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August 4, 2019

Israel Should Just Claim All of Her Lands


We have noted an unfortunate new means by which the elites fresh from university interpret the past. Anything which occurred more than a few decades past is ignored as history is just so boring and unnecessary. The new elites believe they have all the answers whether they have the necessary information or not. This becomes astonishingly easy to see whenever the discussion comes around to Israel. Our new elites, who within a decade will be running the United States Congress, are already in control of the European Union (EU). Because of their belief that whatever they feel is the truth and there is little if any requirement that historical references be included in their decision-making process; they can draw any conclusion and demand that it is valid. There is a simple means of debunking and revealing the ignorance of these new elites. Simply ask them if they are familiar with the San Remo Conference or the borders decided upon under the British Mandate. Another two questions will complete any display of their gross ignorance. First, ask them how the majority of Arabs came to live within what was reserved for the Jewish State. Second, ask them how the majority of Arabs became refugees in the separate refugee camps which have grown as new generations are born and granted refugee status because they were born in the refugee camps. Just for fun, ask these wunderkinds if there are any other refugees anywhere in the world where their children and their children’s children henceforth and forever into the future with no end are also considered to be refugees. Small hint, the answer is no. If you have any knowledge about the history behind the formation of the Jewish State going back to shortly before World War I and specifically the treaties and agreements made after World War I, then the answers from these coming leaders of America, Europe and the rest of the Western World will be quite amusing in the depth of their ignorance. History is no longer taught honestly but instead the facts are modified to fit the concepts and political beliefs of the professors who teach these classes. This leads to extremely slanted presentation of facts omitting those facts which run counter to the new, anti-Western, anti-white-male and anti-Judeo-Christian ethos where the majority of their professors actually also believe, their concept which they believe to be fact, that White-Privilege has a sub set which is the most despised of all those with White-Privilege. That special qualification for scorn belongs to what they call the Super-Whites which they define as the Jewish People. This was made blatantly obvious with the Anti-Semitic Flier used on Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago to advertise a protest with speakers condemning White-Privilege and specifically Jewish domination of the economic top positions (see flyer below). This has also been behind the riotous protests shouting down any pro-Israel speaker or any conservative attempting to present their information. Their information must be prevented from being introduced simply because their positions are not in line with the leftist-elites who control who is permitted to present their information and who is prevented from speaking. There is no longer any room for debate, either you agree with the far left or you are not to be permitted to present your side as you might present facts which run counter to the political slant taught by the professors from the ivory towers of academia.


Anti-Semitic Flier used on Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago

Anti-Semitic Flier used on Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago


The modern claim is that the Jews invaded the Middle East after World War II and the Europeans backed them as an apology for the Holocaust and because if the Jew established a homeland outside of Europe, then the Europe would have somewhere for their Jews to escape from their rising anti-Semitism, which is just fine with the Europeans as they wish to be rid of their Jews. The Jews presumably built Israel over the top of the country of Palestine. Presumably, there were no Jews residing in what was historic Israel until after World War II and all the Jews arrived miraculously in 1948 where they went from being completely alien to the region to the evicting force depriving Arabs of their own lands. There are a few glaring and important problems with this new history. First, the new history has absolutely no anchor in the real history and is simply pasted together from what has been taught, especially in colleges and universities which have a Middle East department financed by Arab nations or Iran. The new history begins around the year 725 AD and anything and everything which came before is irrelevant and has no applicable influence on the modern world. According to the new history there never was a Jewish State, no Israelites, no Exodus, no King David or Solomon and further, the Jews never ever had their own country and do not deserve to have one today, specifically not in the Middle East. This is history taught from the Islamic view of the world. According to the Islamic history, history only begins in any region once they come under rule by Muslims and Sharia. Rule under any other system, such as democracies, republics, parliamentary governance or anything where the people are free to worship as they please and people are considered equal must be replaced. Under Sharia, those who are not Islamic are second class citizens permitted to live because of the protections provided by their Islamic superiors. For this privilege, non-Muslims pay a tax called the Jizya which is often utilized to extract all the wealth possible from the non-Muslims and used to promote Islam. Holy buildings and monuments which are not Islamic are not permitted to be repaired nor are new structures permitted except in rare instances where the Islamic leaders permit such building to take place, a very rare occurrence. More often than not, the Islamic rulers will take ownership of the churches, synagogues, temples and other religious places and transform them into Mosques or community centers reserved for Muslims and the disseminating of Islamic supremacy over all other religions. Muslims believe that Islam is the sole true religion which was guaranteed by Allah to rule the world and become the only religion on the face of the planet. These Middle East departments are steeped in such propaganda and this is what they disseminate with a heavy amount of assistance by the leftist professors who have a deep-seated hatred for Judeo-Christianity and the history of the Western World which they believe was deeply flawed and have accepted the Islamic view of their history as being peaceful and far more advanced than Western civilization where people are granted greater respect. The truth of the history is it is actually filled with wars, violence, assassination of leaders and all the same violence and hatred as was ever found within Western society.


Islamic history is all about conquest. Their history began approximately in the early seventh century around 622 in the Arabic Peninsula, where almost every Arab and Muslim resided. By the year 750 they had conquered all of MENA (Middle East and North Africa) spreading into Spain, India, Afghanistan and what today is Turkey. There is a mainstay concept within Islam where the world is divided into two camps, Dar al-Harb and Dar al-Islam, also referred to by Muslims as the World of War and the World of Peace. Dar al-Islam is the world of peace as these are the lands where Islam rules without challenge while Dar al-Harb is the world of war as these are the lands which have yet to fall under the sway of Islam. The Muslims believe that any and all lands which have ever come under Islamic rule must remain under Islam rule into perpetuity. Islam continues to refer to Spain and Portugal as Andalusia, the name these lands were given when Islamic forces crossed Gibraltar and conquered much of the Iberian Peninsula reaching as far as Tours, France where they were defeated by Charles the Hammer Martel. This is also the root of the problem when it comes to Israel as the Arab Muslims had conquered the Holy Lands eventually defeating the Crusaders from Europe holding these lands until the defeat of the Austria-Hungarian Empire, German Empire and Ottoman Empire by Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Japan and the United States in World War I.


Expansion of Islam Across MENA and into Europe before Ottoman Rule

Expansion of Islam Across MENA and into Europe before Ottoman Rule


After World War I, the maps of the world changed drastically with the fall of the largest empires around the Mediterranean Sea. We often hear that only the Middle East was forced to have new borders and nations forced upon them by Europeans. Well, that is what happens when one is on the losing side of a war. The reality is Europe was also completely redrawn (see map below). With the redrawing of the map of Europe we had the birth of Poland amongst a few other new nations. The move after World War I was to return lands to their indigenous peoples which is why Poland, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Yugoslavia were brought forth onto the map of Europe. The Middle East and Northern Africa went from being unified under the Ottoman Turks into numerous separate nations. The Europeans drew the new borders with little regard for existing tribal regions. If anything, the Europeans drew the maps of the MENA region more with the intent of permanent instability as they mixed tribes, many who had strong animosity for one another, into a single nation where unrest could only be contained under strong leadership. This was why these nations were all led by dictators who used brutality to suppress any divisions. Then there is Israel which is a whole different story.


German Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire Before WWI and After WWI

German Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire Before WWI and After WWI


Israel was first brought onto the map during the San Remo Conference which addressed the claim of the Jewish People to their ancient homelands. Originally, the Jewish State was proposed to be the entirety of the British Mandate. After San Remo there were a number of treaties which tied the allies from World War I behind the formation of a Jewish State. The frightening truth is within a couple of years, the Europeans in general and the British in particular, after the San Remo Conference much of Europe was seeking some means of preventing the Jewish State. The British, who were tasked with assisting in getting the Jewish State off the ground, took the first swipe, and it was huge. The British approached the Zionist Congress, a group with no military and in the weakest of positions, and proposed that they permit the British to use part of the Mandate Lands for an Arab State such that they could complete their promise to King Faisal granting his other son with a nation. The British formed an Arab State under Hashemite rule using the Jordan River as the dividing line between the Arab State and the Jewish State. This meant that 78% of the British Mandate was now the Arab State of Transjordan, later renamed simply Jordan, leaving a mere 22% of the Mandate lands for the Jewish State. Then, in order to prevent the Jews gaining the high ground, the British gifted the Golan Heights to the French under the French Mandate with the intent and eventual expectation of giving the Golan Heights to the Syrians and taking it from the Jews. But this was far from the end of British perfidy. The British worked with the Arab League to relocate Arabs from Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and elsewhere throughout the Arab world from their homes in these countries moving them to Israel preventing the Jews ever becoming a majority. The British continued this travesty until mere months before they finally left the region leaving it up to the world to untangle.


The United Nations (UN) presented General Assembly Resolution 181 as their suggestion as to how to peaceably end the growing conflict between the Jews and the Arabs which had been initiated and stoked by the British for decades. The UN Resolution divided the area west of the Jordan River, 22% of the British Mandate lands, in half with 11% of the Mandate lands for each side, the Jews and the Arabs. Despite much of the land set aside as for the Jews being the Negev Desert and the prime farmlands being granted to the Arabs, the Jews led by the Zionist Congress accepted this solution but the Arab League refused to accept the offer instead planning to eradicate Israel as soon as it was to be born. The British prepared to depart as their Mandate was to be terminated at midnight of May14, 1948. Israel declared her independence the evening before and rightfully became a nation at the moment the British left. Before leaving, the British searched numerous Jewish communities confiscating any and all weapons they found and gave them to Arab militias they knew were planning on attacking the Jews the next morning. The morning of May 15, 1948, the Jewish state of Israel was born and immediately came under attack by several Arab nations and forces including Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen along with forces under the Mufti of Jerusalem. Further, Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Amin al-Husseini had been returned from Berlin where he spent most of World War II, when he was not reviewing the Islamic Nazi units in the Balkans, so that he could unite the Arabs. The British and Arab League, as well as the economic conditions of the Jewish State being better than their surrounding countries, had spread Arabs throughout the Jewish State into a force which could attack the Jewish forces from behind their lines and break supply lines. It was these actions which forced Israel to force a number of Arab communities across the lines to the Arab side as when any community permitted ambushes of Jewish forces, they were deported. These Arabs were a minority, a small minority, of the Arabs who had left Israel and taken refuge behind the Arab armies as the vast majority of these Arabs came in response to the pledges by Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammed Amin al-Husseini that the Jews would be defeated and exterminated within a couple of weeks at most and then they could share in the spoils of the Jews.


When the fighting finally ended in 1949, the Arabs had not completely defeated the Jewish State and the Jews still held to most of their lands. The Egyptians ended up occupying Gaza and Jordan was occupying the Shomron, parts of Judea and Samaria which they renamed West Bank including half of Jerusalem while the remainder of the Israeli borders remained unchanged. What need be remembered is that the borders of Israel as per the final agreements and treaties were the border called the Blue Line in the north with Lebanon, the Golan Heights with Syria, the Negev-Sinai border with Egypt and the Jordan River with Jordan. But after the initial war between the Arabs and Israel, Gaza and Shomron were left under Arab occupation. Jordan annexed their occupied lands and forced many thousands of Jordanians to relocate into these occupied regions. This condition remained unchanged until the Six Day War in June of 1967, which was initiated by Egypt when they closed the Strait of Tiran to Israeli shipping, a casus belli for war which was part of the agreement reached after the Suez Crisis of 1956. During the Six Day War, Israel liberated both Gaza from Egypt and the Shomron from Jordan as well as occupying the Sinai Peninsula. Then in October 1973, the Arabs once again attempted to destroy Israel and after some initial success, the Arabs were then forced back and were losing even more lands. IDF troops were closing on Damascus, Cairo and Alexandria when the United States joined Russia and the United Nations and most of Europe demanding that Israel return to the lines where the Six Day War had ended and not enter Damascus, Cairo or Alexandria. Israel, realizing she had little hope of opposing the combined demands by so many that the IDF was ordered to return to the Israel side of the Suez Canal and return to the Golan Heights leaving Jordan.


That should be sufficient history. The question comes to exactly who are the occupying people in Israel. There have been Jews residing in Israel since the Exodus mostly in and around Jerusalem, the Galilee, Hevron, Shechem and numerous other Biblical cities and settlements. There have also been some Arabs who have resided within what became Israel as well before 1850. Why did we say 1850? That is approximately the date when the Zionist returning to Israel was initiated and the first Jews returning to their ancestral lands. These Jews drained swamps ridding the region of the problem of malaria, cleared fields of boulders, built the waterworks and irrigation systems for the farmlands. This caused an economic boon which attracted some Arabs from neighboring lands seeking employment. After World War I and the San Remo Conference, the British took responsibility for aiding the formation of the Jewish State. The British had the strangest means of assisting the Jews forming their state as almost every move was designed to undermine the Jews from becoming a majority by forcefully bringing Arabs into the lands to the point that it almost crashed the economy which was unable of employing all of the incoming Arabs. Then, after World War II, the British did all they could from the start of the war until they left on May 15, 1948, of restricting and all but ending Jewish emigration to Israel.


But it was the decade after Israel was founded that the Jews became a comfortable majority. It was over this period that most of the Arab and Islamic world in the MENA region expelled almost all if not all of their Jews. Just as the world refused to allow Jews to escape the Nazis by closing their borders, they did exactly the same unless Jews had passports, thus virtually all of these Jews had but one location willing to take them in and do so gladly and with open arms, Israel. This was not because Israel was so economically well off that they could absorb what became more than half of the Jewish population of the nascent state of Israel. These Jews from the Arab and Islamic Worlds became almost half of the total population of Israel numbering over 800,000 Jews. Incorporating this influx of people strained the Israeli economy almost to its breaking-point, but things eventually worked out and the economy in Israel began to take off in the early 1970’s never looking back. This brings us to the question, who are the occupiers and whose lands does the region west of the Jordan River actually legally belong. The honest answer is that these lands all belong to Israel. In almost every other situation where after a war, borders change and part of another nationality finds themselves on the wrong side of the new border, these people are moved back within their former country’s lands. This would have meant the Arab population of Gaza would have had to move into the Sinai Peninsula under Egyptian rule and the Arabs in the Shomron would have been relocated into Jordan. This would have required the Arab World to absorb almost the same numbers of Arabs as Israel had taken in Jews from the Arab and Islamic Worlds. When the borders of Poland were formed after World War I, thousands of German citizens were relocated into Germany as they were unwelcomed by the Polish authorities and people. When India and Pakistan were formed, one for the Hindus and Buddhists with the other for the Muslims, hundreds of millions of people moved in mass migrations from one nation to the other. There was much violence during this transfer of people marring the hopes for a peaceful transfer of populations. This transfer of Arabs to their original homelands would not be accompanied by the same violence seen between India and Pakistani populations during their relocation.


This resettling has even been approached where the Arabs desiring to leave would be given a relocation stipend assisting their settling in their new home and also making these Arabs more desirable for other nations to invite them to settle within their borders. Such an offer would be presented to the Arabs residing on Gaza and the Shomron and could even be offered to those Arabs within Israel with Israeli citizenship, thus freeing every Arab within the borders assigned Israel in the 1920’s under San Remo and the agreement with the divide of the British Mandate along the Jordan River. This idea has gained some credibility with rumors that President Trump’s Deal of the Century might offer Arabs funds allowing them to relocate anywhere in the world where they can start a new life. This has caused the Palestinian Authority (PA) to make a law forbidding any Arab from leaving and relocating in another country. Hamas has already closed their borders refusing to permit their population from seeking a new life elsewhere. This means that both Arab governing bodies, Hamas in Gaza and the PA in the Shomron, have taken steps to prevent resettlement as being permitted to be used as a settlement of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. The reality is the Arab leadership does not desire any peace settlement with Israel. By their own word they do not desire their own state, they simply desire the destruction of Israel and the Jews exterminated from what they insist is their land. This is the driving sentiment behind the Gaza border riots where incendiary devices have been launched into Israel burning down fields of crops, forests, wildlife preserves and some homes and businesses. This is the driving concept behind the PA and their “pay to slay” policy where terrorists and their families are guaranteed payments for perpetuity, and these payments are far above the average salary of PA Arabs (see table below). These payments are derived from the numbers of Israelis murdered and injured as well as other considerations. With rampant unemployment, this “pay to slay” system has enticed many a young Arab to choose terrorist acts in place of seeking all but impossible job opportunities. Mahmoud Abbas has also made clear that if funds are short and after the elites take their cut of any funds, the first payments will go to the terrorists and their families before they pay the PA employees. The PA employees have already had their salaries cut claiming that funds are less than past times. The blame for this supposed lack of funds is, of course, President Donald Trump as he cut funds to the PA and completely ended payments to UNRWA. The reality is the EU and many European countries along with the UN and Arab World have supposedly made up for the difference caused by President Trump and his actions.


Palestinian Authority Remunerations for Terrorists

Palestinian Authority Remunerations for Terrorists


The final solution of the Arab Israeli Conflict will not come from payments for relocating the Arab populations as their leadership would rather shoot their own people rather than allow them to relocate. The Arab leadership is literally holding their populations as virtual prisoners of the conflict and eventual ammunition with which to destroy Israel. When the only solution one side insists and demands is the eradication of the other side, there can be no peaceful resolution to such a conflict other than the eradication of one side or the other. The best-case solution which could be imposed to seek peace would be to remove the terror leadership of Gaza and the Shomron and then offer a relocation renumerations which includes payment for any properties owned and additional funding to make their relocation as easy and even enriching as is comfortably possible. With the promise of the world kicking in $50 billion to assist economic development of the Palestinian areas, which will fail just as gloriously as every previous attempt to kick-start the Palestinian economy which is hampered by rampant and constant embezzlement of funds, might best be used to build a mega-city where the Arabs could be relocated with jobs waiting and housing available which was part of one of the rumors of what President Trump would be working towards. Such a plan would only face one problem, that the leadership will go to any extreme to block anybody being relocated as without their people, they would have no more millions of dollars coming their way month after month. This is unfortunate as with Iran backing Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezballah, while seeking to also take over the PA, and Iran seeking a conflict with Israel where they claim they will eradicate the Jewish State, a war may be inevitable. The Ayatollahs often refer to Israel as a one bomb state, something which is only valid if one has nuclear weapons, something we suspect Iran had a fair number as part of their weapons stores. Iran may start the final Arab-Israeli war while also attacking American interests in the Middle East which could start a war that escalates into the final world war. It would be so much in the interests of the world to resettle the Arabs and finally recognize the promises the world made to Israel of her eastern border being the Golan Heights and Jordan River. Remove the terror masters and solutions would become available, but how to remove the terror masters. When Israel targets the terror masters, the one thing we can guarantee is that the EU and UN would lead the chorus deploring the horrible acts the Israelis are resorting to by targeting the terror masters. Even nations who have used targeted assassination against terrorism themselves still denounce Israel having the right to using the same tactic. Another case of do what we say, not what we do where Israel is singled out for treatment never considered for any other nation. Israel, according to the overly pompous denouncers of everything Israel, must fight with her hands tied behind her back and never be permitted that which any other nation would consider appropriate actions to solve problems because Israel is the Jewish State which means it is held to a completely unique and unprecedented set of restrictions. We remember the last Gaza war where one of the reporters actually asked an Israeli Knesset Minister why there were so few dead Jews, then she quickly said, I mean Israelis. The truth had slipped her mouth giving a perfect view of what too many think when they say Israel, that what they mean is that state of the Jews. Without the world obsessing over everything Israel, the Arab Israeli Conflict would likely have already been resolved as the funds required for the terror operations would have dried up and there would be no cash flowing in to be stolen by the leadership before permitting a pathetic amount to dribble down to the normal people. That would be the fastest way to resolve this conflict, stop funding terrorists just because they are targeting Jews, or the Jewish State for those who desire a more polite means for saying the same thing.


Beyond the Cusp


March 19, 2019

Is Israel Necessary?


Most of the animus and hatred towards Israel is against the Jewish People as well. The scorn and defamation used against Israel are simply adjusted forms of anti-Semitism modeled to target the Jewish State instead of targeting the Jews themselves. Many of the accusations heard against Israel today can be traced linearly to the anti-Semitisms in both the East and West, in Christian and Muslim worlds which permeated their lexicons throughout centuries since the inception of both religions. Both Islam and Christianity claimed to have replaced the Jews defining the Jews as cast from Hashem and now a tool of Satan. Islam also claimed to have replaced Christianity which should make them just as wary and nervous over Islamic extremism (in reality it is actual essence of Islam and not some stray sect but the mainstream in Islam) and the threats they pose and even proclaim loudly for all to hear. But is Israel necessary or is its existence a causal effect stoking stronger anti-Semitism as a result of Israel’s existence. This will depend on whether people are willing to be objective and honest when addressing the problem just existing has been for the Jew living in much of the world, specifically the Christian West and the Islamic East.


The very first item one need get their arms around is that people in the West have been fed a romanticized version of the history within the Islamist world. The Jews know this first-hand as in Israel our population is spread fairly evenly between those who fled, were exiled or otherwise forced from Christian lands and those who fled, were exiled or otherwise forced from Islamic lands. The stories bare a striking commonality, when things went well, the Jew was left to live on the fringes of society and not permitted equality with their hosts and always eyed nervously and when things were less than exemplary, then it was the Jew who bore the brunt of the blame and was the group which was always just a crisis away from persecution, torture, pogrom, being run out of town or simply being executed for being a Jew, the obvious source of all ills. Most of the Jews who came to Israel from Europe after World War II and soon after her declaration of independence arrived with the clothes they were wearing, often tattered and torn to the point of not being recognized as suitable clothing and maybe a small satchel with everything they had left in the world, often worth next to nothing as many carried pictures of their relatives who perished in the death camps. The decade after Israel survived her initial war, where six Arab armies and a slew of militias attacked the nascent state on the first morning of her existence in what was supposed to be a simply slaughtering of the Jews, the Arab World spat out their Jews after stealing everything of any value. Fortunately, nobody informed the Jews about this and Israel, despite losing Gaza to Egypt and Judea and Samaria to Jordan, retained the remainder of what was allotted Israel by international treaties and conventions convened after World War I. The reestablishment of Israel was decided in the aftermath of World War I and thus was a fact in the making before the Holocaust, so Israel was not founded because of the holocaust, the Holocaust was partly due to the British refusing to permit the Jews to declare their independence and working behind the scenes with the Arabs in attempts to delay and eventually renege and not permit Israel to be born. The Jews are a pesky bunch as once they get their mind set on something, they usually attain that goal, and Israel was no exception.


During the decade after the birthing pains inflicted by the Arab invasion which cost the lives of nearly ten percent of the population of the state of Israel, the Arab world had their cleansing ritual where over eight-hundred-thousand Jews were expelled by various means from across the Middle East and Northern Africa, mostly the Arab Islamic world plus Iran, and were taken in by Israel. These Jews from the Islamic world had been stripped of all wealth; most of their possessions, family heirlooms, businesses, homes, vehicles, jewelry even down to ornate picture frames and anything that glittered were stolen. They arrived in Israel with their clothes on their backs and if fortunate, a suitcase or two per family. Unlike their Arab refugee brethren, mostly the Arabs consisted of those who heeded the Mufti of Jerusalem when he bade them to take refuge behind the Arab armies and then they could return in a few days and share the wealth of the Jew; the Jews welcomed their brothers and sisters and despite financial hardship, they took them to their bosoms and built Israel together. The Arab refugees waited and after two years of fighting where the Arab armies failed to destroy Israel, the Arabs rounded up their faithful who had done as the Mufti demanded, and they placed them in refugee camps where they and their offspring have languished to be used as a weapon against Israel and the Jew. This is why truth be told, Israel Never Placed a Single Arab in a Refugee Camp. That is true despite all the lies you may have heard about what the terrible Israelis did forcing all these Arab refugees into camps for generations; it was, is and apparently will continue to be an all Arab project loaded with their spin of propaganda which they employ in their attempt to destroy Israel.


The Arab League, after the Six Day War, met that September and adopted the Khartoum Resolution with what is known as the “Three No’s”, “No peace with Israel, No recognition of Israel, and No negotiations with Israel;” which can be translated into a single no, no Israel. This has been their starting and ending point for all attempts at finding a solution, including the results even if not obviously the exact words of the Khartoum Resolution, they kept the spirit. So, exactly what do the Arabs and Islamic world desire? That is an easy one to answer, they will accept any peace where Israel is placed under Arab rule, the Jews are to be treated with the same respect as they were in Medina, and then there will be a second Holocaust, as close to seven-million Israelis who are Jewish will be murdered and the over one-hundred-thousand Christian Israelis will be made to be Dhimmi if they are fortunate and murdered with the Jews as there will be an attempt to make the prediction from 1948 so succinctly by Azzam Pasha, Secretary-General of the Arab League at that time who stated, “It will be a war of annihilation. It will be a momentous massacre in history that will be talked about like the massacres of the Mongols or the Crusades.” But the main reason that there exists a necessity for the state of Israel does not have to do with her current population, they are safe for as long as the IDF remains strong and motivated. What it does have to do with are the Jews still living in the Diaspora as they will sooner or later face times of oppression and active attempts at extermination and their only refuge will be Israel.


Today, Israel is approaching the point where half the World’s Jews reside in our homelands. These are the homelands of ours after many painful compromises, surrenders as without a nation and an army, how does one contend with the British Empire whose soldiers populate the entirety of your lands and refuse to leave. This is where the tale actually begins. After World War I and the defeat of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Greater Germany and the Ottoman Empire by the Allied powers, the lands of the losing side were cut into numerous nations with each of the allies given lands from the Ottoman Empire to oversee reconstituting some form of governance. (For a map of the resultant division in Eastern and Central Europe and the Balkans click here) Below is a map of what was the British Mandate for the establishing of a homeland for the Jewish People. The British made a clerical decision that their mandate to use these lands for a homeland for the Jews meant that some of the land would be used for such and the British could do as they pleased with the remainder. Their initial desire was to keep their promise to the Hashemites and provide a kingdom for both of Hussein ibn Ali al-Hashimi’s sons. Thus, Faisal and Abdullah were crowned with Faisal becoming the king of Iraq and no lands for Abdullah. But the British had a solution and they approached the Zionist Congress, a group of Jews armed largely with pens with which to write to newspapers and officials, but nary a useable gun between them, and proposed that the British Mandate become two lands, one Arab and one for the Jews. The British suggested the Jordan River would make for the perfect boundary with the 78% to the east of the River becoming Jordan under Abdullah, and the remaining 22% would be for the Jews, they promised, solemnly, which means they did not mean to leave well enough alone. The Zionist Congress agreed as what else could they have done. So, any Jews who were residing, farming, tending herds or anything east of the Jordan River found themselves forced to abandon their stake and hastily make for the western side of the Jordan where they would be safer. When the United Nations, which under Article 80 of the Charter is supposed to enforce the Mandate system as received from the League of Nations, broke their support for the original British plan and decided that there needed to be two states for two peoples west of the Jordan River. This is the original two state solution. Once again, those responsible for making decisions for the Jews accepted the United Nations compromise, as they did not see any alternative at that point. The Arab League rejected this proposed solution as they had already planned to take care of these upstart Jews as soon as they claimed to be a nation. As this was a General Assembly Resolution, as soon as one side refused it, the resolution is considered dead and buried, well, except this one. The Arabs have claimed that they would accept this solution now but it is no longer considered viable. Truth is, Israel is residing on 22% of the lands initially set aside for the Jewish State and this is too much for the world, they want Israel to be smaller. How much smaller? Well, how small can you make it; can you make it so small that it disappears? That the world would accept with great fanfare and celebratory parties around the globe.


British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel

British Mandate as prescribed division between Arab State of Jordan and Jewish State of Israel


But Israel has managed to not only survive, but to thrive, and this rankles a great number of people. But despite all of her successes, Israel has not yet fulfilled her true purpose, a purpose which despite our hopes that this never becomes the case, we see the world and know the true test for Israel will soon be upon us. Israel is the safety catch for Jews which we have had to survive without for approximately two-thousand years. During the Holocaust and all the horrors which were World War II, for Jews there was a specific horror as it opened wide the world body and revealed a darkened heart which had no mercy, concern, care nor compassion for the Jew. This was the Voyage of the Damned, the ship was the luxury cruise liner M.S. St. Louis which left Germany with over nine-hundred Jews fleeing the Nazis who had papers and all the right permissions to disembark at Cuba. Bending to pressures from within and without, the Cuban government reneged on their permissions cancelling their papers refusing to allow them to disembark. The M.S. St. Lois made her way back to Europe with every nation she passed along the way refusing to take any of the Jews except for a small number, some who had British citizenship and some who found any means of not returning to Germany. Most of the passengers who were returned to mainland Europe did not survive the war with many finding death at the hands of the Nazi death machines at Auschwitz and Treblinka. These Jews had no Israel, and this is why the world required an Israel.


Looking around Europe and the rest of the world and witnessing the ever-climbing occurrences of Jew hatred in all the forms of anti-Semitism, and the need for an Israel becomes excessively evident. Jews have been denied marching in LGBTQIA events, the Women’s Day March and numerous other events which are part and parcel of the intersectionality definition of those causes which are acceptable and those which require the exclusion of all who support it or are suspected of supporting those unincluded causes. Israel is at the very top of the list with a whole set of sub-causes attached. One of the disqualifying traits is being too obviously Jewish and thus appearing to support Israel. The sole means of breaking from such labeling is to openly and with great ardor supporting the Arab cause and denouncing Israel louder and longer than anyone else, then, just then, maybe you will be permitted to join the intersectionality club. When the people of the far left and their endeared ones such as Ms. Omar, Ms. Tlaib, Ms. Sarsour, Ms. Perez and Ms. Mallory take the helm of the progressive causes in a decade or so, the relationship between Israel and the United States will be on thin ice. Each election will decide whether Israel is favored or targeted. From that point, it is but a slip on a banana peel to the complete rejection of Israel and the rejection of the Jews within the nation. When the United States reaches the point where her Jews are endangered, the signs should be noticeable, as this will follow after Europe has tread that same path a short while earlier. This is why the world needs Israel, if all the discoveries, cures, life improving technologies, agricultural miracles and all the other contributions which come from Israel were not sufficient, which apparently they are not. Israel has been a repository from more than Jews needing a safe place to which to flee. Israel, from 1977 to 1979, permitted approximately three-hundred-sixty Vietnamese boat people fleeing the 1975 Communist takeover of Vietnam to take up residence in Israel offering them citizenship if they so desired. Some of these refugees went so far as to convert to Judaism and their families still reside in Israel. Israel has treated thousands of Syrians who have fallen victim to the horrific civil war raging in that nation. Israel provides medical care for thousands of Palestinian Arabs each year despite the constant threat of terrorism coming from the Palestinian controlled areas. Additionally, Israel is often the first to have a fully operational field hospital set up wherever in the world a natural disaster or other calamity has taken place. These are just a small sample of the reasons that Israel should be viewed as a treasure and not shunned as a pariah as is proven all too often when votes are counted at the United Nations General Assembly and other activities by numerous United Nations agencies. Still, the number one reason the world needs Israel is simply as the place where they can send their Jews when they decide that they are no longer desired. That is a sad commentary on the world, but it is an unfortunate truth.


Beyond the Cusp


December 19, 2018

Time to Talk About the Actual Occupation


We hear over and over again ad-infinitum about how the Palestinian Arab lands are occupied lands. Allow us to inform everybody what exactly is their definition of the occupied lands. According to the Palestinian Arabs, this includes all of the varieties in Gaza and the Shomron (West Bank), the occupied lands include everything between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. It includes east Jerusalem, west Jerusalem, Bet El, Tel Aviv, Eilat, Haifa, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Be’er Sheva, Sderot, Netanya, Tiberius, Nahariya and everything that even the United Nations claims they see as Israel. To these people our entire existence is illegal and we need to be exterminated. This is the Arab view of a compromise, that they will kill us and take everything. Now let us talk about that thing which has been stretched beyond recognition, International Law. International Law is based on some really unusual items such as Mandates, Treaties, Conferences and edicts from world bodies. You will never hear the Palestinian Arabs refer to anything beyond their pipe dreams of destroying Israel, murdering the Jews and living off the spoils they are able to claim. This was the promise given them by the Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini who demanded that the Arabs leave the regions where the Jews lived so that when the victorious Arab armies from six nations, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq allied with several militias sent by other nations and gathered by the Mufti, swept across the Jewish lands slaughtering the Jews, who knew not how to fight, and would celebrate along the sea victoriously in 1948 when these forces assaulted the nascent state of Israel at her birth. That sweeping victory never came about and the Jews proved the match in a war which lasted two years. When Israel was founded, after the Arabs refused an additional partition because they were about to wipe out the Jews, thus once they refused the November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly resolution, UNGA Res 181, it became null and void, just as the Arabs desired. They refused to recognize even one square millimeter of a Jewish State and were going to annihilate the Jews to prove their Allah was superior to whatever the Jews worshiped. They gained some territory but failed in that mission.


The first thing which need be addressed is the refused offer and the actual boundaries for the Jewish State. Below we have included three maps. The one on the left was what the United Nations General Assembly offered in order to prevent a war. This offer was refused by the Arabs which then made that offer void for perpetuity. The middle map is the actual borders for the Jewish State as drawn by the San Remo Conference in its modified form under the British Mandate after 78% of the Mandate Lands, those east of the Jordan River, had been set aside for the Arabs of the region and those lands west of the Jordan River were to be the lands for the Jews. The map on the right shows what lands were taken during the war and held by the Arab forces with Egypt gaining the Gaza Strip and Jordan taking most of the Shomron, regions of Judea and Samaria, which they renamed West Bank so as to remove any Jewish sounding names from the region. The Gaza Strip was occupied illegally by Egypt which is in part why they refused to accept it back when Egypt and Israel reached a treaty on March 26, 1979. Jordan illegally occupied the Shomron and even forced a number of their Jordanian citizens to relocate into the region which is an even greater violation of International Law but they refused to claim these regions when they made peace with Israel on October 26, 1994. In both cases, the departing power refused to allow their citizens in these regions to return to their lands forcing the Palestinian Arab problem upon Israel in order to continue the Islamic threat to the stability of Israel. The reality should almost have become obvious as to what lands are occupied and who are those who are doing the occupying. Israel released her claim to Gaza with an understanding that should it become a breeding zone for terror attacks and become a threat to Israeli peace, then Israel has the right to retake Gaza and force the people supportive of the terrorist threats out of Gaza to seek their lives elsewhere, preferably far from Israel. With Hamas being elected and supported by minimally 80% of the Gaza population and with much of the population either active in Hamas or Islamic Jihad, Israel is within her rights to reconquer Gaza and remove the entirety of its population. These are Arabs who mostly are of Egyptian ancestry and thus pushing them into the Sinai Peninsula would be a viable solution. Israel can legally press the population of Gaza with very few exception into Egypt where the Egyptian government may do with them as they please providing that does not include Israel. Any Gazans who would be permitted to remain would be politically restricted to only voting in local elections such as city councils or town councils but restricted from voting in Israeli national elections. This was something granted the Jewish State from the San Remo Conference and in each permutation of that agreement including the Mandate System. But Gaza is recognized by much of the world as being a terrorist state which means they have none of the rights of a normative nation.


Resolution 181 Division, Israel on the morning of May 15, 1948, Israel after the War and losing lands of Gaza and West Bank

Resolution 181 Division,
Israel on the morning of May 15, 1948,
Israel after the War and losing lands of Gaza and West Bank


Then there are the regions which were covered by the optimism of an agreement called the Oslo Accords. Their original intent was for an agreement to be hammered out between the Arabs in the Shomron and Israel. This Oslo Accords were to last for five years and there was to be a form of peace agreed upon. That failed so we got Oslo II and then the Roadmap and finally the Gaza disengagement under George W Bush and Condoleezza Rice. This Gaza disengagement we covered above and Gaza deserves to be eradicated and wiped clean leaving the region for Israel to develop for the benefit of Israel and the world. But what about the Palestinian Authority and the seemingly eternal quest for an agreement which the Arabs do not refuse? Thusfar, there have been at least three offers, which most of the people working with the parties to fashion a peace thought were fair, which the Israelis had accepted only to have the Arab leadership of the Palestinian Authority refuse these offers without even making a supplemental offer or demands, but simply walking away from negotiations refusing to make counteroffers, or even setting any date for further negotiations. Of late, as the Arabs have gotten virtually everything possible through pretending to negotiate and are now working to increase the regions considered by the world at large that they are entitled with the eventual aim for their replacing the Jewish State and being rid of Israel and its Jews. Oslo Accords originally separated the region of contention into three zones, Area A which was to be under Palestinian Arab rule and security control, Area B which would be under Palestinian Arab rule and joint Arab and Israeli security and Area C which would be under Israeli rule and security control. The intention was that the Arabs would form their state out of Area A and a negotiated region agreed upon of Area B and Israel would annex all of Area C and the rest of Area B. The Palestinian Arabs have convinced the world at large that all of the contended region belongs to them and they have begun to work on being gifted the entirety of Jerusalem. They make demands in Arabic that they will also be the rulers of Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Eilat, and all of Israel because they claim that the Jews have never resided in Israel since the onset of Islam, the beginning of all existence. For the Arab world, nothing existed before Muhammad thus all history is but fairy tales told to the rest of the world to try and minimize the superiority of Islam. The problem is that according to International Law, the Jewish State has the borders depicted in the center map, which is the reason that the Palestinian Authority has never contested the existence of the Jewish State in the International Courts.


Because the terror fence/wall was proving very effective at deterring terrorism, the Palestinian Authority went to the International Court to try and have them forced it to be torn down. Egyptian Judge, Justice El Araby, and the International Court of Justice (ICJ), where he sat in judgement as part of the panel which heard the case where the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) sought an advisory opinion in 2003 from the ICJ on the legality of the security barrier erected by Israel; the Honorable Justice El Araby warned the UNGA and others, including Mahmoud Abbas and the whole of the PA, that filing further ran some risks, as he stated, “The international legal status of the Palestinian Territory (paras. 70-71 of the Advisory Opinion), in my view, merits more comprehensive treatment. A historical survey is relevant to the question posed by the General Assembly, for it serves as the background to understanding the legal status of the Palestinian Territory on the one hand and underlines the special and continuing responsibility of the General Assembly on the other. This may appear as academic, without relevance to the present events. The present is however determined by the accumulation of past events and no reasonable and fair concern for the future can possibly disregard a firm grasp of past events. In particular, when on more than one occasion, the rule of law was consistently side-stepped. The point of departure, or one can say in legal jargon, the critical date, is the League of Nations Mandate which was entrusted to Great Britain.” His warning was a candid way of inferring that should any group challenge the Israeli legal ownership of all the lands east of the Jordan River would run afoul of International Law and treaties, mandates, conferences and other legalities all of which sided with Israel. There have been no further cases brought before the International Courts since then as those opposed to Israel have heeded his warning. The one item not covered directly by these legalities concerns the Arab population within the contended areas, but they do fall under the rules of law which are even older than the other rules which apply to the region.


The Arab population under the Palestinian Authority almost all can be traced back within two or most often three generation to having arrived since 1900 and even a greater percentage since 1875 and all since the original arrival of the Zionist Jews. The Arabs arrived largely after the Jews established agriculture and other endeavors. When the Jews established a base economy which provided jobs, the Arabs came to take advantage. Later, the British in conjunction with the French transplanted hundreds and eventually millions of Arabs into the region in which they were supposed to be establishing the Jewish State by making sure there were always a greater number of Arabs, measurably, in order to prevent the Jews declaring their state. This was a disastrous situation when the British blocked nearly all Jews from escaping the Nazis during World War II. Even after the War, the British did all they were capable of to prevent the Jews who had survived the Holocaust from entering Israel until the British pulled out of the region. Despite these efforts, the Jews still established their state and despite the efforts of the United Nations General Assembly to cut their homeland in half, thankfully the Arabs refused that gift expecting to conquer the entirety soon after the British left, Israel was founded in mid-May 1948 with all the lands west of the Jordan River being their state. Since these Arabs were mostly economic refugees and as Jordan also transferred thousands of their citizens into the region they illegally occupied from 1948 through June of 1967, these Arabs can legally under the rules of war be returned to Jordan, some possibly to Syria. Let us go through this step-by-step as events were lain down for history and yet ignored only because Israel is the State of the Jewish People.


Originally, back all the way to 1920, soon after World War I and well before World War II and the Holocaust, which is important, the San Remo Conference reached their conclusions leading to the Mandate Systems. This fleshed out the League of Nations Mandate System which assigned regions from the defeated Axis of Powers from World War I to the separate Allied Powers. The British were assigned to make a series of nations which included the Arab state of Iraq and the state of Kurdistan from what is today Iraq. Because the assigned King for Iraq was more pliable concerning oil rights and the demands of J Paul Getty and his designs on the Mosul oil fields, the British reneged on the establishing of Kurdistan and the Kurds had their homeland stolen. The British then took 78% of the remainder of the British Mandate lands to form another Arab state to provide the other son of King Faisal a kingdom to form Transjordan which became Jordan. The British then did everything possible to prevent the formation of the Jewish state caving again to Arab demands, but when the British pulled from the region, Israel declared their independence. The ensuing war left Egypt occupying Gaza and Jordan occupying areas of the Shomron. Gaza has since become ruled by Hamas making it a terror state which is largely condemned by the world, officially. The region of the Shomron which Jordan occupied until June of 1967 was released by Jordan and is the region contested by the Palestinian Authority Arabs. As the vast majority of the Arabs within this region were Jordanian citizens or their offspring, and most arrived since 1900 plus Jordan had illegally annexed the region giving them all citizenship, Israel can rightfully as the liberating power regaining her legal lands is permitted to force the alien population to be sent to be absorbed by the former occupying power of Jordan. This has precedents with the population transfers dislocating the German citizens from lands which were ceded to France and Poland after World War I and the exchange of populations by Pakistan and India when the nation of India was divided into the two separate states and millions of Muslims were transferred into Pakistan while millions of Hindus and Buddhists among others left the region fleeing back into India. There have been transfers concerning Russia and Poland as well as other cases when borders were adjusted while other instances all across the globe are recorded by history. The sole reason this has been prevented in the case of Israel is in order to cause situations by which Israel can be threatened and have its territories slowly stolen being given initially to Arabs and, when those transfers have been exhausted, then to Bedouins, after that to Christians and after that to another and another and another until the Jews no longer have a defendable piece of land as they all live in central Tel Aviv.


The entirety of the Arab-Israeli conflict has been managed and manufactured by the powers of the world and will continue for as long as the leadership of Israel is largely so concerned about the opinions of the world than the health of their country. The British showed their true colors almost from the moment they were provided with the mandate to form the Jewish State. They moved from the outset, as mentioned above, to steal away 78% of their Mandate in order to form an Arab state despite this not being actually included in their original Mandate. They did all they were able to prevent the Jews from populating their future homelands while also importing Arabs such that the Jewish population would never become a majority. The British were attempting to do to the Jews exactly what they had already done to the Kurds when taking their land and gifting it to the King of Iraq in exchange for oil rights. Thankfully, Israel did not have any oil deposits so at least J Paul Getty had no desire for the desert and swamp lands which were the wastelands which became Israel. The funding of the Palestinian Authority and UNWRA by European nations and the European Union added to their financing of numerous NGO’s working in concert to eliminate Israel through Arab and world pressures. The United Nations has through any number of votes plus the overt actions of its plethora of organizations including but not limited to the Human Rights Council, UNESCO, UNICEF, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, UNCTAD, UNIDO and, of course, UNWRA voting to condemn, censor and accuse Israel of any and every conceivable wrongdoing. The world spending such an inordinate amount of their efforts just to scrutinize Israel seeking any crack in its establishment so as to leaver that crack and break its founding and destroy the Jewish State. What is required is for Israel to simply worry about one single form of relations with the rest of the world, whether or not nations desire to trade with Israel and accept the numerous forms of aid and assistance which Israel has to offer. This includes disaster responses for which Israel is one of the foremost providers as the CNN reporter discovered in one of our favorite videos placed below when she discovered the Israeli field hospital in Haiti. Israel was one of the nations to provide assistance to the United States after Katrina and Sandy, two very potent hurricanes. Israel has aided nations all over the world, provided agricultural, water purification, cell communications and electrical power to small villages and tribes throughout Africa and the world. We covered a small amount about this in our article “Israel is the Unique Miracle Nation” which includes a map of some of the places Israeli assistance has visited. Israel climbed into nationhood through a miracle and has fought to remain a nation with more miraculous successes. This is what forced the world to attempt to destroy Israel through stages and allowing groups to nibble away at her sovereignty.



It is remarkable that the European Union builds villages within the regions which all recognize as belonging to Israel and then despite these villages having no connection to any utilities, no services and are only inhabited briefly for photos to be taken to make-believe these villages are inhabited and then scream when Israel moves to destroy these illegal structures but call for the destruction of entire cities which are in land legally Israeli which are Jewish cities. The United Nations General Assembly joins the Europeans in these efforts but at least does not build these villages, at least not yet. Israel must reach the position that the Jordan River is her eastern border, declare the truth that there is no such thing as a Palestinian people, there never has been any nation called Palestine, Israel fought with Jordan over these lands which Jordan occupied from 1948 to 1967 after which Israel liberated her lands and the Arabs who resided there belong to Jordan and at best could be resident aliens should they remain within the Israeli borders, the world will never accept her as a normal nation, others will love her when she is assisting them while demanding her dissolution the next day and finally that she must take what is rightfully hers while ignoring the world and the racket it will make. The years of the Jews living under the worlds which were foreign to her and where the Jews were always the other have left an indelible shadow over her thinking such that she always worries if she has been accepted and is doing things which the rest of the world will approve. The leadership is almost always looking to the outside world for stroking and being given approvals and good vibes while always being overly sensitive to criticisms and seeking to remain between the lines.


Israel will continue to suffer these insults and defamations until her leaders decide that what is most important is not what others believe and say about her but what is best for her future and the health of her people which includes every citizen, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Baha’I, Hindu, Buddhist, Bedouin, Druze and any others who are citizens; and simply ignore what those others say as their opinions are unimportant when compared to the health of Israel. Israeli leadership requires the same change in their perspective of the importance of their view of reality as did the Hebrews, our ancient ancestors who took part in the Exodus from Egypt, when they were sent by Hashem to spend forty years in the desert such that a new generation worthy of receiving and taking on the related challenges of inhabiting the Promised Lands. The current leadership in Israel have too many who have a view which could be relegated to correlating with the ten spies who reported that the Promised Lands were possessed by giants living in cities with towering impenetrable walls while, as back then, a mere two reported that the Promised Lands were fearful of the coming of the Hebrews and were ready to be conquered. After forty years, those two who gave the promising reports were the leaders and the new generation was prepared for the task. Israel will be a very different nation in a mere twenty to thirty years with leaders who will have a far stronger belief in Israel and her rightfulness amongst the nations. This will allow them to shrug off the condemnation from Europe and the United Nations and instead worry about what is best for Israel and let the world howl as they will turn a deaf ear to the caterwauling.


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