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April 22, 2014

The Boston Marathon and the American Spirit

One year after the horrendous terrorist bombing perpetrated by the Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, brothers who were born in Chechnya but spending the decade before their hateful and despicable act of terror in the United States, the Boston Marathon was held today. One would have been fully justified and it would have been understood had the crowds been small, miniscule even, simply due to memories of the senseless carnage at last year’s Boston Marathon. Instead the finish-line, the scene for last year’s carnage, was crowded layers deep with people welcoming and cheering the runners as they completed the race. There was some of that never say die, look any threat in the eye and then walk towards the danger, the spirit which many have claimed had been lost and no longer was a part of the new modern America. Trust that this may be the America that many have not seen, as currently the Americans most in the focus of the cameras are those surrounding the political elite and other so-called special people. The average American has not changed and is still there working and playing hard. The real American never gives up hope and this is a good thing as hope may be the only chance for much of a future when the bills for the reckless fiscal policies reach their unalterable endpoint and the bills come due. Then we will see the real Americans picking up the pieces and moving forward rebuilding a new and improved America though it will take decades, possibly a century or more. But today they got to see a race and reward those who accomplished completing a Marathon, quite a feat if you have ever tried to run such a distance. The Boston Marathon was a tribute to the spirit and determination of the American people to never allow anything to blunt their spirit or deter their determination or place any challenge before them and expect it be unconquerable. The American people, the people we rarely get a glimpse of until the times are dire and they are most needed, are the ones who refuse to say quit and they will be the ones the world will turn to and place their hopes when the economic consequences start to topple national economies one upon another. Today we got to witness that the American spirit still lives and the heart of the heartland still beats steady and strong, even in Boston. I would wish it not be a necessity to explain that this is a tribute to the American people, the ones who toil to produce the ideas, goods and treasures in great abundance and who pull the wagons of civilization, commerce, freedom, liberty and human dignity despite all else that surrounds them simply because they are driven to provide and care. These are the Americans which the world seldom witness as the world is often only provided a censored scene framed around the political and other leadership, many of whom portray America in the worst possible light thus doing a great disservice to the average American, because the average American is anything but average.


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April 22, 2013

Rumors in All the Wrong Places

The horrific bombing of the Boston Marathon finishing line was timed to detonate at four hours after the start of the race which was expected and did coincide with numerous amateur runners completing the race and their friends and families waiting to congratulate them. The bombers’ plan to injure and possibly murder as many average people in order to maximize terror was successful in targeting average people and getting huge amounts of coverage by television and news cameras. The one failure was the striking terror in the hearts of the people at the scene of the terrorist strike. Instead what was witnessed was Americans at their best with people who were uninjured not running from the scene but running into the heart of the disaster area tending to the injured applying first aid and even using pieces of their clothing to apply pressure bandages and even using belts as makeshift tourniquets. What was exemplified was the best of Americans and humanity in a crisis situation with these brave people almost immediately assisting each other and not waiting for the first responders giving the world a taste of how not to be cowed by a terror threat and showing disregard for anything other than helping people who were for the most part total strangers. We witnessed people literally giving the shirt off their backs and the belts from their trousers. This is not meant to take anything away from the first responders who also arrived quickly and wasted no time rushing into the heart of the confusion and establishing a frenetic order and began transport of the injured to waiting hospital personnel who had prepared the necessary extra trauma and emergency supplies and beds to accommodate the disaster.

Unfortunately, the same praises cannot be lauded on either the mainstream media or social media both of which were full of conjecture, conspiracies and the entire host of misinformation. The number of people espousing their own hatreds blaming the government, secret clandestine organizations, or any group of people imaginable in Tweets or on Facebook were disgusting and gave examples of the worst in people. The only redeeming facts were those who derided those posting such conspiracies or assigning blame as a venue to castigate their own bigotries. Where the hatreds appearing on social media in not something new but the mere extent of these postings is what was somewhat alarming. The misinformation spread by the mainstream media prior to any actual facts is an entirely different animal. The race by the different new networks and departments to form theories and postulations as to who was behind the bombing was revealing to their prejudices and biases. The number of times there were claims of breaking news only to be followed later by more breaking news each one contradicting the previous startling statement. News reporting, especially by the news agencies that people and the public depend on for facts, should act with more restraint and discipline instead of acting in such an uncontrolled and amateurish fashion. While it is understandable that each news department has a desire to be the first to get the news right, but shouldn’t getting the news right be the first principle? What good is being first to be wrong? Apparently, the news sources placed more emphasis on making conjecture as representing news as long as it was first and might even be the first to finally get it correct. Between reporting every rumor with breathless excitement and expressing their personal biases as honest news the mainstream media managed to further destroy any semblance of trust which had possibly remained. It was my personal experience that the most trustworthy news sources ended up being some select foreign press and media sources which I have previously found to have the patience to wait for facts before jumping onto a story, any story, as long as it is a new story. Maybe they will take a lesson from this fiasco and will learn to actually verify the facts before running before the cameras only to have to retract reports as the truth eventually emerges. And may they please learn that personal conjecture is never good news and only makes them appear more amateurish than the average poster on social media. We should and do expect more from our media and hopefully they will grow and learn that actual facts are news and opinions and guessing is not doing anybody any favors, especially in an emergency situation when so many are seeking answers and expecting the plain and simple truth from their news reporting. As the old Dragnet theme stated, “The facts, just the facts.”

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