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May 25, 2013

The Europe Hezballah Affair

Europe and Hezballah are running headlong into conflict on two fronts and from all apparent indicators, Hezballah will likely route the Europeans in both contests. The first is just the next chapter and verse of the European’s desperate attempts to ignore the obvious and avoid any possible consequence from actually recognizing Hezballah to be a terrorist entity. Their reasoning which they hold to is that Hezballah is actually the ruling political party of the nation of Lebanon. In doing this they completely ignore the numerous terrorist attacks and activities, the assassinations of political opponents, Western diplomats, the French and American troops and delegates within Lebanon in the 1980s, and their attacks, terrorism and wars with Israel or that the coalition through which they hold power was assembled as much by threats and assassinations more so than politically. Instead the Europeans cling to the thread that Hezballah has two wings, one a military wing and the other a social welfare wing which runs hospitals, schools, children’s camps and other social functions. Never mind that in the end all these social functions are utilized in order to supplement, acquire and train new recruits for their military wing in order to further there grand Jihad. Yet, despite all the requests from the United States, Israel and some anti-terror NGOs, the European Union will very likely still refuse to classify Hezballah as a terrorist organization and continue to pretend their own truth all the while hoping the crocodile eats them last.


On the other front is the slow and inexorable creep of the Syrian Civil War into Lebanon where some European soldiers are currently serving as part of UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon). UNIFIL was tasked with the mission of preventing Hezballah from rearming and assuring they did not return and refortify in southern Lebanon south of the Litani River or restock their weapons caches as part of the treaty which brought the Second Lebanon War between Hezballah and Israel. The European nations, currently France and Italy, which have their troops patrolling in Lebanon, have witnessed the conflicts which have erupted involving the UNDOF (United Nations Disengagement Observer Force) stationed on the Syrian side of the truce lines in the Golan Heights. There have been occasions where Syrian rebel forces have reportedly kidnapped members of the Philippine troops participating in the UNDOF monitors and thus far have released them without harming them. This has caused some degree of concern with the European nations, especially those with troops scheduled to be posted in UNIFIL. This has led to private discussions where they have considered withdrawing their support for UNIFIL. Again, when facing a choice of facing down the Hezballah terror organization the Europeans appear ready to choose flight over their responsibilities.


In London this past week the Europeans were treated to an example of what happens to a people who refuse to fight for their civilization against threats posed by a competing civilization. An unarmed soldier was run over by two Islamist extremists who then proceeded to stab him to death and behead him in broad daylight with at least a dozen people standing witnessing the entire slaughter. The Islamists likely figured, unfortunately quite correctly, that the civilized British citizens would not react and aid their soldier and their attack would serve to intimidate. They even had the gall to make a statement demanding that one of the women who had watched the horrifying events record his declaration that he and those other Muslims who follow the same violent brand of Islam he and his fellow companion in murder will never stop their war, their Jihad, against the entirety of the Western World. His chilling declaration, even with the apology of sorts that women witnessed their barbarity, is a threat that is little different from the declarations made by Hasan Nasrallah in Arabic when speaking to the Hezballah membership which he commands. There is absolutely no difference between the perpetrators of the brutal slaying of the British soldier on a London Street and the Hezballah members and there is no difference between the military wing of Hezballah and those presumably peaceful and caring political Hezballah members, they just have different preferences on how best to kill infidel but when push comes to shove both will kill a nonbeliever. To believe any different will prove fatal in time, something some like Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg, among others, found out just before they were also beheaded. Will the leaders of Europe awaken before all is lost? That I doubt but I have greater faith in the people of Europe and that leads to only one thing, an eventual level of violence comparable to the worst of the Crusades this time fought on European soil exclusively.


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May 24, 2013

A Beheading on the Streets of London

There is an old theory which some news hounds swear by that states that the United States future can be told by looking to Europe. It goes on to explain reasons why mainland Europe is about a decade ahead while England, London in particular, is merely five years or even a slim three years ahead; so whatever one sees on that side of the pond will be coming to the other side of the pond after a slight delay. The importance of this dusty old theory is very important after what was witnessed in broad daylight on the streets of London this past week, the beheading of an English subject, a British soldier named Drummer Lee Rigby, in broad daylight in front of witnesses who watched apparently helpless or too scared to do anything about what they were observing. This event takes on an even more eerie and foreboding spirit when combined with the date of November 2, 2004, when in the streets of Amsterdam Theo van Gogh was stabbed to death and a note was impaled in his chest by the murder weapon placed there by Mohammed Bouyeri, a Dutch-Moroccan Muslim. If one applies the Europe to the United States via London theory to these two incidents you reach the implication that the Americans can expect a similar type event to occur sometime in the not too distant future and no later than the year 2018. Part of the problem is that Jihadist violence has already come to the streets of America in multiple different forms where most of the attacks have been of a general nature not targeting specific individuals. The murder of Theo van Gogh was an execution as was the beheading of this British soldier who was murdered because of having been a British soldier. Once individuals are being selected for execution in the name of Jihad which will make politicians a targeted group we can expect more definitive action to be taken to interdict such attacks.


British Prime Minister David Cameron stated that the attack was “truly shocking” while cutting short his visit to Paris in order to return to London in order to convene the security cabinet, aptly named Cobra. As has become expected standard procedure for Western politicians Prime Minister Cameron simply claimed that terrorism was suspected but that further investigation would be required in order to verify that finding. This has become the PC mantra no matter how definitive the evidence that any attack is terror related. The attackers can bellow out Allahu Akbar until they are blue in the face passing out and still the media and the majority of politicians will still take the default initial position of denial until overwhelming evidence leaves them no other choice but to acknowledge reality. Until the leaders and those who make the national policies awaken to the realities that are right before their eyes and whose mantra is echoing in their ears the problem will continue to fester only passively opposed when active resistance is required. Our societies are under attack in a genocidal religious life and death struggle and the leaders of Western society and the default defenders of the faith, so to speak, are going to great lengths to avoid any confrontation. They are not solely to blame as they are merely a reflection of the society which they represent which is more concerned with who will be voted off of some show or who will be crowned the next singing sensation than they are the protection of their way of life. Those who realize and are concerned with the coming violence over whose society will be preeminent and whose society will be extinct can pound the story and loudly announce the coming threat and pray that they are able to awaken sufficient numbers before the battle is lost. One of the obstacles is that our way of life no longer revolves around religious principles but relies more on the creature comforts of our secular humanist progressive liberal morality over the stricter regimen of religious scriptural morality and thus leaves us possessing too little sensitivities to the challenges based on a religious front to discern the growing threats. Eventually there will occur sufficient events or some sufficient singular catastrophic event that will awaken the sleeping masses to the reality and challenge we face. We need pray that whatever event or series of events it takes to awaken within us the necessary indignations and self-preservation instinct to cause us to rise in defense of our societies does not come at so steep a price it makes resistance virtually, if not actually, impossible. Trust that if the necessary wakeup call turns out to be an EMP device or numerous such that lay waste to our electronic infrastructure, then we will have awakened too late for it to matter.


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