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December 19, 2018

Time to Talk About the Actual Occupation


We hear over and over again ad-infinitum about how the Palestinian Arab lands are occupied lands. Allow us to inform everybody what exactly is their definition of the occupied lands. According to the Palestinian Arabs, this includes all of the varieties in Gaza and the Shomron (West Bank), the occupied lands include everything between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. It includes east Jerusalem, west Jerusalem, Bet El, Tel Aviv, Eilat, Haifa, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Be’er Sheva, Sderot, Netanya, Tiberius, Nahariya and everything that even the United Nations claims they see as Israel. To these people our entire existence is illegal and we need to be exterminated. This is the Arab view of a compromise, that they will kill us and take everything. Now let us talk about that thing which has been stretched beyond recognition, International Law. International Law is based on some really unusual items such as Mandates, Treaties, Conferences and edicts from world bodies. You will never hear the Palestinian Arabs refer to anything beyond their pipe dreams of destroying Israel, murdering the Jews and living off the spoils they are able to claim. This was the promise given them by the Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini who demanded that the Arabs leave the regions where the Jews lived so that when the victorious Arab armies from six nations, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq allied with several militias sent by other nations and gathered by the Mufti, swept across the Jewish lands slaughtering the Jews, who knew not how to fight, and would celebrate along the sea victoriously in 1948 when these forces assaulted the nascent state of Israel at her birth. That sweeping victory never came about and the Jews proved the match in a war which lasted two years. When Israel was founded, after the Arabs refused an additional partition because they were about to wipe out the Jews, thus once they refused the November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly resolution, UNGA Res 181, it became null and void, just as the Arabs desired. They refused to recognize even one square millimeter of a Jewish State and were going to annihilate the Jews to prove their Allah was superior to whatever the Jews worshiped. They gained some territory but failed in that mission.


The first thing which need be addressed is the refused offer and the actual boundaries for the Jewish State. Below we have included three maps. The one on the left was what the United Nations General Assembly offered in order to prevent a war. This offer was refused by the Arabs which then made that offer void for perpetuity. The middle map is the actual borders for the Jewish State as drawn by the San Remo Conference in its modified form under the British Mandate after 78% of the Mandate Lands, those east of the Jordan River, had been set aside for the Arabs of the region and those lands west of the Jordan River were to be the lands for the Jews. The map on the right shows what lands were taken during the war and held by the Arab forces with Egypt gaining the Gaza Strip and Jordan taking most of the Shomron, regions of Judea and Samaria, which they renamed West Bank so as to remove any Jewish sounding names from the region. The Gaza Strip was occupied illegally by Egypt which is in part why they refused to accept it back when Egypt and Israel reached a treaty on March 26, 1979. Jordan illegally occupied the Shomron and even forced a number of their Jordanian citizens to relocate into the region which is an even greater violation of International Law but they refused to claim these regions when they made peace with Israel on October 26, 1994. In both cases, the departing power refused to allow their citizens in these regions to return to their lands forcing the Palestinian Arab problem upon Israel in order to continue the Islamic threat to the stability of Israel. The reality should almost have become obvious as to what lands are occupied and who are those who are doing the occupying. Israel released her claim to Gaza with an understanding that should it become a breeding zone for terror attacks and become a threat to Israeli peace, then Israel has the right to retake Gaza and force the people supportive of the terrorist threats out of Gaza to seek their lives elsewhere, preferably far from Israel. With Hamas being elected and supported by minimally 80% of the Gaza population and with much of the population either active in Hamas or Islamic Jihad, Israel is within her rights to reconquer Gaza and remove the entirety of its population. These are Arabs who mostly are of Egyptian ancestry and thus pushing them into the Sinai Peninsula would be a viable solution. Israel can legally press the population of Gaza with very few exception into Egypt where the Egyptian government may do with them as they please providing that does not include Israel. Any Gazans who would be permitted to remain would be politically restricted to only voting in local elections such as city councils or town councils but restricted from voting in Israeli national elections. This was something granted the Jewish State from the San Remo Conference and in each permutation of that agreement including the Mandate System. But Gaza is recognized by much of the world as being a terrorist state which means they have none of the rights of a normative nation.


Resolution 181 Division, Israel on the morning of May 15, 1948, Israel after the War and losing lands of Gaza and West Bank

Resolution 181 Division,
Israel on the morning of May 15, 1948,
Israel after the War and losing lands of Gaza and West Bank


Then there are the regions which were covered by the optimism of an agreement called the Oslo Accords. Their original intent was for an agreement to be hammered out between the Arabs in the Shomron and Israel. This Oslo Accords were to last for five years and there was to be a form of peace agreed upon. That failed so we got Oslo II and then the Roadmap and finally the Gaza disengagement under George W Bush and Condoleezza Rice. This Gaza disengagement we covered above and Gaza deserves to be eradicated and wiped clean leaving the region for Israel to develop for the benefit of Israel and the world. But what about the Palestinian Authority and the seemingly eternal quest for an agreement which the Arabs do not refuse? Thusfar, there have been at least three offers, which most of the people working with the parties to fashion a peace thought were fair, which the Israelis had accepted only to have the Arab leadership of the Palestinian Authority refuse these offers without even making a supplemental offer or demands, but simply walking away from negotiations refusing to make counteroffers, or even setting any date for further negotiations. Of late, as the Arabs have gotten virtually everything possible through pretending to negotiate and are now working to increase the regions considered by the world at large that they are entitled with the eventual aim for their replacing the Jewish State and being rid of Israel and its Jews. Oslo Accords originally separated the region of contention into three zones, Area A which was to be under Palestinian Arab rule and security control, Area B which would be under Palestinian Arab rule and joint Arab and Israeli security and Area C which would be under Israeli rule and security control. The intention was that the Arabs would form their state out of Area A and a negotiated region agreed upon of Area B and Israel would annex all of Area C and the rest of Area B. The Palestinian Arabs have convinced the world at large that all of the contended region belongs to them and they have begun to work on being gifted the entirety of Jerusalem. They make demands in Arabic that they will also be the rulers of Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Eilat, and all of Israel because they claim that the Jews have never resided in Israel since the onset of Islam, the beginning of all existence. For the Arab world, nothing existed before Muhammad thus all history is but fairy tales told to the rest of the world to try and minimize the superiority of Islam. The problem is that according to International Law, the Jewish State has the borders depicted in the center map, which is the reason that the Palestinian Authority has never contested the existence of the Jewish State in the International Courts.


Because the terror fence/wall was proving very effective at deterring terrorism, the Palestinian Authority went to the International Court to try and have them forced it to be torn down. Egyptian Judge, Justice El Araby, and the International Court of Justice (ICJ), where he sat in judgement as part of the panel which heard the case where the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) sought an advisory opinion in 2003 from the ICJ on the legality of the security barrier erected by Israel; the Honorable Justice El Araby warned the UNGA and others, including Mahmoud Abbas and the whole of the PA, that filing further ran some risks, as he stated, “The international legal status of the Palestinian Territory (paras. 70-71 of the Advisory Opinion), in my view, merits more comprehensive treatment. A historical survey is relevant to the question posed by the General Assembly, for it serves as the background to understanding the legal status of the Palestinian Territory on the one hand and underlines the special and continuing responsibility of the General Assembly on the other. This may appear as academic, without relevance to the present events. The present is however determined by the accumulation of past events and no reasonable and fair concern for the future can possibly disregard a firm grasp of past events. In particular, when on more than one occasion, the rule of law was consistently side-stepped. The point of departure, or one can say in legal jargon, the critical date, is the League of Nations Mandate which was entrusted to Great Britain.” His warning was a candid way of inferring that should any group challenge the Israeli legal ownership of all the lands east of the Jordan River would run afoul of International Law and treaties, mandates, conferences and other legalities all of which sided with Israel. There have been no further cases brought before the International Courts since then as those opposed to Israel have heeded his warning. The one item not covered directly by these legalities concerns the Arab population within the contended areas, but they do fall under the rules of law which are even older than the other rules which apply to the region.


The Arab population under the Palestinian Authority almost all can be traced back within two or most often three generation to having arrived since 1900 and even a greater percentage since 1875 and all since the original arrival of the Zionist Jews. The Arabs arrived largely after the Jews established agriculture and other endeavors. When the Jews established a base economy which provided jobs, the Arabs came to take advantage. Later, the British in conjunction with the French transplanted hundreds and eventually millions of Arabs into the region in which they were supposed to be establishing the Jewish State by making sure there were always a greater number of Arabs, measurably, in order to prevent the Jews declaring their state. This was a disastrous situation when the British blocked nearly all Jews from escaping the Nazis during World War II. Even after the War, the British did all they were capable of to prevent the Jews who had survived the Holocaust from entering Israel until the British pulled out of the region. Despite these efforts, the Jews still established their state and despite the efforts of the United Nations General Assembly to cut their homeland in half, thankfully the Arabs refused that gift expecting to conquer the entirety soon after the British left, Israel was founded in mid-May 1948 with all the lands west of the Jordan River being their state. Since these Arabs were mostly economic refugees and as Jordan also transferred thousands of their citizens into the region they illegally occupied from 1948 through June of 1967, these Arabs can legally under the rules of war be returned to Jordan, some possibly to Syria. Let us go through this step-by-step as events were lain down for history and yet ignored only because Israel is the State of the Jewish People.


Originally, back all the way to 1920, soon after World War I and well before World War II and the Holocaust, which is important, the San Remo Conference reached their conclusions leading to the Mandate Systems. This fleshed out the League of Nations Mandate System which assigned regions from the defeated Axis of Powers from World War I to the separate Allied Powers. The British were assigned to make a series of nations which included the Arab state of Iraq and the state of Kurdistan from what is today Iraq. Because the assigned King for Iraq was more pliable concerning oil rights and the demands of J Paul Getty and his designs on the Mosul oil fields, the British reneged on the establishing of Kurdistan and the Kurds had their homeland stolen. The British then took 78% of the remainder of the British Mandate lands to form another Arab state to provide the other son of King Faisal a kingdom to form Transjordan which became Jordan. The British then did everything possible to prevent the formation of the Jewish state caving again to Arab demands, but when the British pulled from the region, Israel declared their independence. The ensuing war left Egypt occupying Gaza and Jordan occupying areas of the Shomron. Gaza has since become ruled by Hamas making it a terror state which is largely condemned by the world, officially. The region of the Shomron which Jordan occupied until June of 1967 was released by Jordan and is the region contested by the Palestinian Authority Arabs. As the vast majority of the Arabs within this region were Jordanian citizens or their offspring, and most arrived since 1900 plus Jordan had illegally annexed the region giving them all citizenship, Israel can rightfully as the liberating power regaining her legal lands is permitted to force the alien population to be sent to be absorbed by the former occupying power of Jordan. This has precedents with the population transfers dislocating the German citizens from lands which were ceded to France and Poland after World War I and the exchange of populations by Pakistan and India when the nation of India was divided into the two separate states and millions of Muslims were transferred into Pakistan while millions of Hindus and Buddhists among others left the region fleeing back into India. There have been transfers concerning Russia and Poland as well as other cases when borders were adjusted while other instances all across the globe are recorded by history. The sole reason this has been prevented in the case of Israel is in order to cause situations by which Israel can be threatened and have its territories slowly stolen being given initially to Arabs and, when those transfers have been exhausted, then to Bedouins, after that to Christians and after that to another and another and another until the Jews no longer have a defendable piece of land as they all live in central Tel Aviv.


The entirety of the Arab-Israeli conflict has been managed and manufactured by the powers of the world and will continue for as long as the leadership of Israel is largely so concerned about the opinions of the world than the health of their country. The British showed their true colors almost from the moment they were provided with the mandate to form the Jewish State. They moved from the outset, as mentioned above, to steal away 78% of their Mandate in order to form an Arab state despite this not being actually included in their original Mandate. They did all they were able to prevent the Jews from populating their future homelands while also importing Arabs such that the Jewish population would never become a majority. The British were attempting to do to the Jews exactly what they had already done to the Kurds when taking their land and gifting it to the King of Iraq in exchange for oil rights. Thankfully, Israel did not have any oil deposits so at least J Paul Getty had no desire for the desert and swamp lands which were the wastelands which became Israel. The funding of the Palestinian Authority and UNWRA by European nations and the European Union added to their financing of numerous NGO’s working in concert to eliminate Israel through Arab and world pressures. The United Nations has through any number of votes plus the overt actions of its plethora of organizations including but not limited to the Human Rights Council, UNESCO, UNICEF, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, UNCTAD, UNIDO and, of course, UNWRA voting to condemn, censor and accuse Israel of any and every conceivable wrongdoing. The world spending such an inordinate amount of their efforts just to scrutinize Israel seeking any crack in its establishment so as to leaver that crack and break its founding and destroy the Jewish State. What is required is for Israel to simply worry about one single form of relations with the rest of the world, whether or not nations desire to trade with Israel and accept the numerous forms of aid and assistance which Israel has to offer. This includes disaster responses for which Israel is one of the foremost providers as the CNN reporter discovered in one of our favorite videos placed below when she discovered the Israeli field hospital in Haiti. Israel was one of the nations to provide assistance to the United States after Katrina and Sandy, two very potent hurricanes. Israel has aided nations all over the world, provided agricultural, water purification, cell communications and electrical power to small villages and tribes throughout Africa and the world. We covered a small amount about this in our article “Israel is the Unique Miracle Nation” which includes a map of some of the places Israeli assistance has visited. Israel climbed into nationhood through a miracle and has fought to remain a nation with more miraculous successes. This is what forced the world to attempt to destroy Israel through stages and allowing groups to nibble away at her sovereignty.



It is remarkable that the European Union builds villages within the regions which all recognize as belonging to Israel and then despite these villages having no connection to any utilities, no services and are only inhabited briefly for photos to be taken to make-believe these villages are inhabited and then scream when Israel moves to destroy these illegal structures but call for the destruction of entire cities which are in land legally Israeli which are Jewish cities. The United Nations General Assembly joins the Europeans in these efforts but at least does not build these villages, at least not yet. Israel must reach the position that the Jordan River is her eastern border, declare the truth that there is no such thing as a Palestinian people, there never has been any nation called Palestine, Israel fought with Jordan over these lands which Jordan occupied from 1948 to 1967 after which Israel liberated her lands and the Arabs who resided there belong to Jordan and at best could be resident aliens should they remain within the Israeli borders, the world will never accept her as a normal nation, others will love her when she is assisting them while demanding her dissolution the next day and finally that she must take what is rightfully hers while ignoring the world and the racket it will make. The years of the Jews living under the worlds which were foreign to her and where the Jews were always the other have left an indelible shadow over her thinking such that she always worries if she has been accepted and is doing things which the rest of the world will approve. The leadership is almost always looking to the outside world for stroking and being given approvals and good vibes while always being overly sensitive to criticisms and seeking to remain between the lines.


Israel will continue to suffer these insults and defamations until her leaders decide that what is most important is not what others believe and say about her but what is best for her future and the health of her people which includes every citizen, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Baha’I, Hindu, Buddhist, Bedouin, Druze and any others who are citizens; and simply ignore what those others say as their opinions are unimportant when compared to the health of Israel. Israeli leadership requires the same change in their perspective of the importance of their view of reality as did the Hebrews, our ancient ancestors who took part in the Exodus from Egypt, when they were sent by Hashem to spend forty years in the desert such that a new generation worthy of receiving and taking on the related challenges of inhabiting the Promised Lands. The current leadership in Israel have too many who have a view which could be relegated to correlating with the ten spies who reported that the Promised Lands were possessed by giants living in cities with towering impenetrable walls while, as back then, a mere two reported that the Promised Lands were fearful of the coming of the Hebrews and were ready to be conquered. After forty years, those two who gave the promising reports were the leaders and the new generation was prepared for the task. Israel will be a very different nation in a mere twenty to thirty years with leaders who will have a far stronger belief in Israel and her rightfulness amongst the nations. This will allow them to shrug off the condemnation from Europe and the United Nations and instead worry about what is best for Israel and let the world howl as they will turn a deaf ear to the caterwauling.


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December 12, 2018

Why Begrudge Us this Little Haven

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One thing history has taught is that even when the Jewish People come to a nation at its behest and help to modernize that nation, with time everything which went or will ever go wrong is heaped upon us along with the vile degradations and then the threats to our lives. This has occurred throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. It has happened across South and Central America, Russia and has even come to parts of Asia despite there being next to nothing resembling a large Jewish population. It has come to the United States and Canada, though in a less obvious measure, and thus has largely been swept under the carpet, for now. There was the infamous General Order No. 11 (1862) given by Major-General Ulysses S. Grant of December 17, 1862, during the American Civil War which ordered the expulsion of all Jews in his military district comprising areas of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky. The claim came that he was attacking the Black Markey in the region which he just knew had to be a Jewish operation. Yes, President Lincoln immediately rescinded the order, but the days or weeks or whatever it took to have the order received in Washington DC and then be removed, brought to the attention of the President, the rescinding order written and that sent back to General Grant and then the slow, probably intentionally slow, implementation walking back the original orders, well, as you might suspect the time that took proved detrimental to a good number of Jews of the region. Grant’s General Order No. 11 is noteworthy in that it depicts the tainting of one’s logical thought processes by the disease of anti-Semitism. An individual or group suffering this ailment automatically associates everything nefarious, underhanded, evil or illegal immediately into some Jew plot and more often than not, for monetary gain. Proof, with anti-Semitism your proof is very simple; it is the Jews, what else could one suspect. This has been repeated throughout human history for as long as the Jews have existed, which is pretty much throughout human history. It has happened in every form from the framing of Alfred Dreyfus by the elites of the French Army to cover their own perfidy, to Hitler, to Pharaoh of Egypt, to the Tsars of Russia, to the Spanish Inquisition, to Muhammad and the Jews of Medina and on and on. One can only conclude that eventually, every group will desire to disassociate themselves from the Jews and then cast them off by exile, murder or even attempting genocidally wiping them from the Earth as Hamas, Iran and others in today’s world proudly declare.


Any normative peoples would have decided that, as a rule, they were less than desirable and would have separated from the rest of humanity long ago. We were not even permitted this as the world knew from exactly which little piece of lands we originate. They all knew exactly where we would have gladly moved, at least the majority of us, and made a go of it in a land half desert and half swamp with large boulders strewn throughout the swamps and hilly lands. It was carefully laid out in many languages all from the claimed original Greek copy of texts presumed to have been compiled during the Babylonian Exile, our third as a people with the Egyptian Exile chronicled in that book and the Assyria Exile chronicled in later books which took Ten of the Tribes and they became the Ten Lost Tribes, some of whom are returning in this modern era. Actually, most nations have chronicled parts of our history as you wrote them into your laws and were proud of your acts. Christian, Muslim, it made little if any difference and both blame that the other was worse to the Jewish People and they only did that which was absolutely necessary and needed. Jerusalem destroyed and Israel broken in exile would provide for needed introspection and broadened experience eventually spreading Jews throughout the world and assuring their survival, even if often under hardships. Even Muslim amongst Muslim and Christian amongst Christian, each would finger point to those who were more to blame, and when torture and murder are the acts of the day and you are the target, it matters little who was worse and who was better, you were all barbarous when it came to the Jewish People. True, not always and some even claimed to have mended their ways, for now, because we have learned that our acceptance is always temporary and depends on times being good and nothing going wrong, and even then, ours is a precarious perch.


Jerusalem Destroyed and Israel Broken in Exile

Jerusalem Destroyed and Israel Broken in Exile


When a people live always waiting for the other shoe to drop, they get nervous and react in various ways. Some become differential and make themselves small. A few make them selves threatening ready to take on even the most insignificant slight. Some become conspiracy conscious seeing malice behind every door. Some become the jolly joker in attempts to endear themselves. Most just work hard, work quiet, are industrious, avoid standing apart, are agreeable to a fault and become a form of every-man where they have no identity and allow others to assign whatever identity they prefer. These are all forms of defensiveness and are mechanisms one adopts to cope. All rob one of their real identities which they mask behind their façade. This also results in a people to become very adept at any profession and often they will excel at what in the early days was a disreputable means of making one’s living and eventually became the mainstay of economies. Such an example is what was forced upon the Jews in Medieval Europe and the Islamic worlds, money-lending. That practice which was denied to the religious but so necessary for commerce and running a nation became the forerunner of the banking industry of today which now it is claimed the Jews took over through devious means. The devious means was having it thrust upon us by those who would not soil their hands or reputations but had no problem soiling our hands and reputations as we had no reputations of note and who cared about the Jew lending money, the most dishonorable of affairs. We were denied wealth and title and thus denied ownership of land so we became tailors, cobblers, smiths and these led to the other more specialized trades with time. We were the People of the Book and also people of books as we, as a people, were literate and taught our young to read and write at an early age. They were required first to learn Hebrew so they could pray, and also Arabic or Aramaic to read the early commentaries. Then we taught them the language of the nation in which we resided, and the then might learn the language of the land from where Grandfathers were chased. This led to the Jewish People become international merchants and known for learning languages easily. This led to Jews running import-export businesses and large retail networks and now on-line shopping. This from the little tailor’s shop where the spectacled little man sewed for a living five-hundred years ago and now it is Levi-Straus because he saw the need for a well made and rugged work pants for the men on the railroads and in the mines and on the plains. But even these reputed giants will shrink when the pogroms come. They will be forced to flee, yes, eventually even from the United States and many can see that approaching already, others refuse to see, some always refuse to see.


Give us a safe space of what had been determined to be lands worthless to nearly everybody else, well, until the late nineteenth century. Read about Israel circa the mid nineteenth century in Mark Twain’s “Letters from the Holy Lands”, a sub-part of his Travels Abroad writings. Twain describes a barren land where people are as sparse as is the vegetation. Others writing for the British after World War I describe Malaria and an inhospitable place. Twain describes the few Arabs and Jews he met and claimed one could more often than not differentiate between the two people simply by observing their level of industriousness. The British Home Office described what they saw and often they saw that it was far easier to throw the Jews out of their homes and dispossess them than it was to fire one shot into the air from a sidearm to break-up an Arab riot. One might conclude that many British sought any reason to try to dispossess the Jews of these lands, often just for spite. The French sent most of their Jews from their Mandate to the British Mandate, as they had no need or claim to need the Jews. The French formed two states, Syria for the Arabs and Lebanon for the Christians, though that was not the final word on the matter as the Arabs had their own ides, Syria for the Arabs and Lebanon for the Arabs. The Arabs won and the Christians are continuing to flee from Lebanon when they are able. The British did all they could to try and prevent the Jews from ever forming their state of Israel but the Jews are sometimes an insistent group. The British formed Jordan for the Arabs and placed as many Arabs as they believed would prevent any Jewish state, but they miscalculated as the Mufti of Jerusalem called for the Muslims to leave Israel so the invading Arab armies from six nations and additional militias could simply cleanse the lands of every person they met. The Mufti promised them they could then enrich themselves on the spoils of the Jews. That was the Arab plan, destroy Israel and it too would be for the Arabs, but something went wrong. Those Jews who were often claimed to have no stomach for a fight or to be timid little people rose to be giants and Israel survived that onslaught.


The world, that of Christians and Muslims, have been working politically for another rerun of the Arabs supposedly slaughtering the Jews of Israel ever since them. There was the Six Day War in June 1967, the Yom Kippur War of October 1973 and a long and slow terror war since the first day of May 15, 1948. There have been numerous means of attempting to gift a state to the Arabs within the legal limits of the Jewish state with the Arabs always holding out for the entirety to be gifted them with the Jews on a platter. We would gladly make a deal with the world, if only they would take it. Give us the region promised with the Jordan River as our eastern border, the Golan Heights in the northeast, and the remainder as it is set in treaties and the United Nations set borders. We will be friendly and those Arabs who wish us harm, well, cannot have them around within our borders, so we will give them to whomever is willing to harbor them. Those who desire to remain we will grant resident alien and allow them to rule their own areas while we retain the lands as part of our state. As legal resident aliens, they will not be permitted votes in our national elections. This has functioned thusfar with the Arabs in Eastern Jerusalem. We will not tolerate terrorism or attacks upon our people of any kind, Jew on Arab or Arab on Jew or intra-fraternal violence. We will share our developments, discoveries, inventions, programming marvels, agricultural inventiveness, crop breeds, advances in medicines, new drugs and all the other beneficial items. The byword will be permit and assist us to living in peace and we will be the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg. You do remember that cutting open the goose led to discovering that it was simply a magical goose, that once killed, it could only be stuffed, roasted and served when it reached a nice golden brown, but no longer would there be golden eggs. Remember that tale, as we can be that goose for the world as it is what we were to strive to become, and we are prepared to give it our best shot. It really would be to everyone’s advantage if we were left in peace on our little plot of lands which one requires a magnifying glass to even find us on the average globe, providing one even knows where to look. But, apparently, even this is too much for much of the world to accept, proof we really have not come anywhere near as far as some claim, and that is truly sad. Hopefully, you will not be all that put out if we hold on to this little piece of land while we await you realizing the benefits of our offer. Call us.


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December 5, 2018

An Invitation to a Discussion to Marc Lamont Hill

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#Marc Lamont Hill, you flew half-way around the world to stand in lands which even the United Nations recognizes as an integral part of Israel to make accusations about things which it is obvious that you have absolutely no knowledge. Do not feel poorly about this because many of the world’s leaders are equally ignorant. Now we know you are an educated man but please realize that ignorance is not an insult to your mental capacities, it is simply the state of not knowing the actual facts about a subject, something which you obviously lack when it comes to Israel. We would like to first address some of the most glaring inconsistencies between your statements and the actual facts. Number one is the Arab citizens of Israel have every single right that a Jewish citizen of Israel possesses. These exactly same rights go for Christians, Baha’I, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Animist, atheist, agnostic or even secular humanist. Israel is truly a democracy of all her citizens and every Arab and their children and their children’s children and on is provided with complete equal rights.


Marc Lamont Hill

Marc Lamont Hill


Now, before you begin to scream, what about the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza?, allow us to address this. The first thing you have to learn here is that these Arabs to which you refer are largely not citizens of Israel. The closest any of the West Bank Arabs have come to Israeli citizenship are the Arabs residing in East Jerusalem. These Arabs reside on lands annexed by Israel and have been provided with limited political rights. They have every other right and are permitted to vote in Jerusalem and even more local elections but are restricted from voting in the Israeli national elections for the immediate times. Their final dispensation will be decided when any final peace is reached with the Palestinian powers. Now, the Palestinian powers are where your confusion lies. Hamas rules Gaza after dethroning Mahmoud Abbas in a Coup in 2007 and Hamas holds something which resembles elections whenever they feel the urge, which is seldom. Hamas could hold elections tomorrow and it would make no difference in Gaza as Hamas would simply pick their desired leader and they would win the election. As stated by Joseph Stalin, “People who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” The Arab politicians learned from some of the most devious.


Then there is the “West Bank” which we will call by its original name, you may choose between Judea and Samaria or the Shomron. OK, Shomron it will be and may we say nice choice, it is our favorite as well. Those other names have over three thousand years of history and were not imposed by the Roman Empire in an attempt to destroy the Jewish People, an attempt which we can gladly report failed. These Arabs are ruled over by the Palestinian Authority, may we just call it the PA, thank you. The PA was ruled initially by Yasser Arafat when it was simply the PLO terrorist group funded and a puppet of the KGB. The KGB trained Yasser Arafat as well as Mahmoud Abbas and assisted in choosing the name and providing propaganda to assist them in their assigned duty to destroy Israel. After Arafat died, Mahmoud Abbas won the election overwhelmingly as he was Arafat’s number two man and the one who arranged the financing of the Munich Olympic attack which murdered most of the Israeli Olympians. Abbas was at Arafat’s side when the PLO attempted to dethrone King Abdallah in Jordan and then started the civil war which destroyed Lebanon and led to the formation of Hezballah. Israel would have finished off the leadership of the PLO in Beirut except the State Department had American forces pluck the leadership from a rooftop in Beirut and flew them to Tunisia while leaving many behind who were to be the core for Hezballah. Israel was warned off entering Beirut by the United States, something Israel decided was not worth testing the American resolve. A battleship sitting ten miles off the coast sends a very impressive message. The Oslo Accords brought the PLO back transformed into the PA and now the Israeli partner for peace. The root of the problem is that the Arab leadership does not desire peace unless it includes the Jews subjugated or killed and Israel destroyed. Just a note, subjugated Jews will not last long and as soon as the world turns away, they will be lined up and have their heads removed.


We enjoyed your emotional video where you spoke of things you have proven
to know nothing about. Perhaps get some education from sources
other than other revolutionary leftists such as Chomsky and
then we can have an adult and intelligent conversation.


But the Palestinian Arabs have not been permitted to vote and what is Israel going to do to remedy that situation? To be blunt, the answer is nothing, as the world would never allow Israel to do anything about that horrific situation. Yes, calm down, we are stating that the world will not allow us to provide the Palestinian Arabs the right to vote. The world is fully aware that should they be provided with a real chance at open and free elections where anybody could run for office and the votes were ratified by independent observers would have the PLO and the PA voted from power. The winners would be one of two possibilities, either Hamas or Islamic Jihad would win or the clan leaders of the numerous cities and towns would win and each small area would be ruled independently of the collective group. An open and real election would fragment the Palestinian Arabs into the separate family and local structures which they would prefer have run their lives. There would be a base group who are hardened terrorists but they would be hard-pressed to make a majority showing. This is the reason that Mahmoud Abbas is serving the twelfth or thirteenth year of his four-year term which began in 2005. Abbas has found every reason in the book to prevent elections and apparently, no one is all that upset as long as they can claim that Israel will not allow them to vote. That would be like claiming that the United States has prevented honest elections in North Korea and it is all Trump’s fault (perhaps we should not give people any ideas). So there are two terrorist dictatorships ruling the Palestinian Arabs which the Israelis have never ruled over directly.


But you have basic problems which are far more troubling than these. Israel was not founded on any decision based on the Holocaust; we will refer to that horrid event as the Shoah. The Shoah likely even had minimal influence on the United Nations vote which is depicted in every movie showing Jews huddled around radios waiting to see if the world will accept them and cheering the result and then going out the next day and declaring statehood. There are so many problems with this depiction that it is problematic choosing where to start. The vote that they are referring to took place on November 29, 1947 in the United Nations General Assembly. This vote was on United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 which was a plan to divide the British Mandate lands yet a second time into Arab and Jewish states. This division would be on top of having already given the Arabs 78% of the British Mandate lands all east of the Jordan River and Israel the remaining 22% of the British Mandate lands all west of the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. The defining of Israel under the British Mandate agreement to be founded between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea should give you a hint on what is meant by “from the river to the sea,” as you quoted that chant for the destruction of Israel. So, the vote was at the end of November 1947 and Israel declared her independence on May 14-15, 1948, a full five and a half months later, not anywhere near the next day or that evening as depicted in the Hollywood movies. So, what could have been so important about the dates in the middle of May? Well, that was the date that the British were ending their enforcement of the mandate and were pulling out of the region. As the Arab leadership had refused the partition offered in United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181, as a General Assembly resolution, such a refusal made it null and void and never to be applicable again. That is the odd thing about United Nations General Assembly resolutions, either everyone decides to participate or it holds no worth whatsoever. So, it was not the United Nations vote which established Israel, it was the termination of the British enforcing their mandate which left Israel free to declare their independence.


The Israeli border would have reverted back to the original plans as set out under the Mandate which was the result of the San Remo Conference which was held from April 19 to 26, 1920, which is almost two decades before the Shoah. This was one of a myriad of treaties which returned lands to their ancient and original inhabitants, well, unless the British were involved. The British were supposed to work with France to establish a Kurdish nation of Kurdistan but there was a small problem, J. Paul Getty had his greedy little eyes on the Mosul oil fields which were to be included within Kurdistan and they might not be able to make such an arrangement with the free Kurdish People and King Faisal was more than agreeable provided that he ruled all of the north of Iraq and there be no Kurdistan. That is why there is today a Turkish effort to eradicate the Kurdish people in northern Syria and another effort to do likewise in Iraq by the Iraqi military backed by the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) provided by Iran. The British had committed similar things to attempt and prevent there ever coming into place the Jewish State of Israel. The British would stand aside during Arab rioting in Hevron, Jerusalem and other cities mostly during the 1920’s and 1930’s. The British would confiscate weapons from the Jews and some British officers would then turn these weapons over to the Arab fighters. Many British forced tripled their efforts to disarm the Jews and arm the Arabs in the final weeks and days to their departure. The British limited Jewish immigration into Israel and made the limitation even stricter during the Shoah when the Jews were facing their most dire need for a place to flee. On the other hand, the British did nothing to prevent Arab immigration which had three reasons behind their moving into what would become Israel. The first was economic because as the first Zionists returned to the land, the land began a transformation as these Jews drained swamps, irrigated parched lands and the land began to produce establishing an economy with opportunities. Some of the Arabs came to work with the Jews and others came to steal the lands the Jews had transformed by force, which usually was a mistake. Later the British started to import Arabs by force to assure that the Arabs had a majority from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea as they figured that would prevent Israel from ever being founded. They worked with Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and others to bring Arabs from far and wide.


The very morning that the British got onto their ships to depart, six Arab nations; Jordan (Transjordan), Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iraq invaded the nascent state of Israel who had no actual military or universal command structure in place. Meanwhile, there were some British, French and Nazi officers who were veterans of World War II who assisted the Arabs manning their command centers and providing advice. Israel survived which Jews consider to be a great victory, but they lost lands of Gaza and the Shomron, the very places which are today demanding that they be given all of the land and the rightful rulership thereof. Back in 1920 and through 1922 while the Mandate System was being assembled through negotiation by the League of Nations, the Arab League was in complete agreement and did not even argue against having a Jewish State, these were people who were familiar with and obeyed the Quran which tells the Muslims that the lands around Israel are for the Jewish People. Current interpretations of the Quran have instead centered on the promise that Islam will rule the planet and everyone will bend their knees to Allah. This interpretation claims that any lands which were ever ruled or owned by a Muslim can never be lost to anyone else. This makes Israel, Spain, Portugal, southern Austria and the entire Balkans along with other claims all Islamic lands which they must reconquer in order to validate their Quranic interpretation. This has to do with their concept of Naskh (نسخ) which is an Arabic word usually translated as “abrogation.” In this rule of abrogation, the Medina verses which were written later replace any Meccan verses with which they are in conflict. The Meccan Quranic verses were all about coexistence, acceptance and generally seeking peace while the Medina Quran was based on conquest, the sword, Taqiyya, forced conversions and numerous verses that are more violent. These verses changed the Jews from People of the Book who were allowed special compensation as Dhimmis into an accursed people who the trees and rocks would call out to Muslims saying, “Oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.” Israel simply desires to be granted the lands we were promised which include the Shomron which is the very heart of ancient Israel. We are not seeking world domination, a greater Israel, the conquest of space or any of the myriad of false conspiracy theories, we simply want that which was promised and is supposed to be upheld by the United Nations as per Article 80 of their Charter. We would also love for people to become familiar with the reality before making rash judgments about Israel. If you have any questions, either ask it in a comment or send us an e-mail Mr. Marc Lamont Hill. One last parting note, there has been archaeological proof of King David and King Solomon which places the Jewish People in these lands with Jerusalem as their capital over three-thousand years ago. Three-thousand years ago Islam was not going to be founded for another seventeen-hundred years and the Arabs were worshiping stone idols, the Moon and other heavenly bodies with limited civilization which was mostly clannish. They had yet to form most of their cities while King David had designed an improved gate which made the Jewish cities easier to defend and had established alliances reaching from the Euphrates River to the Wadi of Egypt in the south. The Wadi of Egypt was a riverbed which was dry much of the year and would have flash floods and is located slightly beyond the Negev-Sinai border into Egypt. Israel never has and does not desire ruling over lands reaching the Nile River as some have proclaimed when denigrating Israel making claims our stated desires for peace are false because of our never satisfied desire for a Greater Israel. We simply desire to have that which we were promised and if that means that there will be Arab settlements which rule themselves at the local level but depend on Israel for their protection under national considerations, we can work with that providing the Arabs are willing. Thusfar, the main demand from the Arabs has been simple, the complete and total destruction of Israel and the Jews eradicated. They state this often in Arabic, a language which apparently nobody outside the Arab world is capable of understanding, not even within the State Department, or maybe they simple desire exactly the same ending. You observe the world and decide, you will be shocked when you watch and search for truth.


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