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March 14, 2014

Gaza Rocket Terror War Resumes

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the sixty or so rockets out of almost ninety launched from within Gaza City that fell on southern Israel. As the rockets slowly abated came the expected demands from the United Nations and other usual suspects demanding that both sides show restraint and calling for an end to hostilities. I hope the world will not be excessively put out as Israel chose to respond by striking close to thirty targets which were known to be terror weapons storage or rocket manufacturing shops owned mostly by Islamic Jihad but also including some Hamas targets as they are responsible for any actions originating within Gaza. The following morning Islamic Jihad launched additional rockets including some with sufficient range to strike Sderot, Ashdod and Ashkelon to which Israel made a limited response striking additional terror targets. Islamic Jihad claimed that a cease fire has been negotiated by Egypt. Whether their claims are true matters little as should they cease to shower Israel with rockets there will be no necessity for Israel to strike Gaza further. It has never failed that Israel ceases all strikes on Gaza once the terrorists from within Gaza cease firing on Israeli civilians. The major difference is the Terrorists in Gaza aim to strike Israeli civilians while Israel targets only terrorist weapons stores and manufacturing or terrorists in the act of attempting to launch rockets or fire other indirect fire weapons into Israel. The one strangely fascinating fact about these exchanges is that Islamic Jihad struck Gaza with more failed short-fired rockets than Israeli strikes from the IAF and possibly including the additional rounds from Israeli armor units. There were approximately thirty rockets that struck within Gaza never reaching the Israel-Gaza border from the launching points deep within a residential neighborhood of Gaza City. The choice of firing from within a crowded civilian residential neighborhood by Islamic Jihad is standard practice whenever terrorist units plan on firing a steady stream and large number of projectiles as by using civilians for cover they feel assured that Israel will not return fire on their location thus they can loiter long enough to utilize launchers for numerous rockets in complete safety. When they only fire a couple of rockets each from its own launcher they can choose to risk firing from open areas as they can launch and flee before any Israeli response is launched. This has a lot to do with the known fact by the terrorists that the Israeli military must first receive approval from civilian government authorities before returning fire except in the most specific of scenarios that meet predefined qualifiers.


This recent attack has been threatened for a few months and thus was not a complete surprise. A number of weeks back Hamas announced they were no longer going to prevent other terror groups from launching rockets into Israel. When Israel announced in a reply that this would place Hamas targets equally at the top of targets Israel would strike should rockets be launched while Hamas was giving their blessings through inaction. This brought an almost immediate return of Hamas preventing rocket launches, or at least their statement of such intent. Still, there were fewer that twelve rockets launched during the Hamas stand-down. This recent barrage comes almost two months after those incidents. This was probably part of the reason for the high preponderance of targets belonging to Islamic Jihad and only a few belonging to Hamas. Of course there have been the usual suspects who immediately called for Israel to retake control over the Gaza Strip. Such is not likely to become policy as Israel has little or no interest in retaking Gaza and the nasty snarled mess that would entail. The only hope in Israel is the blessing that thus far nobody has been injured or worse. This has been true on both sides of the border as Israeli strikes are usually made at night with one of the factors being that there is a much lower chance of casualties, especially of innocent civilians, than striking during the day when people are out and may be in the proximity of the terror resources being targeted.


What was saddening, other than the obvious fact that Israelis of all stripes were forced to retreat and live in bomb shelters, were the immediate response from numerous sources calling for an end to hostilities demanding for both sides to stand down even before the Israeli strikes targeting terror storage and weapon manufacturing shops had been launched. It is not accidental that there are immediate calls, sometimes even before the rockets have finished falling on Israelis, for restraint and an end to all violence when the only violence has been the terrorists launching rockets on Israelis. Should Israel actually heed these calls the result would be free runs for the terrorists to launch rockets without any fear of retribution for their actions. This demand that appears to demand that Israel simply accept that her civilians are targets for terror rockets and that any response from Israel is considered over the top and unnecessary is no different than the numerous other double standards applied to Israel and Israelis. We heard another of these double standards a few short hours before the rockets rained down on Israelis when visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron equated Palestinian inciting through virtually every available media and other possible approach to their people compelling them to commit acts of terror and violence against Israelis with the fact that Israelis live within the contested territories.


So, in Prime Minister Cameron’s official opinion, Jews living in houses they often built with their own hands following the laws is equal to Palestinian government officially calling for the murdering of Israelis and especially Jewish Israelis. This has been a libel that has been widely practiced which cheapens the value of Israeli and Jewish lives and is a general insult to every Zionist. What makes it even more so when committed by the British Prime Minister is that it was Britain which guaranteed the Israelis after the San Remo Conference had established that the British Mandate Lands were to be used solely for the establishment of a Jewish State that if the Zionists agreed to not oppose the amending of those instructions by the Churchill White Paper allowing the formation for the Arab Palestinians a state in all of the lands east of the Jordan River, that is seventy-eight-percent of Mandate Lands, then Britain, under the guarantee of the Crown, would ensure permanently into the future that all of the remaining Mandate Territories west of the Jordan River in perpetuity for the Jewish State. Prime Minister Cameron probably should be excused as who can remember such remote treaties as the San Remo Conference or the Treaty of Versailles and the Treaty of Sèvres, let alone that United Nations Charter in Article 80 accepts all the definitions and stipulations from the entire series of treaties, accords, conferences and agreements which resulted in the decade after the end of World War I as valid for all time as long as the United Nations and its charter stand. After all, is it not International Law which everybody demands that Israel abide by when they condemn Israel for allowing those who desire to live beyond the Green Line (the 1949 Armistice Line that the Arab League refused to recognize as a border then or for perpetuity) and west of the Jordan River (an area guaranteed by the League of Nations, United Nations, numerous treaties and agreements from post-World War I, and Britain in an actual formal document with the Zionist leadership as being solely reserved for the Jewish State) on lands they claim do not belong to Israel simply due to a very persistent and successful propaganda campaign by the Palestinians and their Arab allies which redefined reality which has been accepted by a league of world leaders who display glaring examples of extreme ignorance of International Law as defined by treaties of which many of these same nations are signatories. This is a case where ignorance is very destructive of bliss, period.


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