor and of no use in fighting that lie. Truth will always play catch-up but it has the advantage of veracity and facts.


Here are some final little points about Israel. Israel is a democracy and the only functioning democracy over the past sixty-eight years continuously. Israel is not only fighting terror against her own citizens but is treating citizens from neighboring countries and even the Palestinian Arab areas in her hospitals as a humanitarian action as Israel is the most humane nation in her neighborhood if not the world. Israel is quietly providing water, a precious resource in the Middle East, to Jordan to assist with the care of the Syrian refugee camps. Israel has treated victims of the Syria calamity of wars from all sides and all walks of life without asking questions or employing any limiting considerations as life is considered precious and worth saving whenever possible.


As noted earlier, Israel runs an organization which treats children with heart defects and sets up entire programs in hospitals throughout the world in some of the neediest nations, equips these departments with the necessary equipment, trains their doctors, nurses, staff, surgeons and support personnel in the use, care and methods of the kinds of operations and care they will need to provide and performs follow up visits to assure that all is working efficiently, takes children from enemy states who cannot come to Israel not have it known they were ever in Israel through third party nations while keeping their and their family’s passports clear of any record of their visit in order to provide life-saving operations many of which procedures originated with Israeli surgeons and researchers.


Israel has provided sanctuary to threatened people from throughout the world from the Vietnamese boat people to the Ethiopian Jews and Jews from India and further and the Baha’I. Israel has no class system or other manner of separating people and all citizens have full and equal rights religiously, culturally, socially, legally and have the vote with many actually placing members of their community in the Knesset and have their peoples serving as judges or working as doctors, surgeons, teachers and any other profession side by side with Jews of Israel. The one thing which Israel does not have is any Jews or troops in Gaza which is fully independent and ruled by the terrorist group Hamas whose violent takeover resulted in the embargo which Israel placed to prevent the arming of Hamas as much as possible. Israel, on the other hand, relays tons of food, medicine and other provisions into Gaza daily and provides water and electricity to Gaza for which nothing is ever paid on the bill that had accrued.


Israel also has no ruling authority over Areas A and B in Judea and Samaria where the Palestinian Authority, the redressed PLO terror outfit, rules the people and has refused to hold election which Israel cannot force them to hold and has basically crippled two full generations of children by raising them and indoctrinating them. These unfortunate children were invested with a visceral hatred of Israel and the Jews, educating them that only by destroying Israel and murdering the Jews within will they ever know freedom or wealth, They were fed a steady diet of conceit that their favored path is Jihad and their greatest glory is to die in Jihad and service of Islam and Allah. They indoctrinate and instigate on their television and radio stations which are licensed through Israel who has not cut them off as the world would have a conniption fit and become apoplectic. All of Judea and Samaria are legally Israeli lands and Israel could take control of these lands and choose whatever path Israel saw fit for the residents of Areas A and B as well as any other Palestinian Authority citizens as they are alien residents from Jordan.


This is further validated by evidence of the last nation of record, though Jordan had rescinded their citizenship and denied they ever were Jordanian, trying to refute even those with Jordanian official birth certificates and citizenship cards. Some even have Jordanian passports though out of date. This is the truth as Jordan conquered these areas after they invaded with five or six other Arab nations in 1948 attempting to erase Israel on her very first morning of existence. Jordan annexed these lands illegally and was only recognized by Britain and Pakistan as even the Arab League refused to recognize Jordan’s annexation of Israeli lands. Israel liberated these lands and the Jews which Jordan had thrown from their homes returned to find their homes gifted to Jordanians with connections to the Jordanian government and their businesses looted and destroyed. Many of the residents in these areas were from the other side of the Jordan River and moved to Judea and Samaria as the prices for property and homes was lower. These lands should have reverted to Israeli rule and the people who one week earlier were Jordanians in good standing should have been deported to Jordan as their being Jordanian made them illegal occupants on Israeli land.


Such mass emigrations were common throughout the early and middle Twentieth Century with the most famous being the Pakistan-Indian exodus which also saw great amounts of violence and many of the emigrants paid with their lives as the Hindus and Muslims were less than enamored with one another and both had their differences with the Buddhists who did their best to remain neutral and detached as is their way in this world. Israel is a very different place when one takes the effort to find the real truth underneath the hyperventilating and the lies screamed and protests of events and acts which never occurred. Given half a chance, Israel would like nothing more than to be allowed her natural and granted borders decided by the San Remo Conference minus Gaza as Israel surrendered that to the Palestinian Authority who lost it in a coup to a terror group, Hamas. As far as Hamas is concerned, it would be nice to be rid of them but they have so poisoned the minds of their people that they could not be incorporated into Israel without years of reeducation, something Israel would rather not have to do, so replacing Hamas with a governance not dedicated to the death of every Israel and every Jew worldwide would simply be the start to a long process.


Dreams are nice but reality will slap you awake every day you try to live a dream, so perhaps it is best to live with reality and go from there. As far as allowing a second Muslim state be established in any part of Judea and Samaria, Israel knows as well as Mahmoud Abbas that such would become another Hamas ruled area and Abbas and many of the other political leaders and societal leadership are fully aware that the first order of business under Hamas would be their heads removed or other accident. These are our truths and there is nothing else to add really, the lies will continue and the truth, as always, must be dug from beneath the layers of hate and lies spread to defame. These layers of hate and lies are simply made stronger as anti-Semitism blinds more people through the hatred which is older than any other on Earth.


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