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July 11, 2015

Time for a Proudly Ardent Zionist Teachers’ Union

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What is written here could apply to any organization, it is just that the “Israel Teachers’ Union,” for the reason of continued acceptance, or so was the excuse given to those who objected, that accepted and signed the World Teachers’ Association (WTA) what can only be described as another BDS supporting document which was presented supporting the statement, “the continued Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the existence of illegal Israeli settlements there and their impact on the lives of Palestinians, including access to water along with the blockade of Gaza, has imposed severe restrictions on economic and social development in Palestine.” Unsurprisingly enough this has caused a split in the membership of the teachers’ union in Israel. What has developed is surprising in that the teachers who have been most outspoken against the signing of this odious document being threatened by the post-Zionist members of their union with legal actions to shut them out of the debate. Perhaps the time has come for a real Zionist Teachers’ Union which supports their nation in its life or death struggle over the acceptance of the pro-BDS document such as the one their leadership found so important and likely not all that odious a document, if not a document with which they were in total agreement, just so they would not have been barred from the WTA. One needs to wonder if these same representatives were to attend a META (Middle East Teachers Association) if such an organization were to exist, and a document was drafted demanded the “Right of Return” for over five-million so-called Arab Palestinian refugees’ would this document also be acceptable to remain as accepted by Israel’s enemies? One might be led to believe they would as such would not be in contradiction to their personal beliefs as they have no feelings or belief in Israel as the home nation of the Jewish People but rather as the democratic multicultural conglomeration of people bordering the Mediterranean Sea with no particular special character.


There can be no middle ground between teachers who are Zionist and believe in Israel as a separate and special nation unique among the nations as the reestablishment of the ancient state of the Jewish People after near two-millennia and the establishment of the G0d given opportunity for the Jewish people to once again be the People of the Book and a light unto the nations established to give hope to those in the world who desire a better world that was established by Hashem, formed by Hashem, styled by Hashem and commanded by Hashem to carry His message to the rest of the people on the planet He created, formed and established to celebrate the glory, magnanimity, supremacy and transcendence of Hashem. Even if one only desires that Israel be the nation for the Jewish People and the only place on all of Earth that the Jewish People would be able to flee should the world once again become overcome with Jew hatred ready to end the existence of the Jews once again, the aim of powers and empires almost too numerous to list over the last thirty-five-hundred years of history to genocidally murder the Jewish People starting with the Ancient Egyptians and further attempted by the following empires and forces with such intents but not limited to: the Amalekites, Chaldean Empire, Philistine Empire (not in any way related to ‘Palestinians’ as the Philistine people were of Greek extraction and were absorbed into other peoples and ceased existence over two-thousand years ago), Babylonian Empire, Assyrian Empire, Persian Empire (Haman and his sons against Mordechai and Queen Esther and the Megillah of Esther and the celebration of Purim), Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Crusaders, Spanish Empire, Ottoman Turkish Empire, British Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, German Empire (part of the cleansing of German tribal lands of the accursed Catholics and Jews based on writings of Martin Luther), French Empire (during the purification of France under the troops controlled by the Catholic Church and the French Cardinal and the one pursuit the Royalty joined with the Catholics despite their struggles for outright control of France), Russia Empire Under the Czars (the driving force behind the Czar’s orders for a book be written which could be utilized to prove Jewish conspiracies to control governments and as being a danger to the rule of the Czars which became “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion which is used in numerous Arab and Muslim countries to explain their suspicions and hatreds of the Jews even today), Nazi Empire, Soviet Empire (under Stalin who claimed the Jews were the ultimate Capitalists and thus enemies of the State and an unacceptable threat despite many Jews, including Leon Trotsky, being instrumental supporters of the revolution), and who next, the Arab forces such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, ISIS and other Arab Islamist supremacists or potentially Iran where chants of “Death to Israel” are even more common than those of “Death to America” both of which are regular staples of the Friday after prayer services but before nightfall.


The fact that an Israeli Teachers’ union representatives value sitting amongst those who would have them murdered if given the opportunity to do so without having any direct involvement more than they value the Zionist principles that values the survival of the Jewish People over being politically correct or fitting in and everything else involved with going along in order to get along is enough to make one feel ill and to demand that those teachers who understand and value the continued love of and dedicated to the preservation of Israel as the Jewish State and sole refuge for all the Jewish People reestablished as the historic right of the original indigenous peoples in our lands to depart the company of traitors and start a second teachers’ union with a Zionist agenda and that fully supports both Israel and the Jewish People. The fact that members of the Israeli Teachers’ union would threaten and even consider bringing legal suits against those teachers who would even broach the subject and suggest that signing such an odious document in the first place and then defend it with such threats is further proof that there can be no compromise nor is there any room for dissent from the views of the self-appointed moralists who would condemn their fellow countrymen in such a despicable manner. There is little need to attempt to alter the convictions of these post-Zionist teachers who apparently have co-opted the existing teachers’ union and as is the case in all too many Israeli institutions from the Supreme Court to leadership of the vast majority of political parties to the Israeli Teachers’ union, amongst all too many unions which populate Histadrut and taking similar stands due to their history of extremist leftist and communist control which are almost invulnerable to the forces of change.


Nowhere is this more evident than in the community organizations and NGOs such as B’Tselem, New Israel Fund, Breaking the Silence, Gisha, Combatants for Peace, Adalah, Coalition of Women for Peace, Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Alternative Information Center, Bimkom, Ir Amim, Machsom Watch, Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, Physicians for Human Rights- Israel, Women Against Violence and other similarly named NGOs which like the Israel Teachers’ Union are made up of Israelis and usually largely Jewish Israelis who are sold on the same old, tired, tried but failed and failed miserably mantra of land for peace. This is despite the fact that there is not a single evidentiary backing for the concept of Israelis, and especially Jewish Israelis, ever trading a piece of land and receiving even prolonged calm, let alone peace for the efforts. As has been documented repeatedly, every single time there has been the surrendering of lands, not only did that sacrifice not bring peace but has been universally followed by additional violence and often a prolonged and steadily increasing theater of horrific violence. Inevitably it has become known that the violence had been planned ahead of such exchanges specifically to be used as proof that each sacrifice was insufficient to appease the unappeasable appetite for dispossessing Jews of their lands in this their dear, ancient and, for many, holy lands. The first attempt at such a series of events was during the early 1920s when the British struck a deal between the Zionist Congress and the Arab leadership within the area of the British Mandate lands as well as the Arab League and the Mufti of Southern Syria. This deal entailed that in exchange for all the British Mandate Lands east of the Jordan River, constituting approximately 78% of that said Mandate lands, being surrendered of claim for inclusion of the establishment by the Jewish nation and being surrendered for the establishment of an Arab State for the Arabs residing in the areas of Southern Syria, thus the remaining 22% of the lands which constitute the lands west of the Jordan River will be made inviolate and reserved for the Jewish People and their State. This was what was agreed upon and signed by the parties including the British as the Mandated Power to implement the promise of a Jewish State making everything legal and a settled matter well almost settled. This deal was followed by a slowly increasing intensity of violence against the Jews living in areas west for the Jordan River which peaked with rioting and mass assaults on the Jews in 1929 and this calm followed by ramping violence repeated itself peaking again in 1933, in 1936 and again in 1939 and then settled down during the era of World Wat II largely due to the presence of British troops in numbers plus the existence of a Jewish Brigade made up of Jews who volunteered to fight with the British in the Middle East and mostly in northern Africa which was called the Palestine Brigade. The reason was at the time of World War II and before as well as until the name of Palestinian had been co-opted by Yasser Arafat in order to claim the periods when the Jews were always referred to as the Palestinians and those who took the name under Arafat had been called the, wait for it, the Arabs.


After World War II the lead-up to the founding of the State of Israel in May of 1948 came and surprisingly enough, the next offer to share the exact lands which the British and the world had claimed was inviolate and reserved solely for the Jewish State. Such is the worth of promises made unto the Jews. Under the United Nations Charter in Article 80 the world body unanimously supported honoring the Mandate system and all agreements made within that framework. This obviously included the agreement made by the by Britain, the power of the Mandate in question, with the World Zionist Congress that the lands west of the Jordan had been set aside solely and inviolate for the Jewish State in exchange for the surrender of the lands east of the Jordan River, which constituted over three-fourths of the Mandated lands. Despite this agreement being in place and obliged to be honored by the United Nations, the General Assembly passed on November 29, 1947, Resolution 181 which suggested the lands west of the Jordan River, the exact lands the British had guaranteed would be inviolate and the United Nations has adopted as its sole policy when ratifying Article 80 of the United Nations Charter, be divided evenly into an Arab and a Jewish States respectively. This generous offer went so far as to divide Israel as in the map below where the orange area of the map would have constituted Israel while the yellow area of the map would have constituted the proposed Arab state. This meant that approximately half of what would have become Israel would have been constituted of the Negev Desert while the yellow areas included largely good farm lands and would have had the short-lived international city of Jerusalem surrounded which would likely have meant that all of Jerusalem as it was at that time would have defaulted to Arab control and being placed beyond the reach of any Jew. The violence ramped up considerably with the rioting and physical attacks on Jews became daily occurrences until May15, 1948, when Israel came officially into being and had war declared on her by at least a half dozen nations who had troops present to force the Jews into the sea or worse.



1947 United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 Partition Plan accepted by the Jewish Zionist Congress, precursor to an Israeli government, but refused by Arab League thus making the entirety of the Resolution 181 voided and relegated to the trash bin of history.

1947 United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 Partition Plan accepted by the Jewish Zionist Congress, precursor to an Israeli government, but refused by Arab League thus making the entirety of the Resolution 181 voided and relegated to the trash bin of history.



The threats by Egyptian President Nasser in May and early June and the massing of troops by Egypt and Syria, joined as the United Arab Republic for the duration of this war as an act of unity, on the northern and southern borders of Israel which resulted in the Six Day War was a massive increase culmination since the founding of Israel nineteen years earlier. This threatened attack was the culmination of the continued slow ramping up of violence since the armistice which resulted in an end, though without an actual peace agreement but merely a cessation of hostilities at that time, I believe called a Hudna by Muslims, and resulted in the ultimate violence, as mentioned, the Six Day War. The ceasefire from that conflict remained in place until Yom Kippur morning on October 6, 1973, which could have been claimed to have resulted after Israel had claimed one too many times her willingness to return the Sinai Peninsula in exchange for a real and lasting peace. When we reach the eventual peace with Egypt one might desire to call that the return of the Sinai as not having any lands and received peace, which as far as Egypt is concerned but one need remember that as a part of the peace with Egypt they surrendered any and all claims to the Gaza Strip which has proven to be a continual source of violence and several armed conflicts. Further, the entirety of the peace talks has been about Israel surrendering lands for peace, yet receiving nothing but violence, attacks, terrorism and death. As we have been pointing out, whenever the Jews or Israel as a nation has offered to make peace they have been greeted with more and more violence. When Israel retreated from Southern Lebanon due to ever increasing terrorism it was not even a full year before things had escalated to the point where the withdrawal had become recognized as a complete and utter failure gifting half of Lebanon to Islamist extremists of Hezballah who have driven the violence to a fevered pitch twice resulting in two wars and the ramping of the threats and rhetoric has already started once again, building up to what is difficult to envision with the entirety of Syria in flames and Hezballah having suffered serious losses may be seeking another conflict with Israel to regain some of their sorely lacking respect from the Lebanese or perhaps instill some fear into them. Meanwhile, when Israel made its peace with Jordan, Israel offered to return to Jordan the lands the Jordanians had been illegally possessing from 1948 through the start of the Six Day War in 1967, a full nineteen years. There has been almost nothing but violence and terrorist attacks ever since. When in 1999 with the aid of United States President Clinton Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat the entirety of what Arafat had told President Clinton he would require in order to make a lasting peace with Israel. When after a late night of arm-twisting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak made his offer which was met by Arafat storming from the conference and jetting back to Ramallah and almost immediately starting the second intifada, an unprecedented assault with homicide bombers blowing themselves up in pizza parlors, restaurants, hotels, bus depots, malls, discotheques and wherever a crowd of innocent Israelis could be found. This eventually led to Israel constructing the separation barrier which succeeded in preventing much of the violence.


This is the same separation barrier which the world has only understood to be the tall cement walls through urban areas which were necessitated to prevent the prevalent sniper fire which was slaughtering innocent civilians. For over three-fourths of the length of the separation barrier it consists of a tall chain-link fence. The perception of the barrier as a wall is simply another case of successful casting of the Israelis as being harsh oppressors which has become the adopted trope from the leftist socialist media, not at all surprising when one realizes the realities that the two greatest murderers of Jews have been the National Socialists and the International Socialists, or the Nazis and Communists. As the media in Europe and lagging almost a decade behind but making up the ground on the outside is the United States have both turned sharply leftist their reporting has simply become a form to bludgeon Israel and depict her government as a tyranny despoiling the virgin lands and victimizing the most innocent of babes in the pristine woodlands, never mind these babes carry axes to slaughter Israelis at every opportunity and then cry that the Israelis are invading and despoiling their neighborhoods when law enforcement and investigatory agencies seek to find and arrest the perpetrators of often the most heinous of crimes. Such was the uproar after two cousins murdered the Fogels, the mother, father and two brothers, Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and their tiny little sister and newest member to the family, three-month-old Hadas as they slept one Shabbat Night. Or the slaughter of four rabbis in morning prayers in a synagogue in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in West Jerusalem of Har Nof murdered by cousins, Odai Abed Abu Jamal, 22, and Ghassan Muhammad Abu Jamal, 32, who claimed they were avenging what they saw as a threat to the al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in East Jerusalem a good four or five miles from where these monsters slaughtered and then butchered with 9mm handguns, knives and axes included in prayer at the time of their slaughters almost as if making a pagan sacrifice of the four holy men still wearing their Prayer Shawls and Phylacteries with Prayer Books still in hand, not that such would have been necessary as each probably knew the prayer better than most but also know that it is an even more special mitzvah to read each day’s prayers as if you are seeing the words for the first time and feel their wonderment and immerse oneself in the wonder, sincerity, passion and adoration that comes only on the first time reading such words of power and divine beauty, Rabbi Moshe Twersky, Rabbi Cary Levine, Rabbi Avraham Goldberg and Rabbi Aryeh Kopinsky and then added the first police officer, a traffic policeman who was unarmed, Zidan Saif, a noble and brave Druze who was simply attempting to pull others out of harm’s way when these savages murdered once more as if their blood lust had yet to be satisfied.


In memory of these and all the other victims of the return to our ancient lands and to those for whom these lands will be their final refuge from the spreading hatreds, our teachers need leave the fold of their union and build one of their own fashioned by their hands with the eternal guidance from Hashem who will honor such as it honors his people and his lands. There are those amongst us who realize and know that despite the fragile nature of the existence of Israel, an existence so frail that without the aiding hands of Hashem it could not be, that this existence is still the safest of all places upon this earth for a Jew at these times. Make a teachers’ union that chooses Hashem, which chooses Israel, which recognized the special task we Jews have entered in our covenant with Hashem. Make a union that teachers can safely say as our forefathers said when receiving the Law at Mount Sinai, “We will obey and we will hear.” They can risk such faith as the teachers’ union you will form will be of such dedication to Hashem, to our land of Israel and to imparting that love in every lesson you teach. Make a new teachers’ union as the established union no longer serves as the ideal example that you wish to follow and honor. Make a union that teachers will proudly exclaim that they chose honor over acceptance. Form a union for real teachers who take moral stands and who form in their students and morale of the spirit which endows them with a moral and fulfilling education. Make a union to remember those we have lost, learn from all who remain and take the lessons from history to arm themselves for tomorrow. And lastly form a teachers’ union for your own self-worth and that will fill you with pride and thus make of you better teachers.


Beyond the Cusp


April 2, 2012

Israel is the Jews Last and Final Chance

The original promises made to the Jewish people at the beginning of the twentieth century through the end of World War I and the ensuing conferences, conventions and treaties that soon followed was intended to award the Jewish people with a State of their own. The British were to hold the lands referred to as the British Mandate which was intended to be held as an actual trust in its entirety until the Jewish people had sufficient numbers to take the lands and govern them with complete autonomy with a proviso to grant the Muslims, Christians and other peoples living inside these lands rights equivalent to those they held when under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. These terms and ideals were set forth in the Balfour Declaration, the San Remo Conference, the Versailles Treaty, the original Charter of the League of Nations among other conferences and treaties and finally reconfirmed by the founding Charter of the United Nations where all previous agreements originated or enacted by the League of Nations were declared to continue to be valid. I am not going to go through all of these items step by step as I have done numerous times before and have also been documented by various academics and organizations which can be found easily with a little effort, time and a decent search engine.

When one realizes that the Jewish State, namely Israel, was supposed to be incorporated to include all of the British Mandate Lands this raises a question regarding how we ever came to the state of affairs as it is now defined. These lands ranged from the western border of Iraq all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. This would have included all of today’s areas of Israel (within the Green Line), the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and all of Jordan. When it is claimed that Israel should be required to surrender the lands which constitute the West Bank and Gaza Strip for the formation of an Arab State for the Palestinian Arabs as it is just under one quarter of the land which Israel could conceivably try to claim, they are ignoring a fairly large piece of real estate, namely all of Jordan. Jordan was part of the lands which were promised to be kept as a trust by the British along with the areas west of the Jordan River for the state of Israel. The British reneged on this promise and took the lands east of the Jordan River which constituted approximately 78% of the Mandate Lands reserved for the Jewish State and formed what was then referred to as Trans-Jordan and was intended to be a state for the Palestinian Arabs placed under the rule of the Hashemite Kings. Truth be told, Israel has already had over three fourths of the lands set aside by treaties and conferences by many of the world powers in what was a bold faced illegal theft by the British done to repay the Hashemites and the Arabs who had assisted in the fight against the Ottoman Empire in World War I. Surely that was sufficient land taken from Israel to allow the Palestinian Arabs to have a country of their own, but apparently the world has a faulty and short memory.

Another point often claimed to be investigated by the properly concerned are the conditions under which the Arabs within Israel are presumed to be denied rights, ignoring the equality and rights guaranteed by Israel to every one of its Arab citizens. Contrary to the propaganda we hear, there are more than 1.6 Million Arab citizens within Israel. All of the 1.6 Million plus Arabs residing within Israel have exactly the same rights as do every other citizen of Israel including the Jewish citizens. They have the right to vote, hold political office, work in any field they desire, be judges, serve in the military, be in the police, own land, practice their religion, and every other right a citizen of Israel is granted. Unlike the Jews and Druze who are required to serve either in the IDF or approved community service related work, the Arabs are not required to serve in the IDF or do the required community service related work though they may do so and many do avail themselves of these opportunities. If one should desire to be technical, Israel is only required to allow the non-Jewish citizens of the state the same rights they held while under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Such rights would not include the right to vote and would have numerous other limitations and restrictions as the Ottoman Empire was not an open, free, democratic society as is Israel. Thus, the non-Jewish citizens of Israel being granted the exact same rights as the Jewish Israelis actually goes well beyond the requirements of the various treaties, conferences, conventions, and other agreements. But there is one other item that makes Israel have somewhat a different meaning and importance for the Jewish People.

The Palestinian Arab claim their interest in the lands due to the fact that these are their ancestral homelands which are claimed to have belonged to their people, according to some claims, for as much as 9,000 years, using the historic age of Jericho as the reference for being the beginning of the Palestinian history. Of course then there are the claims that the current day Palestinian Arab people are the descendants of the Phoenicians, a seafaring people who migrated to the area from the area of the Greek Islands. The claim made by modern Jews is that they are the decedents of the Israelites who trace their lineage beck to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and who first lived in the areas in and around Hevron before spending four hundred years in Egypt before returning to these lands at the end of the Exodus out of Egypt led by Moses as far as the Jordan River. From that point it was Joshua who then proceeded to bring them into the land where they took possession from the Canaanite Tribes who resided there. But all of this is ancient history which leads to claims and counter-claims and endless arguments, strife, and what we know affectionately call the Arab Israeli Conundrum, aka the Arab Israeli Conflict. But what is the modern importance of Israel to each side?

The Arabs wish to establish a Palestinian Arab state which would bring the total number of Arab states in the Middle East from the 22 which currently make up the Arab League to 23. For the Arabs the replacing of Israel with a twenty-third Arab state called Palestine is not so much the founding of another Arab state as it is denying the existence of a Jewish state in what they define as an all Arab area under their complete and total control. Many in the PLO leadership have even stated that once they have erased the Zionist Entity they would immediately petition to be included as part of Jordan and not even bother with establishing Palestine as they do not want to rule over a state with all the responsibilities and problems, they simply want to deny the Jews a state where the Jews rule. The Palestinian Arabs simply want for the order of the world to be in alignment with their idea of what makes sense, namely the Jews are to be tolerated as long as they know their place as second class denizens under the rule of their Arab masters.

The Jews, on the other hand, want only to reclaim what they claim with the Old Testament as their proof is their homeland and to live in peace there after almost two thousand years of being the world’s foremost homeless people. This would be the reestablishment of the only Jewish state that has ever existed and not an additional Jewish state but the reestablishment of the only ever existing Jewish state. The claims that the Jews wish to rule all of the lands from the Tigress River to the Nile River, aka Greater Israel, are a false claim stated to place fear in many Muslim and Arab people who would be presumably conquered by this super-sized Israel. As stated earlier in this article, the Jewish people have already released claim to all of what they had been promised by recognizing Jordan and quitting any claim to the lands east of the Jordan River. After a defensive war with numerous Arab countries the Israelis gave back the Sinai Peninsula even at the price of destroying numerous Israeli neighborhoods which had been built there simply to achieve a cold peace with Egypt. Warm relations would have been an answer to dreams and hopes, but you settle for what is achievable. But Israel is even more than the historic homeland of the Jews; it is also representative of their religious covenant with G-d. That is what makes this little strip of land so unbelievably valuable and irreplaceable to Jews.

But for those who prefer a more earthly reason, there is one more reason, existence without the need to be constantly looking over one’s shoulder and not having to live with a suitcase always packed in order to flee at a moment’s notice should the winds of fate change. Jewish history is a story of places they used to live. The Jews have been blamed for any ill that befell a city, state, country or empire and then enslaved, slaughtered, dispossessed, oppressed, or attempted to be eradicated from existence and history itself from somewhere near two hundred countries, nations, empires and kingdoms. The Jews were dispersed and driven from their historic lands last by the Romans somewhere around 73 AD and forced to the farthest corners of the empire in an attempt to drive them from the pages of history. This was how Rome eliminated troublesome peoples and in virtually every case the people so treated were never again to be heard from, except for the Jews. From that fateful date of the Roman exile, the Jewish people lived until May 14, 1948 as, at best, guests and otherwise as unwanted or despised people always in some other peoples lands. Whenever diseases, plagues, famine, economic failures, or any conceivable hardship came upon the lands in which the Jews resided, they were often singled out as the cause and treated accordingly. This spanned the spectrum from being driven from the area simply carrying what they could and being dispossessed of the rest to imprisoned, enslaved, burned at the stake, slaughtered in pogroms, all the way to systematically hunted down and destroyed like one would a pack of rabid dogs during the Holocaust. After this final and most heinous of all victimizations during World War II the world finally came to allowing the Jews to return to their ancestral homeland. Such a return had been denied the Jews by the British who had been assigned with coordinating and facilitating in order to establish a Jewish state but instead cut Jewish immigration to 75,000 a year with the White Paper in 1939. This act assured trapping the millions of European Jews within Europe which resulted in their being eradicated by the Nazis. The British were fully aware of what was occurring to the Jews in Europe and had even been requested by Hitler to allow them to be exiled to the lands of the British Mandate but the British would not hear of such. They quoted their need to placate and acquiesce to the demands of the Arabs throughout the Middle East where the British already had sufficient troubles with the native populations. Israel is the only place Jews have ever been allowed self-rule. Israel is the only place throughout all history where Jews have been permitted to defend that which is theirs. Israel is the only place Jews have ever desired to own and call home. The Jewish people do not want to take other peoples lands nor do they desire to live forcing themselves upon others, they simply wish to live in their ancestral lands and are willing to have others who wish to live peaceably live amongst them. But, apparently that is too large a request to be allowed.

If anyone wished to acquaint themselves with the state of the lands and the near total lack of a society which existed in the areas that today make up Israel, including Judea and Samaria, need look no further than the writings by some of the English officers and military men and governors who were assigned and posted to the Mandate Lands. Without exception they described a land which had apparently been deserted by nature and whose fate was barren scrub, rock, swamp, and assorted wastelands. They could read Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) writing and account of his visit to the Holy Land in the second half of the Nineteenth Century where he described a land so desolate that even the camel and the cactus had forsaken it. They could read the Ottoman accounts, the few there were, of the lands and the descriptions of the grants given to absentee landowners who never visited their holdings and often gave little bother to even collecting rents due them from those unfortunates who resided on those lands. There is even the anecdotal accounting reputedly given by a Gaza grandfather to his grandson sometime in the early 1970s where he commented that the rains had not fallen in all his memory and that of his father and his father before him until the Jews returned, then the rains fell twice a year as one would expect. Such are the descriptions of the land given the Jews to inhabit as their own. One might be put to ask is Israel that consists of the lands from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea too much for the Jews to request and be awarded. Apparently so. And one last question, how does the world explain that the area named Judea does not belong to the Jewish people, honestly, how?

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